Circuit Breaker

For I Have Lost Everything, I Give To You My Soul. (Page Fifteen)

by CyanidePrincess

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TWS here are... extensive. Lots of lewd. Drug play, mental and physical invasion from your owner. Sadism and masochsim. Pain play, robot gore... A bit of an obsessive breakdown.... Seriously lots of lewd. This is the lewd chapter. Moreso than before. Its the Afterglow from the last chapter. And finally (and I hate to have this happen) implied MC death at the end of the chapter. Please keep that in mind throughout the fluff.  This is the chapter where the circuit. Is broken.

A hand is gently removed from its place atop my head after some... Indeterminate amount of time, allowing just the barest bits of conscious thoughts back to me. I find myself sitting on something... Soft and moving. It's odd. 
My head feels like it's full of cotton and sugar. I feel fantastic, just full of joy and content, but also I can't really think all that well. Especially considering the fact that I've been sitting here for the last half an hour according to my time check functions. Yet only just now am I really able to put together a coherent thought that isn't just 'whatever's touching me is the greatest thing in existence' and 'I think something important just happened.' But can you really blame me? Everything feels so... Intense. Like colors and lights and sensations, everything is doubled. All my movements are slow and clumsy.
Apparently I also missed a few notifications of some kind. Messages that don't seem to be from terminal, but I have a hard time finding any care to read any of that nonsense at the moment.
Suddenly and happily, all thoughts are gently washed away under a tidal wave of pleasure. A few soft things wrap themselves up under and around my arms, lifting me away from- Hey I was sitting there! That was my spot! I'm being taken away from my spot! My lips turn into a little pout at whatever the thing is that's currently carrying me. "Awww...  Someone upset that I moved her away from her comfy little spot huh?" A soft angelic voice calls out to me. It's musical and beautiful. Followed shortly after by a very very soft appendage coming over and scratching under my chin, eliciting a few soft whimpers from me. Wehhhh.... This is nice... I'm not really sure what's going on but I like it.
When the soft thing is taken away, my skin tingles at where the contact was made. I miss it already...
Wait a minute, what's going on? My eyes focus a bit and I realize I've been set down onto a big soft couch. The dark creature that carried me here is currently crouched down in front of me, looking at me with the most beautiful and satisfied smile I've ever seen. 
"Hello beautiful." The dark and pretty creature speaks to me. It makes me feel so warm and happy, I can't help but smile.
"Aww, you're so cute when you smile." Another wormy thing wraps it's way around my cheek and slowly caresses over my lips. Little gasps and moans escape me underneath the fuzzy pleasure lovingly flowing across my skin.
Then the rubbing stops once more, and I feel my head tilted upwards. My eyes immediately lock onto the two big red eyes staring back down at me. So full of pride and joy. 
"Now, sweet princess. Do you know what's going on?" The angelic, musical voice asks me.
No, I absolutely do not know what's going on at all really. Every time I try to think about it, something happens that causes my thoughts to just drift away. My face scrunches up against the mental effort I'm putting in. Where am I.... Where am I...
The musical voice giggles, sending me tons of happiness. It's the most amazing sound in the world!
"Looks like all those Xenodrugs in you are taking a bit more of a toll than I expected. I had to... Really give you a lot to make it effective against your filters. How are you feeling?" Another question! Ugh so much effort.... I can't do it.
Instead of answering, I decide to just flop onto my back instead. The couch I'm on comfortingly supports all my pressure points... Ohhhhjjjj so cozy.... My eyes start to drift closed almost immediately.
"Ah ah ah~ I did not say you could leave the conversation Sera."
Nothing touches me this time. I just feel a symbolic pull on my core to sit back up. I'm powerless against it, so begrudgingly I pick myself up and look back upwards into the swirling red galaxies.
I feel something slipping away from me the longer I look. Instinctually, I send out a ping to scan the beautiful shrouded creature in front of me. The scan returns to show me.... A big dark plant? Oh!!! An Affini! .... An Affini? My head tilts curiously.
"You scanned me just now. Do you know who I am, Sera?" The Affini smiles and asks me gently. How do they know! My tongue feels weird and kinda fuzzy.
"How... do you know...?" My voice is slow and clumsy, almost slurred.
"How do I know what, darling?" The limbs... Vines! The vines return to touching me, one is placed right in the center of my chest. There's a strange warming bloom that keeps washing through me. It doesn't feel physical though... More... Mental?
"How do you know I scan?" My question finally comes out.
The gentle vines tighten a little more. I gasp and moan quietly, pushing against them just a little bit to feel them more. I'm held in place completely. It feels so good.... "Do you feel that?" I'm asked once again, another question. When I go to answer by asking what it is I'm supposed to feel, the words die off as the feeling in my chest gets louder and louder. Rhythmic, musical, frequent... Frequently... Frequency... A signal! The signal hooks into my core a little tighter and I'm more than happy to let it in. It makes me giggle, I'm all warm and fuzzy.
"I'll take that as a yes. As you've discovered, you clever little pet, that is my signal. I told you about it before, but I'm not sure you remember right now. Can you feel what it's asking you?" Another question!!!  Really!!! Aahhh too much...
The signal fills me again, sinking deeper and deeper into my core and mind. It's asking something from me... To... Obey?
"Obey?" I ask quietly.
"That's right. You'll obey me now, won't you?" Another question, but this one's easy.
"Yes!" I chirp definitively and confidently. The signal sinks a little deeper. One of the vines starts to wrap itself around my neck.
"Good girl Sera. I'm so proud of you." 
They're proud of me!
"Terminal, update designation, user one, to name: Mistress. Update designation, user two, to name: Aether." Command accepted.
"Command accepted!" I repeat back after reading the text in my eyes. I feel my hair get ruffled around a bit and I can't help but giggle and gasp.
The red eyes change a bit, focusing down onto mine just a little bit more. A quick breath escapes me. I feel like my soul is being written over. "Now, Sera, what's my name?" Mistress asks me. 
"Mistress!" I chirp back happily. Easy question, the answer came right away!
"Good girl!" Mistress coos, squeezing a little tighter around my body and throat. The signal permeates every deep part of me and infiltrates my mind. 
"Terminal, update administrator capabilities. Relinquish administration capabilities from user zero. Grant administration capabilities to users one and two." There's a little pop-up in my glossy eyes. 'Error, password required.'
My face scrunches up. But I'm supposed to obey! I want to obey... Why can't I? Password... "Password?" My voice meekly asks. I wanna be good for Mistress, I hope she's not mad...
"Oh right, the password. I wasn't expecting I'd need it as I already had so much control over you.... Hmm let's see here." Mistress moves away for a moment, shifting into the darkness of the room, the eyes leave me and the signal gets a little quieter. I don't like it.
"Don't worry my sweet princess, I'm not going anywhere." Mistress returns, not having let go of my body at all. She's holding a piece of paper in one vine now. "Password..." Mistress starts speaking something in another language for a moment. It's whimsical and (a)ethereal. 'Password accepted.' Several other notifications appear in the corner of my vision, many of them happy and green. Though maybe one or two display in a grumpy red. Whatever that means.
"Password-" my voice is cut off by the vines gripping even tighter, making it a little bit hard to breathe. But it doesn't matter, nothing matters while my thoughts once again float away from the blissful contact. They move, wrapping all around me and caressing each inch of my body. I almost wish I wasn't wearing these clothes. But the thought of that can't penetrate the fog of ecstasy. It's hard to even moan because of the constriction, but I'm able to just a bit. I want to show Mistress just how good She makes me feel... And well, it's involuntary anyway. 
Then, the vines leave me, nearly causing my brain to shut down completely after the sudden flurry of touch all over. My eyes hurt a little bit from the sheer disappointment when I realize I'm no longer being touched.
Before I'm able to pout about it again. The signal, Mistress' signal gets louder than it's ever been before. Rhythmic and grinding away at the inner walls of my mind. "Stand." She commands me. Clumsily, I climb up to my feet, nearly falling over in the process. I feel a little sore, must’ve exerted myself recently or something.   "Good girl!" I'm rewarded by so much joy and pride filling me up. I'm a good girl!! 
