Cause and Effect

by Creirwy

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #drugged #f/f #sub:female #scifi #time_travel

Temporal scientist Lillian decides to bend the rules to improve her circumstances.

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"Put your hand on the scanner," Lillian instructed. The scientist obediently placed her hand on the smart-glass panel, a roving beam of yellow light cross-checking her biometric data against the security system’s database.  As the glass turned green , the door slid open. "Now lead me to your laboratory."

The scientist, Doctor Maria Nevins, silently walked down the dark corridor of the institute. Her lab coat was open and her ponytail was loose, as if she had been distracted in the middle of changing into her civilian clothes.  Lillian's eyes bored into her back, sometimes slipping lower, but her mind was elsewhere.

She was taking a BIG risk. Hugely unethical, for multiple reasons, not least of which was the circlet Maria currently wore, allowing Lillian to control her thoughts.

Well, 'circlet'. It was more like a heavy metal band across her temple, complete with electromagnets, battery back and ear buds. A very crude design, but effective.  Lillian had personally invented it  behind closed doors, and it did its job.

The  wearer’s neurons were stimulated by the electromagnets, allowing the user to put them into a deep sleep state and rendering the wearer open to all kinds of suggestions - ethics violation number one - and would have no memory upon waking.

It was the best way for Lillian to get into this part of the lab off the books..  True, she may have won accolades for her discoveries in quantum physics and development of a system to allow for the transmission of data across  time as well as space, but she didn’t have the qualifications or know-how to transmit physical data too. She was always more concerned with the cerebral, anyway .

She also wasn't qualified to move up in the Chronal Institute’s hierarchy. An embarrassing attempt at drunken flirting with the CEO had ruined her dreams of heading her own department.  Lillian wouldn't say she was a mad scientist, or even an arrogant one, but she definitely deserved more than she had right now. 

Thus her risky plan, and ethical violation number two: improve her current life by undoing her mistake in the past.

"Explain the machine to me, Maria."

"The subject stands in the chamber," Doctor Nevins droned. "The collider generates a micro black hole and the subject's objective information is cycled close to the speed of light orbiting the singularity, and the time dilation causes -"

"I know the time travel mechanics, Maria, I helped discover them," Lillian bristled. "I meant what are the limitations, the process?"

"The subject's body will leave this world line. The subject cannot return to this world line without using the machine on the other side before affecting a major shift in the world line."

That was fine. Lillian didn't have anything in this life worth coming back for.  She could quite happily dip out of causality if it improved her station in the next life. Although there was a similar problem waiting for her: if she went back with no way to skip back into the future, she wouldn't be improving her own life, she'd be improving the life of the version of herself she was about to... assist. And as altruistic as she believed herself to be, she didn't want to go to all this effort just to watch another her live the life she wanted. Plus there were a few major world events she didn't want to relive between now and ten years ago.

Thus, in addition to the 'slave' circlet Maria currently wore, Lillian wore a 'master' circlet. This served the dual purpose of allowing Lillian to control the thoughts and responses and perceptions of the person wearing the slave circlet, but it would also allow her - if all went well - to transmit her memory and personality data into the unknown future of the new world line, overwriting her other self after she had lived her life.

Ethics violation number three. Though it wasn't quite overwriting, more... A merging? Yes, that made it more palatable. Every scientist worth her salt knew information couldn’t be destroyed, so it stood to reason the recipient of her future memories and personality would still exist, they’d just sort of... wake up with more experience, knowledge and intellect. Really, if you looked at it like that, she was being magnanimous.

"Get it ready."

Maria entered the laboratory containing the experimental time machine and started pushing buttons, pulling levers, and typing instructions into consoles. "What is your destination?" She intoned emotionlessly.

"30th of January, 2054. 1:02 am," Lillian instructed. Her nineteenth birthday. A bit further back than she needed to go, perhaps, but it was better to be safe than sorry. She watched Maria work, her analytical mind impressed by the mechanical simplicity of the device. "Can I activate it myself?"

"A timer can be set to engage transference," Maria responded.

"Good. Show me how." A few moment's study and Lillian felt ready. There was just one more thing. "Give us a kiss, Maria”. 

Two more things.

Maria emotionlessly kissed Lillian, who took the opportunity to feel her colleague up. She wouldn't remember it in the morning and the lopsided power dynamic was hot, damn it. And didn't people usually get send-off kisses?

Lillian was leaving this entire timeline, she at least deserved a little make out for the road. 

"Fall asleep until the lights turn themselves off," Lillian instructed, and Maria collapsed in her arms. Gently lowering her to the floor, Lillian removed the circlet from Maria's head, put it in her backpack and engaged the timer.

"Twenty seconds to transfer," a computerised voice called. A loud hum kicked in from outside the lab; the collider spinning up. A number of alarms also started to blare.

Probably should have seen that coming, Lillian thought to herself. Unauthorised experimental time travel might be a little on the darker side of legality. But then, given the nature of the world lines, no one who had ever attempted to time travel had actually changed the current timeline - no one was even sure if it really worked, since the results were by definition only apparent in an inaccessible parallel universe.

Lillian felt confident, though. Information was one thing; subtle, gentle, measurable. A whole-ass person would definitely split the world line off. She could count on no one following her; why chase a criminal who had, effectively, erased themselves from your perception of reality?

Lillian was waiting inside the chamber as the laboratory door started to slide open and a deep, thrumming hum reverberated through her body.

She hadn't expected the heat. Nor the pain.

Mercifully, it was over before she even opened her mouth to scream. 

Clamping a hand over her mouth to muffle her instinctive yelp, Lillian waited for her eyes to adjust. One moment there had been a flash of incomprehensible light and a sensation of tightening, the next she was fine, just... fine.

As far as she could tell, she was standing at the top of the stairs of her old house. If her teenage diaries were correct, this fortnight her parents had both gone interstate on a trip, leaving her alone. Even as a nineteen-year old Lillian had never been terribly outgoing, so she could be expected to be sound asleep at 1:02 am.

Sure enough, as Lillian crept over to her old room and through the door, she saw her youthful body sleeping soundly. "Holy shit," she whispered. "I actually fucking time travelled." 

She felt the urge to do an uncharacteristically excited jig, but there would be time for that when she wasn't trying to stealth around her past life.

