by Changer

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Jasmine’s best friend is absolutely hopeless when it comes to girls. Fortunately for her, she discovers a magical book of pickup lines to help give him a leg up. Unfortunately for her… Its more effective than she could have imagined…


Jasmine put her hands over hear face as her friend approached her. The second hand embarrassment of watching him attempt to introduce himself to a girl was unbearable. This was the curse of adopting an introvert…

“I… Think I did better that time.” he said as he sat down across from her. “I managed to say hello.”

“You didn’t tell her your name, or get her name.” She replied “And getting her number is right out. How can you be this bad at this?”

“I just don’t like to bother people” he replied, “and she seemed busy so…”

“You could at least include an ice breaker.”

“I’m not great with pickup lines.”

She shook her head, still holding it in her hands. “How would you know?! We haven’t even gotten that far yet.”

“They just feel… Phony…” He replied

“Of course they’re phony!” She exclaimed, leaning back in her seat and looking up at the ceiling. “They’re supposed to be corny, dumb, and simple. It’s just… Just do what I tell you to! Stop questioning every part of it and try it!”

“You told me to say hello, and I did!” He said defensively.

“Yeah. Great job.” She said sarcastically. She had known him for years, since middle school. In all that time, he hadn’t made a single friend who didn’t come to him first. It wasn’t like he was a bad friend, or bad looking… But he was far too shy for his own good.

They had ended up going to the same local college, but after that… He would be on his own. They would still talk online, of course, but she could only push him out of his comfort zone in person. If she didn’t get him to grow some confidence and get a girlfriend before they were done with college, he’d never do it.

Unfortunately, if she kept pushing him too hard, he would get discouraged… She had to come up with a better plan.

The day passed slowly. She had four classes scheduled that day, and by the time she was walking home from the college, her pet project had entirely slipped her mind. That was, until she saw a new store along her usual route home. It was small, almost as though it was snugly packed into the space where there would be an ally way between the larger buildings to each side of it.

The sign said “Valentines” with a heart behind the V, and there were various books on display in the window. If they were hoping to get in on the Valentines day crowd, they opened a few months early for that.

Still… Now that she saw it, her friend’s difficulties came back into the forefront of her mind. Perhaps she could take a look at some of those books… If she could give him some homework to read it would spare her from having to teach him everything herself.

She stopped at the door, and slowly stepped inside. It was a dimly lit place, illuminated mainly by decorative candles and she could smell something flowery in the air. Were they scented candles, or was there some perfume?

As she stepped further in, she noticed a woman sitting behind a glass display case near the door. The woman seemed… Confused?

“Oh! W-Welcome!” The woman said, standing up quickly, her expression seeming baffled. “Is… There really something I can help you with?”

“I’m just looking” Jasmine replied without thinking. “I saw you had some books on display and…”

She trailed off as the woman rounded the counter to examine her.

“Your hair is well kept…” The woman mumbled to herself. “You take care of your skin… Not overweight… You’ve got very nice assets…”

“E-Excuse me?” Jasmine asked, folding her arms across her chest defensively as the strange woman invaded her personal space. “You can’t just…”

The woman cut her off. “Oh, I completely forgot to introduce myself! I am sorry, you caught me by surprise.”

“I’m not sure how that…” Jasmine began again before being cut off once more.

“My name is Morgan Love.” the woman said, though the way she said it made Jasmine’s mind tumble, the words were clearly Morgan Love but something in her felt the phrase more than love. Before she could recover Moran continued “And I’m your local love liaison.”

“OK. Great.” Jasmine replied, her patience wearing thin “I just wanted to look at a few books… I don’t need any help…”

“Yes… That is the strange thing…” Morgan said, as softly as if she was speaking to herself. “You don’t seem to need any help at all. So… Why are you here?”

“To look at the books!” Jasmine snapped, “I told you already!”

“Oh, my dear…” Morgan said shaking her head slowly. “Only someone in desperate need of my help can find their way in here.”

“No it was pretty easy.” Jasmine replied, “Just walk right down the main street and here it is.”

“Then tell me, dear… Why are you interested in my books? They are all lessons in romance… In one way or another…” The woman said, waving her hand in the direction of the books.

“Okay… First off that sounds unnecessarily ominous.” Jasmine said, stepping away from the woman looming over her. “And second, I was going to get one for a friend.”

