Master PC: Ash

Chapter 2

by CuyahogaKingKong

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   Master PC: Ash 
   Chapter 2
   Ash changed her hair color while Chris talked.  She found it soothing.
   When Chris told her about this app that suddenly appeared on his phone, she didn’t believe it, even after everything she’d seen today.  ‘Master PC,’ a magic program that let the user change anyone in range in any way they wanted?  He’d pulled her up in it, showing her as she was, right down to the body position.  Chris had saved a profile of her as she was this morning.  “In case I screwed you up” he said.  Swapping her back and forth between the old her and the new her was a pretty effective demonstration. Chris showed the menus and fields, pointing out where her conditions and illnesses had been in the old profile before he wiped them clean.  There was a text command field, where the history showed “subject will be calm and rational” last. He asked her to suggest a simple command that she could watch him enter.  ‘Subject’s hair will always be the color, length and style she wishes’ was simple and low stakes.  She kept the down mohawk, and was changing the tips, rotating through various unlikely shades.  It didn’t prove anything as far as real or not real.  But it was kind of cool.
   “Ok,” she said, interrupting his description of a complicated process Chris used to siphon money from billionaires he considered undeserving with the Master PC app.  Ash understood just enough to know it was meant to be bizarre and incomprehensible, without being technically illegal. “So, to recap; this magic app showed up. You don’t know from where or why. It lets you change people physically and mentally.  You used it to give yourself the body you always wanted, set up this money thing, get this apartment signed over to you for nothing.  And you used this to, well, fix me, and compel me to come here.  The idea was that we’d meet up, I’d change on the way up.  Then I’d strip without knowing, and when we kissed, I’d suddenly realize what had happened.  And you thought that would be a romantic moment, and make me want to get our happily ever after on?”
   “Hey, if I had just thought to put ‘and she isn’t scared’ into the kiss thing it might well have been a very romantic moment.” Chris said.  They were sitting on his ludicrous giant bed.  Ash was still naked.  It was a weird way to have a serious conversation, but it was not in the top ten weird things to happen that day.  “I didn’t think you would go straight to ‘nothing is real, I’ve completely lost my mind’ before I could explain anything.  Sorry again, I didn’t want to scare you.  As usual for me, a big idea knocked off the rails by a sloppy mistake with an obvious fix.”
   “None of this is real and I’ve lost my mind is still much more likely,” Ash said doubtfully.  “Lots of people get that far gone.  Long term, I’m probably going to wind up there anyway.”
   “Ok then, try this; to get here you had to take a bus, then wait for your train, then ride that for a while.  Maybe you could do that in a delusional state, I don’t know how that works.  You only used to hear voices when I knew you.”  He took her hand and gave it a sympathetic squeeze.  “When we met I, the alleged delusion, bought the coffee while you waited.  If I’m not real there is no way you could have gotten the coffee that you drank.  Also, you would not have been able to get on the resident’s elevator without me swiping you in.  You wouldn’t have been able to come up to this floor or get into this apartment without my key.  A physical object that I held, and you never touched, right?  So, if I’m not real how are you in this room right now?”
   “Assuming I am.  Did I ever even get out of bed?  This could all be playing out in my head.”
   Chris made a frustrated little noise.  It was kind of cute.  “Look, when we get to that point, we’re in ‘how do we know we’re not just brains in jars’ territory.  There’s no way to prove that either way.  Which you know.  You’re just deliberately being difficult.”  He sighed.  “I really didn’t think this is how this whole thing would play out.”
   “You could just type into your app that I believe you and am happy about this.”
   “Push comes to shove, I will.  Leaving you like you were isn’t on the table here.  I’m not letting you suffer anymore, Ash.  Not if I can just hit a button and fix it.  God, you know how much I would have given to have this back when we were dating?  I want you to be happy, I want us to be together.  And I literally looked it up and know for a fact you want that too.  I don’t want to force it on you though.  So, could please just accept that this miracle happened?”  
   Miracle. Ash didn’t believe in ordinary good luck, let alone miracles.  She suddenly realized the problem.  “Uh, Chris, can you turn off the ‘calm and rational’ thing?  Kind of hard to accept ‘magic app’ as an explanation when you’ve got to be rational.  Also, let’s be honest, calm and rational?  Not very on brand for me.”
   “Ok, if you start to freak out, I’m putting it back on.  Deep breath.”  He pushed the button.
   It hit her hard, going from total calm to a mix of confusion, existential crisis, panic, arousal and… hope.  She could be better.  And back with Chris.  Who was magically hot, rich, and had a maybe all-powerful phone app now?  That could be real.  Or she could be crazy.  Crazier, whatever.  It seemed to be about 50/50.  There was no way to know which was real.  It was pretty fucking easy to know which she wanted to be real.
