by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

Well here we are, this is one of the big ones. I can't say too much about what happens without spoiling the chapter buuuut. Cw: Nix having a major breakdown. Then we will get to some nice after care.

Nix starts squirming around as she's carried through the halls of the ship by Celosia. Her eye slowly cracks open, to see that she's being cradled in Celosia’s arms, prominently displayed by the affini in the ways she's being held, rather than hiding her. "H-huh?" She blinks a few times, waking up enough to realize her situation and immediately become anxious. Sad that she'd not gotten to say bye to Pearl, as well as the feeling like affini are watching her be treated like this, terrifying her. "Why didn't you wake me up…"

“You were exhausted, and Pearl was afraid that she couldn’t help her girlfriend more. I am going to help you, and then you can see Pearl again later; tomorrow morning we can call her up, and you can chat up your girlfriend all you want.” Celosia smiles, and happily continues their walk towards Nix’s hab. “Also, the fact that we could separate you, I could pick you up, and carry you this far, how well do you think you would have woken up earlier anyway?”

"G-girlfriend?" Nix squeaks, so it was definitely real, she didn't dream that Pearl likes her. And either the affini were assuming, or Pearl actually said that about them while she was asleep. "And… I guess you have a point, all those emotions have kinda worn me out…" She doesn't try to fight the carry, knowing that it will likely only end with her being wrapped in vines, instead turning herself towards Celosia’s chest. "But can you hide me at least… This is making me really anxious."

Celosia smiles, nodding slightly. “Pearl seemed pretty emotionally drained as well, but she very clearly called you girlfriends. And I’ll hold you a little closer, and there is of course my cloak.” She repositions Nix a little bit, hiding her better, but not perfectly, which may or may not be on purpose. “So, did you enjoy your day?”

"Y-yeah I guess." Nix looks down, wiggling her way deeper into Celosia’s grasp, if only to get another few inches of cover. Feeling the affini’s rhythm surrounding her, almost guiding her to curl up against the vines. To listen, and let them relax her. "I said a lot of things, and did a lot of things, that I've been holding in a long time… and I don't know how to feel about it."

“I can assure you, you will feel better once you let your walls down. I understand that letting those walls down is hard, but I promise, I’ll be taking steps to ensure that there are no more walls to hold everything that you need back.” Celosia looks down at Nix, and lets out a low predatory growl. “That is a promise, so I hope you enjoy the experience.”

Nix shudders, reaching out and grabbing the vines in front of her. Starting to scratch out and tap on them in time with the rhythm. “S-so… we’re just going home and to bed right? Maybe dinner! I sure am tired after all.” She chuckles nervously as she looks up at Celosia, her eye darting to the side as she takes peaks at the affini’s crimson red eyes. Noticing the golden ripples around the rims.

Celosia purrs, leaning in and giving Nix a light peck on the cheek. “Well, we have to tally up the points, and then you need to draw a card today, just to see your standing on the mountain of independence, my sweet petal.” Her vines gently brush Nix’s cheek, making her stare at the eyes a little longer than she had intended.

“R-right… looks like it’s going to be another red card day, you did my hair… and I’m still feeling lonely, which I feel like Jason put in to be an automatic point, for the affini every day.” Nix looks a little more closely at Celosia’s eyes, being able to see more of the depth with the help of her new glasses, the way that they ripple and bend, the flakes of gold swirling inward, as well as enjoying the feeling of the vine that’s kept her head in place. Not wanting to pull away.

Celosia pets Nix a little bit, taking in the girl's slightly dazed expression. “Yup, I can’t wait to see what you get, Also your eye is very pretty, I’m glad I am getting to see more of it than little glimpses.” Soon they arrive and enter Nix’s hab, Celosia keeping her eyes mostly on Nix, as she sits down next to the board. “Now, Nix, draw a card, and if you can’t decide what option to do, I’ll tell you which one.”

“Tell me.” Nix blinks several times, as Celosia breaks eye contact with her, having intended for her words to sound like a question, rather than the statement it comes out as. Slowly sitting up from the affini’s grip, as she reaches out and pulls the first card.

