Circuit Breaker

Maddie In Heaven. (Page Twenty Seven)

by CyanidePrincess

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Sera can curse again. The timer went off or something. BEWARE. Theres sex in this one.

My hand loosens around the small piston screwdriver as a soft wave of warmth and slow blues washes gently over my circuitry. My head tilts back slightly, my shoulders lose their tension, and I let out a long sigh I hadn't even noticed I was holding.
"Hello sweetheart~." Mistress' soft (beautiful, perfect, enamoring) voice flows into the room like caramel and sugar sweets. 
"mmnn… hello Mistress." I say back to Her, looking up from where I'm sitting in the workshop.
"It's just about time, we're cleared to launch any time now. Some of your friends are still outside, do you want to say hi before we launch?"
I shake my head slightly. "No thank you. I think if I go out there, I'll probably start crying."
Mistress melts over to me, wrapping all up and around the chair, as well as my chassis. Her flowers rub up against me, soothing my nerves and calming my anxiety. "Why's that, darling? I thought you said you weren't so attached to this planet?" She asks, rubbing over my cheeks, and pulling out a little smile from me. 
"Yeah… I'm really not, at least I don't think I am… But something about seeing all of them and waving goodbye just feels like too much. I've been here all my life, and I really can't wait to see the stars with you, but… I don't know. It still feels sudden somehow, and… I don't know. Melancholy I guess."
Mistress' wooden mask face leans down and settles lightly against my shoulder, simulating a full body hug. It's so comfortable, like I'm back in bed. "You'll see your friends again in just a few weeks, princess."
I rub my cheek against Her, settling into the hug a little further. "I know… I'm just sensitive I guess. Heartache should be for mortals. This sucks." I grumble softly, squeezing onto Her, and attempting to soothe the rest of my sore emotions. It almost works. Almost.
"I understand." She says, snaking all Her vines around me slowly, providing some slight stimulation to distract me. "Would you like something for it?"
I ponder the question for a moment before nodding. Mistress' beautifully sculpted, dark wood face, made like an ancient artwork, pulls slightly away from me. She looks me in the eyes, mine humming a gentle red glow, Hers shimmering and shining like cut ruby gemstones. She presses Her face in just a little closer, I can tell She's going to kiss me on the head, but I tilt my chin up and lean in to plant my lips on Hers. I can feel Her subtle surprise for a moment, but I can also feel Her push in a little closer, kissing me back. 
From the point of our shared contact (a vine wraps around my head, pulling me deeper into the kiss) there's a wave of cooling warmth. It seems almost antithetical, but I can only seem to describe it as… cold, like a blanket at night. But warm, and protective. A comforter. My sad feelings wash away along with it, out into the sea. Gone from my coding, and replaced with serenity. 
Our lips part when a few of my tears end up slipping between our lips. A wet addition neither of us asked for. "Are you okay? Did it…" Mistress trails off when she sees my smile. I nod, gripping tightly onto Her.
"Thank you. Thank you so much." 
"No need to thank me, lovely, pretty, perfect pet. Seeing you happy is what makes me happy." 
I giggle a little bit. She's so perfect it makes me lose my…. Grip, on the screwdriver I forgot I was holding. It clatters to the floor, shocking us both for a minute before we burst into synchronous laughter. Feeling once again like the speaker system for Her orchestra. Merely another part for Her to play. Her, my conductor. She giggles a little bit more before cooling down alongside me. 
"What ah… what were you working on, Sera?" She asks me, retrieving the tool from the floor and placing it in my hands.
