Circuit Breaker

Lip-Sync The Comforting Scene. (Page Seven)

by CyanidePrincess

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Gay little robot. No tw for this one I think. Just wholesome.

I've just recently been released from wardship. My independence has been signed off and I'm free to go. Though my memory is hazy, I don't think I was fully conscious for most of it. But I've been deemed safe, so I have nothing to complain about. 
Walking around the streets of my city... It... It feels strange here, there are so many strange creatures around me. Big plant people, sentient bee people, Terrans... And yet, the strangest thing of all is the relationships they have with each other. 
It's a strange parallel to the amount of freedom that's just been granted to me.
I have more freedom over the actions of my physical body than I've ever had before. Someone helped fix me. There are still parts of my inner workings that are locked away from me under threat of pain for trying. But, honestly. I've never felt this utterly liberated. Whoever saved me, whatever saved me... I am eternally grateful.
As well as my bodily autonomy and general control over my actions, I've also never had this much... Nothing.  It's been about two weeks since I've been released, and I've had no idea what to do with any of my time.
I'm so used to being puppeteered around by father, my every waking minute I had to be doing something useful. Having new code written into my head, having various parts of me replaced or upgraded, or just being shut off when I'm not. I don't know what to do with myself, the lack of tasks is uncomfortable.
This is all in complete contrast to the world around me, full of life and love. It seems as if the plant creatures, the Affini, as they're called, have a knack for taking in Sophonts of all shapes and sizes to keep as pets or lovers.
They're called Florets, these pets. It's a strange dynamic, it reminds me of the brainless puppeteering father used to force me into. Except, these "Florets" aren't always brainless. Some are, most aren't. But shockingly most of all. They all look happy. They look happy in the places they're in, under the legal ownership of an Affini. I do not know how to work around that information.
Something tells me, in my soul, that I'm not truly built for something like that. I've been forced into a place much the same for all my life. And now, I have freedom.
Today, I've spent the majority of an afternoon trying to break into myself. I have yet to be able to access most of myself yet. There's new things to me that I can edit and change myself, but big portions are still locked away. I have yet to be able to properly open my various access hatches. Maybe one day I will learn how. But until then... I just need to figure out what to do with myself.
Waking up on days I have nothing to do is always a slow process. No alarm to jolt me awake on time, nothing to look forward to, no tasks, no anything. I have to put all the effort in by myself. And sometimes. That's just too much. It's a good thing I don't need to eat. I think if I were a fully made Terran, I would have died from starvation a long time ago. But I'm still here, so.... Well that's that, I guess.
Laying back on my bed, my eyes open slowly. I'm not tired enough to sleep anymore, so I just end up staring at the ceiling for a while, not really thinking about anything.
Something asks for my attention in the background of my mind. Checking it, I have another message notification. Wow, this is the most I've ever been interacted with in years. It feels strange, but not unwelcome.
Username: Soot&Salt
That's strange, there's no sent time. Must be a glitch.
Soot&Salt: Hello! It's me! Aether! I urm....  This is embarrassing. >~<;; But... Would you like to hang out today? I'll be over at the Café towards the northern side of the city. (GPS Data Embedded) <--- Here. I have some things to show you, stuff for your uhm... Duels. If you're interested, that is. I'll see you there at 1:00pm!
It's currently 11:00am... Oh wow... I actually... I thought it was later, I didn't realize I actually woke up early for once.
Huh.. I-   Okay. Well, I should get to work then. I'm feeling... Alright, for the most part. I feel like I should be doing something, 1:00 is a few hours away. And, oh! Last night! Lils messaged me. I guess I'll respond to that too now that I have a chance.
Surprisingly smoothly, I stretch and hop off my large hab bed, saunter on over to the compiler, and brew myself up a hot cup of coffee. While the coffee is being compiled, I take the simple time to shoot a text over to Lils. I don't see why not, I'll hang out with the two of them before my duel with Raynor. Our friendship dynamic will change either way, depending on whether or not I lose and well... I want to savor what we have now, as the three of us.
As for responding to Aether's message, I get the distinct idea that I don't have to. She said she's going to see me there at 1:00pm. So I guess she'll see me there. I suppose that just saves me the brain power of coming up with a proper response. 
Coffees done, I take it and wander over to my chair, careful not to spill any of it this time. Cleaning up is a pain in the ass.