The card reads 'Bath Bomb!' Take six steps down the hill, or let your affini give you a nice relaxing bath! Maybe even with special soap for a cutie like you~! This time the picture has a chibi Nix floating in the bath, with vines running through her hair. Eye closed and leaning back.

Celosia giggles, rubbing her vine up and down Nix's arm. “Oh that is a good one, especially for today. So, since you said to tell you what to do, I want you to take the steps and we shall have a bath. I’ve got the perfect soap to help you relax tonight as well.” She guides Nix’s hand to her piece, and releases her arm from the vines. “So, time to follow those instructions. I think you will have a good time doing it.”

Nix’s eye widens, realizing her piece has landed on one of the flowers. “Um… Cel… If I have to move down, I kinda need to-” She points at one of the red cards again. “Draw again, that’s the rule with the flowers.” 

Celosia gasps, feigning surprise as she places the vine back on top of Nix’s hand. “Oh that sounds fun, I’ll let you pick which action to do on that card.” She guides Nix’s hand to the deck, removing her vine as Nix draws the next card.

‘Cuddle Attack’ Take four steps down, or have one honest cuddle session with the affini helping you! (Xenodrugs are optional, but I bet you’d enjoy them cutie!~) This card has a picture of chibi Nix curled up inside of her favorite small vine cubby. Getting gentle pets from all sides.

“Oh my, what a fun card, so what is it going to be with this one? I know it says or, but an ‘and’ is perfectly valid for you to do.” Celosia leans in, and whispers in Nix’s ear. “Unless you would like for me to make this kind of decision for you too.”

Nix’s hairs shoot on end, moving her piece further down the mountain. “No! We’ll do both! And I’m making that deci-” She pauses, looking at her piece as it lands on another flower on the mountain. Immediately pulling back and groaning. “Oh come ON! This game is totally rigged.” She starts squirming around on Celosia’s lap, not wanting to draw a third card for the night, while vines slowly wrap around her right arm.

Celosia guides Nix’s arm back to the deck. With a gentle but firm grip, making it clear she's not going to let Nix take back her choice. “Draw the card, just think of it as and/or. You can perfectly accept just doing the action and not moving again.”

As the card is drawn, it is revealed.

‘Collar Back!’ Take ten steps down the mountain on the affini’s side that is helping you today! Or wear a collar of their making for the rest of the night!

Nix squeaks, throwing the card down. Taking a few more looks at the board, sure that ten more moves won’t put her at the bottom. “Nooooo. No I’ll move down, that’s too damn embarrassing!” She immediately grabs her piece again, moving further down the mountain, getting just to the edge of the domestication center. Only a few more steps to go. And she lands right on the last flower of the mountain. “Noooooooo! I don’t want to grab another! They keep getting worse! How?!” Her cheeks puff out as she crosses her arm, resolving to just do whatever this next card has on it in order to avoid being forced to lose in one night.

Celosia once again guides Nix’s arm with a little insistence to the deck. “Well, one way or another, there will only be one more card tonight. And you can once again pick it as an and/or.”

This card read ‘Take a Walk!’ Take seven steps down the mountain or go on a walk with your affini! Hold their hand and talk to one new person! (If you are feeling scared, you can ask your affini to talk for you!~) The chibi Nix is shown holding an Affini’s hand, waving at an unseen guest.

Celosia just grins, looking down at Nix, waiting to hear her ‘answer’ to how she will handle the card.

Nix’s heart sinks, her hand shaking as she drops the card down onto the playing board. “I- I?” She whimpers, shaking her head, and closing her eye. She really doesn’t want to do this one, but also doesn’t want to lose. Giving up, and admitting to her needs. “I’ll… go-” She squeaks, feeling Celosia’s form slowly wrapping around her. Proving the lightest sense of comfort during her predicament. “I don’t know… Can we draw a different one… this one is upsetting.”

