A shadowy encounter

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #feminization #humiliation #possession #sub:male #urban_fantasy

Ren, a disgruntled camera man, goes to film and explore the old manor at the edge of town.

This was an old story I wrote alone while practicing, figured I'd repost it here.

CW: Noncon, possesion and feminization.

The town of Farbrook didn't have much to its name. It was in the middle of nowhere Iowa with the only truly distinct landmark being the looming Farfield Manor that sat at the end of town. While no one had lived in it for decades, the people of Farbrook considered it a landmark for the town's history.

Despite its historical relevance, the value of the manor to the town had come into question in recent years. Leading to a small group of filmmakers looking to advocate for maintaining the manor in its current form. Teaming up to make a short film about the manor and its history.

Ren had been the cam guy for the group for as long as it had existed. His short 5'5 height, combined with his thin seemingly frail body type leading to most of the other members pushing him around to get work off of their shoulders. The crowning moment of this was them sticking him on the job to get all the night time recordings done alone.

The forest that previously surrounded the manor had become more and more industrialized. The majority of it being transformed into housing for the expanding town. This left the manor at the end of one of the new high-end neighborhoods. The HOA potentiated for its removal in the name of progress.

Ren's family living on the same street that the manor inhabited. It loomed over the houses in the area as a constant reminder of the unmoving history of the town.

After dark Ren hopped in his run-down silver car wearing a black jacket and pants to fight the mid-october chill. After a short drive to the end of the neighborhood Ren parked out front of the dim gray manor pulling the camera equipment out of the back seat.

The manor's doors slowly creaked open, Ren struggling to even move the rusted hinges. After a solid minute of pushing the doors flung open with unusual ease in comparison to the effort, Ren had been putting in only moments before. "I can't believe they had me come here at night just to get b roll footage." Ren sighed, clutching his camera bag, and flicking on his flashlight. "This isn't fair..." He started his walk through the decrepit halls each step eliciting a squeak from the floorboards.

After wandering around the different halls at the front of the manor, trying to use the footprints in the dusty halls from earlier that week but struggling to track them due to dust having seemingly reappeared over everything. After wandering helplessly for a good ten minutes, opening random doors and finding very little of note. Ren arrived at the master bedroom. It was one of the only rooms that didn't have dust everywhere thanks to all the filming. "Ok... I just need to stay here a few hours and record the moon out the window."

After a solid half-hour of attempting to get just the right angle on the tripod and camera. Pointing it across the bed and out the window to properly catch the full moon's light from the bedroom window. "There we go perfect." Ren sighed, sitting down for a bit and watching the recording...before getting board and walking out of the room and back through the dusty halls.

Everything was eerie in how well it had been maintained. It looked less as if it was abandoned and more as if everything was just coated in a thick layer of dust. "Seriously... how does all of this never get stolen." He walked over to one of the bookcases rubbing his finger against a thick patch of dust to clear it off. "It's not like anyone's stopping you."

He chuckled, slipping a book out of the case and tossing it in the air before catching it. Causing a dust cloud to form from all the movement. "At least I can explore while I wait." Ren continued down the halls dropping the book as he went not truly caring about ransacking the place. "I swear I only even agreed to this because Ariel asked..."

Behind him, shadows from every corner of the manor twisted and distorted, catching the book and dragging it back to its rightful place. Ren simply continued his walk not even noticing the increase in shadows around him. Heading down another hallway, this one far less grand than the main halls of the manor.

He turned, opening a hard oak door, not even noticing that the handle had not a single speck of dust on it. "Welp, in we go..." He grumbled nearly half asleep because of how late it was, combining with the boredom of wandering through the hallways and waiting for the filming to finish.

It was a fairly simple and small bedroom, a dark oak desk with a few books on it, a dresser, a small vanity, and a twin-sized bed with black and white covers being the only things of note. "Well hello there. Why don't we see what they used to wear."

Ren chuckled a bit, walking over and sliding the drawer open revealing a maids outfit. "Oh well, that explains why this room looked so cheap." He picked the maid outfit up, snickering a bit as he walked over to the vanity, laying the outfit down on the table, before doing a little pose checking himself out in the mirror. His unbrushed and long blond hair, and hazel eyes being the only thing appealing about his rather average appearance.

Ren then took the maids outfit flapping it a few times to get it in a presentable state. It was the traditional black and white with a lot of frills around each seam. "What's something this nice doing in this dingy of a room." He playfully put the outfit in front of himself in the mirror making himself appear like a frilly maid.

"Oh, Mister Reginald I'm so very sorry that the manor is such a mess! It simply has been impossible to maintain!" Ren did a playful swoon before starting to snicker to himself. "God to imagine that someone would actually be that submissive." he threw the maid outfit onto the bed before pulling out and checking his phone.

