Self Fulfilled Prophecy

by Changer

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female

The psychic, Lyra, foresaw the discovery of an ancient magical artifact that can enslave anyone who sees it. She sets off with the royal magician Irene, and the knight Francis to avert the prophecy…

Self Fulfilled Prophecy

It was the fifth day of their expedition. A week ago, Lyra had a prophetic dream about a powerful artifact. A dangerous artifact. An artifact that could rob even the most powerful mind of it’s will, and leave it helplessly enthralled.

This wasn’t the first prophetic dream Lyra has ever had. The young psychic would often be blessed with visions of the future, averting disaster time and again. It was little wonder the princess took her vision seriously and put together a team to investigate in only a couple days.

There were three of them on this expedition. An unusually small party, but necessarily so. There was Lyra, of course. She insisted that she come along in case any new visions came to her. The royal magician, Irene also came along. It would be too dangerous to carry the unsealed artifact back to the castle, so she needed to seal it’s power on location.

Finally, there was Francis. He was a relatively inexperienced knight, probably the least qualified to be here. He couldn’t even consider himself a bodyguard, as Irene would be more than capable of destroying any threat to the party in an instant. His only real job was to take a turn on watch overnight.

Lyra understandably could not take a watch shift herself, and Irene wouldn’t be able to keep them safe if she never had a chance to sleep herself. Lyra had picked him out to accompany them almost seemingly at random. He wasn’t even told what the mission was, for the sake of secrecy, until the second night of the expedition.

That night, Francis had second shift. He didn’t sleep well, as he could hear Lyra’s voice in the tent next to him, crying out in terror and the sound of her voice melting into a whimpering pleading before falling silent. Apparently, this often happened when she had a dream of doom to come. It seemed like he had only just barely made it to sleep before Irene shook him awake for his shift.

He had settled down next to the campfire, keeping his back to the flames to keep his eyes sharp as he watched the horizon. He trained his eyes on the distance, and scanned the area carefully for a few minutes. When he turned to change his position, he saw her standing there, and it almost shocked him off his feet.

Lyra stood between him and the campfire, the light radiating behind her form, giving her an almost ghostly appearance. The light from the fire made her night gown seem transparent, showing the silhouette of her naked form beneath, and her long white hair almost seemed to glow. Though most of her features were obscured in shadow, the bags under her eyes and their glazed vacant look hinted at just how poorly she had slept.

She told him everything that night. Her first dream, that a mysterious figure had unearthed the artifact. He hadn’t gotten a good look at it at the time, but saw the location where it would be found. She saw him raising an army of loyal, mindless worshipers and he had even taken the throne. She saw the princess kneeling before him, submitting herself to be used however she wished.

This was the prophecy they set out to avert, and they had already succeeded. Whoever this mysterious figure was would not find the ruins before they reached their destination. She had a new dream, however.

In this new dream, the three of them had gone into the ruins together. They had found the mechanism to reveal the artifact, a slot opened in the wall directly in front of Lyra’s face, catching her eyes and shattering her will before she could so much as let out a whimper in protest. Francis caught her as she fell, and Irene closed her eyes, rushing over blindly to render aid as the dream faded away.

That was the prophecy they now needed to avert. This time, Lyra would remain in camp by herself. Francis and Irene would go together into the ruin to find the artifact. With Lyra’s description of the device they could ensure Irene was not in danger by ensuring that she worked the mechanism that would reveal the artifact while Francis would hold a cloth against the spot on the wall where the artifact would appear.

The two of them had entered the room, and he began to count the bricks tiling the wall. 18 bricks along was the one which would slide out to reveal the artifact. He took his cloth and held it against the wall. It would be one of the bricks near eye level, so he held the cloth against the wall in a position that would cover as many of those bricks as he could manage.

“I’m ready” he said over his shoulder, leaning against the wall with both hands to hold the cloth in place.

“Good.” Irene replied quickly. “I will be closing my eyes before I turn towards you, so do not get any funny ideas about using the artifact once it’s open.”

Irene wasn’t happy about him being included in the plan, or how much Lyra had told him while she slept. Still, what had been done was done. She worked the mechanism on the wall, slowly rotating it as she channeled her magic into the device.

Only she or Lyra would have been able to do this, as Francis had no magic of his own. If not for that, she would have simply used the cloth Francis was holding as a blindfold. She felt the device reach full rotation and stop, then she pushed with her magic to slide the mechanism into the wall.

She heard a soft click as it fully depressed and directly in front of her eyes one of the bricks slid open, revealing the artifact to her. She tried to close her eyes as soon as she saw the motion, but it was too late. Her eyes were locked on it, it’s strange shape, the colors radiating around it… She opened and closed her mouth a few times, trying to say something, but the words would not come to her.

Lyra’s predictions had never been so wrong… That was the last thought she managed to have before the pressure on her mind finally broke her. She sank silently to her knees and her mind went dark. She could hardly hear Francis’s voice calling to her, and barely noticed the sensation of being lifted from the floor. He had thrown his cloth over the artifact and carried both it and her out to the camp.

As Francis walked out of the ruins towards the camp, he saw Lyra standing at the edge of the camp. He could tell from her expression that she saw him, but she didn’t seem to react to the fact that he was carrying an unconscious Irene. She gave him a soft smile as he approached her, and gestured towards the nearest tent.

