11.Painted Worlds

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

In this chapter, Nix has WEIRD dreams, it's got some simi horror things in it so keep an eye out for that. If you want to skip it, you wont miss anything major this time! It just ended up being a writing experiment I wanted to add into the story to add more context for Nix's mental state! And after that, more of Sola and Nix bonding as the Trial inches ever closer!

Nix sits down in front of her painting. Bags under her eye as she processes the day that she's had, specifically how kind both of her new friends had been, despite what she'd told them. Trying to figure out how it would affect her project, as Sola quietly prepares dinner for the pair. 

Looking down at the bag of colors, she grabs purple out of it. "Sure… you'll work." She sighs, placing it down before grabbing her smock and tossing it on. Not wanting to risk getting paint on her pajamas, just because she couldn't be bothered to get out of them. 

After a few minutes of simply glaring at her project. Nix stands up, walking up to the right corner and starts to add a purple streak right under where she'd put the red last night. As if it was the final barricade protecting the purity of the blue in the corner. Layering it several times, in order to make sure the blue underneath isn't bleeding through.

Moving on from there, she starts at the middle of the left corner and drags the purple up, and across the entire painting. All the way over to the right corner, covering up a little bit of the red smudge from her fit. 

After she gets the layers right, Nix pulls back, and sits down. Looking over the entire painting, wishing that she'd not run out of tears to cry, as she simply puts her head in her hands. It's finished, and she still doesn't feel satisfied. 

Sola quietly walks up behind Nix, her eyes tracing over the finished piece. "Dinner is ready Nix, I like your painting." She kneels down, rubbing Nix's back, right between her shoulders. "How are you feeling? I know today was big, but I do have to say, you seemed like you had a lot of fun."

"Just tired, I guess." Nix shakes her head, turning around in her seat to face Sola. Trying to pull herself out of her dower state, mostly to avoid worrying Sola. "You're right though, it was nice having some friends over."

"Thank you for putting up with my end of that little bet. I've really wanted to do that again for a while." Sola rests a vine on Nix's shoulder. "Would you like for me to put on the TV, so we can just relax for the rest of the evening?" She nods towards the couch. "Maybe you will think of something else to add to your painting."

“Yeah, TV sounds good.” Nix grabs her cane, standing up and walking over to the couch with Sola. Letting her friend lift her up, still not feeling quite confident enough to climb up on her own. “Maybe something new? If there’s like painting shows, that could be fun…”

Sola smiles and flips through a few channels, before landing on one run by an affini who looks kind of like a tree, in place of mimicked hair, this one has a puffy bush made of branches, and needles. Pine needles sticking out in random directions, making them appear as if they’d just rolled down a hill. 

“Hello there, my name is Bulb Rossii and as always, I like to encourage everyone to try painting or any kind of art, really get to express yourself. Today, I would like to show you how I paint trees. Just remember, there is no wrong way to paint, so if your trees don’t look like mine, that is perfectly ok.” Bulb begins to dip a vine that they’d fashioned into a brush in some green paint, before making short little strokes along the bottom of their canvas.

Nix smiles leaning into Sola’s side. Letting the exhaustion overtake her, as she watches the affini on screen paint. While she definitely doesn't have the energy to try to emulate what she is seeing, she doesn’t really mind. Occasionally peaking over towards her painting, not even noticing as her eye drifts shut. “So… what do you think of my painting?” She barely mumbles out, having it instead of sound like a question, simply the murmurs of someone on the verge of passing out completely.

Sola leans close listening intently. “I love your painting. It is like… emotion on canvas. I almost have a hard time describing it, but it is so unique, and makes me think of you.” She brushes Nix’s hair to the side. “I can see the frustration, the love, the confusion… Everything that you have expressed in the time since you have started, I’ve learned to understand it.”

