Circuit Breaker

Sweet, Sweet Is The Night When You Are Here. (Page Thirty, Finale.)

by CyanidePrincess

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If you're reading this at the time of publishing, I'm sobbing my fucking eyes out on my desk. It's so hard to part with these characters but, god, im just so happy to have been able to carry a proper story to its conclusion. This story was everything to me, my whole soul and heart combined, written for a community that I just fucking adore. It has been more than a pleasure to be able to write in this universe created by GlitchyRobo. I just... Love you all so much. My fans, my friends, my family alike. Enjoy this last chapter. Apologies that it was a bit rushed.

Tw's for... well... What do you think?

I’m currently standing in the center of an old church. It’s the place I picked for our Marriage. It was crumbling and falling apart before me and Aether got here (it honestly still is), but we’ve been fixing it up over the last week. Something we’ve been working on to take our minds away from when we first got here. Purple light streams in through slightly shattered stained glass depictions of… Something religious I guess. It’s not really my place to say.

I have a Goddess Of My Own, afterall.

"Hrrmnn…." I grumble, eyeing down a crumbling, jutted out bit of stone pillaring. 
"What’s got you mumbling like that Seraphim?" Mistress asks me, worming Her way over here while Her drone body continues to absently work on a few more decorations.
"It's just this… broken pillar, here." I respond, walking circles around it.
"Aw, I thought you liked it. You said it would be good to set a tray of treats on." She responds back, trailing a few vines after me like little floating space snakes. 
"Well, I did. Until I realized it's in the middle of the Grand Hall and a complete eyesore!" I move myself to stand perpendicular to the pillar, winding the hydraulics in my right leg up to maximum power.
"Well we haven't fixed it up yet, I'm sure it will look better later on. What do you want to do with it anyway?" Miss asks, watching me like a cat watches a mouse run in circles. Hungry, but amused.
"This!!!" I unleash the tension in my leg for a kick so powerful it smashes straight through the broken concrete pillar, sending chunks of stone in every direction. It's a satisfying feeling, being strong enough to shatter an entire pillar of concrete with a single kick.
"Heyyyyy!!!!!!" I hear a whiny call from behind me. Turning around I see Aether, standing and holding a chunk of broken rock that she seemingly caught out of the air. "I'm trying to work over here!" She crushes the stone easily in her hand, turning it to nothing but dust and debris.
"Well it's not myyy fault you were standing in the way." I shrug.
She scrunches her eyebrows down into a grumpy frown. "Well I'm not the one who kicked the damn thing! Now you're gonna have to clean up all that rubble. Now, floret.
I kick my feet for a bit, giggling, until I feel a tiny shove from a warm bit of plantlife on my shoulder. 
"I meant it." Mistress says from over my shoulder, filling my mind with images of punishments I may get later if I don't comply. I'm dashing off instantly after.
"There. That looks about done, what do you think?" Aether asks, wiping some ink off her hands onto her black pants. 
I'm just utterly joyous and giddy with glee, bouncing on my feet. "It looks amazing!!!!" I shout, taking photo after photo with my lense eyes of the beautiful tapestry my fiancé hand painted. It's a long, draping pattern of black, red, and white vines interlacing together into a wreath of colorful nature painted all across a cream color sheet, ready to be hung as a trim all the way around the hall. 
"I had no idea you were such an amazing artist…." I say in pure blooded admiration.
Aether looks at me and blushes from cheek to ear. “Oh.. oh… It's nothing that special.” She turns away from me shyly.

I frown and tilt my head, taking her cheek in my hand and making her look back into my eyes, overlaying a subtle spiraling projection within my irises. “But it is. You’re amazing. And you’re going to be an amazing wife.” Then I lean forward and kiss her on the lips. She mumbles something incoherent into my mouth before eventually pulling away, with her hands gently resting on my chest.

Her blush is so bright red I can’t help but giggle.

“Y- you know, Sera, I saw what you did with your eyes. It doesn’t work like that, silly…” Aether stammers, still a little melted by my forwardness.

“Yeah yeah, I know. But it's cool right?”

She laughs and kisses me again, putting her hand on the back of my head to keep me there, pressed up against her.

{Maybe we should figure out some projection programs that could actually work similarly, for real, some time. It might be a fun project to work on eventually. I’m sure we could figure out how to do it.}

I break the kiss, biting her bottom lip on my way out. “Yeah, but do you think the like, board of Affini or whatever would let me do that?”

She smirks, raising her eyebrow at me. “Well, do you have to listen to them or me?”

“I have to listen to you, Aether.” I say and blush, targeting my eyes downward instead.

In a very me-like move, Aether takes my chin and lifts it back up to her. “Yeah, that's right. And never forget it.    Now, I’m tired and we’re just about done here…. So get on your knees, robot.” 
“Bwahat? R-right now?” I flush harder than she did. My cheeks feel cold.

“Yes, right now. You listen to me, remember?” She places her hand on my head and gently presses me down onto my knees. “It's been too long since you’ve serviced me, Sera. I’m feeling a bit… Ruttish.” 

