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Nix meets Sola's new patient and their owner! 

Nix arches her back, stretching as she rolls around on top of her owner's vines. The hab rings out a gentle chime in order to wake the family up, reminding them to wake up in time for both their guests and to get back to work. 

Sola sighs, and gives Nix a hug. “Good morning Nix, are you ready for the day?” She gently shakes both Nix and Celosia, unwilling to let the family sleep in on their first day. “Time to get up Celly, I’ll be in the kitchen with Nix. Take your time and I’ll have your breakfast and some tea ready.”

Nix starts squirming around, grumbling and trying to keep herself in bed. Only to have both of her hands be met with Sola’s vines, her owner bundling them up while they leave the bedroom. "Noooo, so cozy." She murmurs, not bothering to do much more than curling back up in her owner's vines. 

Sola giggles at Nix’s pouting, slowly getting up, and walking to the kitchen. “I know petal. But we have a few things happening today. I’m not going to ask you to be around too much for my patient, their owner will be here with them during their recovery, but they will be in the guest room, and around for some time, so I would like you to at least meet them. I hear that they were taken in recently, and I think that you could help them understand that it is perfectly valid, and okay to be doted on by affini.”

Nix nods a few times, hugging her legs as Sola starts to cook breakfast for them. Leaning in and nipping at Sola’s vines, mostly as something to do while she focuses on waking up.

After a few minutes of cooking, there's a gentle, but obviously excited knocking on the hab door. The normal chime for guests ringing throughout the hab.

This is enough to finally wake Celosia up. Her body mixes and shuffles around in order to get into her normal appearance, rather than the mass of vines that she has started using while she sleeps, because Nix likes it, and she likes having her core closer to Sola.

Once she is done waking up, Celosia grabs Nix’s lizard plush. Just in case she ends up needing it while they are at work today.

Sola happily walks to the door while holding Nix, opening it up to welcome their guests, only to gasp in shock. “Alistor? Hello there. Who might this little cutie be?”

Alistor chuckles a little bit, petting the terran in his arms. They have spiky black hair, and light green eyes. Dressed in a mint green and red companion dress, their left leg wooden and swinging limply. “This is Wisp Amara, Third Floret their pronouns are they/them. I’ve been getting a little jealous, and figured I would give this a try. I’d been helping with the ‘new arrivals’ and something about Wisp here… well Celosia talked about a feeling, and I felt that when talking with Wisp.”

Wisp looks between Sola and Nix. Shrinking down against Alistor’s chest. "Hello, Alistor says that you're going to be helping me with my leg?" They force themself to smile, at Sola. Eyes flicking down at Nix’s resting form repeatedly.

Nix stretches, her eye flower blooming while she locks eyes with Wisp. Giving them a little weak wave. Trying to be polite, but not quite awake enough to actually use words. "BZzzzt."

Sola giggles, and waves at Wisp. “It is still early for Nix, but I bet she will be willing to talk after breakfast. Come on in you two, and make yourselves at home. Have you had breakfast yet Wisp? Also I’ll be making some tea Alistor, Celosia is just relaxing in our room if you want to talk to her.”

“No, Alistor said we’d eat once we got here… he seemed really excited to ‘show me off’.” Wisp shudders, letting Alistor carry them inside, and into the kitchen. Looking over the hab, and noticing how much more accessible it is in comparison to anywhere else they’ve been on the ship. Everything having a clear method of access, without the need for affini interference.

“I can’t help it, Celosia has been my friend for blooms now, and I know she’ll have never seen this coming.” Alistor gently pets Wisp, keeping it gentle and light enough to not bother his new floret. 

Celosia finally comes out of the bedroom. Nix’s bag, cane, and plush salamander in one of her arms. Only to freeze up when she sees Alistor sitting in their kitchen. “Um, Alistor, what are you doing here? I don’t need you to walk us to work.”

