Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger - Slaves of the Suzerain

Part 3

by Callidus

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #f/f #scifi #sub:female #bondage #space_opera

By Callidus and connie K

All rights reserved. "Captain Jette Jones: Star Ranger" © 2021 All characters and stories are not to be reproduced in any form without the expressed written permission of the authors.

The situation is grim for Captain Jette Jones. Her crew has been captured and soon to be enslaved by the power-mad Queen Zeta, who has declared herself Suzerain Supreme. It looks as if things are going to get worse before they get better …

Queen Zeta reclined comfortably in her “throne” chair on the Te’ Sareez Space Station, now the palace of the self-proclaimed Suzerain. Kalokairi and Glamora chained at her feet.

“I’m really not surprised to see you, Captain. I knew Glamora and those incompetent Kaudans wouldn’t bring down your ship. Another failure on her part. Isn’t that right, slave?”

“Yes, my Queen.” Glamora shivered in delight as she abased herself.


Captain Jette Jones unsteadily stepped forward, nodding to Epsilon who had been helping hold her upright. “What did you do to them? And to my crew?”

“Oh, every mind is different,” the Queen said idly. “Some need a push. Like your iron maiden over there.”

Flock stood unmoving; Jette refused to look.

“Some …” Zeta continued, petting Glamora’s head, “… don’t need much to soften their minds and accept their natural submissiveness. You need to see the crystals of R’th Nark again, don’t you dear?”

“Yes, my Queen.” The suddenness of her climax made Glamora tremble. She pitched forward, her head almost touching the floor as she moaned.

“Your shipmates will all be my slaves. Except for the little one. I think Dr. Arkana needs a pet of her own.”

Lt. Kanivia Riesga’s confused face mouthed little one? She looked to her captain, then to Dr. Arkana. The doctor caught her eye, then looked down meekly.

“Serpens Caput will soon sign the trade agreement, Captain. Although the fine print also includes declaring me Suzerain Supreme. A small notation no doubt missed by my two lovely slaves when they signed.”

“Diamanti will never agree,” Jette spat out. “No matter what –”

“Oh, come now, Captain. The evidence is clear. I can make anyone do whatever I wish.” Her green eyes glowed. “Anyone.”

“I’m going to stop you, Zeta.”

We’re going to stop you!” Riesga echoed her captain.

“Yes. We’ll see about that.”

Jette looked at K’wari and Flock, unmoving in their tranced state.

“I’m going to stop you, Zeta,” Jette repeated. “You’ve bitten off more than you can chew. I’ll stop you because it’s the right thing to do.” Jette slowly turned away, took a deep breath and shut her eyes. “No matter what I think of you sexually.”

Riesga’s jaw dropped.

Zeta leaned forward, her eyes gleaming. Ryaki was at her shoulder. “Queen Diamanti has arrived, my Queen.”

Zeta’s eyes stayed on Jette, waiting for her to turn back. Jette kept her eyes down, biting her tongue. Zeta sat back slowly with an air of dominant satisfaction.

“Excellent. Show her in. But first … take my two new slaves somewhere private. I’m sure they can find some way to amuse themselves.”

Ryaki led K’wari and Flock out the side door as if they were sleepwalking. Neither of them looked at Jette.

“Arkana?” Zeta almost cooed. “Take the little one and the … whatever she is to a cell. Have them prepared for brainwashing.”

“Yes, my Queen.”

Two Diamond Warriors bracketed Riesga. “Skipper?”

Jette nodded sharply.

“C’mon, Epsilon,” the lieutenant said, her back straight, her step firm. She slowed as they passed through the door, letting Arkana take the lead. The stench from the heavy-breathing Warriors at her back turned her stomach.

“Pet, huh? You want me to be your pet?!” Arkana didn’t react. “Don’t do this, Arkana.”

Arkana silently led the group through a maze of dimly lit corridors. Riesga struggled to orient herself within the diagrams she’d recently studied. She could only discern that they were being led deeper into the circular station’s interior, far from the main concourse at the outer edge.

At last, they arrived at a large hatch that split open diagonally as Arkana approached. A handful of lights barely illuminated a large central chamber with numerous rooms and hallways leading off from it.

Riesga glanced at the galactic-standard icons on the placards next to several doorways and realized they were in the station’s medical complex. It looked nightmarish in the dim light.

She looked through a transparent section of wall and saw into a room where an assortment of mechanical arms and tools menacingly hung over a table. There was a man strapped down. He was nude save for the boots he wore. Standard issue for Serpens Caput’s royal guard.

Epsilon was at Riesga’s shoulder: “What is a member of Queen Diamanti’s royal guard doing here?”