"Fuck has it only been 15 minutes..." Ren groaned walking towards the door. His eyes were glued on his phone so he hadn't noticed the door had closed already leading to him slamming into it. Knocking himself to the ground. "Owe... why is the door closed..."

He picked his phone up, slipping it back into his pocket, before standing back up to try to open the door. As soon as he tried to turn the knob it was jammed in a way that he couldn't even get it to wiggle. "FUCK!" he kicked the door to very little effect other than making his foot hurt.

"Stupid fucking old house." Ren groaned looking around the room noticing a window in the corner. "Well, that could work." He walked over looking at the edges of the window and finding that there was no way to open it. "God damn it!"

The whole time Ren was marching around the room the shadows had started to move again. Twisting and distorting until a 'hand' had formed. Crawling across the ground before grabbing onto Ren's ankles causing the boy to scream.

Ren tried to move his legs kicking at the shadows gripping his legs. "What the fuck!" He continued to struggle under the shadows grasp before another pair of shadowy hands grabbed his wrists. "Let me GO!"

Ren put his entire body weight forward trying to break the shadows hold on him before being lifted fully off the ground and thrown back down onto the bed. "What in god's name is going on!?"

He struggled as each of the four shadows pulled his legs and arms apart keeping him perfectly pinned on the bed. What Ren saw next he nearly couldn't believe.

The maid's outfit that had been laying on the ground, began having shadows shoved into it to the point of everything in the room lacking shadows other than the four arms and the outfit, forming a feminine shadow body that walked over to Ren's side.

'You have disrespected my masters home several times this night.' The shadow wasn't speaking but the will of it was being pushed into Ren's mind forcing him to understand the ghastly whispers. 'As a cost for your disrespectful behavior. You shall become this manors newest housekeeper'

Ren was going to scream but the shadows hand covered his mouth. While no physical pressure was actually being put upon Ren it felt like the shadow was forcing its way inside of him. Slipping in through his open mouth keeping it open as more and more of the shadow drained into his body.

The overwhelming need to scream was only stopped by the feeling of his throat being filled by the shadows. 'A housekeeper only speaks when spoken to.' with that the lump in his throat forced its way down into his stomach.

Throughout his body, Ren felt like the entity had begun to move him around like a puppet from the inside. Starting by curiously moving his right arm letting the shadow that was holding it still release it. The arm reaching out and grabbing the maid outfit. 'A housekeeper must be properly dressed.'

All the shadows Released Ren's body letting the boy sit on the bed. While it didn't feel like he was being forced to stay still any longer the presence felt like it had begun to sink deep into his core. "H... He... Hello..." He choked out his vocal cords fighting him every step of the way.

Ren tried to drop the outfit but his right hand stayed firmly gripped on the outfit as the words repeated in his head. Now far more aggressively. 'A housekeeper must be properly dressed!'

With that Ren's left arm started peeling off his jacket and shirt. He flexed his muscles trying to keep his arm from removing any more than it already had but as soon as he did the shadows returned far more aggressively. 'YOU ARE NOT DRESSED APPROPRIATELY!'

The shadows that had previously held his arms and legs began to rip Ren's old clothing to shreds leaving the boy in nothing but his underwear. 'Now... put the outfit on.'

Both out of fear for his safety and because the October chill was nearly unbearable without anything on Ren slipped into the maid's outfit. It was a bit loose on his frame, such as the spots where breasts were meant to be remaining unfilled.

'Now go stand at the vanity we must get you presentable.' With that Ren felt his body begin to involuntarily drag him towards the vanity. His legs moving ridgely and clumsily almost like he hadn't walked in years and was relearning for the first time.

The mirror revealed the force that had been taunting and toying with Ren this whole time. It was a 5'5 blond woman, had blue eyes, and was slightly wider around her waistline than Ren, along with that her breasts are a solid size B. 'It's been so very long since someone has been naughty enough to wake me up, mister.'

The woman flicked Ren's head causing the boy to stumble and groan slightly. As soon as he opened his mouth he was met with a swift hit to the back of his head. 'Ah ah ah no talking! You aren't even near presentable yet.'

The woman pulled the vanity open grabbing a brush from it and beginning to roughly brush Ren's hair. This elicited yelps from the boy all the knots in his hair being torn out as his body was held perfectly still.

In the vanity Ren could see that with each rough brush it was like more and more hair was being pulled out of his head making his hair grow from slightly long to running down his back. By the time the woman finished Ren's hair was long and smooth. 'You will learn to maintain your hair. It's important to look good to represent the manor.'

She then began to braid Ren's hair making it perfectly frame his shoulder being positioned on her right shoulder. After that, the woman reached around pressing her hands on the lack of breasts. 'Now now this simply will not do.' She grinned enjoying watching Ren's face pale in fear.

The woman began to roughly squeeze and pull at Ren's chest. There was a sharp pain in his chest as her hands pinched his nipples seeming to pull them further and further off of his chest. Creating little mounds of flesh where seemingly none should be even possible. The inky feeling of the shadows inside of him pushing from the inside to assist in the creation of his new breasts.