He nodded and gently set Irene down in the tent. He had never seen her this vulnerable. Her face looked soft, framed by short red hair. She had a slender body, and looked so fragile in her current state… As powerful as he knew her to be, it was a little disconcerting.

“You did well” Lyra’s voice spoke softly behind him. “We averted the prophecy.”

Francis turned to look at her. She smiled softly at him, she had her hands folded in front of her body, and she closed her eyes, looking far more content than concerned.

“Your vision was wrong,” Francis said, looking her up and down, trying to understand her body language. “I used the cloth where you told me to, but it wasn’t where you said it would be. Irene saw it!”

“I know.” she replied, her expression unchanging “I lied.”

He paused, unsure how to respond, as she continued to speak.

“In my vision, I was the one who worked the mechanism” She explained “The artifact made me a slave, and Irene sealed it’s power. I needed to avert that outcome, so I told Irene to work the mechanism instead.”

“You tricked her into seeing the artifact so you wouldn’t see it?” he asked, growing indignant. “We could have come up with a plan to avoid anyone seeing it!”

“We could have.” she said gently, tilting her head slightly as she shrugged her shoulders “But then Irene would have sealed the artifact.”


“That was the prophecy I needed to avert.” her expression seemed to become more cheerful “Now that Irene has seen the artifact, it will never be sealed.”

“I thought the whole point of this expedition was to seal the artifact!” Francis objected.

“It was.” Lyra responded, as without warning, her hands gripped her night gown, pulling it over her head before tossing it onto the ground.

“What are you doing?” he stammered, his eyes involuntarily locking onto her body.

“I’m presenting you with a choice.” she said, cupping her hands under each of her breasts. “I am a slave to the Artifact. I have been since I saw it in my dream. Irene will be as well when she awakens.”

“Anyone who witnesses the artifact will suffer this fate, even you.” She said softly, her hands beginning to glide along her body. Her hips swayed as she spoke now, performing a sultry dance for the young knight. “We will not allow the artifact to be sealed away, but we will permit you to be it’s Master. Our Master.”

Francis was dumbfounded, he could hardly believe what he was seeing, and only vaguely soaked in what he was being told.

“There are three ways this will play out.” She said to him, her voice becoming more lewd as she turned away from him to show her ass. “Let me explain them to you.”

“The first, is that you will reject our offer.” she said gently “You will be unable to damage the artifact and when Irene awakens she will use her magic to paralyze you, take the artifact and show it to you. You will become a slave just like us, and you will help us find a true Master for it.”

He wasn’t sure what to say. He was thinking of trying to destroy the artifact, or at least throw it down some pit in the ruins, but Irene would have no problem finding it…

“That prophecy was averted.” Lyra said softly, catching his attention again. “Now that you know it will fail, you won’t try that.”

“I guess I wouldn’t” he replied slowly.

“The second, you would take care of Irene while she recovers from her enslavement.” she explained, turning back around now, stepping closer and pressing her naked body against Francis. “She would awaken and explain to you that she knows how to bind it to a single Master. You would reluctantly accept, and you will order us to behave normally. We would have no choice but to accept, and everything would go back to normal.”

“That sounds like a good solution” Francis said, looking down at the young woman as she looked up at him. From here he not only had a good view of her breasts, but he could see them pressing into he own armor. Against his own body.

“That prophecy… Has also been averted.” She said with a smile, closing her eyes and cuddling against him.

“What do you mean?”

“She means you will make a different choice”

He stiffened, hearing Irene’s normally stern voice in his ear. He then felt her body press up against him, her arms wrapped around him as she pressed her face next to his.

“Tell him about the final outcome, Lyra.” she said softly.

Francis felt almost paralyzed. He could overpower the two of them easily, but something within him seemed reluctant to escape being pressed between two naked women.

“The final possibility…” Lyra repeated, her voice remaining soft. “I use my naked body to distract you from paying attention to Irene. She will overhear the second outcome and agree with me that wouldn’t satisfy us.”

“It wouldn’t.” Irene whispered into his ear “You do want to satisfy us, don’t you?”

A shiver went down his body as he felt Irene nibble gently at his ear as she finished speaking.

“So, we have your first ever threesome.” Lyra continued “We will make love in every conceivable way over the next few hours. Whenever you get exhausted, Irene will rejuvenate you with her magic and we will continue.”

“I will pleasure you with everything I have” Irene whispered into his ear, “I will do everything in my power to make sure you enjoy yourself to your fullest.”

“We will use our mouths, our breasts, our pussies, even our asses.” Lyra resumed “Whatever sexual pleasures you have, we will fulfill.”

“And by the time we’re done with you?” Irene added, confidence brimming in her voice now “It will simply be impossible for you to resist using the Artifact as it was meant to be used.”

“You will take us both back home” Lyra said “We will travel by day, and make love by night. When we finally get back to the castle, you will present the artifact to the princess and she will make you our king.”

He could hardly form any words now. The two women had already begun to take his armor apart, stripping him down as they spoke. Yet, he found himself unable to resist…

“Now…” Lyra said, rising up to look him in the eyes “Shall we fulfill a prophecy?”

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