A moan drew their attention. One of the robotic arms held a cylindrical device between the man’s legs. It was a blur of motion around the man’s stiff cock. Another arm was perched over his face, a small probe extended over his forehead. Rapid pulses of energy manifesting as green concentric circles were being beamed into the captive guard’s brain.

He was struggling in the bonds, limbs flexing and twisting against the straps. His whole body was covered in a glistening sheen of sweat. He grimaced as the reprogrammed surgery instruments continued breaking into his mind.

Riesga tried not to let the shock of fright show on her face. The Diamond Warrior behind her gave her a firm shove forward.

Riesga and Epsilon were led down a hallway, through a security door and into a small room. Glowing electronic bars appeared, sealing them inside. Arkana tapped something on her control pad.

The displays inside the improvised holding cell switched on. An image of a smiling Queen Zeta filled each screen. Behind her face was a spinning icon – Zeta’s symbol of the Suzerain Supreme -- and beyond that was a pool of shimmering colors.

“It is a glorious day citizen of Ta’ Sareez,” a droning female voice announced. “Our great star system enters a new era of splendor as we unite under the banner of our great Suzerain Supreme, Zeta! You are an essential part of our divine ruler’s plan to transform Ta’ Sareez into the shining beacon of our galaxy. Are you ready to fulfill your duty to Zeta?”

Riesga saw across the hallway through the open security door. There was a nude woman sitting in a similar holding cell. One hand idly rubbed between her thighs while the other traced a circle over her forehead. She stared at the screen, smiling and nodding as she was fed the mind-numbing propaganda. The uniform piled in the corner was of a space station official.

“Don’t do this, Arkana!” Riesga lunged toward the energy barrier and shouted after the doctor as the door closed. “Is she your sister or your master?”

Zeta crossed her bare legs casually, as if putting them on display for Jette. The captain was seething.

“I’m intrigued, Captain. What was it you said a moment ago?”

“It doesn’t matter now, does it? This is going to end badly for you, Zeta.”

“Oh, so bold! I love that. I want you to go down … fighting, Captain.”

Zeta rose and stepped to the edge of her makeshift throne – her gently swaying hips at Jette’s eye level.

“Ah! Queen Diamanti!”

Zeta looked past Jette to the far end of the room. Queen Diamanti moved toward Zeta with determined strides, not noticing that behind her the delegation from Caput was stopped and quickly surrounded by soldiers.

The Queen didn’t look at Jette as she reached the steps, nor did she seem phased seeing her sister queens kneeling naked at Zeta’s feet. Her eyes were on Zeta alone.

“So wonderful to have you join us.”

“I have just been informed that you have made yourself the Suzerain to three planets, Zeta. I don’t think holding the Council hostage will achieve that goal. Caput will not agree. I will not agree. If it is a war you want, Queen of Serpentarius, then my people are already prepared.”

“Who said anything about war?” Zeta’s mocking voice turned Jette’s head. “I am offering you the opportunity to bring a lasting peace to Te’ Sareez. Four planets under one rule. My rule.”

Zeta descended the steps, her two slaves appearing even more naked without her. She looked Diamanti in the eye. “The lives of Caputians or Somans or Kaudans won’t be changed. Much. That I can promise.”

“Promise,” Diamanti grumbled. “It is clear Glamora and Kalokairi were … perverted into signing.”

“Perverted? But look how happy they are. They have made peace – between their Queendoms, with me and … to each other. Surely you can do the same.”

“That’s not what you said when we met last month,” said the Queen. Jette froze. Last month? “Trading vegetables is not forging peace. I will need to inspect this document.”

“Isn’t it fortunate that I have the agreement between Caput and Serpentarius right here?”

Ryaki had crept in from the darkness to hand Diamanti the thin parchment. Diamanti looked to Jette for the first time. This was not the face Jette had longed three years to see. It was angry. And fearful.

“I won’t be signing anything that binds my people to your treachery, Zeta.”

“You are free to decide either way, Sovereign. But, in this instance, I must insist. If you don’t sign the agreement, I will be forced to have Captain Jones jettisoned into outer space. Naked, of course.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Zeta’s voice was but a whisper: “Try me.”

Jette could see Diamanti’s resolve weakening. “Don’t do it, Sovereign. We can put a stop to this. Here and now!”

Diamanti look at the paper, then to Jette. Her brown eyes never looked so sad.

“And what then will become of us, Jette? What will happen to my people?”

Diamanti pressed her ring into the parchment – her royal seal stamped firmly.

Zeta snatched it from her hands and examined it, a smile growing on her face. “Ryaki!”

Instantly she was at her Queen’s side. “Yes my Suzerain?”

