35. Revelation

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

The penultimate chapter of Recovery! Nix gets some bodymods, and becomes the little monster she was always destined to be!

The rest of the week zooms by for the group, Nix with each passing day growing more and more excited about the looming date of going to get her body mods done. The night before the appointment needing a decently large dose of class Z’s in order to get her to bed.

The morning of Nix is actually the last to wake up, Sola sitting in bed with her as Celosia is already out in the kitchen. The smell of breakfast finding its way through the hab, and into the bedroom. Despite the fact her body is still groggy and sluggish, Nix springs up. Tripping on the covers, and falling face first into her owner's vines, rolling over almost immediately to look up at Sola. “Is it time?! Can we go yet?!”

Sola giggles and shakes her head. “Breakfast first Nix, Celly is making it so you can be well fed before going in.” She shifts around, picking Nix up, happy but also a little shocked at how much energy Nix seems to still have. “You certainly are excited.”

“I mean why wouldn’t I be?! This is the single most exciting thing that has ever happened to me!” Nix leans up in front of Sola’s face. Giggling, trying to pull herself back together to keep speaking. “Everrrrr.” 

Sola wraps her vines around Nix, strapping her up like a terran in a harness, vines wrapping around her shoulders, legs and chest, before walking out to the kitchen. “Hey Celly, I hope breakfast is ready, I don’t know how long we can hold Nix back from running to the vet all on her own.” She playfully pets Nix, sitting at the table while glancing over to Alistor feeding Wisp. “Good morning, I hope your night went well.”

Nix and Wisp lock eyes with one another, Nix’s face painted a crimson hue due to Sola’s way of holding her. While Wisp goes from distractedly letting Alistor deal with feeding them, to breaking down into a giggling fit.

“Mistress, how, and why do you know how to do this!?” Nix squirms around in the embrace of the vines. Finding very little places to leverage her weight against Sola, and mostly just flailing aimlessly.

Celosia looks over Nix and Sola, noticing just how fidgety Nix is this morning. “Well the good news is that breakfast is ready, I do actually agree with Nix. Where did you learn how to do that type of hold?” She can’t help but look entirely bewildered at the sight, tilting her head to the side. 

Sola smiles an overwhelming sense of pride echoing out of her rhythm. “Well, when I was first looking after Nix and I was getting interested, I got a book about caring for a terran floret. One of the suggestions was for if you had a small floret, or if you were large for an affini, this could be a convenient way to hold your floret, especially if they are really jumpy on any particular day. It is also known on terra, for parents to have a harness like this, that they can put their young in.”

Alistor simply sits there, grinning and holding back from giggling alongside Wisp. “Well you might want to pick another way to carry Nix. If only, so she calm down from her embarrassment enough to eat.”

Nix grumbles, continuing to wiggle around in her owner's vines until Celosia walks over, and helps pick Nix up out of Sola’s vines. Only to be shocked as Nix starts to scurry around on top of her, proving too fidgety to contain with only vaguely holding her. “Oh Nix!” 

Nix drops to the ground, after crawling over Celosia’s shoulder. Starting to bounce on the tips of her toes from side to side. “Yes Mistress?” She smiles wide at the pair, happy that she’d spent so much time practicing jumping, and climbing, more over the last few weeks. 

Sola walks over, and her vines lash out at surprising speed. Electing to simply cover every inch of their florets body other than her head this time. “Nix, you will sit down and eat breakfast, otherwise we will not get out of the hab to get to your appointment. I will refrain from that hold, but you need to sit calmly.” She walks back to her seat, wrapping Nix up and resting some vines along her jaw.

Nix continues to vibrate within Sola’s vines, being guided through deep breaths, in order to calm down even slightly from her excitement. “Yes Miiiistress, I’m sorry I’m just really excited!” She wiggles her arms around under Sola’s vines, while Celosia comes down with some eggs and bacon.

“I know, we’re just worried petal, if you’d jumped from much higher you could have hurt yourself.” Celosia sighs, shaking her head and guiding Nix through eating her breakfast. Noticing how much more snappy than normal Nix is being. 

Sola uses her vines to slow down Nix’s bites. “Slower Nix, we don’t want to bite the fork, again.” She giggles and starts controlling Nix more, allowing Celosia to more easily feed their floret.

Wisp bites back their laughs. “Wait, again? I was not expecting that.” They shake their head as Alistor slips his vines around their jaw, making them eat at a normal pace.

“Yes, the first time her girlfriend fed her, Nix bit down on the fork hard enough to consider getting a softer one in the future just in case.” Celosia laughs lightly, walking Nix through each bite incredibly slowly as a form of teasing punishment for trying to rush the morning. “It’s nice to see her this excited though.”