Nix perks up slightly, mostly due to how loud everything is getting. Rolling over in Sola’s vines until she’s fully sitting up. Mostly with the help of Sola’s vines, and the additional encouragement of eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast.

Sola giggles a little bit as she glances back at Celosia’s stunned form. “Well Wisp, I’m making eggs, bacon, and pancakes. If you want something different just let me know, and I’ll whip something up. Once that is settled, I’ll take a look at your medical chart, and we can start figuring out what physical therapy is best for you.”

Alistor takes a seat at the table, keeping Wisp close with small and consistent pets to them. “Well Celosia, this right here is Wisp. They were aboard one of those ships that came in, were determined to need to be domesticated, and I felt this connection that felt similar to how you described yours with Nix, so I went for it. Then I knew if anyone was going to give Wisp the physical therapy she needs, Sola would be the best affini to help Wisp regain mobility.”

Celosia pauses, looking over the poor terran that is Wisp, before glancing up at Alistor. “You know when I said that you should try and empathize with rescues more, this isn’t what I meant right?”

“Yes, but I had been considering this for a while anyway, you simply spurred me into the act.” Alistor laughs, pulling Wisp a little tighter against himself. “After all, I wouldn’t dare adopt a floret just to spite you.”

Nix snickers a bit, wiggling her way over to sit next to Wisp. Feeling a little awkward about not being dressed for the day yet, but also realizing Wisp is getting very obviously anxious. “Don’t worry, they’re just like this. I was the last person that Mistress Sola worked with, and they adopted me.” 

Wisp looks down at Nix, shaking their head. Is that what they’d end up like? Glossy eyed and complacent, probably. “So you were also put into the program by force?”

“Kinda? I was involved in an accident, ended up getting provisional independence, and then my owners convinced me to go through with domestication.” Nix points over at the still displayed board game in the corner of the room. “They had it be a game, because I was struggling with my own desires.”

Wisp nods up at Alistor, whispering over to Nix. Trying to figure out more about her future owner. “What about him? Honestly, we’d only talked three times since I met him, and now I’m here.” 

“Alistor is weird, he really likes teasing Mistress Celly, but I promise he will actually do his best to help you. And I’m sure my owners will too.” Nix nods to herself, giving Wisp a thumbs up and pulling back, climbing over into Celosia’s lap.

Celosia reaches down and pets Nix. “What did I say about calling me that in front of others?” Despite trying to sound angry, the small smile forming on Celosia’s wooden features broke any tension from her reaction.

Alistor brushes Wisp’s hair before leaning down. “Celosia here is the biggest softy in the compact. She tries to appear serious, but you can trust her to always be nice.”

“Nicer than you’d ever be.” Nix sticks her tongue out at Alistor, starting to nuzzle into Celosia’s pets. “And I distinctly remember Mister Alistor encouraging me to call you that!”

“I will have you know I am plenty capable of kindness, in fact I distinctly remember being more than kind to you despite your behavior little one.” Alistor rolls his eyes, squeezing Wisp against his chest. “I just happen to be more firm handed, which is very important in cases like Wisp;s, and even your own.”

“Nix, be polite to Alistor.” Sola frowns, sitting down and starting to cut up her florets meal. Curious about what’s exactly gotten into her this morning.

“Yeah sure, ‘firm handed’.” Wisp groans, flopping their head back. “Like walking into my hospital room, and politely informing me that I’m going to be your pet. Even though I had been awake for the day, for less than five minutes.”

“Well I didn’t want you to get your hopes up, a mistake that one of my friends here, have made very recently.” Alistor takes the extra plate of food. Setting it in front of Wisp, but not actually attempting to feed them. “It’s important to set expectations.”

Celosia just gives Alistor a look. “It is important to set expectations, just make sure you fulfil them too.” She starts to guide Nix through eating, letting Sola put the bites in her mouth before continuing. “And Nix, I know you and Alistor seem to like a little back and forth sass, but try to keep it down before breakfast, we don’t want to set a bad example for our guest.”

