29. Interlude

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

A super short intermediary chapter before we head into Act 3 of recovery. The final arc before the main story is over!

Green, Red, and Yellow, those are the three first thoughts that return to Nix as her implant starts to finally wash the high doses of xenodrugs out of her system. Causing Nix to realize she only has her flower eye open, not her normal one. 

As both of her eyes slip open, Nix is met with Sola and Celosia looming over her. Both affini clearly bursting with excitement, and a bit of obvious anxiety. The pair's combined rhythm beating not only around her, but deep inside of her too. "M-Mistresses?" 

Nix can't help but tit her head, struggling to process much more than the basic details of what is happening. Only really understanding that she's both home, and being held by her owners. She tries to wave at the pair, only to notice that her arms are being held still, and immediately giving up. Instead simply flashing a small smile. "Hi…"

Sola giggles, and reaches out to gently brush Nix’s cheek. “Good morning Nix, you are surprisingly good at oversleeping.” She begins to run her smaller vines through Nix’s hair, giving her little scratches, and massaging her head. “How do you feel, Petal? Do you feel like you need anything?”

Nix squeaks, starting to nestle openly into each and every scratch or pet. "I don't think so." She makes a confused face, trying to think of any reason that she'd need anything in particular, and coming up blank. 

Celosia nods, releasing Nix from her grip and allowing Sola to fully pull their floret into her arms. "Good, why don't we get some breakfast in you, and if you have anything you want to know pop up. Just ask us, and Mistresses will explain."

Sola reaches into her chest, and pulls out Nix's plush toy, putting it into Nix's arms before standing up, cradling their floret close. "Such a sweet little flower, mistresses love you so much Nix." She slowly walks towards the kitchen table, sitting down, and brushing Nix's hair. Unable to even imagine letting her floret out of her arms at this point. "How about some blueberry waffles, does that sound good?"

"Mhm…" Nix quietly holds onto Sola’s vines, while she's still obviously anxious, and clearly confused about what's happening. There's a relaxation, and acceptance that hadn't been there before, the idea to feed herself not even passing through her head.

Sola smiles as Celosia brings out a plate of waffles, cutting the pieces up, and beginning to feed them to Nix. The entire time, Sola’s smaller vines run along Nix’s jaw, and guide her through chewing every little bit. “There we go, just a comfortable meal to start things off.”

Celosia continues to hover around the pair, her eyes never leaving Nix for too long, eventually having to force herself to simply sit down across from their floret.

Once Nix gets her last bite, she stretches out. Flopping onto her side, and lazily looking up at her owners. “Mistresses? Is something wrong?” She kicks her legs as a form of stimming, mostly concerned with her owner’s behavior, and the possibility that she’d done something wrong. Only to have that thought fade away just as quickly as it’d come, the implant quickly calming, and reminding her that she couldn't have done anything wrong.

“Nothing is wrong Petal, we were just very worried. While you woke up not long after the two week recovery from your implant, you were supposed to wake up, and be out of it a little earlier. Dinaea kept assuring us that you were going to be fine. We just couldn’t help but worry horribly.” Sola pats Nix lightly a few times, not in the slightest hiding how relieved she is that Nix is being this open about her emotions.

Nix pops up, throwing her arms around Sola as tight as she can manage. “Well, I’m doing better than ever! And it’s all thanks to my amazing owners, so you don’t need to worry.” She squeezes down, starting to nip at one of Sola’s vines affectionately.

Sola giggles, and ruffles Nix’s hair a little bit, quickly making sure the bite-stimulating vine is the one Nix is nipping at. “You like stimming like this so much I may start calling you my little fishy, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are our adorable little lizard.”

Nix giggles, wiggling around and biting a little harder on the vine. 

“The most adorable little lizard in the whole compact.” Celosia finally plucks Nix out of Sola’s vines. Not moving her far enough to stop her from bite-stimming, unable to resist absolute joy that Nix, while still being definitely herself, no longer holds any inch of herself back from them. 

Sola takes out her datapad, and starts taking pictures. “We are so happy that you are awake, and healed. Oh, I should call Resin and Anthurium to set up a playdate. I know Jason, and Pearl, would love to see you after these couple of weeks.” She begins sending some of the pictures she is taking to their small group chat.

“Yes!” Nix pumps her fists, letting Sola take pictures of her cuddling up against Cleosia’s chest. “I can’t wait to see Pearl again, I…” She blinks a few times, not able to remember exactly what she’d talked to Pearl about last time, but able to remember at the very least that it was sad. “I wanna make sure Pearl is doing okay!”