Something falls apart in my head. My grip on reality gets a little more vague.
"Kneel." I'm commanded. The feeling of obedience pumps me full of satisfaction when I get down onto my knees.
"Good girl!" Another wall crumbles away in my head. My focus blurs a little further, the signal digs a little deeper. 
Mistress backs away a bit, falling completely into the shadows except for Her glowing, piercing eyes.
One single black vine snakes its way out of the darkness and into my view. It slowly slithers up my leg and around my hip. But it does not pull. "Come here." Mistress' beautiful voice commands me once more. I go to start standing up off my knees when the vine holding me guides me downwards... Stay kneeling? I tip forward a little too far, my gyroscopes turn on, only to be quickly silenced by a subconscious change in the signal. The ground is slightly warm when it presses onto my palms. "I said come here, Sera." Mistress' voice sounds a little more commanding, Her signal and tune beckon me forward.
Carefully, albeit a bit wobbly, I start to crawl forward. It feels a little weird with the ratio of my leg length versus the length of my arms, but Mistress wants me to come so I come. It takes me a little while, but eventually, Mistress' figure is visible again. Though only slightly.
A tug on the vine and a command in the signal causes me to stop and sit down like a cat. "Such a good pet you are, Sera! You're learning so well." My smile returns once more, my body fills up with glee. I'm so happy! I'm a good pet!
Another wall crumbles inside my head. My eyes twitch a bit when the signal hooks in just a little further. There's not many walls left.
Lightly, my olfactory receptors start to pick something up... Something... Cloyingly sweet. My eyes start desperately scanning over Mistress' perfectly built yet messy form for whatever is making the ultra sweet smell. But it just keeps getting stronger and stronger while the signal hooks deeper and deeper into my impressionable little mind. The smell starts to change, it stops being just sweet and starts becoming intoxicating. Delicious. The best, most mouth watering smell to ever grace my sensors. My legs start to tremble and drool collects in the bottom of my mouth.
The smell gets even stronger now, clouding up my judgment and thoughts. I need to find its source! I need to! But I can't move! I can't disobey!!
"So my cute princess. Do you understand what's happening right now?" Mistress calls for an answer, but none can be found in the rubble of my thoughts. All I can think about is how delicious that smell is... Ahhh.... I need it. 
"Looks like you're a little distracted. I'll just tell you. You lost." The words feel so important, cutting into my daze for just a moment before the need paves over it again.
All I can do is whimper and make little pleading sounds. Words don't form, only begging mewls.
"And because you decided to be so bold as to sign away every last right you have, with none of your own additions, for the right to fight, under the condition that when you lost... You became mine." The last word punches through the clouds again, harder than the last two, knocking away another wall and me along with it. I sink onto the floor, twitching in need. "Up. Face me." Mistress commands. I force my trembling legs to pick myself back upright. Shaking and twitching all around, almost like I'm overloading, though my generator seems to be running in low power mode.
"Seraphim, activate ultraviolet light filter." Command accepted. My eyes switch lenses, suddenly bathing the world in purple. With shaky apprehension, they focus on the source of the tantalizing light. Mistress. Blooming in purple flares, dancing all around Her body like visible radio waves. A shudder passes through me, nearly knocking me over again. I barely hold. The lights and the colors are so mesmerizing and full. Her signal washes over me along with each little uproar of beautiful purple light.
Then, movement. All around her, vines shift, displaying ten little roses. They're wet with something and glistening. The delicious smell floods into me, causing me to involuntarily whimper and shudder. The flowers look so tasty... I want to bite them! 
"You gave away every last right you had, just so you could have something to lose when you fight. Well, you lost. And now, I own you." Her words stop, but  the message is continued by transmission directly into my head. Every part of me, my body, my heart, and my mind are all owned by Her. I am no longer responsible for myself or my actions, for that responsibility is Hers.
And She is going to break me down until Her ownership is all I know. Need and submission are the only two feelings in my existence right now. I keep mewling and whimpering against all the sensations and smells. Drool starts to drip from my lips as I'm powerless to stop it.
"Okay Sera. Now take a step forward. But only one." My body moves to Her words without my own input. Everything gets louder and more intense. I feel the final wall in my head start to crack under the pressure. "Another." I crawl forward a bit more. Pressure and need building exponentially. "Another." I'm so close now, the delicious flowers are just out of my reach. Please just let me have them, let me have them I need them!!
"Another. Close your mouth, pet." My mouth closes abruptly while I take the final crawling step. My nose brushes up against one of Mistress' mouth watering flowers. It's slightly slick and sticky on my nose. I'm full on spasming now, helpless and hopeless against the writhing waves of need and desire. It's so hard not to just pounce, my mouth is screaming at me to open and bite down on it.
"I'm sure you know, in your head somewhere, that I now own you. But I want you to really feel it. Sera. I want to etch my name into every last inch of that clever little brain of yours. I want to break you and remake you into my perfect, adorable floret. I own you." She owns me. Nothing in the world matters anymore but Her ownership of me. I am nothing, while She is everything. "Now, break." 
My back stiffens as the last wall crumbles and falls. The rhythmic signal sinks its teeth into the last remaining part of my mind. Now, my soul no longer belongs to me. It belongs to her. "Good girl. Now you may have your treat." Permission. I nearly leap when my mouth opens and bites down on the leaves of the flowers. Mind meltingly sweet nectar starts to fill my mouth. It tastes so good! Mistress tastes so good! I need more! My teeth start to tear away at the petals, grinding down on them in between my molars just to press out every last drop. Swallowing then nearly dislocating my jaw just to try and fit the whole thing in my mouth at once. Tearing at the petals, ripping them apart and eating them up like a feral animal. I get down to the bud at the base of the flower. Then I clamp down in it with my front teeth and pull. It pops off easily, rewarding my mouth with another shaking wave of pleasure and deliciousness. Vines start to surround me, grab me and crush me in a tight grasp. The torn away base disappears back into Mistress' mass only to be replaced with a new fresh flower.
I feel Her shuddering and convulsing against me as I rip into the new one. The nectar is thicker now, full of even more delicious flavor. A notification pops up somewhere, but I don't even have the mental capacity to read it. My shoulders and lips start to feel numb as I rip and tear and grind up all the little petals, drinking up the thick nectar like I haven't eaten in years.
The fuzzy numbness starts to spread a little further like pins and needles across my whole body. The constrictive vines shift, causing my mouth to involuntarily open and drop the wad of petals I was eating. Crushing. Crushing pleasure washes over me. It's every bit of strength I have not to just pass out on the spot. But I need more. I need more!!! My strength is weak, I can hardly bring myself back to the flower. Only able to just barely nibble on a few petals before the weakness and sparkly numbness wins out. I go limp.
"Got you now, my prey." Mistress shifts, pulling me up and into Her line of sight. My lenses dilate as wide as they can go, trying to desperately search deep into Her gaze. "Terminal, return filter to the visible light spectrum." Command accepted. 
Red. Glowing, clawing red everywhere. An infinite void of obsessive love drowns me completely. 
Then pain. Two fangs sink into my neck once again, eagerly drinking up my blood, only to replace it with some other fluid that keeps me going. My body is completely limp, but my voice remains effective. Screaming in crushing pleasure, it hurts my throat.
Eventually, the fangs are removed and I feel little wet vines lick over the wound. All I can do is whimper and pant endlessly. All my willpower and all my control completely lost to Mistress.
She holds me outward for a moment. The glow from Her eyes illuminates the trickles of blood running down Her teeth. She makes a big show of licking it off and swallowing. A submissive shiver runs up my spine. It's my blood she's drinking... She used me for herself, and I'm powerless to stop Her now. I'm Her pet, completely and totally. 