“Indeed, don’t let her cuddly exterior fool you. I have always said, and still believe that Nix will cause trouble whenever possible… always.” Alistor chuckles, grinning down at Nix’s flushed cheeks. Finishing up with the rest of Wisp’s breakfast. “Even after her implant, she still seems to find ways. Someone would think her owners encourage it, or something along those lines.”

Sola grins, and pets Nix. “Well, as much as we like the cute and loyal floret, Nix is so much more than that, and seeing her mischievous side is really nice.” Once the food is all eaten, she lets her vines draw away from Nix’s jaw. “And there we are.”

Celosia nods, watching Nix start to bounce once again. “And she  comes down when we need her too.” She gently scratches behind Nix’s ear, Sola not risking letting the girl go. Likely assuming she’ll slam herself against the hab door until they leave. 

“So it’s time to go right?!” Nix giggles, nuzzling against Celosia’s hand. Just barely resisting the temptation to nip out more of her energy, knowing that her owners are trying to keep up appearances for Alistor. 

Sola stands up nodding to Alistor. “It is time for us to get going. If you two are careful, you may use the equipment as I have shown you. You both know the pacing for Wisp’s exercises, but if either of you feel uncomfortable without me being here, then you both know how to do some careful work freely. If anything happens please message me.”

“I actually scheduled us to go and meet up with Tina, and her owner, while you’re away today Sola. So we will just do the basics, and then I’m going to show Wisp here my hab.” Alistor nods slightly, gently placing Wisp on the ground and taking their hand to help as support. “So we will see you later.”

Celosia nods slightly, helping Sola very carefully pull Nix into her spot inside Sola’s chest. Slipping the biting vine into Nix’s mouth to keep her distracted. Only letting herself sigh in relief once Sola has vines around Nix’s waist, and vines keeping her inside. “Let’s hope that she decides to calm down before we arrive. I don’t want Anemone to have to deal with that much energy.”

Sola makes sure her vines are a little tighter than normal on Nix. “I believe it will be alright, and I do believe that Nix will be calmer once we are actually at the vet, so Anemone should be alright.” As the pair begin their walk, she wraps her vines around Celosia with a grin. “I think the best thing we can do to help though, is just keep our rhythms close to Nix so she can calm down.”

Celosia laughs, wrapping half of her mass around Sola, the differences in their sizes coming into play as she almost piggybacks on Sola. Helping bolster her partner’s mass, while still retaining at least a part of her form, making them appear almost twice as wide as normal with one conjoined leg made of their mixing vines. “I guess you’re right, seeing her this excited, it would be criminal to make her wait any longer.”

With that the pair head down the halls of the ship, keeping a brisk enough pace for Nix to be able to feel the movement. While still getting practice in, on their skills when combining their forms with each other. 

Sola giggles, and carefully keeps her movements in sync with Celosia. “I love seeing you loosen up like this, and it is really quite fun. I think when Nix is all modded up, we should work more with this, maybe even it out a little more.” She shifts her vines a little, bringing Celosia’s core closer to her own, and helping wrap Celly’s cloak around their form some more, giving a little bow for a pair of sophonts clapping for the pair.

“It’s a new experience! And no matter how much I read about it, the actual experience of trying this is so much more intimate than I ever anticipated.” Celosia’s vines wiggle around against Sola’s, her head finding its way next to her partners. As her cloak adjusts, and combines with Sola’s sunset petals, to create a more detailed sunset appearance. 

Sola nuzzles her face into Celosia’s, enjoying the intimate contact, as well as the feeling of Nix cuddled into their chest. “It is, and I truly love every bit of it. We really should do this more often, imagine getting to the point where others would be confused if we were one or two affini?”

“I can imagine Alistor coming to work, and panicking if I hid my head and core within you, yes.” Celosia can’t help but laugh, squeezing Sola lightly, slowing down the pace of their walk simply for the excuse to remain like this a little bit longer. “What about you Nix? Do you enjoy us being like this?”

Nix for her part, is still fidgeting slightly, squirming around and pressing up against the side of her now much larger compartment. Both of her owners' cores sit on either side, and dance their rhythms through her body. “Hehehe… it’s goooood.” She takes another few lazy nips as the chewing vine, letting Sola keep her in place thanks to the distraction that this new experience provides. Getting to experience the complementing sounds of protection and care, empathy and control, allowing her to always be aware that her owner’s are right there. Keeping her safe from a universe that is bigger, and scarier, than she could have ever handled alone.

Sola brushes some of her vines through Nix’s hair. “We are glad you like it sweetie. Also just try your best to keep relaxed like this, it will make things much easier for Anemone to begin your mods.” She looks towards the vet as they approach. “It’s about time we get you inside Nix.” She opens up their chest, gently reaching in to pull Nix out, before walking through the open doors.

