by ColdCorvid

Tags: #cw:noncon #drones #horror #nb/nb #scifi

Some sort of checkup on you. You still don’t know where you are, why you are there, or what’s going on. All you can gleam is that there’s something else going on out there. And maybe in you.

You feel your heart caught in your throat as you suddenly regain consciousness amongst scrawlings along the wall. Expecting to hear the crackling of the intercom overhead once again but instead met with a deafening silence.

Despite the padded walls you can tell someone is near. You don't know how but you can feel their presence as you've always been able to. Somehow perceiving movements through walls, the sound of boots striking an unseen walkway around your enclosure. The vibrations of a beating heart.

But this time was different. There was no announcement, no formal praise or heart stopping words to send you into another unconscious frenzy of splattering your own blood, ink, oil, whatever onto the walls in unknown patterns and nonsensical equations.

This time there was nothing but the sound of a hiss. A hermetic seal popping open, gears turning as the seamless wall behind you slowly began to open.

Before your conscious brain can question how you'd never noticed the seams of a doorway before or why exactly they were entering your confinement you found your body reflexively lunging towards the opening with the usual inhuman force accompanied with little to no regard of bodily harm.

Click. SNAP.

With a seemingly instant response you've finally been greeted by the entity hidden behind the slowly opening door panel. With the same, if not faster reaction time they'd extended a sort of polearm with a claw affixed to the end to effortlessly catch you midair. The claw clasping shut around your neck leaving you dangling about a foot off the ground. Barely able to see the top half of a veiled figure, a pitch black reflective material wrapped around an irregularly shaped mask of sorts adorned with a reflective black visor. It was hard to tell if they were even human.

Although, as they lowered you closer to the ground their body was mostly humanoid in shape albeit one of grandiose stature, towering over you by a few feet even as you felt your feet touching the soft, padded ground once more. That and their strange, reflective black skin that seemed to wrap round their form as if they'd been dipped into a vat of the rubbery material and granted a second skin to protect them from you. But for all you knew this could be their base form.


In the coming moment you'd never found yourself more grateful for the padded floor as the strange being with pitch black skin said nor commanded anything of you. Instead lifting you a few inches off of the ground once Again before turning your entire body through use of the pole alone and slamming you down onto your back. Your body sinking down into the pillows beneath you as they let go of the mancatcher attached at your neck, finally allowing you to realize the impossible weight of the tool now solely pining you to the ground as the colossal entity straddled you in your prone state.

You couldn't help but to feel a flash of memory before it was quickly suppressed. A momentary vision of an animal you'd done this to many times before the now. Before they'd taken that from you. Treating you as some sort of cattle, your mind absent as a pair of weighted cuffs Was placed upon your ankles locking them together and weighing them down much like the mancatcher at your neck. The colossal entity taking your hands and placing them slightly away from your sides before kneeling down onto them. Apparently having finished its preparation for what, you did not know.

Though this brief intermission did give you some time to examine their backside. Looking up at some sort of strange backpack of sorts that seemed to be attached to their skin. Adorned with lights, canisters filled with unknown substances and strange markings, you can almost feel your subconscious translating them using that same foreign language that you knew but didn't know. Trying to understand what the strange words meant before your attention is suddenly brought back to the point of this intrusion.

Your entire body tenses up, every muscle fiber attempting throw the unknown leviathan off of your form as your sense of bodily harm violently returns as you feel a pinprick directly into the center of your chest.

For some unknown reason you feel an incredible urge to protect the innards of your chest cavity. However, this effort to resist is met with an audible huff through some sort of respirator followed by retaliation. Whether Due to annoyance or anger the beasts punch at your waistline broke your hip into pieces and cracked several spinal vertebrae. A new sensation for you as you'd yet to break one before now.

After adjusting itself the void clad entity uses one of its hands to hold your chest down while you try to resist its second intrusion. Another thin needle that pierces the skin, forcing its way down into your chest. You could feel it's progress. You could feel yourself panicking, it had been so long since fear had entered your mind. This emotion was almost alien as you felt your breath accelerating, hyperventilating as you feel something pierce your heart. A stabbing pain following by almost instantaneous numbness followed by everything else as your body falls completely limp.

Every fiber of your being screaming to move without response as the hulking form lifts from your motionless form. Collecting the restraints from your body, removing the mancatcher from your neck and lifting it over its shoulder with ease. Pausing to look down on you, reflective visor hiding is thoughts with impunity as it reaching down with a free hand. Reaching out to grasp your head from beneath the chin. Tilting your head from side to side, searching for something before finally you hear another huff emanating from the otherwise silent being towering over you. Letting your head fall back into the pillows floor beneath you as it lumbers away.

You're barely able to catch a glimpse of it as the doorway begins to seal behind it. Noticing a third arm that'd not been there before, body suddenly exploding upward in a sudden tensing of muscles as the doorway hisses shut. Breath returning, head spinning, looking down and feeling your chest for an incision that wasn't there. Left on the ground, crawling about for the next couple of days as your bones healed, wondering if you'd imagined the incision to begin with.


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