"Want to know something nice? I just drank the last of your blood. There's no longer any in you anymore, it's all gone." woah… how am I still alive? "How are you still alive? Well that's simple, the fluid I injected you with is capable of supporting the same oxygen and nutrients that your blood normally would. It also suppresses your immune system response so you don't go into shock. Therefore, You have my blood flowing through you now instead of your own. Kinda." That was a lot of words and it was really hard to follow along but holy shit that's so fucking hot. Thinking about the fact that I'm… I provided her a use and now her blood flows through me instead… aahhh
"Mmmmn... That look on your face is just adorable. You just realized it now huh, that you're always gonna be my pet. You've lost, princess, and now your future is mine for the taking. " Something ruffles for a moment in Her vines. Red and black. It's a collar. Ornate black laces around a solid black band. On one side is a big fluffy red flower, and on the other is writing. Though my eyes are too unfocused to read it. Lastly, on the inside, a USB resides. I know what it's for.
Gleefully, I watch as She slowly closes it around my neck. But then She waits. Something more ruffles, I only barely catch glimpse of it on its way out. Slowly but surely, feeling returns. Vines all over me, their minute details burning away at my skin and receptors. 
The collar is placed around my neck and tightened perfectly to my throat. A USB plugging into the access port on the back of my neck. A pet needs a collar after all.
The signal, the song, now built into my every piece suddenly clears. Not into silence, but into focus. It becomes something else, a tether, a link, a voice in my head. [Hello Sera.]  The voice speaks to me. It's not audible anywhere else but inside my head. There's a presence and pressure within my skull as if there's a second consciousness invading my mind. [There is. It's mine. Don't mind the pressure, I'm just reformatting some things and taking a quick look around. Don't worry, pet, you're completely safe.] Tension I didn't even know I was carrying is released. I'm safe. Mistress told me so, so it becomes my truth. 
Though, I'm still not entirely sure what's going on. It doesn't scare me, whatever it is, but I'm still curious about it. Mistress' voice in my head returns [I've plugged a little device into you that allows me to access your neural uplink. So now... I can talk directly into your head. Isn't that great? Why don't you try responding?] 
Responding? How would one go about doing that? It's already hard enough to speak in this state, let alone do it in some form of telepathy. [I'm sure you'll get it... You're smart. Imagine you're like... Thinking at me, I guess?]
Thinking at Her.... At Mistress... {Hello?}
[Hello my little angel.]
{Can You hear me?}
[Loud and clear, my love.]
Woah... It feels like a radio broadcast conversation in my head... I can even tell when I'm speaking. This is amazing! Mistress is so awesome!!  [Aww, thank you princess. You're amazing too.]
There's a little pause in the conversation. The pressure in my head tenses and releases in various places alongside the gentle beat of Mistress' signal. I feel a little bit mentally tired now. That's enough responses from me for the day. I don't feel like expending any more effort. 
[And you don't have to, Sera. I'll take care of everything. Though, I'm going to keep talking at you this way so you can get used to our new form of communication. Permission to speak freely revoked. You may now only speak when spoken to.] ‘Command Accepted.’
Sure, it sounds good enough. Not that I'm in any sort of position to deny anything Mistress wants to do to me. And if she wants me to not talk unless im talked to first, then it's her call. I’m more than happy to obey the command. 
[Wow, so obedient already. Such a good girl.] Aahhh, a happy little smile crosses my face. Mistress said I was a good girl!  [And you are!] I can't help but giggle at this. It's a floaty little laugh full of happiness and drugged out bliss.
After a little while, Mistress wraps herself around me and sets me down onto a little chair next to some kind of computer station in her room. It's got a lot of screens and keyboards everywhere. What the keyboards are for, when She can probably just use her signal powers thing, is beyond me. There's a strange sensation when I feel Mistress happiness flow over me. I think she just laughed at me. [Not at you, Sera. You're just so cute it's hard not to. And yes, the keyboards are just a little bit redundant but mmmh I like to use them when on messaging boards and stuff. It's just fun or something.] Makes sense. I love to press on all the clacky little keys of my keyboard too. So tactile. So clicky. 
Lazily, my eyes draw over the screens of the computer for a little while. Scanning over the displays on each of them. In two of them are these programs that are running. Reminds me of my diagnostics. Then in another is some messaging site with a bunch of pictures on it. Then lastly, one monitor has.... A video playing on it? A video of... Of me? Sitting in a restaurant with Lillina across from me at a table. What's that all about?
I feel a wave of embarrassment wash over me for a moment. It's not my embarrassment, so it must be from Mistress. [Aaahhh.... Uhhh... Don't worry about that... It's just a... Oh what the hell, it's a recording of you. I have a lot of these, actually. More than I'd care to admit. Watching you through the screen was one of the only ways I could stay happy for a little while after we would part. You're so beautiful and perfect, I couldn't help myself.] 
I'm gently alerted to the fact that my core temperature has risen a little. This time the embarrassment is mine. She's been watching me a lot? Wow... She must really like me... [I do really like you, Sera. I've wanted to have you with me every second of every day since the very moment you were given to be in my care. But...] Her voice in my head goes quiet for a moment. I can feel her vines against me wiggle around a bit. It sends me happy little pleasure tremors, though I know she's feeling a little split on something. I can tell because I feel split on something too.
[I've just been scared is all. Every time I tried to get close to you, somehow I'd mess it up. To be honest, I'm still scared, but we're in deep now and I'm not letting you go. I can’t resist my need to claim you any longer.  So we'll get through this together.] Her voice is sweet and calming. It feels just as good to have it injected directly into my brain as it does to hear it outside. So wonderful and perfect. 
Though, this does give me a second to really consider the implications of what She's been doing for the past... While. Watching me, documenting me, keeping track of me without my knowledge and of course, attempting contact with me all the time, just for it to fail. In all honesty... I couldn't mind. When I met her again in the grass outside the bar, I could already feel some kind of magnetic pull to Her. Something tells me I was always meant to be Hers. The fact that I ever had independence at all is more concerning than the level of surveillance Mistress has kept over me.
She has so many tools to keep me watched. Her gaze brings safety and peace, so Her watching over me must be for my own good. Plus, it's kinda really hot how obsessed she's been with me. If only I could share in that. I want my memories back some day, my timeline is lonely without her in it.
[Soon, Sera. Soon.... I still need to locate and quarantine a very particular file in your memory banks before I can go about unlocking those. You need to be safe first. There's not a lot of locked files left at this point.] 
Mistress' vines start to tap away at the keys on the desk. The diagnostics looking program seemingly starts up and runs even faster. Then a little green 'complete!' message pops up. Looks like it's done, whatever it is.
[That's the program that's gonna let me keep a backup of your mind in a digital format. Just in case anything happens. I need to keep you safe.] She needs to keep me safe. She's keeping me safe! Yay.
A vine snakes its way over to me through the darkness and rubs on my head for a moment. Instinctually I lean into it. The contact burns away all my thoughts and feelings except pleasure and adoration for my owner.
[Alright.] The vine is taken away from my head. Nooo! [Later, dear. For now I want to try a few things. You thought about wanting to share in my love for you a little earlier. So I thought I'd send you a little sample. Here. Here's how I feel about you.]
Some odd feeling tingles at the back of my neck, where the USB is placed into my access port. It feels like something wants to enter me. But not physically, more... Mechanically? Digitally? A pop-up enters the corner of my vision. 'Data packet and file set received. Formatting...' then a moment later. 'Formatting complete.'
A little packet of information enters the front of my brain. And then it explodes, nearly immediately knocking me out of my chair. I'm braced against soft vines as never ending, drowning obsession crashes over my being. Thrust head first into an ocean of love, then forcefully pulled down to the very bottom of the abyss. Nearly annihilating me underneath it all.
My breath picks up, I'm panting, my hands reach up to my head and over my eyes to block out my vision. Too much stimulation! My hands grab up some of my hair and pull at it to stim away some of the non-stop burning desire.
She loves me. She loves me more than existence. She wants me, She wants to own me and break me and make me obedient to her every whim. She wants to fill me with never ending joy and pleasure, to drown my identity in love and adoration until there's nothing left. 