"Oh nothing important, just a… well, lever and striker system for the… … Do you remember the Terran spaceship game we played a while back?" 
"The one where I pulled you out of that escape pod and fucked you till you practically passed out~?"
I swallow, my face lighting up blue like a lack of oxygen. "Um. Yes. That's the one."
"What about it, cutie?"
"There was a like… grenade thingy, that made this expanding and hardening foam. I thought it was very useful, and I remember myself thinking that I should make something similar later on. In case I do any more for fun duels. But really, it's just a pet project to distract me from our leaving."
"Sure is a pet project." Mistress teases, forming Her hand together, and gripping it ever so slightly around my neck. My jaw drops a little, letting out a tiny moan at how easy She can just make me submit. "You know there are recipes already for that exact thing, right?"
"Umnn.. mn.. uhm yes. Yes I- ah!" A few soft tendrils worm their way beneath my silken clothes, caressing me across my shell directly, warming my core with pleasure, but avoiding all my most sensitive spots. Such a tease. "Yes I know, Mistress, but Ahm.. mnh! I wanted, ah! Something to do!" I barely choke out the last part as the tip of a flowered vine starts to edge just beneath my breasts.
"Oh, honey~ I have something perfect for you to do~! Me!" The flower on the end of Her tip places against my hardening nipple, the petals gently close around it like a mouth. 
"Oh, Mistress!" I cry, my head leaning back as She continues to play with me. I can feel a bit of a puddle forming between my legs. 
"You're such a good girl, Seraphim~ Such a perfect and obedient pet." My face flushes at Her words, my legs part, and I invite the several possessive vines wrapping around my thighs a little further. A little closer to-
"O-ohh… Miss… you feel… so good…" I feel a little closed bud press gently against my sensitive pearl, massaging it slightly, but hard enough to cause me to leak and moan even further. Then, I feel Her pull away. "Mmmm…. But please? Please?" I plead with Her to come back. I really need this right now. She just cocks Her head to the side, smirking at me.
"Who said I was done, huh?" Mistress says through a grin. 
"Wha- huh!?" I squeak as I'm picked up out of my place, my clothes are torn off, and my wings press forcefully up against a cold surface as my back is pressed to a wall, lifted several feet off the floor. I start panting, big, ragged, horny breaths. So excited I can't even hide the little drips that keep flowing down my legs.
"What do you want me to do to you, Floret?" She asks me, teasing me so much. I feel my legs wrapped around, and lifted up towards my shoulders. My joints system allowing Her to press my knees all the way against the wall behind me, exposing me to Her effortlessly. 
"O-oh… Please fuck me Misstmmphh!" My mouth is gagged as She presses even harder against me, dragging thorns down my back like the fingernails of a girl who just wants to fuck the life out of me. My eyes roll back into my head, and I feel Her big, long, stem shaft press inside me, all the way to the back. She fills me so perfectly, so blissfully, like a puzzle piece fitting into its proper place. But then She holds still. Not moving, but wracking my digital mind with need. I try to buck my hips, to make Her fuck me, but I'm held too tightly. "Mmph! Mmnnph!!!" Is all I can say through the gag in my mouth, playing with my tongue and sliding down my throat. 
"This is payback for you getting all dominant with me the other day. I need to remind you of your place." She starts to move slowly, inching just a teensy tiny bit in and out of me. "Tell me where you belong, pet." The gag is pulled out of my throat and mouth abruptly, as my brain short circuits from being put on the spot.
"0h… 0hh.. M1str3ss… 1… 1 b3l0ng b3n34th Y0u!" I cry, trying and trying to push Her deeper into me.

