Learn To Relax

by Cracked_Ruby


An overworked programmer learns to relax with the help of an old friend.

Avery had been working for years in the LA tech market. Never able to break out on her own due to a lack of general support or interest in her concepts. 

Her ideas mostly consisting of how to use AR technology to interface with the human brain. The issue with this was that the mega-corporation of Revant studios had overtaken the market with tech that she couldn’t match up to. Not for lack of trying mind you, it’s just that every time that she would attempt to release a concept to sell just a day earlier Revant would release almost the exact same thing with a patent.

That was until mid-august after spending another hundred hours hunched over her desk coding for a company she didn’t care about dealing in something she cared even less about. Her auburn hair in a bun but becoming increasingly disheveled because of her frustration with the idiocy of the people she was working for. 

Breaking her out of that monotony was a ping to her private work email for job requests. Looking for anything to cure this crippling boredom Avery spun around in her chair to face her second monitor and pull up the new email labeled. ‘Ravent wants YOU!’

“Yeah, and I want you to go fuck yourself.” She rolled her eyes opening up the email to see if it was an offer worth even considering. ‘Hello, Avery Williams, we have seen your impressive portfolio of AR-based technology! While very similar to our own, we would love to have you come in and work with us so we can improve our products and productivity in the future!’ Along with the message was a link to their private employee onboarding program. 

Avery leaned back in her chair, her head flopping back as she looked over to the hours of menial coding she had been doing for a security firm in the area. “After all these years…” She groans, pulling herself back up and clicking on the link. “Alright let’s see what it’s like on the inside for once. Maybe if I work with them they won’t constantly fuck  overme anymore.”

Over the next few hours between coding sessions, Avery would continue putting her info and portfolio into the application. “Always the most fun part of a new job…” She leaned in looking closely at the application realizing that it was a full-time position not a freelance contract. “Fucking finally… A job that won't dump me after two months…”

The rest of the night Avery did nothing but code trying to finish out the end of her contract before the weekend hit. It in the end was slightly sloppy but she knew that the idiots running the company would never be able to tell the difference as she sent in the final project file at 7 am in the morning. “Fuck… I’m spent.” 

Avery kicks her wall, her chair allowing her to roll across her tiny apartment to the bed, flopping over onto the mess of dirty clothes before wiggling her way into the covers. Passing out within moments.

The light of the midday sun was beating down on Avery’s eyes, waking her up, and causing her to look over to her pc and see a ton of notifications on her private email. “Why… WHYYYYY!” She groans, flopping down off the bed and stumbling over to her desk sitting down to read the new set of emails. “It’s too fucking early for this…” She opened up the first message labeled ‘welcome to Revant!’  Detailed a list of everything Avery needs for her interview. It was a fairly lax list of just some nice clothes, her laptop, and portfolio to have a sit down with the owner and discuss her employment. The appointment due to stated availability, set up for this evening after official operating hours ended.

“Fine… I guess I’ll give this a shot.” She rolled her eyes standing up and unfurling her bun as she went to take a shower and get ready. After an hour and a half of getting herself dried off and dressed Avery picked her satchel up heading out and hopped in an uber.

After a relatively short and quiet ride to the Revant Studios, Avery hopped out looking up at the glossy white building before rolling her eyes and mumbling under her breath. “Fucking pretentious pricks.” She watches as several teams of people are heading out for the day, all wearing different versions of the AR glasses that are developed at the company. 

Once inside the halls were all lined with clearly very expensive ‘art’ Avery fighting the impulse to flip off each of them on her way through the nigh empty halls. “This was stupid, why did I even bother comming here…” She kicked her feet slightly looking down and trying to act as casual as possible in a situation where she felt so out of place.

That is until she slammed face-first into a glass door falling on her ass and sliding back slightly. “Fucking bitch…” She looked up to see a smiling woman in a red dress.