At points in my life, I've briefly considered hiring one of the many sophont maid services, getting someone over here to clean up when I'm busy with tinkering or legal stuff. But, that kind of dynamic felt far too uncomfortably foreign for me. I can't boss someone around like that. Especially because I'd have nothing to give back. It feels too unfair, and definitely not my place. Plus, it's not like cleaning really took that long to do. And I could always just command myself to do it through a simple executable or two. But the thought of commanding someone else? That was definitely a no go for me tbh.
Mmmmmm.... I got to my PC, then I got lost in thought. What am I actually doing here? I already responded to all the messages... Oh, I have an idea. I've integrated the messaging app into me, why not go for the overnet browser? So I can look things up while away. Genius.
After about a half an hour of browsing and fiddling with various app data files... Pushing them in and out of my head through an access port on the back of my neck, I give up. I don't have what I need to have to be able to host the app in my head.
I have a steadily signaled overnet connection in my head, but actually supporting a web browser is... That seems too hard for me right now, I'll figure this out later. It's time to tinker.
With a long sigh, I pull the cord from my neck and shut down my PC. Taking a second to finish the last of my coffee, I eventually push the chair out and head into one of the other rooms in my hab unit. Something made specifically for me when I moved in. My own workshop. Nothing like Father's.
Happy, dim colors everywhere, nothing too exciting but better than the oppressive solid colors of Father's workshop. A shiver runs up my spine just thinking about that place. Disgusting.
Sometimes I get a bit of sadistic glee knowing he won't ever be able to pose any kind of meaningful threat to anyone ever again.
I'm not a hateful person... I think?
But out of all the suffering I wish onto my father, becoming a mindless blissed out pet is definitely an ironic punishment fitting for him.
I hope he enjoys it, the little shit.
All his power taken away, rendered helpless and useless like I was. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.
Oh. Oops, I'm supposed to be doing something. I reach over to the dial on the wall next to the doorway, gently turning the lights up brighter until my work station is totally visible.
Wandering on over there, I walk past the print out of the crushed space containment cell blueprints. This was my final act of vengeance on father, stealing his work and making it mine.
I can't help but turn and take a look look at it. It's a print out of the image forever burned into my head. Most of my inventions work off the principles detailed in this paper. The text is nearly unbearably small, but thankfully the crystal clear shot of the page stays forever etched into my mind.
It could have been something that really have the Terran Accord a chance against the Affini. Crushed space could have been the next evolution to space travel. Now, it's nothing but a tutorial for me to make something better out of it.
With a simple smile, I turn back around to my work station. On it is a gauntlet. Something I've been working on at the time being. It's a smaller, wearable version of my forcefield projection unit. This one should be able to make a smaller version of one of those walls. Extending like a shield in front of me. It works for that, definitely. When I hit the button, a shield projects. Small and round, covering my arm like a gladiator.
The issue though, is that it immediately anchors it's self in space, completely unable to move. The principles at which I manipulate space to create a protection shield at all are pretty mediocre. The Affini have projectors magnitudes of times better than this. But to hell with that, I made this so I'm gonna be proud of it.
Popping open the hatch on the side, I carefully pull out the containment cell on the inside. A little glass container with metal lining holding it together. Within it is complete blackness, like it's full of ink. Crushed space.
It's as beautiful as it is unnerving to spacetime.
Anyways, enough thinking! I gotta work on this. I set the containment cell down on the table and trade it for a  diode and kinetic screwdriver nearby.
Focusing the lenses in my eyes down to precise levels, I hold the diode against the circuitry before slowly reaching in with the kinetic screwdriver. There's a little release valve type of thing here. It's what I use to actually send out the projection at all. It acts as if it's a valve for matter that's both a plasma and a solid at the same time. Projecting out the field then letting it lock in place at the point of the valve.
But recently I've thought, why not blend the two a little closer together. Make it treat it more like a gas, rather than the polars between the two. Let the stream of the field projection come out in a steady pace instead of all at once.
After about an hour of tinkering, I realize it's 12:30. I've gotta get a move on. I'll probably not be done with this by the time I need to duel Raynor, but... Well it's a side project anyway so who cares.
Back in my room, I stand helplessly over the dresser. I have no idea what to wear. I've been in a slow mood lately, so maybe something with comfort over style? But I'm seeing someone for the first time today, kinda. So I wanna be stylish... Ugh....
It takes me another fifteen minutes to settle on an outfit, but I pick somewhere between both.