“I kinda thought it would… help my case? I don’t know, I’m bad at talking to people, and you have implied that I will be in front of a lot of affini.” Nix groans, nuzzling more into Sola’s embrace. Bathing in the light affection, far too exhausted to bring herself to keep her guard up enough to mind. “So I thought that maybe seeing this would help them understand me, better than I could personally explain, in front of that large of a crowd.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea. If you would like, I could scan it into a holo projector, it will be much easier to transport that way.” Sola begins to move her brushing to massaging Nix’s shoulders. “Would you like your class Zs yet? It seems like you are about to fall asleep, Nix.” She raises her vine with the injection. “If you are too tired to speak up, just nod and I will.”

“Need food first.” Nix grumbles a bit, nuzzling more into Sola’s side. Not really wanting to get up, but her stomach growling slightly, as a warning to get her to actually eat before sleeping. “Feeeeed meeee.”

“Alright Nix, I will happily do so.” Sola laughs to herself, feeling silly forgetting what she’d just been getting ready, and pulling Nix up and into her chest. “You just rest there, I’ll take care of the rest.” She pets Nix a little bit, her vines inside keeping a ‘hug’ around Nix while she works. Pulling the leftover pizza out of the unit. “Ok Nix, just like with the cookie earlier, just relax and I’ll handle this.”

Nix mumbles an affirmation, opening her mouth, and taking little bites as she is provided them. Having a surprisingly easy time following Sola’s rhythm in regards to the meal. A few bites of pizza, a sip of her drink. Then maybe a few indulgent pets from Sola, repeat. Nix would have complained about the petting, but at this point, she is too drained from the day’s events to care. Simply letting it all play out passively around her, despite the fact she is clearly at least somewhat involved in the process.

Once the pizza was gone, Sola gives Nix a few more indulgent pets. “Alright Nix, for a brief bath, would you like me to get in with you, and get you clean? Or would you like me to just hold you up, while you clean yourself. Either option is valid, I just want you to be comfortable and happy.”

Nix stretches a bit, yawning and starting to crack her eye back open. Being bathed sounds plenty nice, but would probably give Sola the wrong idea about her. Best not to appear too dependent. “I’ll just take a quick bath myself, thanks for the offer though.” After a few moments of blinking, Nix manages to barely pull herself fully back into consciousness, stretching out as far as possible.

“Alright Nix, if that is what you want. I’ll keep close in case you need me.” Sola carries Nix to the bathroom, and swiftly helps Nix out of her pajamas. Filling the bath up and depositing her gently into the water. “Sorry if this is being too helpful Nix, but you really seem like you are having a hard time staying awake.”

“Can’t really argue with that, after all. We’ve worked on my physical capacity, but that doesn’t really help my pathetic stamina.” Nix snickers a bit, running her fingers through the water. “But I guess that’s something we’ll have to work on later.” 

Sola nods, kneeling down next to the tub. Doing her best to keep on Nix’s level, while still ensuring safety. “I’ve been mostly focusing on getting you to a general state of comfort moving around and doing… anything physically that you need. I think you are in a good spot, to start some general activities to help build your stamina up. I’ll think of a good regimen that we can start tomorrow.”

“Got it, thank you.” Nix grabs her shampoo, starting to work it through her hair. Noticing a few of the strands that get pulled off as she runs her fingers through them, turning a very slight blue. “Awww fuck yes, my hair’s turning blue!” She laughs to herself, enjoying the rest of her bath all the more, through her knowledge of this fact.

“That it is, I’ve included some more hair growth in your nightly injections to make the process a little faster. I want you to be happy with your body, as that will help you be happy with yourself.” Sola smiles, leaning on the edge of the tub, and looking out of the bathroom towards where Nix’s painting is hung. “So, do you have any ideas for your next painted work? I’d love to see more of your art.”

“I think I’m going to take a bit of a break. That first one was… a lot to make, and I don’t feel quite up to moving on to the next one yet.” Nix leans on the edge of the bathtub, looking over at Sola. “Who knows, might take that Affini’s advice, paint some little trees.” She snickers.

“That is perfectly fair.” Sola hums to herself for a moment. Figuring this would be as good a time as any, to talk about the more messy details of Nix’s release, or domestication. Eventually electing to focus on the possibility of release for the sake of Nix’s comfort. “Nix, if you get the ok to be independent, what kind of hab unit would you like? What kinds of things would you want in it? No matter what happens, I want to try and set you up with what you would be happiest with.”