The gag is forced back down my throat and into my body, flowering through internal access hatches, ports, ventilation hardware, and all throughout the inside of my body. "That's. Exactly. Fucking. Right. PET. You belong to me, in your entirety, forever!" Mistress puts even more pressure against me, crushing me tightly against the wall. She pulls my wings out from behind me and sifts a hundred little vines through my feathers as She-
"Mmh! Mmnh!!! Mmmnh!!!!" Starts to fuck me wildly. Pressing in and out of me like a hydraulic piston, railing away inside of me, and pounding in Her point. I can get cocky, but She's always the one who's in Control. She, owns me. Not the other way around. 
I hear Her growl like an animal, clearly mimicking the sound of a predator as Her mask presses to my neck, and Her teeth fit roughly into the pierced holes of my armored skin. I cum almost instantly from the feeling of Her biting me again. Taking me and using me however She likes. My body wracks with orgasm, but She doesn't slow down even a little. Continuing to hammer away inside of me, abusing how sensitive I am after orgasm, and completely ignoring my heightening moans. Reminding me just exactly Who I serve. Who my body belongs to. And Who my pleasure is dictated by. I know, in my heart, that if I really wanted Her to stop, She would. Even if another part of me hopes She may ignore that. But now, really, all I want, is for Her to fuck my lights out. And fuck my lights out She does. 
"Grrrraah…." She grumbles into my neck. I feel something exude from Her fangs and drip into the pierced holes in my shell. Just as I start to get a little too sensitive, as my body is pushed over into another orgasm from being used by Her, there's a new data pack that enters my processing, and I feel myself numb just slightly. She slows down Her bucking, deciding to just press all the way inside of me, as deep as She can go, and grind against me slowly. The slight numbing weakness flowing through me causes me to go even more limp in Her grasp. Prey that's accepted its fate. 
"Good girl, Sera. Remember who you belong to, little one." She coos, slowly pulling Herself out of me. When the gag leaves my mouth, a bunch of drool drips onto the floor. I'm panting, blushing, and feeling blissfully submissive. I'm feeling so good. And so much better than I was earlier. "Now, what do we say after a treat?" She asks, prodding at my embarrassment.
"Ah hah.. hah.. thah… Thank You mh- Mistress." I pant out. She puts a vines through my hair, grooming through it like an Owner pampering Her pet. Well, I suppose that is exactly what She's doing.
Gently, I'm carried out of the room and into the bathing space. Gotta clean me up after all that, I suppose.
"I'll let your friends know you aren't feeling up to waving them off. We'll see them in a while, okay?" Mistress tells me. I just nod as I'm placed into a filling tub. 
Our bathing time is relaxing and gentle. Just what I need. 