Wisp watches while Nix relaxes into being fed, starting to eat themself. Mostly to distract themself from the fact that the girl had gone from sassy, and snarky, to a docile puddle at the drop of a hat. 

“I have no intention of not fulfilling them, Celly.” Alistor watches Wisp eating intimately, having seated them across from, rather than next to Nix in order to encourage Wisp watching the process. “If I wanted to take the easy way, I would not have brought them here, and would have just used one of the headsets, to help train them on how to use their new leg.”

Sola’s entire form shudders at the mention of the headsets, while she respects them as a means of education. The use of them when healing from injuries like losing a leg, she couldn’t help but have rub her the wrong way. “Well I’m glad you didn’t, because if Celly told me you’d gotten a pet who needed extensive physical therapy, and tried to use one of those, to do it all yourself. Frost knows I’d come, and drag you here myself.”

Alistor laughs a little bit, before bringing his gaze to Sola. “I know you would, while it works fine on body mods, reports have shown that those who use those visors may get to using their replacement limbs and the like faster, but physical therapy seems to produce much more natural, and intended movements. There is a reason why so many flock to you instead of going the quick route, even if it is just to get some advice on exercises before doing the rest on their own.”

“Exactly, I believe they can be a strong aid in the baseline, but the rest needs to come through actual education, and practice. I had actually used the headset with Nix, during her two weeks in the hospital. It provided the basic instructions, so she’d instinctively know how to use her spine, but as we all saw. It still took several more weeks for her to become fully comfortable.” Sola feeds Nix her last bite of breakfast, gently sliding her floret over into Celosia’s lap, while she starts to clean everything up.

Nix blinks a few times, this of course, was news to her. And likely would have been somewhat upsetting before her domestication, but now it just reminds her of how much effort her owner was willing to put in for her. 

“Well, I guess that’s a bonus.” Wisp mumbles out, picking at the last of their meal. Not really feeling all that hungry, while they spin their wooden leg in little circles, which is about the most that they can handle.

“Good job finishing your breakfast, little flame.” Alistor purrs, gently running a hand down Wisp’s back. He quickly shuffles the leftovers away, handing them off to Sola to allow her to continue cleaning up.

Sola smiles gently, taking the leftovers away. Once she’s finished up, she comes back and kneels down in front of Wisp. “Alright Wisp, I will be talking you through our basic exercise routine, then we will be going over how every part of the routine will help in specific ways. I find that it makes improvement, and healing easier when you know how what you are doing is helping.”

Wisp looks at Sola, squirming slightly due to Alistor’s teasing pet name for them. “Yeah, anything to get me uh…” They make a face, trying to think of anything that wouldn’t be an insult towards Alistor. “Healed up, and able to move around on my own.” Yeah, that’s good enough, only vaguely implying that they hate being held this much.

Celosia looks between Alistor and Sola. “Alright, I’m going to go get Nix ready for the day, then we can head to the office.” She quickly bundles Nix up into her vines, heading back into the bedroom.

“Bye Wisp! Keep your chin up, I promise Mistress Sola is nice!” Nix waves with her one free arm, disappearing into the bedroom with Celosia.

Sola smiles back at Nix, waiting for them to be in the bedroom before turning back to Wisp. “Alright Wisp, first, I think another step to being able to help you become your best, is to know a little more about you. What kinds of things do you like? Do you have any hobbies? Is there anything that you want to do that may be difficult?”

Wisp shrugs, backing away from Sola slightly. While she seems significantly softer than their would be owner, Wisp can’t really bring themself to be comfortable with trusting Sola’s word on anything. “I guess I used to like to sprint, back when I was in school I’d actually gotten my scholarships off of it. I’d like to be able to go on runs again, if that’s possible?”