   Chris was watching her, expectant.  Concerned.  Sweet.  Cute.  Hot.
   “Fuck it,” Ash said.  “Might as well go with it.  Magic app. Ok, yeah.  I’m in.”  She slid closer to him.  “The memory-kiss thing was still a dumb idea,” Ash teased.  She locked eyes with him, cobra-on-mouse style.  Ash leaned in for the kill.  When he started to talk, probably to apologize, she shushed him with one finger.  “It interrupted things just when they were getting good.”  She silenced him with her lips.
   Ash put everything she could into the kiss.  Even the (loud and large) part of her that knew this was all too good to be true. If this was a delusion she didn’t care, she still wanted to kiss it, fuck it- no, make love to it.  Move in with it and live happily ever after with it.  Use its magical powers to make everything perfect.  He pulled her close.  Fuck, he was strong.  That was different, but she liked it.
   “What you should have done,” she panted when they finally came up for air, “was have me remember after you came in me.  Get me exhausted and blissed out before you laid all that on me. Better yet, after you came in all three holes.”
   “You didn’t like anal,” he whispered in her ear.  The heat of his breath was making her shiver.  Wasn’t that the opposite of how shivers were supposed to work?  His silk shirt caressed her nipples with each breath either took.  Wait, she was down to her boots, he was still fully dressed.  Unfair, unacceptable.  She untucked him with fumbling, trembling fingers.
   “Use the app, change my mind,” she whispered back.  “Subject loves anal sex.  Subject’s ass is always clean, lubed and ready to be fucked.”  Ash nibbled at his earlobe.  She found he still liked that, still made that silly little sound.
   “Good.  Good idea,” he whispered.  “Remind me later.”
   “Sure,” Kissing again.  Ash fumbled with a shirt button, working blind.  He looked good in nice clothes, but one of his old cheap T-shirts would be off by now.  Possibly torn, but off.  Chris started kissing her neck, and she tore the next button off.  She’d always liked being kissed and touched there, and Chris had left her with plenty of prominent hickeys back in the day.  This was a whole new level of intensity.  He made me more sensitive, or jacked up my pleasure centers, or something.  Very good for her, very thoughtful, very much a Chris thing to do.  A small moment of triumph when the last button was dealt with, and he was shrugging out of his shirt.  She reluctantly pushed him away from her to get a good look at him.
   “Mm,” she said.  Abs and delts and pecs, oh my!  She pushed him onto his back and straddled him.  “Fuck!” was what she said when she settled on his lap.  The hardon pushing against her ass was emphatically bigger than she remembered.  It made her heart beat a little faster and her pussy a little wetter.  In brutal honesty, Chris had been in the average to slightly small range.  She never had any complaints about it, or him, and the sex was always good.  But in her heart of hearts she had missed feeling filled up and stretched.  Chris was a bit insecure (like every guy, she would bet even porn stars had their moments), so she never let it show, let alone said anything.  Except, of course, for that last time.
   Ash smiled at Chris awkwardly.  “So, um, for the record?  I didn’t mean what I said.  About, uh, your body.  You know when.  It was just a cheap shot.  I wish I could take it back.”
   “I know.”
   “I’m not completely shallow,” Ash said defensively.  Her hands were exploring his chest.  “I’d still be here if you looked that way now.  I’d definitely want you to fuck me with your old dick.”  She ground her ass on the hardon in question.  
   Chris laughed a little.  “Sure.”
   “Hey, if you don’t believe me, get your phone!  Switch back.  I’ll be right here, man.  Good to go.”
   “Is that what you want?” He asked.  She could hear the bit of mockery in his voice.  He reached for her breasts, each little titty in one hand.  Ash moaned.  He hadn’t lost his touch.  She leaned into the fondling.  His fingers found her nipples and gave them a pinch and twist.  She squealed and shuddered.  It felt even better than she remembered.  
   “Nooo,” she moaned.  Then giggled. “You look hot.  I want this dick, want it to really wreck me.  It’s just, that’s not the main thing.  The money and apartment either.  You know that, right?”
   He pulled her down into a kiss.  “I know.”
   “Ok, good.  Now I’m gonna unwrap my present!”  He laughed.  Ash kissed her way down his chest.  Kissed very quickly.  She unbuttoned his fly, unzipped with shaky hands.  Eased the pants down past the knees.  Crawled between them.  Got her face right up in there.  Black boxer briefs strained to contain her prize.