Nix as soon as she’s pulled out, almost immediately starts squirming. Bouncing in Sola’s grip, as she looks around the area for the new affini who’s going to be helping her today. “Yes yes yes, thank youuuuu!”

Celosia chuckles, slowly unweaving herself from Sola in order to be presentable for meeting Anemone, for the first time in a few months. “Of course petal, now when you’re awake next. You’re going to be on strict no moving rules for a while. You’re getting your fluff, horns, teeth and arms, today. Then we will come back after you’ve healed from that, to attach your tail and adjust your feet.”

Nix starts to buzz wildly, looking around the area with her excitement only increasing. Not trying to fight her way out of her owners' vines now that they’ve arrived, and instead simply searching for the promised affini.

“Ah, you are right on time.” Approaching them is an affini whose body is primarily green, however her tightly packed flowers on their body are alternating white and black, giving her almost a chess board look, flowing down her body like a long lab coat. “It’s nice to meet you again Nix, my name is Anemone Apalita Fifth bloom She/her, I’ll be the vet watching over, and applying your body mods. I’m happy you look so excited for this, I’m always excited to give little cuties the bodies they want.”

“Yes!” Nix pumps her arms as Sola very carefully passes her over into the vets arms. Managing to actually hold her excitement inside, now that they’re actually here for the appointment. “Thank you soooo much!” 

“Our little lizard has been very excited for the appointment all week. Also thank you so much for helping with her spinal implant, when she first arrived.” Celosia gently scratches behind Nix’s ear as they walk deeper into the vet. Finally relaxing thanks to Nix’s now dramatically reduced fidgeting.

Anemone nods slightly, running a hand through Nix’s hair as they head into the back rooms. “It’s absolutely no problem at all, I was and always will be, more than happy to help. Especially when you two are flaunting someone as cute as this.” She gives Nix a light teasing squeeze as they arrive at another operating room.

Sola keeps close behind, holding Celosia’s hand the whole time and keeping a very close eye on their floret. If only to drink in Nix’s excitement for these changes for a few minutes longer. Nodding slightly at Anemone rather than saying anything, her chest bundling up due to the accusations of flaunting their floret.

“Well can you blame us?” Celosia pats Nix on the head. “I mean she is the most interesting little lizard on the whole ship if you’re asking me.” She flashes Anemone a sly grin as they arrive at the operating room.

Nix looks over at Sola and Celosia once they arrive. Giving the pair double thumbs up, one for each of them as she has the biggest brightest smile that they’d ever seen from her, on her face. “I’ll see you on the other side, Mistresses!”

Sola smiles, and waves as Nix is taken away, only slumping a little when Nix is out of view. “We don’t flaunt Nix too much, do we? I know you like to show her off, and I can’t help but show her off when we go out, unless she needs her quiet space, but I don’t want to be too obnoxious to others by doing it.”

“No we don’t, Sola, Anemone just likes to tease.” Celosia shakes her head, pulling Sola over to a pair of seats for them while they wait. Electing to actually pull Sola on top of her in one of them, rather than sitting separately, even if Sola’s size is virtually crushing her. “No affini worth their salt would say showing off your floret is a bad thing, and especially with a floret like Nix. She wants to be shown off, but is too anxious to do it herself.”

Sola giggles, and shifts some of her mass to the seats, and floor around them so as to not crush Celosia. “Thank you, even now I still feel nervous about hurting anyones feelings.” She shudders a little bit. “I, when I rest, I think about what would have happened if you hadn’t gotten involved with Nix, I think about what Nix would have done, given I don’t think I could have pushed through, and taken her independence away.”

“Dinaea would have come in.” Celosia looks over at Sola, wrapping her vines around the affini to lock them into this conversation. “Sola, I… after you left the trial with Nix.” Her form shudders, ruffling up against Sola’s. Her rhythm instead of its constant confidence, is a discordant mess. “A secondary plan was put into effect, while Nix was going to be allowed to have two weeks of freedom, to give both her and you time to sort everything out. Despite this it was made very clear by all present, that if it lasted any longer, other affini would come in themselves, and make her fall.”

