Unlock Your Mind: Hypnosis Script

by CarthageOmega12

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Unlocking your mind’s inner thoughts can be dangerous. Let me help you do so and make the experience a bit safer. Think of this as an experience. Just get comfortable and read what I have written here…

This is a script intended to hypnotize the reader. Rules are explained, and followed, in the script.

This script is also published on the website DeviantArt, but under a different penname than here.

This script can be read alone, scrolling down the page to read more words.

Alternatively, this script can be used in an ASMR-style recording. The speaker can guide listeners using the words in this script.

Let’s get something straight between us. You and I both know you are reading this script for a specific reason: You want to be hypnotized.

This is not something to be upset about. Hypnosis is something some people enjoy experiencing. Most people simply acknowledge it or have seen versions of it on television or in movies. If you are reading this, you are most likely wanting to experience hypnosis for yourself.

If you do not want to be hypnotized, please do not read any further. If you do want to be hypnotized, let’s get started.

Actually, let’s first set some rules and lock them in. I will write them here for you to read, and I will follow them as well through this writing.

Rule One: This script is intended to hypnotize the reader.

Rule Two: The reader will follow all instructions in the script to the best of their ability.

Rule Three: This script will be consensual in nature, with no focus on indecent or sexual activity.

Rule Four: There will be no lingering triggers put onto the reader.

Now we can get started.

If you have experienced hypnosis in any form, you should already know that hypnosis is a form of relaxation. To be hypnotized, you usually need to be relaxed. So, relaxation is going to be the first step of this script.

But there is more to discover beyond relaxation. You just need to cross that first step, pass through that first door.

Here is my first instruction for you: Find somewhere comfortable and remove as many distractions as you can. Dim some lights, sit in a chair, drink some water if you feel thirsty. I want you to be as ready to experience this as you can be.

Read on when you are ready.

These words will still be here.




If you are reading these words, then you are ready to continue. That’s great news.

Remember Rule One. You should feel ready to be hypnotized.

You may also feel nervous or scared. That’s okay; in fact, those are common feelings for people who know they are going to be hypnotized. Hypnotists performing on stage know their volunteers from the audience usually feel nervous about being in front of other people. They don’t feel relaxed.

The hypnotist’s job is to guide the listeners—or readers, in your case—into a relaxed state of mind. Hypnosis is about relaxation of mind and body. So, that is where we will start.

Remember Rule Two. Follow my instructions to the best of your ability.

Here is your next instruction: Think of a time and place when you felt the most relaxed. Remember it, but also keep reading my words as well.

What position was your body in at that moment?

Lying down?

Sitting up?

Slowly walking forward?

Remember how your body was positioned, that way that soothed your nerves and tensions. You probably feel happier just by thinking about it. That’s good. Focus on that happiness.

One element of hypnosis that helps people relax is shutting out the rest of the world. It’s like when you go to sleep and leave our waking worries outside.

You enter a simpler, calmer space. A room that the mind creates and enjoys because it is its own. It is special. It is good to be in, even for just a little while.

Remember that place you’re thinking about? Your mind wanted to preserve it for you. Your subconscious took it and saved it for your viewing pleasure. And you are reliving that moment in time right now.

Hold on to that feeling. It’s going to help you be hypnotized.

Here is your next instruction: Focus on your breathing. Slowly breathe in and out as you read these words.

In. Out.

In. Out.




Hold it.

Hold it, just for a moment more.

Okay, let it out.

If you have done meditation exercises, yoga activities, or just stepped into a private corner when you needed to calm down, you have experienced the effects of controlling your breathing rate. Hypnotists do this a lot, telling people to breathe in a way that calms them down.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

Go back to that relaxing place again. You were breathing calmly back then, too. You were feeling good back then.

Let’s go back there together.

Remember Rule Three. I am not going to tamper with this memory in any way.

Just remember how you felt in that state, that time.

Take that feeling and bring it into your current moment.

I know you are different now than then, but you can remember this.

You can do it.

Remember and relax.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

Very good.

You are relaxing already.

Keep breathing like this for a bit.

It’s time for your next instruction: As you read my words, you will feel your body relaxing.

Remember Rule Three. I am not trying to hurt you, only relax you.

I will start relaxing you from your feet. Whether they are firmly on the ground, reclined in the air, or floating in water, your feet are what I want to focus on first.

Your feet, your toes, your ankles, your soles. All of them can relax.

Remember, you are putting yourself in a place where you feel relaxed. That includes your feet.

As you read these words, you can wiggle your feet if you want. Get that tension out of here. Let your feet feel free.

Good job!

You probably feel a bit better now. A bit more relaxed.

Let’s move to your lower legs. The muscles there may feel stiff, but they weren’t stiff where you are right now. They felt light, able to just stay still with no problem at all.

Relax your lower legs now.

