Chapter 5

by CuyahogaKingKong

Tags: #college #dom:male #f/m #friends_to_lovers #happy_slaves #sub:female #Consensual #pov:first_person

Crutch: Chapter 5

I'd not been asleep long when I was awoken by something soft, wet, and warm. Long, slow strokes were being lavished lovingly on my balls. Steff's room was almost totally dark, and it was filled with slurps. Her midnight black hair had fallen over her face, a curtain of deeper black in the night that waved as she worked.

“Really?” I teased. “Still haven't had enough?” She stopped what she was doing with a last kiss. She turned to me with a guilty look.

“Sssorry?” she chuckled. “I woke up, thought I'd clean up a bit. Some cum dribbled out of the condom, and I started licking it up and, ummmm, I kinda just kept licking.” Even in the dark I could tell she was blushing. “Do you really mind? I mean, now that you're up, I might as well...” she looked me in the eye and smiled as she resumed licking. Her left hand started slowly stroking my cock. “After all, you [i]are[/i] the one who made me like this.”

“I, oh, that's good” Steff took one of my balls fully into her mouth. “I don't recall giving you an oral fixation.”

“Uh,” she paused. “Your pleasure is my pleasure and I feel profound joy and contentment from your cum. With that kind of reward, you get a girl drooling fast. Paging doctor Pavlov?” She shot me a mischievous smile I could see in any darkness. Then she licked my cock from base to tip in one slow stroke. I shivered.

“Then that must really feel good for you,” I said. She kissed the tip, then took it gently into her mouth. Her tongue haltingly swirled around, It was amazing, especially considering it was only her second blowjob. She slowly lifted her mouth off and looked up at me.

“It's amazing,” she panted. “I love it. The taste, the texture, the smell. Burying my face in your sweaty balls is like heaven.” Shifting her attention down, she demonstrated. She spent several minutes in a frenzy of licking and sucking. I could hear her take several deep breaths in through her nose. Before she stopped again.

“That should have been kind of gross. I loved it.” She smiled up at me. “You really fucked my brain good and hard. It's like I can almost feel my tongue on my own pussy, but not really, if you get me? It's all in my head, but it's fucking good.”

“Really?” I sat upright. “Let's try a little experiment then. I'm going to let you cum once.” Steff's eyes went wide with delight and her right hand darted down to her crotch. “No, bad girl! Let me finish! You can cum, but you aren't allowed to touch yourself. In fact, hands behind your back, no using them at all until you make me cum.” She gasped, and rushed to clasp her hands at the small of her back.

“Oh God, do you think that'll work? That'd be so hot.” She licked her lips and started eagerly kissing her way up my cock again. Her enthusiasm outran her coordination, and she wound up bouncing it off her cheek. She squealed delightfully.

“It's an experiment. We'll see. So no tampering with our data. Don't rub that greedy pussy against anything. Spread those thighs! Good girl, oh, very good.” She'd gotten back to slurping on the head. Then Steff started experimenting herself. How deep could she take me, and how fast? How much suction should she use, how quick could she move her tongue? She was testing a lot of variables in different combinations. Taking careful note of my moans, groans and sighs, she was working hard and getting good data. Gagging and slurping, she had me fast approaching my limit.

“Here it comes Steff.” I held the sides of her head. “Are you ready?” She gave me a slight nod and a lovely feeling “Mmm” of agreement. I grabbed her head and pulled her all the way down while I shot my third load of the day into my dream girl. She gagged and twitched and squirmed. After a long second I loosened my grip and let her slowly pull herself back up off me. She coughed and gulped and radiated pure joy.

“God, Steff, that was good.” I stroked her hair “Did you-?”

“I did!” Her eyes were wide, she was flush with excitement. “It was so strange, it was like a ghost orgasm here,” she put one hand over her pussy, “but a totally real one up here” she put the other on her head. “That was so good. Look, I'm shivering!”

“Wonder why. Steff, it's December. You're sitting naked on cold tile floor. Of course you're shivering. Come up here and warm up,” I told her. While she pulled herself up on unsteady limbs, I stood up and yanked a blanket off her bed, then wrapped us both in it. We cuddled up close on her couch.

“It's not cold,” she said, her head on my shoulder. “It's never cold where you are. Ooh, that's good. I have to remember that. A little sappy for me, but I like it. It's never cold where you are.” I put my arm around her warm, sweaty, quivery body, and pressed her into me. She sighed, savoring her afterglow and cum-high. “I wish I had a real bed. Spend the night with me anyway. Please?”