Celosia nods slightly. “I’ll tell you what, I can shuffle this one back into the deck, but you must make the collar one an ‘and’, so you wear a collar of my design for the rest of the night. You will stay posted up right here on the board.” She rubs Nix’s neck gently. “I believe that is plenty fair, though I am fully up for any way that this goes.”

Nix simply nods, curling up and hugging her legs as Celosia puts the card at the very bottom of the red card pile. “Okay… I’ll do it.” She shakily reaches out, grabbing the next card, hoping this one won’t be as upsetting. As if anything over six wouldn’t be upsetting to her.

‘Floret!!!!’ Surprise Cutie! This is the most important card in the deck! You will move the number of spaces that your affini tells you! If you want to switch what direction they tell you to go, you have to ask them to switch it! Politely. This card has the chibi Nix in full companion dress outfit, reaching upwards towards vines covered in orange and red flowers.

Celosia scratches Nix’s scalp gently, an unseen grin radiating down behind Nix. Her rhythm itself indicating just how satisfied she is with the situation. “Oh my, well, since you are on the threshold, I suppose, I should tell you to move every last space towards the domestication center.” She lets loose a satisfied shudder. Enjoying the feeling of her soon to be floret squirming helplessly. “What is it gonna be cutie? Or, should I tell you what to do?”

Nix bites her lip, looking up at Celosia. Trying to work her way up to asking Celosia not to do this to her. “N-no!” She sniffles, starting to turn around to fully face Celosia. “P-please, don’t make me take that step down!” As she speaks tears are welling up in her eye, feeling like she’s on the edge, and Celosia is calmly removing each of her hand holds. Anticipating the fall with a wide grin, as if it in of itself was not a question of if, but when.

“Nix, are you saying that because you are afraid of this step, because you genuinely do not want to, or because you know, that you will crack for sure, knowing that this is what you actually want. I need to hear your words, before I tell you anything more.” Celosia’s vines gently wrap around Nix’s hand, playing with the Nix piece.

“I’m scared!” Nix slams her arms down at her sides, pressing her head into Celosia’s chest, starting to raise her voice from frustration. “I’m so scared, all the time…” She leans in a little further, shaking violently against Celosia’s vines, only being kept verbal, by the instinctual sense of safety that the vines, and rhythm provides. “And this is the most scary thing to me…”

“Things don’t need to be scary. I can take all that fear away. Sola can ease that fear.” She wraps some more vines around Nix. “We can make it not scary. All you need to do is take the last step.” Celosia shifts Nix around, holding her like one would a kitten. “You have been fearful all your life, and we want to make it so you can look at every day, without suffering from that fear.”

Nix shudders, tears leaking down her cheek as she’s positioned to be able to access the board once again. 

Celosia’s vines guide Nix’s hand back over to her piece, but no further. Leaving what direction she moves the piece up to the girl, but not saying anything.

“Please…” Nix isn’t sure what she’s saying please about, whether it’s to be let go, or to not be forced to make this step herself. Simply causing the pair to sit silently for several minutes, Nix is of course not allowed to move her arm off of the piece, until it’s moved one direction or the other.

Whether it was Celosia guiding her, or her own arm moving at the end. Nix can’t tell, tears flooding down her cheeks, as her piece is moved into the domestication center, for the first and last time. All of her willpower, and control over her emotions shattering like glass, causing her to start heaving out sobs.

Celosia pulls Nix close, and kisses her forehead repeatedly. “I am so proud of you Petal. I know it hurts now, but once you let go of all the emotions you have been holding back, worrying about what you actually wanted, I promise I will make you feel so much better.” She stands up, and begins carrying Nix to the bathroom. “So, I’m going to give you a bath, we will use the nice soap I got, and then I’ll dress you up, and give you a collar. At the end we will cuddle to sleep.”