Sola nods eagerly, and makes a mental note. “Alright, it will take time to get back to sprinting and runs, but I promise you, we will have milestones for you to reach. Once we have you comfortably walking again, we can go for a walk outside, just seeing how you do. Then as you improve we can bump it up to longer distances, then jogging, then running. When you are at that level, I think there is an independent, and a floret group who do jogging that you may be interested in.”

“Thanks?” Wisp eyes the affini, trying to figure out exactly what this one’s game is. “I don’t know how excited an independent group would be to have a floret around, but who knows.” They roll their eyes, wondering how they’d even managed to get into this mess. 

“Well then I’m sure the floret group will adore having you around, my little ember.” Alistor reaches down starting to gently scratch Wisp’s cheek. “Sola, do you feel like you’ll be able to handle everything with Wisp for the day? I’d like to at least come with Nix and Celosia to work on her first day, but if you think me being here will be for the best I’m more than willing to stay.”

Sola smiles, and gives Alistor a hug. “While I would encourage you spending more time with Wisp, I think that we may have a good first day, if we keep it to just the two of us. I promise I’ll take good care of them in the meantime. Though I would suggest later taking some time off to just enjoy being around each other.” She then looks at Wisp with a grin. “We will figure out what makes you comfortable, then in the next few weeks, I’ll have Alistor help you with your exercises.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I’ve declared that I will be taking time off for the next few weeks at least. I just need to finish transferring all of my projects to Celosia today.” Alistor gently picks Wisp up, handing them over to Sola and standing up. “After that I’ll be right back here.”

Wisp groans as they’re passed over into Sola’s vines, unsure if they’re happy to be away from Alistor. Or nervous about being left alone with an affini they’ve never met before. Eventually winding up somewhere around begrudging acceptance of the trade. After all, if anything the floret mentioned can be trusted, Sola’s definitely less trouble than their new ‘owner’.

Sola allows her vines to cradle Wisp while she bids Alistor a good day. As he leaves with Celosia, carrying the clean and clothed Nix, she brings Wisp to the exercise room she had set up. She soon unrolls a yoga mat to set Wisp on, before sitting down with them. “Alright, we will be starting off with a fairly large number of water aerobics with you to start off with. Right now your new leg is very unfamiliar, so this should help out with balance, and getting used to movement with it. After you are at a point where you can stand, I believe some treadmill use and stationary bike time will help your endurance. During all of this, I will also be having you do other workouts, just because we are working on your legs, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep you in good health.”

Wisp slowly moves to cross their legs, having a bit of trouble with the wooden one, but eventually getting comfortable. “Yea I get it, it’s a big change.” They slide their fingers along the unfamiliar leg, occasionally glancing around the room at all the exercise supplies. “So that girl, Nix right? she was the one you worked with before me?”

Sola nods and smiles, leaning down to be on Wisp’s level. “Nix is, she is my first floret, and it took a bit of time for us to realize we were interested in that level of relationship. She had a spine problem that had been, well, to say accord medicine gave her a bandage solution is putting it far too lightly. Nix needed a lot of general exercise work to be comfortable with anything.” She sighs, and gives Wisp a little pet. “We spent a lot of work getting Nix not only up on the physical end, but also in meeting new people without overwhelming her.”

Wisp tilts their head away from Sola, only to still be grazed by the petting. “You make it sound like she was actually given a choice?” They laugh to themself at the thought, leaning back slightly on the mat and looking up at the ceiling. “Guess that’s what I get, for being on that stupid pile of scrap.”

Sola smiles and shakes her head. “Nix did have a choice, she actually made a big point about that choice, but it was after a little bit of independent time that she became rather depressed. Nix, for everything she worked towards, wanted to not have to make a choice, she just wanted to be taken care of and be happy. Would you be willing to tell me your story? What happened to get you to this point? What brought you to be on that accord ship?”