“It's barely a twin. We'd never fit.” I answered

“I mean, you take the bed, and I'll sleep here,” she answered eagerly.

I laughed. “What's the point? I mean we still wouldn't-”

“I know, it's stupid, but, you know, 'I wanna wake up where you are'” she sang. It was so sweet and unexpected I caved.

“Ok, but you're sleeping in your own bed. Just give me one of your pillows and a spare blanket.”

“Deal. Next time it'll be at your place. We can both fit on the futon if we snuggle up.”

“That sounds nice.” I said, pulling her in closer. I squeezed a contented sigh out of her.

“You know what, Tom?” she said, squeezing my hand. “This turned out to be a really good day.”

It seemed less romantic and more stupid in the morning. Specifically at quarter to seven. I know because that was what Steff's alarm clock showed while it screamed at us. There was also the rolling sound and clatter of things falling to the floor in response.

“Sorry!” Steff retrieved the offending alarm and silenced it. “Sorry! So sorry!” A desk lamp back-lit her, naked, apologetic and disheveled. Despite the hour and the crick in my neck, I found it adorable. “I woke up early. Then I started writing out my list and kind of forgot to turn off the alarm. Then when I went to do it just now I just dumped everything on the floor like an idiot. I know you don't wake up early like I do, and I tease you about sleeping in, but I didn't mean to make you I promise.” Steff was seemed genuinely upset, and sentences were pouring out of her in the few seconds it took her to roll her desk chair over to the couch.

“S'ok, s'ok,” I assured her. “It's probably good for me or something, right.” I smiled at her relief. Then I tried to remember if there was anything in her programming that would make her feel bad for something like this. As far as I could tell it was all positive reinforcement, so I guess her mortification was naturally occurring. She squirmed a bit and glanced over her shoulder at her desk.

“Um, do you mind if I finish? I was almost done.”

“Go on,” I waved absently, pulling myself up and rubbing my eyes. She zoomed back to her desk eagerly. Her right hand snatched up a pen. Her left dove for her snatch. I watched for a few minutes. Scribble shlick, scribble shlick. I wondered how much close to finishing she-

“OHMYGOD!” Steff's head whipped back and her back arched. “Oh shit, oh, oh,” she panted, coming down from a peak she hadn't known she was climbing. She looked back over her shoulder at me. “I really like the new trigger. Very sneaky, very clever. Great way to start a day.” She laughed as she got up. On her way to her closet she handed me what she was working on. I wasn't awake enough for much reading, so while she put on a sports bra and some sweats I just savored the last line.

“I will masturbate while I write my list. I won't realize I'm doing it, until I cum hard when I finish.” One of my better ideas, if I don't say so myself.

“I'm gonna brush my teeth, then hit the gym with Terra. Want to meet for breakfast at eight?” Steff asked brightly.

“Um, can we say nine?” Between our late night experiment and the uncomfortable couch I didn't actually sleep much the night before.

“My Electrical engineering final starts at nine. Sorry. I mean, if you really really wanted I could blow it off, but I don't know how I'd explain that.”

“Sure, ok, eight. Dining hall. I'll save you a seat.”

She kissed my cheek, then whispered in my ear. “Thank you for last night. And the night before. And tonight, and tomorrow night...” She gave me a kiss before she left.

In the time it took Steff to have a rigorous workout, hobble back, shower, dress, and limp to the dining hall I managed to drag my ass to my room, change and sleepwalk to the dining hall. This meant I beat her there. I considered this a great achievement and resolved to reward myself with a nap once Steff left for her final. I loitered near the doors for all of three minutes before a blast of cold air heralded the arrival of my slave/girlfriend, parka, cane and all. With her was the somewhat shorter, brown-jacketed figure of Terra.

“Hey you!” Steff chirped.

“Yeah, hey.” Terra sounded amused, which was rare.

Terra was Steff's best girl friend, by which I mean she was the only other female I'd known her to voluntarily socialize with. Lots of people called her “Terror,” because she had a pretty big chip on her shoulder. She had the same problem Steff had, in that she was a pretty girl (a solid eight to Steff's ten in my book, but if you preferred shorter, curvier black girls then you'd say the opposite) surrounded by horny nerds who didn't like hearing “no.” But she also had to deal with being one of a small group of students who weren't either white or asian. Terra tended to go on offense, assuming she wasn't wanted and making sure everyone knew she didn't want to be. As you might imagine, she had a “hate club” even bigger than Steff's.