Delicately, gently, then suddenly, as if trying to catch a bug in a glass, Lillian lowered the slave circlet over her younger self's forehead then snapped it into place. The younger Lillian gasped as her eyes opened, blearily staring and jerking away.

"Hold still!" Lillian grunted, shoving the ear buds into place before flicking a switch first on the slave circlet, then the master one she still wore. "Become docile!" 

Instantly her younger self's body relaxed, gently lowered itself back into a resting position and let out a deep, blissful sigh, eyes hooding. Lillian curiously waved a hand in front of her past self's eyes, noting them slowly shifting to track her hand, then cupped a breast. Upon earning no response to the latter, Lillian was satisfied.

"Alright... Listen very, very carefully, Lillian," she instructed. The other Lillian turned to stare at her, with all her focus. Lillian felt that same rush of glee at the power dynamic shifting her way, but she wasn't done yet. "I'm going to modify your behaviour and outlook a little. Trust me, you'll thank me later. This is what you want. Isn't it?"

"This is what I want," the younger Lillian mumbled, barely moving her lips.

"Good," Lillian replied, thinking a moment before she spoke. "You will be more confident in yourself, Lillian. There are opportunities coming in your future you might miss out on because you lack the self confidence or swagger to overcome. So don't let them pass you by: you deserve what you want, and you have the power to take it. Do you understand?"

"I understand," her past self droned.

Lillian smiled. If all went according to plan, her younger self would grow into a more accomplished scientist, overcoming the self-imposed limitations that had so hampered Lillian's own life.  She couldn't wait to reap the benefits.

"Second, and this is very, very important: in a moment, you will fall asleep. Upon waking, you will put that circlet you're wearing into this box," Lillian held it up," and put the box away. You will then forget this conversation, and the box, until the 14th of March, 2064. At that time you will open the box and follow the instructions inside. You will dream nightly about that date and the box so you will not forget. Understood?"


Lillian grinned and keyed her master circlet. "14 March, 2064, here I come. You can sleep now, Lillian."

The younger copy of herself closed her eyes and sighed into a deep slumber, as the older Lillian flicked a switch, pressed a button, and a - this time - painless rush of speed yanked her away from her body.

As her vision returned to her, Lillian found herself staring into the eyes of a tall, dark haired woman with a braided ponytail draped across one shoulder. She wore sharp, seductive dark make-up and held a stick of black lipstick to her lips, matching the skin-tight leather suit encasing her chest.

Lillian then saw the edges of the mirror and dropped the lipstick with a scream.

"What the fuck!" She gasped, taking a step back and damn near falling on her ass, belatedly learning she was wearing spike-like high heeled boots. She stumbled around the room in a daze, gasping and making confused noises. The suit hugged her body so tight she  felt like a coiled spring, and entirely too on-display. And what the fuck was the whip for? 

She staggered out of the bathroom and into an unfamiliar bedroom. A collection of handcuffs, ropes and candles stood proudly on a table next to a queen-sized bed. She could smell the musk of sex and saw a wad of cash next to a bottle of wine.

"Mistress Lilith?" She muttered as she read the note. "You have GOT to be kidding me. What the fuck, past me?" 

What part of "have more self-confidence, take what you want" came across as "be a dominatrix" to her younger self? She had meant in a business sense, for fucks' sake. God, this was so frustrating. She wanted to find someone, tie them down and whip - 

She broke that line of thought with a blush. "Okay, that wasn't me. That was this body. As is this fucking arousal," she growled, trying to adjust the suit so it wasn't teasing her nipples. "Haven't you heard of underwear?"

She needed to get back to the past and fix this. She had wanted respect and dominance in her field, not in the bedroom . The problem was she didn't  see anything that suggested she had stuck with science in this timeline.


Still, even without her, surely the Chronal Institute had been founded? Maybe she could sneak back in and send herself back? She didn't have the materials or tools necessary to make another set of control circlets, though, so she'd have to get creative.

She studied the items scattered around her room, huffed, and grabbed a few of them into a bag. Time for another ethics violation.

Maria stepped through the door to the car park and turned to lock it behind her. As she was raising her key card to the scanner a hand slipped around her neck and clamped over her lips. With an instinctive gasp her lips parted and a pill was thrown into her throat. Coughing, spluttering and struggling with her unseen assailant, Maria tried to escape, but she couldn't bite through a leather glove and more than she could scratch a leather sleeve.

"Calm down, Maria, it's just me," said a deep, husky voice. Maria frowned and managed to turn, eyes bugging out as she beheld a woman a head taller than her in fetish wear. 

"Who the fuck are you?!" She coughed, trying to bring the pill back up. The assault had her heart beating rapidly and her temperature rising. Hopefully the drug wasn't dangerous.

"I suppose you wouldn't know me in this timeline," the dominatrix muttered to herself, then raised her voice. "Have you made a working matter time machine yet?

"Huh?" Maria gasped. "I asked who the fuck you are," she repeated, angrier, cheeks flushed. She wasn't going to give this woman the satisfaction of getting her off-base, no matter how good she looked in that catsuit.

The dark woman sighed "I can NOT  believe I'm doing this," she groaned. "Has the aphrodisiac kicked in yet?"

Maria fanned her cheeks, furrowing her brow. "Aphrowhat?" She panted.

"Good... And goodbye dignity," the other woman muttered. She plastered a grin on her face, shoved Maria against the wall of the laboratory and pinned her in place with one hand, feet on either side of Maria's. She leaned in so close Maria could smell her perfume, the leather of her suit, and the scent of a breath mint. Maria shivered.

"What are you -"

A leather-wrapped finger pressed to her lips. Sensitive lips, apparently. Maria whimpered again and stopped trying to talk. Maybe... maybe submitting to this whack job was safer?

"I need your help, Doctor," the dominatrix cooed, leaning in closer, whispering in her ear as her free hand traced its way down Maria's belly to her waist, across her thigh and then between her legs. "Only you can help me..." 

If she had the focus Maria might have noticed her attacker's cheeks were as flushed as her own, but she barely had the awareness to notice her own legs parting of their own accord as the domme's fingers made their way down her skirt and into her pussy. Maria gasped, squirmed and humped the stranger's hand. Fuck it, she thought. It's been months.

"I am," the dominatrix paused, scrunching her face a little, "Mistress Lilith."

"Lilith," Maria groaned, then gasped as Lilith swatted her hip sharply.

"Mistress, slut. Call me Mistress."