I go to reach for the button on her pants when she stops me, pushing my head back, palm against my cheek. “No, use your teeth.” She says. I start to stammer some kind of response.

“Y-yes a- Aether.”

“Shut up. And use my title, I want to hear it right now.”

“Yes… Miss.”

She scoffs. “I said shut up. Now use your teeth, do what you’ve been told.” I fluster a little more and lean forward to unbutton the front of her pants with my teeth. Being the mess that I am, I overdo it and end up tearing off the button entirely. But it does the trick, as I’m able to pull the rest of it down by hooking my teeth through one of her belt loops.

I’m greeted by the familiar look of a flat plate between her legs. Like a doll. Until the plate opens, and a spring loaded wad of sticky plant matter spills out all over my dumbfounded face. Flowers and vines alike, coated in poison that oozes and drips down my chin and across my cheeks. Slowly, the mop of dark plants starts to pull itself together into one single knitted… Plant cock.  
“Open.” She says, rubbing my cheek in a way that has me automatically opening my mouth wide and unhinged. “Good girl~~” She says as she thrusts forward and hitches herself all the way down in the base of my throat. My eyes roll back as sweet, spicy liquid pours down my tongue and throat, coating my internals with sticky bliss. 
Suddenly I feel her thumb press against the center of my forehead for a moment, seemingly as a representation of the injection of code that just pulsed across my circuit brain. My body goes totally slack, and my mind fills to the brim with need, arousal, and subservience.

“Ahh… fuck…. Yeah, that's right, Sera. You look so beautiful when your mind leaves you. Fuuuckk… I forgot how good this feels.” Her hand wraps around to the back of my head, steadying me in place before she starts to hump back and forth. Her slimy, spicy, sweet cock sliding in and out of my throat like a flexible piston. She groans and moans with every press of her pelvis to my lips. Humping and fucking my throat deeper and deeper until im sure she’s reaching into my stomach cavity.

My eyes roll back up at her beautiful face in unending rapture, allowing me to see her tongue loll out of her mouth as she pants. My scalp hurts nicely as her grip increases, tugging on my hair back and forth to help her fuck my throat even better. 
“Ohgghnn fuuck…. Sera…. My pet….” Aether pants, grinding her pelvis against my face with a passion, cock shoved as deep into my throat as she can reasonably fit. “Ommghhhfuck im…  ohh… I’m…” 

A fiery pool of need floods between my legs as I understand her words clearly. My hands race up her legs to her hips, shoving her backwards and out of my throat before she’s able to blow her sticky sap load into me properly. You’ll understand why soon.

“Hhhuh!! W-hhah!! What!!! Sera!!!! I was so close!” Aether whines like a needy little thing, grabbing at my face to try and pull me back to her.

But I stand up suddenly, even with my center of balance a bit thrown off. It makes her eyes widen. 
“W-wha.. Did, did I go too far?” She asks me. I shake my head, my face flushed completely blue, and my legs trembling against the waves of heat rolling across my entire body, centralized in the place between them.

“Mmsorrry Mistresss..” I say, shoving Aether over. She lands hard on her back with a yelp, a tiny crack forming in the ground beneath where she landed. I’m instantly on top of her, my hands pushing her shoulders down before she can try to get up again. My ass lands squarely on top of her still out dick. She yelps again, but it breaks into a moan as I start to grind myself against it, mixing together my personally created lubrication and her aphrodisiac, poisonous precum. 

“Wwhmnn Sera… You’re so wet..” Aether mumbles as her length grinds against me through my thin panties.

“Mnuhuh, yeeahh” I mumble back to her. “I need you.” My hand trails between my thighs, pulling my panties open to the side, allowing us to come in contact with each other directly. We both have to stifle a moan as electricity courses through us both at the completion of the circuit. Now to just fit the jack into the socket.

I raise my hips up, using her shoulders to prop myself off of, but then my hands are torn out from under me suddenly. Though before I go plummeting face forward into Aethers boobs (not like I would mind that though), I’m caught by a web of vines, spiraling out from somewhere behind me. My arms are pulled roughly backwards and tied together against my back.

I go to yelp in fear, but a knot of plant matter fills the open space in my mouth, acting as a gag. My eyes race downward to see Aether staring up at me, smirking. Her eyes are burning and her fangs shimmer in the light. I try to swallow my fear as I feel my legs lifted up and tied back, my body supported by a mesh of Mistress’ True Form, pulling and jerking me into the perfect breeding pose as Aether still lays beneath me, waiting for… Herself, to get me ready.

Soon, She has me how She wants me. I watch Aether’s drone hand reach down to angle her… um… properly upward, aimed straight (gay) toward my soft, lubed, inviting entrance. I have no autonomy as my body is abruptly shoved downward, all the way down, hitching her inside of me once again, all the way to the base. I can’t control my voice as I scream in pleasure against the gag.

Aether half moans, half laughs at my pathetic display. “Mmnf… Scream like that again, pet. You clench against me so nicely…”

That just makes my insides, well, clench. Her dirty, demeaning words light across my wires in an electric display of love, satisfaction, and submission. My body then lifts up, all the way to the flowerbud centered at her tip, then nestles me all the way back down, spreading out my walls, all nice and deep.

