Fan Service in LoriLand

Lori meets Rick and Mike

by Czarzhan

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #mind_control #multiple_partners #sub:female #urban_fantasy #dom:female #magic #mind_alteration #slave #sub:male #submission
See spoiler tags : #demons #shapeshifting

Lori approached the restaurant with a bit of guilt. Calm down, girl! You’re not lying to Al and Fi. You’re just sounding these guys out.

Lori entered the restaurant and was directed to a corner table where the two sat. She was dressed in a fitted low-cut T-shirt, a dark blazer and dark jeans. Rick and Mike watched her approach and stood.

A waitress, wearing a polite smile, made her way to their table. "Good afternoon. What can I get for you today?" she asked.

Lori took a seat, followed by Rick and Mike. She flashed a warm smile at the waitress. "I'll have an iced tea with lemon, please."

"Sure, an iced tea with lemon," the waitress noted before turning her attention to the others. "And for you gentlemen?"

Rick ordered a glass of cola, while Mike opted for water. The waitress jotted down their choices before nodding. "Alright, I'll be back with your drinks in a moment."

Rick couldn't help but stare at Lori. She was not offended. She was just under five feet tall, and her body was slender, might even be considered boyish, if not for her enormous boobs. They were larger than her head, and had very little sag in spite of the lack of surgical or mystic augmentation.

Her shoulder-length black hair was neatly coifed, and her facial features were angular. Rick knew she was 26 years old, and was single.

Lori turned her attention to the two men. "You guys are quite persistent," she said, flashing them an award-winning smile.

Rick and Mike smiled, feeling a little giddy. They exchanged glances and tried to put on professional faces. Not much longer now, Mike was thinking.

"Your offer is quite generous," Lori began, "but I suppose it would have to be, considering what you want to do."

"I'm sure you're used to being watched and seen," Rick said. "It's all in good fun."

"We'll just be following your lead," Mike added.

"We just want to be sure certain privacy protections are in place," Lori continued as the waitress, whose nametag read "Rachel", returned with their drinks. "No online posting of the video, you limit showings to media that don't use the internet."

The three made their orders, and then Rachel departed to get their lunch.

"I would also need assurance that Fiona and her shop would not be doxxed," Lori stated, taking a sip of her iced tea. The lemon tasted especially sharp.

"I think we're on the same page," Rick nodded, a glint in his eye.

The trio had a few other stipulations, in both directions. Lori lost track of the conversation for what seemed only a second.

Rick watched Lori seem to space out. He nudged Mike with his elbow, who nodded. It looked like it was really working.

Mike leaned over to Rick and said in a low tone, "How do we know when we can start laying suggestions?"

Rick shrugged, "I thought my sister gave you instructions. This isn't exactly an over-the-counter spell."

"I didn't think I'd need them. I figured you'd know."

"Oh, fer Chri-- Of course I don't know. She's the one who studies that stuff." He lowered his voice even more. “And it’s not like you can look up instructions for demon magic on this world’s internet.”

Rachel approached with the trio's meals: a salad for Lori and burgers for the guys. After laying them out, Rachel noticed Lori's blank expression. She placed a hand on her shoulder. "Miss? Enjoy your meal." She withdrew with a wink to the guys.

Lori took several bites of her food, as if she were on automatic pilot, before slowing to a stop with the fork halfway to her mouth.

Rick leaned toward her. "Lori?" No response. He tried again, with a bit more force. "Lori!"

She heard Rick calling her name.

"Yes?" it felt to her like she hyper-focused on Rick.

"Eat your salad, sweetie."

She blinked. Her salad was sitting, half-eaten, before her. In her hand was a fork full of greens and dressing. She took the bite, chewing slowly as she tried to remember Rachel setting her food down.

When the fuck did that happen? Lori thought, but was distracted by the warmth moving up her spine and that she’d started getting wet.

The meal continued in this way. Rick and Mike made a few small modifications to the proposed video, but were otherwise satisfied with the deal. Lori didn't seem to notice, as her thoughts were cloudy, as though she were dreaming.