"Mistress Lilith," Maria whimpered. Fuck, she was horny. She had never been this horny. She needed to get off, ASAP.

"I can make you feel good. Would you like me to make you feel good?" Mistress Lilith teased her fingers inside Mariah, who cried out.

"Yes, Mistress Lilith!"

"You'll need to do something for me, then," her tormentor demanded.


"Take me to your time machine." 

It was a top secret project. Maria would be in a lot of trouble if anyone higher up found out what she was doing. She  was putting a lot on the line here.

On the other hand, she was lusty  as all hell and she needed this creep to fuck her brains out. The lab seemed like a nice enough place for it. The stranger was very interested in powering the time machine up - more interested than she as in Maria, and that couldn't be tolerated. How did she even know about the machine anyway?

Such concerns were secondary, though. Moments after opening the lab door, Maria was tugging her clothes off, then her underwear, and then first begging then insisting the dominatrix deliver. Despite her earlier seductive dominance the other woman's face was red  and she seemed reluctant as she bent Maria backwards over a work bench, pressing her tits against Maria's own.

"You're such a fucking slut, aren't you?" The domme growled and shoved her fingers back in Maria's pussy –  where they belonged.

"Yes, Mistress," Maria panted, and whimpered. "Please punish me, use me!" Maria didn't think she could spread her legs any wider but the scientist in her was nothing if not experimental.

"Yeah... You definitely deserve some punishment," the domme muttered, glancing around for a few moments. "And your punishment is... Fuck! Whatever !" she finished, reaching into a bag and pulling out a strap-on that had Maria's eyes bulging and her legs spreading just a little wider. Just watching the woman clasping it around her waist had Maria mewling and leaking.

"Break me, Mistress," she begged, closing her eyes in anticipation and groping her own tits.

"This isn't what I had in mind for a first date," the domme muttered under her breath. Maria had no time to wonder at her meaning before the huge toy slid inside her, assisted by her own sweat and juices, and Maria screamed in pleasure as her lover thrust hard enough to cause her to slide slightly back on the workbench. "Shut up," the dominatrix hissed, clasping a gloved hand over Maria's lips.

The force just made Maria hornier, and her eyelids fluttered as she came. That just made the toy slide easier, though, and for several long, glorious minutes Maria enjoyed the sensation of being used, seemingly without regard for her own safety, as if the domme was impatient and considered her not worth the time. 

Maria came again.

She grinned and kept her eyes closed, basking in the afterglow. Fuck, she'd needed that. Maybe she shouldn't be focusing so much  on work. When the domme slid out Maria whined in disappointment, but already the feeling of insatiable need was rapidly fading. She listened to the gentle taps of the keyboards and beeps of machinery as she fingered her snatch and nipples, thinking back over the encounter.

But as the afterglow slowly faded, a sense of  unease settled in over Maria. She had brought this stranger to a top secret laboratory, for what? To have sex? Not even that; to get railed? She hadn't wanted that an hour ago. She wasn't even sure she had thought about another person's body for the last two years. But then, this woman had shoved some kind of pill in her mouth, and that had made her...

Fuck. Had she been tricked? Was that all it took? A bit of drugging and a hard fuck and she'd risk fifteen years of research and a billion dollars in funding? Shit. What if the machine breaks? None of the checks have been... This could be real bad. Maria stopped touching herself and opened her eyes, sitting up. If she could stop the woman, maybe she could - 

"No, wait!" She cried. Too late; the woman in the chamber burst into a cloud of particles that rapidly decayed and vanished from her perspective. "God damn it."

Still... The apparent thief had voluntarily left the timeline. She couldn't do any damage, according to the many-worlds theory they were operating on. Maybe Maria could just... clean up, hide the evidence and everything would be okay? No one needed to know, right? No harm no foul?

She wiped the logs on the computers and powered down the networks, then hurriedly dressed back in her clothes. She'd just say she had forgotten something in the lab and went back for it. That would be for the best.

As she opened the door to leave she noticed the strap-on sitting on the workbench, and her cheeks coloured. She definitely couldn't leave THAT lying around waiting for an awkward conversation. She snatched it up, stared at it, and slipped it in her handbag with a blush.

"You're coming with me... Mistress ."

On 30 January, 2054, at 1.10 am, a woman in black, skintight leather materialised in her college-aged self's hallway. Lillian had picked this time so she wouldn't bump into herself the last time she was here. Wouldn't want to cause any paradoxes or complicate matters, after all.

The hope was dashed at 1.11 am when she entered her past self's bedroom and found her original brown-haired, scientist self unconscious at the foot of the bed her younger body slept in.

"Ah, fuck," Lillian groaned. "No shit. Jumping forward is mental only, of course the body would get left behind. Idiot!" She smacked herself on the forehead and stomped around in frustration, heels echoing on the floorboards. 

Okay. Think about this logically, Lillian told herself. Nineteen year old Lillian wakes up with the comatose body of her older self on her floor. Probably confusing, maybe traumatic, but in ten  years she was... Lillian glanced in a mirror and frowned at her reflection. Perhaps 'unaffected' wasn't the right word, but she was... functioning. Would another body  be that much worse? Because Lillian definitely didn't want to be stuck in THIS body, with its sexual urges and ridiculous aesthetic. How could any laboratory take her seriously?

No, she had to get her life back on track, and if the cost of that was her younger self waking up confused and panicked ten years ago... What was this, ethics violation five? Did it matter if the last lot were in alternate timelines?

Shaking her head, Lillian pulled the master circlet from her unconscious original's body and set it on her own head, keying and tuning it. She flipped the slave one back on and shook her adolescent self awake.

"Lillian. I have some more instructions for you. You need to listen, and you want to obey."

"I need to listen," came the whispering reply. "I want to obey." 

Lillian grimaced as her borrowed body grew warmer at the words. Not on your life. "Okay. Listen carefully." Lillian thought for a moment. Confidence and a take-what-you-want attitude had led her to a life as an openly sexual dominatrix, somehow. Could she mitigate that at all? "Confidence and doing what you can to achieve your goals is important, but so is responsibility. You should be confident, and you should do what you want, but you shouldn't just live a life of hedonism and sex. You aren't some dumb slut. You have the potential to be the best scientist the world has ever seen. Do you understand?" Lillian held her breath.

"I understand..." Her young form whispered.