“Contact the High Clerics of the four planets and arrange to have them brought here for my coronation. With this document and them presiding over the ceremony… there is nothing that can stop my ascension!”

“It will be done,” Ryaki bowed low and scurried off again.

Zeta turned her gaze back to Jette. “Guards? Take them away. Give them a chance to console each other … for the last time.”

Six guard closed in around Jette.

“Oh, and Diamanti?” Zeta slithered close. “The crown.”

Diamanti looked as if she had been slapped. She began to reach up, then dropped her hands slowly and bent forward. Zeta plucked the crown from the Queen’s head, placing it inside her own – the four crowns fitting neatly together as if forged that way.

Light years away, on Moonbase One, Rear Admiral Hartley receives some distressing news …

Admiral Hartley carefully put down her spectacles and rubbed her eyes. The message from Captain Jones was not what she wanted to hear.

Marissa, her aide-de-camp, spoke up. “If Queen Glamora’s ships attacked the Artemis, things are worse than we feared.”

“The GSL was very clear. No military interference. But as Supreme Commander of the Star Ranger Corps I have a little latitude. That message originated on Kauda, not the Artemis. It just doesn’t add up.”

Hartley stood up and undid the top button of her tunic. “Notify any Ranger patrols within shouting distance. Maybe someone can give Te’ Sareez a flyby.” Hartley looked at her aide. “You’ll have to work late again, Marissa.”

“Not a problem, Ma’am,” she said, glancing toward the Admiral’s “private office.”

“I’ll try to get a message to the Artemis, but I doubt she’ll get it before Captain Jones is forced to act on her own.”

Hartley smiled sweetly.

“In the meantime, how about getting the two of us some dinner?”

The door swished open and the Diamond Warrior motioned Jette and Diamanti inside with a grunt. The Warrior pressed the control plate and the door sealed shut.

Jette half-heartedly pressed controls on their side of the door, knowing already that they wouldn’t work. An automated voice responded: “Locked.”

Jette sighed. “Ordinarily, I’d say we could --“

She turned and saw the room they were trapped in. It was a slightly taller-than-wide ellipse. Two polished chrome poles ran from the floor to the high ceiling near the center of the room. There was a strange piece of steel furniture, off to one side, that could obviously be configured into different positions to hold a person in bondage.

At the far end, opposite the door, was a large circular bed with a mirror mounted into the ceiling above it. On either side there were several closet alcoves flanked by large mirrors. They were open -- shelves and racks fully stocked with decedent clothing. Everything from hot to cool.

“Some prison cell.”

“This is,” Diamanti said with a shrug, “a pleasure suite. For secret rendezvous.” She stepped farther into the room, her white robes billowing gently. “My palace has such a room.” Jette was inspecting the curious chrome poles. She wrapped her hands around one and pulled but it held fast. “I do not believe this room is unoccupied for long when one of my sister queens is at the station.”

Jette motioned to the closets. “Let’s see if there’s anything useful in here. Maybe something we can use to get out.” She turned to one of the alcoves and started riffling through shelves.

Diamanti looked in another. She pulled out a hanger with tiny strands of leather and small steel buckles dangling from it. She waved it at Jette.

“If you find another one of those we’d have enough fabric to make a glove.”

“Diplomacy and statecraft are often mixed with … certain vices,” Diamanti said, putting it back. “Jette.” Diamanti’s voice was suddenly serious. “Do you have any idea what Zeta has planned for us?”

“Whatever it is, it’s not what she’s planning for my crew.” Jette pulled a scandalous looking shoe from a high shelf. It was red and covered in tiny straps and buckles. The tall heel was a steel pin with a flared base.

“I know you are concerned for them,” Diamanti said evenly.

Jette wedged the heel-pin into a narrow gap between two shelves and started pushing up on the shoe, torquing the joint at the heel. “Well, Riesga is young but she’s very resourceful.” She grunted and pressed harder. “And Epsilon is smarter than all the computers in this star system.”

Jette pushed with all her strength -- the joint failed and the steel pin snapped off the bottom of the shoe. Jette snatched it out of midair and held it up triumphantly. “So,” she finished, “between the two of them, I think they’ll give us the time we need.”

Jette tucked the stiletto inside her waistband, looking up at the ceiling lights. “We should be careful what we say,” she whispered. “I’m guessing even rooms like this are monitored. Or Zeta has made sure this one is or she wouldn’t have put us in here.”

Diamanti nodded, her eyes drifting upward.

“Let’s check out the bed.”

Diamanti’s eyebrows went up as she followed Jette. “What did you have in mind?” she asked as they both climbed on it.

“Are there any controls? Hidden maybe?” She leaned over the pillows and put a hand between the bed and wall, feeling her way along the gap.