“Oh yes, yes… For a friend, indeed…” Morgan replied, though it didn’t sound like she was convinced. “And this… Friend has terrible luck in her love life?”

She would have corrected the woman on the sex of the friend in question, but the less they had to talk the better… “Yes… She is very shy so I’m looking for a book to help her. I don’t need any… Personal lessons or coaching, or whatever you’re wanting to offer me.”

“Hmm…” Morgan thought for a moment, “Perhaps your… Friend… Just needs a little confidence boost. To realize that her assets are more than enough…”

“I really don’t think you’re listening…” Jasmine said before Morgan cut in again, producing a small pink vial.

“I have this love potion for just such an occasion. One sip and you...’re friend will find it effortless to woo even the most stubborn subject.”

“Ok, first of all.” Jasmine said, her tone growing stern as her irritation grew. “Love potions NEVER work the way you expect. The last thing I need is to give this thing to my friend only to end up getting myself charmed… And also magic isn’t real so why am I even arguing about this!”

“Ooooh” Morgan replied, realization in her tone. “You actually are here for a friend?”

“Yes! An actual friend. Who is actually shy. And could actually use a book. Now can I please just go look at them?” Jasmine said, exasperated.

“Yes… I think you’ll find something useful there…” Morgan said, slowly backing away and slipping behind the display case once more. “You must really care about this friend of yours…”

Jasmine rolled her eyes and turned away to walk to the books on display. There were several books to choose from, some offering love spells… Some bondage tips… It seemed like everything here was either fetishistic or trying to offer literal magic. Finally though, she did find a book titled “Irresistible pickup lines.”

Picking it up, she walked back to the display case where Morgan was waiting for her. “This looks like it might help. How much is it?”

Morgan gave an ominous giggle “Oh, it’s free of charge.” she said “This will be very interesting…”

Jasmine raised an eyebrow at that. “What?”

Morgan gave a friendly smile. “Oh, it’s just so unique to see someone helping someone else here. It makes me feel a bit… Generous.”

“So… Its actually free? Not a joke?” Jasmine asked again, wanting to be sure before she accidentally shoplifted.

“Yes, my dear.” The woman replied. “It’s my store so I can give things away for free from time to time.”

“Oh… Well… Thank you very much then.” Jasmine said, slowly walking towards the exit, nervous if she would be told it was a joke every step of the way there until she found herself back on the street. Quickly, she made her way to her friend’s apartment. She had to deliver her present to him right away.

It wasn’t much of a diversion, they lived in the same apartment complex, though on different sides of it. She approached the door to his apartment, and gave it a few knocks.

“Alex!” She called out, knowing he would never answer if he didn’t know it was someone he knew. “Get out here!”

She listened for the sound of him shuffling around, before the door opened partway, his head sticking out. “Hey… What do you need?” he asked, confused that she would show up so soon after her classes ended.

“I got you something.” She said, holding out the book for him. “I want you to study this.”

He reached out and took the book, not looking at the cover before lowering it down “Okay. I’ll give it a look later.”

“Oh no.” She said, knowing what that meant. He would likely set it on a shelf, go back to whatever he was doing, and forget all about it. “We’re going to do this now.”

She grabbed the door and pulled it the rest of the way open, pushing her way past him and into his apartment. She could hear the sound of a paused game in the background. She felt a brief temptation to check what game he was playing and if she could join him… But she had work to do.

He seemed annoyed at her pushiness, but that was normal. Sometimes, a little tough love was necessary to get him to improve himself. “We’re going to practice some of these pickup lines so you’re ready to use them tomorrow.”

“Right now?” he asked, closing the door. “With you?”

“How else am I going to make sure you actually have some of these memorized for tomorrow?” She replied, “Now open that book, and start reading.”

He opened the book, looking down as he skimmed the introduction text. “I don’t know about this…” he said as he read, turning the page. “It doesn’t seem like it should work.”

Jasmine rolled her eyes. “I told you already. Stop questioning it and just try it!”

“Some of these… Sound pretty bad…” he insisted. “I don’t want to insult you…”

“I KNOW you’re reading from a book.” She replied, scoffing. “I’m not going to hold it against you if any of them are weird okay?”