Nix presses her head into her hands, nodding along with Celosia’s words. Feeling the flow of her rhythm so much more clearly, now that her guard has crumbled. “Y-yes Cel…” She fidgets around, letting Celosia reach under and pull her dress off. “T-thank you…”

“You’re welcome Nix, Sola and I have been on top of our synch practicing, we have been looking into shared ownership of a sophont. I promise everything will be taken care of.” Celosia lowers into the water, continuing to hold Nix, making sure to adjust her form to be comfortable for Nix as she starts rinsing the girl's hair. “But for now, you need to work on doing something for me, can you call me Mistress petal?”

Nix watches the water splash all around her, recognizing two new unfamiliar bottles on the other side of the tub. Unable to read the text on either of them, confirming that Celosia had at the very least planned for the majority of her actions during the game, still she couldn’t bring herself to really care now. She’d lost, she’s going to be a floret, and that means calling Celosia. 

“M-mistress…” The word barely comes out as a whisper, as if it was just her checking to see if she was even capable of saying it, then being surprised with how easily it came out.

“Good girl, Nix Farin-Verse, 1st joint floret.” Celosia tilts Nix up and begins to rub in the shampoo she had gotten, lathering up Nix’s hair. “Mistress will get your hair all silky smooth, and then we can help you appreciate what a big step you took. Then tomorrow Mistress Sola will be by to see just how big of a girl you are, making this decision.” She giggles, and begins to rinse Nix’s hair, careful to not let anything get in her eyes.

Nix leans her head back, closing her eye and letting her hair be cleaned. Staticy warmth extending from where the vines, and shampoo touch her skin, alongside a deep wave of euphoria, crashing down and into her chest as she’s given the name, barrelling over the uncertainty still pervading her mind. Unable to form anymore words, and simply starting to tap on Celosia’s vines in morse code, just two words on loop ‘thank you’. 

Celosia chuckles, happy to finally have Nix use morse code to communicate with her. “You are very welcome Petal, doesn’t that feel good, just letting go. Let me wash all that icky stress away.” Her vines work on Nix’s muscles, carefully keeping her supported, as she grabs the body wash. “I want you to breathe in deeply.” She carefully lathers up Nix’s body with the breath in. “And let it all out slowly, feel every ounce of tension being released.”

Nix breaths along with the instruction. Hardly noticing as the bath starts feeling ever so slightly warmer, then Celosia’s hand makes contact with her back. Sending a wave of electric warmth through her entire body. Causing her to let a little whimpering moan out. 

“Oh you are such a cute floret. I’ll have Sola bring our combined collar, when she comes in tomorrow. But tonight, I’ll be compiling one for me.” Celosia giggles, and slowly traces her vines along Nix’s spine. “Then while you are in for your implant, we will be discussing with the vet how long we have to wait, before you can get your haustoric implant and body mods. I want our cute lizard to be perfectly happy in her own body.”

Nix nuzzles into the pets, feeling a buzz inside her head, and mimicking how it feels to her in little happy buzzes. "Nnne, bzzzt!" Sure she could give some more vocal input on her feelings about the situation, but the buzzes feel more appropriate. 

“That is right, let all the good feelings fill you up, and push out every bad one that you have had stuck inside.” Celosia finishes washing Nix, slowly standing up and leaving the bath to drain. She reaches over and gets the fluffiest towel in Nix’s hab, using it to begin patting her down. “Mistresses will have to fill out the paperwork to get a larger hab for all of us. I’ll probably have them use your hab as the base, and upgrade from there.”

As she dries off, the brief while enjoyable lack of vine to skin contact allows Nix to start pulling herself back together again. Even if the idea of not having Celosia pressed up against her right now, is torturous. “Mhm…” She gently follows Celosia into her bedroom, her movements far more shy, almost timid, as opposed to the forced confidence she normally holds. Nearly clinging to Celosia, in a room that she’s never felt smaller in.

Celosia walks Nix over to her dresser, and grabs the set of lizard pajamas. Kneeling down and helping Nix get dressed, making sure to let her vines drag agonizingly slowly across Nix’s skin, watching the girl lean in during every tiny crumb of contact. “There we go, clean, dressed, and ready for a collar, like a good little lizard.” She wraps her vines around Nix, lifting her up, and walking over to the bed. “I just so happen to have gotten a collar ready during your date, so tilt your head back sweetie.” 