   Ash kissed it through the cloth, and was pleased to feel it twitch.  She gently rubbed her face against it.  Gave it a few more kisses.  She made sure her hair was falling right; slightly obscuring the side facing away from his body.  Ash kept her eyes locked on his.  She smiled up at him, an ‘I’m as excited about this as you’ smile.  She licked her lips.  Slowly, ostentatiously.  She eased the waistband down.
   Giving blowjobs was one of Ash’s core skills.  She gave them out like candy as a teen.  Her symptoms had just started, she didn’t know what was going on with her.  When she was manic her sex drive was up and her impulse control was down.    When she was depressed, she needed attention from the male ‘friends’ who had come to expect them.  She was just starting to hear a voice telling her she was a worthless slut.  Ash thought it was her conscience, or maybe God.  After being kicked out of home she often used sex as currency to get what she needed.  Drugs, a place to stay, favors, actual cash.
   She learned a lot.  Blowjobs were performance as much as anything.  A little bit of this sort of eager attention at the start went a long way.  Let them think their dick is just that great, make them feel virile and powerful.  It was a sure way to a quicker, easier finish.  Obviously, it was different with Chris.  He really was that great, and she wasn’t even faking her excitement this time.  She still fell into her usual routine.
   Long and hard as he was getting him out was a bit awkward.  Nothing she couldn’t handle, and slowly more and more of Chris’ member came into view.  Ash tried to position herself just so.  Make sure her more visible side was facing it, try to estimate where all that length will end up.  The head cleared the waistband, and the whole thing swung.  It hit Ash’s face with an audible pop, leaving a little smear of precum on her cheek.  It was kind of silly, but she liked it and guys usually did too.   
   Ash took a moment to admire it.  This was part of her usual routine, sure.  But a cock like that deserved a moment of consideration.  It was a beauty.  A two-hander for sure.   Nice and elegant curve, just veiny enough.  Just aesthetically it was a great dick.  Size wise, what was it, eight inch? Ten?  Is that what a footlong looks like in real life?  She was bad at estimating.  Whatever the number, all-time champ, in both length and girth.  In flesh-and-blood dicks, that is, which is still a respectably wide field of competition.  Though if she saw this in porn, she would tag it #bigdick.
   “Wow,” she said.  She took it in one hand and gently pumped.  “Chris, I mean, damn.  Just how long is this?”  Not waiting for the answer, she took a quick lick of the head.  She actually liked the taste! That was another thing she usually had to fake. Chris’ precum was pineapple flavored, while the dick itself had a very pleasant earthy, maybe smoky quality.  His cum used to taste like cum, and his dick like dick.  Another thoughtful touch, she thought.
   “Uh,” he grunted. “Don’t laugh, ok?  But I put in that it would be half an inch longer and a quarter-inch wider than the biggest you’ve had.  Not- ohh!” The blowjob proper had begun, with Ash taking about three inches into her mouth with cheek-hollowing suction and nimble tongue work.  “I didn’t want to guess how big was big or too big.”
   She let go of his tip with a pop.  “Does it still say that?”  She added a second hand to the pumping for a few strokes, just to confirm her earlier assessment.  “Because that’s a problem.”
   Chris was breathing hard.  “Too much?” he asked.
   Ash shook her head.  “The second it goes in my pussy, it becomes the biggest I’ve had, right?  So that means it has to be longer and thicker than itself.  It’ll just keep growing.  I can’t take an infinite dick.”  She started kissing the base of his cock, easing into her first bout of ball-licking for the night.
    “Shit!  Good catch.  Damn, you could have gotten hurt.”  That alarmed him.   “Another sloppy mistake.  The phone’s in my pocket, pass it up to me.”  
   Ash stopped, annoyed.  “Now?  Right now? I’m just getting started.”
   “I’m not waiting to fix something that could hurt you.”
   “Fine,” Ash sighed.  She wanted to be annoyed, but it was sweet.   And it did need to be dealt with before they fucked. She fished it out of his pants pocket and passed it up. “Do the anal stuff too then.  I don’t want any more interruptions, I’m working here.”
   “Fuck yeah, you are,” he replied.  “Nobody sucks a cock like you.  Gold medal cocksucker.”  Ash glowed at the crude compliment.  It was always a good sign when she got him talking like that.  It meant she was really getting to him.  Dragging just a little bit of cave man out of all the layers of civilization.  Also, she was proud of her skills and liked to show off.  