“Oh, that’s no way to address an old friend.” She grinned down at Avery offering the girl her hand. “I’m of course Raven Revant. It's a pleasure to finally see you again!” 

Avery took Sera’s hand standing back up now feeling both flustered from her previous display along with her lacking dress in comparison to Sera’s. “It’s a pleasure, Miss. Revant.” Of course it was her old college roomie, she knew that… fuck why did she come here!?

Once both women were standing Raven seeing Avery lost in thought makes a small gesture for Avery to follow her walking Avery into her office sitting down at the desk.

“So Miss. Williams we have found that your potential in the field of AR tech is incredibly high. You just seem to, no offense… still lack at dealing with people. That’s why we… I invited you to interview to work with us. I’m absolutely positive that with our help you can reach your full potential.” 

Avery frowned, pulling her laptop out of her bag and placing it on the desk. Trying not to give into her repressed anger, feelings of abandonment and suspicion of being stolen from.

“I’ve just been… tired with how I’ve been treated by everyone I talk to over the years. Everyone claims all my ideas are inferior ideas for your products even if they come out at nearly the same time.” She scrolled through her presentation showing off all the slightly different not inferior but more so alternative designs for the AR devices.

“That’s exactly why I demanded we finally get you in with us. I know we both can benefit from a brain like yours around here.” Raven smiled sweetly before starting to look closer at Avery’s designs and code for AR tech. “Why don’t I take you to some of our labs so I can show you the benefits of working with us.”

“Sure it would be nice to see what I’ve been working against all these years.” Avery smiled warily trying to put on a ‘happy’ face for her old roomie and potential boss.

“Excellent you can leave your bag and laptop here. I’ll be locking up the office while we are out so they will be safe.” Raven stood walking back out of the room with Avery closing the door behind them and using her key to lock it up.

After a short walk into the deeper parts of the building, Raven arrived at the door for the R&D department. Flicking the lights on and letting Avery simply take in her new potential work area.

Once inside Avery starts looking over the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of technical equipment. “No wonder you always stay one step ahead, even if I am smarter. There’s no competing with THIS alone.”

Raven walked over rubbing Avery’s back gently. “Yeah, we have dedicated the vast majority of our energy and funding right back into development.” She then walked over to a work area in the corner of the room waving Avery over. 

“This is our newest invention and the reason I wanted to hire you. It’s a VR headset that allows people to let go of their stress and pain using hypnotic imagery and binaural beats. I had the idea for it based on-”

“My breakdown before graduation. So you need me to make sure it actually works, right?” Avery carefully observes the device. Keeping a bit of distance from the machine. 

“Right on the money Avery, you always were quick to pick up on things.” Raven gently takes the headset. “While I don’t steal your ideas, all that work together in college… well I didn’t want it to go to waist when I didn’t even know if you’d be able to recover. Do you… wanna try it out?”

“That… sounds really nice actually.” She was doing her best to be polite, she had actually been working on a theoretical VR headset that would in theory allow similar results...though actually making it was not only outside of her budget but would most likely require at least one other person to handle a few psychological programming things that she was not quite up to par on. Something she’d always relied on Raven for.

Raven nodded before pressing a few buttons on the pc next to the headset. It only took a few seconds for the interior of the headset to light up pink. “Alright it’s all up and running so just try it on and after you finish I’ll get your opinions and see if you wanna work with me again.” She pulled over a rather comfortable chair offering it to Avery. A small almost hopeful smile on her face.

Avery couldn’t pull her eyes away from the chair, it looked so nice… almost like it would be more comfortable than her old beat up bed… and the offered pay… she would be able to easily not only get a new, nicer apartment… but fill it with comfortable furniture just like this. And most of all, a real chance to have her old only friend back.

“Alright then.” She sits down and can’t help a small sigh of relief as she leans back in the chair, her curves and contours almost perfectly cradled by this chair. Clearly intentional on Raven’s side of things. “Just going to put it on, relax, then continue to talk about the job.” Avery mumbles out, almost to reassure herself everything was real, letting out a deep breath before sliding the VR headset on. “It’s quite lightweight… could be comfortable for long term use.”