Celosia reaches into the nightstand, grabbing the collar as she keeps Nix’s head tilted up. Hiding its appearance from the girl as she begins to wrap the collar around Nix’s neck, grinning at the pattern adorning it.

Nix almost pulls her head away, wincing for a moment as the collar is fully wrapped around her neck.

Once it’s finally on her though, the gentle pressure, the warmth of the collar against her skin. All of it feels so right, like bringing her headspace back to when she was living with Sola, wearing the collar every single day. 

Celosia pulls out her datapad, taking a picture, before turning it around to show Nix her new collar.

The image Nix is met with should have been distressing, her eye is a little glossy, she's leaning into Celosia’s chest without even meaning to. But all of this isn’t even noticed, Nix’s eye locking onto the appearance of the collar, seeing that it's a perfect replication of Celosia's own flower collar. Only with blue flowers interspersed between the reds.

“It… looks nice Mistress… Thank you.” She smiles softly, starting to stim on her pajamas as a way to get the anxious energy out.

“Good to hear your soft words again Nix. Don’t worry, we have an even better one that will be ready for you tomorrow.” Celosia leans back in bed and unravels, keeping Nix held within her at all times. “So, I want to hear your thoughts, how do you feel, now that it is over and done with? Nothing left to hold back, no walls being left to build back up, just our wonderful cute floret.”

“I feel scared, vulnerable, I feel like I don’t really deserve any of this.” Nix slowly slides over in the bed, scooting up to lay next to Celosia’s vines. Pulling her plushy of Sola against her chest, and using that as a stim toy. “But I also know that I won’t be allowed to hurt like that again… I hope I won't…”

“I personally, will not allow you to hurt like that again, and I know for certain that Sola will not let you hurt like that. I know coming down from all that, you are thinking about it again. Feeling scared, and vulnerable is to be expected. The thing is, you are vulnerable, and it is up to your mistress, or in this case, mistresses, to make you feel completely safe in that vulnerability.” Celosia hugs Nix, smiling at the plushie. “I can promise you, you deserve to feel happy, loved, and cared for. After your eye appointment, I will be signing you up for more therapy. Sola, or I, will be going in with you, and you will be opening up more. There is so much hurt that we need to work on healing, but I promise we will help you get through every little bit of it.”

“O-okay. I trust you.” Nix presses herself against Celosia, closing her eye. “We… still have to make the contracts don’t we?” She squirms at the thought. “Ya know, because I got my independence…”

“Indeed, we will deal with all of that after you’ve healed from your eye implant.” Celosia gently rubs Nix’s eyepatch. “You’ll have such a beautiful flower, Petal. And when we do all the paperwork for your adoption, all you need to do is put your name on the first page.” She reaches down, booping Nix’s nose. “Which should be easy for an obedient flower like yourself.”

“O-oh right… Pearl and Jason told me about that…” Nix giggles a bit at the boop on the nose. “Jason is going to probably rub in how rigged the game was, to me when we see him next.” 

“Oh I went through every card, and I can assure you. Even if it wasn’t for a few adjustments I made, it would have been a quick fall.” Celosia lets out a low predatory growl. “I was always intent on making sure of that.”

Nix lets a little whine out, feeling the vines pressing up against her back. “I… I’m not surprised… I thought you’d done something, but it also wasn’t against the rules.” She lets a little yawn out, the light class A’s she’s on combining with her tiredness to lul her to sleep.

“Indeed, I actually read the rules, and it’s recommended we move the cards over to events we want to do with you.” Celosia reaches over to Nix’s bag, grabbing one of Nix’s class Z pills. “I know you’re not comfortable with injections sweetie, so say aaaa.”

Nix feels a vine tap her cheek, opening her mouth, another tap. She closes it realizing that her straw was in her mouth, she takes a sip. Swallowing her medication, not needing to really wait for it to kick in, because of how exhausted she is, simply drifting off in Celosia’s waiting vines.


