Fearful Heart of Wood

Chapter 1- Lockdown

by Crowhaven

Tags: #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #monster_fucking #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi #bondage #D/s #dom:plant #drug_play #eventual_smut #fear_play #transgender_characters

This is my very first fic, so please be gentle with me! <3 I hope you all enjoy it!

“I can't believe this is happening to me...” Amelia Bianchi is sitting in a cold, dark cell, she stares through the bars out into the large transport hanger that has been shut down for the night. All I did was make one stupid post on the net and now I'm getting shipped off to what? Some high security military prison? What kind of threat am I this is bullshit, all I did was speak the truth I'm not some fucking terrorist. Though with how the Accord is, speaking the truth might as well label me a terrorist.

Mom always told me not to kick the hornet's nest.

Amelia leaned back into her chair in a drunken stupor, having just been fired from her position as a professor of history at New Miskatonic University just two years after getting hired there. She had been fired for accidentally mentioning some facts about history that went against the university's censorship policies one too many times and was ousted unceremoniously. So here she was alone in her apartment on a Friday night, soon to be evicted and more wasted than she had ever been in her life. She lays her face on her computer desk and takes a deep, sorrowful sigh, “Oh god what am I going to do. I can't move back in with mom. She is already struggling to pay the bills! Am I just done? Doomed to be homeless and die on the street...” She didn't have enough income without that teaching position, her only means of income was writing erotic monster fucker fiction on the internet and that sure as hell wasn't going to pay for this apartment.

Amelia peers up at her desktop screen sitting idle on her social media feed. Everyone is talking about the war, just the same propaganda over and over.

I heard the Xenos eat people


I bet they wanna keep us as cattle to drink our blood uwu

Just a bunch of idiots parroting off the same Accord propaganda again and again. She gives a bitter chuckle, “Least the blood drinking one is kinda hot I guess.” She tries to respond to some of these idiotic posts with the obvious truth that humanity knows barely anything about these aliens and we shouldn't spread such baseless assumptions. In return, she was simply called a plant fucker and told to shut the fuck up by what was obviously some fed account. At that moment something inside Amelia just snapped, her eyes saw red and her brain flooded with rage to accompany the copious amounts of alcohol already residing in there and she began to type furiously.


I AM FUCKING TIRED OF THIS SHAM GOVERNMENT! I doubt any of you idiots know this but hundreds of years ago before the Accord many human nations actually offered adequate social safety nets and get this FREE FUCKING HEALTHCARE. That's right paid by the vast amount of taxes they take from us now but no even though since we have become a civilization capable of populating the stars it can't even provide basic needs for its citizens and instead spent all of it's time lying to our faces. Let the Affini come! If I know anything about the Accord it's that they are allergic to the truth, you can see that in the massive censorship they try to shield you from like the history I said above. These new xenos can't be any worse than our current government that I hope gets crushed like it deserves.


Amelia sat at her desk breathing heavily trying to calm herself down. She thought about deleting the post but her drunken mind was too angry to be too worried about it so she shuffled off to bed to await the horrible hangover the next day.

She should have been more careful.

So here she waits, starving in this cramped cell without any of her medications, awaiting a transport that would arrive tomorrow to take her and other political prisoners to some kind of indoctrination center most likely. How could she have been so stupid, now she was going to die alone or be broken into some patriotic lobotomite who can’t do anything besides be an Accord mouthpiece.

She can't sleep and spends the entire rest of the night with her heart racing as it sinks in that her life really is over. Amelia has never been so scared in her entire life and it doesn't get any better as she sees soldiers file in. It must be almost dawn, time is nearly up. This is it, just awful, awful waiting to be taken away to god knows where. Her depressive spiral is suddenly interrupted by the power going out. She screams until the emergency lights kick on and dimly light the hanger. She can hear soldiers start to freak out trying to figure out what's wrong until she hears a whisper in the air that sounds like it comes from every direction

“Such adorable little humans...oh I'm going to have fun with you.” A phantom voice sends a shiver down Amelia's spine, such a melodic feminine voice but with an edge that makes her break out into sweat. Who in the hell is that?

A loud bang of twisting metal booms through the hanger as a giant being seems to have slammed through the roof directly in front of the squad of terran soldiers crowded in front of Amelia's cell.