“Kidnapped, they were desperate for hands, even unskilled ones, more than anything, and I wasn’t living in one of the affini run districts of my home planet.” Wisp flops backward onto the ground. “One minute I’m in a bar, acting a little skeptical of the affini, next thing I know I’m regaining consciousness in a bunk aboard a rebel ship. I think they may have drugged me with something?” They groan, shaking their head. “Either way, I ended up working as a set of spare hands, for the next few months. There was this big meet up that was meant to happen, rebel ships trading supplies and junk, the first two ships never showed up, so the one I was on, tucked its tail and ran assuming the worst.”

“If you want, we can talk to Alistor about where you came from, he could pretty easily look it up and see if your things were saved at all. If affini are already on the planet, then if expansion work has been done and gotten by your old place with a wellness check, they could have packed your things and put up a missing person’s report.”

“I have no doubts about that, bet that the few friends I had really freaked out when I disappeared.” Wisp snickers, shaking their head. Keeping a mostly collected face, despite the agonizing facts of their new life. “But now I’ll never see any of them again, stars knows where I am now, or where this ship is actually even going.”

“Seeing your friends should be pretty easy. We can start with finding them online. And if we have trouble, we can always have one of the affini on your old world deliver a message to get in touch. Then I can ask Celosia if she can figure out our ship’s general trajectory. If we have a nearby restocking point, you should be able to visit them, or they could come visit.”

“Aren’t you an optimistic one?” Wisp rubs their face glancing over at Sola’s beaming expression. By some miracle, the level of energy Sola is exuding, is making Alistor’s presence seem calming in comparison. “Look I don’t know what you know about terrans, but the ones I was around, well given the situation. I don’t think we’d be friends any more now.”

Sola’s mood dips a little bit before she leans in. “Why wouldn’t they? Friends are supposed to be there for each other, in order to give love and support. Did something happen before you got taken?” She brushes Wisp’s cheek. “If you want, I will promise to keep this bit between just us.”

“No, it’s just my friends, they didn’t really trust the affini, maybe that could have changed by now… I doubt it, and even if it has.” Wisp shakes their head. “I’d just rather not have the changes I’m sure being Alistor’s ‘pet’ will cause in me, paraded around for all of my old friends to see. Even the floret seems like she doesn’t trust him, and I thought it was impossible for a floret to feel that way!” They snicker a bit.

Sola giggles a little bit, and shakes her head. “When Nix was freshly on board, Alistor was one of the people advocating for her to just go through domestication. It kind of made her push back extra hard for a while. Honestly, while I have seen Nix be moody before, this was the first time I saw her bring out that much sass, although Alistor and her seemed to have at least some fun with it.” She sighs, and lets some of her vines wander to gently massage Wisp. “Alistor has tended towards more… hardline affini thinking, although with how complex Nix’s case got, I know he has been re-evaluating his own thought processes.”

“Ah yes, reevaluating his thought process, that’s why he appeared to scoop me up the second that I was conscious enough to even understand what he was doing.” Wisp groans, letting Sola massage them, repressing a shudder as several knots are gently worked over. “You’re really making your super cuddly pet sound like she was a pretty stubborn rebel, before you did… something to her?”

Sola pauses, and shakes her head. “Well, that is an improvement. Before he very likely would have picked you up before you were conscious. He still has a way to go, but improvements all the same. As for Nix, she genuinely was very stubborn, she wanted to be a floret, but was holding herself back because she felt she didn’t deserve the love and affection that we wanted to give her. After she won her case for independence, she wanted us to… push the issue. She admitted to us that she wouldn’t have been able to willingly make the choice, so Celosia and I worked on her, Celosia going harder with a little domestication game.” She sighs, and looks towards the art room. “We worked very hard to help with Nix’s sadness and guilt, so seeing her smile makes me happy for her.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re way too open about your personal life.” Wisp laughs rolling away from Sola’s vines, following the affini’s line of sight, to try and figure out what she’s looking at. “I guess I’m happy that she’s doing better then, especially if she really wanted and needed this, but like… All I did was shoot an affini, and I’d argue that I didn’t have a choice!” They throw their arms up. “I mean I’d lost a leg, and a mass of red and black vines was flying at me, I thought Alistor was covered in human blood, anyone would panic!”

