A Stage of Sins

Chapter 1

by Chaos

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Las Vegas...

Also known as Sin City. I was visiting for a research conference, though I didn't expect to be taking part in any sinning. I'd see a show or two, do my presentation at the conference, and watch a few colleagues present. It seemed simple enough.

Friday night I caught a Cirque du Soleil show. Saturday I presented my research. Saturday night, I went to see a hypnosis show.

I'd heard they were pretty funny. They pull some people up on stage, make them do some silly things, then send them back down to their seats. Only problem is, I never expected to get picked.

When the hypnotist pointed at me, my friends pushed me out of my seat. I felt the pressure to get up on stage. I was pretty nervous, I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. There were about 15 other people that got called up on stage. The hypnotist had us all sit down on some seats on stage. My memory gets... fuzzy from here.


I'm Linda, the Great Mesmer's assistant, though I am a skilled hypnotist myself. Mesmer and I had been working on a new routine to try out. Something exciting and new. Tonight was going to be our first time presenting it. I was excited. Mesmer began the induction, and pretty soon most of the subjects had gone under. One subject in particular looked like they went extra deep. He looked like he was going to be our trial subject for this new routine. I quietly walked behind him, to signal to Mesmer that he should be our subject. "What's your name?" the hypnotist asked. "Alex," the subject responded calmly. "Well Alex, in a moment, I'm going to snap my fingers, and your eyes are going to open, and you'll follow Linda backstage. You'll follow her and listen to her words. Do you understand?" Alex nodded slowly. 


Alex stood up and just slowly followed me, eyes not really focused on anything. He was barely walking. He was the perfect subject.

"Don't worry folks, Alex will be back later in the show. And just so you know there's no..."

Mesmer's words went silent as we went to the soundproofed backstage, but I knew what was going on. Alex's friends would be asked to confirm that Alex wasn't a plant. I kept Alex entranced, coaxing him further and further backstage until I got him to my dressing room. I sat him down and deepened his trance. At this point he'd blissfully do just about anything I said.

"Those clothes don't feel right. They feel so itchy. You want to take them off," I said, and Alex's clothes quickly fell to the floor.

"Just relax," I said, as I looked him over. He wasn't particularly hairy, and his face was completely smooth. Perfect.

"Good, feeling so good to just follow my words, follow my suggestions," I said, keeping him in the deepest possible trance. He remained so blank and obedient, even as he was completely naked.

"Feeling so nice, so good. Feeling so relaxed, so limp, loose, and heavy."

I grabbed a black pair of panties and slid them up his legs, whispering to him gently as I pulled them up to his waist.

"It feels so good to wear these, doesn't it? They make you feel so relaxed, so limp, loose, and heavy. Feeling so good to obey and to just let me dress you."

He sighed gently. I rolled a pair of thick, dark tights up his legs, gently rubbing his legs through the tights. 

"Feeling so good to be dressed like this. Feeling so good to keep following my words. Close your eyes and focus on my words."

Next I slipped his right arms through the strap of a bra, and I rubbed some medical adhesive onto his chest.

"Just keep drifting to my words. Now, I want you to picture yourself in your mind. Picture yourself, floating on a pink cloud. Now, in your mind's eye, see yourself, growing two breasts on your chest. Feel them begin to grow, and feel how good it is to let them grow."

At this moment, I pushed two C-cup breast forms up against the chest, holding them up to the medical adhesive. I held them in place as the glue began to seal, whispering to him the whole time.

"It feels good to feel those breasts become a part of you. it feels so good to obey and listen to my words. To let this transformation happen. feel that new weight on your chest," I said, slipping his arm into the other bra strap, and tucking his new boobs into the bra.

"You're turning into a girl, and it's becoming your reality. Feel your new breasts," I whispered, gently picking up his arms and pushing his hands up to the breast forms. "And let that sink you deeper into trance. Deeper, deeper, and deeper still. Down deep into trance as my words become your reality. You're a girl. You are a girl."

She nodded gently. "Say it. Say I am a girl."

"I... am... a girl."

"And as your arms fall away from your breasts, you'll go even deeper down into trance. One hundred times deeper than ever before." With a slight tug, her arms came loose and went limp down to her sides, and she sunk even further down into trance.

"Good, feeling so good, just floating on a pink cloud of femininity Alexa. Feeling so good to just follow my words and embrace yourself as Alexa. A cute fun loving girl, here to have fun in Vegas. Such a good girl Alexa," I cooed, as I slipped a tight black dress onto Alexa. It even had a little cleavage window to show off her new breasts.