   Ash returned to work with gusto.  She got swept away in it.  Kissing, licking, sucking.  Balls, head, shaft.  Bobbing up and down in a corkscrew motion.  Long slow licks along all that lovely length.  Forcing herself to swallow it all the way to the base, eyes watering.  Ash threw every trick in her extensive book at him, and cherished every grunt, groan, or sigh she got out of him.  She savored the taste and scent.  It wasn’t a performance anymore.  She wanted him to cum.  Chris deserved it.  Ash needed it.  She wanted to feel him grab her and-
   He did.  Chris grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her down.  Her throat opened for him.  Ash could feel him pulse and shudder in her mouth.  Franticly she tapped and pushed at his hips until he loosened his grip.  She pulled back, easing him out of her throat.  He was still cumming!  It was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted.  Smooth and sweet and so satisfying.  She gulped greedily.  At long last he seemed to stop.  She reluctantly let him slip her lips, only for one last stray blast to leave a thick streak across her face.  Drops landed in her hair and on her bare scalp, a streak across her forehead, and a strand threatened to drip onto her hastily closed eyelid.  Ash wiped it off, sucking her fingers clean.
   “Wow, Chris.  That’s amazing.”
   “So, uh, is it going to be that much every time?”
   “Well, what I wrote was that I would control when and how much I would cum.”
   “Ok.  So, first off, yum, thanks.  Second, way to make me work for it.  Third, if you always cum that much things are going to get real sticky and gross around here.”
   “Oh, well-“
   “Not saying don’t totally coat my face whenever you want,” Ash said, wiping more off.  “I’m down for that.  Plan on lots of blowjobs.  All over this big-ass place.  At least once a day, bare fucking minimum.  ‘Cause again, yum.  I can deal with sticky and gross.”  Ash sucked her fingers with a massive grin. They tasted so good. She had one hand still wrapped around his cock.  It wasn’t getting any softer. Ash licked some leftovers off it.  Chris was panting and sweaty and flushed.    Ash was breathless, and her pussy was boiling hot and desperate for attention.  She hadn’t even cum once yet, but she was having so much fun.  “You always seemed to care if things were clean.  So maybe be careful with how much you shoot?  Or I guess we could get a maid.  Or I could be the maid.  Oh, duh!  Magic app.  Self-cleaning cum!  It evaporates after a few minutes, or it gets absorbed into my skin.  Then I won’t be too gross for you to make out with, without stopping the action to clean up.”
   “I’d have never thought of that.  It’s a good idea.” Chris reached for the phone again.  “You’re already pretty good at this magic stuff.”
   “Yeah, well, I might not be book-smart, and I might be crazy- was crazy.  But dirty-minded and creative?  That’s me.”  Ash crawled up the bed.  She wrapped her arms around him, looking over his shoulder.  He had his own profile up.  Christopher Jacob James.  Three first names, why? she thought, far from the first time.  He was typing carefully.  “I hope that thing doesn’t have autocorrect.  Or maybe it should?  Which would be more dangerous, you think?  Autocorrect, or typos?”
   “They both sound really bad.  So don’t distract me,” he gently chided.  She nibbled his ear and pressed her hard nipples into his back in response.  
   “It’d be easier on a real keyboard, with a real screen.  Can you change the phone? Make it into a tablet, or even a laptop or something?  Oh, shit, we should really make it, like, indestructible, virus proof, with a battery that never dies.  It’s locked, right?”
   “It can only have one user.  Apparently, I’m ‘the Master’s representative.’”
   “What?” Ash asked.
   “It’s what it said when I first opened it.  Had this weird little intro blurb about being a virtual God, that ended with that.  I didn’t think of that other stuff, we’ll have to try it later.”
   “Uh-huh.  Ok, think very carefully, were there Terms and Conditions?  Or a little ‘I agree’ box?” She asked.
   “I don’t think so.  Should have been my first clue, right?  Nothing normal comes without that stuff.”  Ash felt a pleasant cool sensation on her skin and inside her mouth, wherever Chris’ cum had touched.  He turned to face her, clearly ready to keep going.  He saw the worry on her face.  “What’s wrong?”
   “I kind of think you maybe, possibly, might have sold your soul.  I mean mysterious magic artifact shows up inexplicably.  You use it for money and sex.  ‘The Master.’  Kind of Satan-ish.”
   “Oh, c’mon, that kind of thing isn’t… Alright I was going to say it’s not real, and I get it, neither are magic phone apps.  But I didn’t sign any contract.  Not an oral agreement or even a handshake deal.”
   “There’s probably all kinds of fine print and other stuff to entrap people.  The devil would be good at that, right? I mean, you know, lawyers, hell.”
   “I did not sell my soul, ok?  This is a good thing, there’s no horrible twist coming.  Stop trying to freak me out.”  He started kissing her again.
   “Just saying,” kiss.  “Don’t die,” kiss.  “Too risky,” kiss.  “Get the thing, make us immortal.”  He didn’t.  They kept kissing.  She whined a little.  Now that she had the thought, she couldn’t shake it.  Chris could get hit by a bus, or have an aneurysm, or be randomly shot!  Something like that would happen.  “I mean it.”  