Celosia leans against the wall, her core pulling away as vines bundle in surrounding it. “That’s why I came in, because I both deeply wanted Nix, and didn’t want you to lose her.” She pauses for a moment, looking Sola in the eyes. “I still mean everything I said when we first won her over, that I was astounded you let me stick around, and didn’t just do it yourself… but that is what would have happened if neither of us stepped in. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

Sola sighs, and squeezes Celosia with her vines. “I think I kind of knew, like… I didn’t know what all Nix had personally done, just that she had gotten hurt, and needed help. I promised her I would back her up with my vote on her case, but if I didn’t make that promise, I was very close to deciding to vote domestication. In reality, I was surprised that the vote went the way it did, despite everything that was revealed to the tribunal.” She looks down at the ground, the lingering shame from her actions still ever present. “Nix and I actually did have one fight, when the domestication game started, Nix did not value her own life at all, and I didn’t know HOW to make her value herself, and I think that would have made me alone lose that game.”

“Nix did vaguely mention that fight, it makes sense as to why now.” Celosia lets herself be pulled into Sola, her vines more intimately wrapping around her partner while they experiment with the experience. “And I doubt that you would have lost that game, looking over the rules. Even if I wasn’t involved, there was no way for Nix to win, it was simply a question of how long it would take. I rushed it, because of Pearl’s request, and the time limit I was aware of us being on.”

Sola’s vines squeeze Celosia, her flowers on her right side wilting. Her vines tightening around the spot that she’d gotten hurt when recusing Nix. “My losing would not have been part of the rules of the game, but I think without someone actively there all the time, Nix would have hurt herself or worse. Just, thinking of that feels like my core is being split open. I was afraid, and angry at myself for not being able to give Nix what she obviously needed looking back at it. I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have been able to push past my own good intentions, that I wouldn’t have been able to just be selfish enough to push through the end of the game and take Nix, at least not in time.”

“I see.” Celosia shakes her head, sitting in Sola’s words for a moment. “Then it’s a good thing that it didn’t turn out that way, while that would have been a horrible outcome without question.” She slowly presses a vine up under Sola’s chin, making her look up. “And you’ve obviously learned from this experience, and if you haven’t… Well then I’ll be here to help you learn it again, every time.” She lightly manipulates their bodies, pressing her head and core up against Sola’s.

Sola shudders, and begins pulling their mass back into a single form. Selfishly wanting nothing more in this moment than the feelings of safety that her partner provides. “Thank you, before all of this, while we worked together from time to time, I think I would tend to see you and Alistor as two sides of the same vine. But in working on Nix, I’ve seen just how sweet and considerate you can be. Honestly, I think you take everything that works about traditional affini strategies with sophonts, and apply it in considerate and thoughtful ways. Mind you I’ve also seen Alistor, while going out of his way to annoy me with his methods, how there are sophonts who respond very well to that much… thornier side of the vine.”

“Well that’s the main difference between me and Alistor, he believes his methodology is the best possible outcome, for any and all sophonts.” Celosia hums slightly, listening to Sola’s rhythm with a small smile. “But I personally always have believed that we can always expand, and find new strategies for caring for sophonts. Like from you, I learned about just how deeply a respectful relationship can be formed, without any major force at all. While also being reminded that the force that does need to be applied, needs to come at only the best, and safest, times to avoid permanently harming a sophont emotionally in the process.”

“From Nix, I learned so much about non violent rescues who have gone through traumatic experiences, before being rescued.” Celosia taps her hands along their combined sides. “The fact that they can be so willing to adapt if shown respect and kindness. If I’d not seen the process myself, I’d have believed she was just pretending, but there we were. A woman on a feral ship for three teran cycles, who only wanted to live peacefully despite the horrifying things she’d been told about us.”

Sola giggles a little at the taps to their sides. “Nix is such a unique individual, both before and after everything that happened. I know her mind was telling her that she wasn’t worth it, but her heart has so much love that was obviously struggling to get out.” She smiles and wraps their vines together tighter. “And now she is just always the brightest ray of sunshine to everyone around her, not just us, and it makes me so excited to show her off honestly.”

“Exactly, even during our appointments with Dinaea she, while sad that her childhood was how it was. She’s just happy to be here now, despite the fuzzy parts of her memories.” Celosia chuckles, closing her eyes and resting up against Sola’s form. 

After a few hours of quiet cuddling, behind Sola and Celosia. Anemone is standing in the doorway. Looking between the pairs fused form, and getting a small coy smile on her face. “So, how long until you two decide to combine your names?”

Sola jerks their form up, and tries to stay composed, although her fidgeting gives away her embarrassment. “I uhhh, we have been talking about it, among other things. How is Nix? Did everything go alright?” She wiggles a little, trying to divert the focus of the conversation.

“Everything went perfectly, I’ve sent everything you need to know to your datapads.” Anemone walks over, and around the pair. Eyes tracing around their combined form, obviously interested in seeing this in person rather simply in books or online. “It will be a week before you can fully let her hands out of their wraps, along with the horns, and neck fluff, her teeth are all exactly as requested. With only slight modifications to her tongue, to ensure that they are safe, and wont cut her under any circumstances.” 