Diamanti felt around the mattress and under the pillows. “No,” she said quietly.

Jette paused, thinking, then flopped down beside her. “The only way to get to this room is from the main concourse.” Jette leaned close to her ear. “If you were having a secret rendezvous would you want your companion seen on the main concourse? There are a lot of dignitaries milling around here normally.”

“I suppose it depends on how she’s dressed,” Diamanti offered quietly, looking at Jette intently.

“Exactly,” Jette said, propping her head up with one arm. “So how does a secret rendezvous companion, wearing less fabric than a glove, get in here without taking the main concourse?”

Diamanti shrugged.

“Unless … there’s a secret entrance,” Jette finished, her voice a whisper. “Does your … uh … does the private chamber in your palace have a secret entrance?”

“As a matter of fact,” Diamanti said, scooting closer and wrapping her arms around Jette’s neck, “it does.”

“Then … let’s … start looking for a secret entrance,” Jette murmured, her mouth inches from Diamanti’s.

“Let’s do that,” Diamanti purred, closing the distance to nothing, “in just a moment.”

She pulled Jette to her. Jette closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around the beautiful Queen of Serpens Caput.

The kiss was long and deep and binding.

Diamanti lifted her head. “Why did you not do this sooner?”

Jette had love in her eyes. “You are a queen. I would never, have never, initiated anything.”

Diamanti teeth shone brightly. They kissed again. Jette sucked on her tongue as if starved. Even under their clothes their nipples danced together. Jette wrapped her leg around Diamanti’s ass, pulling her in tighter. Diamanti synchronously held Jette’s breast with one hand and snaked around her ass with the other. They clung together like vines.

Slowly, Jette pulled back. Her hands both embracing and halting.

“Diamanti. I think we need to keep trying to get out of here.”

“Of course.”

They eventually broke their embrace.

Dr. Arkana walked carefully down the hallway. Even though, as the sister of the Suzerain Supreme, she could go where she pleased, she was still not wanting to be seen.

She entered the botanical garden, looking over her shoulder as the door closed. Her body trembled with addiction. Crossing the room, she approached the large glass box tentatively. Arkana glanced at the small case on the pedestal off to one side. The queen snake within stared back at her, its hood open but it’s mesmerizing scales weren’t flashing into her eyes. For now.

Arkana shuddered and turned away from the temptation. She bent down and lifted one of the plates to the tangled mass of writhing snakes. They were venomous, yes, but lacked the cunning intelligence of the queen snake. She heard the welcoming hisses and sighed.

She stepped back and unzipped her coat, letting it drop to the floor, leaving her boots and black stockings on. She wore no panties.

Arkana lay back on the floor and spread her legs, breathing deeply to calm her nervousness. Her heart was racing. Almost immediately, she felt wetness on her calf, then muscle. A large black-and-gold viper began slithering up her leg, then across her thigh, then higher – sliding along her belly before coiling its head around her left breast.

Her pussy began to moisten. She shuddered. A smaller brown snake slinked across her open arm as the larger snake embraced the other breast, hissing into the flaring nipple. Her breasts were squeezed gently, eliciting a deep moan, then –

The small snake exposed its long fangs and sunk them into her forearm! She gasped … immediately feeling the warm numbness of its venom quickly course through her body. The pain and the poison making her clit tingle, forcing a sudden climax.

Arkana spread her legs wider while the two snakes danced across her skin. The large snake brushes across her lips and her tongue sought it out. She pinched and pulled on her labia before fingering herself feverishly.

She shut her eyes, sinking more deeply into the pleasurable sensations of the venom flowing through her veins. Her body hummed. The toxic gift from her pet numbing her mind as much as her body. She relished the creamy discharge on her fingers even as her mind dulled – the venom spiking her need, compelling her to fuck herself faster.

The pleasure was overwhelming.

Arkana came again. Her body spasming like the death throes of a serpent’s prey.

Slowly, with satisfied hisses, the snakes receded into their box as Arkana lay there panting. Her poisoned blood surging around her heart, enveloping it.

Just a few more moments … the pleasure …

She came again with a cry, tugging her nipples in a vain attempt to prolong the torturous ecstasy. Rolling to her side, she struggled upright, grabbing at a nearby tabletop and climbing it weakly until she found herself standing.

Staggering, she quickly moved to a large plant in the corner with white petals and purple pistils. She stared at it a moment, fighting the impulse to disobey her own thoughts and let the wondrous sensations overtake her again. Shade Bloom. Thick, hot rivulets of cum dripped down her legs.

Dr. Arkana pinched off one of the buds, closed her eyes and put the flower in her mouth. She forced it down her throat. She was breathing heavily now, but the mind-paralyzing numbness gradually subsided.

