Circuit Breaker

Uso To Kaiga, Lies And Paintings (Page Twelve)

by CyanidePrincess

Tags: #cw:gore #bondage #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #alien_invasion #bisexual_lead #dom:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #petplay #robots #sadomasochism #slow_burn #trans_egg #transgender_characters
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Robot lewdness in this chapter! Violence too.... Bit of drug play, bit of being taken apart and put back together lewdly. 

"Seraphim? What kinda stupid name is- AH!" Graham (I think) yelps and jumps back when I suddenly burst into the space in front of him, calculating a landing 4 and a half inches in front of his face.
"Mine." I stare at him while he gets up. Oh how good it feels to push my dominance over lesser beings.
I feel arms wrap around my back, and something hard smash into the side of my head. It doesn't hurt. Turning my head, I see that one of the lackeys tried to stab me. He's now looking down at the slightly bent pocket knife in pure confusion.
"Here, let me take care of that." I raise my blade. He makes a cowardice whimper. I flick the blade and it severs his arm clean off. It takes them all a moment to realize what just happened. But when they do. They freak out. Time for a party.
Ducking under a blunder of a fist thrown above my head, I roll backwards and send a flurry of slashes toward my next target, chopping him up into little bits like a sushi roll.
Next, pulling myself in then out of crushed space, I appear with a boom in front of another. I start at the legs this time, severing them off, then working my way up in a corkscrew pattern.
"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!" Graham shouts. I just wink at him before slicing another one of his supporters in half. This is so laughably easy. They're all so pathetic.
Rolling once more, I push off the ground into the air before taking two of them out in a big spin. That's all of them.
When I land, I survey my prey. They're squirming and writhing on the ground in little pieces. "Don't worry guy's, you're fine. I'll put you back together again soon. It wont even hurt!" 
I turn my attention back to Graham. He's frozen solid, staring at me like a horse in headlights. Stars, the look on his face. Don't threaten florets next time.
He slowly raises his hands in defeat. "Please don't kill me....." He begs. Music to my audio sensors. I revel in the sound of his fearful whimpering. "Don't worry, Graham. I won't." He flinches when I say his name. Yeah, I know you. Can't hide from me.
He drops to his knees, then flops over onto his back from fear. I walk over slowly and look down upon him. Look at the little guy. So scared, so afraid. "Where did your confidence go?" I tilt my head in curiosity.
"F-f-fuck you!" he whimpers. I drop to my knees next to him. Stare him close in the eyes, and throw a targeted punch, barely grazing his cheek as my fist digs several inches into the wood beside his head.
He whimpers and closes his eyes. My grin knows no bounds.
Opening my chest hatch, I retrieve a length of steel cable wound up behind where my ribs would be. Slowly, I make my way around to each of the scared, cut up little feralists.
Pulling the steel cable tight, I twist it until its breaking point right in front of them. Sheering it into smaller pieces. Then, I go around tying each of their arms to their torsos, so that when I put them back together with a press of my button, they'll be bound at the arms.
I step over to the severed head of one of the members and crouch down to get within his earshot.
He's looking up at me with fear and confusion. "See? I told you it doesn't even hurt."
When the last one's tied up, I hit my button and all of their bits and pieces come sliding back together. All of them are completely silent. Except for gram, who's quietly crying.
"Come on guys, you're not even injured! Where's that spirit of free Terra I hear all about hmm?" I sing in a mocking tone.
"Please don't leave us here...." One of them whimpers. I can feel my sadistic glee boil over.
"I won't. The Affini are always watching, I'm sure they're already on their way. You'll be all nice and tied up for them when they arrive. Like a little present!" I giggle at the last part and make my way towards the door. I feel.... Satisfied. Calmed. Better. My nerves are cool and my generator is running smoothly. If I didn't know better, I'd say I feel alive.
Pushing my way out the door with a grin... My own words bounce back into my head. They're always watching. That means they saw me do this....
I make it about fifteen feet down the dark sidewalk before I collapse onto my hands and knees under the weight of the atrocity I just committed. Oh God. What have I done?
I'm a horrible monster. I'm a killer. I'm a criminal. I'm fucking despicable and disgusting. Holy shit....
My hands and knees give out under me. I collapse fully onto the sidewalk, silent for all but the sound of my whirring heart.
They're gonna know I did this. And they're gonna punish me for it.