“You promise?” He asked. “These sound perverted…”

“Yes! I promise!” She exclaimed, “Look, just pick the very first one so I can’t even judge you on which one you picked. Read it and say it to me like you mean it.”

“Okay…” He said, nervously looking down. “It has some instructions I have to follow before I say them…”

“Yeah, yeah, probably just some confidence boosting. Just do whatever the book says to do!”

He nodded and continued reading. After a few moments he looked up from the book at her. “I’m… Going to do one now… Don’t be mad.”

“I’m going to get mad if you don’t hurry up!” She scolded.

He swallowed and changed his stance. Holding the book open in one hand, he pointed his finger towards her, tracing the shape of a heart in the air before pointing directly at her as he spoke. “That shirt looks great on you, but it would look better on the floor.”

Her heart skipped a beat. She had never seen him look that confident before. He almost seemed to glow for a moment… But it must have been her imagination. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she looked at him, stunned at how she felt…

“That…” She said softly, crossing her arms in front of her chest, feeling the smooth silk of her bra against her arms. “That was… A bit perverted… Yeah…” She said, averting her eyes from him.

“Are you okay?!” he asked, sounding alarmed.

“I’m fine!” She insisted. Waving a hand in the air dismissively. “Now read the next one.”

“Wait… I don’t think I should…”

“Just read the next one!” She scolded, glaring at him. His stupid shyness was ruining this for her… He seemed so… He seemed better a moment ago.

“But why did you take off your shirt?!” He protested “I think it-”

She let out an aggravated sigh “I’m trying to help you. I’m just… Playing along. Read the next one.” She said, not really sure when she took her shirt off, but feeling too stubborn to admit it.

“Are you sure-”

“Yes! I’m sure! Just practice the next one!” She said, her tone more harsh than she intended, though it got him looking back into the book.

“Okay… So this next one I need to…” He began, but she cut him off.

“Don’t explain it to me, just show me.”

“Okay…” He said nervously, stepping towards her and reaching out. He put his finger under her chin and pulled it towards himself as he said “Hey… Does my tongue taste funny to you?”

She could feel herself following his finger as it moved towards him. She closed her eyes and slowly pursed her lips in anticipation… But nothing seemed to happen. She opened her eyes to see nothing in front of her. Looking around, she saw him standing off to the side.

“I knew it!” He said “That one was going to make you kiss me!”

She felt a surge of irritation, he wasn’t taking this seriously at all. She turned towards him and grabbed his shoulders. “What? You’re afraid of a kiss now?” she asked incredulously. “Its no big deal, look…”

She then pulled him towards her. He was too timid to resist, though she could feel him squirming in her grip for a moment before her lips met his. At that moment he froze. Letting the kiss happen as she slipped in some tongue and rolled her hands around his shoulders into a hug as she kissed him deeply, passionately…

After several moments, she broke the kiss, grinning with self satisfaction for getting one over on him this time. “You see? It’s not that big a deal.”

He stammered for a few moments, trying to find words. Not that she would let him.

“Now I think that’s enough for tonight.” She said, walking towards his room. “Lets play some games and hang out. What are you playing anyways?”

“Don’t you need your shirt?” he said, nervously.

“Oh right. Yeah, lesson’s over so I guess…” she slowed to a stop, turning around and looking at the shirt laying on the floor, then looking down at herself in only a bra. It barely dawned on her what she was doing, yet she didn’t seem as alarmed as she thought she would be. “Nah, you did good. You earned this.”

She turned around again and continued into his bedroom. There was a game on the television screen she wasn’t familiar with. She sat on the side of the bed and called out from the bedroom “Hey, does this one have multiplayer?”

He walked into the room, still looking in the book. “No but I can get one that…” he trailed off, causing her to look up and see him still reading.

“Oh, we’re done with that now.” She said, trying to pacify him. He could get stuck on things sometimes… “You’re really good at it, I’m sure whatever line you use will have any girl I send you after eating out of your hands.”

He seemed unconvinced. “How do I know you’re not just… Trying to trick me?”

“Trick you? Why?” she felt a bit offended by that “I’ve never pulled any pranks on you, why would I start now?”

“Its just…” He said slowly “Maybe you’re just doing this to make me think it works as a confidence thing. And then when I use any of these I’ll get slapped in front of everyone.”

