Office Hours

by C. H.

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #bimbofication #degradation #pov:top #scifi
See spoiler tags : #brainwashing #hypno #hypnosis #memory_play

A college professor has been brainwashed and she doesn’t know it.

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“Come in,” Nora said, seated behind her desk. The student opened the door. “Thank you,” he said, walking into her small office.

“So, Matt… It’s Matt, right?,” she asked. It was already October, but she had too many classes to keep track of everyone in them, and he looked… ordinary. Just another undergrad.

“Yes, Dr. Chang,” he said, sheepishly.

“Sit down.” He sat in the chair on the other side of the desk. “Well?”

“I had told you I was… having trouble with the Laplace transform?,” he began. “I know it’s a comparatively basic topic, but…”

“Explain to me what’s the problem.”

He cleared his throat before intoning, “Parser Glossy Amaltea, Nora.”

“Huh?” Nora said, confused.

She was going to add, “What did you just say?,” but suddenly she had forgotten about her own confusion. The three words that guy had said were echoing in her mind, filling it up, obscuring her own thoughts as if they were being painted over.

Painted over with beautiful colors.

So beautiful.

Nora didn’t even try to resist. She closed her eyes so she could see the colors better. There were so many!

She heard the door lock clicking but paid no attention to it. That sound came from outside her head. It had nothing to do with the beautiful colors. However, she couldn’t ignore the voice that asked:

“You are a science professor, right, Nora?”

Nora made an effort and answered, “Uh, yes?” She would have been much surer a minute before. “I am, am I not?”

“Let’s say you’re not,” the voice said. It sounded good.

“Okay,” Nora said.

In fact, the voice sounded really, really good. It obviously was telling the truth, but Nora wasn’t concerned about the truth. She only wished whoever was talking to her said some more words, just so she could listen to them. Listen to them while seeing all the beautiful colors.

“In fact, we can go further,” said the voice, “and we can suppose you’re not a science professor because you’re a really dumb chick. Aren’t you?”

“Uuuh, yah?,” Nora said.

“You’re really dumb,” the voice said.

“Really… dum!,” she agreed. “Dum dum dum.”

“And since you’re so dumb, you can’t work on anything hard or complicated to earn a living.”

Oh, that was bad!, Nora thought. What was she going to do? She was dum! She was really stupid. She had always been! She started whimpering.

“I have a solution for you, though,” the voice said. “You may have little to no brain, but you can rent your body.”

Nora smiled. That sounded really good as well!

Matt was one of Nora’s secret programmers, and knew how to turn the intelligent, assertive PhD holder into a dim horny slut with only one word. But he rarely did that: it was much better, more arousing for him, to bring her down, erase her completely, and then dictate a new identity to her. She believed everything, did whatever she was ordered to, and never remembered anything afterwards.

A little later, he asked, “Ready, slut?”

“Yes Sir!,” she replied, while she kneeled in front of Matt’s erect cock and started licking it, completely sure that she was being given the opportunity of a lifetime. “I won’t, mmm, let you down, mmm… And you will see…”

“Shut up,” Matt snapped, and she did. “Keep sucking. Nice and slow. And remember to swallow everything when I cum.”

She was thorough and careful. She just wasn’t aware of it. For Nora, this was her first blowjob, but in fact she had sucked Matt’s cock dozens of times since they had captured and thoroughly brainwashed her, last summer. There was a lock in her mind that she herself would never be able to remove. She had also collaborated in all kinds of degrading scenarios for Matt’s friends, all over the city, and as a bonus she was totally loyal to their masters, always taking their side in university matters even if she didn’t know why she really did it.

Not that Matt was concerned about all that right now… “Alright, slut, be ready,” he panted, and Nora felt the warm, salty surge inside her mouth and started swallowing it. She managed not to miss a single drop, and when the cock, still hard, came out of her mouth, a single thick thread of saliva and semen extended from Matt’s tip to Nora’s lips. Matt rubbed his cock all over Nora’s face, leaving it covered in the gooey liquid.

“That look suits you.”

“Thank you Sir!,” Nora said, happily, flashing a stupid smile. “Am I getting the job?”

She cleaned him up and then herself. After that, Matt used the special trigger to reset Nora and take her back to her normal state.

“Wake up,” he commanded. “Now I get it, Dr. Chang! Thank you.”

“Huh?,” she said, disoriented.

“The Laplace transform. I understand it now. Thank you so much, Dr. Chang!”

“Oh? Uh… You’re welcome?,” Nora replied, blinking. She had forgotten everything about their little session, but suddenly she forgot about forgetting. “Yes. Yes. Happy to have been of help.”

“I’ve got to go now. Thanks again.”

“Please close the door on your way out,” she asked, not looking at him as he stood up.

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