I've resigned to my fate. I can't go back now.
They're gonna see this and they're gonna bring me in. Fill me with all sorts of drugs and take my body apart bit by bit. I'm terrified. But at the same time, I know I deserve it. I probably just traumatized each and every Terran in that old chapel.
I deserve to be executed for what I've done. I'm a blight on humanity and a diseased robot built for suffering. The only suffering deserved is mine. Aether should have just killed me back then on that operating table. Took my main power cord from my generator and cut it in half. Severing my batteries permanently. 
Now all I have to do is just lay here and wait for the gentle hands of ego death to sweep me up off the ground in vines and carry me off to a domestication clinic.
My motion sensors alert me to movement from above. Silently, a figure dressed in a black bodysuit drops in front of me, not even making the barest of sounds as it makes contact with the sidewalk.
It quickly rushes over to me, spinning around and crouching while I stare lifelessly up at their back. Gingerly, two hands reach down and behind their hips, grabbing onto my arms and effortlessly pulling me up and on top of their back. Then, they extend upwards and latch my hands together around their neck for stability before putting their hands beneath my thighs.
The figure hunches forward, and takes off. I'm being kidnapped?
"Stupid fucking robot...." Aether's quiet voice whispers behind the whooshing air. Aether's voice... Aether.... Whooshing air. Dang, we're really going fast. She continues silently running while I process all the information about the situation. Terminal lets me know that we're moving at a measly 43 miles/per Terran hour. Wait, what?
The reality of what's going on reasserts itself firmly into the front of my mind. "Aether..." my voice croaks out against the rushing air. "I thought you hated me...." my neck has all but completely given out under the weight of my own head, which now rests on the side of her neck.
Coming to an abrupt stop, Aether makes a sharp right turn, dashing into a shadowed outcrop between Terran buildings. Two Affini slither past and she takes what sounds like a deep breath. Craning her neck around, I can see one of her eyes. Glowing deep red and brown against the darkness. "Didn't you read my note?" Her voice betrays the barest edges of annoyance.
"You left me because I'm too weak..."
She shifts and I get a full view of what she's wearing. An all black bodysuit, tight and form fitting against her curves. All up to her mouth, which a black bandanna style mask is tied over. The only parts of her that are showing is her brown hair and red eyes above her mask.
She just stares at me for a moment. Then she whispers something. "Terminal, lock voice modulation. Timed, set for fifteen minutes." A message box pops into my vision 'command accepted.'
My mouth opens to respond, but nothing comes out. Holy shit.... She just stole my words from me, literally.
Still firmly carrying me, Aether steps over to the edges of the light from the street. "You did something very stupid today." She tells me. I know. I don't even attempt to respond, just laying limply in her grasp.
She spots a few more Affini wandering around down the next street. Looking for something. For someone. Me, probably.
Aether hurries back into the shielding vale of darkness between buildings. For a moment, she just stares up at the lip-edge of the roof on the top of one of the buildings we're between.
Then she does a little hop before silently sprinting full force towards one of the walls, bouncing again and pushing her feet off the wall, sending her backwards toward the other. She twists in the air and plants her feet against the next wall, pushing off with the same force and launching backwards again. Turning and pushing off between the walls twice more until we've scaled all the way to the top.
Not once did it even slightly feel like she was about to drop me.
Leaning over and surveying the streets below once more, she takes off, running down the roof top till she reaches the edge. Then, she does a short hop and crouch, perfectly landing on top of the raised lip at the edge, before pushing off and letting her momentum carry us across the gap between rooftops.
For a moment my thoughts hitch and something strange pops up into my mind. If she's so damn coordinated, it must have meant a lot when I kissed her if it knocked her over then.
Then the thought fades away under disgust and self hatred. She wouldn't like me thinking those thoughts about her.
"I can feel you getting warm back there." She speaks, monotone and flat. I get a little warmer.
Finally we've reached the end of the Terran buildings. From here on out, there are only Affini made ones. Hab units and such.
Aether tucks and flies over the edge of the last building. I silently squeak and squirm as she lands into a roll that has my back momentarily pressing against cold concrete. "You'll be fine. You're made of metal, aren't you?" She keeps running.
Diving in and out of shadows each time an Affini or something else passes by. Not being seen by eyes. But what about the cameras?
Won't they see her?
