Fan Service in LoriLand

Friday night (with assorted flashbacks)

by Czarzhan

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #mind_control #multiple_partners #sub:female #urban_fantasy #dom:female #magic #mind_alteration #slave #sub:male #submission
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Alan and Fiona were met at the door to Lori's place by Sheila.

"About time you got here. C'mere, you," she pulled Al into a passionate kiss.

Fiona raised an eyebrow, but Alan kept his focus on the blonde. He had a part to play.

"Where's Lori and Mike?"

"They're in the living room," Sheila answered eyes still on Alan. "Rachel's in the kitchen making snacks and Rick is... supervising." She regarded Fiona, now. "Get into your uniform, Fifi, like a good little fuckdoll."


He finally broke his adoring gaze on Sheila to consider his wife. "I think I can safely say that Fiona won't be needed for the rest of the night, or probably ever again for that matter. Do as you're told, Fifi."

"Yes, sir," she replied, her eyes downcast. Sheila giggled.

"You can set up in the corner, girl. The guys'll tell you what they want you to do when they're ready. Now," he looked to Sheila, "what would you like to do until we're needed?"

"Hold that thought," she grinned as she grabbed Fifi's hair from behind and pulled her into a kiss. Fifi looked dazed and unfocused as Sheila finished the smooch. "Okay, Fifi. Count of five, and you're going to forget that bitchy old Fiona ever had a place in that slutty little noggin of yours. One two three four five." Fifi blinked and seemed to come back to herself, and Sheila released her hair. "Now, off you go."

"Yes, Miss." Fifi turned and headed toward the closet that held her uniform, head down, and hands folded at the small of her back.

Alan smiled. "So, where were we?"

Sheila smiled. "I believe you were gonna tell me what we're gonna do until the shoot. Maybe one of the beds...?"

"Lead the way." She moved through the flat's open layout, toward one of the far corners that held a king-sized four-poster. Alan followed her, taking a second to give Fifi a glance. He had to admit, his wife did look fantastic in her outfit.

She was dressed in a French maid's costume, but it was a very risqué version. There was no top, so her breasts were fully exposed, the skirt was slit high on both sides, and she was wearing a black choker with a bell on the front. Her hair was tied up, and there was a black headband with cat ears, and a black cat tail, connected to a butt plug.

The outfit, which she had made herself, was an enchanted item, designed to heighten her sexual senses. While she was wearing it, Fifi made it known she had to obey every command from any free agent. But her obedience went further than that. She could feel her master's moods through the link, and would take any action to fulfill her master's wishes, whether it was to make him feel good, or whether it was to humiliate or degrade herself.

She had worn it a few times, and each time had been both humiliating and erotic. However, she'd never done so for someone other than Lori for LoriLand videos. In those cases, she would play her role, then go home and Alan would let her out of it. In fact, if she'd been able to think clearly, she might have remembered the last time she'd been in this situation was during their last visit to Lori's.

But as it was, Fifi was feeling the sensations the uniform brought. She was horny, and she was ready to serve.

Fifi had been setting up the lights and the tripod, when a large hand wrapped itself in her ponytail and yanked. She was pulled back and slammed into a broad chest. She felt a hard, thick cock rub against her ass, and her heart sped up.

"So," came the voice in her ear, "you're Alan's little wife. Or were, I guess. You're his ex-wife now. Aren't you, slave?"

Fifi was panting with need, "Y-yes, Master. I'm a slave."

"That's right. A worthless, obedient slave," his hands moved to her ass. "I know this is supposed to be a secret, but I'm about to take your sweet little ass. You can't tell anyone."

"P-please, sir," she gazed up at Mike, "take my mouth first. I need to taste you. Please, sir. Use me. Make me useful."

He laughed. "Ass first. Then I'll fuck that pretty face." He quickly spun her around and bent her over the back of the couch, popping the plug out of her rump as he did so.



Alan burst into his house. Fifi, standing in wait for him in the entry hall, jumped slightly in surprise then dropped her gaze again.

"Welcome ho--" her greeting was cut off by Al's sudden but passionate kiss. After he broke the kiss, she repeated with a grin, "Welcome home, Sir." Her master then pulled her into a tight hug. "Sir?"

"I missed you."

"You were only gone a few hours." She looked up at him and saw him gazing down at her with a slight frown. "Is something wrong?"

"Put Fifi away. I need Fiona right now."

