by ColdCorvid

Tags: #horror #no_sex #scifi

A glimpse into the beginning of Her disappearance from the view of a survivor intent on saving the lost.

A short disclaimer I will attempt to include in all my works whether they be entirely fictitious or loosely based on my own personal experiences or emotions. All these works spill forth from a place in my subconscious that I not only do not fully understand nor feel that I’m entirely connected with. Should there be any notes or tones that might be controversial or barely legible to most I would like to apologize in advance as I attempt to understand this part of me through my writing. Also grammar hard, autocorrect save me.

-One mightily distressed Corvid


The howling the howling the howling it grows louder with every night and day. We can hear the number of souls being taken by that thing, somehow slipping through cracks in the walls or simply emerging from any piece of technology that had a connection to the internet before Her disappearance. Hell, sometimes even manifesting through internal components of drones still struggling to pick up the pieces. That sort of apparition was particularly horrific as it took whoever or whatever it emerged from. It was everywhere at once and at the same time the howling continued to grow to a deafening droning hum that blocked out everything else. Even I struggle to write this several miles from the center of the city, thats where the worst of it happened. Screens. Even holographic ones have become our greatest enemy and its easiest form of travel. Into homes, onto streets, straight into ones head. It always came out of nowhere. No one ever saw it coming. Those who were taken least of all. Those that we will miss.

We continue to survive. Most of the time traveling beneath the streets, the sewers mostly our new home. Hidden from the technology we’d become so familiar with only to see it be turned to a source for madness. For that thing to inflict fear and to take souls. Should we have to take to the surface we do our best to avoid downtown. Breaking any monitors we see along the way. Hoping it doesn’t find us.

We continue to journey away from the epicenter. Our heads continue to grow clearer. We will survive. We have to. We have to find out what happened to Her. Hopefully we can bring Her back to restore those we’ve already lost. If that’s at all possible.

Day 132


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