She sighed in relief and started tuning the circlet again. "Okay. Good. Now sleep, and remember your other instructions. Oh, and don't worry too much about the bodies when you wake up..."

As her younger body fell asleep, Lillian activated her helmet and her consciousness vanished in a burst of light.

"You have GOT to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!" Lillian shrieked at the mirror. 

Her first sensation upon waking had been relaxation. She was in bed, despite having set herself to return to this date at 2 pm. There was a fullness between her legs. To her horror, she had flinched away from it, but it just followed her. Some frantic tossing of blankets and quick exploration with her hand had uncovered a pink dildo she wouldn't have thought would fit, somehow wedged right up in there as she slept.

Then she had belatedly noticed a few other important details and made a beeline for the nearest mirror, bringing her to the source of her new frustration: dyed blonde hair, slightly tanned skin, and a pair of breasts that had obviously, at some point, been modded to a size she would absolutely never have wanted on her own body. Did she even have bras in this size?

It probably didn't matter in this timeline. Most of her wardrobe was tube tops, microskirts, swimsuits, minidresses and the occasional latex nurse or maid or bunny girl costume. No signs of scientific study in her apartment. No signs of qualifications, either. Just lots of photos, sex toys and horrendously objectifying personal items and letters from admirers.

"'Lily'? Get fucked," Lillian growled, reading the card attached to a half eaten box of chocolates. "How the hell did you get 'bimbo' out of these instructions?" 

Taking a deep breath, she felt the innate personality she had overridden bubble closer to the surface. It didn't seem dumb, per se, just... unfiltered and selfish. Confident, willing to do what it took to get what she wanted. By the number of gifts littering the apartment, she was certainly that. But as Lillian analysed her words from moments and ten years ago, she felt a chill wash over her.

"There were a lot of 'shoulds'. Did she take those as guidelines rather than suggestions? Did she want to buck people's expectations and do what she knew she shouldn't?" Lillian paced. "Is that it? She knew she shouldn't be hedonistic but was conditioned to do what she wanted, and so leaned into it?"

There was a second, more concerning possibility, too. "Did that 'you want to obey' thing become a permanent suggestion or was it just for the reprogramming? There were definitely some colleagues who would fit the bill of taking advantage of an obedient girl." Lillian put her hands on her stomach, feeling ill. "Is that what happened? I need more information," she complained. Yet, at the same time, delving deep into the history of her life up to this moment didn't exactly appeal. She wanted to be respected, not... desired.

"How am I supposed to get to the time machine now," she sighed, idly running a hand over her slightly modded, curvier hips. The obvious answer was to seduce her way in, but she didn't want—

Lillian cocked her head and frowned. No, part of her did want that.

God damn it. 

Lillian didn't have much experience with seduction. She had been running on auto-pilot with her last incarnation, though she also had the benefit of aphrodisiacs to cover the gap. Apparently 'Lily' didn't feel she needed them, and given her dress sense and her curves she was probably right. 

Lillian wasn't sure if it was Lily being herself or some implanted suggestions she had picked up sometime through her life of excess, but every time someone she thought was attracted to her glanced in her direction she found her chest puffing up, her ass thrusting out a bit. Either Lily was a total slut, or had been told to look hot for others, or some other such bullshit. 

Whatever it was, it was really getting on Lillian's nerves. She could overcome the urges with enough focus (thank god) but buying some supplies at the chemist had taken longer than it needed to because the clerk had spent half the time staring down at her cleavage and Lillian had struggled not to simply stand there giggling and jostling her tits for him.

Not on your life, buddy.

A short taxi ride (after which the Lily personality had wanted to act confused about counting out the fee) had brought her back to the lab, and from there she trailed Maria on her way out. She couldn't just run up and accost her this time. Well, maybe she could, but Lillian was feeling less confident with each world line she visited, in contrast to the instincts and personas of her borrowed bodies. Lily's body seemed eager enough to risk it, but the stakes were too high for Lillian herself. She was NOT staying in this body longer than she needed to.

Maria sighed as she settled into the booth, mug in hand. A hard day at the lab, but everything seemed to be in working order. Her boss had been very clear about getting the time machine ready as soon as possible. Testing would commence next week, but it was best to have it ready to go at any time, she supposed.

As Maria took a deep sip of her drink, a bottle blonde in a tight, hot pink minidress slipped into the booth across the table from her. Despite her tiredness and irritability Maria's eyes momentarily dipped to the tits resting on the tabletop.

Fuck, that's some cleavage.  

"Can I help you," she sighed. Hottie or not, she wasn't in the mood to entertain. She visibly winced when the blonde giggled.

"Um, yeah, I just saw you here alone and I thought maybe you wanted to, like, have some company?"

Oh, lord, one of those.

"I'm good, thanks. I just want to relax, enjoy my drink and pass out."

"Oh," the stranger gushed, "me to o! I mean, I can totally help! I can get you more beer!"

That got Maria's attention. Free beer? Maybe it would be worth keeping the girl here after all. She sat up straight, looking the bimbo up and down.

"Alright. Get me more beer and you can stay."

"Yes, ma'am!" Her admirer stood up so fast Mariah could track the momentum in her bust, turned, and sashayed away. Maria stared after her tightly-wrapped ass and smiled.

Tonight was looking up. 

Tonight was gonna suck.

Lillian wanted to blush furiously as she swayed her hips across the bar, but she was pretty sure her makeup would make it a wasted effort. Every time she opened her mouth to speak it came out in chipmunk language, and she sounded like a total airhead. She could sense the derision, the disrespect, oozing from her one-time equal, but the Lily persona barely registered it at all.

No, Lily seemed happy enough to soak up appreciative glances and leers as she half skipped to the bar, ordered a couple large mugs of alcohol and carefully strutted back, trying not to knock the mugs with her bouncing. Thankfully, Lily's debit card wasn't as empty as her head .

By the time she sat back in the booth and put the mugs on the table, Maria had an uncharacteristically mean-spirited smirk on her face. Lillian flushed and brushed her hair out of her face. She wouldn't be put off so easily. It was time to show Maria who was boss .

Maria smirked as the bimbo sat in front of her, dropping into her chair so hard her chest slapped against the tabletop with an audible thud. The blonde blushed coyly and brushed her hair back. Obviously, she was crushing pretty hard on Maria, and mistook her own expression as one of reciprocation.