Fiona blinked and Fifi, her subservient aspect, took a back seat to Alan's wife. "What's going on? What's wrong, Al?"

"Just...I just want my wife."

"Well, you've got me." She grinned as she hugged him, then pulled away to take his hand. "Come on, let's get you something to eat. I made that roast you love so much."

"Before we do," Alan led her to the couch, "you need to hear this."

Alan filled her about Rick and Mike's plan. About how they'd already brought Lori under their control. About Sheila seducing him and using the same spell to brainwash him. About how the whole video idea was a ruse to get them together and put them under permanent enslavement. He watched his wife's expression move from confusion, to outrage, to grim determination.

"I can feel myself still under the spell. The Gauntlet has let me put the thing on the back burner, but I need it out of me," Al finished.

Fiona jumped up. "Shit, Al! You should've led with that. Come in here!" She pulled him into the kitchen and opened the pantry she kept her magic supplies in. There were several dozen jars on the shelves, each containing a specific herb or mineral. She moved a box out of the way and pushed the rear wall open. It swung forward revealing a small room filled with dozens more boxes and several bookshelves. She quickly grabbed several bottles and vials while directing Al to place a small pot of water on the stove with the heat on.

She returned to the kitchen and mixed some herbs together in the water.

"The thing I'm really worried about is Sheila. She's so close to you. And now, after she's taken you as her slave, you two can communicate directly."

"I don't think her control is that direct. It's more like programming than telepathic contact. Looking back, it struck me as amateurish. More like an afterthought than part of a sophisticated system. I mean, I had all my memories. It's not like my old mind was completely overwritten."

"Yeah, but if you'd had sex with her, that would've changed things."

"Oh, yeah. I definitely had sex with her. She had me completely infatuated."

"But it wasn't permanent. I can feel it, your mind is resisting her."

"Yeah. It's almost like I was hypnotized. You know when someone puts you in trance. But what she put in weren't suggestions. They were like baseline truths in my mind."

"What were they?" she asked. Al began to answer, then stopped himself. "Al?"

He gave her a hesitant look. "I'm not sure I want to say."

"Why not?"

"Because they're still there. I'm only holding them off because I'm invoking the Gauntlet. But if I recite them to you, they may reassert themselves. Then I'll be back under her control and still able to access the Gauntlet. In which case, I might just shut Fiona off and leave a very powerless Fifi in her place."

Fiona realized Al could be right. When he created the Gauntlet, he had accidentally crafted one of the more powerful mind control artifacts on the planet. It protected him from all but the strongest spells and could even protect others in its sphere of influence. The fact that his wife could access the Gauntlet was a testament to her power. If he was still under Sheila's thrall, and had the power of the Gauntlet in his own hands, she'd be completely powerless.

"Ok," she nodded, "that's a risk. But we can't have you walking around under her control either."

"Agreed. I don't know what to do."

"Honey," Fiona placed the palm of her right hand over the back of his left, right on the focal point of the Gauntlet's magic, "look at me. Let me access the Gauntlet through you. I will shield your mind. I know this is tough, but I need to know exactly what her commands were so I can counter them."

Al looked into her eyes, trusting her completely. He knew that she would not allow any harm to come to him. He also knew he couldn't fight it much longer. He felt her magic penetrate him, gently, respectfully, but deeply. He closed his eyes and allowed her to search his mind.

"That's it," she cooed, "relax. Just relax. Now, tell me her commands."

He nodded. As he spoke each command, Fiona would drop a pinch of some herb or mineral in the pot and speak the countermand in an ancient tongue Alan was unfamiliar with. "That was the best sex I've ever had.

"I will do anything to have that again.

"I will do and think the things Sheila tells me to.

"I will know the things Sheila tells me to know.

"Sheila is the most important person in my life.

"Sheila is the sexiest woman I have ever known."

('Bitch has some confidence issues,' Fiona mused quietly.)

"Sex with Sheila is better than with anyone else," Al continued

"I have a wife named Fiona who is a porn slave for Lori Blakeley on her AceFans channel.

"I only fuck Fiona to maintain the illusion that she means something to me.

"Sex with Fiona is okay at best."

(Fiona gave a quiet chuckle. 'Definite esteem issues.')

"I tell Fiona she is the most important person in my life, but she's not as important enough to know about Sheila or what Sheila means to me.