Just a few minutes later, we arrive at some specific hab unit. She stops and the door opens for her when she walks up.
When we enter, I see that it’s a... very large hab unit. Like way bigger than mine. Everything seems slightly scaled up... Affini sized. Does Aether have an owner?
Aether walks over to one of the massive couches against the wall, there are strange looking game controllers strewn haphazardly about it. Practically body slamming me, Aether throws me onto the couch before leaping on top of me and holding my shoulders down. She stares at me, digging into my very soul with her eyes. "You did something really dumb today, little robot. Do you know what this could mean for you?" I nod. They'll domesticate me.
"They'll take you away. Make sure you can't pull a stunt like that again. What got into you, really couldn't resist the pull huh?" She says to me, taking her hands away for a moment and brushing through her brown hair. She pulls her mask down and I see the rest of her face. Sculpted like an angel.
"Sometimes I can't either." She says, looking strangely vulnerable for a moment before pushing me right back down into the cushions. "But you made a mistake far bigger than you knew. This isn't good."
A text box pops up in my vision. 'Time up, voice modulation returned.' I waste no time in retrieving my words. "Why did you leave me?" I ask, practically begging for both forgiveness and punishment at the same time. I deserve to be hurt.
She pulls a deep breath through her teeth before collapsing on top of me for a minute. I don't make any moves to hold her against me, even though I want to. Eventually she rolls off me and sits up. I sit up as well.
"I need to tell you something." She looks at me. Upset? Angry? Disappointed? Annoyed? Shameful. Guilty. "I... I'm not human."
For just a moment, petty anger boils over and my face strains under a frown. "I know. What, do you think I'm fucking stupid?"
She frowns back, face turning angry just like mine. "Yeah, I do. I do think you're stupid. You're a dumb little robot that made a dumb mistake today."
Her words hurt like daggers to my heart. "If you know so much better than me, then why did you leave me Aether? What are you hiding from me!?!"
"You don't want to know." She looks at me, eyes full of anger and regret.
"Why!?! Why don't I? What do I not deserve to know? What dirty little secret are you keeping from me???" I practically shout in her face. I'm full of rage, and I can see that she is too.
Suddenly, she forces me down again. Pouring malice into my heart through her eyes, her face falters for a moment before popping off of her completely in a hatch motion. I see now, behind her face lies an empty hole full of nothing but circuitry, wires, and blinking lights. I'm silent.
"You're an android." I say. It's not a question, but an affirmation of the sight in front of me. Her face, still detached, stares at the ceiling. Her voice comes out from the hole in her head. "Worse. I'm a piloted shell. I'm not even really here right now."
Her face hatch closes up. Her eyes are watering and glistening against their deep red and brown glow. Realistic for a shell.
"What are you? What are you really?"
I watch as a stray tear rolls down her cheek. I didn't know some robots could cry. She pulls a big sigh in and out. "I'm a fucking plant, Sera."
My body tenses suddenly, waiting for the grand slam of pain to assault my head and body, but nothing comes. So now I just have to confront the words she just told me.... It stalls me on the spot.
"You heard me."
My head tilts downward at her in shock. "You're affini." She doesn't respond.
We sit in silence as I churn over my thoughts. It takes me a while to come to words. I choose them carefully, with enough force to show that I'm serious. "Show me."
Aether gasps quietly at my sudden sharp words.
"You don't want to see me." She tells me, I shake my head at her words. Stupid words.
"Show me." I tell her again, firmly. Her teeth momentarily show as she grimaces into a pained, angry expression for a second.
"No." she states.
I get louder. "Show me, Aether."
Her jaw trembles for a moment before her eyes go all distant and she flops over onto the couch. If I didn't know better, I'd have been worried that she just passed out.
Suddenly, the lights in the room dim drastically, taking on a dim blue hue. A door at the end of a hallway in front of the couch slowly creaks open. Dark black vines snake their way out of the door, pushing it open a little further.
Once the door fully creaks open, I see them. Two large red and brown glowing eyes. Shimmering and shifting in the darkness. My consciousness threatens to drown itself in their gaze. Shapes and patterns flow in and out behind them. Their red glow is intoxicating. I know these eyes. I've seen them before.
Ever slower, the shifting mass of darkness moves down the hallway. Thorns and black roses line every inky black vine.