What a ditz. Still, she might be fun as a distraction for the night.

"Wait," Maria called as the blonde raised a mug to her lips. "Are you even old enough to drink yet?"

"Of course," the stranger giggled. "I'm -"

"Doesn’t matter. Don’t lie to me," Maria said as she reached across the table and pulled the mug over to her side. "What's your name, doll?"

"Like, Lily," the girl replied.

"Lily, huh. Suits you," Maria chuckled.

"Thanks!" Lily beamed with not an ounce of sarcasm.

"So, what brings you here?" Maria took a sip of her mug.

"I wanna fuck you," Lily blurted out. Maria choked on her booze for a moment.

"That's... forward. What makes you think I'd want that?"

Lily looked uncertain. "I dunno, I just... Really need it," she squirmed.

Raising an eyebrow, Maria leaned back. "If anything I'll be the one fucking you. You seem like more of a receiver than a giver anyway."

The blonde giggled, and Maria laughed with her. Poor thing didn't know when she was being mocked. 

Two mugs in, Maria was slurring and leaning slightly.

"So tell me about yourself, Lily girl," she demanded. She had found Lily never seemed to say no when pressed for information, and it was fun controlling the conversation.

"I'm, like, an astrophysicist and neurologist," Lily responded dutifully. She seemed to wince, but Maria was distracted by the answer, blinking.

"Wow. I'm impressed you knew those words," she hiccupped. "Do you even know what they mean?" 

"Of course I do," Lily pouted. God, she was cute, Maria decided.  Maybe she would fuck her after all. She started  on her third mug, staring openly down Lily's top as she did so. The blonde only presented her chest and gave Maria a better look.

What a fucking slut. 

"Then tell me about your 'work'," Maria grinned. Maybe Lily was playing a part, trying to sound impressive for the science lady she had a crush on. Might as well let her think she was succeeding.

Lily began to babble an answer, and Maria nodded along as she drank. She was really starting to feel the alcohol now. A nice, pleasant fuzziness, a buzz of thoughtlessness. Nowhere near what Lily must go through every day, she was sure, but still. The bimbo was using technical terms, but it was pretty obvious she didn't know what they meant, even if they weren't under Maria's area of expertise. Who would believe a body-modded slut would know her hippocampus from her Einstein-Rosen Bridge? 

"...and so I, like, figured I could send information back in time, but that's impossible with my current technology," Lily was saying as she tuned back in. Maria's elbow slipped on the table as she jerked, fixing Lily with a cross-eyed stare.

"Oh, I have a time m'chine, y'know," she boasted. "It's all fuckin' sciency and shit." Damn, her mug was empty. She turned it upside down to get at the last drop. 

"Can I, like, see it?" Lily asked hopefully. Maria laughed at the earnest, hopeful expression on her face. She just totally believed it, no questions. Ditz. An unscrupulous person could take advantage of a girl like that.

"It's top secret, dummy, I can't just show any hottie who asks," Maria mumbled, leaning forward on the table.

Lily bit her lip and fidgeted in her seat, pressing her arms against the sides of her breasts and making them spill hypnotically  out the window in her minidress. "But, like... I totally wanna see it," she whined. "It must be so amazing!"

Fuck it. This curvy bimbo was here, practically begging to be made impressed enough to let Maria fuck her. Was there really any harm? Lily was so brain-dead Maria could probably just show her the server room and convince  her it was a time machine. But then, showing her the actual time machine might make that knowledge even hotter.

"Why not," Maria grinned, grabbing her coat and staggering to her feet. "Come on, sweet cheeks, let's... go to work and... science," she trailed off. Why bother trying to sound smart?

Lily wouldn't know the difference. 

The blonde offered a shoulder to lean on, which Maria gratefully took, slipping her hand down to fondle the bimbo's backside as they left the pub, the envy of dozens of pairs of eyes.

What a lucky night.

What a humiliating night,  Lillian fumed inwardly. Every tiny step in these tall fuck-me heels, every tug of the stupid dress to make sure it wasn't sliding too far up her ass to show too much, and every bounce of these stupid goddamn tits only made the situation more unbearable. And it was already plenty unbearable with her junior, of all things, acting like she was soooo much smarter than Lillian was. Just because in this timeline she'd stayed in school and Lillian had obviously dropped out to fuck the football and cheerleader teams didn't mean Maria knew more about temporal mechanics than Lillian did!

Such were her thoughts as she wrapped her toned thighs around Maria's waist as her rival humped her, mauled her breasts and slobbered all over her neck. In a drunken frenzy, Maria didn't seem too focused on actually having sex, she just seemed to  be going through some base, instinctual motions that approximated it. That suited Lillian just fine; she wasn’t here to fuck, she was here to fuck off. Out of the timeline, of course.

Not that getting fucked wouldn't have felt nice too, but still.

Lillian was so sour at her circumstances, and Maria so clumsily incompetent with her ministrations, that Lily's body barely orgasmed twice before Maria was flagging. Increasingly leaning further to the left, Maria finally rolled off Lillian entirely, mumbling nonsense in a daze. 

"Just need to... I don't... Don't touch..." Maria mumbled as her eyelids slid closed. Lillian helped her along by stroking her hair soothingly, shushing her gently.

"Don't worry, Mari. I'm, like, not gonna cause much trouble. How much damage could I do?" A knee-jerk giggle slipped out. Lillian cursed it, but it had the desired effect.

"Tha's right..." Maria sighed as she started to fall asleep. "You're too dumb to..."

Lillian resisted the urge to slap her, forcing herself to continue stroking her hair until the scientist was asleep. "Finally," she complained, and set about priming the time machine again . Her elongated nails made some of the finer work take longer but after a few minutes she had the timer set, once again for a few minutes after she last left. Hopefully this would be the last time. Lillian was tired of complications.

She got in the chamber as the countdown struck zero, and her body was whisked away.

Lillian carefully walked down the hall to the bedroom, trying not to make too much noise. Then she shook her head, frowned, and walked normally the rest of the way. No one in the house was capable of waking up just because someone was walking around in heels.

"Lily's idiocy must be rubbing off on me," she grumbled.

In the bedroom everything was as she had left it. Her past, young self, asleep in her bed. Her original self, comatose on the floor at the end of the bed. And her past host body with the master circlet was...


Where was it? Had she got here too early? She couldn't have made that big a mistake, could she? But then, if she had, wouldn't her original body be wearing the master circlet?