   “I did!” he moved to kissing her neck.  “It was one of the first things I did.  Give me some credit.”  
   Of course he’d thought of that.  Chris was careful, practical.  Also, he was making her feel too good to worry about anything.  Ash relaxed.   His lips were on her neck, hands working their way down her body. Ash lay back and purred in contentment.  She’d missed this.  Chris had always been good at this.  She could just relax and wallow in the affection and pleasure.  Urge him on with moans and sighs. Let him suck and nibble and caress.  It’d been great then.  Whatever sensitivity thing he’d done with the app made it amazing. He hadn’t even come near her pussy yet.  The things he used to do there.  In fact, there was one specific thing.  As turned on as she was now, it might be enough to send her over the edge.  Or would it be too much now?  When she felt his hand begin to snake down, she decided to risk it.
   “H-hey,” she panted.  “Remember the thing?  The one I had to basically beg you to do?  And you pretended not to love it?”  He slapped at her thighs.  Shameless.  Fearless.  Each pinkened up slightly as she spread for him.
   “If you want it, sure.  You might not like it anymore.”  Chris rubbed her gently, not quite touching her lips, staying well clear of her clit.  He had to feel how wet and hot she already was.
   “Try.  Please.  Pretty please?” Ash begged.  This was part of it, always had been.  He played reluctant, she talked him into it.
    “Ok. Close your eyes,” Ash liked the predatory gleam in Chris’ eyes.  She closed her eyes.  Her legs spread a little more on their own.  She took a deep breath.  Sometimes he’d keep her waiting, other times he-
   Smack!  Chris brought his open hand down hard on her helpless, trembling pussy.  She yelped, then held her breath.  Ash was consumed with sensation, riding the electric shock of pleasure/pain as it raced through her own body.  Her back arched and her hips bucked against Chris’s hand.  It wasn’t an orgasm; it was a different kind of release.  It left her feeling more alive, more awake.  When the sting passed and her eyes focused on Chris’s face, she felt purer, like the fading pain was taking something bad in her with it.
   “Wow, ok, that looked either really good or really bad.”  With one hand Chris was making small circles just above her pussy, while he drew one finger lightly over her labia.
   “G-g-good.  Really, really, good,” she blinked tears out of her eyes.
   “You’re sure?  Cause the pain stuff, I’m totally fine with dropping it.”  Ash silenced him into a kiss.  If she let him this sort of concerned, guilty talk would go on and on.
   “I keep telling you that it’s fine. It’s fucking great. You like it too.”  He blushed but he smiled.  Chris would never admit it.  Didn’t even want her to say, “slap my pussy.”  It sounded too rough, too much like hitting a girl.  She wondered if she could talk him into another one.
   “I like how much you like it.  You put on a good show.  I bet we can top it though.”  He eased one finger into her pussy.  Despite how ready she was, how much she wanted to be filled up, just a finger felt like it was stretching her out.  She was so tight.  That wasn’t a word that’d described her since high school.  Chris had need three fingers at least to get this kind of sensation before.  She hadn’t exactly been chaste since; she’d even been fisted a couple of times.  By a girl, thankfully, not guys with fingers as huge as Chris’s felt.
   “Did you make me a virgin or something?” she asked, sighing.  Chris had started pumping his finger in and out at a steady pace.  She was almost getting used to it when a second finger joined in. 
   “Not exactly,” he said.  “but yeah, you’re a lot tighter.  I remembered you were a little insecure about that.”  He was staying clear of her clit or g-spot on purpose; she knew he knew where they were.  With his other hand he gently pressed down on her just above her pussy.  He picked up the pace.  Ash loved the wet schlurping sound.  
   “Wuh, wuh, was not,” Ash lied.  She was so close.  Panting, she closed her eyes.  The slightest bit more would tip her over the edge.  She reached for her breasts.  A little pinch would be enough to-
   Deep inside her, Chris bent his fingers in a ‘come here’ motion, just as his lips descended on her clit.  Her back arched.  She wailed.  Girlcum soaked his face and hand.  Her hips shuddered and bucked, but she couldn’t escape.  He kept her rolling, forcing her back up to the peak whenever she tried to come back down.  Clench, relax, clench, relax, her whole body spasmed.  Thankfully, sadly he lifted his lips from her and slid his fingers out.
   Ash was wrung out, nearly senseless, having finally gotten the release she’d built toward all day.  The one she’d needed long before that.  “Missed you,” she eventually slurred.  Dimly she remembered it hadn’t always been that good, that Chris was doing something with something to make it better.  Didn’t matter though, that was part of it.  No matter how good it got, he’d always tried to make it better for her.