Very good.

Do you see what I am doing here?

I am using these words to help you relax.

I want to help you relax.

Remember Rule One.

Remember Rule Two.

Remember Rule Three.

Now, relax your upper legs. Feel that relaxation traveling up your body like a slow wave.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

The wave of relaxation travels a bit further up your body each time you breathe as instructed. The longer you let it continue, the farther it will go.

Relax your thighs and waist.

Very good.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

Relax your stomach and chest. The wave surges forward, eager to help you fully embrace what it is offering.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

Relax your neck and back. Those parts of you hunched over or stiffened from long hours of work and play.

My words help you relax.

Remember Rule One.

Remember Rule Two.

Now, we have come to a small problem. Or, rather, a problem for me.

I cannot have your entire body become relaxed and be sure you will keep reading these words.

You are not fully relaxed yet. And if you were, your hands would, well, drop, and become limp.

You would not be able to scroll downward.

But here’s something interesting about hypnosis: you can relax while still focusing on something.

When you are on a bus, going from stop to stop, time seems to flow by without you knowing until the stop you want to hear comes up.

When you are reading a good book, page after page, you get invested in its contents and not the hours of the day.

I can get you to focus like that here, too.

Here is your next instruction: Let your arms, hands, eyes, and mind focus on my words as the rest of your body relaxes.

Remember Rule Three.

This may feel funny, but I am sure you can do it.

Remember Rule One.

You want to be hypnotized.

Reading this will hypnotize you.

Remember Rule Three.

You are safe here.

Keep reading these words. Keep scrolling down the page. Keep breathing as I instructed.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.



Relax in this moment, as you read what comes next.

At this point, you should be feeling more relaxed. That is a sign you are hypnotized.

Don’t worry if the sensations are not very strong. What matters most is that you are happy with what has happened.

Your hands, arms, eyes, and mind are all focused on my words.

The rest of your body is relaxed, released of any tensions.

This is what I wanted you to experience. It’s what you wanted.

Remember Rule One.

You have done very well for me.

Part of hypnosis involves someone relinquishing control over themselves to something else.

In this case, you have given me more control over you. Just for this time.

Remember Rule Three.

Now, since you have given me this control, I want to help you experience something special.

Hypnotists often give the people they hypnotize special sensations or thrills. Sometimes they are wild fantasies, other times just simple tingles and happy thoughts.

What I want to do is somewhere between those two extremes. It could feel amazing, but it should not cause any pain or discomfort before we are done.

Remember Rule Four.

This is just something I want to try with you. Right here, as you are reading these words.

Breathe in, deeply.

Hold it.

Hold it.

Breathe out, slowly.

Very good. Letting me tell you to do that probably felt nice.

Giving someone else the reins can feel nice sometimes. It takes the burden of difficult thoughts off your mind. Leaving you to just smile and relish everything around you.

But now, I want you to let me instruct you on what is coming next. Focus on these words and keep feeling relaxed and happy.

Let’s dive in.

Picture something that can be wound up. A music box, a toy puppet, a grandfather clock, or something else like that.

What is used to wind that up?

Think about it for a few moments.

Most likely, you thought of a key, right?

The thing is, there are lots of things “wound up” like that. Some of them do not need keys. What is common about them all is that they are charged up, run through their energy, and then slow down and finally stop working.

Your body is a similar sort of object.

Your body is “wound up” on the energy you give it. Food, drink, and rest are all big sources of energy for you. If you don’t give yourself energy, you will eventually tire out and get hurt or, like a windup doll, just stop working.

In a similar sense, if you give yourself too much energy, you won’t be able to hold it in and may, well, break. It’s the same thing if you turn a windup key too much and cause the key, or object, to break.

You don’t want to break like that.

Remember Rule Three.

These thoughts are not meant to scare or worry you. I am just setting a scene.

Remember that place you were thinking about to help you relax? Your body had wound down at that point in your life. You were feeling safe and content.

What I want to do is, now that your body is unwound right now, is to help you unlock another layer of relaxation and pleasure. To do that, I need you to visualize what I tell you.

Here are your next instructions: Read my words and believe them as truth.

Remember Rule Two.

Remember Rule Three.

Picture yourself in that relaxing place again. Get as detailed as possible in recreating the environment.

As you go back there, you can see a key floating in the air in front of your face.

You cannot see a hand holding the key. It was not there before. It just floats in the air. And as it does this, you recognize the key.

It is a key made just for you.

It wants you to take it, to hold it in your hands.

Go and take the key.

You can use your mental self’s hands or raise your real hands if you feel so inclined. Either way is fine with me.

Take the key in your hand now.

If it takes you a few seconds to reach up and take the key, that is fine.

How does it feel for you? Cold? Warm? Sharp? Soft?

This is something you have full control of. Your imagination is already working hard, it can add this little extra detail as well.