Sola messages the others, waiting just a little bit for a response. “Well, it seems like everyone is up for a dinner play date. This gives us a little bit of time to ourselves, before needing to get ready. Celosia, is there anything you would like to do? Because if not, I was thinking we start out by looking at Nix’s art room.”

“I think that sounds like a wonderful idea.” Celosia nods, standing up, and giving Nix a little squeeze. “Moving Nix’s old painting in there was a pain, but I think it really ties the room together.”

Nix simply grins, kicking her legs slightly out of excitement. “I can’t wait to see it again, I mean… wow, it’s been forever since I was in Mistress Sola’s old hab.” She snickers to herself, surprised that it’s already been over a month since the last time she’d been in Sola’s hab. Despite the fact that several weeks of that time, she’s spent healing from additional surgeries. 

“Sure, getting it installed was difficult, but I think it was worth it. Honestly Nix hasn’t been awake for our few expansions. I’m glad one of the neighbors wanted to move into my old space.” Sola wraps some vines around Celosia’s shoulders, while a few vines slip into Nix’s hands. “Now, if we want to move anything, I’ll take care of it Nix, just let us know if you get inspired to paint.”

As the groups pass into Nix’s art room, the entire area has been shuffled around. The back wall now proudly displays all three paintings that Nix had finished so far, while leaving a few more spaces on the wall for other works. While all of the painting, and art supplies, are now kept on higher shelves than they used to be. Making it fairly clear that Nix would need to ask for help if she wants to get her art supplies out.

Next to Nix’s normal painting chair, there’s also what looks to be a massive plush cave pressed up in the corner. Looking almost like the compartment that Sola puts Nix in when they’re going out, except with both red and blue plush flowers spotted along the outside instead. 

Looking up at her first painting, Nix couldn’t help but feel lost. While it was no doubt pretty, and included all of the colors that represent her mistresses and herself, it looks so painful. All of the swipes made with, to her, a clear anger behind them. The type of deep rage that she couldn't even pretend to pull up if she tried. “Wow.” She leans back slightly, starting to tickle and stim on Sola’s vines. Unsure what to say on the matter, and just deciding to try and change the topic. “I, uh… really like my new art room. It feels a lot cozier than last time I was here.”

Sola smiles and ruffles Nix’s hair. “Thank you, Resin and Pearl came by and helped me set up some of this, we wanted to put in more things for you into this room. Then Anthurium and Jason came by, they will be bringing over some games for us to enjoy on our own time, but they helped make space for a game shelf.”

“There’s also a few surprises for you in my office, but you’ll get to see that when I bring you with me to work in a few days.” Celosia chuckles lightly, kneeling down and placing Nix in front of her new cave. Deciding to let the girl start to explore around the room. “What do you think of your paintings, Petal?”

Nix walks up to the cave, pressing up against it lightly. Feeling a slight pulsing rhythm going throughout the fabric. “Well, I really like the two smaller ones, they remind me of you two, and how special you adopting me makes me feel.” She slowly slips inside the cave, checking out the inside, and noticing a small screen in the portion connecting to the wall. Allowing her to turn on shows while she’s relaxing in here. “But the big one, well it feels… weird. It makes me feel really sad, deep down in my chest. I can hardly understand why I made it the way I did, I must have been really hurting back then…”

Sola looks down, with a sad smile. “You were petal, you were hurting a lot back then.” She sits down and looks at the large painting. “It is special, because it reminds me that just because the physical has been healed, emotional pain hides deep down in a way that I cannot always just fix. I also see it as a sign of growth, trying to improve, and standing up against impossible odds.”

“And I see it as a message to the universe, that Nix Ave was once here.” Celosia sits down next to Sola, reaching in and petting Nix lightly. “That she’s doing just fine now, even after all that, as Nix Farin-Verse. Precious pet, and adorable little lizard.”

Nix giggles, nuzzling into Celosia’s vine. Rubbing her cheek in particular against it. “Well, then I’m glad it makes you happy.” She takes a few more cursory glances at the painting. “That’s all I ever want out of my art.” 

Sola reaches out to give Nix some more pets. “Thank you Nix, you are a gift upon us all. After our last few hab upgrades are done, I’ll be opening my schedule backup for my work. I’ll have any little ones who I need to watch in their own space in a guest room, but I want you to be fully comfortable, before I go back to helping others recover.”