“Well it depends what my options are? Is every hab this big?” Nix shrugs, looking through the doorway and into the bedroom. “I’m honestly good with whatever, but do have some ideas if I’m given options. I guess I kinda just need to know the limits, stars knows there aren’t many around affini, but I don’t wanna push my luck so to say.”

“This is a smaller sized one, so I can keep a close eye on those in my care, I can get the paperwork ready if this would be enough. If you want an averaged sized one, it would have a couple more rooms. Potentially we could get you a larger one, really it would depend on what kind of space you would need for your art, and the like.”

“Well I guess I’d want to have a work room, then my bedroom, and probably have the livingroom set up for guests of a… larger variety.” Nix gives Sola a little wink, even if it does look like she’s just blinking due to the flower. “But that’s something I’ll probably go talk to a designer about, if I get out of this that is.”

“Well then, how about I set up the paperwork. If you are judged to be fine with independence, I’ll have stuff for a normal sized hab ready for you to sign, then I’ll keep housing you until it is ready. And if you are judged to have to partake in domestication, I suppose I can have paperwork done to upgrade to a larger hab, after all, I still want to help sophonts recover from life changing events, but that will mean you will need an art room, a little private space away from whoever I am helping, and a place for the two of us.” Sola grins, dipping one of her vines into the tub and starting to swirl it around playfully. “Does that sound good to you Nix?”

“Don’t act like I don’t hear that hope in your voice.” Nix snorts, shaking her head. “But I would appreciate you helping set up the paperwork. That I will apparently be dealing with a lot of, in the future.” 

“Indeed, everything in the compact is ruled by the paperwork. It’s how we ensure that everyone is getting exactly what they need.” Sola taps a few times on her data pad, watching the water drain away, before picking up Nix. Passing her a towel to start drying off with. 

“Sounds like a good way to overwhelm people into domestication.” Nix starts wiping herself off, finishing up as quickly as possible before tossing the towel over onto the edge of the tub.

“It is not intentional at the very least.” Sola chuckles, walking out of the bathroom, to grab Nix a new set of pajamas. “And as long as you’re willing to put in the effort, it’s not needlessly complex. Simply being made to ensure that everything is clear.”

“I know, I was just teasing. I’d talked about a bit of this with Jason and Pearl.” Nix follows close behind, getting passed the day and night pajamas, and quickly throwing them on. “Alright, I’m absolutely exhausted. Class Z's please." 

Sola nods, swooping in and wrapping Nix up in her vines, as she gets them adjusted in bed. Picking the plushy up, and placing it into Nix’s arms. "Alright petal. I love you." And with that the needle goes into Nix’s flower. Administering everything the girl needs for the night. 


Nix is falling down, through a mix of colors similar to her painting. Her body gently glides from side to side, as vines crawl up the sides of her vision. Mixing with her art, and only notably being Sola’s vines due to orange flowers that rest intermittently along them. 

Bracing herself Nix curls in, getting ready to impact whatever is below. Only to be surprised when a net of vines wrap around her just before what she'd assumed to be an impact. "Damn it let me go!" She pushes against the vines, trying to make a hole big enough for her to slip through.

"Awww, but you don't want that, do you little one?" Sola's voice echoes around her, the vines tightening. Far stronger than the meager resistance that she's capable of putting up. "You've been wanting me to catch you~"

Nix growls, biting at the vines as they try and press her down. "No, I just wanted a friend! Now this…" She somehow manages to bite through the vine, tumbling through it, and into the floor of the area.

Paint splashes up as Nix is submerged in green. The girl trying to swim down, towards the fading blue deeper down, panicked in her attempts to avoid the vines, that she is absolutely convinced are still following her. 

Just as she's about to run out of air, Nix explodes into, and through the blue. Being covered in the color, as she lands on the ground, in the middle of the ship. 