   “Missed you too,” he growled.  Growly voice was good.  Caveman Chris was coming out.  Ash liked Caveman Chris.  He’d drop the little bouts of hesitation and insecurity.  No more “is this ok.”  He crawled up her body.  That big dick was lining up with her pussy.  Her freakishly tight, extremely sensitive pussy.  
   “Please,” Ash whispered.  She wasn’t sure what she was asking him for.  Please wait, please fuck me now, please be gentle, please drill me so hard I break.  Whatever it was he would give it to her.  He teased her with the head.  
   “Trust me,” Chris said.  She did.  He kissed her.  He pressed into her.  She opened for him.  Ooof.  He was big.  She was tight. 
   Ash was definitely feeling it now, that stretched out, filled up feeling.  She hadn’t fully come down from the epic orgasm.  Ash was overwhelmed, overstimulated.  It was too much.  She felt.  She felt so much.   She felt good.  There was a dash of pain in her pleasure, just spicing it to her taste. Her legs wrapped around his waist.  He started giving her more, a little deeper, a little faster, a little harder each stroke.  Each pussy-filling, g-spot massaging stroke.  
   Missionary had never been one of Ash’s favorite positions.  Too passive, too male dominant, too conventional.  With Chris rutting into her, she thought maybe it got a bad rap.  Sure, she couldn’t move much, and he couldn’t pull her hair or spank her.  But his face was right there for her to kiss.  And there was something primally satisfying about having him cover her, the weight of his strong sweaty body atop her, her inability to do anything but react.  She ground her hips into him, matched the pace he set for them.  And panted, clutched the sheets, kissed him, and moaned his name.
   Orgasm snuck up on Ash.  Not so huge as her last one, but not draining either.  Chris had to have felt it, had to have heard the changed note in her moans.  He didn’t show her any mercy, if anything he was fucking her harder, grinding that dick deeper into her.
   “God, Chris!”  Ash was trembling.  She was coming down, but he was pushing her back up.  Her legs were too weak to grab him.  Ash was exhausted, even though he was doing all the work.  New improved Chris could probably do a triathlon, then fuck her all night.  She felt like she could cum one more time without a break.  She knew it was up to him.  They’d be done when he wanted them to be.  He came when he wanted to now, she had to make him want to.
   “Give it to me, baby,” Ash said.  No points for originality.  “Give me your cum.  Fill me up.”  She locked eyes with him, tried to impress her sincerity.  “I-I,” dirty talk was one sex skill that Ash never mastered.  ‘I’m a slut, not a poet,’ she’d told one guy who complained.  “I- I’m your girl, again.  Right?” She said to Chris.  That felt good to say, and he seemed to like it.  “Claim me.  Fill me up.  Let’s cum together, ok?  You and me.  Forever.”  She’d forgotten what she was saying, the pleasure building inside her was too distracting.  Ash wanted to share it, let Chris have it too.  He was so good to her, he deserved it.  “Let me make you cum!” He slammed into her, the hardest thrust yet, and kissed her with almost bruising force.
   Ash’s longed for climax came with the first spurt of Chris’s.  It kept going as long as his did.  And his kept going and going.  Shot after shot of hot cum, wave after wave of pleasure.  “Fill me up,” she’d told him, and he was going to do just that.  All the while she was kissing him, wordlessly egging him on.  More, more, more!
   Eventually even Chris was satisfied.  He pulled out of her and rolled onto his side.  Ash whined a little, then laughed at herself for whining.  She kissed him softly and cuddled up close.  He put on arm around her, and idly stroked her scalp.  It felt like they were back to being Chris & Ash: the shy boy trying to domesticate the crazy girl, and the wild girl trying to get the nice boy to color outside the lines.  Only now those weren’t impossible dreams.  She really could stay with him forever, and he could do pretty much anything.
   “That was, um, what’s better than amazing?  Incredible?”  Chris said.  
   “Right?  You always made me feel good, but fuuuuuck.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good.  I know I was never fucked that good,” Ash squeezed him tighter.  “You’re going to have to do something with the app so I can keep up with you.”  She felt a little of his cum dribbling out of her and was suddenly concerned.  “Chris, you did some kind of birth control thing, right?  Some kind of infallible, magical, birth control?  I mean I’m on the pill, but it’s not perfect, and if you keep filling me up like that-“
   “Yeah.  You won’t get pregnant unless you want to, and you’ll be able to if you do want to,” Chris gave her a reassuring little rub on the back.
   “Thanks.  I mean, I guess it’s good to have options, but you know I’ll never have kids.  It wouldn’t be fair to them.  What would I give them?  Bad genes and an unfit mother.”  It was a decision Ash had made when she was first diagnosed.  She wouldn’t let some little girl suffer like she did.