She's made it down the hallway, still completely shrouded in darkness, details completely indecipherable behind the curtain of black. All I see are the stray vines worming about beyond the threshold of the hallway. A mystic, dark and full feminine voice rings out to me, demanding my every cell's attention at each letter, yet far more human than I've ever heard from an Affini before. "Sera..." 
"How do you know that name? I chose it for a game." I ask her.
"It was the only one you responded to during the thirteen days I had you as my ward."
Memories slide their way back into my head, previously locked away behind something. Dark, soft vines holding me in place while my brain attempts to kill itself within my body. Caring for me, doing everything she can to help fix me. Aether was my savior.
"It was you. You were the one who saved me, Aether."
Her glowing eyes shift for a moment, darting away from me before slowly tracking back. "I didn't do a good enough job of it, Sera."
"You don't know that! I'm fine, okay?" I say to her, tired and nervously.
"You're not fine. You're the furthest thing from fine. The last time we met, I caused you to go into overload. You shouldn't be around me. I did a terrible job of fixing you."
"You gave me a reason to live Aether! The only reason I'm still alive today and not just a broken empty husk is because of you...."
"That's not true, I just happened to be there at the time when you were placed in my hands. I had the skills and you were a unique case."
"That doesn't matter! You were still the one who fixed me! And you did a good job! I've never had this level of control over myself before!" I'm practically shouting at her.
"That's not because of me. Over time your internal locks have been broken down on their own through your constant willpower. I have nothing to do with that. I didn't fix you." Her voice is full of sorrow and pain and regret.
I growl, anger flaring up inside me again "What do you know?! You ditched me!"
The mass of writhing darkness makes her way a little closer. Red eyes melting me in place. "What do I know? What do I know?! More than you, Sera. I've seen every single inch of your mind and body. I've recorded every thought you've had up until the moment we parted. I know. Everything. About you. It's how I knew you were a girl." She tells me, voice trailing off at the end.
"I- What? I'm not... What?" her words throw my train of thought off completely. What is she talking about?
"Look at you, Sera. Look at what you're wearing. Aren't you? Do you want me to keep calling you something else?"
Taking a moment to think about it, I shake my head no. A text box pops up in my vision 'update designation?' Y/N. I press Y out of instinct. Suddenly I know my name.
"Seraphim..." My voice weakly calls out.
Air blows gently across Aether, rustling something unseen.
"Why did you pretend to be a Terran, Aether?" The all important question.
"I was afraid. I am afraid. I was scared of you imprinting on me too much, I was scared of breaking you, I was scared of hurting you. I still am."
I snort at her words. "Imprint on you? What, like I'm some kind of animal? Yeah, don't worry. I've decided to specifically not imprint on you." I say with an eye roll.
Her eyes reappear, sharp and full of emotion. I can feel it, her thoughts. Staring down at me from above, hidden away in the darkness, she speaks. "Terminal, engage system 'P3T:M0D3' " 
Terminal lights up once more in my vision. 'Command received!'
"What do you think you're doing-" My voice is cut off by Aether's breaking in over it. "Stand." She commands me.
I stand.
"Kneel." The floor comes up to meet me as I fall to my knees.
I'm confused, and my face is a little flushed.
"I probably already own you, and you don't even know it yet. Fuck.... This is the worst case scenario..." I've never heard an affini curse before. It's strangely humanizing.
"Own me!?!? OWN ME!?! What the fuck are you talking about! You don't own shit Aether! If I could be owned, I already would be. But every stars damned time I try, I reject it." Shouting at her from on my knees. She may be able to control my body, but she doesn't own me. No one does. No one can.
Aether's piercing red eyes get a little wider as she stares at me from the darkness. Suddenly, she bursts forward, sweeping me up and slamming me against the wall behind the couch at eye level. "Tell me your last name, Seraphim." 
My thoughts are scattered, I can hardly think. Soft black vines twist and pull across my body, securing me in place and ensuring that I'm completely helpless under her stare. I finally see it. Her face. It's eerily similar to the one she has on her Terran shell, though this one is made of dark gray wood and sharp splinters. My eyes lock onto something that I can't tear them away from. Just beyond the threshold of her mouth, I see two pure white thorns on either side of her mouth. Fangs, she has fangs. She looks like a fucking vampire.
Images of what it would feel like to have those teeth sink into the flesh eagerly slap their way into my head.
"Answer the fucking question, Sera!" She barks at me, shaking me up a little bit. Her voice is so human.