Affini and florets all around her, not a single independent sophont in sight. The cool feeling of the paint, only serving to accentuate her isolation. 

Slowly dragging herself to her feet, Nix stumbles as she takes a step. Feeling like she can't manage to get any traction as she aimlessly wanders. Occasionally slipping, and falling to the ground from the paint, having to slowly push herself back up to continue her wandering. 

"There you are, little one." Rings out from behind her, a massive version of Sola made out of nothing but paint, is grinning wider than Nix had ever seen from her, let alone any affini. A piercing red leaking out of her mouth, and dripping down onto the ground. "I've been so worried, let's get you home." 

Nix tries to turn and run, only to have a streak of the green paint she'd swam through pull taught. Leading back to the paint monster, and revealing a collar around her neck, that the blue paint had previously hidden. 

"Damn it you can't do this! You promised!" Nix squeaks out, red paint pouring down her cheek from the eye socket where her eye flower should be. "It was meant to be MY choice!"

The massive paint Sola slides along the walls. Leaving streaks of green in its wake around them before landing with a splash in front of Nix, the thud seemingly shaking the entire ship. "Oh little Nixy… it never was." She leans in, tapping Nix on the nose.

Nix’s entire body convulses, the green paint on Sola’s vine starting to pour over her blue. Wrapping around it in streaks as she falls to the ground, fear and confusion gripping her. 

Everything goes green, wiping away any blue that had been left on the girl, as the paint affini drags her into its form.


Nix squeaks as she wakes up, thrashing slightly as she's held tightly within Sola’s mass. The affini clearly had been reluctant to put the girl down, even after she'd fallen asleep. "No… no, that." She puts her hands on her head, Sola wouldn't do that. That was just a fucked dream, maybe because Sola had forgotten the right mix of class Z's again. 

The vines around Nix tighten slightly, as Sola wakes up. "Nix?" She slowly pulls back from the girl, tapping her data pad to turn the lights to the room on. "Petal what's wrong? Did you have another nightmare?"

"Yes… and no, it wasn't like the old ones. Not memories, but instead it was like you were hunting me down, trying to force me to… be your pet." Nix spits out the last words, grabbing her plushy, and starting to scream into it.

"I… see." Sola thinks for a moment, her flowers wilting slightly as she realizes what may have happened. "Nix petal, can you turn around to talk to me for a minute. I have a small theory."

Once she's finished screaming into the plush, Nix slides around the bed. Hugging her plushy as tight as possible, feeling more internally shaken up, than if it had been simply another memory to face. "Alright, then tell me."

"Well, affini have a natural rhythm. It draws sophonts to us, to subservience, I'd not been considering this with you given how strong willed you are. Given it's able to be resisted by sophonts with strong wills, there's a similar effect that our eyes have. Although I've noticed you only ever peek at my eyes, before looking away, so I haven't been concerned there either." Sola pulls back a bit, trying to give the girl some space given the subject matter. "So I believe with the meds you are on. Sleeping in my vines, was like having my rhythm flow through you, while you're not mentally prepared, causing your dreams to get weird. I am sorry this happened, I was just worried about you last night, and couldn't bring myself to let go…"

"Wha… okay, I didn't see that one coming." Nix's jaw drops slightly, starting to laugh as she flops back onto the bed. "Is that why it's so easy to go with your rhythm when eating? Mind control! Ha!"

"Well yes, but you are also just very accepting when I feed you." Sola's vines tighten around one another yet again. Which Nix was beginning to notice is the equivalent of the affini blushing.

"I try to think of it as trust building, but I'll keep that in mind." Nix exhales, sitting back up and placing her plushy down. "But I'm not mad at you. If you're telling the truth, which you've literally never not done, your body is just being weird. I know you want me, so the rhythm is probably trying to throw you a bone so to say."

"Nix, I would never throw a bone that's morbid!" Sola huffs, crossing her vines in a mocking mimicry of Nix’s pouting.

"It's a turn of phrase, you are really not good at those apparently." Nix chuckles, crawling over to put a hand on Sola’s vines. "It means it was trying to help you, even if it didn't have the intended effect."