She sighed and shook her head. “No, you really did good. Yeah, I played along a bit but your performance was… Amazing…” she almost choked on the last word. The memory of him looking confident… Looking… Handsome… Filled her mind as she recalled his first line he tried on her…

“Oh really? Then how about I try another one.” He said, his tone gaining confidence. “Just to make sure you’re not making it all up.”

“What?” Jasmine was confused by this change in attitude. Was he really in that much disbelief that he could deliver such… Flawless… Pickup lines…?

“Here’s one.” he said, “If it works you’ll probably strip.”

She let out a short laugh. “We’re done with the lesson” She said, shaking her head. “I know you’re reading out of a book so-”

He looked her dead in the eyes, waving his hand in a fanning motion. “You look hot in that outfit. But you’d be hotter without it.”

She froze as he spoke. She could feel a fire igniting in her heart. It was pounding rapidly in her chest as she looked at him. He had only just read that line of of a book and yet, she could feel her trembling fingers reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra.

She let the bra fall to the floor, then unbuttoned her jean shorts and slid them and her panties off in one smooth motion. She then sat naked on his bed, staring at him as her mind struggled to comprehend what was even happening.

“I… I guess it works.” He said softly. “Its… Its actual magic…”

“Magic isn’t real.” Jasmine protested, shaking her head. “I just… I’m just rewarding your good work. Now can we play a game already?”

He walked into the room, his face flushed as he looked at her naked body. Carefully, he sat down next to her, picking up his controller and unpausing the game. “I just need to… Find a save point…” he explained, glancing at her breasts then back to the screen.

This continued for a little while, with him playing his game poorly. Clearly distracted by her presence and nudity the entire time. By the time he reached a save point, she had an idea. “Maybe we should play a vs game.” She suggested.

“Why?” he asked, looking at her, then away again almost as soon as he did.

“You seem distracted.” She teased “You’d be annoying to have as in co-op like that, so I’m going to kick your ass in the game until you stop being so weird about this.”

“I’m not being weird!” he protested “You’re naked! How am I supposed to act?”

She let out a sigh and stood up, standing in front of him. “Fine, look at me then. Look as long as you need to not be weird about this.”

“I’m not being weird!” he repeated more firmly. “You’re under a spell, how do you not understand that?”

She rolled her eyes again. “Magic isn’t real. I’m naked because I want to be naked.” she insisted, “Besides, you were the one who wanted me to strip. I only had you practice the first two lines.”

“Magic IS real and I can prove it to you!” He said, grabbing the book again. “Look, we’ll do it this way. Would you ever have sex with me?”

“Not with that attitude.” She replied, rolling her eyes.

“Okay, lets see…” he said, thinking as he flipped pages. “Lets put it this way, before I read a line to you, I want you to agree that we won’t have sex today no matter what.”

“Fine!” She replied, annoyed that he would be so stubborn about this. She knew he was into paranormal stuff but she didn’t think he actually truly believed it was real. “No matter what dumb line you read, I will not have sex with you today. No matter what.”

“And if we have sex, the only reason would be that magic is real.” he concluded.

“Yes!” She exclaimed, exasperated with him now. “If we have sex, the only reason is that you cast a spell on me, oh great wizard!”

He stood up next to her, putting a hand on her breast. She wanted to push him away, but before she could move, he tugged her close with her nipple as he spoke. “I hear women scream their lovers name when they cum. I want to hear you scream mine.”

She could feel her heart pounding. She felt out of breath… She fell onto the bed as her head began to spin. She had never felt this way before, she felt… More aroused than she could ever recall. And by him? Alex turned her on this badly?

She couldn’t understand… She had never thought of him as anything but a friend before now but… She… She NEEDED him. More than anything… Her hands groped at her body as the flames of arousal ate away at her. It wasn’t enough to touch herself… She was hot… So hot… Burning with desire…

She opened her eyes, and saw Alex standing over her. He filled her vision and she could feel her arousal spiraling out of control. She wanted to just grab him and pull him down onto her right then and there, but she promised… She promised they wouldn’t have sex…

“Well…?” he asked, looking down at her as she squirmed on his bed. “Are you ready to admit it?”