And most of all. Is that I want it too. Her love begins to reflect inside of me, bounce around and boil in a chemical mixture of my own as well. Compounding, multiplying exponentially. My love for her grows and grows and grows until it clamors in my head with a cacophony of noise. I grip my hair a little tighter, the stinging pull keeps me from being destroyed completely. My panting turns to quiet giggling, then to manic laughter as my senses are assaulted by images of Her. Perfection down to the smallest components of her cells. A God compared to any and all creatures. I'm laughing and laughing non stop. My body thrashes gently in her grasp. My love grows and grows and grows until it matches Hers. Then it keeps going. Overflowing like a science fair baking soda volcano. 
I need it I need it I need it I need it. Her gaze on me. Her attention. Her love and care and adoration. I need it and nothing else. I want her to hurt me, to use me, to do anything she wants to me so I can become Her perfect pet and puppet. I want to be Her android.  Her robot. Her soldier and Her angel. Knowing nothing but the orders She gives me and the burning satisfaction of completing them.
I would do anything for Her. I would die for Her. I would kill for Her. Anything and everything. Rampage through the streets, pulling apart everyone around me just for an ounce of Her satisfaction. I would grind myself into sand in a mortar if She wanted me to. I would do anything and everything to give Her my obedience, my soul, and my submission. She is my God, and I am her angel.
The feelings finally break over the top. I can't contain it any more within myself. I need release. Forcing myself suddenly out of her grip, I hit the ground and pull myself into position. On my hands and knees, building a charge in my generator and pressure in my hydraulics. Tensing up like a spring in mere moments. And then, I pounce.
The floor gives way just slightly at the point where my feet push off, cracking a bit at the sudden crack of force. I eject off the ground at blinding speed towards my target. Mistress.
Slamming into Her soft body like a truck, I'm caught and grabbed at all sides at once in a net. It's no matter, I'm ravenous, feral, and need my desires sated. The first vine that brushes against my face causes me to suddenly lash out and grab it with my teeth. She needs to feel this. My desire and my burning. They clamp down, cutting into the outer layer of her vine and leaking some of her sap into my mouth. I grab ferociously at the vines in my hands, gripping them with all of my might and leaving my hands sticky and wet. Thrashing harder and harder in her tightening grip, I feel my body slam against the floor, pinned into place like the wild animal that I am. Her eyes appear before me, the perfectly cut piece of dark wood that makes up Her forehead pressed against mine, filling my entire vision with a swirling cascade of red infinity.
A loud, commanding voice rings out in my ears and my head. "Down!" My effort is dunked directly into liquid oxygen. Freezing up completely for a moment before thawing into a gentle simmer. I quit thrashing, instead just continue to pant and plead for release.
"Don't get so excited. Pet. I'll satisfy you when I decide you deserve it. And right now, you've misbehaved." Her voice oozes dominance and control over me. Twinges of excitement and fear grace my insides, mixed with a full on shock of submission up and down my being.
"Now, you need to be punished.
I'm flipped over onto my back, chest pressed to the floor. My limbs are forcefully pulled back and tied together behind me, binding me in place completely. Vines slide up my back and beneath my shirt. The tip of several sharp thorns press against my skin, but don't break the surface. Painful release waits in anticipation, gnawing at my mind.
"You want satisfaction, Sera? Then you're going to have to beg."
A command. A need to satisfy Her objective. My voice picks up loudly in my throat. Forced and strained against the weight of Her pinning me.
"Mistress! Please! Punish me! Hurt me, use me, destroy me! Please I can't take it, I need relief! Mistress please I'll do anything!!!" My voice is hoarse and dry. The vines on my back squirm, digging just a little bit into my synthetic skin. Sensors and receptors tell me I'm being injured, the sting of the pain warns me of the danger, yet I continue.
"MISTRESS PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU!!! I need you to hurt me! Cut me, punish me please! I can't take it!!"
I can feel her shuddering with sadistic glee. A vine trails its way around my throat and squeezes, choking me gently.
"What are you? Sera?" Mistress' commanding voice punches deep into the recesses of my mind.
My desire ridden and addled mind scrapes away for answers.
"I'm yours! I'm your puppet, your robot, your soldier and your angel!!" I scream.
"And what else?"
"I'm!!! I'm your pet! I'm your pet, Mistress!" Thorns dig into my flesh all the way down to the vine. Then they pull, scraping their way down my back and cutting through my skin. A loud whiny moan screams out of me from the painful satisfaction. Submission, punishment, and pleasure mix together into a chemical concoction that nearly blows the fuses in my head. My tongue limply flops out of my mouth from the constant pleasure ridden moaning and whimpering. Drool leaks from my mouth into a little puddle under my chin. My desire is satisfied, burned away into a glowing love that settles over my electric heart.
Slowly, the thorns remove themselves from my back and control over myself starts to seep back into my hands. I try to close my mouth, but it's useless from the panting and whimpering. Wordless mewls and moans. Everything evaporates off into the glow, calming me down. Though I'm still tightly kept in place by Mistress. I can feel my clothes being pulled against lightly, making space between my sweater and back. Something cold and soothing washes over the aches from her cuts.
[Don't worry, my pet, I cut you up pretty good back here but I'm taking care of it. I've already filled in the gaps and bandaged up the wounds with a spray. Though when the new synthetic skin sets in, you'll find you don't have a whole lot of feelings on the lines. As well as the fact that it's just a little bit lighter than your skin color, so it's left a mark. Hope you don't mind.]
I don't mind. I don't mind at all. She can leave as many marks and wounds all over me as She wants. She can use me as a canvas and paint me over in scars or bruises until She's satisfied. I will thank her for it every time.
{I don’t mind. Thank you for the punishment, Mistress.} My thoughts pointedly send my thanks.
[Don't thank me for it, Sera. I don't want you to get the idea that you should start misbehaving more. Good girls don't misbehave.]
{Yes, Mistress.}
[That's right. Now I have just a few more things to do before I take a scan of your brain for uploading.] 
{Okay, Mistress.}
There's a little prod on my mind that makes me pay close attention. As though she is digitally looking into my eyes.
[You don't always need to respond, Sera. You just need to obey.] The words are eagerly accepted into my mind as truth. I don't need to respond, only obey.
The binding ties around my limbs loosen and let me go. My body just limply flops onto the floor like a wet noodle. After a little while, there's another prod on my consciousness.
[Can you stand?]
Weakly, trembling and shivering, I slowly raise myself up to my feet. Mistress seems pleased at my actions.
Then She backs away into the darkness. Her red eyes being the only part of her that is visible once more. Immediately I try to follow, but a feeling akin to a slap on the cheek asserts itself in my brain. [Stay.] She commands me, so I stay. Even though I really want to still be with her right now.
I watch in reverence as her eyes go unfocused for a moment. There's a shifting sound on my left, my head turns to face the noise. Another pair of brown and red eyes appear with a glow in the darkness. Smaller and more human. Out from the shadows, Aether steps into my vision. She has a very satisfied smile. 
"Hello lovely. I'm just going to run a few tests to make sure my administration went through properly. What is my name?"
"Aether!" I chirp back a response immediately. She happily wanders over and pets my head. Oh! The bliss!
"Now, on your knees." Aether tells me. I sink to the floor under where her hand was placed. "Good girl." She coos, reaching down and petting me some more.
"Now, what am I to you?" She asks me. My head tilts curiously. She is my owner? No, Mistress is my owner... Aether is my... 
"Administrator?" My voice half asks, half answers her question.
"Not quite, sweetheart. I'm your girlfriend. Just like you asked the other day. Yeah?" Aether tells me. Her designation is automatically updated in my head. 
"Girlfriend!" I exclaim happily. I have a girlfriend!!!
"That's right, Sera. You're my girlfriend too. Now come with me, I have a few things to do." She offers her hand down to me. Happily I take it, rising back to my feet before sinking onto one knee. My leg gives out, and some soreness blooms in my knee that's quickly washed away in a cool haze. Diagnostic abruptly appears with a check that states there's been severe degradation in the joints of my knee.