"I- I don't know. I can't tell. I can't remember."
"Does the name 'Versalice' ring any bells?" That was it, that was my last name!
"Y-yes. That's my last name."
Aether's wooden mask falters for a moment at my words. "And where do you think that comes from, huh?"
"Uh... My father?"
"Yeah? What's his last name?"
I freeze. It's different. There's an unsettling clawing feeling in my chest. It hums and bounces through me in a rhythm. 
"Maxwell...." The word comes out of me like a whisper.
Aether drops me and I bounce on the couch when I land. She backs away again into the darkness. "That's what I thought. And it's exactly what I've been worried about...."
"Ugh! So what! Fine I guess! Say you own me or whatever, what's the harm in that anyway? You're the only one that seems to know how to fix me anyway..."
"Because I can't. I can't let you be around me. Every time I've tried, and stars knows I've tried many times you just end up getting hurt in one way or another... And it's my fault. You need to be with someone else."
Emotions and thoughts churn in my guts. "How many times have you tried? And how come I don't know about it?"
"Seven. Eight including this time. And you don't remember because I wiped your memory out of fear, Sera..."
"Why..." I whimper.
"I'm scared. Every day more and more of your mind unlocks either because of my presence or just on your own. One day, the wrong lock will open and your kill switch will activate again. Your willpower grows by just being around me. You never dressed this way until I got you these clothes. Now I'm sure you feel like you could never part with this style.”
"But I need you... I can't be alone." The words fall from my mouth like dry sap.
"You need someone, but you don't need me." She says, the air pulling through her petals and thorns.
"But you said it yourself! I'm already yours anyway... No one makes me feel like you do, and I hardly even have the memories to go along with how I feel about you. I want more. I want to be with you."
"You don't... You don't need me. I'll end up hurting you again. I can undo everything that's happened, I just need time."
"Aether!" I scream at her. "I don't want anyone else! I'm dying Aether. It's gonna be a matter of time before I hit that kill switch anyway, you and me both know that. So please... Just give me this. Let me be with you."
Red eyes glow in the darkness, widening and getting focused on me. "I'll kill you."
I take a deep breath, force myself to take a moment before speaking. "You, of all people, should know how I feel about that."
"I don't deserve you. You deserve to be with a real Affini. I'm just a fraud." Her red eyes get smaller as she squeezes them nearly shut.
"Tell me what you're feeling, Aether."
"I'm not fit for you. I'm not fit for ownership. I'm a violent being, my temper is short and I get upset easily. I fight things, I constantly want to hurt something and I constantly want to be hurt..." Her voice trails off
"Keep going, Aether."
"I'm a recluse, Sera. I live in the darkness and I have for 4 blooms. I can't stand being around them sometimes. They all judge me against the basis of our species. Caretakers aren't meant to be so... Violent."
"You're saying you're just like me." I speak. Again, not a question but a statement of fact.
"I guess... I'm just not fit to have you. I'll hurt you again. I'll break you but not in a fun way. You should just leave me."
Crawling off the side of the couch, I get on my feet and stand. "The last time I checked, the only one leaving others was you." I take a few steps closer to her. "I've spent my life being either a puppet to an abuser or a free animal. But spending my time in freedom taught me that I'm better off in care." I take a few steps closer, I'm only ten feet away now. "I want you, Aether. You saved my life. Twice. Either way, when I leave this hab unit next, I'm going to be domesticated. Please, just let it be from you." I take the final steps, getting close enough to make out all her individual pieces. "If you're so sure you'll break me. Then prove it. Fucking fight me. No time limit, just you and me."
"You don't know what you're asking for, Sera. I'll kill you. I mean it."
"I want to die, Aether. I'm going to die. If I don't go with you, I'll die when my Killswitch unlocks. Or I'll die when I lose my identity in some other Affini. I don't want that. I want to die by your hands."
"But don't you think I'm weird?!? I pretended to be human just to get close to you!" She shouts at me. 
"So fucking what! Every day I walk outside I pretend to be human! I have to pretend to look sane and happy while stuffing down the burning need to jump down something's throat and rip it to shreds! You pretend to be human? So do I! And look at where it got me!!!" I scream back at her. She huffs. Squirming around for a moment before grabbing up my body again and pulling me into another room. I'm plunged into complete blackness, with the only light coming from Aether's beautiful red and brown eyes. 