Thorns start to circle around my shell, cutting into my thin haptic layer in tiny little pinprick stars of pleasure. My jaw tightens down on the gag in my mouth which just causes it to release more poison down my throat. There's a command prompt that opens in the bottom right of my eyes, filling up with text as hundreds of little code injections enter me, filling my entire sense of self up to the brim with an absolute alphabet of digitized xenodruggies.

Two especially tight vines wrap, burning, around my thighs, digging into my supple metal shell with a vengeance, before pulling apart to try and open up my hole a little wider for her to fit inside of.

One last vine wraps tightly around my throat, simulating Mistress choking the air out of me as I’m shoved up and down like a little ragdoll.

Im stupid, I mean I've gone stupid. There's nothing at all in my head but bliss, pain, and pleasure as my body is rocked up and down like a jackhammer as Mistress and Aether breed me senseless. It feels so fucking good, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Oh yeah, I’ve already made that joke before.

“Ohh fuck seraaaahhhh…” Aether groans, thrusting her hips up and down to match with my body's puppeted shake. “Oomnnnnhhh, you’re gonna be a good wifey for me,, yeah, sera?”

She knows I can’t respond, but I try to shake my head yes as hard as possible.  yes!

“You’re gonna be a good wife and let me use you whenever I want?”

Yes Yes!!!

“You’re gonna spend the rest of eternity being my special little fucktoy robot??”


“You’re gonna be my prized, darling, sweet little trophy wife forever. My perfect. Little. Cumdump?”


“Then take my fucking seed like a good girl does!” Aether shouts, my body pressed all the way down, her cock straining against my internal wall as it throbs and unleashes a wave of heat all throughout my being. I can feel myself fill and fill and fill, inflating like a little balloon with the amount of sappy cum pouring inside of me.

My mind shatters, rippling through a drug fueled, cum induced orgasm. I don’t even think.

I don’t even think the gag could stop the scream pouring out of me.

Even more than the official marriage we’re about to have, I think this one moment cemented in me forever, that I’m Aether’s special little trophy wife.

