Would You Like to Try the Collar

by Simulated Beehive

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #mind_control #petplay #scifi #sub:female #collars #consensual_but_indefinite #consensual_kink #hurt/comfort #pov:bottom #sadomasochism

A pair of lovers try a mind control collar for fun more and more often.

Owner was so nervous the first time we tried on the collar. “Are you sure about this?” she said, “you won’t be able to take it off by yourself once it’s on.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said, nuzzling into her hand, “I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t sure.” I gave her fingers a little nibble and she jerked her hand away before gathering my hair up in her fist and yanking me up so I was perched over her lap. 

“You won’t be able to get away with cheeky things like that you know.” She chidded, and I squirmed in delight under her grip

“That’s okay, ma’am,” I said after she released me so I could answer properly, “it’s because I like to feel your control.”

She laughed and motioned for me to kneel about and reached down to fasten the collar around my neck. The strap itself was a piece of dark burgundy leather, capped at either end with a lock of steel, designed to fit into a seamless whole. She fastened this at the back of my neck as I lifted my hair out of the way.

Wires sprouted from the large clasp and I whined and shuddered in pain and anticipation as they slid into the flesh around my spine and at the base of my skull. A low buzzing noise filled my ears and everything suddenly seemed very far away, then everything cleared and I looked up at Owner again. I blinked

“Can you tell if it’s working?” she asked me, still looking a little uncertain.

“I don’t know, nothing feels different. Do you want to try giving me an order?”

“Hmmmm, strip for me, pet.”

I nodded and pulled my shirt off over my head. This was new, I was normally shy about this, even around Owner, but I did it without hesitation. I stood up and hooked my fingers under my panties to pull them off with my skirt. She gasped softly as I stepped out of my underwear and twisted my bra around to unclasp it before returning to my knees at her feet. I waited for embarrassment that didn’t come. Why should I be embarrassed? Owner wanted me this way, so it was only right that I was. “What next, Owner?”

“Fix me a drink will you?”

“Right away, Owner!”

I walked to the kitchen to fetch the mixers and stood in full view of the window while Owner’s face got progressively redder. I’d barely served Owner her drink when she stammered, “that’s enough for tonight!” and activated the shutdown sequence for the collar, and then dragged me to the bed for spooning that evolved into her pushing my head into the mattress with one hand while fucking her fingers into my ass and I whimpered my assent and encouragement. We were both so thrilled and exhausted that neither of us suggested playing with it for weeks.

The second time she was bolder, and spent the day marionetting me about the house, muscle by muscle and joint by joint, testing just how finely she could control me. She laughed about it at first, but the more she moved me about over the course of those hours the quieter she got and the hungrier she started to look. She had me hold perfectly still while she roughly undressed me  and ordered me onto the bed where she made me lick and suck her cock for hours, until my neck and mouth and tongue were beyond sore, while whipping my thighs with rope, and everything blended into a blissfully agonizing trance of mind-numbing obedience.

After that, we couldn’t wait to try it again. It was several days, but eventually, Owner was able to have a day where she worked from home and take the next day off, at the same time as I was free. She had me in a lacy black skirt under her desk, gently nursing on her cock as she responded to emails and checked paperwork. Occasionally she’d take a short break to grab my head and push deep inside my throat and grind her crotch into my face until she came inside me; she had ordered me not to gag, so I didn’t. When she was done with that she had me wait on her and pleasure her while she read, fetching her food and comforts every now and then, or occasionally having me lie next to her so she could fondle my thighs and ass and tits. She had me bathe her, then had me sit between her legs while she washed the place where the wires from the collar sunk under the skin and bit at my ears and shoulder. After that she made me touch her, gently stroke her cock while she petted my face and murmured variations on “good pet” or, “good drone” to me. Late into the night, she had me rub my clit until I was crying and quivering with overstimulation and she smiled mockingly at me while edging herself and telling me how good I was for being so perfectly obedient. I gazed at her with adoration the whole time. I couldn’t help but do anything else. Why would I ever want to do anything but obey her? She had me bounce on her cock until the early hours of the morning, until she was too tired to keep fucking up into me. It was a long while before she allowed me to rest and my thighs were white and sticky and my cunt leaking with her cum.

We both woke up to Owner’s phone ringing repeatedly. Several coworkers had called in sick, preparation for a case was behind schedule, and she needed to be in the office right away. In a rush she dressed and gathered her things and gave me a kiss on the head before saying, “be a good girl” and striding out the door. 

So I was a good girl. I put on a little white and yellow sundress cut high above the knees that I knew turned her on, and set about the day. I cleaned up all the mess and clutter from yesterday, thoroughly vacuumed and dusted, and set Owner’s desk in order. I looked up one of her favorite recipes and rode my bicycle to the market. People stared but I didn’t mind, consumed with thoughts of being a good girl for my Owner. I worked at dinner for her until she got home, I had just finished laying out the table when she opened the door. Her worn out expression turned bright when she saw me, but that soon turned to horror when she saw she had left the collar on me through the day and not removed it in the morning. She was at my side in an instant, holding me in her arms and babbling apologies and moving to deactivate the collar. I struggled to reassure her that it was okay, that I loved her, that I loved being hers, and that her orders were the most generous gifts she could ever give me. I started sobbing as the collar shut down and I felt that feeling of being so completely and helplessly controlled slipped from my mind. I was so worried what had happened had crossed a boundary, that I’d made her ashamed of her desire to dominate, that I’d lost that feeling of being hers for good and that my submission was too much to ever be really wanted.

We became distant for a few days after that, both secretly ashamed of our own desires and worried we were at fault for causing the distress of the other, but we couldn’t stay apart from each other long, and we still cuddled together for wordless comfort in the evenings.

She confessed one night as we lay side by side one night, “I was so afraid, because when I saw you standing there that night, I thought I’d like to keep you collared like that forever, and if I ever put it on you again I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to take it off.”

I grabbed her hand and said, “I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. I belong to you. I want to always belong to you, Owner. I want to be your good girl. I want to give you my whole body and soul l and only ask that you let me serve at your side. I love you for wanting it too.”

She kissed me for a long time and cradled our heads together so she could nuzzle my face and whispered, “I love you so much, my sweet little pet.”

She collared me soon after, and true to her word, she hasn’t taken it off since. I wouldn’t ever want her to. Being hers so completely and knowing how much this pleases her is better than anything I could imagine. Sometimes she orders me to bite her just a little, as a treat.

Feeling that control for the first time though, sinking under and being consumed by obedience, and realizing I can belong to her like that forever. I wish I could experience that for the first time over and over again. I know how much watching it happen turns Owner on.

So would you like to try the collar? I promise you’ll feel really good, and Owner would love to have another pet.

thank you for reading! For people who have followed, this story is completed, but I am continuing to write other fiction .


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