"I must convince Fiona to make the video Mike and Rick want to make. After that is made, I can let Mike have Fiona, Rick can have Lori, and Sheila can have me however she wants."

Al was in a daze as he finished his recounting. Fiona, still working with her free hand, poured the contents of the pot into a mug through a filter.

"Drink, my love," Fiona gently ordered her husband, reinforcing it with a mental directive.

Alan felt the spell being washed away as he drained the mug. He smiled at his wife gratefully. As Fiona released his hand, he pulled her in for another kiss. "Thank you."

"Oh," she smirked, "I didn't do it for free. I'll be wanting more of those kisses later."

"I'm pretty sure I can handle that," he grinned.

"But, and I am sorry for this," she continued, "it IS going to have to wait til later."

"What do you m--?" his query was cut off by a sudden massive gurgling in his bowels. The realization on his face was a mixture of both the horror and the humor of his situation.

Fiona nodded in apology, barely containing her own smirk. "It's a cleanse, love. Which means..."

Al was already running for the bathroom. "Aw, crap...!" he cried.

"Exactly," she replied quietly.


Later, after several showers, Al climbed into bed with his wife. He snuggled against her and began to kiss her neck.

She turned to face him. "Love, we need to talk."

"We do," he sighed. “I’m not sure I’m free of her influence.”

"I know," Fiona replied. "While you were getting clean, I did some research on the spell."


She shrugged. "A bit of scrying."


“The magic had an... otherworldly signature."

"Like demonic?"

"No," she shook her head, "at least, not capital 'D' Demonic. Not souls-of-the-damned evil or anything like that--"

"Putting aside what it was being used for," Alan interjected.

"Exactly," she conceded. "The point is, it just looks like it was cast by someone native to those realms, but there was no stink of damnation."

"So, what? Sheila's a lesser demon?"

"More like just a demonling."

"What's the difference?" Alan was confused.

"Most of the population of demon realms are just average folks who keep their society running: keeping the lights on, delivering the mail, stuff like that."

"Are they slaves?"

"Not as often as you'd think. When I interned with Gthcntrk," which Alan heard as 'Jith sunt urk', "we spent a month in one of their cities. Most were just normal citizens. I met a lot of nice people, who just happened to have horns and tails. I actually went back after my internship and got my barista training at a coffee shop we went to every morning. And I held that job without using magic or a glamor.

"But," she continued, "they aren't human. Or elf or anything like that. They live very differently. It's all about dominance. Who has the power and who has none. There's a natural order to it. Those who have the power use those below them. That's just how they do things.

"Sheila was using sex to dominate you. And based on what you told me about your talk with Rick, he and Mike did the same to Lori.

"And the video they want us to do? That's the same. We'd be a sex slaves. I think they want a permanent record as a way of cementing their control.

"I think that's why her control was so tenuous. Sheila may have had a lot of magical talent, but her will is probably pretty weak. She's a slave to the power. The video would be used to seal the domination, so she wouldn't have to keep dumping power into it. Or funneling power in this case.

"You think Mike is the source."

"Probably," Fiona agreed. "He has power, but probably no skill, while she's the other way round."

"That's the way to defeat them, isn't it? Make the video with them, turn the tables, and then the magic seals their defeat, instead of ours."

Fiona bit her lip. "It's risky. If we don't play this exactly right, we'll be stuck. Knowingly entering into the spell means we're giving our full, magically binding, agreement to the spells results."

Alan nodded his understanding. "So, we better make some preparations."

"That's exactly what we need to do."

They spent the next hour discussing plans and countermeasures. They had a good idea of how to proceed, but their main worry was how to keep themselves from being manipulated and enslaved by the trio.

After talking out one contingency, Alan made a face.

"What?" Fiona asked.

"I just realized," he grumbled, "this is sex magic, and Mike is the power source. So that means the power..."

"...Will be in his semen," Fiona finished. "Yeah. And in order to get you some of that power to cast without them detecting it, I'm going to--"

"--Have to kiss me after sucking him off. I get it. Just... yuck."

"Well, the only other option would be you sucking him off."

"And I'm definitely not doing that."

"So, a little kiss, after I deepthroat the guy."

"Again, yuck. But, okay."

The couple continued planning for a short while before going to sleep.



As Alan entered the bedroom, he saw Sheila, who was naked, and crawling backwards onto the bed. He quickly doffed his clothes, and joined her.