Gray shorts that are a little bit shorter than I'd usually prefer. Not that I normally wear shorts. Socks that are long. Ones that go up to my knees. I feel like I look goofy in them, but they're black and comfy so I guess it's fine, it goes with my shorts.
Then just a Tshirt tucked in on one side, And a black thin jacket to go over it.
A short trip to the mirror and... Something feels off. I don't normally dress like this, I'm not usually comfortable wearing such an.... Androgynous outfit.  But something feels like today is different. I should do this, it's comfy and it's gonna be warm out. This is good. Plus, I look okay in shorts! Synthetic skin grows no body hair. I'm all smooth and stuff. 
But my minds eye just  can't help it but be drawn to the blue dress I saw yesterday. Comparing what I'm wearing now to it. These clothes aren't anything like that! Ugh! Get out of my head! 
Sightly grumpy, I tie my shoulder length short hair into a little pony tail and  grab up my backpack and stuff some various things into them, including my saber and mini warp drive. Aether seems to be interested in my duels, and it's not illegal to bring these around with me. So I guess I will. 
I'm feeling grumpy, so I charge up a static shock and make the door open for me without asking. Yeah! Take that you! You... Door.
Off and down the street I go. There's a bit of a bounce in my step. I'm excited, I'm feeling excited to meet a new person. Possibly make a new friend. I've never made friends with any other Terrans before. Well, not for very long. They all end up leaving me once I uh... Cut them off from my life.
Dirt, I'm really bad at this stuff aren't I.
Great! Now I'm worried! Now I'm gonna be all stuck up in my head the whole time, too worried to...
Oh man. I'm already here.
Peering through the windows, I can't see Aether around here anywhere. Checking the time, it's 1:00pm exactly.
Slowly, I push my way into the little Cafe. The smell of freshly baked pastries and coffee fill my nasal receptors. Stars, this place smells good.
"Hey! Over here!" A voice calls out to me. Turning, I spot her and... Oh holy shit... She's goth.
Big brimmed black hat casts a shadow over her, black eyeliner and lipstick, wearing this big black dress with white lace every once in a while. She looks like a certified vampire like this. Oh God. I love vampires.
Pull yourself together Jalen! I wander over nervously.
"Uh... Um. Hi Aether.." I wave slightly. She just stares at me with a bemused expression.
"You gonna sit down or what?" She drags her piercing eyes up and down my body. I feel way too out of my water here. Have her eyes always been this intense?
Nervously, I sit down on the comfy chair in front of her. Across the table in the little booth.
She stares at me smugly, leaning forward and putting her head on her hands. Oh no! That's what I usually do!
"So, tell me about yourself. Your duels. You have one planned?" She speaks to me with such an air of subtle confidence. It's hard not to immediately sink into whatever she's saying to me. Come on! She's a stranger! Don't get this attached already!
"Um, yeah. I have a duel with an Affini named Raynor here in a couple days." I tell her, she stares at me and nods along.
"Cool. So why do you do it? Fight the Affini. I mean, it's interesting as hell, but it's also really uncommon. To my knowledge at least." She asks me, I can't help but answer. Goth girl has too much power!
"Um... Well like... I have a strange relationship when it comes to independence. I'm not used to independence, and ever since I've had it, I get swamped with this sinking feeling that I need to be fighting for it. Fighting for something." I tell her. Fuck, that's a lot of information.
"I understand. Everyone has their quirks. I mean, look at me, I'm a goth for crying out loud! When's the last time you've ever seen a goth?" She asks me with a short laugh.
I shake my head. "Never, I've only heard of the style on the over net."
She looks a little surprised for a moment, then interested. "Do you like fashion?" She asks me with a curious glance.  I'm put on the spot here.
"Urhm. no, not exactly. I like to browse sometimes, but I'm not really into fashion myself all that much... I guess? I never actually spend the energy to go out and get nice clothes. I feel like my style is too lame for that." I tell her, embarrassed.
She giggles at me. "Lame? What kind of old Terran language is that!" She giggles again. "Well don't worry there, why don't you let me style you up some time?"
"W-what?" I stutter. What kind of question is that. Was that even a question?
She shifts over onto one hand, still looking at me with all the curiosity in the world. 
"You know, like maybe some time I could stop by your hab unit and get you some style. We could go clothes shopping together, if you're interested. You can always come back to my hab unit instead."
"I ah.. I... Your hab unit? M-my hab unit? Wh- what?" I'm stammering, embarrassed and honestly. Even though it's not really possible for me to, I'm probably blushing.
"Too soon? I get it." She leans back, instantly diffusing some of my nervous worry. "What do you do for fun? Besides fight plants here and there?"
"I uh... I like... I read mostly, or I tinker on things. I'm kindof an amateur inventor... It's not very cool or anything bu-" she cuts me off, mouth wide. Her teeth look weirdly sharp. She really leans into the vampire look.