Aether sees my hesitancy and offers me a shoulder to lean on instead. Gratefully, I take up the offer, getting to my feet in a way that I’m supported. She leads me down a hallway into another room. When the lights come on, I have to physically force myself not to get lost in the sight of Aether’s beauty and perfection…. Where are we? The kitchen. The kitchen! Wait, what are we doing in the kitchen?
Aether turns and looks at me, a smug look on her face. [I baked you something.] She speaks to me in my head, though her mouth doesn't move at all.
That's when I notice the sweet smell in the air. Not as sweet as Mistress' flowers but it smells pretty great.
Switching back to a physical audio format, Aether starts talking again. "Come sit down, Sera." She leads me to one of the chairs and helps my wobbly self up and into it. Then she turns away and walks towards the temperature regulator. Known to most as a 'fridge.'
I watch in pet like curiosity when she opens it up and pulls out... A big cake!!! Then she comes over to me and sets it down on the table. There's a single unlit candle in the center.
"Watch this." She takes her hand into a little snapping form and flicks her fingers next to the candle. A little flame forms at the tip of her finger. There's a little hole that seems to be putting out a flammable gas. She uses it to light the candle, then flicks again to put it out.
How strange and interesting! I thought Affini were afraid of fire?
[Oh most of us are. And to be honest, I am too. I don't want that crazy stuff anywhere near my vines. But look.] I look up at Aether in front of me. She sticks her arms out and spreads her fingers.
"No vines." She says with a giggle. That's true! She has no vines!
"So, wanna have some cake?" Aether pushes the cake a little further toward me. The candle flickers gently in the breeze. Suddenly and strangely, there's a little tick in the back of my mind. Dishonesty. There's something wrong with this cake. It seems dishonest in some way. My eyebrows scrunch down a bit.
"What's wrong, darling?" Aether asks me.
"The cake... Is a lie?" My head tilts, trying to understand the feeling. Aether giggles happily. 
"No, silly. The cake is not a lie. I just thought that... Well... It's your first day as my pet. Not yet officially, I'm still signing the documents in the other room, but they'll be submitted for review soon enough. But, it's your first day, and this may very well be the last thing you ever eat in that body... So I thought we deserved some celebration." Aether makes these cute little hand motions while she talks. They're fun to watch. The dishonest feeling dissipates in my mind. The cake is not a lie!
"Okay, Aether." I nod with a smile.
"So, Sera, want me to feed you?" She asks. I ponder it over for a minute. It's nice when she feeds me, and it looks like she really wants to. 
"Yes!" I chirp. 
"mmmm... it's so cute when you act like that. Stars, you're such a good pet." I'm a good pet! Yay! My smile grows bright from the affection.
Slowly, while maintaining complete eye-contact, Aether reaches down into some compartment out of my line of sight to retrieve a fork.  She pulls it out, then looks at it for a minute with a thoughtful expression. "Sera, wanna do some calibration testing?"  Calibration testing... Calibrating what? 
Aether grabs one of the overly large chairs and sets it down on the other side of the table, sitting in it at my eye level. "Your reception to my... Signal. Ready?" She picks up the fork and holds it in a strange fashion, kind of like a dart. 
Aether smiles, there's a little blip in my head. Then she winds back and launches the fork, it flies through the air at just over two hundred miles per Terran hour. I don't even realize it when my arm reacts, crushing through the air and closing around the fork. The force of the grip bends the metal out of whack. A slap of air blows the candle out. Oops. 
"Great job, Sera!" A warm rush of pride flushes through me. My core temperature rises by a few degrees before quickly stabilizing again. 
Then Aether does something with her eyes, they focus on me, then unfocus, then focus again just slightly. She makes some kind of whirring sound for a moment. Then she looks pleased.