After the trio had finished their lunch, Mike and Rick walked Lori to her apartment, guiding her as though she were a sleepwalker. Rick couldn't help but notice how pliant and easy to lead Lori was in her altered state.

Mike was on his phone. "...Yes, back in the restaurant... She's seemed pretty blank the whole time... Okay. Got it. Thanks." He hung up.

He addressed Rick. "She said we just give her a scenario in which she's happy to get it on. After she comes, we can give her more permanent orders. He addressed Lori directly...

"So, this is your place?" Mike asked. They were no longer in the restaurant.

"What?" she realized they were standing in front of her apartment building.

"You live here?" Mike reiterated.

"Um, yeah," she replied, shaking her head to try to clear it. Unsuccessfully. The warmth had spread to her cheeks, her nipples, and back down between her legs. "It's a warehouse converted to studio apartments. Mine's on the top floor."

"That must be nice," Mike nodded. "We live in an apartment building as well. A bit of a hike from the office, but it has some perks."

The three exchanged pleasantries and made their way up the stairs, and into Lori's apartment. "Hey, I know you want us to do this video," Rick stated.

"You desperately want to do this video with us," Mike reiterated.

"So you want to do everything you can to convince us to work with you."

"And the best way to do that is to show us what an eager and versatile little piece of fuckmeat you are," Mike finished. Rick elbowed him. “What?”

It was such an odd feeling. Like they were saying things that were just bypassing her ears and sinking directly into her brain.

Lori jumped as one of the guys clapped twice. She was fully awake.

"Okay, Ms. Blakeley," Rick called from his seat on the couch. "What was so important that we had to come here?"

Ohmigosh! she realized silently. Rick and Mike are here! I have to impress them! She felt her arousal skyrocketing.

"Well, gentlemen," she purred, "I wanted to discuss your generous offer in more... intimate... surroundings. And..."

Lori sauntered up to the two men and dropped to her knees before them. "...I hope you'll consider using me in your next production." She moved closer. "Would you care to use me? To prove I can be a satisfying piece of ass?"

She ran her hands up their thighs, then gripped the growing bulges in their pants. "Please. I need you both. I want you inside me."

Rick and Mike grinned at each other. "Then get naked, slut," Mike replied.

"Yeah. I wanna see those ginormo-tits up close," Rick added.

"With pleasure!" Lori squealed.

In no time, Lori was totally nude. Her massive boobs hung from her chest, and her pussy was bare. Her nipples were hard and aching for attention. As the guys freed their rock hard cocks, Lori could only marvel at how HUGE they were. She moved between them, grabbing both. "Who would like to go first? Or would you prefer going at the same time?"

"Oh, no," Mike laughed. "You're gonna suck my cock first, whore. Get it nice and ready for your slutty holes."

"Oh yes, sir!" she exclaimed, turning to face him.

"Fine with me," Rick responded by grabbing her hips. "I got this juicy cunt."

Lori moved on Mike's dick. She kissed the underside and licked her way up. Mike's dick was at least nine inches long (and growing!), and thicker than any other she'd ever had. He wasn't kidding about it being "nice and ready".

Meanwhile, Rick was teasing her, running the head of his cock along her wet slit. She shivered.

Mike grabbed her head, forcing his cock between her lips. She moaned around his length as Rick pressed his thick member into her dripping pussy. The men began to work up a rhythm.

Lori's mind was cloudy, as though she were in some kind of trance. She was being used by these men. They were in control. All she could do was obey and enjoy it. A tiny part of her mind held onto rationality and knew these two had done something to make her so enthusiastic about them using her, but it was unheard amid the raw sexual stimuli flooding her thoughts and senses.

The guys were pistoning her to and fro, alternately bottoming out in her throat and her cunt. It was too much, and she felt herself coming, moaning her approval.

The guys picked up the pace, fucking her harder. Lori could feel a second orgasm approaching. Her eyes rolled back and her tongue danced along the underside of Mike's cock. As she came a second time in as many minutes, the haze in her mind intensified. The tiny rational part of her mind was snuffed out as she surrendered to being a creature of pure, unmitigated lust, a body that exists only to fuck.