And Terra lived in the room next to Steff. Where last night Slave Steff was screaming “Yes, Master!” at the top of her lungs. Because said Master didn't think to “hush” her. Oops.

I repressed an urge to face palm, and just said “Hi.” Had Terra said anything to Steff while they worked out? I studied Steff's face for clues. She seemed pretty cheerful. Not like someone whose kinky secret had been outed. Or did she look like someone who genuinely didn't care if it had? I got caught up in admiring her. Bright green eyes, cheeks all pink from the cold.

“Sooooo you guys can stay here and stare at each other,” Terra said. “I'm gonna go get breakfast.”

“Yes! Breakfast!” I agreed hastily. “Eating! Eating is good. We should do that.” Steff laughed. A few minutes later the three of us settled into a booth, Steff and I on one side, Terra on the other. I hadn't gotten the first fork full of institutional quality eggs in my mouth before Terra started talking.

“So, like I told Steff, it's great you two are fucking. I mean it.” She smirked a little, clearly enjoying making me feel awkward. “I kept telling her she needed it. So, Tom, congrats on winning the lottery. But could you turn the volume down on your kinky shit? Or invest in a ball-gag. You'd like that, wouldn't you?” She turned her attention to Steff. “Have your Master here stuff a-”

“Hey!” Steff cut her off. “Public place! Not where we talk about that. You promised. 'We've gotta have each other's back'. That wasn't even an hour ago! Seriously, not cool.”

“Calm your tits, ok! There's nobody within three tables of us. No one's listening. I've got your back. None of the gross creeps are gonna find out. Uh, no offense,” she looked at me awkwardly.

“None taken. Until you said that.” I replied.

Steff rolled her eyes. “She calls all the guys at RBIT gross creeps. Even the professors-”

“Especially them!” Terra added emphatically.

“and I keep telling her some of you are alright. Like you. Always kept your hands to yourself, and only occasionally caught you staring.” She kissed my cheek. “And you had the decency to look guilty when I did. No 'accidentally' brushing your hands on my ass, or sniffing my hair in class.”

“Ok, I get it, you like him” Terra smirked again and turned to me. “And it [i]sounds[/i] like you know how to take care of her. So good on you. Just, you know, take it down a notch. Volume wise.”

“We will.” I promised. “And thanks for keeping the, uh, details private.”

“It's alright.” she said. Then she frowned a little and said, “Actually it's not totally alright. Just to get this off my chest? It's kind of fucked up.” Catching Steff's eye Terra leaned forward and whispered. “Rich white girls playing slave? Not exactly PC.” Terra laughed and gave Steff a friendly shove on the shoulder.

Steff and I both laughed, from release of tension as much as anything. Terra seemed to accept the idea of us as a couple with a kink. She wasn't likely to dig down to the “hypnotized slave-girlfriend who doesn't realize that she did it to herself” layer of our relationship. Which would be harder to explain.

“I keep telling you, I'm not really rich.” Steff said before over-stuffing her mouth with pancake.

“You are. Accept it.” Terra replied. ''Your daddy has an empire. You're an heiress.” Steff rolled her eyes but couldn't respond. It was clearly an inside joke between them that I wouldn't get. Terra must have seen my lack of comprehension on my face and gasped.

“He doesn't know! You didn't tell him! I'm gonna.”

“Mrmph!” Steff pleaded.

“Oh come on,” Terra replied. “Seriously, you trust him to... do that other stuff to you. You can probably tell him. For real I don't see why you treat it like a big secret.”

Steff finally swallowed. “It's not, I just don't want everyone knowing.”

“Ok, this is starting to freak me out.” I said. “Just tell me.”

Steff fidgeted and blushed. Her eyes had a deer-in-headlights quality. “My dad, he's, um, he's kinda... the Mattress Czar. ”

Every part of America seems to have a local business that buys up all the cheap late night advertising time for their charmingly crappy commercials. The production values are terrible, but the owner is a memorable character and the jingle is a real ear worm. And they always have some gimmick that has nothing to do with the product. Like, 'Window Depot' and the guy's dressed like a conductor, or 'Electronics Bazaar' and he's in a culturally insensitive sultan outfit. In Riverburn at the turn of the millennium, that was the Mattress Czar. He had a crown, a Russian accent, and dropped bowling balls painted up like Faberge eggs on the mattresses.

