Saved at a Cost

Chapter 6

by Chalandria

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Out of the bedroom! What will happen?! 

Sarah wondered for a moment about the abrupt ease of getting out of the room. She supposed that, now drugged, she was even less of a threat. The thought disappeared as she looked at the hallway through slightly unfocused eyes. It was decorated much as the bedroom had been with plant life on as many surfaces as possible without feeling crowded. She caught a glimpse of what looked like a living room to her left and another pair of doors at the end of the hall to her right. Before she could take in any details was pushed into the room straight ahead. The force leading her around was gentle but did not let her wander off course.

The room was a bathroom but built big enough to hold at least a half dozen cars and had a high ceiling. It was styled after a hot springs bath with lots of stone that was faintly warm under her feet. The bath was closer to a pool with several shelves on one side containing many little cubbies. A large vanity was built right into the rock wall on one side. The lighting was dimmer than in the hall and gave the impression of bathing outside in the late evening.

Vines started to tug at her medical gown. Sarah started and pulled away, stumbling a bit as she did. The first thing out of her mouth was not as harsh as she had wanted it to sound. “It iss not right tooo ask for cconsent from someone woh is drunk. 

Kadena’s smile did not waver. “You are not drunk, little one, you are high. It seems we might need to tinker a little more with the dosage but it appears to be working. As for asking for consent, you are correct. This difference here is that I own you and I get to decide your consent for you. I will always want to know your opinion and I will respect it. I will do everything in my power to not violate your limits. The exception is when it interferes with what is best for you and therefore I will proceed for your own good.”

Before Sarah could protest, and certainly before her sluggish body could react, vines had whisked off the bit of cloth that was her only covering. She quickly tried to cover herself, only succeeding in needing another one of Kadena’s vines to stop her from tipping over. She finally managed to get words out. “yyyou can’t just do thaat.” She only managed to sound offended and could not even raise her tone to scolding.

“I can and I just did my pet. You can cling to old, flawed standards of decency but you will find your efforts wasted. Your cleanliness is very important to your physical and mental health. Plus it is only polite.”

Sarah did not answer but also did not remove her hands.

“If your problem is some level of personal insecurity regarding your body then I want you to tell me. We can change your mind and your body until you are completely happy in your own skin.”

Sarah was so distracted working out these details she was completely surprised when Kadena swept her off her feet and carried her to the edge of the bath. She wiggled as much to try and steady herself as to try to get away. Her feeble efforts and her disconnected attempts to voice protest were cut off when the affini dipped her toes into the water.

That felt good. Really good. Her only movement was to put her foot in a little more. The water was the perfect temperature and seemed to hug her with its warmth in a way she had never known.

Kadena saw her movement and lowered her further into the water. She flinched at the sensation of the gently rippling surface reaching her hips. Kadena paused for a moment, watching her reaction. When she did not protest further she was lowered the rest of the way up to her neck. It felt amazing, like she was floating in a bubble of perfect warmth.

While keeping Sarah steady, Kadena slipped into the bath as well. “Do you like how you feel, my floret? You have the most adorable expression on your face.

Sarah let out a sound part way between a moan and a sigh in way of a response. She could not remember feeling this relaxed. Her mind hardly registered that she was being talked to.

“That is ok, little one. You just keep relaxing and I will get you clean.” She grabbed a shampoo that only had a small amount of Xenodrugs in it. With a washing pan from one of the cubbies, she poured water gently over Sarah’s head followed by the shampoo. “You terrans make the cutest sounds when you feel good~.”

Kadena finished washing her pet at a leisurely pace. Sarah did not have the presence of mind to do anything but go with the motions. The exception was when the affini cleaned more sensitive parts she was rewarded with some adorable squeaks and wiggles. Maybe now that her pet had been able to relax she would be more interested in being compliant.

When done she lifted the girl out of the bath and dried her off. She set Sarah to stand on the counter of the vanity, the mirror still much taller than she was. Holding her pet upright she snapped her fingers in front of Sarah’s face which succeeded in jolting her back to awareness. Her brain took a long moment to catch up to where she was, finishing with another squeak as she caught the reflection of her naked self in the mirror. “How do you feel, my little one? Are you ready to have your teeth brushed?”