With Sheila’s kiss at the front door, the escape plan was already in shambles. Fiona was buried so deep, Fifi probably didn’t even remember her, and Alan at this moment didn’t care

He laid down, and she wasted no time climbing atop him. He reached up and tweaked a nipple, drawing a gasp. "You are such a beautiful woman," he said.

"How beautiful?" she demanded.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world," he declared, reciting one of the commands she had planted.

"And what are you willing to do for me?"


"And what are you willing to think for me?"


"And what are you willing to believe for me?"


"Who am I, Alan?"

"Sheila. You're my goddess, my queen, and my mistress."

She leaned down and kissed him, a tender thing. "And what are you to me?"

"Your faithful pet. Your dutiful servant. Your obedient slave. I am here to serve, pleasure, and be used by you. And to make you happy."

She nodded. "Good." She looked around, and her gaze fell on a bottle of oil, which had been left in a basket next to the bed. "Rub this into my skin."

He did, starting at her shoulders and working his way down her back. Then he moved up to her chest, paying special attention to her nipples. They hardened under his attention.

"Mmmm. Good, boy. Now, work your way down."

He did, oiling her ass and then her legs, massaging her as he did. He moved back up to her pussy, letting a few drops of oil grace her lips before gently working them and one oiled finger found her clit.

"Oh!" she moaned, her eyes fluttering. "Mmmm. More. Use your mouth."

He did, licking at her lips. His tongue traced her pussy, moving up and down, but always avoiding her clit. He used one finger to tease her entrance.

"F-fuck!" she cried out. "Put it in! Suck my clit! Suck it, bitch!"

He did as he was told, pushing his finger inside her, and sealing his lips around her clit. His hands roughly messaged her ass. He added a second finger, and sucked on her clit.

"Ohhh! Oh yes! Just like that. Fuck. Yes. FUCK. YES. FUCKYESFUCKYESFUCKYESFUCKYEEESSSS!!!!" she screamed.

He felt her orgasm, her pussy pulsing around his fingers, her ass cheeks quivering, and her whole body tensing. He didn't stop, continuing to fuck her with his fingers, suck on her clit, and knead her ass. Wave after orgasmic wave coursed through her, such that she seemed to lose her grip on the spell maintaining her human form. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders, and her hair lengthened, turning a purple-tinted black.

"STOP!!!" she ordered, and Alan did.

She was panting, her eyes glazed and unfocused. Horns had appeared on her forehead and a long tail grew off the end of her spine. Her skin had become a pale violet darkening to blue on her lower extremities. Her mouth had enlarged canines top and bottom. Her eyes, sclera and iris, were a shiny black, but her pupils were white.



Lori was doing her new favorite thing: letting Mike plow her ass with that monster cock of his. She was face down on her couch, and he was straddling her legs. One of his hands was on the small of her back, while the other held her by the shoulder. Her breasts were pressed flat beneath her, and her fingers clawed into the cushions.

Mike was enjoying the sensation of pushing so far into this slut. He managed to fully sheath his 13-inch cock in her rump. He pulled out a bit, and then slammed back in.

"Ffffuuuuck," she cried out.

He repeated the motion, and Lori let out a series of low moans. She was so close, but she knew she couldn't come until he did, and it felt like he still had a ways to go.

It was then that Lori heard the doorbell ring.

"Fuck. Hold on," Mike told her. He grabbed her ass and thrust, slowly. "We have company. Get up." Keeping her firmly impaled on his dick, he held her hips and rose. Standing, he noted with amusement that her toes could barely touch the floor. He walked to the door holding her like that.

At the door, Lori reached up and pressed the intercom button. "Y-yes?"

"Hey, Lori," a familiar voice came through the speaker. "It's Fiona. Can I come up?"

Mike was moving her up and down his length as Lori fumbled for the lock button. Although he wanted Fifi, he knew he didn't have the means here just yet. "Tell her you're busy."

"Oh! Um, sorry," Lori managed. "I'm... uh... kinda busy right now."

"Yeah, well, can you just let me in for a few? I really need to talk to you."

"Maybe later...? I--"

Mike whispered in her ear. "Tell her what you're doing."

"I'm getting fucked up the ass like a dirty whore." At which point, she felt Mike come. She screamed out her own orgasm. "Aaaaa! Jesus fuck!!" then released the Talk button.