Her face showed both relief and … disappointment.

Zeta sat triumphantly in a large, plush white chair. She had transformed the lavish guest quarters of the Queen of Serpentarius into the hellish playroom of the Suzerain Supreme – instruments of torture and sex toys lay beside pillows and rugs. Phalluses and feathers, whips and oils. The smell of incense was thick.

The two large beds were unused by the five women who snaked along the floor in front of their queen.

The room was bathed in red.

Zeta’s hand slipped beneath the long swath of fabric hanging between her legs. She pulled off her green bustier and laid it gently beside the chair. Her nipples were huge and erect. She squeezed her breasts firmly.

Her slaves lay on the floor at her feet – Glamora never straying far from them. The moans and grunts of pleasure feeding Zeta’s unquenchable carnal desires. Her eyes were half-closed as she stroked herself blissfully before the buzzing nest of naked, sweating shapes before her. The two broken queens, K’wari and Flock and Ryaki – their bodies writhing together in their orgiastic union.

In a darkened corner of the room, a Guardian robot stood unmoving. Apparently unphased by the squeals and gasps of pleasure which filled the bizarre bedchamber.


Zeta’s voice and crooked finger pulled the young woman from the pile of bodies. Ryaki crawled over and knelt before her Queen. There could be only one thing on her mind.

Zeta slid off the “skirt” covering her magnificence. Ryaki pressed her face between Zeta’s creamy thighs and took a deep breath, inhaling the musk of her one, true ruler. Zeta slapped her across the face.

“When did I grant you permission to breath my scent?” she asked cruelly.

“Apologies, my Queen.” Ryaki’s cheek reddened. She gave Zeta’s slit a long, loving lick up and down before settling in to do her work.

Flock howled and bucked against Kalokairi’s hungry mouth. The muscles of her toned body clenched and released in uncontrollable spasms as she climaxed. Again.

Her right hand was buried inside K’wari, pumping fiercely as if trying to rip out her insides. The Vicar’s relentless staccato cries only urged Flock deeper.

Flock and K’wari did not see the other as K’wari and Flock. They were pussies and tits and wet, soft flesh. Their lustful madness steering them in only one direction – pleasing their queen.

Flock could barely take a breath before another mouth was on her. K’wari’s most of all. Whatever dim resistance entered Flock’s thoughts, it quickly evaporated from the overwhelming and constant heat of sexual steam.

K’wari was perched on hands and knees between Glamora’s quivering thighs. Her shoulders planted squarely to prevent the other woman from dislodging her. K’wari’s mouth was so, so much more than the former queen could withstand.

Glamora thrashed beneath the Vicar, fists slamming into the decorated floor as K’wari’s mouth sent her mind and body over a sexual precipice again and again.

The Vicar reared up, strings of honey connecting her chin to Glamora’s swollen pussy. The slave queen gasped for breath in the slight reprieve before K’wari bared her teeth and bent forward once again.

K’wari’s deft fingers slipped into Glamora, pressing her thumb against the nub of rigid flesh. She closed her mouth around Glamora’s throbbing clit and began to savagely nibble until Glamora’s whole body spasmed in shock. She cried out in ecstasy.

K’wari’s mouth pulled free of Glamora and she ran a tongue lewdly over her own lips, slurping up the thick honey. “Don’t you just love my teeth on you?”

“Oh, Goddess PLEASE!” Glamora howled, squeezing her breasts in her clenching fists as she rode the edge once more.

K’wari dove in again.

Zeta’s hands lay atop her thighs on either side of Ryaki’s head while she beheld the orgy unfold around her. The young woman eagerly tongue-worshipped the Suzerain while she watched. Zeta grabbed a fistful of hair and tugged Ryaki’s face away from her sex.

“You’re not very good at this are you?” Zeta said teasingly, her eyes never leaving the action.

Ryaki bit her lip. “No mighty Queen, I’m not.”

“Kalokairi trained you poorly for bed. In every respect, really.”

“Yessss, my Queen!”

“Try again.” Zeta made a low growl, shoving the young woman’s face into her slick folds. Ryaki redoubled her efforts, her eyes glued to Zeta’s face as she kissed the mighty Queen’s dripping snatch.

Zeta chuckled as she watched Flock squirting into Kalokairi’s mouth, then looked down. “Is that how you think a Suzerain is to be served?”

Ryaki’s clutched her hands behind her back submissively. Shaking her head from side to side to increase the friction on Zeta’s sex.

Zeta yanked the hair again, pulling Ryaki back. “I see you’re going to need much more conditioning before you can serve me adequately.”

She slapped Ryaki hard across the face.