Sola chuckles lightly, and her vines gently loop around Nix's hand, loose enough that she could pull out. "Oh, I see. Terrans have so many strange phrases, it is kind of hard to understand at times." She shakes her head, looking down at Nix. "Still, I'm sorry my rhythm unintentionally interfered with your sleep." She chuckles to herself, a low hum that permeates her entire rhythm. "I won't lie, some fun could be had in a play hunt, but I would never want to make you uncomfortable."

"Yeah well we're not playing one of Jason’s board games right now, are we? Just try not to do it again, I like having my dreams being mostly peaceful." Nix shakes her head, rolling over to the edge of the bed. Not pulling her hand free, and instead pulling Sola along with her. "But either way, let's eat. I am starving."

Sola relents, and lets Nix pull her along. "Alright, I've got another fruit for you to try today." After making sure Nix is steady, she reluctantly lets go heading into the kitchen, several vines whipping out to grab ingredients, as she makes the waffle batter. "Are you excited to do some light endurance exercises today?"

“Excited is not what I’d call it.” Nix sighs, letting go and grabbing her cane from next to the couch, while she’s waiting. “But I do know it’s important, so I’m willing to suck it up, and deal with whatever you have planned.” She walks up to one of the seats in the kitchen, hopping a few times as she tries to scramble up onto it on her own. 

The memory of that dream running on a loop in the back of her head, driving her to try and act more independent, just to spite the dream paint version of her best friend.

Sola notices Nix focusing harder on being independent, and a vine reaches to grab a stepping stool before dragging it over. “Here, knowing your wishes, I’ll try to set things up in more of a state where you can do stuff on your own, but all you have to do is ask, and I will help you. Does that sound ok Nix?”

“Yeah that sounds fine.” Nix huffs, pushing off of the provided stool as she gets fully up onto her seat for the first time, almost entirely independently. “After all, just a few more days now then we got the big appointment. Gotta get all the independence out now, in case I can’t later.” She laughs to herself, winking and sticking her tongue out at Sola.

“You know, I wouldn’t stop all your independence if you do end up domesticated. The fact that you are you, is why I love you.” Sola shakes her head, finishing up, and coming over with several waffles on a plate, along with some berries on the side. “If…either the decision is made or you choose to, I would like to have you able to be a bit more independent than other florets you’ve met, given there will be some cases that will take a good bit of my attention, to help return to a comfortable state. It would honestly take a lot of worry off of my shoulders, if you are alright to set things up for yourself, order paint, you know… a bit of whatever you want. Mind you I would still be caring for you, and taking advantage of getting to have you to myself, of course.” 

Sola giggles, and sits down at the table. “Basically…if it comes to domestication, I want us to find out what works out comfortably for both of us. And if it doesn’t, then I would like to reserve the right to cuddle with my best friend from time to time… maybe a little more than normal.”

Nix rolls her eye. “I was just joking Sola, I get it. As for cuddling if I do move out alone, I… wouldn’t be opposed to having you over to help with chores, and hanging out.” She starts causally eating breakfast as they talk. “That, and I need to have someone to check out whatever dope art I make next. And I can’t think of anyone better for that, maaaaybe Pearl, and I guess Jason understands art on an objective level. Ah guess I’ll have to show all of you.”

“Well then, I suppose we have something to set up dates over.” Sola lets her roots rest in her nutrient mixture, sighing happily while watching to see Nix’s reaction to the food, as well as to make sure she tries the berries. “I also need to come over and make sure someone is eating at least halfway healthy.”

Nix’s eye goes wide, her cheeks quickly consumed in a blush. A date, something that she’d never once experienced, and now Sola was acting like they are going to be doing it constantly. Quick! Say something to distract her! “Can you date a floret and not be one?!” Shit, Not that line of thinking!