"Okay, that was hot," Mike admitted. He pulled out of her. He could see her juices mingled with his own, dribbling from her well-used hole.

"That was amazing," Lori sighed.

"Lori..?" Fiona queried from the speaker.

Lori's hand slapped the talk button. "Fifi, go home. I'll call you later. And not a word of this to anyone."

For a second, there was silence, then, "Yes, Miss Lori."

"Good girl."

The two dressed, and then Mike grabbed Lori's chin and looked into her eyes. "Don't forget. This is all a secret."

Lori felt her mind fog. "Yes, sir."

Mike leaned in and kissed her softly. "Thanks. Now, I gotta go. You're gonna be okay?"

She nodded, a big smile on her face. "I'm fucking fantastic."


On the street, Fiona walked to her car dialing Alan. "Hey, Al. We may have a problem."

"What is it?"

"Lori answered my buzz, but wouldn't let me come up. She was obviously preoccupied. And Mike was there."


"Oh, yeah. He has her."

"Shit. Well, we'll have to get her later. We still have two days before we do the video. Now we just need to find Rachel."

"Agreed. I'll see--" she stopped, both talking and walking, as she peered through the window of the restaurant she was passing. "I found her."

"You're kidding."

"She's waiting tables at the DillyDave's around the corner from Lori's place. I'll go talk to her. If she's still a free agent, we're golden. If not..."

"I'll be in touch when I get to the coffee shop. Be careful."

"Love you," she hung up.


Fiona pushed open the glass door of the restaurant, and entered the café. It was busy for lunch, but not so crowded as to be overwhelming.

"Hello, welcome to DillyDave's," the hostess greeted Fiona. "I'll be with you in a second."

Fiona scanned the room and quickly located Rachel in her server uniform, cleaning tables.

The hostess returned, "Would you like to sit in or--"

"Yes," Fiona answered quickly. "In Rachel's section, please."

After a glance at her board, the hostess replied, "Of course. Right this way."

The hostess led Fiona to a booth and gestured towards the seat. "Enjoy your visit with us today."

Fiona thanked her, and the woman departed.

The dark-haired magic user pulled a piece of paper from her purse. She placed it on the table. She had scrawled a quick note, and now watched as Rachel approached with a small notepad in hand.

"Hi," the blonde smiled politely, then recognized her. "Fiona! Hi! It's good to see you. What are you doing here?"

Fiona returned the smile, "I was wondering if you were still interested in that selfie. It's been a few days, and I've reconsidered.'

"Oh! Of course, I am." She began to reach into her apron for her phone but thought better of it. "I'm going on break in a few minutes. Can we get it then?"


"Great! In the meantime, what can I get you?"

"Just the house salad and an unsweet iced tea, please."

"Of course. I'll be right back." As she turned away, Fiona discreetly pulled a pill from her purse and slipped it into her mouth, holding between molars on one side.

As Rachel approached, Fiona crushed the pill and muttered an incantation. She took the salad, slipping a 50 dollar bill beneath the bowl without Rachel seeing. Fiona then accepted the tea and took a pull from the straw, immediately making a face.

Rachel noticed. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm not sure," Fiona replied, then held the drink up. "Does this taste like it's turned? Or is it just me?"

Rachel leaned over the table. "Lemme have a sniff." Fiona offered her the cup.

The young waitress took a small sip. "I don't taste anything."

"Probably just me. Thank you," Fiona smiled. She waited patiently until Rachel had checked the other tables in her area and went toward the back. She smoothly rose to follow her. She met the hostess coming from the kitchen on her way.

"Rachel is going on her break now. I placed the payment for my food under the plate." Fiona said it with such matter-of-fact authority, the hostess didn't even question it.

She continued towards the back, following Rachel's blond hair into a storage room. Fiona shut the door behind her and locked it.

"What's going on?" Rachel asked. "What are you doing here?"

Fiona smiled and stepped up to the other woman. Keeping eye contact, she moved almost close enough to kiss her. Without warning, she produced a pinch of dust between them, and blew.

The powder was in Rachel's face, but it didn't affect her. Her eyes didn't water, and she didn't choke. She merely looked confused, "What the hell?"

"You are fine," Fiona stated. "You are calm. You are unafraid. You are not interested in leaving until I say otherwise. You will answer my questions truthfully to the best of your ability. You want to answer my questions. Did I just say anything that was untrue?"

Rachel thought for a moment. "No. What would you like to know?"