Raven nods, pulling her chair up next to Avery. “Well, we are hoping this can be used in therapy for people with severe anxiety issues or for overworked employees.” 

After another click the fully pink screen started pulsing in front of Avery’s eyes, the pink starting to mix with little white lines, which would slowly expand and contract as soft tunes helped her start to relax and enjoy the show.

Avery’s breathing slowly shifts to something more methodical. In with one sound, out with another. Many of the normal intrusive thoughts she’d been experiencing during the interview fading further and further away.

“I don’t know what the specifics are… but I may have to actually start falling asleep to some binaural things… because I’m already feeling a lot better.” She begins to let her body go limp in her seat, moving her head a little to get it in just the right spot, cracking her neck before letting the chair lean back thanks to her weight. “Really it is making me realize just how tense I am.”

Raven giggles, nodding satisfied with the basic use of the headset, hitting the button for the next phase, for Avery’s phase, of the program. In the corners of Avery’s vision, small words that seemingly melded with the lines started popping up on screen all saying simple mantras ‘simple and relaxed’ ‘happy and bubbly’ and several others were flowing around the screen seemingly disappearing every time that Avery fully looked at them. Raven’s voice if she could have focused that much at this point is almost audible in the binaurals repeating the words.

Avery squeaks, slight confusion overtaking her. Still entirely relaxed, but struggling to focus on anything in particular. “What is that?” She gulped lightly while rubbing her legs together nervously.

Raven started rubbing Avery’s shoulders in a massaging fashion. “Those are positive affirmation mantras. The programming affects everyone differently, just bringing out someone's deepest desires when it comes to relaxing.” 

The program continues, now becoming more complex in the spiral along with the binaural beats starting to have small words slip in occasionally like ‘happy’ or ‘silly’.

Avery moans lightly at the massage, but can’t help but let out a giggle here or there. “Everything feels so… light and airy. Like the plug in a drain has been pulled, and everything stressful is just swirling away.” She giggles a little bit more. “Then a little bit like a nice bubble bath is being filled in its place.”

Raven clapped excitedly, a look of genuine joy on her face as she goes back to the massage. “Just let it take all that stress away.” She watched as the final phase started this part entirely about self-acceptance of sexuality. Affirming that any form of sexuality is wonderful. “You’re doing such an amazing job, Avery. I’m so happy this is helping you.”

Avery giggled a little bit more, leaning into the massage. “It feels like all my thoughts are getting a big soft hug.” She lets a whimper out as Raven gets a particularly bad knot out of her shoulders, her hands drifting between her legs while a blush spreads across her cheeks. “Mmmm, more please.” She squeaks and raises one hand to loosen her shirt which had gotten bunched up around her tummy, revealing a little of her taut stomach, kept thin by nature of not having much to eat against cheap food to keep her filled and functioning.

Raven nods, starting to more thoroughly massage Avery, her hands drifting down and around Avery’s sides making sure to get out any ounce of tension. “There we go we will get you all relaxed and happy. Then I’ll get you all signed up to work with us forever and ever doesn’t that sound fun? Getting to test this with me? For us to be together every day?” 

Avery giggles “That like… sounds like super fun. Can I maybe get a bonus so I can afford… a totally nice place around here to stay. So I can see you more!” She wiggles under the massaging of her sides, lifting her arms up to expose herself to the tingling from the massage even more.

“I have a place in mind that I think you would do perfectly in. We can definitely get you a signing bonus so you can be nice and comfy in your new position with us.” Raven rubbed around Avery’s midriff gently licking her lips.

“You’re really pretty, you know that?” Almost in time with the comment, the visor started flashing words that demand to admit your true feelings. “You always have been, and I have missed you so much.”