   “Not anymore,” Chris said.  “You’re not sick anymore.  Nothing bad to pass on, no reason you couldn’t be a mom if you wanted.”
   “Oh?  Yeah, I guess,” Ash responded.  “I’ll have to think about that.  For many, many, many years.”  It was an interesting thought, in a maybe-some-day way.
   “Yeah, I’m nowhere near ready for that stuff either.  No pressure.  And if you decide no, it’s ok.  I mean if it gets that important to me I can always- well, we’ll think of something.”
   Ash didn’t like that little slip.  She didn’t like the brief guilty look.  What did he mean, “I can always change your mind” or “I can always have another girl do it?”  She didn’t want to wreck the afterglow, and she thought she knew which it was.
   “Can I look at myself on the app again?” she asked, trying to be casual.
   “Now?  I’m real comfortable.”
   “I just want to see something.  I’ve got some, uh, feelings going on, and I want to see if they’re an app thing or not.”
“Oh, well I guess,” Chris gave her a little kiss, then let go of her.  He crawled across the bed to where he left the phone.  The ridiculous, impractically large bed.  She smiled as she watched his naked body in motion.
He tapped a few times.  “Ok, there you are.  What are you looking for?”  They spooned, Chris looking over her shoulder.
“I’ll tell you when I see it.”  Or better yet, when I don’t  Her profile image was laying on her side, her mohawk tussled in a beautiful Just Been Fucked way.  Ashlee Leanne Brown.  Ash didn’t like it, an incredibly common first and last name with an awkward double Lee in the middle. That wasn’t important right then, but she thought it every time she had to see it.  She opened the mental tab.  “Did you make me smarter?  I kind of feel like I might be smarter.”
“Oh, I forgot to tell you about this, this is great.  Your IQ jumped up on its own! Twenty points when I cleared the diseases, and it’s been creeping up ever since.  So, I guess it’s not as much making you smarter so much as you can think clearer now.  I always told you you weren’t dumb, remember?”  The warm hug and excited tone made Ash smile.  
“I don’t think this proves that, but yeah, it’s good news.”  She perused the written instructions.  Chris had specified she’d be more sensitive when aroused, and only feel as much pain as she’d find enjoyable.  He put an explicit ban on her hurting herself, which was probably not necessary anymore but sure, better safe than sorry.  Her baseline libido, mood and energy were set at a pleasantly high rate but limited to well below her old destructive peaks.  There were specific instructions for her to wake up, text him, meet him exactly where she found him, that she would be steadily more aroused as she made the trip there, that she would be happy to see him.  Ash smiled at what she saw.  She smiled more at what she didn’t.
“Chris, explain this to me.  You put in here that I would meet you, horny, happy to see you, that I would come up here and strip for you.  But not that I would fuck you.”  She laughed.
“Hey, I’m not going to force you!”
“Oh, so it’s ok to use your magic app to get me naked, on your bed, and horny as hell, but that last little bit is unthinkable?”  She shouldn’t tease him for this.  It was a good instinct.
“Well, yeah.  It’s different.  It’s like, counting cards or stacking the deck, that’s one thing.  Just robbing the casino with machine guns is another.”
“I mean, it’s good.  It’s good.  Really. I’m glad you think that way.  It’s not like I wouldn’t have agreed to all of it if you’d asked.  I really like what I see here.  I’ve got some suggestions, though.”  She passed the phone over her shoulder.
“Well let’s hear them.  I’m not promising to do them.”
“I really think you should.  Seriously.  These are important to me, ok?  Anyway, I’m sure you’ll like them.”  Ash rested her head against his chest.  She looked out the big windows at the reddening sky and lengthening shadows.  “Are you ready?”
“Go ahead.”
Ash cleared her throat.  She said in a firm, serious tone, “’Subject will always be loyal to Chris.’ But, uh, however it works to specify you, obviously.”
“Ash, you don’t-“
“I’m not screwing this up this time,” she said firmly.  “I might not be sick anymore, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do something I regret.  So, let’s just make that impossible.  Please.”
Chris was quiet for a minute.  “Ok,” he said.  He kissed the top of her head affectionately.  Ash watched the shadows lengthen until she heard Chris finish.
“Alright, next one: ‘Subject will always be grateful to Chris.’  You basically fixed everything bad in my life and I don’t want to forget that, even if we live a thousand years.”
“It’s not like I don’t get anything out of this, but if that’s what you want, I’ll take it,” tapping sounds and weighty silence filled the room.
“You’re going to want to fight me on this next one, but please don’t, ok?  ‘Subject will always love Chris.’”