Celosia starts to slowly rouse from her rest, mostly letting Sola pull her along. Until she feels her partner's vines wrap more tightly around her, shocking her awake, and causing her to realize Anemone is standing right there. Her petals starting to shudder in embarrassment, before slowly detangling herself from Sola.

Sola takes a moment to pull herself back together into her loose form. “Thank you very much. I know we hadn’t thought about the tongue with her new teeth, but as long as everything will work out well for Nix, we are both really happy.” She begins to look at her datapad, making sure she doesn’t have any questions, before realizing that it is Celosia’s pad, and passing it back to her partner.

Celosia pulls Sola’s datapad out of her chest, and passes it over to her. “Indeed, thank you for taking that into consideration Anemone.” She slowly starts reforming her body together. Noticing all the spots that her vines had shifted to in order to accommodate Sola’s significantly larger form. 

“Absolutely, when I saw the requests, I knew it was going to need to be done, so I added it to the docket.” Anemone keeps her grin, as she walks away from the pair. Leading them into the operating room. Where Nix is currently laid with both of her arms out covered in bandages, alongside bandages around the majority of her horns running down to the base, her neck fluff puffing out over shoulders like a massive scarf. “I think she’ll be really happy when she wakes up.”

Sola practically slithers up to the operating table, looking closely at Nix’s new form, before gently running some vines through her neck fluff. “It is alright to pick her up, right? If not I’ll wait, but just, I want to hold her so badly.”

“She’s perfectly safe to hold, just remember to keep her hands on level with the rest of her body.” Anemone very slowly plucks Nix off of the operating table, helping slide her over into Sola’s vines, making sure both of her arms are laying on top of her chest. “There we go, nice and secure.”

Celosia simply stands behind Sola, looking at their floret laying in Sola’s vines. Her entire body starting to rustle in excitement of finally getting to see her look like this, and feeling entirely vindicated in her decision to have Nix get neck fluff. 

Sola wraps her vines around Nix, keeping her securely as instructed. She then turns around grinning at Celosia. “It was your suggestion, I think you should enjoy petting through Nix’s new neck fluff. It is so soft, and I can only imagine how cuddly Nix will be with it.”

Celosia slowly puts her hand out, running her fingers through the girl’s fluff. Her arm tightening slightly around itself with each of her little movements, watching Nix squeak and barely wiggle around under her touch. “Alright, let’s get her home. I can’t wait to see more of this.”

“Indeed, I’ll see you next time for her legs and tail.” Anemone slowly leads the pair out, watching as they both keep pressed up against not just one another, but also Nix. Ensuring nothing could even have a chance at causing their floret discomfort.

Sola spends the whole walk home very gently petting Nix with some of her vines. “Nix looks wonderful, and I can’t wait for when we can remove the bandages. I’m just thinking about how excited she will be, running around the hab and all.”

“Once she’s healed I can easily see her trying to climb up the walls in her own excitement.” Celosia nods, opening the door to their hab, and spotting Alistor and Wisp. Both of them are asleep, and openly cuddling on the middle of the couch. “And I guess they had a nice day too.”


Nix lets out a little squeak, finding herself laid comfortably on top of the couch. A nest of blankets supporting both her, and her arms as her head lazily drifts looking around the hab. Finding herself met with Wisp sitting beside her. Keeping an eye on her, while Nix’s favorite show plays in the background much to their and Alistor’s chagrin. “Aaaaaah!”

She almost tries to lift her arms out, only to realize that they’re covered by large bandages. Wisp holding them down to keep her from moving too much. “Miss Sola? Miss Celosia, she’s awake again!”

The pair almost stumble over each other, as they rush over, Sola catches both of them, righting her partner, before flowing alongside her to Nix. “Hello Nix, how are you feeling? Everything okay?” She pets Nix lightly with a smile. “The first half of your mods have been installed well, but you still need to recover from them, so you are getting lots of rest, and you are not allowed to do anything major during this time.”

Nix giggles, looking up at her two owners, the heavy mix of xenodrugs that are keeping her down causing each word to sound even more like an enrapturing melody than normal. Keeping her undivided attention as she lazily nods along. “Bzzzt!”

Celosia smiles softly, leaning up against Sola as she slowly reaches out to pet Nix. “Good lizard, it’ll be about a week before the rest of your bandages are ready to come off, but Mistress Sola will be guiding you through the exercises each night.” She watches as Nix’s head slowly slides back down into the bundle of blankets, slowly pulling the girl’s plushies over and placing them up against her. 