"You're an inventor? What do you make?" She asks me with a huge smile. Oh geez... How do I deal with this…
"I er... Well, mostly stuff that helps me in combat. Non lethal, non injuring weaponry and mobility enhancements. As well as a field projector to make a little arena for me.... It's nothing that cool..."
"Nothing that cool? What! How does non injuring weaponry even work?" She hits me with an intense smile. I'm embarrassed but I keep going. Why isn't the waiter here yet....
"Uhm well... I have this like, blade thingy that can cut through materials with like... Portals basically. So while the things look like they're cut apart, in reality they're still connected. Then I just press a button and the cut off bits come back... Like magnets." I'm shaking in my seat slightly. There's a gentle warning in my periphery that I've started to over heat.
How do I handle this. "A-Aether." She looks at me. "When will the waiters come?"
She giggles happily in front of me, like she just saw me accidently fall over. "Oh you goof, we gotta go up to the counter to order. I was just enjoying our conversation. Let me go get us something. How do you like your coffee?"
The urge to hide my face in my hands is strong. "Extra sugar and cream, please."
"Ooh" she coos. "Somebody has a sweet tooth. Be back in a bit."
The moment she turns around, my servos whine with a release of tension. I set my chin on the edge of the table. I'm a wreck. I'm failing this do badly. My first shot at making friends with a Terran and I can hardly hold eye contact without turning into a damn puddle.
What a wreck I am. What a wreck.
Having a moment to myself gives me a second to breathe easy and relax for a second. I know the moment she comes back I'm gonna be just as tensed up.
She returns, I pick my head up immediately to see her staring down at me, eyes pummeling me into dust as she holds out.... A cup of coffee.
"Take it, goofball. I don't have all day." She says with an eye roll and a smile.
Hesitantly I reach up and take it.
She sets down the rest of our items on the table. Her coffee looks dark. There's two pastries on a little plate in front of us. One looks like a lemon tart, and the other seems like some kinda... Chocolate filled crescent moon pastry. I don't know what it is.
"Aether, what pastries did you get us?" She smiles at me after taking a little sip off her coffee. Her skin looks so smooth.
"I got you a lemon bar, and me a... It's called a croissant, I think." She puts her hand to her chin in a mock thinking pose. It's an adorable look for an overtly Gothic girl. I giggle.
She smiles back at me.
Taking up the drink in my hands, it's warm. Not the greatest for my already heated internals but hey, I'm strong, I can take it.
The coffee is smooth, sweet, and creamy. Not an ounce of bitterness. I practically melt on the spot from just the blissful taste. I'm so glad I can taste things, even if I don't eat them like normal.
"You seem to like that. Now take a bite of the lemon bar. The contrast will be worth it, I promise." Aether tells me in a sweet voice. Okay I guess. I set the mug back into the table and pick up the pastry. Sinking my teeth into it, there's a layer of tart lemon... Almost pudding but firmer. Then a crumbly crust holds it all together.
"Oh my stars! Aether, you're right! The difference between the tart and the sweet coffee is... Mmmm!"  I can only make a noise of satisfaction.
That's when I realize I'm talking like a baby. I sound like a child. Suddenly embarrassed again, I try to straighten up.
"It's um... It's very good, you were right Aether." I try to tell her with as straight of a face I can pull.
"I usually am. Plus, one of my hobbies is baking. I happen to know a good pastry combination or two." She leans back, putting on an air of confidence. She looks like she knows what she's talking about.
I hide my hesitance to speak behind another long drink off my coffee before I think of something to say.
"So what do you do, Aether?" I ask her, setting the mug down and giving her my attention.
"Oh, I work on Android bodies for those in need." She says happily. I jolt in my seat. That's...Unnervingly specific.
She sees the strange look on my face. "I make bodies for sophonts who's bodies aren't capable of supporting them anymore. Either that just be cybernetic organs or whole bodies. I do it for people who need it, you know?"  Her reasons are so pure and unsheltered. I can see that she really means it. I nod.
"That's... That's very cool Aether. I'm sure your work is appreciated." I tell her, feeling my embarrassment wiggle around inside me. It's just a silly coincidence. How could I think that her aptitude to biotech has anything to do with me? Don't be selfish. Jalen.
"Thank you, if you're ever interested, I'd love to show you around my work station some time. You could also get a chance to show off your gear." She says. The offer is tempting.
I didn't really want to do anything social today, but now that I'm out and about, I feel better about it. Okay. Sure.
I give her a nod. "Okay, how about after we're finished with coffee?"
She beams at me. Such a contrast between the black crosses painted under her eyes, and the big happy smile across her face.
"That sounds good to me." She says.

(End Of Page Seven)

Chapter title from "Bad Grammar" by ROAR

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