"What is your relationship with Rick and Mike?"

"Mike is my owner. Rick is a friend of his. He's always been nice to me."

"How long has Mike owned you?"

"About three months."

"What does he use you for?"

"Sex. And other stuff."

"Other stuff?"

"Like, last week, he had me slip erogenum into your co-star's drink so they could claim her."

Fiona blinked. "Erogenum? Are you sure that what you gave her?"

"That was what Mike kept calling it."

"And how do you feel about spiking Lori's drink?"

"...I don't understand the question."

"Did you want to spike her drink so Rick and Mike could claim her?"

"What I want is irrelevant. I do what my owner tells me to do."

"Did you choose to become a slave?"

"Choice didn't enter into it. One day, I just became something that he owned."

"No choice, huh?" Fiona pulled a small vial from her purse and opened it. "Then you won't mind having no choice here, either. Drink this. You want to swallow it all."

Rachel looked at the vial then at Fiona. She took it from her, then put the stopper in her mouth and tipped it back.

The liquid was warm, and tasted slightly of cinnamon. As it moved down Rachel's throat, it seemed to catch on a veil over her thoughts, and pulled it, like a covering, off of her emotions, her reactions and behavior, her mind. Suddenly the events of the previous three months flooded back into the forefront of her mind. She dropped to the floor, sobbing.

"You have choices now," Fiona assured her. "You can still become a slave, but if you do, it's going to be by your own hand, not by theirs."

"I don't want to be a slave. Mike roofied me or something, and he and Rick took turns with me. Passing me back and forth like... like..."

"Shh..." Fiona soothed. "You're safe now."

"NO!" the younger woman looked her in the eye. "You don't understand. They're NOT human."

"I know. Did you see their nonhuman form?” Fiona asked. Rachel described a basically humanoid form but with violet skin, goat horns, and a thin, barbed tail.

Fiona nodded. "It sounds like they are demonlings. Most likely lesser demonlings, but still dangerous. I'm familiar with their race."

"Am I in danger, being freed?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure. We have a plan to neutralize them as a threat, but we need your help."

"Who's 'we'?"

"My husband Alan and me."

"Okay," Rachel said, wiping her eyes. "Let's hear it."

"When is the next time you're going to see them?"

"Friday night at Lori's to make the video. Mike been more focused on Lori lately. Thank God, actually."

"Perfect. Listen..."



She slowed her breathing down and regarded Alan. "What do you think of the real me, pet?"

There was only adoration in Alan's eyes. "You're even more beautiful, goddess."

"And you love me?"

"I worship you."

"And if I order you to be my slave for eternity. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Mistress. If that is what you want."

"Good. It is. You're mine now, forever. And you won't mind being my personal slave? Doing all the things I want? Including torturing Fifi and the rest of your family?"

"No, mistress. It's what you want."

"And you will love serving me?"

"I already do."

"Yes, you do," she smiled and leaned forward, kissing him. It was a long kiss, and she could taste herself on him. Then she had him cuddle with her as they looked out and watched the others.


Lori knelt on the coffee table in the "living room" area, Rick fucking her face while Rachel ate her out from behind. Fifi was still bent over the couch, moaning as Mike continued to slam his hips into her.

Rick was the first to cum, grabbing Lori's hair, holding her still as he shot rope after rope of cum down her throat. She gulped and swallowed everything he gave her, her eyes rolling up in ecstasy. When he was done, she kept his softening dick in her mouth, licking and sucking, wanting to savor his flavor. He ran his fingers through her hair fondly. "Yeah, you want to keep doing this, don't you?"

Lori released his cock to say, "I want to do whatever you want me to do."

He grinned, allowing his own demonic aspect to be seen. "And if I want you to be my slave forever?"

"Then I will be your slave forever, Lord."

"You'll be loyal and obedient?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"You will never even think of escaping?"

"No, my Lord."

"So be it."

Mike groaned as he filled Fifi's ass, and she screamed as she came. As soon as he pulled out, he turned her around and began using her mouth. "See that, bitch?" he growled, dropping his human form as well. "It looks like the others have been claimed. That leaves poor little Fifi for me." He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock. "Tell me you'll be my loyal, devoted slave forever."

"I'll be your loyal devoted slave forever, Master," she responded, a line of cum stretching from her lip back to him. He threw his head back and howled in triumph.