“Ash, no, that’s too much.”
“Please, I like this feeling.  Need it.  I missed it.  I can’t lose it,” Ash refused to tear up.
“I won’t cheat that, ok?  That’s a robbing the casino thing.”
“It’s not cheating.  I fell in love with you.  I never totally stopped.  I’m, I’m in love with you again.  Let’s just lock that in.  Keep it forever.  We can do that!  Nobody gets to guarantee that, but we can!”
“I love you too.  That’s what this whole thing is about.  But think it through.  If we know that whatever happens we have this magic guarantee, that it’s impossible for you to stop loving me, then what stops me from taking advantage?  It wouldn’t matter how I treated you.”
“Do it to yourself too!  I mean, I trust you not to let this all be a one-way thing.  But yeah, let’s lock this down for you too.”
“I’ll think about it, ok?  Really think about it.  It still sounds dangerous, and kind of unnatural.  But, yeah, I want this forever too.”  He pulled her face up to his and kissed her gently.  “We have time, alright?  And if we do that sort of thing, we’ll go whole hog.  You’d get a ring, white dress, all that.  That’s not negotiable.”
Ash rolled her eyes theatrically.  “Alright, fine.  But do you want to hear my last one?”
“Last one?  You promise?” Chris teased.
“For tonight,” Ash composed herself.  It was important to her to keep a straight face, she wanted him to be surprised.  “Subject is never jealous of Chris’s other women.”
Ash loved the look on his face.  Part outraged, part hand caught in cookie jar, part ‘How did she read my mind?’  “I don’t have any other women!  Why would you-“
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe this giant bed?  Which only makes sense with, like, four people in it?  Maybe the look you used to get when I’d talk about how hot other girls were?  You wanted to talk threesome with me, it was obvious.  Or maybe just the fact that you’re a guy, and you can make anyone do or be anything?”
“Ash, I-”
“Hey, look at me.  Look at my face!  Do I look mad?  Or do I look like maybe I’m kinda into it?  Like maybe I’ve done some girl-girl stuff, and some group stuff?  It’s awkward and gross with strangers, but I’m guessing it’d be pretty great with you and some really special girl.  Or girls.  But I know I can get insecure, and territorial, and that’d suck, and someone would get hurt.”  She put one hand on his cock and kissed his neck.  “And don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.  A whole harem of gorgeous women.  All of us fucking you, loving you.  Fucking each other, loving each other.  Don’t feel bad for wanting it.  We won’t force anyone, ok?  Draw the line wherever you want.  But don’t pretend like you don’t want it now, get all righteous, and then in a few years you change your mind.  Don’t repress it till you can’t anymore, then feel bad.  I’m telling you I want this for you.  For both of us.”
Ash could tell by his rapidly hardening cock he liked the idea.  She started giving it slow strokes.  Chris moaned.  “You are such a bad influence on me, you know that right?”
Ash giggled.  “It’s my mission in life.  You don’t break enough rules!”
“Ok I will add that in.  Not that I’m saying there will definitely be other women, or a harem, or anything.”
“Sure,” Ash agreed.  “We’ll play it by ear.  But I want to be ready if it happens.  So please, ‘I won’t get jealous of your other women.’”
“For the record, I would be jealous if you were with another man,” Chris said sternly.
“Oh, yeah, not happening.  Been there, done that, it was awful.  ‘Always Loyal,’ remember?  That was my idea. I am entirely in favor of this *one* double standard.”  She watched him type for a second.  “I’m thinking two dozen girls.  Four sets of double bunk beds in the three other bedrooms.  Cram them in there prison style.”
Chris laughed, “Ash”
“Is my math wrong?  You know I’m not great at it.”
“I am not cramming girls anywhere,” he finished and put down the phone.  They kissed.
“You’re right, that’s nuts.  One dozen is plenty,” they kissed again.
“I can delete that command just as easily, you know,” kiss.  
“How about seven?” Ash said.  “We could each have our own day.  Perfect system.”
“How about three?” Chris countered.  “You could each have a bedroom.”  He kissed her much harder.  One of his hands gripped her ass.  Ha! I’ve got you now! Ash thought.
“Five,” she whispered in his ear.  “Every night two of us are in here.  You’ll get lonely in this big bed without us.”
“Ok,” Chris yielded.  “Four more girls.  But only if they’re as special as you.  So, you’ll have me to yourself for a long time.”
“Deal.  Mister hard bargaining businessman.  But I want one other thing.  Non-negotiable”
“What’s that?”
“I want you to take me out on the balcony, bend me over the railing, and fuck my ass while I scream to the whole city how much I love you.”  They shook on it, and she dragged him out into the cool of the evening, both deliriously happy.

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