“I… I won’t…” She said, squeezing her breast hard as her other hand stroked her pussy. “I’m just… Feeling hot right now. I just need to… T-Take care of this myself…”

“So should I leave you alone then?”

“No!” She pleaded, before she could realize it. “S-Stay! I… I need you… I mean… Its your room… I c-can’t kick you out…”

“Is it really that hard to admit that magic is real?” he asked, looking down at her. “Do you really think this is normal?”

“N-No… It’s just…”

“Just what? Why is it so hard to admit?”

“I just… I-If magic is real then… Then…” She panted hard, her body was burning up, every inch of her desperately needed his touch. “Th-That would mean… I gave you a magic book! I-It would mean this is my fault!”

He reached down, patting her shoulder, causing her to shiver in delight. “Its not your fault. You didn’t know.”

“Y-Yeah!” She exclaimed, looking up at him. “I-Its your fault! You knew it would do this t-to me when you read that stupid pickup line!”

“I was just…” he said, starting to get defensive, but she cut him off.

“Now you need to take responsibility for this! FUCK ME!” She cried out “Fuck me now, stop torturing me and just fuck me!!!”

“M-Maybe there’s a spell in here that can release you from-”

She grabbed his shirt and pulled him down close. He lost his balance and as he fell, one hand landed on the bed, and the other hard on her breast. Normally, that would hurt, yet… It felt like pure hot bliss to her right now.

She looked him harshly in the eye as she spoke. “Don’t fucking undo it, you coward!” she hissed. “If you don’t fuck me, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Fine! Fine!” he said, stumbling back to his feet, the pressure of his hand on her breast sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body before he released her. She watched eagerly, hungrily as he began to undo his pants.

He had barely pulled his pants down before she dove off the bed. She could see his bulge in his underwear and she couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled the front of the underwear down and plunged his cock deep into her mouth.

Her tongue rolled around it, savoring it’s wonderful flavor as a deep satisfying bliss washed over her. She could tell that he was saying something but she couldn’t hear a word of it. Her eyes were closed and she was simply enjoying his cock.

She could feel it hardening further, throbbing as she worked the shaft with her tongue. She pulled back and kissed the tip, before tucking it between her breasts and looking up at her wonderful boyfriend. He looked shocked, but that wasn’t a big deal. She always did have to take the lead on these sorts of things…

She began to rub her breasts up and down his shaft. They were large enough that she could hardly see his cock at all. When she went all the way down it would just barely peak out from between her tits, then it would hide away again as she went up. Again and again, she would dive down onto his cock then back up again. Squeezing her tits hard as she did.

She repeated this several times, anticipating his cum washing over her any moment now, but she felt him push her away at what seemed like the very last moment.

She looked up at him with frustration. “What now?” She asked, annoyed that he wouldn’t just let a good thing happen.

“Not like this.” He replied “I know you. You’ll make up some excuse that a this isn’t actual sex and say that magic still isn’t real.”

Her heart skipped as she listened… Did he mean…

“Now lay on the bed and spread your legs.” He said firmly, his voice sounding so delightfully commanding…

She hopped back onto the bed, spreading her legs quickly as she looked up at him. Finally, at long last he was taking some initiative! He climbed onto the bed himself, sliding his now well lubricated cock into her pussy as she squealed in delight.

He didn’t miss any time, probably because of how close he was to cumming by the time he stopped their tit fuck. He went hard into her pussy, as each thrust made pleasure and satisfaction wash over her like a wave. He held her legs firmly, even as she wanted to squirm, and somehow he became even more attractive in her eyes as she saw how he handled her.

One thrust after another, filling her then pulling out. Again and again the sensations washed over her in a torrent of bliss. Each time, the pleasure was so great she was sure she was having an orgasm, only to have the next one prove her wrong.

Finally though, she felt him cumming inside of her and that was it. Her body shook violently as the pleasure surged through her one last time. Right at the peak, as though she was possessed to say it, she found herself screaming out his name...

The next day, Jasmine walked over to the table Alex was sitting at. She sat next to him, grabbing the sleeve of his shirt and pulling him into a short rough kiss before letting him go.

“What was that for?” Alex asked, confused at her forcefulness.

“I can kiss my boyfriend if I want to.” She said, dismissively. She then reached into her bag and pulled out the book from last night. “Now… I think our next lesson will be on threesomes…”

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