‘Hey Cutie! Your mistress is here, it’s time to wake up!’ Rings around Nix, causing the girl to slowly crack her eye open. Taking a few moments, before remembering what happened last night. It’s all over, she’d broken and admitted her desires, and there’s no taking it back now.

Slowly slipping out of bed, she realizes that Celosia isn’t in the bed with her. Not wanting to be alone, she grabs her lizard, and walks out into the living room. Seeing Celosia cooking in the kitchen, not answering the door in her distracted state.

Unsure if this is intentional or not, Nix slowly walks up to the hab door, taking a deep breath as another chime runs through the hab. Trying to work up the confidence to face Sola. “Hab… can you please let-” She clears her throat. “My… Mistress in…”

The door opens, and Sola steps inside. Looking down, she has the softest warmest smile Nix had ever seen from her. "Hello petal, I've missed you." She wraps her vines around Nix, pulling the girl into a tight embrace. "I expected a little longer of a game, but I am excited for us to finally go into the next stage of your life together. How are you feeling, Nix?" She stands up shifting her form around to cradle Nix in her arms, making her way to the affini sized portion of the living room. Sitting down on the larger of the two couches.

Nix squeaks, curling up in Sola’s vines. Almost forcing her way into her soon to be owner's chest compartment. "I dunno… and the game would have been longer, b-b-but Cel rigged it!" She looks down slightly, shuddering. Without anything running through her system, thinking of what happened to her still being viscerally upsetting. "I'm really overwhelmed, and I know that I have my new implant today… so I am trying to stay calm, but I've been freaking out since I woke up."

Sola represses a frown, starting to gently pet Nix to try and calm her down. “I do wish that the game would have gone on a little longer, but I have a feeling that Cel had a good reason for rigging it.” Her rhythm is more soft, gentle even in comparison to Celosia’s. Giving a sense of warmth and comfort, rather than the call for obedience and dependence Celosia elicits. “When she messaged me, I was upset, but all the same, I’m happy we can always look after you.” She lets her vines open up on her chest, letting Nix climb in. “I want to make sure everything goes smoothly for you Nix.”

Celosia walks over, holding a plate of blueberry pancakes. “To be fair to me, she had Pearl beg me to break her, because she was too scared to submit herself.” She takes a seat next to the pair, starting to cut the meal into pieces.

“I didn’t beg her! She just made me tell her!” Nix puffs up her cheeks, pressing herself deep into the little cubby. “And you went way further than giving me a little nudge! You made me pull cards I could never win… It was not fair.”

“Well, honestly if you hadn’t quickly agreed to the ‘and’ condition, on the second card you drew, you would have gotten at least 1, maybe 2 more days. That is what fully sealed your fate.” Celosia giggles and cuts pieces of pancakes, bringing them in for Nix to eat. “And then, all you had to do on that last one, was politely ask me to have you go the other way. Instead you just said to not make you do it, then we had a nice moment together, before you continued to the domestication center.”

“I didn’t agree! You just said if I couldn’t make up my mind you’d do it for me.” Nix opens her mouth, taking a bite of the pancakes. Letting Celosia brush her cheek up for open, and down for closed, finding it almost natural after having this much practice. “And you did…”

“Well, I’d consider that a form of agreeing. After all, you had a very easy way to not go that direction Nix.” Celosia continues to feed Nix, enjoying this little bit of fun while Sola holds her.

Sola shakes her head, her chest tightening slightly around Nix. Hoping to help her feel more protected. “Well, what has happened has happened. When you are ready, I was looking up how we can expand our housing to suit all three of us. And I believe you would love one particular option the most. It will be a pretty simple extension on this hab unit.”

Nix nods slightly, finishing her meal. Letting Celosia hand her her water bottle instead of simply trying to grab it from the affini's hand, taking a small sip of the water. “That sounds great… b-but, we should really worry about getting to my appointment for now! It’s only an hour away.”