“Mmmmm, I love you, thank you for believing in me.” Avery fully melted into the words, openly moaning at each touch. Giggling between each of her squeaks. “So I can like… always feel this good with you?” 

As Avery asked, she had the most innocent happy smile Raven had ever seen from the girl. Making the CEO’s heart tremble slightly in joy. “Of course you can, sweetie!” Raven gently pulled the headset off before going around and kissing Avery gently. “So tell me, do you wanna come back to my place tonight to celebrate your… hiring and maybe get to know each other again… more intimately.”

“Of course I do Ravie! Whatever you think would be most fun!” She smiled dumbly, perking up now that her vision was occupied with Raven’s smiling face. The resentment from her perceived abandonment now all thrown to the side, in a corner of her mind Avery couldn’t even be bothered to access. “Should I like… bring anything special over? I don’t have much but I can totally make something work.”

“Don’t you worry we can get you some far more cute clothes at my place.” Raven licked her lips giggling as she took Avery’s hand, starting to lead the girl out of the building, and down to her car. After they reach the car Raven leans in, kissing Avery hard having one of her hands drift around and rub the girl’s breasts. “You’re delicious.”

Avery giggles and kisses Raven back eagerly. Pressing her chest forward slightly into Raven’s hand. “Thank you, Ravie! You are making me feel all super special and bouncy in my tummy!” She can’t help but bring one of her hands up to trace along Raven’s tummy. Unable to resist asking the one thing her inhibitions had stopped her from asking all those years ago. “Like… when can we do the fun stuff at your place?”

Raven giggled, leaning in and licking Avery’s neck. “Just as soon as we get there, cutie. I’m so glad you’ve had such a revelation using our tech.” She gently opened the car door loading Avery in before going around and getting in the driver's seat. The drive back was semi-quiet Raven turning on bubbly pop songs to help distract Avery.

Avery bounces to the beat of the songs, trying to sing along but tripping over her words every time… eventually just restoring to humming along. Something that Raven found absolutely precious. “Woah… everything around here looks so much nicer than my place.” She is almost glued to the window, looking out over the houses.

Raven snickers, keeping her eyes on the road before reaching over to pet the back of Avery’s head gently. “Well, this is where you’re gonna stay from now on. You’re gonna get to be nice and pretty and happy all you want with me.” After a few minutes, they pulled up to a large, very modern home at the end of the street. All the lights automatically turn on as the duo approces. “Here we are, Avery. Now, what do you say we get on inside and have a nice night.”

Avery nods eagerly and virtually springs out of the car, bouncing around to open the driver's side door. “OF course Ravie, that sounds wonderful!” Once Raven got out, Avery closed the door before following her inside, giggling a little as her bouncing made her breasts jiggle a bit. “Was I always this fun?”

Raven smiled, unlocking the front door and letting Avery inside. “Yes Avery, you were always this fun. You were just so stressed before, just look at you now one session with the headset and you’re so much more happy and relaxed! Even being forward enough to come home with me.” She took Avery inside pulling the girl through the expensive rooms and into the bedroom. “You’re about my size so I’m positive we can get you dressed up all pretty. That is unless you wanna do something else first?” Raven sat down on the bed making sure to keep her posture open and inviting.

“Oh I can’t pick, getting dressed up pretty sounds fun, but doing other things sounds fun too!” She eagerly strips down and smiles as her breasts bounce. Under her nice clothes, Raven would be able to see just how cheap everything else she had was. While not bad, it was certainly gotten in a bargain bin or from a yard sale… and given what her previous work was like… it was obvious she had spent most of her disposable income on just trying to keep up.

Raven tapped her chin a few times before helping Avery fully strip down. “Alright stay still cutie. I’m gonna grab you some better clothes. You deserve it.” She leans in, kissing Avery gently before slipping into her closet. After a moment coming back with a pink set of lingerie. “Here, try these on. They are very nice and soft!”