"Oh, that's it." I say, pointing over the horizon at the little blip my scanners picked up as entering the atmosphere.
"Where?" Aether, who is sitting next to me, asks. 
I point again. "You're off by fifteen degrees." I say, looking through her eyes for a moment. "Yeah now you got it. Right there."
"Ohhh… okay yeah now I see it." Aether says, nodding, before getting up off the edge of the cliff side. "I guess I'll go get everything ready. I just finished up the last of the appetizers so everyone who RSVP'd should have something they like."
"You're a doll, Aether. I'll be out here to greet everyone." I turn back towards the horizon and the slowly approaching shuttle. I wonder who will be on board this one. 
"I'm not a doll, Sera. I'm a pilotable drone avatar. Silly." Aether says quietly before walking inside. I give her a thumbs up from behind.
It takes a little while longer for the shuttle to finally approach, but the lights we set up give a clear landing pad. 
The purple air fwooshes around as the shuttleship, kind of looking like some kind of beetle, extends down its landing gears and touches down. The landing is soft, honestly softer than when me and Mistress first touched down about a week or two prior. Well, whatever.
Before the shuttle doors open, I decide to ~crack!~ warp up onto the top of the shuttle, just to momentarily see the horizon from a higher level. It's early morning here on Violacase. There should be at least 6 hours left of starlight. The view is impeccable. 
The doors open slowly, extending out like a canopy. Peering over the edge, I drop down quietly in between everyone who's spilling out. Both some familiar faces, and some I've yet to meet. Though no one really seems to notice me as I stand up straight and begin to walk with the crowd towards the chapel.
I spot the back of a leafy green and orange Affini who… seems to have something in his hands. He doesn't notice me, too much attention devoted to whatever's in his arms. So I just follow closely behind him for a while until he finally decides to turn around.
And in the very moment that they do, all the beautiful orange flowers across their whole body bloom nice and full, spreading their petals wide like the wings of a birb. Trickles of yellow dust float down from the centers of a few flowers, gently dusting the sleeping sophont in their arms.
"SERAPHIM! The angel of the hour! How are you doing?? I did not see you there behind me!" Raynor shouts excitedly, vines breaking off from his mass and wiggling around in the air.
"Heyheyyyy… keep it down. You don't wanna wake… is this your floret!?" My eyes widen excitedly, and my voice loses its quietness as I bounce up on my feet to get a better look at theeeeaaaaawwwww!!!! Kittyyyy!!!!!!! 
"Yes, this is my pet Calico, he/him. Don't worry about him waking up, he's on a nice Class-S that will limit what sounds he's able to detect." Raynor says, gently lowering the kittyboy down so I can see him. 
My circuits can hardly contain my excitement at how fluffing cute this little guy is. He's laying so cozily, with one of Raynor's vines in his mouth. But his mouth isn't closed over the vine, instead just simply holding it with his open, slack mouth. His little paw hands hold onto more vines, cuddling around them like a little kitty toy. 
"Wwwhfgghgdgggf" is all I can vocalize, hardly containing myself from not just leaping into Raynor's arms to cuddle that adorable little brown furred kitty. He's a bit on the skinnier side of how Terrans normally come, with short brown hair. His arms and legs are all furred up to the elbows and knees, with his hands and feet replaced with soft looking pawbs. He's got a nice brown and white spotted tail curled up against his tummy, which shows under his companion pajamas. Oh, ohhh I want to pet. I need to pet him. And those little ears… and those whiskers!! And that little black button nose!!!! eeeeeeeeaaaaaaa!!!!!
"Yes yes, you may pet him. It's about time he wakes up after all." Raynor says, brandishing a little needle that injects and disappears quickly.
My hands waste no time finding their place on his head. "Oh… Raynor, he's so soft…" I say, gently petting him on his soft little head. Calico murmurs quietly, slowly waking his little sleepy head up. His ears flick a few times.
"Yes yessss, he's just the softest little kitten. But don't let him hear you say that, he might get the biteys. Now, scratch him behind his left ear, he likes that." 
I do, gently giving him a little scritching behind his soft kitty ear. I received a gentle 'mroww?' as Calico opens his eyes so slowly. Looking up at me like a newborn kitten. Cutest shit in the world.
I make sure the audio is off on my camera function so no one can hear the absolutely enormous amount of photos I'm taking. [Except me!!] Except her.
"wwuh…? Haiiii…." Calico mews at me, opening his tiny lil eyes all the way before being assisted in sitting up. "I'm cawwico wellium, fiwst fwowet. Nice to meet you…" He says, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with one of his paws.
I'm just stunned. I mean I'm just stunned. This sleepy little kitty??? In a library?? Literally the perfect floret for Raynor. I mean I just cannot imagine how great it would be to walk into his library and see this lil guy all strung out and snoozing on a big couch. Ugh!
"Hello there, kitty." He blushes and puts his paws on his face to try and hide it. "My name is Seraphim Versalice, First Floret Ramet. It's wonderful to meet you, Calico. I've heard so much about you from your owner here. He did not disappoint, you are just the cutest little guy I've ever seen." I say to him, still gently rubbing his head with my palm. 
"Mew… hey! I'm not cute, I'm fierce!" Calico says before hissing and batting at my hand a little bit.
"Awwhhh I'm sure you are, sweetheart." I say back in a cooing tone. 
He 'mrow's at me, grabbing my hand in his paws before attempting to sink his tiny fangs into it. It doesn't really work since metal but it's just the cutest little thing to watch, oh my Goddess. 
"Hey, bad kitten. No biteys unless they say it's okay, remember? Sorry, Sera, he can get a bit of petting aggression." Raynor tells me, retrieving my hand from the mouth of the beast.
