Creation Myth

Chapter 1

by CyborgBimbo

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #pov:top #sub:female #robots

The story of [redacated] and her beloved sub friend Minx and how Minx lost a will save.

said I wanted to be a Jpop Idol. I SORT OF did it thing is...thing is there's a career time limit. They don't tell you especially if you are American or like British. So In a word. I've become more metal parts, and trying adapt it  started at twenty-nine I'm now thirty seven. Not old by any means, just not exactly "marketable".

Except my Talent Manger had an idea.

But first it starts with Minx the girl I met in Tokyo who was from Chicago. My best friend. I was probably dumbly in love 

The last memory file that is a full "human" and "non bimbo" memory. is me. Playing with a d20 rolling between the fingers of my right hand.

At first playback I thought Minx and I were playing D&D  but now, It's clear. I'd asked in wine hazy state "Make a will save, if you get under my 18 you don't, loose IQ points for the night ." I said with a giggle. I honestly could've said anything from behave like a cat, to carry me to bed. Minx's trigger is just loosing a will save.

Hot right?

Minx loved to loose to me.  To be degraded, however. Unlike how I was with men. I was more softer and playful with Minx. I always liked to think that prolonged her sweet orgasmic relief.

Though I guess, now I don't get to ask.

I was here.

Singing in a room nightly.

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