Ren tried to fight it but with every movement of the woman's hands against his chest, a massive wave of euphoria would shoot through his body. His knees buckling as his mouth drooped open as he panted overwhelmed by the stimulation.

'Now this is a far more befitting appearance for a housekeeper in training. Don't worry by the time I'm done you'll always feel this good.' The woman almost seemed like she was whispering into Ren's mind etching her desires into him as the euphoric waves kept his mind in a state of susceptible bliss.

The woman capped off the breast growth with a pinch on each nipple making Ren moan out helplessly his new breasts perfectly fitting the maid's outfit. 'There we go now you really look like you belong here.' A chair was dragged over to Ren by the shadows as he was forced to sit down and look into the vanity. His hands stuck in his lap as he sat perfectly still.

The ghost then pulled out a bunch of different types of makeup starting to slowly do up Ren. He was frowning again now that the stimulation wasn't keeping him dazed. With every stroke of mascara and ounce of foundation Ren's focus became more and more lucid. Once it had been finished though... He couldn't recognize himself anymore.

'Reina will now be your real name. You will be the housekeeper of this manor for the rest of your life.' The woman laughed, grabbing the sides of Rina's head. 'Now it's time to go in and fix the remaining issues with your naughty brain.'

The form of the woman funneled into Reina's head making him lean back barely avoiding passing out from the shock of it. He stood up grabbing the side of his head and stumbling over to the bed before falling down onto it. The inky blackness on the sides of his vision fully consuming his consciousness into sleep.

Reina gasped bursting out of a pool of inky blackness. His new outfit expanded to have a pair of black heels and fishnet stockings, and his new physical appearance are both firmly in place. "Wh... Where am I?!"

Reina wobbled nearly falling over, unable to keep his proper balance in heels. As he fell down an inky black tendril shot out of the void wrapping around his waist and pulling him back to a standing position. 'Ah ah ah! You are going to be here until you learn how to act!' A haughty laugh echoed around him. Reina looking around feverishly and only seeing shadows on all sides.

"Fucking BI-" Reina had another tendril wrap around his mouth. 'Now now I already told you NO TALKING.' The tendril shoved into his mouth sure to stop any future argument. 'Now let's just make you forget about being a naughty trouble maker.'

The tendril in his mouth began to expand, building up pressure before opening inside Renia's mouth a sickly black goo beginning to pump out. Despite the appearance, the taste of the goo was very similar to jello, a little bit of it leaking out from the edges of his mouth.

'Now just let me fill you up with my essence.' Another tendril started wrapping around and sliding up Reina's leg. Moving almost tauntingly slowly as if to mock the boy's inability to resist.

It was only as the tendril slipped fully up and started grinding against his ass that Reina realized that his underwear was gone. 'Now for the finishing touch.' The tendril suddenly started forcing its way into Riena's ass.

The slime coating the outside of the tendril helped the penetration come quickly and simi painlessly. 'Now we will keep your cute little ass like this until you learn your lesson.' The tendril then started pistoning in and out slowly at first stretching Reina out easily.

If he could moan Renia would be. Each thrust caused a shock wave of pleasure to flow through his body. Causing his eyes to droop down slightly as he started to suck the tendril in his mouth beginning to enjoy the flavor of the slime and the heat it induced in his body.

'Every night you will return here for our... fun... that is as long as you fulfill your job as housekeeper.' The voice giggled a bit before making the tendrils inside of Reina speed up. Pistoning into him at a nearly feverish pace. Capping it off with one final tendril wrapping around his cock starting to suck on it fervently. This all overwhelms Reina's senses leaving the boy in an overstimulated and vulnerable state, allowing more and more of the spectors essence to spill into Reina.

It was like a massive pressure was building up right in Reina's core. Both of the tendrils shoving in one final time blasting the inky blackness of the spectors full soul inside Reina. Soon after the black slime started to fully envelop his body, scrubbing away any imperfections in the transformation. Leaving nothing in its wake but the new 'Reina' body.

At first, he couldn't tell any real difference... then the world around Reina flashed back to light leaving him in the dusty housekeeper's room...his room. "Oh god, this room is truly filthy!" He sprung out of bed now easily walking on his heels before smacking his forehead. "And here I am about to forget to make my bed."

Reina twirled around his outfit bouncing with every movement. He quickly remade his bed making sure everything was perfectly in place before walking over to his vanity and started to do up his makeup. The early morning sun shining in through the window giving his skin a wonderful glow. "Oh, everything will need to be perfect for our guests today!"

Reina giggled before doing the finishing touches on his makeup. After checking to make sure everything was perfectly in place he walked over to the closet pulling out a ton of cleaning supplies before walking off into the manor to begin the cleaning for the day.


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