"Heyyy!!" Calico whines. "I don't get petting aggressioohhnnmmn" He trails off into a thoughtless moan as Raynor starts to press and rub against his forehead in circles. In-cat-pacitated! Calico immediately goes limp.
"Ohh please Raynor, you have to let me try that." I plead, targeting Calico's tummy with some petting as he mews and meows.
"Okay okay, go ahead. Just be gentle, and go from left to right, just like reading a book."
"Oh of course that's an analogy you'd make." I murmur, rubbing on Calico's forehead. It causes an auto-response to lick my hand. His tongue is rough and textured. His tail perks up and wraps around my arm.
"OH MY GOODNESS A KITTY!!!!!!!!!" Someone shouts suddenly from behind me. Startled, I accidently engage my warp drive, thudding loudly into space eight feet forward and directly behind where Raynor stands while Calico engages his cat maneuvers, jumping like thirty feet in the air before landing on his paws, right side up. 
I hear a loud hiss accompanied by some laughter, and when I begrudgingly walk back around the tree to see what the hell the deal was, I see Ceriza holding her tummy as she laughs herself senseless. A silly, soft looking girl with a leash around her neck, leading up to a soft, silly looking Affini. I mean, Cerizas owner looks so soft it's like all her vines are pool noodles. And she's highlighter pink, with a floofy white petticoat of leaves as a skirt. 
"Riza, don't scare the pets like that! It's uncouth." Cerizas owner says, which instantly gets her to stop laughing. Ceriza turns around and murmurs a 'sorry Mistress' before she's told to apologize to us instead.
"Oh, I'm fine. Just startled is all." I say, forcefully disengaging my wings, which had popped loose when I was frightened. 
The kitty, still in Raynor's arms, licks his paw and uses it to swipe his hair back. "Mrrff… I wasn't scared. But where'd the angel girl go?" He says, looking around until he spots me standing somewhere else. 
"Oh I'm right here. Accidentally engaged my warp drive for a sec there." I wave at him. He waves a paw back.
"Warp drive?"
"Ahh… probably a good story for another time." I shuffle my feet awkwardly. I don't wanna seem like a showoff again. 
"Oh no, little robot~ why don't you show us~?" Ceriza's owner says to me in a silky smooth, sultry voice. I gulp.
"Well uh… um." 
"You can call me Missus Derringer. She/her." She says to me, gently bending down to my level and looking me in the eyes with absolutely unshakable confidence. Holy shit, a hell of a domme. 
"Oh haha.. ah. Uh.. well, Missus Derringer, I'm an Android right so I uh. I have some uh. Like. Capabilities. A little contraption I built myself, which allows me to do a short distance, accurate, mini warp jump. It used to be connected to a lever-switch under my molars but my Owner had it supplanted to the inside of my chassis. You can ask Raynor all about it, he fought me when I still had it as a lever." I say, digging my shoe against the obsidian stone beneath.
"Sure can, it was a hell of a battle, isn't that right, kitty?" Raynor says, looking down at his pet and scratching him under the chin.
"Yesss, it was so cool! I'm like your… mew… biggest fan, Sera! Master showed me all your videos, including when you fought all those drones in your girlfriend's hab!" Calico excitedly tells me, taking a short break to meow when his owner scratches a particularly sensitive spot.
It honestly makes me a little jealous that I'm not being cuddled by my Owner at the moment. 
"Fighting? Battle?? What's this about a battle?" Missus Derringer asks, reeling in Ceriza's leash a bit. Ceriza just giggles.
"Oh, yes ma'am. It's a, ahh.. long story. But basically I bet my independence on fighting little battles with Affini volunteers as my combatants. Don't worry, don't worry, it was nothing dangerous. The weapons I used couldn't actually do me or anyone else any actual harm. I made sure of that, and was checked by several commissary boards of safety along the way." I wave my hands around a little as I talk, memories popping up in my head as I do. Good times.
"And you enjoyed this, fighting with us?" She asks, a little confused. 
"Yes, yes I did. It was one of my life's best achievements to defeat the Affini I did in combat." I bow my head a little. 
"Oh, you actually beat one of us?" She says, taken aback a little.
"Several, actually. You'd be surprised at what I'm capable of. Just ask him." I glance over at Raynor with a playful smirk. He puts his hands up in mock defeat.
"Let us talk about something else now, haha!" He laughs fakely, trying to turn the conversation toward anything else.
"Incredible. And these battles, you won all of them?" Missus Derringer asks me before looking up and over my shoulder.
"Yes, that is, until me." Says the beautiful voice of my beloved Goddess from behind me. A gentle kiss to the side of my neck rattles me nicely for a moment. I turn around and look up at her.
"Hello Mistress." I say with a smile full of adoration. 
"Hello my sweet little warrior." She coos down to me, running a vine across my cheek that makes me squeak and blush. "Yes, she won all of them, until me. But that's not to say it wasn't a hell of a fight. I was just, far more prepared than she could have ever been. I claimed her then, in battle, and I continue to claim her every day until the end of time. Right, angel?"
"Yes Goddess…" I say, my eyes wide and full of love. The world fuzzes out for a little while as she pets me and introduces herself to the others. Quickly growing just as attached to Calico as I was. Ceriza was happy to finally meet my Owner, little did she know. And lastly, exchanging a few incomprehensible words with Raynor and Derringer in the local Affini dialect for a little while.
Finally, my world cleared up after Mistress took her vines off me. "I think it's just about time to head inside. Everything should be ready within." She says, guiding me and the rest of us toward the chapel as the next shuttle finally arrives with the last of my buddies inside. 
There are two big, ornate wooden doors that lead to the entrance of the church on the front. They slowly open to reveal Aether, dressed in an immaculate suit and tie that makes me fucking drooool. I watch her bow toward the crowd, with a white cloth on her right hand.