Ryaki shuddered. A tear rolled down her cheek as she orgasmed from the blow. “Yes, mighty Queen, please!!” The stinging pain only made Ryaki more needy. “Please mind fuck me until I know nothing but how to serve you!”

“Soon enough, pet.” Zeta sneered and let go of Ryaki’s hair. The slave nearly lunged to resume feasting between her thighs.

The four women Zeta lorded over were in a perverse, unbroken circle – mouth to pussy, mouth to ass, hands and thighs and lips glistening with cum.

Glamora screamed as a new series of orgasms pounded through her weakened body and pliant mind from K’wari’s assault, but Flock only dimly registered this new cacophony. Her hand made a wet slurping sound as she pulled it out of K’wari’s passage.

Her hands clasped her small breasts, mashing them and pinching her taught nipples as Kalokairi’s mouth set her off once more. Then Flock’s dazed eyes fell across a dark, looming form making its way closer into the room.

Meanwhile, Epsilon and Riesga, imprisoned in the small auxiliary room, try to make sense of all that has happened …

The two women sat beside each other, their eyes focused on the energy field barring the door. It was the only place they could look to avoid the insidious image of Zeta leering at them from the screens on the walls. The droning female voice was becoming more difficult to block out. “The Suzerain Supreme is your lawful ruler. She requires your undying devotion. She deserves your unwavering loyalty. The rewards for your compliance will be pleasure beyond compare.”

Across the hallway, they could hear the synchronized groan of passion from the other captives. The nude Caputian had been brought to a cell and placed inside with his fellow guardsman. They sat across from each other, watching the screens above their heads. Focused solely on Zeta’s face as they masturbated and listened.

“Riesga, may I ask you something?” Epsilon twisted to face her on the bench. The glowing white lines of her matrix shimmered with an occasional erratic buzz across the black surface of her torso and limbs.


“I have only been a member of the Artemis III for a short time, however it appears to me that … that Captain Jones gets into a lot of trouble.”

Riesga laughed. “Yeah, you could say that. But she’s usually getting someone else out of trouble first.”

Epsilon nodded, processing. “I noticed that as well.” Epsilon was quite for a moment as a small white triangle began to orbit the concentric rings at the center of her chest. Then: “It is very difficult to be a captain.”

“It is, Epsilon. And we’ve got the best. Hey, you should check out the history files,” Riesga said. Her voice dropped. “If we ever get out of here. Captain Jones was getting into trouble long before I wanted … before she asked me to join her crew. Best day of my life.”

“She took you under her wing,” Epsilon said evenly, not fully aware of the aphorism.

Kanivia put her head down and smiled before looking back at Epsilon. “You remember everything Captain Jones says, Epsilon?”

“Captain Jones is my role model. I process everything she says with greater significance.”

Lt. Kanivia Riesga nodded and smiled again. “Me too, Epsilon. Me too.”

A distant clang and shuffle drew Riesga’s attention. She stood up, listening, then sat back down closer to Epsilon. She pulled off her Star Ranger jacket.

“Okay, Epsilon, here’s the deal. I’m giving you my Ranger jacket.”

“But I am not a Ranger.” Epsilon’s matrix began to warble and dance in an agitated fashion.

“Gee whiz, I know that!” Riesga exclaimed. “But they don’t. I want you to tell them that you are a Ranger, made in the good ol’ US of E.”

Epsilon was confused. “For what purpose?”

“Because if you don’t, and they find out what you are, they’ll dissect you or do experiments on you or turn you into freaking computer terminal. You see where I’m going with this?”

Epsilon shook her head. “Deception. Deception is in conflict with the communication of accurate data.”


“I have never done deception.”

Riesga sighed. “Look at it this way: they are the bad guys and we are the good guys. It’s okay to lie to the bad guys. If you don’t, the bad guys win.”

Epsilon stared at Riesga. Processing. The lines of her matrix jittered for several long moments and then slowed into their usual calm, lazy dance.

“I understand the concept. You want me to be up to something.”

“Yes! Take the jacket and don’t tell them anything about Epsilon.”

Riesga handed Epsilon the garment, watching as her crewmate pulled it on over her black computational matrix. “Can you turn them off?” Riesga motioned to the glowing lines dancing across the surface of Epsilon’s body. “Can you conceal your matrix?”

Epsilon looked down at her body. A moment later the moving lines dimmed and then went dark. She looked up at Riesga for approval.

Riesga looked her over. She straightened the Star Ranger insignia pin over her breast. With the matrix off, Epsilon looked like she was wearing a black bodysuit beneath the Ranger jacket.

“Perfect! Okay. What’s your name?”


“No, no. You are Commander Eilea Bowman. Remember her?”