"What the fuck is going on?" She growled.

"I could ask you the same thing," said a mature voice behind her. Lillian spun so fast one of her shoes almost snapped its heel.

A dark-haired copy of herself in a braid and a leather suit peered down at her, arms crossed under her bust, eyes taking in Lillian's current body. Mistress Lilith smirked to herself as she adjusted her weight from one hip to the other and graced Lillian with eye contact.

"Hello there." 

"What are you doing here?" Lilian gaped. Lilith raised an eyebrow.

"You tell me," she replied. Lillian felt Lily's innate urge to obey well up inside her. 

"I took over your body when I jumped into the future, but I came back to this time to try to change things for the better," she admitted.

Lilith looked her up and down like a farmer inspecting livestock. "And how did that go?"

"Not great," Lillian giggled nervously.

"So you aren't a sex toy, then?"

"No, just stuck in the body of one..."

"Mmm. And how did I come to be here?"

"I don't know..."


Again the rush. "My circlet makes me override the personality of the brain I install my imprint over, but it doesn't completely replace it... I guess once I left your body you woke up?" 

Mistress Lilith smirked. "So if you do the same process with that body?"

"...I guess Lily will wake up here too," Lillian admitted.

"Stranding a bit of a diverse harem in your college self's bedroom, aren't you?" 

"I just wanted the respect I deserve!" Lillian barked.

"Oh, I think you get just what you deserve," Lilith's eyes lingered on Lillian's borrowed cleavage. "What's next?"

"I'm going to try again."

"Leaving me to tidy up the bodies?"

"I would be grateful..."

"I'm sure," Lilith snarked. "Then by all means, do your best. Let's see how your genius intellect gets you out of this temporal clusterfuck." 

"Could you give me the circlet?" Lilith handed it over.

"What is it for?"

"It's for reprogramming our younger self and sending my memories into the future," Lillian responded. "It's how this all works."

"Fascinating," Lilith commented and sat on the vanity desk in the corner to watch.

Lillian keyed the helmet and woke her younger self up. "Can you hear me?"


"Okay. You don't need to do what other people tell you. You're a mature girl and you can make your own decisions. And you're responsible, too; you know sex for its own sake isn't fulfilling. You should save it for it you ever want a family. Until then, focus on your work and be the best you can be," Lillian instructed.

"Bit vague," Lilith joked drily.

"Bite me," Lillian snapped back. Movement on the bed caught her attention and she pulled her arm away from her past self just in time to avoid having her wrist nipped. "No, not you! Go to sleep!"

The young Lillian fell asleep and the older one sighed, fussing with her settings.

"Alright, fuck all this. I'm going back to the future and so help me there better be no surprises this time.

"Oh, I'm sure you've accounted for everything," Lilith smirked. "I'll be sure to do my part to help out."

Lillian stared at her dominant alternate self, shook her head and leapt again.

"God damn it."

The tits were still there, though they felt a little... different. Adjusting her position on the chair, she could tell she still had some thickness to her thighs and rear, but it too felt subtly different from the last body. And instead of hot pink skimpy clothes she was in a modest but snug-fitted woolen sweater and track pants. She looked more mature, at least.

She looked around the waiting room. Where am I?

"Miss Lagan? You can go in now," came a voice from behind the receptionist's desk.

Lillian stood and awkwardly shuffled in through the doors, directed by a vague gesture to an open room, where she took a seat. A male worker - doctor? Social worker? - smiled at her and typed at a computer.

"Good afternoon, Miss Lagan. I'm happy to report that we've completed your surrogacy contract and handed your last infant over to the parents. Are you interested in another?" 

Lillian's mouth dropped open. "I'm sorry?"

"Another contract. There are a lot of would-be parents in need of a surrogate mother, and the last three have been very pleased with your work."

Lillian's brain almost stopped working. "I'm a surrogate mother?"

The man's smile got slightly more confused. "Yes, and quite a popular one, I might add. If you are interested you'd have a small list of potential clients to service," he finished, leaning across the desk to fetch a pile of papers. Lillian raised a hand.

"No! No, no, I'm good. I need to... think about this. Excuse me," she mumbled and stood, hurrying for the door.

"Um, alright. Well, we'll deposit the rest of your earnings into your account tonight," the worker called as she escaped the room.

"Excuse me," she approached the receptionist in a fluster. "Do you have a restroom here?"

"Yeah, right over thataway," the younger woman pointed with a thumb, barely looking up from her work. Lillian rushed over and threw the door open, finding a mirror.


As she had expected, she had a more mature look than the last body, or even the dominant one. Where Lilith had been mature by way of exuding sexually and control, this body was mature simply by virtue of a triple dose of pregnancy hormones and adjustments to her hips and bust. They were more natural than the bimbo's body mods (which themselves looked natural enough, but felt slightly alien when she had been dealing with them), and apparently motherhood, even as a surrogate mother, had affected her tastes enough she was walking around with a soccer mom's ponytail as opposed to her more favoured practical style for lab work. 

She rifled through a handbag for any extra information she could find, and to her dismay there was no sign of scientific knowhow, or connection to academia at all. Just some tampons, gum, a packet of tissues, cash and entirely too many pictures of her at various stages of pregnancy.

"How am I going to get out of this one," she complained to a very attentive ceiling lamp. She didn't think she could seduce or trick Maria like this, unless the woman had some kind of MILF fetish. As if on cue, Lillian's phone beeped. She drew it out (stupid manicured nails) and opened her notifications.

A calendar reminder told her she had another meeting in half an hour, at the Chronal Institute. 

She had no idea why, but it was too much of a coincidence to ignore. Better not look a gift horse in the mouth, right?


Twenty-eight minutes later and several blocks away, an elevator rumbled to a stop and opened. Lillian stumbled out in her borrowed body's worn sneakers and fanned herself with her hand; she had run a bit and this body didn't seem to prioritise exercise as much as the last couple. Although... She winced as she imagined what kind of exercise the bimbo might have partaken in.

"Miss Lily? Hiya!"

Speak of the devil. Lillian's eyes popped as she looked to the source of the peppy voice and found herself looking into a mirror. A funhouse mirror, at least. A copy of her, but curvier, fitter and quite obviously denser, wearing a hot pink pencil skirt and white blouse, hair in blonde pigtails and lips grinning vapidly. "Boss lady's expecting you! So, like, lamb chop!" 