"Hello everyone, and welcome to the Eternal Joining of Hearts and Marriage between myself and my beautiful soon-to-be: Seraphim." She looks up at me before I'm suddenly lifted into the air by Mistress. Everyone seems to start clapping and cheering for us for a moment while I take the time to shout 
"Nice going babe! You look hot as fuck in that outfit!" 
I can see her blush from all the way out here.
After a long session of greetings and drinks and snacks and mingling, I find myself in an open room with Lillina and Ceriza. They're both looking intently at me, whispering to each other over my current choice of wedding attire. Occasionally, they would decide on a new set of makeup for me, lean in all close, and start to paint over my shell with various different brushes that tickle. Then, they'd stand me up and have me change into an entirely different dress, appraising me like judges whenever I step out. 
Though apparently I wasn't allowed to see it until they were 100% done with 'their masterpiece.'
"Oh yes, yes yes yes yes. This is it, this is the one for her." Ceriza says, bouncing on her heels suddenly when I step out of the changing both set up. 
"Oh yes, I can definitely see it. Though…" Lilina leans down and starts whispering to her. I watch Cerizas eyes widen as it hears whatever Lilina's secretive plan is. Before suddenly, it goes still, putting on a serious face. 
"Seraphim, please come here." She says invitingly, tilting her head toward me and smirking.
I walk over, only slightly worried about their plan. "I'm here."
Ceriza nods slowly. "So, these shoulders, and sleeves?" She gestures to my, well, shoulders and sleeves. Lilina nods.
"Yes, and maybe some leggings as well, what do you think?" She says, colorful, pretty Affini eyes rolling over me.
"Definitely. Let's do it." Ceriza announces, gently grabbing my arm and leading me over to the chair. Lilina moves over to a nearby small table, picking up some kind of strange trinket and a bag of materials? 
Ceriza, in front of me, takes her hands and actually cracks her knuckles. It makes me giggle quietly, causing her to give me a raised eyebrow look for a moment. 
Though, Lilina returns and almost immediately begins to work on the cloth near my shoulder section. I can see from the corner of my eye that she holds this little tool to my dress and uses it to… loosen the strings of the dress? Pulling them apart into some kind of fluff before restitching them all back together but instead in another shape. Even replacing some of the material at the end, sewing in some- 
"Heyyy eyes up here!" Ceriza says, boldly reaching out and pulling my gaze back up to it by a hand on my cheek. Right, it's all supposed to be a surprise. I forgot. 
"Don't worry, we're almost done here." She says, holding my cheek with one and beginning to apply what seems to be eyeliner with the other. She tilts my head after a while, and does my other eye. Then, I feel her start to stray from my eyes, painting gently cold little lines across my cheeks. 
There's a tickling feeling across my legs for a moment, trailing from the bottom up and up until it stops just past my thighs. Goddess only knows what that might have possibly been. 
Ceriza finally pulls my face back straightforward, pulling out some kind of color pallet from a bag on her hip. She dabs her brush into different colors, including purple and green at one point.
Then, we're done. Ceriza stands up and squeaks its excited little voice while Lilina just looks on at me with a strong radiance of pride coming off her expression. 
"Okay, stand." Lillina says happily, guiding me to my feet gently. I notice they're currently held daintily in some kind of open faced shoe. My balance feels strange for a moment while I'm being led into another room, this one with a mirror. It's a simple engagement of active balance assist to make my issue all but non existent.
Suddenly there are pink vines covering over my eyes, then just a second later, they're off. In front of me is the visage of a statuesque angel. Almost Valkyrian in nature, with an open shouldered dress in gold trims. My sleeves seem to end in open black flower buds. Familiar ones, large, and soft. 
My eyes go lower, the bottom of my long black dress gives beautifully away to my legs which are laced from the top to bottom in black vines, tiny little flowers blooming everywhere on the laces.
My shoes are heeled with dark red roses, the stems as the point and the bloom as the platform. They seem to be made entirely out of organic material, almost like fairies shoes. These are slippers I definitely don't want to lose at a ball. 
Back to the center of my dress, from the midsection to between my breasts, there is a part in the rich black cloth which shows the white corset I'm wearing underneath. My breasts are elevated, held up a bit to give them a bit more of a perk and size appearance. These nice black laces run between the parts in the dress, giving it a stitched look. 
Beneath that is a thin rope of red string wrapped around me and tied off in a way that holds up a long, draping red cloth
hanging in front of where my legs are beneath the skirt, ending at its edge in a point. Gold threads are woven into the red cloth, creating a shimmering pattern. 
And lastly, there is my face, which is painted on in only the most beautiful way. Around my eyes are these beautiful shifting and curving, painted black lines that give so much definition to their red glow. They're across fault lines in my metal shell, giving them strong accents that bleed down my face in these flowered grape vines beneath my eyes and across my cheeks. 
"Oh, we can't forget the last pieces! I'll get the hair if you get the wings!" Ceriza says excitedly, flitting her fingers through my hair and beginning to braid locks of soft white. Above my ears run these loops of woven hair, all the way from one side to the other. It's a beautiful accent to my hair. Lastly, it weaves a final little loop above my right ear. It looks like something should be placed within it, but I see her make no moves to get anything.