My eyes switch into blackout mode, causing my cameras to pick up ultraviolet light instead. When my lenses adjust to the new input, I look at her. Immediately I'm completely drowned out. Her form is beautiful, interconnecting vines and thorns everywhere, lined from top to bottom with beautiful black roses. But most of all, I can see her rhythm. Her signal. Shifting and moving in the ultraviolet spectrum. It feels like trying to watch all of space at once. Utterly overwhelming, completely enrapturing, and totally beautiful. Perfection in every way that, with every shift and lash of ultraviolet rays, my body forces me to accept my position as hers more and more.
My mouth hangs open limply. She sets me flat against something. "A-A-Aether... Aether......"
"Don't worry. I'm just doing some maintenance. I want you in your prime shape if you're going to fight me." Vines curl around me and scream for me to just lay back and submit. But this time, I do.
"Aether... You're beautiful."
She freezes up for a moment, unable to parse through the words I just spoke to her. But all I'm able to do is uselessly watch.
She stays silent for a few minutes more, grabbing things off tables and shelves in the darkness.
"Aether, why couldn't I tell I was a girl before?"
"Mnh... Your father put a very strong identity lock in place around the time I got you... He was tampering with your sense of self to try and force you to be an obedient android. To never question it. You not being able to realize you’re a girl just happened to be a consequence of that."
I pause, considering it for a moment. Aether gets back to work, pulling some kind of circular band out of a nearby drawer. It has a USB on the inside of it. I think it's a collar.
"Aether... If you won't own me, will you at least let me be your girlfriend?"
She freezes up again for a little while. I watch as her black roses bloom and bud under her shifting emotion.
I hear what I think is a little giggle, but she doesn't respond. Instead she chooses to shut me up by pressing one of her roses against me. I feel a signal bloom out from the point of contact. Not a feeling within my human parts like lillina's drugs, but a signal through my mechanical ones. It burns through me like hot acid and ecstasy.
"Do you feel that? I have an ability. It's not extremely rare, but it's not all that common either. I have a bit of command over technology. Well, more than a bit. I have this signal that emits from somewhere in me, and with it, I can mess with stuff or control things. It's what you're feeling right now." Aether finally puts her vines against one of my access hatches, gently opening up my chest. It's much more careful and soft than when she did it the first time. She's afraid of hurting me.
Slowly, I feel her soft black vines start to invade my body, wrapping themselves around each of my mechanical organs. I try not to, but I can't help it. Little moans and whimpers escape from me whenever any point of contact with her is made. Blooming feelings of pleasure boil out of me at every spot she touches. Yet she's so gentle. I want more.
"Aether... Please.. Harder." I squeeze out with a moan. My legs are begging to let me kick them around, but they're completely useless against the signal’s pull.
I feel Aether's emotions churn for a moment. Her excitement builds, I can feel it. It gets me excited too.
"You shut up." She puts a curled vine into my mouth and stuffs a few more into my body, this time a little more forcefully.
I try to speak, but I can't against the waves of shaking pleasure coursing through me. More of my hatches open at once. My arms and legs eagerly present their internals to her, begging to be played with. She happily obliges, filling up more of my insides with vines and crippling pleasure. The only sounds that escape me are breathy, needy moans. One of her vines moves in my chest, rubbing up against my heart generator. My eye lenses go completely unfocused for a minute while a wave of melting pleasure courses through me. My teeth instinctually bite down against the squirming vine in my mouth. Aether freezes up when my teeth make contact, and she whimpers when I bite down on her hard.
"S-Sera! Don't do that..." Aether speaks in a nervous but obviously horny tone. It takes me a minute to figure out her words, but the moment I do, I bite down on her again, causing another little whimper to escape her. "Quit that..." More soft vines trail their way up and around my neck into my mouth. Wrapping around my tongue and squirming their way down my throat. As much as she denies it. I can really feel that she wants me too. Fuck, it feels so good to have her down my throat.
I bite down again, harder, against the many soft vines in my mouth. I feel her shudder against me for a moment when sticky sweet sap starts pouring into my throat. I think she's stopped performing maintenance on me, deciding to just squirm around against my circuitry to cause me to melt beneath her more and more. "Haahh... Sera... I'm so glad you have toxin filters... Ffffuck." She creaks out when I bite down again, causing more unbelievably delicious sap to flow over my tongue. It makes everything it touches tingle and sparkle. I just have to drink up every last mouth full of her sap that I can. It tastes and feels far too good to pass up.