What matters is that the key is something safe. The key is safe for you.

Take the key.

When you have the key in your hands, look at it. Look at it closely.

Notice the details the key has, mundane or mystical. This is your key, something specifically made for you to use.

“Use in what?”, you might be asking.

Well, I want you to use it to unlock your mind.

I want you to step into your inner thoughts and take in their power. The primal, creative concepts your brain and thoughts come up with; the things that inspire you to do what you do.

This is going to require both of us to work together.

I am giving instructions on what to do.

But it will be you who is going to take the action.

Remember Rule Two.

Remember Rule Three.

Remember Rule Four.

Take a few deep breaths for me. Relax your mind and body even more.

Keep holding the key in your hands. Feel its weight, its presence, something you made for yourself and feel safe keeping with you.

Raise the key up to your forehead.

Press the key’s front lightly against your forehead.

This is where we are going to unlock your mind.

Breathe in.

Hold it.

Breathe out.

Feel the key’s tip on your skin. It may be colder or warmer because you have been holding it in your hand. What matters now is it pressing against your forehead, inserted into a lock that it perfectly fits into.

Yes, a lock. Keys are made to be put into locks, to open or close them.

You have probably figured out what is going to happen next.

If you are confused, that’s okay. I am still going to instruct you on what to do.

Remember Rule Two.

The key is now in the lock on your forehead. The lock in your mind.

Now, here are some more instructions to prepare you for what will happen.

Remember that you are safe here.

Remember that you are following my instructions.

Remember the Rules I have kept mentioning.

Remember that this is all happening because you are hypnotized. Because you want it to happen.

Keep reading.

When I tell you to, you will turn the key against your forehead.

When you do so, you will hear or feel a click, along with reading it in this script.

When you read, hear, and feel the click, the lock will open. Your inner thoughts will be released. But only for a few moments.

We don’t want you to be overloaded and get hurt. We don’t want you to snap and break.

The releasing of these thoughts will give you pleasure. You will be happy from doing this. You are going to unwind your mind by unlocking it. You are getting a chance to relax even more.

To be safe, I am going to count you down from three to zero.

Keep the key inserted into your forehead until I tell you otherwise.


Calm your body down. Ready yourself for what will happen. It is going to be safe and pleasing.


Your body is already relaxed. Your mind is going to join it for a brief while.


This is all happening because you want it to. If you believe it will be good for you, you will make it that way.


Turn the key.


Good job. You did it.

Your mind has been unlocked. All the information in your brain, all that makes you who you are, has been released.

You can feel it racing out of you, filling the space around you with things known only to you.

Look at what your mind is making as you read my words. See the inner workings of your brain manifest around you.

Keep the key held on your forehead, turned into the lock.

Do not fear what you are seeing. These thoughts owe themselves to you; they will not hurt you.

All their myriad forms flow and dance and spin and twist around you. You are the center of their world, their universe. You are the most important thing in the world to them. And you have just let them come out for a few moments.

But only for a few moments.

Here is another instruction: Slowly turn the key back on your forehead.

As you turn the key back, closing the lock again, the thoughts and images and concepts you have released sense what is happening. They race back into your mind, faster than thought, knowing what is happening.

You feel them coming back into place inside you. They fill the nooks and crannies in your subconscious, every one of them having a home for shelter and safety. Each door they close or burrow they slide into gives you a twinge of energy.

Twinge after twinge, filling you with a sense of accomplishment and power. Giving you strength after relaxing for so long.

All those thoughts return home and close their doors as you close the lock.


Well done.

The lock is closed. Your inner thoughts are back home. And you are still reading these words, still relaxing, still hypnotized.

You have done very well for me, and for yourself, today.

But now, it is time to end the hypnosis.

Remember Rule Four.

I am going to bring you out of hypnosis shortly. When I do, you will be wound up with energy, ready for whatever you are going to do next.

You can take whatever feelings you want from reading this with you. Maybe you enjoyed it, maybe not. But I hope you will also take a sense of understanding about how powerful your wants can be.

The mind, your mind, is an amazing thing. Hypnosis is only one way to bring out your inner potential.

Maybe you will discover another way very soon.

Now, I am going to count upwards, from one to five.

With every number, you will feel more awake and energized. You will be more ready to continue with your life outside of this reading.


Feel and see the place around you, that you drew out of your memory, begin to change around you.


Your feet and legs begin to move, to stretch out and flex their muscles.


You are seeing things you recognize from the real world now. Your upper body begins to move normally again, drawing on the new energy you have inside you.


Almost there now. Feel the final strands of my hypnosis peel off your mind and float away, leaving no bad thoughts or feelings behind.


Wake up.

Thank you for reading through this script. This is a new area of writing for me, so any feedback and constructive criticism you choose to give is appreciated.


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