“Oh. Wait that makes you a-”

“Please don't say it,” Steff begged me.

“Mattress Princess!”

She groaned. “People started calling me that in junior high. I hate it. Sounds like I won a beauty contest for porn stars.”

“No, not at all.” I put my arm around her. “You clearly came in second.” She elbowed me in the side. “But should the Mattress Queen be relieved of duties...” Steff put her hand over my mouth, but she'd started laughing.

“Ok, ok,” she said. ”There, you know all my terrible secrets now. Seriously, I don't want the princess stuff to catch on here. Or the jokes about test-driving the products. Or the ones about being murdered by communists. Which, by the way, never, ever make around my parents. They'll hate you forever.”

“Uh, they're going to hate him anyways,” Terra interjected. “He's fucking their baby girl!”

“I won't mention any of that on one condition,” I told Steff.

“What's that?”

“I get to call you Princess as much as I want. That's going to be your lame pet name.”

Steff rolled her eyes but she was grinning ear to ear. “Deal. But I'm going to think of something really lame to call you.” She gave me a quick peck. “And just because my father is a successful entrepreneur that doesn't make me a Rich Girl.” The way Steff said 'rich girl' dripped with disdain.

“That is the definition of rich.” Terra countered.

“Rich people don't have to work! My Dad works ten hour days! Six days a week sometimes. My whole family works. My brothers and I spend every summer at that store. We're a hardworking immigrant family living the American Dream.”

“You're an immigrant?” I asked. “Since when?”

“Not [i]me.[/i] My parents. From Russia. During the [i]Cold War[/i]. Wasn't exactly easy for them.” Steff crossed her arms and scowled. This had stopped being fun teasing for her. “I'm [i]not[/i] one of those stupid Rich Girls. I'm [i]here[/i], not getting trashed with my legs in the air in some Sorority for four years till I get some bullshit Communications degree and a job at daddy's company! I'm here. I earned that.” Her volume was rising. I squeezed her reassuringly and Terra reached across the table to hold her hands. They were shaking.

“Hey! Whoa. C'mon. You know I'm just fucking with you.” Terra said earnestly. “You're pretty much the only one around here I respect. You and me, opposite sides, same coin. Orchard Falls and Tanglewood.” For the benefit of those not familiar with Riverburn, those are a very rich suburb and a very not rich neighborhood, respectively. “Gross creeps don't want us here, but who fucking cares what they want? Right?”

Steff took a deep breath and nodded. “Right. Sorry. Sore point, I guess. Or my weekly freak out.” She put her head on my shoulder, closed her eyes, and sighed.

“Those seem to be coming more often these days,” Terra sighed. “I know mine are. I wouldn't've expected one from you after last night though. Sounded like pretty good stress release.”

Steff blushed. “Lots of stress. Gonna take a lot of work to get it all out. You up for that?” She asked me.

“Anything for you, Princess,” I replied. I kissed her. She tasted like corn syrup pretending to be maple syrup.

After breakfast I decided to walk with Steff to her exam. It was on the other side of campus, the weather was wet and cold, and I had no real reason to go. Except that Steff seemed oddly fragile. That was cause enough to slog through the slush.

“Are you mad?” She asked me the second we parted ways with Terra.

“No. Why would I be mad?”

“I didn't know what to say when she asked me about last night. So I sort of outed us. Not totally but, like 2/3rds,” she whispered. “I thought you might be mad about admitting to the Master and slave part. But Terra's smart, and if she got suspicious she might figure out the truth. So, yeah, I gave her 2/3rds. And honestly it's nice to have a friend who knows that much. All of this between us is great, but it's also kind of overwhelming. Now I can talk about the boyfriend stuff and even some of the Master stuff, and just generally gush about how great it all is.” She chuckled to herself. “Not that I don't gush plenty with you. In a couple of ways.” She snuggled in closer to me.

“What exactly did you tell her?”

“That when my crutch broke you rushed out to help me, and that made me realize just how great a boyfriend you would be. And since I already had a crush on you-”

“What? Since when?”