"You mean chop chop," Lillian corrected instinctively. Lily giggled.

"No thanks, I prefer salads. C'mon!" The secretary strutted off and Lillian found herself following, staring incredulously and wondering if Lily in fact had any duties here besides being eye candy. It was surprising to see her working at the Chronal Institute at all, even in this role. What was she doing here?

Lillian walked into an office as directed and almost tripped over in shock.


Lilith grinned at her from behind the desk. Somewhat older now, somewhere in her early forties, she had lost a little patch blackness in her hair and gone slightly grey in parts, but it only made her look more mature. In retrospect, Lillian found herself thinking, Lily would be the same age, but despite being ten years older than her current body Lillian had just assumed she was half her age. 

"Welcome to the Chronal Institute, Lillian. I hear you like our work."

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Lilith smirked. "Ah, good, it is you. Part of me worried we'd got the date wrong and I'd be stuck with a confused housewife. Well," she began, rising from her desk and slowly walking around the office. Her dark suit fit her almost as well as the leather one Lillian had seen her in an hour and ten years ago.

"I figured you might want yet another do-over, and I also figured, 'golly-gee, Lilith, an eager young go-getter with knowledge of the future like yourself could really make a name for herself'. So I  thought, why not kill two birds with one stone, invest in a burgeoning enterprise and become the owner of the company you've been trying to take over?"

Lillian bristled. "You stole my idea." 

"Technically I had the idea myself, I just put in the hard work and got it done while you tried to cheat your way through time travel. Which, by the way, we've got working. If you'd like to take another trip back and try again, you're welcome to, but honestly I'd recommend just getting back in your original body and living life normally. It's a real hassle taking care of it, you know." 

"Right... You two got your personalities back when I left, but since that's my original body it would never wake up, right?" 

"Mmm," Lilith nodded her agreement as she watched Lily pose in front of a mirrored wall. "I feel like you didn't think this through, miss genius." 

"Fine," Lillian scowled. "I'll go back and reclaim my body. I'm sick of all these perversions of it anyway."

"Excellent!" Lilith gestured toward an elevator just outside the office. "Let's head down right now, then. I think it's time you earned your reward."

It was an awkward ride down from one of the top floors to the basement levels. On the way a thought occurred to Lillian.

"You didn't happen to change my programming after I left, did you?"

Lilith grinned. "That was ten years ago, pet, I can't remember everything."

"You remembered enough to set yourself up as CEO of the Chronal Institute without preparation."

"Well, I had your little toys to help supercharge my memory in that regard."

Lillian glowered at the dominatrix-turned-business lady, who just smiled and shrugged. 

"Hello, Miss Lillian, it's nice to meet you," Maria said as she shook Lillian's hand.

"Nice to meet your too," Lillian replied, trying not to think about the two times in the  last few subjective hours she had fucked two variations of this woman. Gods this was getting complicated. Not like her nice, simple, calculated plan.

"Lillian here has volunteered to be our first test subject," Lilith explained, guiding her counterpart to the chamber. "We'll send her to the test coordinates you were provided earlier."

"Of course, ma'am, but she does understand this is a one-way trip," Maria asked anxiously. "We don't know how -"

"It's fine," Lillian cut in. "I know the risks and I'm prepared to take them."

"Well... If you're sure," Maria bit her lip and began spinning the machine to life. Lilith followed Lillian to the chamber and leaned over her as she settled in.

"So, are you going to try again or give up and try to do what I  did," she asked. "Just so you know, my past self isn't just going to roll  over. If she can take power she will; she's an opportunist."

"I know, believe me. And I think I will stay behind. So far I've turned into a bimbo, a soccer mom and a..." Lillian looked Lilith up and down. " worker. Not really in-line  with my career plan."

"Well, I wish you the best of luck," Lilith smiled, patting her on the arm. "Don't worry, I'll look after this timeline once you're gone."

"Sure. Do whatever you want," Lillian muttered.

Lilith grinned back. "I always do."

"Ready for activation, ma'am," Maria called from across the room.

"Activate the machine. Good bye, Lillian." Lilith stepped away and watched as the chamber vanished into digital light.

"Oh, for god's sake," Lillian cried.

"What," Lilith exclaimed. "You're back already?"

"Yes. Time travel. It didn't work out. And what the fuck is this?" 

Mistress Lilith looked between Lillian and the blonde Lily, who was on her knees with Lilith's thighs wrapped tight around her head, eating her out. "You were gone so long. A girl gets lonely."

"I literally heard myself leaving while I was in the hallway."

"A girl gets lonely quickly. Besides, this one woke up with her face against some pussy and she didn't even need instructions. Such a good slut," she gushed and ruffled Lily's hair, earning a giggle. "So, what's next for you?"

"Time travel isn't working. At least, the shortcuts aren't. I wanted to avoid reliving ten years but I'm going to have to take it a day at a time and just deal with it if I want to become CEO." Lillian removed the slave circlet from her teen self's forehead and carefully set it in place on her original body's, then collected the master circlet from where Lily had left it.

"CEO? I was actually thinking of doing that myself," Lilith purred. "I think I'd make a good leader."

"It was my idea first," Lillian grumbled. "Find your own way to succeed."

"Oh, I'm sure I will." Lilith pulled Lily's head closer and squirmed up against the blonde, whose muffled squeals were starting to grate on Lillian's nerves.

Once the master circlet was in place, Lillian took a deep breath. "Okay. Same temporal coordinates. Later, motherhood." She flicked the switch and her perspective shifted violently.

She gasped air and jerked so hard she near fell off the bed. "Fuck! Oh, right..." She stood and checked her body, her clothes and her possessions. "Hello, normal tits... Normal clothes.. Yes!" 

Her original body almost felt alien after so many hours hopping between timelines, but it was hers. In a way it felt like coming home. Now she just needed to get the other displaced alternates out, somehow, and regain control of her life. She turned back to the motherly copy of herself, who was groaning and waking up, supported by Lily. "What happened...?"

"You totally time travelled and you were possessed but, like, you're fine now, you know?" Lily answered helpfully. 

"...huh?" The milfier version responded. Lillian was about to cut in when she noticed the master circlet was missing. She shot a glance over at Lilith and her heart skipped a beat.