Sola nods, and stands up. Giving Nix a few gentle pets, making sure the girl has everything they need for the appointment. “That is very true, sorry for dilly dallying, I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

Celosia chuckles walking to the door in order to lead the way. “Sola, even after everything, you are so soft, still I think us working together, will give Nix exactly what she needs.”

Both affini begin leaving the hab, Sola’s chest vines closing up to keep Nix safe and comfy. 

Once they are down the hall and walking out into the streets. Sola speaks back up, her voice echoing around Nix. “We should get there with plenty of time, and we will be there the whole time with you Nix.”

Nix pushes her plushy up against her chest as the group leaves, realizing that the pair had walked out of their house, without getting her dressed, or grabbing her cane. “Okay… If I’m being honest, everything else going on is making the surgery seem like a cake walk.”

“Now petal, you can’t walk on a cake that’s unhygienic.” Celosia laughs to herself. As she holds one of Sola’s vines, gently repositioning the compartment Nix is in to be just open enough at the top to allow affini to peek inside, but without Nix being fully exposed. “But I do understand what you mean, I’m very proud of you for being so brave about this. Also I took note of the change for your remaining eye that you wanted in the simulation, so you’ll be getting that too today.”

“W-wha…” Nix blushes, squirming around in Sola’s vines. She’d actually intended to send that request in herself, but with how the last few days had gone she’d totally forgotten. Hearing that Celosia had fixed that mistake so quickly, and still managed to get it to them in time for this procedure both worried and astounded her.

“This should be pretty smooth, but you will probably be out of it for a while. I opted to skip changing you out of your pajamas, as I bet you will be cuddling, and sleeping for a while. I also refuse to allow you to walk, when in that state.” Sola hums to herself, taking a calming gentle tone. Going back to her attitude that she has while helping disabled florets, overjoyed to be able to finally help Nix in the way that she knows how. 

Celosia giggles, looking up and down her friend. Trying to figure out how she'd deduced that. “Sola, you are so good at reading Nix without even looking, I bet that was due to how well you adjusted to her, when you were helping her.”

“We started leaving without doing the full morning routine, and Nix was stimming on my vines, when she normally stims on her cane when riding along. Figuring out what she is thinking is a pretty easy deduction at that point.” Sola nods to herself, a wide grin on her face before being hit with a realization. “Oh we need to get a Cel plushie made! It would be so precious to see Nix snuggle both!”

“No need to worry about that, I actually ordered one from Resin, when Nix was on her date with Pearl! It will be ready by the time that Nix is back from her nice post surgery high.” Celosia reaches in through the crack, gently petting Nix, before going back to focusing on the walk.

Nix whimpers a bit, both of them definitely knew what they were talking about, but being treated like this was almost surreal. Like her behavioral patterns were just that predictable, that or Sola just paid that much attention, and really cares that much. She couldn’t tell what one is more scary of a thought. “Y-yeah… um, Pearl uh… is my girlfriend by the way… she I guess, declared it after I fell asleep in her arms… n-not that I mind.”

Sola squeals and looks down onto the compartment. Her vines rustling around Nix as she does. “SHE DID!” She grins wide, looking Nix in the eye. “You two are so adorable together already, I can’t wait to help you get ready for cute dates! Oh I want to see you two cuddling!” She stops herself from skipping, not wanting to jostle Nix too much more than she already is. “You are so precious Nix, and this is just wonderful!”

Celosia’s composure cracks, her body actually tensing up from how embarrassing it is, to see Sola nearly frolicing in excitement about the news. “Of course she did, our adorable little lizard has a way of working her way into people's hearts. Whether she means to or not.” She takes a moment, unwinding herself before catching up again, checking in the cubby on Nix to make sure the girl wasn’t startled by the noise.

Looking inside, Celosia was met with Nix now curled up in the corner of her compartment. Head shoved into her lizard plushie, and just quietly screaming out all of her flustered energy. “Y-yeah she did… I didn’t really get the chance to tell her yes or no. Cel, brought me home before I woke back up.”