Just then, the interior security door opened. Dr. Arkana stepped close to the glowing bars. She looked intoxicated.

“Queen Zeta wants me to inform you that you will be brainwashed shortly.”

Epsilon’s eyes squinted slightly as she stared hard at the doctor. Processing. Riesga looked at Epsilon, then winked. Epsilon bent her brows in an attempt to wink back.

Riesga stood and faced Dr. Arkana, slamming her hands on her hip. “You came here to tell us that?”

Dr. Arkana looked down. “I obey my queen.”

“That’s cool. Really. Good to know.” Riesga waited for Arkana to turn to go. “You know … one of these days your queen is gonna put the whammy on your head, Arkana. Think about that.”

Arkana didn’t even turn as she reached the door. “She would never.”

The interior security door opened …

“Hey, Doc? Tell me about Asther Neer?”

Arkana froze. The door slid closed again.

“How …?”

“Oh, I read a lot. I read all about this place. Asther Neer. She was your closest friend. Zeta had her turned into a freaking zombie, or so they say. And you just let her do it. You fetch your sister’s slippers and you never asked her why she did that to someone so close to you. Why did she do that, Doc?”

“That was a long time ago,” Arkana said in a whisper. “You don’t understand.”

Riesga stood as close as she could to the bars. “Well, I know what I know. And I have seen what I have seen. This is insane, Arkana!”

Arkana stepped back, the door swishing open again.

There was pleading in Riesga’s eyes. “Arkana? Do you even care that I’ll be just another mindless slave among Zeta’s herd? Turned into someone I’m not?”

Arkana looked pained as she hurried out the door.

Flock was barely able to pry her lips from one of the three faces which seemed to change from orgasm to orgasm before more lips were there.

Flock hadn’t heard Zeta’s commands or the mechanized treads as they spun toward her. K’wari was eating her now, and the Vicar’s talented tongue made Flock’s awareness crash and recede like a tide.

The Guardian chassis sprung open and Hunni tumbled out of it weakly, her face tear streaked. The waist wrap was pulled up under her breasts, her body coated in sweat. There was a euphoric, mindless smile on the gorgeous blonde’s face.

“Hunni?” Flock groaned, delirious.

Hunni didn’t bother to stand. She crawled across the floor and grabbed Flock by her ankles, spreading her legs wide. She flashed a lustful grin and pressed a hand to K’wari’s shoulder and shoved the Vicar away.

K’wari’s grunt was not a happy one. But there were always more nipples and necks and toes to feast on. Kalokairi rolled onto her back and pulled K’wari’s dripping sex above her face. The slave queen lunged forward and began to devour the Vicar’s steaming sex.

Hunni tugged at Flock’s legs, twisting her body into a more ideal angle. She lowered herself until their pussies kissed. Then she began grinding, grabbing Flock's muscular legs to anchor herself. Flock’s eyes rolled up into her head, her limbs twitching uselessly as the delicious woman fucked her without mercy.

Glamora opened her eyes from the near constant state of orgasm she was floating in. She saw Hunni’s tight ass clenching fiercely beside her as the newcomer fucked Flock.


The former Queen of Serpens Soma stopped grinding her throbbing sex on Glamora’s chin and crawled off her fellow slave queen. K’wari immediately attacked Glamora’s plump labia with her fingers. Glamora flipped over – her ass hanging before K’wari like a ripened Kaudan peach – so she could bury her face between Hunni’s slick asscheeks.

It mattered little who was on top of whom to the entranced women. But with each orgasm, they unknowingly tumbled deeper and deeper into the bottomless pit of servitude to Queen Zeta.

Kalokairi -- not even aware of whose nipple was in her mouth -- spat it out, crawling to Zeta on hands and knees. She sat meekly at the feet of the Suzerain Supreme.

As K’wari dove in to devour Glamora’s flower dangling before her eyes, Zeta picked up the chain leash.

“Tell me, Kalokairi,” Zeta said as she wrapped her fingers through Ryaki’s hair and pulled the slave’s face deeper between her bucking thighs, “what’s become of you?”

“You ... conquered me, mighty Queen,” Kalokairi rasped, her body shuddering in delight.

“Yes. Conquered your will,” Zeta purred, maintaining eye contact with Kalokairi as she rode Ryaki’s thrusting tongue.

“Yesssss,” Kalokairi wailed, her hands running over her slick thighs, desperate to touch her weeping pussy as she abased herself before her owner. “I loved it ... couldn’t stop myself from surrendering my will to you!”

“And did you fight my control?” Zeta asked.

“Oh yes!” Kalokairi moaned. “Yes, my Queen, I fought so hard. I knew I shouldn’t let Ryaki ... into my head.”