Sola can’t help but let out a low laugh, leaning in slightly. “Well, there is nothing against an Affini and a Sophont dating. And well… an Affini and their florets are bonded on the deepest level. The floret getting a piece of their owner put within them that becomes part of who they are, I just want us both to be happy with whatever we decide to be.” Her form starts to almost purr as she looks over Nix. “I’d love for us to go on a nice walk in the park and have a picnic. I’ve never taken the time to really do that before, and it sounds like a lot of fun.”

“Oh no, I wasn’t talking about you!” Nix waves her arms, stumbling backward against her chair. “I was asking about PEARL! Yeah!” She clears her throat, shuddering slightly as Sola’s eyes beat into her. She’d already had a distaste for looking in anyone's eyes, let alone an affini’s, and this morning’s revelations had not helped her paranoia around the subject. 

Nix’s comments only serve to increase Sola’s enthusiasm about the conversation. Her smile widening into a playful albeit overly spiky grin. “Well, it is not uncommon for an independent, or another floret to date a floret. In fact I think it is rather cute.” Noticing Nix avoiding looking at her, Sola slides her vines over her own eyes. “Don’t worry Nix, as long as you can focus, and not stare at too close, the eye thing shouldn’t be that effective. If it does worry you, I can look into some of those terran sunglasses.”

“No, it’s fine!” Nix grumbles a bit, her entire body tense not out of anger, but because of raw anxiety. The idea of dating, being liked by anyone to that level, entirely foren unsure how anyone is even capable of loving her that much. “I’ll get over it in a bit I’m sure, and it’s not like I enjoy looking in eyes anyway!” She grabs her cup, starting to chew on the straw as a distraction. “Just please don’t tell Pearl…”

"Oh, I'll keep it to myself." Sola removes the vines from blocking her eyes, sliding around the table to get next to Nix. "So, if I were to hold you and Pearl together in a vine hammock, would you have any complaints if that were to happen?" She weaves a net with her vines, before unraveling some of her body to expand it into a full hammock.

“Really Sola! NOT HELPING!” Nix starts kicking her legs, writhing in her seat from how relentless the teasing is. Eventually opting to hop onto the stool, and start walking away, not quite feeling confident enough to try running, but certainly not wanting to stay in this feedback loop of Sola flustering her.

"I'm sorry Nix, I'll stop, I promise!" Sola starts to pull herself back together, but doesn't quite get her legs right, and trips a little bit. Stumbling forward as she untangles the mass of vines she’d been using to tease Nix. 

“You’re lucky you’re a cute alien, and not a terran.” Nix grumbles, sitting in front of her painting, simply taking a moment to look at it. Content to wait here until Sola is ready for whatever exercise that they’ll be going through today.

Sola goes over to one of the corners filled with the work out equipment, and comes back with a standing bicycle. Starting to set it up next to Nix. “Alright, this should be pretty simple, and you can stop when you get too tired.” She pats it a few times, making sure all the settings are right for Nix’s needs. “I’ll start it off on a low-medium resistance, and we can see where you are with it.” She takes a step back, gesturing to Nix that it’s ready. “Would you like a show on, in the background, or some nature sounds?”

“Just some of the regular shows sound great.” Nix kicks off of the ground, sliding over to the bike. Hopping on, and starting her work out, struggling slightly at first as she adjusts to the feeling of pushing herself. 

This only lasts about fifteen minutes, at the end of it Nix exhales sharply, and flops down on top of the bike. Drenched in sweat, and struggling to catch her breath. Dreading the fact that she’ll be doing this every day from now on.

Sola gently rubs Nix’s back, and holds her water bottle out. “You did great for your first time, Nix. I know it seems hard now, but like other exercises, it will get easier with time.” She flashes a warm smile, and after making sure Nix has her water, she pulls back. “I am so proud of you Nix, everybody who has had recovery times like you, have only been able to go 5-10 minutes, you went much longer.”

“Yeah… Well, I’m gonna cut back on pushing myself this much.” Nix exhales a massive sigh, shoving the straw in her mouth, taking large gulps, as her heart rate calms back down. “Not… worth… ittttt.” She chuckles lightly, dragging her legs as she very slowly makes her way toward the couch to lay down. 