“Maybe Shlocktober?” Shlocktober is an annual marathon of terrible old monster movies, hosted by the Film Society. RBIT students and Alums, along with connoisseurs of garbage film, gather in droves to give them the MST3K treatment for a solid 36 hours. It's awesome. Steff and I spent most of it together, both working the concessions and sitting together in the theater. It was the most fun I can remember having. “Maybe. I don't know if I thought of you, you know, [i]that way[/i] yet. But I've been imagining fucking you since at least Thanksgiving. Lots of downtime after surgery to read dirty hypnosis stories. I imagined you as the guy and me as the girl in all of them. I didn't tell Terra [i]that[/i] part. But I had said you were looking better and better to me, and that if I was going to pick a guy around here it would be you. So it wasn't a shock for her. So I told her I just decided to go for broke and waited for you naked in your room. Of course you were super into me-”

“Humble as ever, I see.”

“You've had a crush on me since orientation, admit it!”

“I will not! I've fantasized about having sex with you since then, while also becoming your friend. Much different from having a crush.”

“Eh, sounds like a crush. Anyways, I told Terra how super into each other we are, we can't keep our hands off each other, but it also feels like it could be love, blah blah blah. I said the Master/Slave stuff was something I saw in a porno and wanted to try, but we both loved it and we'll probably do it again. Nothing about hypnosis.”

“I'm fine with you telling her that.” I said. “Actually I'd be fine with that being, you know, common knowledge.”

“I bet you would!” Steff laughed. “You come off as such a stud. The hot bitchy girl is so into you she throws herself at you and wants to be your slave. I sound like a total slut. And given how some guys acted around me as a virgin ice-queen, I don't want to see how they'd treat me as a slut. I [i]would[/i] like everyone knowing I'm your girlfriend. As long as they don't ask a ton of questions about it. Like, if we could just put a notice in the paper. 'Mister Thomas Bukowski and Miss Stefania Volkov hooked up this past Tuesday. It was great and they've decided to make it a regular thing. They have officially proclaimed themselves Boyfriend and Girlfriend.' And everyone would just know.”

“We could register at Gamestop.”

“Maybe someone would get us a Dreamcast!”

“Mm-hmm. Because apparently you'd never be able to afford one otherwise.” Steff elbowed me in the side for that, but didn't draw away. “Seriously Steff, are you ok? What was all that stuff about rich girls about?”

“I'm not sure.” She said. “About either. I guess it's just... I work hard to earn my place. Not just here, but in general. The idea of being some bimbo heiress who's only worth anything because of her daddy's money, it's like my worst nightmare.”

“Steff, C'mon. Nobody who's talked to you for even a minute would think you're like that.” We were coming up to the building where her Electrical Engineering final was being held.

“Thanks. I know that. Really. It's a dumb thing to be upset about. But sometimes... you ever wonder if you're really smart? Like maybe people have just been being nice? Or you got lucky on some test, and people got the wrong idea, and any second now they'll realize? Or people only tell you you're smart because you're pretty? Like am I really just so incredibly stupid I can't even tell?”

“Well I'm pretty sure you're smarter than me. And I always considered myself at least above average. I'm not pretty or rich, so people wouldn't be sucking up to me, right?”

“You're a little pretty.” She said. “Especially your eyes.”

“My point is, no one's likely to be lying to me about it. But plenty have said I'm smart. And I think you're be smarter than me. So logically, that makes it pretty unlikely that you're secretly stupid, right? And hey, I could have sex with you just by saying a trigger word. So I don't have to lie to you for that.” I opened the door for her.

“You [i]are[/i] a really nice person though,” she argued. She smiled weakly. “You'd tell a stupid girl she's smart just to make her feel better.”

“All right, you need to get out of your head.”

“I need to get you [i]into[/i] my head.” She stared whispering, “Fuck my brain till it's too tired to worry any more. Make it a happy puddle sloshing around in my skull.” She chuckled. “Is there some hypno thing you can do to fix me? Make the stupid insecure me shut up?”

“I don't know about that, but I think there's definitely something I can do to help on this test.” I looked around. There were a fair number of other people in the hall with us. More than I liked having around Steff when she's under. Many of them were prudently using the bathrooms before their exams, making that an equally bad option. The best I could do would be the doorway of a locked, empty room, which formed a slight alcove. I guided Steff into one. I took her in my arms and whispered.

“Down Deep,” her eyes closed, her jaw went slack, and her legs turned limp. “Stand up.”