“Nix sweetie, you need to say Mistress.” Celosia gently reaches in, booping Nix on the nose. “Especially when we’re out of the house, it’s important for you to be suuuper respectful!”

Sola grins, pulling the walls to the cubby down. Holding a vine just out of reach from Nix’s face, as almost a promise of what she’d get if she behaves. “And I mean, you were totally going to say yes anyway. But Cel is right, make sure you address us as mistress. You can preface our names with Mistress if you would prefer, but it is one of those little changes that will have to happen. After you are recovered, and we have chosen the hab arrangement, how about we sit down and go over our own contract with you. That way we can answer any questions you may have.”

Nix takes a deep breath, trying to work herself up to say mistress, in front both of the affini at the same. “O-okay M-Mistresses…” She is immediately rewarded with Sola’s vine running up and down her cheek. Allowing her to lean into it and start absentmindedly buzzing.

Sola giggles a little more. “Such a wonderful lizard, good girl.” She lets her vine continue rubbing Nix, while looking at the vet. “We are here, let's get checked in and wait for them to call you in.”

Celosia walks in first, reaching in to pet Nix some herself, while Sola informs the secretary that Nix is ready and here.

The two sit down, and Sola’s vines fully open up, allowing Celosia to pull Nix out, and hold their floret in her lap.

After a few minutes the pair are greeted by Nem, who has a surprised, but clearly ecstatic smile on their face. “Oh hello you two! I’m happy to see Nix in such an adorable state, especially last time she visited.” The vet kneels down, looking between the pair getting on Nix’s level. “Did someone find a pair of loving owners?”

Nix squeaks, but nods a few times. Holding her plushy up in front of her for protection, being seen like this with a collar on, and in her pajamas nonetheless, she’s not even officially a floret yet! “Y-yes they’re both really nice…”

Nem reaches out to pet Nix running her hand through the girl's hair. “I’m glad, now are you ready for your implantation? We will work on your requested eye mod as well.”

Sola smiles gently, keeping her hand on Nix’s back. Proud of her for letting an affini other than herself, or Celosia touch her. “We will be in the corner of the room Nix, just to let Nem do their work and care for you properly.”

Nem chuckles looking over the group, that not even a week ago had been a complete mess. “Yeah, your pretty mistresses will be very close by, all you need to do is relax. I’ll need to give you a little prick to get the right dose for you to go under, but after I’ll be able to get the implant in enough to transfer the rest of the xenodrug doses you will need through that, but after that, you can expect to be ‘asleep’ for a full day. Then after even that, you will be a very cuddly girl for roughly half a day. When you come out of it, I would expect you to feel generally worn out, and your vision will be very sensitive, I’ll recommend spending the following day inside with your lights set to about half their normal brightness. After that you should be alright with full brightness.”

“But you don’t worry about that Nix.” Celosia places a hand on the girl's head. “We will take care of everything, you just need to trust us, and be a very sweet, obedient lizard, like I know you are.”

Nix gulps, nodding slightly at Nem. “Alright, then I um… I guess that I’m ready when you are!” She puts her plushy down in Sola’s cubby, patting it a few times to have it there when she almost definitely gets placed back here in her sleep.

Nem extends one of their vines, and uses their hands to keep Nix looking at their face. “Alright, I want you to just focus on me, and on how beautiful your flower and eye will be. Relax and it will be easy, and painless.” As they talk, Nix feels a quick prick, but that is it, a cool feeling washing over her from the point.

Nix’s eye droops slightly, leaning into the embrace of the nice cool relaxation. Taking not more than a minute for her entire body to go limp in Nem’s arms. The vet gently plucks the sleeping terran out of her owner's arms, and walks into the operating room.

And in the upset of the century Celosia actually wins the board game. Good thing that has very little sway on Sola getting Nix as well, but yeah! Nix is offically a Floret, no take backs this time. So I know what you're all really asking yourselves now, how did Pearl get domesticated? Well good news! You'll find out-

Next time on Recovery, Chapter 0.1A Pearl's Requiem!

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