Amelia's eyes widen in awe at the creature in front of her. A giant mess of dark green and black vines tipped with red rises to a dizzying height in front of the terrified soldiers. Stalks extend from its head and splay out as it seems to give a casual stretch, vines whipping around in every direction. Stars, it must be at least 13 feet tall! After the creature has stood to its full height she can see the form of a woman in the vines with a face made of what appears to be wood with a crack down the right side of its face. Amelia can't breathe, her brain is overloading as it can't cope with what's happening in front of it. This creature is unbelievably terrifying and more importantly the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. An Affini? I’ve never actually seen one.

“D-don't move, you’re outnumbered! S-surrender or we will open fire!” shouts the terrified squad captain, his gun raised upwards to the face of the monster

“Oh you will? Perhaps you should just submit cutie, we wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt would we?” The creature smiles, but in a flash a vine strikes through the air and slaps the rifle out of the captain's hands. “Oops.” says the beauty as its smile twists into something a tiny bit more sadistic.

Amelia covers her ears and closes her eyes in fear as the rifles start unloading into the plant woman. After just a few moments the sounds of fighting stops. Amelia cautiously opens her eyes to find the entire squadron being restrained in the monster's vines and seeming to quickly fall unconscious as they drop to the floor like sacks of potatoes. The creature almost looks disappointed as its body ripples in what she can only guess is a sigh.

“Well that was a bit boring, this is isn't as heavily guarded as I thought.” Its eyes shoot up towards Amelia standing in shock in the cell. “Oh! Hi there sweetie, you don't look mean like these ones were. Do you want me to get you out of that cage?” Its face frowns, “I hope these other humans haven't been too cruel to you.”

Amelia nods her head in shock and the bars of the cell are quickly torn off and she is free. She stumbles up to the entity and whimpers, “T-thank you... and yeah they didn't give me any food or anything...fuckers”

A reassuring smile breaks across the plant's wooden face, stars that smile is so beautiful. “Well my friends will be here soon and we will take all of you somewhere safe. You are all perfectly safe now under the protection of the Affini Compact.” After a slight pause, a vine is raised and strokes through Amelia's hair, “I am Dahlia Senari, Fourth Bloom, She/Her. May I have the name of the adorable human that's in front of me?”

Amelia's brain falls out of her head as she processes what was said to her. I'm safe? Oh my god my life isn't over! This is what Affini are like? Are they all this fucking pretty? SHE THINKS I'M ADORABLE? How can this absolute goddess think I'm adorable? Fuck it was so hot when she just took out all of those soldiers, wait she ripped steel in half with her vines! Her vines might be strong but they feel so good petting my head like this. Ahhhhhhhh.

Dahlia stares at the human waiting for a response before asking “Are you okay sweetie? I'm sure what you saw must have been scary but don't worry, you are perfectly safe now I won't let anything hurt you!”

Amelia blinks. Oh shit I didn't respond! Wait, she'll protect me? That’s so sweet, my heart, how is she so perfect I can't. “UH I'm so sorry I blanked! I'm Amelia Bianchi ummm she/her. I'm so sorry I just blank when I see such incredibly beautiful women I guess!” Oh fuck why did I say that.

Dahlia's black vines slightly shift in color, becoming a bit more red all over as the human finishes her statement. “W-what? Incredibly beautiful? I can't say I've heard that one too often, usually you humans are terrified of me!” She lets out a giggle that just melts Amelia's brain into a puddle.

“Terrifying? What? Of course not! I mean… kinda but like that's part of what makes you so pretty, I-I mean never mind! I'm just going to shut up before I embarrass myself further…Thank you for saving me. I owe you so much for this.” Amelia breaks out into a blush and curses herself for talking too much and looks down at her feet.

Dahlia bends down and pushes up Amelia's chin with a delicate hand of tightly bound plant life and looks into her eyes, “Oh you are such an interesting human, I look forward to talking to you some more. Let's get you out of here though, we can get you some food and a checkup back at the ship.” With a smile Dahlia lifts the small human up into her vines and cradles her as she leaves the hanger with more Affini flooding in to rescue the prisoners within.

Amelia's heart can't stop racing at feeling her whole body being cradled into the chest of this giant goddess of a woman. As she snuggles up to the alien hottie however she can feel an unearthly calm enter her being and the night of exhaustion catches up to her. She falls asleep peacefully in the vines as they caress her body. This day started off as what felt like the end of her life but now it's starting to feel like the start of the best chapter of it she's ever had.

Amelia has found out that there are actually hot monsters for her to make out with in this universe. If we all could be so lucky.

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