Alistor glances over and smiles, giving Wisp some petting, shifting to giving them little head scratches. “Good little flame, keeping your friend steady.”

Sola throws a small smirk at Alistor, shaking her head before brushing Nix’s neck fluff a little. “I’ve got a medically planned set of exercises for you to go through once moving more is okayed for you Nix. Things to help your muscles get back to a state where everything feels normal.”

Alistor chuckles, and chooses to speak up. “She even has made time for some use of the headsets.”

Sola throws almost a glare at him. “Shut it Alistor, using it as a supplement to comprehensive PT is alright, just not as a substitute.”

Celosia’s form tenses up for a second, a small grin finding its way onto her face as she refuses to allow herself to laugh at this exchange. “I couldn’t agree more, especially given Nix’s preexisting disabilities.” She slowly pulls Sola against her side, and away from Alistor. If only to avoid the pair starting to bicker about the efficiency, and efficacy, of using the headsets with only mild assistance in order to teach soponts about their new mods.

“Yeah, I mean getting new limbs is definitely an experience.” Wisp taps their leg a few times, before kicking it out. “Master used one on me before coming here, but actually adjusting to it was something I needed Miss Sola’s help for the whole way.”

“Indeed, that’s what it’s good for, giving you the basics to avoid confusion. Especially if your new limb has a different or increased range of movement.” Sola lets Celosia drag her away from Alistor, taking a breath and flashing a smile at Wisp.

“I do actually agree with you, I just find it entertaining to tease you about it, given your constant overblown hate of them, when we actually sit down to talk Sola.” Alistor slowly stands up, pulling Wisp against his chest. “So it’s just going to be until the end of Nix’s down period, before Wisp is done with the basics right?”

“Yes, then I’m going to be taking another break from seeing patents, while I work on Nix’s body mods adjustments. After that we will finally be in a place where I can take consistent cases, whenever you find one to send my way.” Sola nods slightly, moving to sit down where Wisp was in order to more closely keep an eye on Nix for now.

“Alright, and you’re positive you want to keep taking independent cases now?” Alistor uses his free hand to pull out his datapad, starting to tap notes on the conversation down. “No one would blame you if you want to stick to what you know.”

“Sola knows how to deal with independents now Alistor, and despite everything you tell me. Not every last sopont in the universe requires domestication, especially some who are adjusting to disabilities.” Celosia shakes her head, starting to scratch behind Nix’s ear a little more intensely to take her away from the moment.

“No, that’s…” Alistor groans, flopping his head to the side. “That’s actually not what I meant this time, I was asking because you have Nix now. What if you take someone in who has an issue with the cosmic navy? I’m just trying to consider the possibilities, because whether you believe it or not. I never wanted her to suffer.”

Sola frowns, shaking her head as she places vines over each of Nix’s ears. “Those memories are gone, if she somehow learns about the cosmic navy while I’m helping an independant. We will either remove the memory, or if it doesn’t trigger her, slowly allow her to become aware of it having existed, and nothing more. Nix wanted me to help sophonts like this, and I am not going to let my floret down.”

Alistor’s expression shifts to a small smile. “Good, now if you don’t mind me, Wisp here has a basketball game we wanted to go watch in person this time.” He gently runs his hand down Wisp’s back, turning around and starting to walk to the door. “I’ll see you later.”


Sola very carefully peels each piece of the bandages off of Nix’s arms, revealing glistening blue scales running all the way down each all the way to her hands. Which have very dulled down claws, just sharp enough to retain the clawed shape without risking anyone else getting scratched. 

At the same time, Celosia unwraps the bandages that are around Nix’s horns. Getting to finally see the full curves with the scaled pattern wrapping around in little spirals. “And there we go, all free to see yourself for the first time petal.”

Nix nods slightly, the afterglow of her several day long trip planted firmly on her face as she starts to slowly move her arms. Pulling them up against herself, and feeling the light stinging of her dull claws against her skin.

She giggles, rolling around on top of the couch as she twists and turns her hands. Eyes tracing over every inch, as it goes all the way up to just below her shoulders, before fading back to her normal skin tone. “This is amazing!”

Celosia grins down, reaching out to run her hand through Nix’s neck fluff. “It makes me so happy to hear you say that petal, just one week after you’ve finished healing, and we’ll get the rest done!”

“We are going to keep on top of getting you practice with your new hands, they are a little longer than you’re used to so some nice reaction practice will be how we focus on this! We can finally go to that arcade you wanted to.” Sola grins down at Nix, coming in around the other side to run her vines up, and down Nix’s spinal implant. 