Sola stares at Wisp for a moment, before bursting out laughing. “Sorry, technically aggressive actions like that do put you on the mandatory domestication part of the human domestication act, and that also is probably why Alistor is so interested in you.” She shakes her head more. “I’ve been told that I can be open, but I feel that being open, and honest, will do more good than lying. You are nervous and on guard, I want to help make it so you will feel more comfortable relaxing around us.”

“Oh great, my owner has a kink for getting shot in the face, just what I wanted to hear.” Wisp looks back over at Sola, not finding nearly as much humor in the situation. “Guess that’s something to tell people I meet, oh hey, if you’ve got a crush on affini, just shoot them in the face! They’ll get off on it.

Sola laughs a little bit, shaking her head. “Oh, that is silly. Each affini is different, just like every other sophont is different.” She smiles, shifting her form a little bit, and reaching out to pick up Wisp. “Let’s get you going with the water aerobics. I think we have spent enough time putting it off.”

“I haven’t been putting anything off!” Wisp squeaks as Sola picks them up, astounded by how large the affini is even in comparison to their owner. Sure Alistor is this tall, but Sola’s much bulkier, and has a rhythm to her movements that is proving more and more uncomfortable, the closer they get to one another. “You’re the one who got distracted with ‘getting to know me’.”

Sola nods. “I know, but I felt like saying it that way anyway.” She then grins and pokes Wisp’s cheek. Her vines wrapping themselves around her core in order to dampen her rhythm. “And with the way you are wiggling, I can tell that you are already getting used to Alistor’s rhythm, I’ll try to hold you a little further out, to avoid making you feel uncomfortable.” Her vines shift, bringing Wisp a little further out, while still keeping a firm grasp on them as they head to the bathroom.

Wisp winces at the mention of Alistor, watching as they’re brought past a room filled with different art supplies and into the main bedroom. Glancing over everything she notices stuffed replicas of both of the affini who live here, alongside a mini version of their floret bundled up between them. “So am I gonna get a swimsuit or something? Or are you going to just have me do this in the nude.”

“Well, I suppose that depends on whatever you prefer. I will say that it is alright to be nude, but if you do care, I can use the compiler to get you a swimsuit. It will just be the two of us, although tomorrow and onward, I will be having Alistor accompany us.”

“I’d prefer a swimsuit, Alistor has been working on giving me Gs, which is about the only good thing since my arrival. But I’m not to the point where I’d wanna have anyone see me nude, let alone an affini that I’ve never met.” Wisp sighs as they’re put down on the bed, watching Sola step back and pull out her tablet. 

Sola quickly looks through a few options before picking out a cute one piece. “Alright, I’ll start you off with a one piece, and they come with trunks. As you get more confident, we can get you other designs, but I felt this would be the most comfortable.” She turns her tablet around to show off the swimsuit.

Wisp looks over the black striped swimming suit. "Well I guess that's not the worst design you could have picked." They watch Sola walk out of the bedroom, slumping down and flopping onto the bed as they get a moment of privacy. 

On one of the nightstands was a picture of Sola, Celosia, and Nix at a park. The two affini had their vines wrapped around each other while Nix happily sat between them, her eyes much clearer than Wisp had seen earlier. Next to this picture was one of Nix with a pale reptilian puppet looking girl. The two of them had their arms hooked together as they pose cutely for the camera.

Wisp sighs, shaking their head slightly. Deciding to try and get to know more about the floret, who they’ll presumably be living around for the next several weeks. Rationalizing it to be better trying to make a friend, rather than be stuck with no one to relate to, and having to deal with Alistor’s advances.

Sola comes back in with the swimsuit. “Here we are, would you like to try on your own, or would you like me to help you into your swimsuit?” She sets the suit on the bed, and smiles at the pictures. “I’ll give you privacy if you would prefer, but remember, I am here to help you.”