Sarah’s hands tried and failed to cover herself again. She looked up at Kadena with a mix of thoughts on her face. “Doo I get sommething to wear?” She was slowly getting accustomed to the feel of the xenodrugs. With that came greater control over her speech.

Kadena gave an amused hum. “In a moment my pet. Will you answer my question?”

“Will itt hurt?”

“No more than your everyday tooth care should.” She used some smaller vines to hold the girl's face still, extending fine roots into her mouth. She struggled fom a moment then stopped as her brain caught up and found nothing bad, just weird. The roots moved, dislodging morsels from her last meal and cleaning off all the natural buildup. Kadena gave her a cup of water to rinse with.

Sarah was carried back to the bedroom so fast she hardly realized she had been picked up before she was being set down to stand in front of one of the wardrobes. It opened to reveal a rainbow of colors so vivid she had to blink at it like a bright light. There were dresses on one side and a mix of tops and bottoms on the other. Panties, socks, fuzzy socks, thigh highs, and all other manners of clothes. Many of them had patterns of flowers, vines, and other leafy things. There was an overabundance of lace and bows. The words she had been going to say about the tooth brushing faded before they started.

"Is anything catching your eye, little one?"

Nothing was right away. Well, everything drew her eye but it was all bright colors. She was used to darker ones. Her thoughts strayed to her old leather jacket.

“You are doing it again, little one~. I want you to tell me what you are feeling. Are you missing something you used to wear?” Kadena once again spoke in a voice that was kind but unwavering in strength, ever encouraging her to share everything.

Sarah did her best to dodge the question. "Do you have aany darker colors? I am not a bright and suuunny type of person."

"I can do that, little one." Kadena turned towards that machine again and came back with a flowing, black, strapless dress that looked to be a wonderful blend of stylish and comfy. It was not what Sarah normally wore but it was a lot better than the stuff in the wardrobe.

"Do you at least have a top that ccan go over that?" She didn't feel like having her arms so exposed.

Again the request was almost immediately fulfilled. Kadena returned with a pair of cardigans, one of deep purple and the other a charcoal gray. "Can I tempt you into at least a little color in your attire today?"

Sarah reached for the gray one but found it pulled out of her reach. "Hey! what gives?" She wanted to shout but had trouble even getting her tone to stern.

"You may have that one but I will dress you. Now, do you want panties that are more comfortable or some that look more fun? Of course those are still pretty comfy as well." 

"I can dress myself!" She knew this was important to her but the details of why evaded her. The drugs were helping her feel better but something else in them was preventing her from getting upset. Even objecting was difficult.

"I do not doubt that you could manage but I desire to dress you and this is something you don't get a say in. I will of course be gentle. Now and always unless you ask otherwise"

Sarah really did not like the idea of resisting further but she was already very tired of being naked. "Whatever, just get it over with."

Kadena surged forward to put her face right in front of Sarah’s, several vines preventing her from moving away. She tried to turn but another vine held her chin. "That is not the proper way to address me, little one. Would you like to try again?”

Sarah felt a burst of fear that quickly turned to resentment even as her cheeks flushed. It was enough to get through the haze of drugs still pushing her towards relaxing. “I don’t want to play these games of yours! Especially while you have me stuck here naked!” She shouted.

Kadena straightened. “My Sarah, you can either allow me to dress you or you can eat breakfast naked. Which would you prefer?”

Sarah stiffened and her mind raced. It was easier to do than normal with the drugs reasserting their presence and repressing most of her normal background anxieties. It was yet another humiliation but she was not going to run around without clothes. Not like she could grab an outfit and do it herself. She felt like a prisoner that had been given a fancy cell and a personal warden. She turned her head to the side, not bothering to hide the pained grimace on her face. “C-clothes please… M-mistress.”

“Much better, my good girl.” Kadena used a vine to ruffle Sarah’s hair as she gently lifted the girl to slip on some black lacy panties. The dress and cardigan followed quickly thereafter. “And I think I will put you in black socks for now.” Said socks were pulled on and Sarah was turned to look into a mirror on the wall that was taller than the affini. 

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