Then, I feel my wings gently spread apart as I watch Lilina, who's holding me steady from behind, weave a dried black vine from a rosebush through and around my wings. Thorns poke through feathers as it's then wrapped around the base of them, where they're all held on my appendage. Little black and red roses poke through every once in a while, spotting my normally solid black wings.

Quickly ad finally, Lillina stuffs a bunch of assorted black flower petals in my wings, causing me to leave a trail of fallen black petals wherever I go. 
And just like that, they both step away. Done at last. 
And honestly, I really don't have words. I don't think my code and robot-logic based mind could ever find the proper words to convey the emotional profoundness brought upon me. My eyes threaten to tear up and ruin my makeup, so I flusteredly disable that capability of emotional presentation. 
"Any thoughts, little angel?" The amazing and pink Affini behind me asks.
It takes me a moment to steady myself to speak clearly. My hands clasp together gently in front of my chest. "I never thought I could look so beautiful." 
My circuit soul threatens to flutter away along with all the butterflies. 
“You can do this.” Ceriza says into my ear.

“I can do this.” I respond back.

“You can do this.”

“I can do this.”

“You can do this, babe, you got this.” Ceriza says before giving me a kiss on the cheek and linking her arm through mine. “You ready?”

“Yes.” I say, shaking my free hand up and down to try and dispel the nervousness. It doesn’t really help, but the air feels nice in my palm. “Is there supposed to be some kind of cue?”

Ceriza pulls me a little closer for a moment. “I think you’re the cue.”  I turn and look at it, it looks back at me and tilts its head toward the door to the main hall. I nod.

“Okay then. We’re going.” She smirks at me one final time before leading me by the arm out through the door.

My sensors are instantly assaulted by an assortment of smell inputs, lights, and sounds. A veritable cacoffini of Affini biorhythms flush over my metal shell. Its a little disorientating at first, causing even Ceriza to stumble in place as we get used to it. They’re all so… excited. Friends, their owners, and their friends are all here together, celebrating this union of hearts. People, Florets, and Affini that I dont even know! Have showed up just to watch this silly little ‘Terran love ceremony.’ Little do they know, this is just some gay shit between a robot and an emo vampire girl. But hey, that makes it kinda better doesn’t it.

“W-woah…” Ceriza mumbles, eyes going hazy for a minute. I squeeze her arm to get her to focus. “Right, yeah, your wedding. Alright girl, let's get a move on.” She says, smiling and pulling me out through the doorway.

The loud, disorganized sounds of forest and nature all go quiet as we enter. They seem to have all spotted us. There’s a quiet murmur of excitement in so many different languages.

A quick, nervous scan over my surroundings shows the interior of the Main Hall of a chapel. A large, broken down, ancient looking church lined with tapestries, flowers, bushes and bushels of different kinds of nature and flora. It's so beautifully decorated here.

Beneath my heeled slippers is some kind of long red carpet. A thin silk of bright red leading up towards a platform.

My eyes widen seeing it.

On this platform, after just a couple steps, is two figures. First, Raynor. He’s standing off to the left side, eyeing me with a bright smile. He seems to be shaped up into some kind of… Priest? He’s got some kinda hat on, it's tall and has these symbols all over it. He looks good though, very fancy.

Then, next to him is… My Main Attraction. My darling. My love. My everything and my World. Aether. She’s standing there smirking at me devilishly, with her fangs out and her beautiful red eyes glimmering. She’s wearing a suitdress that looks like something a female general would wear. The skirt portion of her dress is just a big black rose, connected up to a black suit with pockets over each breast, a long red tie, a red rose in one pocket, and many different symbols and shapes stitched in purple silk. Eyes, swords, hearts, angel wings, flowers. They’re small, but each one has a different meaning. Aether looks… Sexy… She looks handsome. She looks amazing. And she’s looking at me like I must be something special, with a smirk like that on her face.

No more procrastinating. I pick my jaw up off the floor and ready myself. Ceriza notices, getting ready too. Then, we march forward in a symmetrical beat. My left foot steps, so does hers. And vice versa.

My wings, full of little black petals, rain a trail along as we walk toward the platform. I am a… Flower girl? Or something?

Now, I’m not really sure this is the traditional thing to happen, but the moment I and Ceriza stepped onto the stage with Aether and Raynor, the entire audience just erupted into cheers. It made me light up into a super bright blush while Ceriza just bounced happily before giving a little black box over to Raynor and stepping away.

This left just me, Aether, and Raynor on the stage, with the audience still cheering us on. It was… Strange. Exciting, but strange. So many eyes on me. For something so…. Intimate.

I hear a whisper inside my head, it's quiet, but it makes me look toward my beloved. Her eyes are calm, and her smile is gentle. “You’ll be alright, angel. You can do this.” She says. It washes away all my nerves and replaces it with just…. Love.  We face each other, about two feet apart.

Raynor, now standing behind us, makes some kind of ‘throat clearing’ sound while procuring some kinda book thing. I can't exactly see the title or the kind of book it is, but it looks to be some kind of journal. Strange.

“Ahem.” Raynor clears his vines. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the Union Of Hearts between these two lovely individuals. The union of these hearts, the bond between two sophonts so deep and so holy, is for the purpose of their mutual joy; for the help and comfort given by each other in prosperity and adversity; and for the unending love that a bond such as this can create. Therefore, this Union is not to be entered into lightly, but reverently, deliberately, and in accordance with the purposes it was instituted within.”

The priest turns his undivided attention toward us, first focusing on my dearly beloved. “Aether Versalice, do you promise to take this angel to be your wife; to live with her in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all else, be loyal to her until the day you draw your last breath?”

Aether reaches out and takes my hands in hers, looking me lovingly in the eyes, staring right down into my soul. “I do.”

Raynor, full of glee and hardly keeping it together turns to me. “Seraphim Versalice, do you promise to take this vampire to be your wife; to live with her in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all else, be loyal to her until the day you draw your last breath?”

My vision is full of water. I nod my head. “I do.”

Raynor turns back toward the audience, waiting for a moment for them all to cool down after that whole display. “Will all of you witnessing these promises do all in your power to uphold these two sophonts in their marriage?”

The audience responds, in different languages, in different volumes, and in different levels of enthusiasm. “We will!”

Raynor smiles again, so broad, and so full of teeth, before crouching down slightly onto our level. His voice is quiet, but firm. “And now, your vows?”

