Saved at a Cost

Chapter 2

by Chalandria

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #D/s #drugs #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #sub:female #bondage #clothing #dom:female #dom:plant #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi

Thank you so much for reading my story! It is already reached more people than I ever thought I would. This chapter is short but there is more on the way. Please remember your self-care because you are worth it! Enjoy!

Sarah’s suspicions had only gotten deeper when she was lead into the next room. There was someone else here that she could not see with an even more unusual name. Then there was the part where they both kept using overly familiar language. She had had enough.

She had been able to see the warm glow spreading throughout her vision but it had not yet reached the edge as Kadena had said. She was going to chance that it was close enough. She reached up to pull the eye covering off. It took more strength then she thought it would with her tired limbs.

The light did blind her at first but she was quickly able to make out where the two individuals were standing. She squinted, trying to take rapidly in as much detail as possible.

She now wished she hadn't.

She saw two enormous alien creatures towering over her. They appeared to be made entirely from parts of trees, vines, and leaves, dotted with a few flowers. They looked terrifying 

One of them was quickly advancing towards her. Her heart nearly stopped. What must have been the one that called itself Kadena reached out to her, the vines of the creature's arms extending to touch her faster. She flinched away and promptly fell on her ass. She started to hyperventilate. What were these things? What did they want? Why were they so big!

She felt a prick on her upper arm near where the vine creature had touched her. She immediately felt her arm go cold and the sensation was quickly spreading to the rest of her body. She tried to turn and run, to get away, anything, but she fell to the ground as her limbs failed her. The creature was saying something but she could not process the words. Her thoughts grew cloudy for a moment before she slipped into unconsciousness.


The poor little Terran fell but Kadena managed to catch her before her head hit the floor. She had been surprised by how fast the girl had gone from willing to disobedient. She sighed in regret at not having avoided the poor thing panicking. The scan had passed so she could use xenodrugs without worry. She would just have to do the domestication from the ground up. She lifted the poor terran into her vines, bid Xocxer farewell, and set off towards her hab unit.

Upon returning Kadena went to the bed and lay Sarah down gently in the middle. She was distracted for several minutes by staring at the little thing snoozing in a drugged sleep. Coming back to herself she lounged on her couch and continued filling out some loose ends on the domestication paperwork. With these done she could start the process for Sarah’s implant. She hummed contentedly while she worked and tried not to get too distracted pondering which dress to have her pet wear first.

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