Later, after the group had finished making the video (a far different video than the original concept, in which Lori and Fifi bid farewell to all their fans at the end and announced they were closing the LoriLand channel), the humans were standing at attention while Sheila, Rick, and Mike lounged on the couches drinking in celebration.

"What an amazing night," Sheila said, taking a sip of her cocktail.

"Agreed," Mike nodded. "We managed to get a lot done. The video is made. Lori's channel will shut down when it streams at midnight. And we each got a slave."

"Which was the real point of this whole exercise," Rick pointed out.

"Very true, brother," Sheila agreed. She raised her drink to Mike. "That was a great idea you had."

"Thank you. I couldn't have done it without my best buddy and his witchy sister," he replied with a laugh.

Sheila set her glass down scrutinized Alan and Fifi. "Well you two, since you are probably never going to see each other again after tonight, why don't you share a kiss goodbye."

"Of course, Mistress," Fifi said, going over and giving her former husband a lingering kiss on the lips. He held her close as the kiss went on. When she broke the kiss, she turned to Sheila. "Thank you, SO much!"

Alan chuckled, "Yeah, that was too close for comfort."

"I thought I would get a chance to kiss him LONG before now."

"Although in some ways, that's a good thing," Alan looked at Fi, "your mouth doesn't taste like Mike's dick, now."

"Oh, very funny," Fiona replied.

"So, you gonna be okay?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah," she nodded.

"What the hell is happening?" Rick asked, as the three Viokathi started to get that something wasn't right.

Alan smirked. "Oh, a little contingency we had in place in case we started to be pulled back in."

Fiona continued, "See, I knew you," she pointed at Mike, "were the one powering Sheila's magic, Master. So I had to draw some of your essence to power the counterspell, which was triggered by the kiss."

Lori sat on a stool by the kitchenette island. "But I don't think it's working."

"No," Alan sighed. "It would have had a chance if it had gone off earlier. But their hooks are too far into us." He turned to Sheila. "Please forgive your humble slave's impertinence, Goddess."

Sheila beamed in her victory. "Oh, pet, I love you. I love you so much! Come here." Alan went over to Sheila, and she put a hand to his head and made him kiss her. "Good boy," she purred.

Fiona nodded and bowed her head.

Rick waved Lori to his side. She began moving his way--

"Now there's just the matter of payment," Fiona's eyes were still lowered. "For making the video."



Fiona walked into the coffee shop. "Hey, Al," she said softly, approaching the table.

"Hey, Love," he kissed her. "I was doing a bit of research about our attempted masters."


"Specifically, their finances. It doesn't look like they have the money they offered to make the video. I guess the plan was to get us under their thumb, then have us forgive the debt."

"That's weird. From Rachel's description--"

"Oh, Rachel's on board?"

"Yeah, she's a victim as well. Like I was saying, her description matches a type of demonling called the Viokathi. And they are big about honoring debt, like 'magically bound' big. If a Viokathi owes you, they have to pay." She pondered for a second. "Maybe the compulsion only applies in their home dimension. Maybe Earthly monetary debt they feel they can get around, at least on Earth."

Alan perked up. "'On Earth.' That's it. That's how, if everything else we try fails, that's how we get them." He gave Fiona a malicious grin. "Can you get in touch with Gthcntrk?"



Lori, who was always ready to talk about money, stopped in her tracks. "That's right! You owe us money, Lord!" she wagged a finger at Rick.

"Oh, Rick," Sheila said, a nasty smile on her face. "I believe we promised to pay them for their services. You wouldn't want them to think we welshed on a deal."

Rick wore a similar smile. "Well, we're a little strapped for cash right now. But that's okay. As our slaves, you'll forgive that debt. That's an order."

"I don't think so, Lord," Lori looked very determined.

"You guys are Viokathi, right?" Alan supplied. "From what I understand of your customs, if a product is delivered but the agreed upon payment can't be paid, the person delivering the product can name an alternative that the payer is bound to pay."

Sheila decided to play along before letting them in on the flaw in their plan. "And what alternate payment are you thinking of, hmm?"

Fiona was not smiling. "How about the reversal of our enslavement? You become *our* slaves, under the terms you defined for us."

"Loyal, devoted, obedient slaves who would never consider ending their service," Lori reiterated.

Sheila laughed even as her companions looked uncertain. "You idiots. We're only bound by that on OUR world!"