"Please... Sera stop.... I can't- Ahh~ I can't take it... You'll make me go overboard." She squirms around, tightening the vines around my neck. It makes every last gulp of her sweet sap feel even more earned.
Suddenly, the vines in my chest completely wrap themselves around my heart, causing me to bite down in crashing pleasure even harder. She squirms and writhes against me, putting off beautifully explosive rays of ultraviolet light. Then she makes one long whine, and my mouth completely fills with sap, pouring down my throat and into my stomach. All I can do is eagerly accept the gift, swallow after swallow.
Something pops up in my unfocused vision. Terminal is reading out a diagnostic response. 'High levels of poison in the body.'
I gasp, causing me to choke on the vines that are slowly but surely squirming their way down to my lungs.
Aether freezes for a moment before pulling herself away from me, out of my mouth and out of my body. The sudden movement causes my eyes to roll backwards into my head under violent waves of ecstatic pleasure. I'm a needy mess.
She's panting, or at least the Affini equivalent of it. I'm panting too, the normal kind, struggling to drink up as much air as I can while my body slowly goes numb.
It takes us both a few minutes to calm down, and Aether speaks first. "You bit me."
My eyes refocus and track over to her. "Do you know what kind of plant I am?" Duh, of course not.
I try to shake my head, but my body seems to respond even less to my commands. Slowly growing more and more numb.
Aether giggles at my little pathetic display. "I'm a Zamikand Vampira rosebush. Before I was raised, I spent my life as a black rose bush. My sap is highly sweet and attractive to most animals, but also totally poisonous. Creatures would wander over to me after smelling my sweet sappy flowers and digest some of my intoxicating poison. Then they'd be stuck there, feasting away at my flowers or vines until my poison overtook them, at which I'd slowly grow out one of my thorny vines to peirce it's flesh and drink its blood for nutrients." 
I just stare at her, swallowed up and completely enraptured by her drowning rhythmic signal  and numbing poison.
"So yeah, I'm a vampire basically... Now that we're done here, I'm gonna stick you with my counteragents so you don't just pass out on me. I'm sure you'd be fine if I didn't, since you have filters built into your body, but you'd also go numb for a while and I want to talk to you more."
I try to show her as much acceptance as I possibly can through my eyes. She can do whatever she wants to me, I don't care. Another flower presses up against my neck, causing me to make a little mindless whimper as the needle enters me. About fifteen seconds later I'm in control again. At least of my words. The rest of my body is still totally locked away under her beautiful rhythm.
"Can you drink my blood with those teeth?" I ask her innocently. Stars, all I want is for her to just sink her teeth into me and use me for nutrients. That would be so hot....
"I can, but I'll do that some other time. If we keep at this, I'll be here playing with you all night. And we don't have a lot of time to decide who gets to keep you. Me or someone else."
"okay." I respond with a bit of disappointment.
She leans over top of me again and closes up all my little hatches. Then she wraps around my face again. "Open your mouth, I have something for you." God I hope it's more sap. I want to keep being a limp mess beneath her.
Obediently, I open my mouth for her. A vine slips in and replaces my warp drive lever on the magnets in my molars. Then she lifts my tongue with another vine and prods around for a minute before she finds a little pocket beneath my tongue. I see under the ultraviolet that she pulls out some little round balls, at least five of them, and they're the size of marbles. Gently, she pushes each one into the pocket under my tongue, I feel them load up within my jaw. Seven marbles, I feel each one.
Reluctantly she takes her vines away. I immediately miss the feeling of their electric touch.
"They're flash grenades." She answers before I even have a chance to ask. "You said you're going to be turning off your timer, I want to give you as many chances as you can to have a fair fight with me."
That's stupid, doesn't she know I've taken down two Affini already? I decide not to press her on the topic yet. She'll see me prove myself to her in the Arena.
Then I feel devilish.
"Aether." She looks at me, curiously interested in my words. "Did you like it when I bit you?" She ruffles up at my words, more beautiful black roses bloom when I speak. I think she's blushing.