The dominatrix favoured her with a wink as she finished fiddling with the controls. "Thanks for the toy, love, I do appreciate it."

"Wait, wait!" Lillian cried and raised her hands to tear the slave circlet off her own forehead when Lilith's finger pushed the activation button.


Stop. What a nice word. Lillian stopped, her hands halfway to her head. It felt nice to just stop. 

"Hands on hips."

Her hands lowered and found purchase on the curve of her hips. That felt nice. It was like they were made for her hands. They fit so well, like pieces of a puzzle. Why would she put them anywhere else? 


Lillian smiled. Of course she smiled. She felt nice. Everything was nice. Everything was so... easy. She wasn't stressing about anything anymore, just listening. 

Lilith sauntered closer, grinning. "My little genius self, caught in her own web. What a hilarious turn of events," she laughed. Lillian laughed along a moment later. It was pretty funny. "So, you wanted to become a CEO, did you?"

"Yes," Lillian replied. Gosh, it was so easy to answer Lilith. Almost automatic.

"And you thought if you came back in time you could cheat your way into the position, correct?"


"Each time you tried, it didn't go as well as you had hoped, is that right?"

"Yes." It was even easier to just answer yes, Lillian found. It cut the potential number of answers in half. Agreeing was simply more efficient. She loved efficiency.

"But being a CEO of an organisation like the Chronal Institute is a lot of work. Isn't it?"

"Yes," Lillian smiled, hands on hips. It helped her feel confident in her answers. And why shouldn't she?

"You'd rather have an easier life, wouldn't you?"

"Yes." It was true; she had thought being in charge would be easier than just being another scientist, but there had to be easier ways, surely?

"I'm another version of you," Lilith mused.

"Yes," Lillian agreed.

"If I became CEO you would technically fulfil your mission, correct?" 

Lillian almost had to consider this proposition, but caught herself at the last moment. "Yes." Why did she almost think about it? Silly girl. So inefficient.

"You think I should be CEO?"

"Yes." It would solve a lot of the downsides. 

"You want to help me."

"Yes." It could only make things easier if the two of them worked together. Lilith could become the CEO, and Lillian could... Lillian could...

"You can support me," Lilith offered. Lillian beamed.


"Well, I think we've been crashing our poor past self's room long enough. We should get out of here," Lilith smirked as she removed her circlet. 

"Yes," Lillian agreed.

"I'm home~" Lilith called as she slipped into the apartment, slipping out of her heels and putting her bag down. She walked into the living are and chuckled to herself as she caught Lily getting a scolding.

"Look at the state of these clothes," a moderately pregnant Lillian was complaining. "How did you get stains on the inside of your bra? Wait," she cut Lily off. "I don't want to know."

"They just really filled me up after the titjob," Lily burst out anyway. "I'm sorry, mom." 

"For the last time, I'm not your mom, I am you," Lillian shook her head and grumbled. "Just because I'm ‘a’  mom and babysit you..." 

"Evening, girls," Lilith called on her way past.

"Good evening, dear," Lillian smiled and blew a kiss.

"Hi!" Lily giggled, skipping over for a hug.

"How's stripping treating you, Lily?"

"God, sooo much better than school," Lily rolled her eyes. "Everyone’s really nice and buys me stuff!"

"See? I knew you'd make a killing. Don't forget to pay your rent, though," Lilith smiled. "Mama Lillian can help you work out the icky maths." 

"Don't confuse the poor girl," Lillian grumbled. "If you call me that she'll keep calling me that too."

Lilith just grinned and walked into her bedroom. "Lila."

"Good evening, Mistress Lilith," Lila smiled and curtsied. "How was your day?"

"Very nice, if a bit hectic. I'm sure you're glad you left the job to me so you could relax around at home?" 

"Yes," Lila responded in her favourite way. Taking care of the apartment was way better than her original aspirations. While Lilith spent all day telling other people what to do and earning an offensively large wage, Lila could take things easy and simply clean the house, cook the food, wash and iron the clothes and any other menial tasks her housemates were too unfit, brainless or important to worry about. It was pretty easy to see who had the better life; she almost felt guilty. Lilith had even bought her this adorable maid uniform to wear; it made housework even easier to do, and to felt so nice to wear, especially since the skirt was short enough it barely put pressure on her legs.

It had been three years since her silly time travel adventure, and sometimes Lila almost found herself about to have a thought. Those were the only stressful moments she still had; she had to put the circlet back on as soon as she could and get Lilith to help suppress them. She really didn't like when she started thinking; some dark, evil part of her didn't like her current circumstances and wanted to ruin everything.

Lilith was very good at what she did, though, and was usually able to silence the thoughts for a month or two at a time, for which Lila was eternally grateful. 

Lilith had even suggested Lila change her name so it was easier to communicate when she and Miss Lillian were in the same room. It was definitely more efficient than clarifying who was who every time, so Lila eagerly agreed and signed off on the paperwork to have her name changed.

She also signed off on some asset transfer contracts so Lilith could handle all her existing property; she had doubts about doing so but when Lilith had patiently explained that Lila wanted to do it, Lila just couldn't refuse. 

Lilith spread her legs and Lila dutifully took her position in her lap, hands on her Mistress' shoulders.

"Before you give me my massage, pet, have you been practicing like I asked?"

"...yes," Lila replied hesitantly. This was the one part of her duties she didn't like.

"Show me."

"N... N..." Lila struggled. "Nnn..." Her face turned red with the effort before she gave up with a gasp.

Lilith smiled. "Still can't say it?" 

Lila frowned and looked at her Mistress uncomprehendingly.

"I'm sorry," Lilith chuckled. "I mean... Are you still having difficulty saying it?"

"Yes," Lila replied in a rush. God, that felt SO much better. "What does it even mean, Mistress?"

"It means you refuse to do or agree to something."

"Why would I ever need to say that," Lila gasped, aghast. Just the thought of it made her want to recoil, but Mistress's fingers were digging too hard into her ass. 

"You never need to if you don't want to," Lilith promised, kissing her cheek. "I just want you to prove you can, whether you want to or not."

"...then I will try my hardest, Mistress, and one day I will make you proud," Lila promised. She meant it, too. 

"Oh, Lila," Lilith grinned, pulling her maid onto the bed with her. "You already make me prouder than you could possibly understand. Now, are you in the mood for some rough fucking tonight?"

"Yes, Mistress," Lila smiled. 


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