"Now, imagine yourself on that pink cloud, drifting. Your hair is growing out. Feel it start to tickle your neck..."

I started to lower a wig onto her head, gently brushing her neck.

"Growing longer and longer, until it's down to the middle of your back," I said, bobby pinning the wig into place. I gently brushed the hair out of her eyes, making sure everything looked good. She looked great, just needed some makeup and she'd be good to get back on stage.

I started brushing on foundation and concealer as I whispered to her, finishing the deepening of the hypnotic trance. "Alexa, it feels so good to listen and obey. You've done so good so far, and that makes you feel so good. So relaxed, so limp, loose and heavy. You know that you're name is Alexa, and you know that you've always been a girl." I was finishing applying some eye shadow now, almost time to get back on stage."When you're back on stage, you'll respond to me and Mesmer. You'll still be deep in trance Alexa. Do you understand?"

Alexa gently nodded her pretty little head.

"Good girl Alexa." I slipped a pair of low heels onto Alexa's feet and buckled the straps. Easy enough to walk in, but very, very feminine shoes. "Feeling sooooo gooood to just follow me now."

I gently pulled her onto her feet and led her back onto stage. At this point, the other volunteers had done a few goofy things, but now the show was going to really get started.

I led Alexa back into her seat, "Sleeeeep Alexa." I said as she crumpled into her chair. The audience gasped, then applauded wildly. Alexa's friends looked at each other, eyes wide with shock.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here," Mesmer asked. "This is Alexa, though some of you might be familiar with her as Alex," I responded.

I waved at Alex's friends. "This is your friend right?" I called out to them. They nodded, one squeaked out a yes. "What do you think? Pretty cute, huh?"

The audience howled with laughter as Alexa's friends all turned bright red. Everyone knew that this was real. Alexa was deeply hypnotized.

Still, a few demonstrations always help.

"Now, let's ask the new member of our group here a couple of questions..." said Mesmer. Mesmer reached over and put a hand on Alexa's shoulder. "Just the person who I am touching right now, on the count of three, you are going to wake up. 1... 2... 3!"

Alexa's eyes fluttered open. Mesmer leaned down with the mic. "Hi there, what's your name?"

"Alexa," she replied, stretching a little bit. 

"All right Alexa, and are you from Las Vegas?"

"No, I'm visiting for a conference." she said. 

"And Alexa, how long have you been a girl?"

"Uh... I've always been a girl?" she said, looking absolutely confused. The audience laughed.

"Why are you all laughing?" Alexa was starting to get out of her chair. "What's so funny?!?"

"Alexa... SLEEP" Mesmer snapped, and Alexa slumped back into the chair, eyes rolling up into her head.

At this point I quickly ran backstage to get the next set of props. Mesmer would continue to give the volunteers suggestions while I set up for our next big piece.

I wheeled out a platform with a large base and a tall pole sticking out from the center. As I brought this on stage, there were a few laughs from the audience members who could tell what was coming next. 

I pushed a button on the base of the platform and the platform secured itself to the stage, and quickly queued up a song on the speakers.

Mesmer leaned down and put a hand on Alexa's shoulder. 

"Now, when I snap my fingers, the person I'm touching, and only the person I'm touching is going to become a stripper, but only when you hear the music. It's your turn to perform at the club, and the louder people cheer for you, the more you'll want to dance and perform. You'll dance, you'll tease, you'll show off, but you're not taking off your clothes this early in your set. You'll only do this when you hear the music. When the music stops, you'll go back to normal and you won't know what you're doing. Now, Alexa, 1, 2, 3" and Mesmer snapped.

With that snap, I pressed play and "Toxic" by Britney Spears came on. Alexa gracefully got up from her chair and blew a kiss at the audience. With the audience cheering she strutted to the pole, clearly playing her part.

Alexa put her hand on the pole, winking as she flipped her hair. The audience went wild, as she ground her hips against the pole. Suddenly, the music stopped, and Alexa was standing there with her legs wrapped around the pole. 

"What are you doing Alexa?" Mesmer asked.

She turned bright red. "Uh.. I..." and suddenly the music was back on, and she started grinding against the pole like she hadn't been interrupted. The crowd cheered her on, and her dancing got more intense the louder they got. This time Mesmer let the music go for an entire minute. Alexa even began twerking, ass pushed way out to show the audience her moves.