Nix can’t help but respond with a grin in kind, bouncing up and down in her seat. “Finally, I thought we were never gonna get to go!” She pumps her arms up and down, her hands landing on her neck fluff for the first time. The soft fluff texture feeling wonderful against the palm of her hands, causing her to start to pull on it lightly, in order to stim. 

Sola squeals, pulling her datapad out and starting to take pictures of Nix while she gets caught up in the feeling of her new body. “Of course, I’m sorry we ended up needing to put it off for so long.”


Nix bounces on the tip of her toes, looking inside of a decently sized arcade. The flashing lights and colors all seeming that much more vivid, with her new flower eye assisting in her processing. “What do you wanna do first?!” She giggles, grabbing onto her leash, and starting to try and pull Sola inside behind her.

Sola chuckles, not actually allowing Nix to drag her this time. “Calm sweetie.” She tugs on Nix’s leash, pulling her back slightly. “I know you’re excited, but you’re still getting today's E’s out of your system. We’re going to head over to the section that has games that you can play, but you need to stay close.” She gently scratches on the base of Nix’s horns.

Nix squeaks, stopping on a dime to focus on the feeling of Sola’s attention. “Yes’s Mistress.” She wiggles around, nuzzling upwards surprised at just how sensitive her horns have actually ended up being. Sola’s vines loop all the way around them to make them look like a blue and green spiral.

“Good girl Nix!” Sola gently leads Nix inside, walking through the main part of the arcade. Past games that are made for both different sophont species as well as affini, over to a selection of games that are made specifically for terran florets. “Now let’s see.”

Eventually Sola stops in front of a machine that’s about at chest height for Nix, and has a comfortable chair in front of it in case whoever is playing can’t stand for long periods. “Oh this one looks fun.”

Nix nods a few times, watching as different flowers flow down the screen to the edges to the beat of the demo song that’s playing. “Yeah, I think I can do this.” She carefully leans her cane up against the side of the machine, before sitting down and starting up a play of it.

After a quick tutorial on how to play, it asks her to scan her datapad to create a file. EquaNix welcome to FloralFrenzy ‘Floret edition!’ 

Nix carefully swipes through all of her song options, tilting her head at most due to her general lack of musical awareness. That is until she arrives at a more chiptune selection of songs, deciding to just select the playlist, and play a random easy chart.

Sola leans down to watch Nix play, proud of how well she’s keeping up with the easy songs. Mostly due to how it’s obvious Nix is still working on the more fine details of control, and is also working through the remnants of her class E’s. “Sweetie, why don’t you try keeping your fingers on the glass, and only tapping when it’s time?”

Nix nods, adjusting her play to get a little more fine control over her reactions. Managing to actually pick up the pace for the rest of the round, and end up getting an S rank. Great job cutie! Your Mistresses must be proud! Chirps out of the system, before sending her back into the game options.

“Thanks for the advice!” Nix giggles, and starts tapping along the game, switching over to medium to see if she can handle something a little harder. 

Nix makes it through a few more songs, gradually becoming more confident with her claws movements. Tapping along the edges of the screen, and slowly learning more of the mechanics. Not even noticing how long it’s been until the ‘Thank you for playing!’ icon flashes across the screen. Along with a recommendation to take a break.

“So how was it?” Sola at this point had sat down on the ground behind Nix, in order to be on eye level with the game, and her floret. “At least from my perspective it seems like you had a lot of fun.”

Nix sticks her tongue out at the machine, grabbing her cane off of it. “It was really fun, but I wish I could play moreeee.” She chuckles to herself, slowly gets out of her seat, and flops down against Sola’s chest. “It was almost like tapping out super fast morse code!”

“Well I’m glad you had fun Petal, and I promise we can come here and play at least once a week. I’m sure even Jason would like to play some of the other games here with you.” Sola gently pulls Nix in against her chest, before starting to stand up and step away from the machine so someone else can play. 

“Heck yes, maybe I’ll finally be able to beat Jason at something without rigging it.” Nix snorts, nestling herself deeper into Sola’s vines while they walk out of the arcade. Making sure to thank the group of terrans who actually run it on their own, on the way out.


“It’s time, it's time!” Nix rushes around the family's bed, having gotten accustomed to her new hands over the last few days of practice. Making more than a little bit of a habit out of using them to run on all fours whenever convenient just as an excuse to feel them against something. 

Celosia chuckles, standing at the edge of the bed next to Sola. “You know, I thought she’d be more calm the second time through… that goes to show how much I still have to learn.” She very carefully moves around the left side of the bed, mostly entertaining their florets antics because they’re cute rather than inability to put a stop to it.

“Agreed, I suppose this is to be expected given how happy the first set has made her.” Sola grins, slowly stalking up behind Nix as she continues to run in circles on top of the bed. “Annnnd GOTCHA!” She swoops in, plucking Nix up into her waiting vines.  