Avery, without a second of her normal hesitation, happily tosses the last of her clothes off. Starting to slip the cute pink lingerie on. As she did, she made sure to slowly slide her legs into the panties, pulling it up till she let it lightly flick against her waist as she let go. Next, she slid the bra on, the pink material doing little to hide her aroused hard nipples as she reached behind herself to hook it together, giggling as she posed playfully. “How do I look?”

A soft blushing smile covers Raven’s face. “You look absolutely lovely. You deserve to look this good always.” She stands up walking over and hugging Avery gently, leaning in and planting a firm loving kiss on her lips. “Now what do you say we enjoy each other?”

Avery nods eagerly “That sounds wonderful! Like should I have as much fun as I want with you?” She smiles and begins rubbing Raven, helping to guide her out of her own clothes. “I love you so much Ravie!”

Raven nodded, slipping her clothes off revealing a fairly toned body clearly well fed and maintained for company appearance. “Of course sweetie whatever makes you happy.” Once down to only her panties and bra, Raven leans in kissing Avery deeply once again as her hand slid down over her midriff and right on top of the new panties. Starting to rub in little circles on top of them, pressing in just enough to slide slightly into Avery’s drooling slit.

Avery gasps, her hips bucking slightly. Sure she’d done this alone, but it had always felt hollow. Incomplete somehow, but right now, shockwaves of warmth flooded her body. “I- is this what it always feels like?” She whimpers as Raven rubs a little harder. “If so we need to do it lots!”

Raven nodded gently, pulling away with her fingers to make Avery obediently follow her to the bed. “Oh, I promise if this is what you want to feel with me. We will be feeling this every single day.” She licked her lips before turning around and pushing Avery down onto the bed. “Now I’m gonna give you a really nice feeling.” Slowly Raven slid down Avery’s body, her hands tracing every little curve before grasping and pulling down the panties once they reached their destination. She then leaned in and licked Avery’s slit deeply. Running her tongue up to the woman’s clit, starting to gently lap at it.

Avery squeaked and moaned, reaching down to hold Raven’s head to her pussy. “This feels like, soooo amazing!” She whimpers, keeping her hand there. Stunned by the sensation, into staying completely still. “I do want to feel like this every day!” She lets out a loud mix of a squeal and moan, reaching her climax as she instinctively wraps her legs around Raven’s shoulders, pulling her in tight.

Raven continues unabated, taking immense pleasure in watching the waves of pleasure roll through Avery’s body over and over again. Dragging out the feeling for as long as she possibly could. 

After Avery relaxes Raven pulls back climbing back up Avery’s body and kissing her cheek. “You did so well. I promise you can do this every single day. Now can you do the same for me?” She continued kissing Avery’s cheek, enjoying praising the girl.

Avery nodded eagerly, helping Raven lay down before she almost reverently pulls her panties down. “You are like… so beautiful!” She leans in and gives her a curious lick. “And you taste great too!” She starts to lick curiously, attempting to emulate Raven’s moves due to her own personal inexperience.

With each lick, Raven’s legs tightened around Avery’s back, her hands gripping the covers as she helplessly moaned in pleasure. Not minding the sloppiness, simply taking in and enjoying her partner’s enthusiasm. “You’re doing wonderful sweetie.” After an especially deep lick brushing her clit Raven gasped climaxing and writhing slightly on the bed unable to do anything but moan and squirm under Avery’s touch.

While Avery’s licks did not have the experience, her eager rapid licks did wonders as she began to lap up everything she could get at, moaning as her hands drifted to Raven’s ass, giving a firm squeeze. As this continued, Avery wiggled her ass back and forth happily. As if all the nights she's fantasized about this in bed hadn’t been able to remotely compare to the reality of tonight.

After the tension left Raven’s body she pulled back and pulled Avery up to kiss her. “You are beautiful and I promise you will have a long happy career with us… I will say though if you want it to be more than just working for me. I wouldn’t mind.” She smiled softly before kissing Avery deeply letting her tongue slip in and dance with the girls enjoying the closeness that she hadn’t been able to feel in so long.

