Office Slut

by C. H.

Tags: #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #scifi #sub:female #consensual_non-consent #dystopia #free_use #microfiction
See spoiler tags : #aftercare #cuddles #no_sex

In a world where companies can own and reprogram people, a woman deals with loss and feels tempted in more ways than one.

This is part of my Hypnovember challenge posts on Tumblr, but you get to see it first. 😉

"Good morning, Dee."

The secretary smiled at her from behind her desk.

"Good morning, Slut 3. How are you today?"

"Oh, I'm good, thanks! I have these forms and contracts for Mr. Philips?" She handed her several folders. Boring, everyday office stuff. Philips Builders was a boring construction company.

"I'll give them to him when he arrives."

"Running late again?," Slut 3 asked.

"As usual," Dee sighed. Slut 3 smiled. Everyone knew the boss was incapable of arriving on time. "Um, changing the subject…"

"Yes?" Slut 3 was much taller than average. She had wide hips, a belly and small breasts. Before her hypnotic training, she had usually had a lanky posture, like she was always trying to hide her true height. Now she always stood upright: the company's hypnotists had been good and thorough.

(Also, she never used clothes anymore, slept with the other sluts in a special basement storage room and –if office gossip was to be believed– had come up with the idea of changing her legal name unprompted.)

"I wanted to ask you a question," Dee said, hesitantly. "If I were to ask, uh, to… I mean, to fondle you? I mean…"

"Of course you can fondle me! You know I am a free use office slut! I work at Mr. Sloane's feet, but I can be freely used by any and all employees. That's my purpose and the meaning of my existence."

Slut 3's eyes looked glazed now. They always turned that way during those little canned speeches. She never deviated from the scripts they had made her learn during her brainwashing. Dee had heard her mind had needed months to be completely demolished and rebuilt.

"I will do anything I can to boost morale and foster a nicer work environment. This company is my life. My body is completely at your disposal, provided there is no executive, management or other higher-ranked person wanting to use me," Slut 3 went on.

Dee was already used to all that. Everyone was. Brainwashing had been legalized more than a decade ago, after all. And yet…

"So you want to fondle me?," suddenly Slut 3's voice was perkier.


"It's okay, Dee. You don't need to feel any shame around me. I have no shame. We can do anything you want. We can fuck." Slut's face had a sultry expression now, and her voice, once more, sounded different. Aroused. Arousing. Another part of her programming. "The boss won't be here before noon, you know that."

Dee couldn't tell anybody, because there wasn't anybody to speak to, but she was in bad shape. She had broken up with her partner. She had lived alone in her apartment, which she alone could not really afford, the last five weeks. Amanda was the one, she had thought. She would not lose her, so she could lose anyone else, everyone else. And she had. Amanda had made her feel she needed only her.

And now she would sit in a corner of her bedroom, incapable of climbing up the bed, and the real question in her mind, each long, sleepless night, was, "What if I sign up to be an office slut?"

Slut 3 had done that, Dee wasn't sure why. She had given herself to the company out of desperation. It had happened one and a half, maybe two years ago. She had been in huge debt, maybe? About to be fired and end up on the street? Some people could endure that, some could not.

(What had been her name?)

Slut 3 looked always happy. Contented. Becoming the property of a company seemed so easy. A significant part of the country's population lived like that and no one was complaining. She was cared for. She ate well, exercised and had medical attention paid for by Philips Builders.

And— even when she got old, and the management decided there was no need for her anymore, there would be no regrets, no pain. No stray thoughts. No thoughts at all.

No thoughts.

"Come here," Dee said. Slut 3 followed her into the boss's office. It was the biggest one in the building. Dee locked the door behind them. "There," she pointed to a couch near a sitting area. Slut 3 obeyed the implicit order and sat on the couch. She assumed a sensual position, legs wide open to show her shaved pussy.

"I'm ready when you are, baby," she said, and she seemed truly horny, truly wanting to fuck and be fucked by Dee, then and there.

Dee took a deep breath.

"Can we skip the fondling and the sex and just cuddle for a while?"

Slut 3 could be sweet and caring. The company's hypnotists had been really good and thorough. Naked, on the couch, between Slut 3's legs and lying partially on her belly, fully and warmly embraced by her, Dee let herself go for a while. She told Slut 3 parts of her story, sighing and crying, knowing that Slut 3 would never repeat them to anyone. Slut 3 said nothing and just caressed her, softly and surely, cooing or purring on occasion with a tenderness that felt real. Maybe it was.

She only understood part of what Dee was going through, but she was happy to be doing what she existed for, and did it well.

After some time, Dee had nothing more to say and closed her eyes.

Thank you for reading! 🌀


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