“I would prefer a bit of help, while I can definitely move my leg enough to get it on. I wouldn’t call the process comfortable yet, and I’ve got some questions for you anyway.” Wisp starts to pull their companion dress off, tossing it as far away as possible. “Mostly about your ‘pet’ if you’re willing to tell me. Not that I’ve ever heard of an affini who wouldn’t want to talk about their floret.”

Sola begins helping Wisp into the swimsuit, making sure to keep her vision focused on the job so as to not make them uncomfortable. “Of course, what would you like to know about Nix? There are some stuff she likes to keep quiet about, but I can answer most questions fairly.”

“Look I’m not really interested in her personal stuff, I wouldn’t wanna press someone about a past that they don’t wanna address.” Wisp sighs, patting themself down as they look over the one piece. Satisfied with how it hugs their body, without revealing too much, or leaning too much in either direction. “I just was wondering if she’s fond of meeting new people, I’d like to be friends with anyone who can give Alistor sass and get away with it.”

Sola giggles a little bit, shaking her head. “Well, Nix can be a little shy, and very standoffish at first, but she opens up pretty quick under shared interests, and just being nice to her. I think she would like to be friends, and on top of that, I think she would do well with more terran friends anyway. How about tonight, we can either set you both up in her art room, or watching some TV together. Either way it should be nice to relax, and get her to open up more.”

Wisp nods slightly, kicking their wooden leg off the side of the bed. Watching as it dangles, vaguely following her intent, but still always a second behind what it should be. "That sounds good to me. Um, it might be a bit prying, but Alistor told me not to refer to the cosmic navy, as long as Nix is around… do ya mind telling me why? Just so I can know if there's topics I should avoid, ya know?"

Sola frowns, and nods, sitting down next to Wisp, and looking over at the shelf of photos. “Nix was in the navy for a long time. She was a jump tech, and well, take your own experience, stretch it out a lot longer while being disabled, the entire crew relying on you, but not respecting you, and you have to keep proving yourself or a power crazed captain would vent you. Nix put up with that for years, and eventually she was able to make a distress beacon to call upon us to save her. Nix went through a lot of trauma, and we tried helping her work through it, but it got to a point that through her own request, xenodrugs and her implant have been used to effectively remove her memories of the navy entirely. Her general mood has improved drastically, even if I wish we could have worked through it fully without going this far.”

“Well, I guess that tracks.” Wisp nods to themself, pushing over to the edge of the bed. “I’ll make sure not to bring up anything involving the cosmic navy around her then, stars know that I’d be more than happy to never hear or talk about those monsters again.”

Sola picks Wisp up, and nods, giving them a little squeeze. “I agree, everything I find out makes me hurt thinking of the pain caused.” She walks into the bathroom where the bath has already been filled. “I will stay at the edge, and just keep my vines on you for general support, I want you to just work on balancing and walking on your own. It is okay to lean on my vines more if you need the help though, this is only the first day.”

As they’re slid into the water, Wisp leans from side to side. Holding onto the side of the tub, and looking down at their legs. “Got it, yeah this does feel a little different, not necessarily in a bad way.” They take a few shaky steps towards the other side of the tub, the replacement leg buckling slightly under the pressure. Mostly due to the instinct for it to be a struggle, rather than actual difficulty.

Sola catches them, helping Wisp stand up straight again. “That was a pretty good start. How about we work on your balance for about ten minutes, then we can do just some small yoga exercises to help more with general comfort with your leg. After that we can do a few arm exercises while giving your legs a break.”

Wisp nods slightly, going through the motions with Sola’s assistance for the remainder of the exercises. Gradually growing more confident in their movements, as they start treating the new limb as part of themselves rather than an attachment that needs to receive commands.

Soooo, Alistor has a floret now, and Nix and Celosia are off to work for the day-

Next time on Recovery, Chapter 33B. Bring Your Floret To Work Day

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