"I- eh... Don't- I...." It seems like she gives up. "Yes... It felt good. I'm what you'd call a Sadomasochist. When you bit me, it was an automatic reaction from my time as a non sentient bush. The feeling of you biting me and drinking up my sap is...." She whines for a minute. "I liked it, yeah. I like to feel pain as much as I like to inflict it. I hope you don't think that's weird." She kinda melts down into a little pile of vines.
"If you beat me... I want you to rebuild my whole body. I want you to break me and remake me again completely. But leave some parts of me organic, or at least seemingly organic, like your Terran body. Because I really want to indulge you in that."
Her rhythm and signal brightens for a moment, I feel myself fill up with embarrassment and excitement that isn't my own. It's hers, and it permeates through me.
"You wanna know something embarrassing?" She asks me, crumpling up and reforming again. I nod.
"I wouldn't judge you for anything, I promise."
She squirms around a bit, seemingly indecisive. Finally she admits to me. "The reason my Terran drone is so highly realistic is because... I don't just use it to monitor you. I mean that's it's main purpose, but it's not all I do with it. I've spent years in the dark, afraid of the other Affini judging me for my looks and my tendencies... Sometimes I just feel like I can't completely live up to their standards, so I go out in a fake shell to interact with society and curb my loneliness while also staying... Unjudged."
It's a lot to take in, but I understand her feelings. "I understand. Sometimes I get scared of being judged over the fact that I'm an Android, and worse, one built for war. It scared me to my core when I did my presentations in front of the safety committees. I was scared to be judged. But then I realized. The Affini aren't like that, as a species, your people are the least judgemental of anything that exists out there. I doubt they'd even bat an eye."
"You'd think that. But you don't know. They all look at me funny, especially when they see my teeth. Plus, the sunlight here is too harsh for me. It hurts my skin. So I just stay in doors or go out in a drone."
"I understand. We'll work through it together okay?" I don't give her time to respond. It's a statement, not a question. "How long have you spent adjacent to society? Aether?"
The question seems to make her feel more shameful. It resonates in through my heart and out through my fingertips.
"I'm on my fourth bloom. It's been about 600 years since I was born."
"You've got to have some kind of remedy for the skin irritation. Don't tell me that the Affini in all their advanced glory can't cook up some kind of plant sunblock after six hundred years." She squirms around a bit again. It's so endearing to watch the subtle differences between how she acts in a Terran shell and how she acts outside of it.
"Ugh, yeah. I have sunblock or whatever. I just don't ever use it because I don't ever go outside. I get all my nutrients from supplements made by my compiler."
"Oh that's gotta be lonely as hell. What do you even do to keep yourself sane?"
She seems conflicted about this again, but in a different way.
"I uh... Play video games... And go on the overnet... I talk on various message boards to various pet species. It's fun, I get a lot of enjoyment out of gaming and it helps me burn off my more... Violent fixations."
"No wonder your accent is so light.... You're a gamer!" I giggle at this. She's so fucking adorable I just want to explode.
"I- uh... Yeah... I'm a gamer."
"Mmmmmm Aether. It's been decided. Whether or not you beat me is irrelevant. I'm staying around you until the end of time. I don't care what you say. You're just too cute for me to pass up."
She pauses one final time to collect her thoughts. "Thank you, Seraphim. It means a lot to me that you'd say that."
"Any time, Aether."

Eventually, things get quiet between us in the darkness and Aether cautiously comes over to the side of the couch again. “Um… I would take you home right now, since I’m sure you don’t want to sleep in an unfamiliar place, but I would worry about you getting spotted.”

I just half giggle and half groan at her. “Come here you dumb plant. Hold me.”

Nervously she makes her way on top of the couch, slowly wrapping soft black vines around my body before pulling me to her. Feeling myself up against her like this, totally all wrapped up… It's so comforting. I could die in these arms… Vines.

It seems that she falls asleep quickly, since I can feel her calmness behind me, with her signal dipping into quietness and her rhythm becoming background noise. I stay awake for a little while longer because with each passing minute, Aether pulls me closer to her in her sleep. After a little while, I'm totally swallowed up into her mass of vines. A few thorns scrape against me in here, but it’s not like they could hurt me unless she wanted them to.

Minutes later, I happily fall asleep. Held and protected by the most beautiful and perfect creature on this planet. My savior. 
(End Of Page Twelve)

Chapter title from "Mikgazer Vol. 1" By various artists! This album is a serious banger. Listen to it if you like dream rock or shoe gaze.

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