The music stopped and Alexa's hips quickly stopped as well. 

"Alexa what are you doing?" Instantly she was bright red, and standing perfectly straight, her hands quickly going behind her back. "Alexa sit down, you're embarrassing yourself."

She moved as quickly as she could in her heels, the audience laughing and cheering with each step. As she sat down, beet red, Mesmer turned to her and with a snap, Alexa was back in trance, slumped in her chair.

"Now wasn't that fun? She's really quite good. I bet she could have a career here in Vegas."

She really was quite cute, and as Mesmer had more of our volunteers pole dancing, it was clear that none would be able to beat Alexa. The audience loved her and they wanted to see more. And to be completely honest, so did I.

Mesmer ran through a few more hypnotic tricks, from making girls forget their names unless they were squeezing their boobs to making everyone smell something awful with a trigger sound. Nothing as spectacular as what we had planned for our last act.

Now we were coming towards the end of the show and we had one last challenge for Alexa. Mesmer stood behind Alexa and turned to the audience. "Now, it seems like transformation has been a popular theme tonight. We're going to do one last transformation, what do you all think." Once again, the room was filled with cheers.I moved closer to Alexa, to help with this next act.

With a gentle hand on her shoulder, Mesmer began to talk to Alexa's subconscious. "Alexa, I want you to feel a warm, tingle all over your body. Feel this gentle warmth covering you now. This gentle warmth is going to transform your mind and body, and it feels so good to let it happen. You're turning into a sex doll Alexa. Feel your skin turn into that of a blow up sex doll. Feel your legs spread, just like a sex doll's." Alexa's legs started to gently separate. "That's because you are a sex doll. Feel your fingers, fuse together, your arms bent at the elbow, just like a sex doll." Alexa, once again, naturally fell into her sex doll pose. "Very good Alexa. A good sex doll. Feel your mouth turn into an O, fixed open." Her mouth opened up, dropping into the cutest O. "It feels so natural to be a good doll. It fills you with deep relaxation. Dolls don't move, dolls don't think, dolls just relax, and make people happy by existing. You let people move and pose you, it's so natural to relax and just be a doll."

Mesmer nodded to me, and I put my hands on Alexa's ankles. Mesmer grabbed her shoulders and we moved her further forward onto the stage, closer to the audience, and we gently lowered her to the ground. She remained in her sex doll pose, mouth open, arms bent, legs spread wide.

"Just a good dolly Alexa, here to give others pleasure, feeling so good to not think, to just be a good doll"

Mesmer stood up and walked over to the other seated volunteers, while I stayed with Alexa, reinforcing the doll transformation. As Mesmer talked to a particularly pretty female volunteer and convinced her that she was a naked, horny man looking to enjoy his fuck doll, I made sure Alexa's mind would be comfortable with what's to come. "Alexa, being a doll brings you so much relaxation and happiness. And as you become more relaxed, you become more of a doll, unable to move, unable to think. And as you become more of a doll, you become more relaxed. Being relaxed makes you a good doll, and being a good doll makes you relaxed. It makes you relaxed and feel good when people use you and touch you. It makes it harder to move, makes you even more of a doll."

As Alexa completely accepted her role, Mesmer was finished with the girl. She got up and walked over to Alexa, kneeling down between her legs. The audience started to cheer as the girl began to thrust her hips, holding firmly onto Alexa. With each thrust, Alexa's boobs would bounce, but she held her position. She was a blank sex doll, being used for a rough fuck. 

Mesmer called out to the girl using Alexa. "Feel your pleasure building with each thrust. Feel that orgasm building. Cumming in 5..."

Her pace picked up, and Alexa still had that blank O plastered on her face. 

"Pleasure building even further... 4... Riding that edge... 3..."

The girl was thrusting her hips with reckless abandon, her eyes squinted shut just like a guy on the verge of an orgasm.

"2... Getting so close... And 1! Orgasm now!"

The girl thrust her hips one last time before screaming and shaking, and the collapsing on top of Alexa.I helped the girl up and moved her back to her seat and with a simple snap, she was back under trance.

Mesmer stood over Alexa, who still had a blissful, blank look on her face. "Now Alexa, this feeling of being a good doll, you're going to come back to this state whenever you hear the words, 'Sex Doll Time.' You'll instantly become the doll again, taking the pose, and becoming blank and ready to please others. You'll become this doll again with 'Sex Doll Time,' but it'll be 10 times stronger. And now Alexa, feeling able to move, coming back to normal, no longer being the doll. Feel yourself returning to normal and waking up on the count of 3. 1... 2... 3."