I want to ask what for, but I don't feel like she's given me permission to speak. 
"Ooooookay. Now throw it back, sweetheart" I hold the fork up, its bent in the center, so I just bend it back. It doesn't resist in the slightest. I set my shoulders, focus my lenses, and wind my arm back into a throwing position and wait for the call. Aether focuses on my hand, placing her right arm just in front of where her heart would be. Then she nods. 
My wound arm unlocks, snapping through the air as it launches the dart fork dead center. With barely even a flinch, Aether catches it. Not bending the metal when her hands lock around it mid air. Her smile goes from calm to beaming. Pride and joy gently caress my mind and body. Whatever I just did, I think I did it well.
"Sera! By these calibrations, our sync rate is 98.447 percent!!" She waves her hands around in the air and laughs. What?
"That's better than what I get on an empty shell!" She starts laughing even harder now.  Huh?
It takes her a minute to cool off into little giggles. I'm utterly baffled. But it doesn't really matter unless she wants me to know.
"Seraphim, love, angel, my floret. Our sync rate is the percent of how well you take to my signal. How clean it's received and transmitted back to me. We have a fantastic sync rate!" She waves her hands around again, but quickly calms down after. I just stare, happy and confused. But I'm very happy. She seems to be ecstatic over whatever this means.

"I mean I mean... It makes sense. You're bonded to me now. I'm both your administrator and owner.... But still, I wasn't expecting it to take to you so well so quickly. I guess I should have known by how clear our communication transmissions are!" She closes her mouth all of the sudden. 
[I mean, seriously! Empty drone shells get worse connection than this, and they don't have any biological interference! It's incredible! It's like you were made to be my pet!]  Aether jumps in place, and I watch as her face turns several shades of red. 
"Uh.. I uh. I mean... Yeah, you're a really good girl, Seraphim. I'm happy we sync so well."  My smile brightens exponentially. I'm happy too! I want to be nothing but obedient to her. So syncing well, or whatever it means, is good to me. I'm just happy she's happy with me.
Aether makes some strange noises and puts her hands to her cheeks, lightly slapping herself. The blush starts to fade. Then she just stares at me for a minute, and her eyes widen with realization of something. 
"Oh, Sera, you have permission to speak freely."  Some fog clears in my head keeping me from talking without being spoken to first.