"Ease into it. You can do this, just gently press this throttle down. Firm, but slow." Mistress instructs me, Her body all nice and wrapped up around mine as I sit in Her lap in the cockpit of the ship. Before me is the center console and the main controls of the navigation systems.
Gently, my hand is guided to press down on a throttle lever, starting the engines at the back of the ship, and putting the vessel into its proper gear for launch. 
"Now, press this button right here when I give you the signal." Miss instructs, guiding my hand over to a little wooden button. She picks up some sort of communicator connected to the front console and begins to speak into it. Whatever She's saying is complete nonsense to me. But it sure does sound beautiful.
I'm starting to just think that robots aren't meant to try and learn such an organic language.
"Clear, floret. Let's hit this." Mistress says, leaning forward and looking to the sky as the hangar bay opens up completely, its walls sinking into slots in the ground. 
I tap the button and a calculated burst of thruster energy blasts out from the curved bottom of the ship, popping us up slightly into the air. Then, Mistress pushes down onto another throttle that pumps up the thrusters and begins our proper launch. 
We skyrocket up and into the air, first at a slight angle, then steeper and steeper as we follow the designated flight path. The ship is so smooth though. It barely shakes at all as we start to spear through the first barriers of the atmosphere. If you'd have told me I was just watching a first person movie of a squid-like ship launching into space, well, I might have believed you. 
"Alright hold on tight, it may get a little rocky as we get through the first atmospheric layers." Miss says, holding me down into my seat, and strapping some vines over me like seatbelts. 
I decide to channel my inner smugness, and put on the best impression of a floaty, whimsical Affini voice. Well, as close to one as robotly possible. It's a poor imitation, too obviously mechanical, but it gets the point across. "I'm sorry, but did I hear that right? Rocky? I don't believe there are any rocks in this planet's atmosphere, flower~"
Mistress leans down against me, and shifts Her head into my view. Her beautiful, sculpted wood face glares at me with the most mildly annoyed look. "Really, is that your best impression? I don't even sound like that."
I burst into a laugh. "I know! Ahahaha! It was more of an impression of your species I guess!" I giggle a little bit more.
Mistress raises a leafy eyebrow, Her fractal eyes shimmering. "Are you stereotyping right now? Girl, come on, don't be xenophobic."
"Oh! Sorry Miss, I didn't mean to be offensive." 
She laughs in my face a bit, joining in on my giggles. I watch in rapture as Her lips part into a broad, toothy grin, showing off those beautiful pearly fangs as She laughs and lau--
*BEEP BEEP BEEP* the console blares, a big red warning appearing on the main view port that we've lost speed, and no longer have enough for atmospheric breach, and if we don't speed up, we may start to lose altitude as well. 
"Shit, sorry." My beautiful captain says, reaching over and pressing down the main thruster throttle that seemed to have gotten caught on something while we were laughing, and pulled upward. This caused us to lose all our speed, which is quickly regained when She presses the thing back down. "There we go. It's a good thing we have these sensors, we should really keep an eye on them more. And the rest of our eyes on the sky."
"Oh yeah." I say, watching as the blue sky gets thinner and thinner. "That could have gone really poorly." 
I'm swiftly pat on the head, and my hair is tousled and played with. It makes an involuntary giggle well up inside me. "Nonsense, Floret." My Owner speaks directly into my ear. "There's no such thing as poverty within the compact."
Just as I'm starting to formulate a response, after laughing my metal ass off, the sky suddenly gets darker and darker until eventually it all goes black. And we've reached… space? I guess?
"Not quite, just high enough in this planet's atmosphere to lose the brightness from the reflected light in the oxygen rich air." Mistress says, combing through my hair a bit. "It's kinda dark though isn't it?" 
I nod. "Well yeah, I guess so."
"Here, let me turn this on." Miss fiddles with the controls a bit more, and a very very detailed overlay comes on screen. It's like one of those human telescopes that take in every teensy ounce of light put off by the cosmos to make a beautiful picture. All the blue and purple streaks through the empty sky, dotted with every twinkling star. Even if we wouldn't have been able to see them normally, they show up on here. It's a mosaic, really. And it's beautiful. 
Wetness rolls down my cheek as I realize how romantic it is to finally see all this in its proper glory. Not alone, but with the only one in my life who really matters. My Owner, my Goddess.
She holds me a bit tighter.
A few hours later, Mistress lets go of me gently, after having properly committed all the controls to my Regular Access Memory.
"That's really it for now, it's gonna be a whole lot of this for the next week or two. We'll pass by a few stations here and there along the way. We can stop there any time if you'd like, or on any habitable planets we see along the journey. Do you have any questions on the controls?" Mistress says to me, allowing me to stand on my own beside Her chair.
"No, Mistress! I got it all I'm pretty sure. Thank you!" I say gleefully. She's such a good teacher. She's such a good Owner. Sometimes, I wonder where I'd be today without Her…
And then I quickly stop because I realize I'd just be dead. 
Which is boooooring! Since I already did that! No need to think about that being repeated, major yikes factor.
"Well sweetheart, I'm glad you liked my lessons. You can run along and do whatever around the ship for a while. I think I'm just gonna… uh… like sit here for a while, I guess." She says, trailing off a bit at the end. I can feel Her through myself, and it makes me choke up a bit. Tight in the chest and strangely sad.
"Mistress? Are you okay? I can tell you're feeling down." I lean over onto Her, leaning against Her side. The flowers and petals in that area all gently shift under me to automatically create the most comfortable laying space. 
"Yes, dear. I'm alright. Just thinking about some things is all. And this view is a bit… melancholic. Don't you think? Nothing for millions of miles in every direction. Sometimes I wonder if that's what oblivion would feel like. It's a silly thought for someone who's technically* immortal, but it's a thought nonetheless. What do you think, Seraphim?" 
My arms tighten around Her vines, giving them a little hug. "Mistress, You always know how I'm thinking."
Her mood and tone lightens up a bit. "You're right, floret. But I just love to hear you speak. Voicing your thoughts to me is the highlight of my every day." These words fill me with joy and love to hear. It makes me feel all fuzzy and giggly every time I hear that She loves me. But I contain myself as much as I can.

“You’re awfully sweet to me, Mistress.” I say, nuzzling into Her with my cheek.

“It's a living.” She says back, smirking down at me.

“More like an unliving in my case!” I say and giggle a bit at my own stupid joke.

“Oh ha. Ha. You’re real funny, floret.”

“Thanks, You programmed me Yourself.”

*Plantlike eyeroll*

(End Of Page Twenty Seven.)

Sera is just a sex robot given sentience, and maybe she should not have been.

Sorry for really sporadic posts. Its been hard to executively function lately. 

Chapter title from the album "Madison Acid's Purple Heart Club Band" by Tv Girl and Madison Acid. 

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