Avery closed her eyes again and kissed Raven back hard. After a short time, she pulls back. “I would like to, I would love to, be more than just an employee. Doing this makes me like… feel really good. It is like bubbles are in my chest” She smiles and nuzzles into Raven.

“I’m so happy I’ve been able to do this for you. We have tested it before, but knowing it really worked for the person who needed it makes my heart soar!” Raven kisses Avery again, gently pulling the covers over both of them. “Now what do you say about us cuddling together for the rest of the night as girlfriends?”

Avery eagerly nods “Yes please!” She hugs Raven and smiles, nuzzling into her chest. “This is so nice...and super comfy. And I really like the popping bubbles feelings inside me.” Avery giggles a little as she closes her eyes, listening to Raven’s heartbeat.

The two rested for the remainder of the evening, Raven just holding Avery close and occasionally kissing her while having some tv on in the background for noise. The next morning the conditions of the headset had fully worn off Raven waking up and shaking Avery gently. “Hey, Avery… how are you feeling?” She smiled softly, still holding Avery tight in her arms.

Avery ground and held her head a little. “I feel very complicated” She shook her head. “Like I’m a squeezed-out tube of toothpaste slowly being filled back up?...yeah that seems like a good description.” She yawns and looks down before blushing. “What did I fucking do last night?!”

Raven blushed slightly, rubbing Avery’s back. “Well you tried on the relaxation headset and it worked. The level of happiness and openness to me was… really sweet. We came back here and had sex, I hope you’re not mad I don’t have an excuse you were just enraptured by me, and the more you were open and not intimidated by me the more I wanted to be with you… at the end of the night, I asked you out.” She looked down half ashamed of her behavior and partially hoping that she wouldn’t lose Avery because of this.

Avery rubbed her head “Yeah… I remember that. Just trying to process it.” She sighs a bit “...Do you promise that I will be set if I stay with your company… Raven?” Avery looks up with tired eyes. “Even after all that… I do feel a bit of… nervousness over returning to my old situation.”

Raven nodded. “I promise you will be set for life. If you decide to work with us we will have you working exclusively on upgrading the headset and working with me personally for testing.” She smiled softly, leaning in to kiss Avery’s forehead. “If you want you can stay with me and over the weekend we can go get you some clothes YOU like.”

Avery blushed hard and nodded “I… think I would really like that.” She coughed a little bit “including the… staying with you part.” She rubs her thighs together shyly “I’m sorry I didn’t… I’m sorry I didn’t stay with you the first time.” She looks up with a blush painted across her cheeks.

Raven smiles, shaking her head. “Well… I don’t think either of us were ready yet.” She gives Avery a large warm hug. “But now that we’re back together you better not expect me to let go ever again.”

Avery nods gently, pressing her head against Raven’s chest. “That… was also my first time feeling pretty… or ever having sex with another person… I hope we can do both sometimes.”

Raven giggles slightly, running her fingers through Avery’s hair. “Well then, why don’t you follow me into my closet and we can get you all dressed up in something that makes YOU feel extra cute and happy.” She slid out of bed still nude and swaying her hips as she walked into the closet before popping out with a few different dresses. “While I don’t know your exact size these days, my clothes should fit well enough until we can go get you a proper outfit of your own volition.” She laid the pink dress with floral patterns down next to a pink and purple sundress with a sun emblem on the chest.

Avery’s eyes kept looking over at Raven as she blushed and looked over the dresses. “I think this sun one is...prettier.” She gently picks it up and holds it up before looking in a mirror and smiling lightly. “This should work fine for me… Raven.” Avery gulps before quickly and shyly kissing Raven’s cheek before hiding her face in a crazy blush.

Raven giggled, leaning back over and kissing Avery’s cheek. “Alright cutie I’m gonna make us some breakfast then we can go to work together. Then we are gonna spend all day getting your paperwork filed and just catching up.” She winked, grabbing a black dress and slipping it on before heading out of the room to make breakfast.