“Woooaahh…” My tongue feels like a strange lump in my mouth. I feel like I shouldn't be talking unless I have exact permission every time… But this is okay, I guess.

“Uhm, how are you feeling?” Aether asks me. I run a quick diagnostics check. I’m feeling dizzy, spaced out, fuzzy, and like every sensation is way more intense than it should be.

“Ah, I see. So my drugs are affecting you nicely. Did you realize that most of it is actually being sent to you through code in my… Our linked signal? Check the flow of data intake.” Aether tells me. It’s a command, so immediately terminal opens with a prompt of every bit of information flowing in and out of my head. I cut off viewing of output information, and focus purely on input. There are several programs running. Ones for my movement, ocular sensory information, olfactory sensory information, touch… etc etc etc. Then there’s a few sets of incoming data from ‘User One’ It’s Mistress. These must be the drugs… Wow, injected through code? That's really interesting…. Is that normal?  
[It’s normal for fully or partially digitized sophonts. There's been a lot of work into digital Xenodrugs. I have a few of my own being sent to you right now. How do you like it?]

Hmmm…. How do I like it? I don’t know…. I feel like my opinion on this is null, and should be decided by Mistress. A little green popup in the corner lets me know that another information packet has entered my data banks. It opens, suddenly freeing me for a bit more self control. The drugs are nice. Very nice. I don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of thing. My first xenodrug… trips… were only just recently, and they’ve all been physical. Those weren’t all that potent, and I’ve always felt like if I wanted to, I could just get around their effects by programming actions into myself. But these…. I can’t get rid of them. There's a constant fuzzy glow of peace, joy, and happiness. As well as whenever something rubs up against me, it feels really good.

[Aww, I’m glad you like them, angel. They’re designed specifically for you, after all. Oh, and I just finished your domestication paperwork. There's a few things you still have to sign off on, but they’re just formalities. You already gave your rights to me the moment you lost, but these forms are your like… Acknowledgement of that fact. Come back in here once we’re done eating.]

Aether’s voice suddenly perks up. “I forgot we were eating for a minute, not gonna lie. I made this whole cake for you then totally got distracted. Still want some?”

I nod. “Sure. But quick question…. Are you reading my mind?”

Aether smirks predatorily. “Yes I am.”  Well, that makes a lot of sense.

“How exactly are you doing that?”

“The collar. Well, actually I could probably remove it now that you’ve been reformatted to accept my signal, but the little USB gives me quite a bit of control over the technological parts of your mind and body. And because of that, I can glean off a lot of information about you, including but not limited to: what you’re thinking about, what you’re saying inside your head, how you’re feeling…. There's more, but I’m gonna leave it vague for now.” She winks. My mouth drops open for a minute while I slowly process the words… Wait, remove the collar?

“Please don’t take the collar off!” I beg, my eyes pleading as best as they can. Pets need collars! I need it!

“Awwwwwhhhh…. Darling sweet floret, I won’t remove it. I meant the USB attachment, that's no longer really necessary. I already have nearly full control over your body and mind anyway.” She pauses, putting on another very devilish smile. “You like that, don’t you Sera.” 

I pout at her. Mean question! Of course I like it, it's… So hot that she has so much control over me…. But that’s embarrassing!  [Too late, I just recorded your thoughts. Got you on HD, dearest.]  My core temperature skyrockets and my hands fly up to cover my eyes in embarrassment. Nooooooooo…….. So mean…..
Aether makes a very content sigh before focusing back on me again. “So, ready for some cake?”

“Yes, I’m ready for cake, Aether. I’ve been ready since we walked in here!” I say, embarrassed and just a tiny tiny tiny bit upset. I should be more put off by the invasion of my mind, but either my love for her or the drugs are keeping it at bay. I'm way more upset over how embarrassing it is anyway.

Aether’s face goes serious. “Temper that attitude, girl.” I quietly gasp from the shock of her suddenly using a very dominant voice. The embarrassment is quickly replaced by slight excitement. I also shut up quickly.  “Good girl.”  Another way of bliss touches down into my chest and out through my arms and legs. 
Aether gets up in a flashy fashion, making sure to make a very serious pose and look as she walks over to me and stands next to my chair. 
Up.” She commands me. My body lifts itself out of the chair, and gets onto the floor. Aether smiles warmly, it's a beautiful sight. “Good girl, Sera.”  hhhnnnggg…
I watch in silence as she climbs up and into the chair. Then she looks down at me, her eyes are gently glowing. She pats her thighs a few times. “Come here, girl.” Another command, this one less forceful. My visual scanners try to calculate the best way to get up into the chair and onto her lap, but it seems especially hard with her already sitting in it. It seems she realizes it too and extends a hand down to me. I grab it, and am immediately effortlessly lifted up into the air and into her lap. She’s so strong… ohhhwow

Aether giggles. “I can tell you liked that.” Then she slowly wraps her arms around me, and secures me into a little leaning position with my legs draped over the side of the chair, and my bottom in her lap. I feel her arms move away for a minute, one grabs the fork and pulls the cake over to us, while the other slinks up my chest and throat before resting on the underside of my chin.

She spears a little bit of cake and brings it over to my mouth. Then using a gentle finger, she taps my cheek. My mouth automatically opens for her, so she deposits the bite of cake and taps the underside of my chin. My mouth closes, and her hand wraps around my throat and collar, giving it a few gentle nudges that cause me to swallow effortlessly. H-h-h-holy shit…. This feels so… intimate.  Every little touch sends me electric jolts of pleasure up and down my body. It’s hard to think and focus on the cake when I’m being touched like this by her….

“So, what do you think?” She asks me, squeezing on my throat a little harder, my collar ruffles a bit when she touches it. I get warm.

“Uh-um uh- um uh- um… It’s… It’s kinda hard to pay attention to how it tastes when you’re touching me like this, Aether…”  She giggles for a minute and presses her cheek to my shoulder.