“Yes, Ma-”

“Don't respond right now. Just listen and obey. You hear only my voice.” I raced through those commands in hopes of preventing some passer-by from overhearing something suspicious or accidentally slipping something into her mind. I resumed more calmly “In a few minutes you're going to start your final. The very instant you begin, there will be a filter in your brain. No thoughts about anything you don't need to know for this exam will get through. You'll find your memory crystal clear. Absolutely nothing will be able to distract you. You'll be able to devote all of your brainpower to your final. This will last until you turn in your exam. After that the filter will let everything through except one kind of thought; it won't allow you to worry about the result of this exam. The filter will turn that kind of thought into relief. Nod if you understand me.” Steff nodded.

“I'm going to wake you up on the count of three. You'll remember everything I just told you, both consciously and subconsciously. One. Coming out of the deep calm water. Two. Almost entirely awake. Three.” Her gorgeous green eyes fluttered open. She hugged me close and kissed me hard.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly.

“Don't be,” I told her, “you can do that as much as you want.”

“No, I mean... when you took me you probably thought you were getting this strong, confident girl. But surprise! Steff is just this big ball of insecurity in a hard bitchy shell. Sorry, all sales are final, no backsies. You're stuck with me.”

“You need to stop calling yourself a bitch.” I told her. “I don't like people talking about my Princess that way.”

She rolled her eyes. “Just you wait. Your pet name is going to be [i]so[/i] lame.”

“I look forward to it.” I kissed her. It was a really nice moment until-

“Ohmygod you guys are so cute together! Tom! You walked her to class? That is so sweet!” Steff winced. I turned and saw the delighted face of Claire. Steff's [i]other[/i] neighbor.

Claire was not stupid. She really wasn't. But if she saw the slightest hint of romance, or a baby animal, or anything else cute, her Squee! reflex would overpower her for days. Then she did kind of clueless things. Like interject herself into a romantic moment between her friends. She was unfailingly friendly, relentlessly positive and assumed everyone she met was her friend. Being as sweet as she was (and also rather pretty, which helps) she was usually right. So I think she just never learned to drop it when people didn't want to talk.

Steff coughed and drew away from me. “Morning, Claire. What are you-”

“Statistics final in room 107! You?”

“Intro Electrical Engineering in 105. So, good luck.” Steff started walking away. But of course Claire was going the same direction, and could easily keep up with her.

“Thanks. But enough about that, I am so happy to see you two together! Walking all the way across campus together in the snow. Stopping to kiss in the hall. So sweet!. Last night wasn't the first time, was it? How long has this been going on?” Steff was looking away from Claire, trying not to encourage her. I could see her face though. Her expression was very clearly one of “Lord, grant me the strength not to cut this bitch.”

It was like watching a puppy frolic in a minefield. I had to intervene. “Listen, Claire-”

“Oh, are you guys embarrassed? Cause you have nothing to be embarrassed about! I mean it.” Claire put her hand on Steff's shoulder. I tried to position myself between them while reached into my pocket for my phone. Someone might need to call 911 soon. “Never let anyone shame you for doing what makes you happy! Life's short, right?”

Steff wheeled on Claire so quickly I was sure Claire's life was going to be very short. She glared up at her (Claire was nearly six feet tall) for a tense second. Her hands were balled into fists. Claire's look of enthusiastic approval briefly became one of wounded incomprehension. Then something amazing happened. Steff's relaxed and she nodded.

“That's, um, that's actually good advice,” she said. “But look, Claire, I just really don't like people talking about that stuff? It's private, and personal. Just between me and Tom, you know? So could you not mention it, to anyone? It'd really help me out.”

“Oh! Ok. Sure. My lips are sealed, I know nothing, and so on.” Claire broke out in a conspiratorial grin. “I'll even get some earplugs so I won't overhear anything. I'll just say that hypothetically, a guy like him and a girl like you could make a really great couple. He's like, really chill, and she's all intense, they could really sorta complete each other, and if they had the same kinks, hey, that's even better. That's the last you'll hear from me about that. Promise.” Claire pulled Steff into a hug. Astonishingly, Steff even hugged her back for a second. “Ok, good luck on electrical engineering! I'm sure you don't need it though. Bye!” She walked on, safe in her invisible pink bubble, as if taking a statistics exam on a bleak morning was perfect happiness.

We'd come to room 105. Before she could go in, I stopped Steff. “What was that? You did a total 180. Does Claire have mind control powers?” She shook her head with a sad smile.

“It was the expression on her face. Looking at her, it just suddenly hit me. It's not an act. She's not trying to get attention, or hide her intelligence, or any of the other things I've thought about her. Clarie's really like that. She thinks I'm her friend. She just wants everything to be cute, and everyone to be happy and in love, and the world to be this great friendly place. She can't help being like that, any more than I can help being, you know, how I am.”

