Last Girl Standing

by Changer

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #happy_slaves #mind_control_app #sub:female

After a mysterious mind control sex app took the world by storm, all of Sam’s other female friends ended up enslaved. Its only through relentless diligence that she’s managed to keep her own mind… For now.

Sam was a cautious girl. Excessively so according to most of her friends. Though, most of her friends were now mindless sluts eagerly getting plowed every night. So, she didn't exactly hold their opinions in the highest regard anymore.

A sex app of some sort had exploded in popularity recently. A mind controlling sex app. No one knew how it worked, though it claimed to be designed so that the subject could only be compelled to engage in sexual orders... But it wasn't long before erotic bank robberies became a thing...

A few patches and several lawsuits later, the app was topping the app stores for every kind of phone there was in spite of it's clear content violations. Before long, enough people had used the app... Or had been used by the app that they were able to pass a law preventing it from being criminalized.

Sam had seen the writing on the walls long before then. She had two things to thank for her continued exclusive access to her own brain. Her quick action, and her gender neutral name. Her friend Cindy wasn't so lucky. Both of them had taken to getting groceries delivered to avoid being caught at the store, but when Cindy looked through the peep hole... She saw the delivery man standing there, holding his phone up and it was all over.

One by one, each of her friends fell to the app. One caught at the mall right in the middle of shopping for lingerie. She had insisted she needed to try them on in person... Now, she poses in lingerie every day. Another was caught at the pool. She swore it was safe; no one would risk getting their expensive phone wet! She was enslaved by a twenty dollar android. Another just thought the whole thing was a prank and invited anyone to prove her wrong. She was proven wrong. She even posted pictures to the whole group...

The worst part was listening to each new story. Each girl told it like it was the best thing that had ever happened to them. They laughed at their own mistakes and thanked the heavens they were dumb enough to get caught. Never in her life had she hated the phrase "So you'll never guess what happened to me today" more than she did now.

She had long since stopped messaging in her friend group. After she ended up being the last one of them who hadn't been turned, half the discussions were trying to convince her to just find someone to take her, and the other half conspiring to find a way to get her already. Fortunately, none of them knew where she lived and she wasn't going to be telling any of them.

Just about the only real friend she had left at this point was Jason. He was a childhood friend of his, and shared her concerns about the mind control app. A few of his own female friends had been taken, so he understood how she felt about it. Even still, she couldn't take anything for granted. He was still a young man, after all. One moment of weakness would be all it would take for him to turn her into a sex doll for life.

She had cracked the door open, the reinforced chain preventing it from being opened any wider than an inch. She placed her hand near the opening of the door and closed her eyes.

"Alright, put it in my hand." She instructed. There was a strict no phones policy in her house. He put his phone in her hand, and she felt it, turning the screen downward before opening her eyes. Looking at her hand for any sign of light, before finally looking at it fully to make sure it was indeed his real phone. She then placed it in a bag and put it into a padlocked box she bought online.

"Everything look right? No hypnotic patterns?" Jason teased from the other side of the door.

"Even if you had the app, I wouldn't have seen it." She replied "I know better than to look at the screen first. That's how they got Martha."

"Yeah, that was unfortunate..." Jason said, his tone lowering. "Haven't seen much of her since. Whoever got her was playing for keeps..."

"Well... Phone's locked up so you can come in." Sam said, closing the door and sliding the chain off. before opening it again. "So what did you..."

Her voice tailed off. Right at eye level, she saw a strange spiraling pattern. The colors swirled, blended, and separated repeatedly. She knew on some level that looking at it would be her doom... Yet she couldn't bring herself to look away. It fascinated her. It was the most interesting pattern she had ever seen.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, a part of her screamed to look away. It was only so wonderful to look at because it was making her think that. She didn't really think that this was the most interesting blend of colors she had ever seen. She couldn't really believe that this incredible pattern was more important than her own free will... Could she?

She had to do something. She knew she had to. She began to gather together every bit of will she could muster, every rebellious instinct she had. She collected every ounce of strength she could find within herself, and with one final push, she threw it all away.

A smile spread on her face as she could just about hear the voice of her old self crying out in protest as she flew away forever from her mind.

"Hope you don't mind, I borrowed my brother's phone." He said as she stared into her destiny.

She nodded passively, taking in the wonderful pattern for a few moments more before she looked up at her new owner. Expecting to see Jason, but instead seeing his brother, Grant.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, somewhat startled by the realization that she had been speaking to someone else this entire time. "Master Grant! I'm sorry, I thought you were Jason!"