"Are you still going to be starting to take in non florets? I think we talked about this." Nix sticks her tongue out, crossing her eyes trying to force a hazy memory back together. "Stupid memory, load!"

"That is something you two had talked about Petal." Celosia can't help but giggle at how cute Nix’s attempts to make her memories come back is. "But I wouldn't stress yourself over the details. That conversation likely had some prohibited topics in it."

"Awwwww, then I need to make more memories! All the hazy ones are so annoying!" Nix rolls her way out of her little cave area, starting to slowly stand back up. "Like, if we're going out, I should finally get my collar!"

Celosia raises an eyebrow at Nix. "Good to see you're just as bold as ever little one." She pats Nix a few times. "But that's not how a good girl asks for their collar. Isn't that right Sola?"

Sola giggles a little bit, nodding. “That’s right Nix, how do good girls ask for things?” She playfully looks at Nix, bringing a vine to gently rub along Nix’s neck.

Nix shudders, her chin drifting upwards along with the pets. A crimson flush making its way onto her cheeks. "Please, please, please Mistresses! I wanna be able to show off who I belong to!"

"Hmmmm… you're still sounding a little demanding petal." Celosia gently presses a vine against Nix’s stomach, watching as the girl almost immediately flops down onto the ground, to make herself more accessible to pet. 

Sola pets Nix’s belly, leaning in close. “So petal, what is the right way to ask? Remember, you are asking us, not stating what you want to do. It is about what we want to do with our cute little floret.”

Nix kicks her legs, and pulls her arms against her chest. The buzzing overwhelming warmth of both of her owners heaping love onto her. “Mmmm Please Mistresses, please dress me up however you want! I’m very excited to see my friends again.”

“Very good girl Nix!” Celosia’s entire form vibrates with a solid thrum of satisfaction. “Sola, can you get our adorable pets collar? I think we’ve made her wait more than long enough.”

Sola reaches into her chest, and pulls out a vine and flower collar, looking like it is made from two twisted vines representing both Celosia and Sola. With a single blue and yellow flower at the center. “Just keep your head held up, so I can put this on Nix.” She carefully loops the collar around Nix’s neck, letting it seal up firmly.

Nix smiles wide, as the collar clicks itself into place. A deep shiver of pride runs deep into her core, only now noticing how annoying it felt to have air constantly around her neck, rather than the tight embrace of her collar. “Thank you!” She springs up at the pair, trying to give as big a hug as she can possibly manage.

Sola pulls Celosia close, and wraps her vines around Nix, letting their floret get her arms around them as much as she can. “You are very welcome Nix, the collar looks amazing on you.” She makes sure Nix is put down safely, before laying on her side curling around Nix slightly. “So, our dinner will be here, just gotta make sure that you aren’t going to get overwhelmed, and that will be best achieved within our hab. We just need to get ready for them to arrive. I am thinking of spaghetti for you, Pearl, and Jason.”

Nix nods slightly, tracing her fingers over her collar, watching as Celosia puts a vine out, wrapping it around the center flower. 

“While Sola starts cooking, let’s get you out of those pajamas, I’ve got a bunch of new ones for you, now that you’re back with us.” Celosia casually starts to walk forward, keeping one eye on Nix to see how she’d react to her leash tightening.

Nix silently grabs her leash as starts to pull away, quickly rushing up to be at Celosia’s side, starting to tap on leash as she’s led away.

Once they’re inside the bedroom, Celosia opens up the dresser. Showing off almost thirteen different companion dresses that she’d been designing and having made while Nix was recovering from her implantation. “Hmmm…”

Nix peaks up at the options, her eyes tracing over each as Celosia decides on which one to pick. Enamored by the detailing on each, one in particular catching her interest due to its lack of blues. 

“Oh is my little lizard interested in something?” Celosia looks over at the dress. Slowly pulling it out of the dresser, showing off more than just the white streak that Nix could see while it was hung up. “This one I got for you whenever you’re on dates with Pearl.”

The dress has a completely white base, with yellowish orange lilies climbing up the right side, and red ones climbing up the left. Meeting in the middle, and mixing into an imitation of the sun design that Nix had on her very first pair of pajamas. “I think it’s perfect don’t you?”

Nix simply nods, starting to slowly slip the lizard pajamas she’s wearing off. “I… I like it a lot.” And with that, Nix is pulled into Celosia’s vines. Letting her owner take care of getting her dressed and ready for her girlfriend to arrive.

Nix is finally awake, and all of her friends are coming over to see her again!

Next time on Recovery, Chapter 30. Lilly!

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