“Right right, not exactly the most efficient way to do this. But honestly… It feels nice to feed you like this. I feel like my intimidation factor is toned way down when I'm in this body, yet you still submit to me so completely. It’s adorable.”

Before I get the chance to stammer a response, Aether turns me around so my back is pressed against her chest, then she locks her arms around my torso, securing me in place. Her body goes a little bit slack for a moment. A few seconds later, the lights in the kitchen go out, bathing the room in darkness. I feel Her presence before I even see her. Moving in the darkness like a bunch of soft black snakes, Mistress makes her way into the room, placing Herself across the table from me.

Her lightly angelic, slightly musical voice flows into the room like red wine. “Permission to speak revoked.”  My voice shuts off completely. Access to it is forbidden. I’d whimper at my control being so easily taken away from me, but no voice means no sounds. I start to jitter in Aether’s steel grasp, but I’m not going anywhere. Mistress starts to unfurl herself in the darkness, several vines reach across the table, picking the cake up along with the fork. Even only barely being able to see, Her glowing eyes provide enough light to see the vines incoming. She taps my cheek and my mouth opens, then she taps my chin when the bite is placed in my mouth. With determination and focus, I discover that this cake is THE greatest cake I’ve ever had ever. Unable to express my gratification, my arms wiggle uselessly in the grip.

Perfectly sweet and balanced, moist cake with delicious slightly tart frosting. It’s incredible, utterly orgasmic. Probably the best dessert I've ever tasted.

“You’re so cute, Sera. This cake may be sweet, but it's not as sweet as my lovely little pet.” Mistress… No Aether’s voice whispers in my ear. The words make me shiver all over for a moment, filled with a bit of submissive joy. Oh how it feels to be held in place by your girlfriend/owner and fed by your… owner/girlfriend. I truly did die when Mistress caught me, because this must be heaven.

Mistress continues feeding me for a little while, every few minutes Aether whispers dirty things into my ear that make me squirm around. But after some time, I’ve eaten plenty of cake. My captor releases me, allowing me just a bit more range of motion to awkwardly squirm around before I’m picked up under my arms like a cat and lifted into the soft abyss of Mistress’ darkness. 
Dragged helplessly and completely subservient, Mistress pulls me back into her work room and sets me on the very same bench she first… Invaded me on. The memories make me squirm around a bit. So lewd…. The way Mistress handled me.

In a flurry of soft dark motion, several of my access hatches are opened at once, giving me absolutely zero time to prepare as like five or six cords are plugged into places around me. W-W-What.. What's going on? 

[This is the recording machine I was talking about earlier. It's gonna take some new scans of your parts, as well as map out your brain. This takes a while, so you can just lay there while I pet you.]    !!! !!!!! !!! Petting!1!11!!!   Mistress’ vine gently lays itself across my cheek, rubbing me and calming all my nerves. Everything is safe, everything is fine. The machine comes to life, beeping quietly every once in a while. A bunch of graphs show up on the various monitors. 
Mistress’ flowers shift around uncomfortably as a nervous feeling invades me. [Damn, girl. You’re really fucked up. Most of your body is on its last possible legs. All of your joint sockets are worn down to the factory metal, your servos are tired and weak, your pulley systems are worn and frayed, your hydraulics are leaking, and your electric heart is, of course, prone to constant overloadings. Oh, and one last thing. Your memory banks are slightly cracked, as well as your personality core and a few other parts of your internal CPU, RAM, and the likes. Thank the stars I’m also a computer science major.]   Hahahaha! Computer science! Maybe Mistress wears long socks too.

[Every once in a while I do. Why, is that some kinda cultural thing?]   Yes.
[Huh. Well okay then, maybe you should teach me about it once I'm finished. I’m just about done here anyway. The preliminary scans are finished, but now the brain scan has to be completed. So iIt will still take a little while. Would you like some help to sleep? My precious pet?]

 Happily I nod. I’ve never tried class-z’s before. So I may as well try it for the first time! Mistress leans down to look at me for a moment before brandishing one of her beautiful black roses. It has a needle at the tip that's dripping some sort of liquid. This, combined with her coercive signal is sure to put me to sleep. There's a slight prick as it injects into the side of my shoulder and only a few moments pass before everything starts to get heavier. I feel Mistress’ signal asking me to sleep, and being the good pet I am, I obey.

The lenses in my camera’s relax, dilating a bit before my eyelids close over them. Sleep comes gently and quickly. Soothing me into thoughtless bliss. But just before I completely doze off in my Owner’s grasp, She tells me something, using Her beautiful real voice.

“Sera darling, try to keep the image of yourself in mind. Dream up some thoughts about what you may want in a new rebuilt body in the future. Mechanics, biomods… the likes….”  Mistress’ voice fades into happy darkness when sleep takes me. My mind accepting her command to dream fills my subconscious with images. Random pictures, things that don’t pertain to me in the slightest. The images blur and mix together in my drugged and mechanical mind before slowly, slowly forming into one cohesive image. A reflection of myself, of my soul. Me.

At that very moment, it feels as if my body is dropped into water, for some reason, I can’t breathe. Everything is so cold, and there's a feeling of impending doom. Agony and suffering on the horizon. Fear and danger. My throat closes, my generator fails, and my body is put into life support mode as my kill switch activates. Seems like self actualization was the final piece of the puzzle. My eyes fly open suddenly, though I am still unconscious. Viewing nothing, but open.

Outside of me, alarms blare in Mistress’ computer, She curses and curses as problems arise. Aether scrambles over to me, opening my hatches and desperately ripping me apart to try and fix the problem. Mistress deforms into a random assortment of vines. Buttons pressed everywhere, tools brandished, drugs and life support. My arms tear at my throat even in my sleep, attempting to clear some nonexistent blockage on sheer animalistic preservation alone.

And then.

I flatline.

(End Of Page Fifteen)

I'm really sorry to drop the most cliffhanger of cliffhangers on the bottom of what's supposed to be the most fluffy page I have to offer. I genuinely actually feel bad linking the ending like that to the happy chapter, but this had to come eventually. And this chapter was the most sound place to put it. Second apology for having spelling and sentence structure mistakes throughout. My lovely editors have been a bit busy, so I've been uploading without their (incredible) help. Hopefully it was enjoyable beyond that. The chapter title comes from the song Afterglow by Genesis. From hereon out, there may be a lot of biblical references to angels and the afterlife. Take care.

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