Avery shyly slips the dress on, looking at herself in the mirror and giving a little twirl. “Last night was strange...Like...it wasn’t like I couldn’t think...but more like everything that held me back was removed. I didn’t need to hide my feelings on anything...and she...liked that.” Avery sniffles a few times, starting to rub tears out of her eyes. “She liked me.” After taking a moment to calm herself, Avery heads out of the bedroom. Almost getting lost on the way to the kitchen if it wasn’t for the noise of Raven cooking.

Once Avery reached the kitchen Raven was flipping some pancakes humming happily while the news played in the background. “Hey Avery, just relax on the couch I’m nearly done with your pancakes. I’ve got some orange juice laid out on the coffee table for you! All your old favorites~” Once she was done talking Raven went back to humming and cooking.

Avery blushed as her stomach growled. “Thank you” She walks over to the couch and sits down, looking at the large TV, then down to the fresh orange juice. She gently picks up the cup and sips a little bit, her eyes going wide. “Wow...this tastes amazing.” She drinks a little more, before turning on the TV and leaning back, just enjoying the background noise.

Raven finished the pancakes before coming over and sitting next to Avery. “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the juice. I get it from the farmers market weekly.” She hummed happily, sipping her juice and starting to enjoy her breakfast next to Avery.

Avery blushes and begins enjoying her pancakes. She eats very fast, eventually stopping and blushing. “S-sorry” She takes a breath and slows down, eating at a more sedate pace. “I… don’t normally have time to eat… or money for anything like this.” She looks down before continuing to eat.

Raven frowned, taking her time finishing her meal before rubbing Avery’s back. “Then I’m so glad that I finally was able to get in contact with you again.” She leaned in, kissing Avery’s cheek gently before leaning in and holding Avery gently in her arms. “I promise you’ll be safe from here on.”

Avery quietly whimpers “Why… why do you care about me.” She leans into Raven as tears begin to leak from her eyes “I’ve been alone so long… I don’t even know if I deserve to be with anyone. Especially not you.” She covers her eyes and takes a few breaths to try and calm down. “I can’t understand why you are nice to me.”

Raven sighed, rocking Avery gently. “It’s because you also understand what it feels like to be alone. You throughout your whole interview and after the VR session never once treated me as anything but a normal person. I am so used to people just wanting to use me for my money or position in the world instead of just… me.” She tightened her grip around Avery. “Thank you for being… you. Not some pretend person to appease me but just… yourself. After all these years, I almost expected you to want to use me… but I pushed through that worry and I’m so glad I did.”

Avery blushes and gently wraps her arms around Raven. “I’ll be honest...I don’t know how to be anyone but myself. It didn’t change after we parted ways. If anything it got worse, I lashed out at you because I thought you were going to abandon me. I rejected so many opportunities because of my own ideals. I… I’ve been so angery and stressed for so long. So having you show that project to me, that project for me… all I could see is my only friend extending an olive branch… and I couldn’t bring myself to say no.” Avery looks up at Raven and blushes at their close proximity. “ And I, I think I would really like to occasionally do that again… and maybe sometimes help you do the same.”

Raven leans in, kissing Avery on the lips gently. “I love you…” She blushed furiously before looking away. “But yeah maybe trying the VR myself sometimes wouldn’t be too bad. We will just… do it together.” She took a deep breath before turning back to Avery. “And that will make everything worth it in the end.”

Avery nodded slightly before looking down at her hands “We should probably get cleaned up and get to work… I think I have a few ideas to increase the VR neuro link sync ratio… though I would need to look at it from outside the visor. “She smirks playfully, reaching over to hug Raven a little bit. “If that is ok with you.”

Raven giggles, standing up. “Absolutely I would adore being able to trust someone while I put it on. And now I know I have someone I can always trust.” She took Avery’s hand leading her partner outside and back to the car. 


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