Then, Mike pulled her face in to his crotch, jamming his enormous dick into her throat, and held it there. Worse, he timed it to happen just after an exhale, leaving only the residual amount of air in her lungs. But while her attention should have been on her imminent suffocation, at the other end of her existence Rick had picked up his pace, and Orgasm Number Three was rapidly approaching.

It was an experience that etched itself into her very being: the blackness encroaching the edges of her vision as the mind shattering frenzy overtook it.

Rick shifted back, keeping Lori impaled on his cock while yanking her off Mike's with a "shlurping" POP! As she collapsed to the side, she drew ragged shuddering breaths amid her post-orgasmic aftershocks.

"Holy shit," Rick said as he admired his handiwork.

"Told you," Mike replied with a knowing smile. "I'm telling you, that spell is the best thing since the wheel. Hell, Rachel loves it so much, she'll practically do anything to get another taste."

"Including spiking this little bitch's drink," Rick agreed. "Hey, you mind sitting out for a sec? I have just got to fuck them titties!"

"Jeez, you and tits. Go ahead," Mike replied with a laugh.

"You've been hanging out with that witch for far too long," Rick commented.

"She's your sister. And look where it's gotten us."

Rick moved his cock, now glistening with Lori's cum, between her breasts. Lori, although still seeming to be out of it, instinctively pushed them together. She leaned forward and gave the tip a gentle kiss.

Mike sat and watched as his friend's cock disappeared and reappeared. His own dick, slick with Lori's saliva, twitched impatiently. "Dude, I cannot wait to get Fifi in on this. You want to try and bag her at the coffee shop? I don't want to wait 'til we're doing the video."

"Mmm, sure," Rick murmured, concentrating only on Lori's rack. "Wait, no!" he registered what Mike had said. Keeping rhythm on the jugs, he said, "You want to use magic in a place called 'The Cup and Sorcerer?' Are you crazy??"

"We can't just wait around. It'll take weeks to get her in the video. You have to trust me on this."

"You're a crazy motherfucker," Rick replied. "You don't think she maybe has some friendly mages who frequent the place? For all we know, she might be a powerful witch herself."

"Come on," laughed Mike. "Her screen name is Fifi FunThrall. If she were a mage, don't you think she'd choose a less obvious screen name?"

Rick stopped his tit-fucking for a moment and looked at his partner. "You're an idiot." He resumed and quickened his pace to finish up. "And again, even if she's not, she's probably got magic using friends. Now let me paint this bitch's face, and you can get in her bony ass."

"Fine. Just don't miss."

Rick was already grunting his release as his partner spoke. Mike moved behind Lori, and, grabbing her by the waist, plunged his thick cock deep into her rectum. Lori was an anal virgin before this, but thanks to the spell she adjusted quickly. Her moans turned from pleasure to pain, and then back to pleasure.

Lori was in ecstasy. She had never cared much for the touch of a man, and now she was being fucked like a cheap whore by not one, but two. And loving every second of it.

After Mike finished, Lori listened intently to the instructions from the two men. Then, still naked and covered in cum, she walked them out to their car. The three shared a goodbye kiss and she waved as they drove off.

She walked back into her apartment, locking the door behind her. She was exhausted and filthy. But she could not stop smiling. After cleaning herself with her tongue as much as she could, she took a shower, then wrapped herself in a terrycloth robe and moved to relax on the couch. Before she sat, she spied some errant drops of cum on the couch and floor. Following her new instructions, she dutifully licked them up.

Once clean, Lori stretched out and turned on the TV. It was time for the next phase: recovery and mental re-set. She had to appear normal for the video. She couldn't let Al or Fifi know anything was amiss.

It was so exciting! The guy were in for such a treat when they take Fiona. She had so much to offer, they'll be able to use her for so much. Lori would be happy to tell them all the possibilities, should they ever ask.

No matter. Her new friends were smart, and they would figure it out.

And Lori couldn't wait.

(c) 2023 Czarzhan

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