Mesmer snapped, and Alexa stretched. 

"Everyone, give it up for our volunteer Alexa."

The audience cheered once again. Alexa looked a little confused and pointed at her seat, clearly wondering if she could go sit down.

"Oh, Alexa, wait, before you sit down... Sex Doll Time!"

Alexa's mouth formed that O, her legs started to spread and I helped lower her to the ground as she stopped being able to stand on her own.

The audience laughed as Mesmer said, "Did you think she was done? She still has to help get all of the other volunteers off!" A few really raunchy members of the audience let out a few whistles at this.

Mesmer began talking to the volunteers, letting them know they were auditioning for a porno by practicing on a sex doll. "You really need to get this job, so you're going to show off how good you are. Now, you don't want to hurt the equipment, but you do want to get the money shot. With each thrust or sexual act for the director, your own pleasure is going to build and build. The sexier you act, the more turned on you become, and the closer you get to cumming. Nod if you understand."  

They all sleepily nodded their heads.

"Great, then on the count of 3, audition time. 1... 2... 3!"

I pressed play on my remote, and cheesy porno music came on over the speakers. Mesmer pointed to one of the male volunteers and he came over to Alexa. He took his place between her legs, thrusting and grinding his hips into hers.

"Feel that pleasure building, doubling, tripling!" Mesmer snapped with each suggestion. It was only 30 seconds before Mesmer called out, "Orgasm now" and the man groaned in pleasure and went back to his seat.

Next up a girl leapt out of her seat and ran over to Alexa. Alexa still had that blank O on her face as the new girl pushed her face between Alexa's legs and started to work her tongue on Alexa's thighs. Pretty quickly the girls moans became audible, and one of her hands snaked between her legs. With a little encouragement from Mesmer, she too was screaming ecstasy as she came. Alexa was still as blank and doll-like as ever.

Two guys both stood up at the same time and looked at each other awkwardly, before Mesmer cut in "Just take different ends. Come on, we want to see you both do it." One of the guys flipped Alexa over onto her hands and knees, and took hold of her hips. The other placed his hands on her shoulders, and they started to spit roast her. They picked up a rhythm, one thrusting his crotch into her O mouth and the other grinding up against her hips. Her whole body rocked as they thrust in time, but still she kept that same blank stare. Two satisfied groans later, she was left on all fours as the two gentlemen returned to their seats. 

She stayed on her hands and knees, as the rest of the volunteers came up in groups and used her, with me petting her back between users, repeating her trigger and encouraging her to be a good doll. Finally, the last volunteer had a mind-blowing orgasm while grinding her hips against Alexa's and got back to her seat. 

"Sleep!" Mesmer said as I cut the music. The other volunteers all fell asleep while Alexa held her position, drool coming down her face from her mouth having been stuck in an O for so long. 

Mesmer smiled. "Don't worry, we didn't forget our special volunteer."

"Alexa, I'm going to count to 10, and with each number you're going to feel 10 times as much pleasure as before. When I reach 10, you're going to stop being a doll and feel the pleasure of all of those orgasms you just gave those people all at once. You'll have the most incredible orgasm of your life, as if you've cum 15 times at once!"

"1... Feel all of that pleasure building inside of you now, all of it welling up inside your doll body"

I watched Alexa closely. Drool was still dripping from her mouth, and I could see her shudder a little. The audience couldn't see it, but from my spot on stage, I could see she was rock hard in her tights.

"2... 10 times more intense now, filling your body with electric pleasure. Feel it starting in your toes, and rolling up your legs into the rest of your body"

Alexa stared blankly ahead. She was starting to get completely lost in the pleasure.

"3... A hundred times stronger now, focusing on how good you feel, on how the pleasure builds deep inside of you.

I tried not to blush, thinking about how she must be feeling right now. Up on the stage in front of all these people, dressed the way she was, posed the way she was...

"4... A thousand times stronger now my doll!" A moan escaped Alexa's drooling mouth.

"5... Ten thousand times stronger. 15 orgasms building inside of you all at once! You're getting so much closer now." 

Mesmer and I both noticed it at the same time. She was subconsciously rocking her hips back and forth from the pleasure.

"6... A hundred thousand times stronger now, feeling like when you were getting spit roasted. The building orgasms starting to shake your body."