Sola reaches out, petting Nix lightly while she walks over. “That is true, still, I like to let those I watch over go till I feel they should stop or they do, it helps me figure out where they are, and how much they should do.” She taps a few times on her datapad. “I’ll set 10 minute timers when you bike, and as you feel better, we can step it up from there. Let's set the first goal to get to 15 minutes again, without feeling this winded.”

Nix grumbles, finishing off her water as Sola places another step stool in front of her. Letting her climb up onto the couch, and flop over onto her chest, which is now increasingly uncomfortable to lay on, due to the small breasts that now sit on her chest. “Fiiiiine.” Rolling to her side slightly, she gets a good view of the tv. Smiling as she sees Sola switch the stream over to another painting show.

Sola gently rubs Nix’s back, and uses a towel she had gotten to help pat away Nix’s sweat. Shifting to a full on massage, if only to have an excuse to pet Nix more intimately. “Just relax for a little bit, and let me know when you are feeling up to anything else. I am going to just be here taking care of some paperwork, but I can stop at any time.”

“That’s actually something I’ve been a bit curious about.” Nix squirms around, letting Sola pat her down a bit, before stealing the towel, and starting to dry herself off. “How much paperwork have you had to do because of me so far? I know I’ve not really dealt with any of it yet, given my state in the compact, is a big question mark right now.”

“Well, initially getting the Free Spirit was 765 forms, but that was amongst multiple of us to get through, and was much less than larger ships with more sophonts onboard. Then when it came to you personally, I had 16 to be your guardian, 12 to be your physical therapist, which did tie into the rest from before. Then every day I have 10 to fill out fully regarding your general activities, recovery, observable state… you know, general wellness stuff. The vet visits are another 10 on top of that. Really for the most part you have been pretty easy. I’ve heard of particular difficult cases, which can be up to, and over 100 forms a day. We may like our paperwork, but there are only a few affini that like THAT much paperwork a day, on top of other general forms. Needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise to find out how docile you are.”

"Forms… not pages, forms." Nix starts laughing, suddenly relieved that Sola is the one who had to deal with all of this instead of her. Expecting there is a bit of exaggeration involved but still, hundreds of pages of paperwork, sounds like the girl's worst nightmares brought to life. "Well thanks for dealing with all that for me! Stars, if I'm scared of any affini, it's one who wants to do more paperwork!"

“Well, I’d say the only ones you would have to fill out as an independent would be some provided by vet visits, though they would mostly be written up, then you would be presented the sections that would state information, you would have to check off to make sure you understand, and sign in a few places. The biggest set that independents typically deal with, from my understanding, is regarding their first hab. Up or down sizing are only a couple, and moving is a little more than that. Then of course if any want to open their own little shop, there are a number of forms for that.”

"I'll keep that in mind." Nix sighs, a smile still on her face. Now fully calmed down from her work out, and enjoying the show alongside their conversation. "I'm sure I'll adjust, and anything is better than worrying about money. So let's go! paperwork?" She pumps her arms up playfully, snickering at herself.

“Well, I’ll be filling out most of the forms for your first hab unit. I can go over it with you as an example of the worst you would ever have to deal with. There is of course some paperwork to fill out for big deliveries, such as your giant canvas. Also from an independent front, you can ask any affini for help, and they can explain what you are signing, and looking at.”

"Whatever I'm doing as soon as I'm done with that… trial? Meeting? Whatever, if I do get declared an independent I want to do everything from that point on myself. So we can do it as a team." Nix gives Sola a thumbs up, going back to watching the show as the affini on screen talks about color theory. 

Sola smiles and simply nods, returning the thumbs up before relaxing and listening to the talk of color theory, making a point to really take it to heart. Sola quietly taps on her pad, ordering a couple books on art theory in general, to get some perspective on what Nix wants to do.

Have you ever been eaten by a massive paint affini? Yeah me neither. Today I'm plugging the HDG discord server which you should totally join, I have a completed version of Nix's painting I'm going to be posting there to give everyone a better Idea of what it looks like! Next time on Recovery Chapter 12. Human Trials!

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