Fiona turned and grabbed a wooden spoon from the counter. "When this spoon strikes the counter, payment will come due. You won't have to do anything. The rules binding you will reconfigure the slavery automatically."

Sheila was no longer smiling. "Enough, Fifi. You're starting to anger your goddess. It is not going to work."

"Unless," Alan moved to the front door and opened it. He then reached up and pulled something from atop the door jam. "Did you guys come in through this door?" He held up the small rectangular metal slip.

"What is that?" Mike asked.

Alan smiled. "This is a Viokathi portal mark." He peered at the tiny script etched into its surface. "I don't read your language, but I believe it says Viokathi who pass through a doorway marked with it are bound by the rules as if they were on their homeworld."

Sheila was very uncertain now. "Th-that only works if we pass through the door after it's been marked. If you put that up when you showed up tonight, we were already here."

"That is true," Alan conceded, "which is why I snuck into the building and put it up last night."

All three Viokathi turned with wide-eyed dread toward Fiona as she tapped the counter with the spoon.



Fiona was on shift at the Cup and Sorcerer when Rachel entered the shop. She grinned. "Hey, sweetie! I haven't seen you in a couple weeks. How have you been? How's that little boyfriend of yours?"

"More like 'Boytoy'. And we've been good. Rick is so eager to please. Can I get a mocha latte and a couple everything bagels?" she asked, pulling out a charge card.

"You know it!" Fiona swiped the card and handed Rachel her receipt. Rachel leaned on the counter, waiting for her order.

"Speaking boytoys," Fiona said while making the drink, "have you seen your ex's new job?"

"On LoriLand?" Rachel laughed. "Oh, yeah. Mike gives new meaning to the word 'bottom,' but he seems happy. Did you see what Lori had him do on the last stream? I've never seen a man so embarrassed. It was the best!"

Fiona chuckled as she handed over the latte. "Apparently, he only keeps his human form on camera. Offline, Lori has developed quite the demon kink." She remembered Lori’s relief when she kept the “Farewell” video from streaming.

"Mmmm," Rachel nodded. "I know what that's about. Rick does some great stuff with his tail."

Fiona glanced around to be sure nobody was waiting in line or nearby, then leaned in to discreetly say, "I've gotten a taste of that with Sheila, you know?"

"Uh-huh. And how is our demonling witch these days?"

Fiona grinned. "I'd say she's a bit of a monster."

Rachel laughed.

Fiona passed back the bag of bagels. "You and Rick are staying at Sheila's place, right?"

"Yeah, she signed over the lease when she moved in with you guys last week. She mentioned at the time that you had her continuing her magic studies?"

Fiona nodded. "We even introduced her to the Heathen Accumulation. They know her whole story, but she has already shown that she's committed to serving me and Al."

"Oh, really?" Rachel asked with an arch look.

Fiona laughed and blushed. "She is... very determined."

"That's what I thought," Rachel took a sip of the latte and gave a contented sigh.

"You have any plans for a relationship with Rick?"

"Oh, absolutely not!" Rachel shook her head. "I consider myself single with a very accommodating roommate. If I ever find someone and he has a problem with Rick, I'll get with you about making arrangements to rehome him."

"Rehome, huh?"

Rachel shrugged. "I do not have any emotional attachment to him. I only trust his service because I know how bound he is, and in chains of his own making."

Fiona nodded. "I understand. I think Alan has the same attitude toward Sheila. He hasn't forgiven her for making him forget about me. He's never cruel to her, but he can be... cold."

"Maybe he's worried about breaking the contract and dooming the four of us back into slavery under them," Rachel mused. "It's been on my mind."

Fiona reached for her hand to reassure her. "Oh, sweetie! That's not anything you have to worry about. The contract wasn't an ongoing thing. It was a one-time event triggered by my declaring payment was due. The magic control in our heads was completely cleared out and relocated into theirs. And since it was their own magic, it totally remolded their psyches. The old Sheila, Rick, and Mike are, for all intents and purposes, dead. And they're not coming back."

"Are you sure?"

"I know some experts in the field. They looked into it and will back me up, if you want to ask."

"Does Alan know?"

"You know, I'm not sure. He and I may have to talk about that."

"Well," Rachel smiled, "I'm off. Thanks for the coffee. See you later!"

"You betcha! See you later!" Fiona watched Rachel leave, and greeted the next patrons as they entered.

(c) 2023 Czarzhan


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