Instantly the intensity of her rocking increased, and she moved her whole body as if being fucked by two invisible lovers.

"7... A million times stronger now, you're feeling the pleasure hit the edge, covering up all of your senses. You can only focus on how good you feel as you get fucked harder"

Alexa moaned so hard as her invisible lovers picked up the pace.

"8... Ten million times stronger now. You're on the edge of 15 orgasms at once."

Alexa looked like she was about to scream, the pleasure was so intense. Her hair was a mess, and her bottom half of her face was covered in her drool. And yet the blank, blissful look on her face told everyone how much she loved by a hypnotized fuck doll.

"9... A hundred million times stronger. The pleasure pouring over and..."

"10! Orgasm now! Cumming 15 times at once!"

Alexa screamed and fell forward, her whole body convulsing in ecstasy. The audience cheered and whistled at her as her eyes rolled up. She couldn't see or hear anyone else at the moment, she was lost on cloud nine.

After a good 20 seconds of satisfied screaming, Alexa finally began to come down. 

"The female orgasm, everyone," Mesmer joked. I walked over to Alexa, and helped pull her to her feet. She was shaking, but the smile on her face showed that everything we put her through had been worth it.

I helped Alexa to her seat and with a snap of my fingers, she was down into trance for one last time.

"Well folks, this has been our show. Thank you all for coming, and a big round of applause to our volunteers for cumming up here all over Alexa."

I sighed. Mesmer was as cheesy as ever.

Mesmer nodded to me, and I placed a hand on Alexa's shoulder, gently rubbing it. 

"To my volunteers, in a minute, I'm going to wake you up. You're going to feel like you just woke up out of a long nap, feeling refreshed and energized. Tomorrow when you wake up, you'll remember everything that you did tonight and you'll laugh. Memories from tonight will make you smile. All of the triggers I've used will be wiped from your mind, you'll be completely awake."

Mesmer walked behind Alexa, and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Now, if I'm not touching your shoulder, you're going to wake up on the count of 3. If I'm touching your shoulder, you'll stay deeply asleep. Now, 1... 2...3... wide awake!"

The audience cheered for the volunteers as everyone but Alexa left the stage. Alexa was still up on stage, exhausted but content in trance. I started to brush her hair a little, trying to get her to look a little more presentable before she went back out into the world.

"Now, Alexa, in a moment, I'm going to wake you up. For the rest of the night, you'll be Alexa. You'll have fun as a girl, and enjoy the experience. Tomorrow morning you'll wake back up as Alex, but for the rest of the night, you'll be Alexa. You'll have always been a girl, and if anyone questions that, you'll ignore it. You're here to have fun tonight and enjoy being a beautiful women. Now, Alexa, it's time to wake up on the count of 3..."


I woke up on a chair on stage, looking out at the audience. It was just me, and the hypnotist and the assistant. 

"Everyone, please give a big round of applause for the lovely Alexa!"

I've never received a standing ovation before. Apparently I must have done something amazing, but I wasn't sure what. I just wanted to get back to my seat before I embarrassed myself further. I gave a nervous bow and started to head down to my seat.

"Thank you everyone! You've been a lovely audience!" said Mesmer as the curtains closed and the house lights came on.

I quickly ran to my friends. "What did I even do up there?"

My friends looked at each other, "A lot. You did a lot up there." 

"Guys, come on, I need to know-" 

"Excuse me, Alexa?" came a soft voice from behind me. I turned around to see the hypnotist's assistant holding a large bag.

"I'm Linda. These are some of your things. I just wanted to make sure they got back to you. You mostly need these," she said, as she handed me my phone and wallet.

"Oh thank you! Say, are you going to tell me what I did up there?"

She paused for a second. "I could, actually, if you want to grab coffee?" She looked a little nervous. I turned to my friends, and they were aggressively shaking their heads yes. 

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Great, I just need to change into something more normal" She gestured at her stage outfit. "Meet you by the doors in 10 minutes?"

I nodded. 

"Great! Then it's a date!" She smiled as she headed off backstage. I stood there shocked, as my friends clapped me on the back.

"Dude, you haven't had a date in years! This is awesome!"

"... what the hell did I even do up there?"

"We can't tell you now! Linda's supposed to tell you. We're going to head out, go hit up a club. Have fun, and text us if you need anything."

My friends walked off, leaving me standing by the doors, nervous as hell. What did I get myself into?

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