"I know you did." he replied, "I arranged our hangout using his phone."

She nodded, giggling to herself before responding. "That's so clever! You did a really good impression of Jason's voice too! I had no idea it wasn't him!"

"I know. I've been practicing for weeks." he said "Ever since Jason mentioned he still knew a girl who wasn't enslaved yet. I knew he must have been talking about you."

She grinned. He was so dumb, giving away her status like that. It was a wonderful mistake to make though. She could finally experience the true sexual pleasure of absolute obedience she had been missing for so long! She would have to thank him for that later.

"Now then..." he said, reaching out and fondling one of her breasts as he spoke. "I think it's well past time we had some fun, isn't it."

She nodded enthusiastically, leaning forward into his hand as he groped her. "Yes, Master! Did you want to do it right here, or would you like to come inside?"

"Lets go inside first." he said, guiding her back into the house as he spoke and closing the door behind him. "Then you can suck my dick like the slut you are."

She could hardly believe he was speaking to her that way. It was almost enough to make her swoon over how crude and commanding he was. It was like a dream come true for her. She wished she could go back in time and enslave herself sooner. She had gone so long without this...

All she could do now though was enjoy it now that it was happening. She slid down to her knees in front of her Master, unbuckling and unzipping his pants before pulling out his long, already hard cock. She had never seen or touched on in person before... But somehow she knew exactly what to do with it. Kissing the tip gently as her fingers glided gently along its sides.

She guided it into her mouth, closing her eyes as she focused on the sensations in her mouth. She did her best to wrap her tongue around his shaft, sliding her head up and down as she made sure not to graze him with her teeth.

Her head nodded repeatedly, following a seemingly practiced skill she never had before. Each nod, she took his shaft deeper into her mouth, growing more confident in her newfound skill each time. Going faster, and enjoying the taste and feel of his cock in her mouth.

Just as she was really getting into it, she felt his hand gripping her hair and pulling her up. She smiled, feeling the pleasurable pain as he pulled on her hair and looked up to her Master with a questioning expression.

"Lead me to your room." He said with a wonderfully commanding voice. "I'm going to fuck you senseless."

She hopped to her feet, beaming with joy as she turned and bounced her way towards her bedroom. She pulled her top off and threw it aside, and then reached behind herself to unhook her bra, tossing it onto the floor as well.

Casually, she pushed the door to her bedroom open and turned towards her Master, presenting her room along with his first look at her soft, supple breasts. He responded by pinching one of her nipples and pulling her closer to him. He groped both of her breasts roughly, demonstrating his confidence as well as his dominance over her.

After he had a moment to enjoy her breasts, he bent down and pulled her shorts and underwear down in one motion, then spoke as he rose back up to look her in the eyes. "Go to the bed, slut."

"Yes, Master!" She chirped, running naked to her bed and hopping onto it, spreading her legs as she looked to her Master eagerly.

He pulled his pants the rest of the way down before he stepped out of them, and climbed onto the bed with her. Once he was close enough, he dragged her closer to him by her legs as he positioned himself to slide directly into her pussy.

As soon as his cock slid into her pussy, she could see the swirling pattern in her mind once more. Each time he thrust himself into her, she could see it a little more clearly. It fascinated her, it compelled her... She could feel herself getting lost in the sensations of pleasure mixed with the visuals of the pattern. It filled her mind just as his cock filled her pussy...

He wasn't gentle with her either. When he wanted to change position, he didn't even ask, he simply flipped her over, or turned her on her side. Not that she minded; it was delightfully controlling. It was like she was his sex doll, accepting whatever he did as naturally as he did it to her.

Suddenly, the pattern in her mind lit up. Pleasure greater than anything she had ever felt in her life surged through her body as she felt Master cumming inside of her. She let out a euphoric cry as she succumbed to the pleasure completely, and came.

She laid on the bed as Grant cleaned himself off and left her there. She wasn't sure if he was going to keep her as his permanent plaything or if this would just be a simple one time thing... But she didn't care. She was a slave to the pattern now and forever. If he didn't claim her, someone would. Maybe she could ask Jason to later...

Almost an hour after he left, she finally found the strength to climb out of her bed. She sat down at her computer and opened her friend group chat for the first time in months, and she began to type "So you'll never guess what happened to me today..."

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