“How you are is strong and smart, and generally awesome.” I embraced her. “So don't fight it. Go in there and kick some Ohms, Princess. Then come by my place after.”

“Sure, but I have two more finals tomorrow, and I'm part of some study groups for them. So much as I hate to say it, I shouldn't spend all afternoon, you know, with you. Unless you [i]really[/i] want me too, of course.”

“I need to hit the books myself. My last test is tomorrow morning. History of the Byzantine Empire. So many Constantines to keep straight.”

“Who comes to RBIT for History and English?” Steff teased. She was still hugging me close.

“Your boyfriend. Now get in there. Go, get it over with. No more stalling, Princess.”

She let me go. Smiling, she whispered in my ear, “You're going to get such a dumb name. Just you wait.”

I'd promised myself a nap when I got back to my room. The more responsible use of the morning would have been to study. Instead I spent the whole time thinking about Steff. Of course that was natural enough. I was eighteen and in love for the first time. Even without the weird circumstances there was plenty of Steff worth thinking about. Unfortunately that morning my conscience kept pushing concerns ahead of fun memories and fantasies for the future.

I kept thinking about her sudden eruption at breakfast. Insisting she earned her place here, even when nobody was saying otherwise. She sounded way too much like she had when I took her down deep the day before. When she told me if she was weak, it'd mean someone else deserved her life. Then she was so desperate to be reassured that she was smart. It didn't take a genius to see what was happening.

People who get into RBIT are the ones who maintained A averages while still having time and energy for a bunch of extra-curriculars. All of that was so we could get into a school like RBIT, where the standards are much higher. Then surprise! Standards are much higher. Half of us were now suddenly below average. Like, by definition. We were in a brave new world where a B could be a big win and sometimes just passing was victory. That hit some of us harder than others. Someone like Steff, with that powerful need to overachieve to justify her existence, could really fall apart over it. So badly, for example, that she has a breakdown and convinces herself a friend had hypnotized her into being a sex slave.

Having been the beneficiary of this crisis, I obviously had a duty to help her through it. A responsible Master takes care of his slave; any decent boyfriend tries to help his girlfriend cope. The whole “filter on your brain” thing was an improvised, spur of the moment attempt to do that. Hypnosis for studying and stress relief wasn't exactly a novel concept though. I could do some research and try some scripts. Keep saying nice things to her because “my praise brings her joy.” Of course I'd happily help Steff work off her stress, giving her plenty of those beatific orgasms. Was that enough? Or did I have some obligation to go down deep in that brain of hers and somehow make things better? That was a dangerous idea that could easily go wrong. But I'd sort of already done it. But not actually, because she started it herself.

Ugh. You'd think having your fantasy come true through sheer dumb luck would be a lot less complicated.

When Steff showed up at my door she was clearly feeling much better. Since I knew her so well I picked up on the little clues like her enormous smile, shining eyes, and the way she threw herself into my arms the second she saw me.

“You're the best!” She started kissing me. “It really worked.” More kissing. “It felt amazing.” Kiss. “I was totally in the zone.” Kiss, kiss, kiss. “I'm pretty sure I nailed it.” Much deeper kiss. “But I don't even care right now.” More kisses, and she pushed me down onto the futon. “You turned off most of my brain.” She flopped down on top of me, to kiss me more. “It was so hot.” She paused to catch her breath. “I spent the whole walk over trying to think of a way to thank you.”

“Yeah? What'd you come up with?” I pulled her even closer with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other.

She laughed. “Nothing was good enough! But I thought I'd start with another blowjob.” She unbuttoned my fly and pulled down my zipper. “A nice sloppy, slobbery one. Then...” struggling in my grip, she pulled her sweater and undershirt off. “I thought maybe you'd like to fuck my tits?” She shook the beauties in question, still enclosed in a plain white bra.

“There's one more thing I want.” I growled. She unhooked her bra, and shrugged out of it. I cupped a breast possessively.

“Literally anything,” Steff moaned. She slipped a hand into my pants and started fondling.

“I'm going to eat you out. Get out of those jeans, Princess.” She squealed in surprise when I spanked her. Her eyes lit up.

“Oh my god, you're spoiling me.” She started shimmying out of her pants while she kissed me. Reluctantly she released her lip-lock in a few minutes so I could take my shirt off.