Nix giggles, squirming around against Sola’s chest. Starting to buzz happily as she’s carried out into the living room for breakfast. Having pets from both of her owners heaped onto her in order to keep her from trying to scamper off once again to get the energy out.

"Alright Nix, breakfast time, and then we will say goodbye to Alistor and Wisp for the last time, until after you're healed up." Celosia pulls Nix’s favorite waffles over, having baked them to be larger and more thick so Nix can use her new sharper teeth during the meal.

Sola sits at the table, letting her vines flow along Nix’s arms and between her fingers. Grinning as Nix starts to tap the tips of her claws along them. “I’m going to let you set your own pace today Nix, although I will say try to take your time, I want you to really feel just how much your new teeth can dig into your meal. If you start to have trouble, I will be taking over.”

Nix grins as she’s released from Sola’s vines, reaching out and taking a few minutes in order to adjust to both holding a fork for the first time in what seems like forever. As well as the new shape of her hands, making slow deliberate movements in order to keep from having this treat taken away.

Tossing the first piece into her mouth, she starts to excitedly chew with the same fervor as always, but instead of swallowing immediately, she starts tearing into each oversized bite. Unable to help bouncing in Sola’s lap from the enjoyment of the process, and excitement for what comes after.

Sola giggles, shaking her head and doing very little to hide her enjoyment of Nix’s excitement. “You are so adorable Nix, how is it feeling, using your new claws and teeth? Nothing feels strange does it?” She brushes Nix’s neck fluff a little bit, smiling as her vines weave through the fluff.

Nix shakes her head, taking another bite and practicing more with her teeth movement. “Noooope, everything feels great!” She finishes up with her waffles, placing the fork back down. “Biting food feels soooo much better now!”

“I’m glad, and you’re doing such a good job with your new claws.” Celosia slowly runs her vines into the palms of Nix’s hands. Letting her start to stim on them, as a way of keeping her distracted on their way out. “So let’s go say bye to Alistor, and we’ll get you to your vet appointment.”

Turning around, the group walks up to the guest room, Sola giving a few light knocks before walking inside. “Good morning you two, I hope everything has been going well.”

Inside the group is met with Alistor pinning Wisp in his vines, the only thing visible of the terran being their head. As the rest is being roughly pinned down against the bed. “Oh, good morning everyone. Wisp was just trying to sneak out of bed without telling me.” He laughs lightly, slowly unraveling from around them, and getting out of bed. 

Sola rolls her eyes a little while holding Nix. “Well, we were about to head out for Nix’s vet appointment. We wanted to say bye, since you will be heading back to your own hab today. Once Nix is back up and running, we can come by and see how you are doing Wisp.” Sola kneels down with Nix so they can be on level with them. “Just know you can always call us for help, and you are always welcome to come over for anything.”

Nix pops out of Sola’s arms to give Wisp a hug. Being careful about her claws to avoid even light scratching. “Yeah, I can’t wait to see you again! I hope everything goes well once you’re moved in!” 

Wisp chuckles, lightly patting Nix’s back. “I’m sure they will, me and Master are going to be playing our game today, once you leave. I can’t wait to see your finished changes.” They give Nix a little squeeze, before pulling back and letting Sola take Nix back.

“Indeed, I can’t wait for you to see the ship for the fist time little flame.” Alistor gently scratches Wisp’s cheek as Nix is pulled away. “And of course thank you Sola, for both helping me and Wisp adjust to one another, as well as making sure they can run like they wanted.” He chuckles, giving Wisp a small hug, and standing up with them in his vines. “Seeing your process in person has been a pleasure.”

Sola gives Alistor a small smile. “Thank you Alistor, I aim to please all who enter my care. And I have to say, seeing your style has brought some light to my understanding of floret affini relationships. Just because it may not be fully what I would do, it really helped contextualize that your way isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

“I’m happy to see you finally coming around then.” Alistor flashes Sola a grin, walking past them, and striding out of the hab without another word. 

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that happy.” Celosia shakes her head, leaning up against Sola’s side. Draping her cloak over where Nix is being held, in order to stop her squirming. “Now what do you say we get Nix to her appointment, before she vibrates herself into a different dimensional plane.”

Sola gasps, and looks down at Nix feigning the most concern she can possibly fake. “Well we can’t have that happening. We need to get our little cutie to the vet right away.” She giggles a little, and pulls Nix up a little more, keeping a firm hold as she cuddles up to Celosia while they walk towards the door.

Nix is about to get her final implants, as Sola and Celosia explore their relationship more intimately-

Next time on Recovery's final chapter, Chapter 36. Acceptance!

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