I take a deep breath and cover my face in the broadest of smiles. I get to go first! “In the name of Love, I, Seraphim Versalice, take you, Aether Versalice, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by the ends of time. This is my solemn vow.”

Aether joins me in quietly crying. We just can't help it. There are too many emotions! But she clears herself after a moment, steadying, with a clean voice. “In the name of Love, I, Aether Versalice, take you, Seraphim Versalice, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by the ends of time. This is my solemn vow.”

The Priest retrieves the little black box he was holding, and holds it out between us. “These rings are a symbol of the vows by which these two lovers have bound themselves together through this ceremony.”

The box opens on its own, revealing the two rings. One is made of black stone, likely the stone that makes up this planet’s crust. It is engraved with little gold thorned twine. Aether takes it and places it upon my finger. It fits perfectly. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you.”

I take the other, which is made of the silver metal of my chassis, endorned with depictions of golden wings. I place it upon her finger. It fits perfectly. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you.”

Raynor stands up straight, laying his large leafy hand across the book that he is still holding. “Now that Aether and Seraphim have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with the joining of hands and the giving and receiving of rings, I pronounce that they are Wife and Wife, in the name of the Everbloom. Those whom this ceremony has bound, let no one put asunder.”

He tilts his head downward to us, addressing us personally now. No one else. “Seraphim and Aether, having witnessed your vows of love to one another, it is my joy to present you to all gathered here as wife and wife. Brides, you may now kiss.”

And we do. And it’s everything I could have ever wanted and more.

“Seraaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!” Aether shouts, grabbing my arm and pulling me toward this table with a really really big cake on it. “I made this for you!!!!!!” She yells, grabbing me, laughing, by the torso and absolutely fucking body slamming me into the cake, splattering it everywhere. But its fine! Because there's a big white sheet under everything now that will just be picked up and decompiled later.

But what's not fine, however, is my hair. Which is now fucking COVERED in cake. Thanks, wife.

“No problem, angel!” Aether shouts, pulling me by the arm back out of the massive cake. “I’m pretty sure this is something I was supposed to do.” She says before leaning in and aggressively licking the cake off my cheeks. I giggle and start to try and lick her back. It doesn’t last long, honestly, since we just start making out.

The little crowd around us start to go ‘ooooh!!’ as we do so.

Finally, after like half an hour of aggressively making out, groping included, we part ways. I'm all blue, and Aethers all red. It's cute. We’re matching! <3! And we’re wives!! <3<3!!!

Trying desperately to clear the obvious fluster and arousal from my voice, I attempt to address the crowd. “Ahahammm aummm everyone!” They all look at me. “There’s a buffet in the other room! Tons of options for meals and drinks, with labels for all the ingredients! However, theres a lot of drinks I made for tonight that are laced to the top with xenodrugs and class A’s, so keep that in mind!”

The crowd gives a final hoot and holler before dispersing toward the buffet hall.

After a little while, most of the xenodrugged drinks are gone, and all the little desserts with any in them have all been eaten. Save for a select few that are still left over.

I’m lazed out on a couch while Aether fervently rubs her cheek on my thigh, reveling in the tingles from the digitized class A’s in her system. I coo down at her, petting her hair gently. She’s so fucking cute. And my wife… Forever… How nice.

Though, off in the distance, I notice Raynor going absolutely mental on his floret, who's all spread out beneath him and being totally blasted by a full on cocoon of vines and flowers. I see calico’s tail wrapped around a few of Raynors vines as well.

It's a nice sight to watch, in all honesty. But I had more pressing matters.

Sweeping up the blissed out wifey in my arms into a bridal carry, I wander on over to them. “Hey Raynor.”

“Heyyy….” he says, clearly distracted with the moaning little kittyboy beneath him. “What's up, you cohabitants~?”

“Oh nothing special. Isn’t Aether adorable like this? I just, ah, had a random question to ask that I've been thinking about since the ceremony.”

Raynor stops his wild movements for a moment, causing his kitty to mewl in disappointment. “What's the question? And yes, she’s adorable.” He looks at me curiously, awaiting my question with little patience.

“Oh I just wanted to know what book you swore us in on. It didn’t look like any kind of religious text I’ve personally seen before.”

“Oh, this?” His vines part in one place, retrieving out a little booklet and placing it onto Aether’s tummy in my arms. “It’s some kind of guide.”

“A guide?” I ask, eyeing the thing down curiously. “A guide on what?” I ask him.

He looks at me and smirks. “A Human Domestication Guide.”

(End Of Circuit Breaker.) 

Finale!!!! Woah, right? Crazy how that shit happened. This story was about a year long in writing time. The first story i've ever officially finished! Crazy crazy! I hope you all enjoyed. Sorry it was rushed, I had a bit of a deadline.

There will be an epilogue eventually, as well as a little treat written by a dear friend of mine Fluxom. But the epilogue will take goddess knows how long to write, so dont expect it any time soon. Until then, salutations.

Chapter title from the ELO song: Sweet Is The Night. In the album "Time."


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