“Since I'm going to have my mouth full: you're allowed to cum when I tap your thigh like this.” I tapped lightly with two fingers three times. “And hush.”

“Oh. Ok. Well since [i]I'm[/i] going to have my mouth full: Holy shit that feels good, I love you so much, and oh my God oh my God I'm cumming,” she whispered to me with a grin.

Our first time 69ing started out as an awkward mess of limbs and half removed clothes. After some giggling and stray elbows, we got down to business. Steff's beautiful bare slit was right over my face. It was my second time ever licking a pussy (and first ever with the girl completely awake) and once again I was shooting fish in a barrel. Steff had gotten herself so wound up a stiff breeze probably could have gotten her off. I gave it my all nonetheless. Steff moaned softly around my dick more than a few times while she wiggled and squirmed above me.

The blowjobs Steff had given me before had been, for lack of a better word, rational. She was working on a puzzle, or maybe playing a game. She'd try something, watch my reaction, plan her next move accordingly. Not that there was any lack of passion, that was just how Steff expressed passion, with focus and determination. This was different. Maybe I was distracting her too much to think about what she was doing. Her tongue would flail, then begin stroking languidly. Sometimes she'd stop altogether, seemingly content to hold me in her mouth while she panted and moaned. True to her word it was sloppy and slobbery. She seemed determined to leave my cock as wet as her pussy was making my face. Speaking of which...

Steff twitched when she felt the first tap. She tensed when she felt the second. When I gave her the third tap, she melted. Her hips ground down on me, smothering me with her sodden sex. She gagged on my cock, then let it slip her lips. Her head rolled onto my thigh, panting, drooling and whispering. I couldn't hear her, but I could feel her hot breath on my balls. Her whole body was limp while she recovered.

I didn't want her to recover. I rolled her onto her back, straddling her chest. Her milk-pale breasts were quivering delightfully with each breath. Her eyes were shining; she smiled as she shifted under me. Warm, soft flesh enveloped my slick dick. It only took us a few seconds to find a smooth pace. Great as it felt, I think the sight of it excited me even more. I loved Steff's mind and her heart, but I'd lusted after her body since first sight.

“As good as you'd hoped?” Steff whispered. It was almost lost in the fleshy slapping sounds we were making.

“Better,” I said. By god I meant it. Often as I'd imagined tit-fucking her, my feverish teen imagination never anticipated how perfect the jiggling would feel. Or the way her breath would hitch when I rolled a stiff nipple between my fingers. Even in fantasies where I'd brainwashed her into loving it, I'd never imagined the mix of worship and arousal I saw on her flushed face.

“They're yours. Whenever, wherever you want. Grope me in class? Yes, please. Feel like sucking on them in the middle of the quad? Sounds great. Want to tit-fuck me in church? I'll use holy water as fucking lube.” Steff's eyes were glazing over as she got lost in her fantasies. “They're your toys. [i]I'm[/i] your toy. Your plaything. Your fucking property.” Her tit-lock became a bit looser as she snuck a hand down to her pussy. “Use me. Own me. Claim me. Mark me as yours. Cum on my tits, my face, wherever you want. Please, let me feel it.”

Her words were getting to me almost as much as her tits were. “When I do, I want you to cum for me.” I growled out.

Steff somehow got even more eager. She bounced her tits faster. From the schlicking sounds behind my back, she attacked her pussy fervently. “Yes sir! You tell me when to cum. You own me, my cunt, my brain, my every fucking thing. I'm your needy little fucktoy, your pet cunt, your, your... I don't fucking know! Just... I'm yours.” She seemed to like that one, because she kept repeating it. “I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours, myorsmyorsmyors, mores, more!”

It was finally too much to me. I came all over her tits.

Actually that's an exaggeration. Covering all of her tits would have been beyond me even if I hadn't cum god knows how many times in the past few days. That's a lot of area to cover. Still, it was plenty to send Steff toppling over the edge. She rasped out wordless noises of pleasure. I grunted and panted and my vision narrowed.

I got back to my senses first, and took a good look at her. Sweaty, flushed, hair in disarray, green eyes far away with a mix of drool and cum on her chest and a big stupid grin on her face. She had never been more beautiful. She lay there making “mmm” noises and lightly touching the cum pooling on her chest. Steff was the one who spoke first. “[i]I[/i] was supposed to be thanking [i]you[/i].”

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