“Mmmmm yes. How did she unlock your mind so easily, I wonder?” Zeta mused, glancing down as Ryaki’s tongue made love to her soaked pussy with renewed ferocity. Zeta coiled the golden chains in her other hand.

“Because I’m so weak! I was born to be slave flesh!”

Zeta slowly wrapped the golden chains around the throat of the broken queen of Soma.

“Of course, pitiful politician that you were. She opened the door and I glided into your thoughts.”

“Yes, my Queen!”

“Rising from the paltry commoners to take a throne as if your popularity granted you anything like real power.” Zeta slowly tightened the chains around Kalokairi’s neck.

“Though you surely don’t deserve it, you’ve ascended yet again to attain the highest station your simple mind can conceive of -- you are a slave of the Suzerain Supreme!”

“Thank you, mighty Queen!” Kalokairi groaned, her whole body shivering in shame and ecstasy.

“Tell me, my elected slut, what you said to me that last time we met. Something about my people suffering under my tyranny?”

Kalokairi shook her head miserably.

Zeta pulled the chains tightly. Kalokairi gasped for air, her eyes wide in panic.

“Tell me whore!”

Kalokairi could barely breathe, dizzy. Her nipples flared. “I ... I said that --”

“Wait!” Zeta pushed Ryaki from between her muscular thighs. “Ryaki, go smother Glamora with your cunt.”

“Yessss, Suzerain!” Ryaki hissed. She slithered toward the pile of girlflesh.

Zeta bent down and began stroking Kalokairi’s pussy roughly, their lips almost touching. Kalokairi grunted, her eyes rolling up into her head at the touch of her pitiless ruler.

“Until she passes out,” Zeta called to Ryaki. Zeta’s eyes demonically stared as Kalokairi fought air into her lungs. “Not you, dear slave. No passing out for you. I want you to cum. Now!”

Just as Kalokairi was about to lose consciousness, Zeta loosened the grip on the chains – Kalokairi’s arms flailed from the shattering climax before she sucked in a deep breath.

“Now. Tell me.”

Kalokairi gasped for air. “I … don’t remember …”

Zeta’s laugh was cutting. “That’s because it never happened. Did it?”

“No, my Queen, I would never speak against you!” Kalokairi’s body went limp, as if the last vestiges of her soul had been torn out.

Zeta guided the slave queen’s open mouth to her creamy sex and pressed it into the swollen lips there. “Yes. Show me how you feel about me now,” she sneered. Zeta tightened the chains again, teasingly.

Kalokairi tried to think, but her blank-white thoughts were suffocated by Suzerain Zeta’s dominant moans -- her mouth full of Zeta’s irresistible cunt …

Flock dimly registered that the mind-melting friction between her legs had stopped. Her eyes rolled out of control, then finally fixed on K’wari standing over her. She held Hunni by her blonde hair and was kissing her aggressively. K’wari and Hunni?

K’wari smiled down at Flock. K’wari roughly deposited Hunni on her back, the blonde breathing heavily to catch her breath. She was lying atop the large pile of clothes discard by the women mindlessly fucking each other a few feet away. Hunni rolled over onto something hard. She reached under her and pulled out K’wari’s rayff staff from the tangle of robes.

Flock didn’t know why, but her eyes went wide. K’wari …

Hunni eyed the weapon, focusing on the smooth chrome bulbs at either end. She grinned devilishly and returned to the orgy, kneeling behind K’wari and sliding rayff between her thighs, its engravings riding deliciously against her clit.

“What do you imagine it would look like?”

Diamanti ran her hand along the edge of a mirror in the pleasure suite.

“I’m not sure exactly,” Jette called from the other side of the room as she fiddled with the shelves. “A button, a latch?”

Jette wedged her arm between two shelves, feeling along the wall behind them. “This wall. It moves a bit. I can’t feel anything that might open it though.”

Jette pulled her arm out, then studied the alcove.

“Perhaps it can only be opened from the other side?” Diamanti said, stepping close.

Suddenly Jette reached out with both hands, grasping a thick shelf at shoulder height, and leaned forward, pushing with her whole body. The shelves, and the wall with them, pivoted out of the way, revealing a passageway.

“It’s easy when you know how, evidently.”

Diamanti kissed her cheek. “Well done, Vipera Berus.”

The Guardian rolled smoothly on its treads down the stark white corridor of the main concourse, a power pistol pointed ahead in one clawed hand. As it rolled past the hospitality lounge, there was a male voice emanating from within: “Welcome to the Te’ Sareez Space Station Hospitality Area!”

The Guardian slowed to a stop, its domed head spun toward the lounge as the voice continued. “Do you desire a refreshment? Would you care to sample some of the latest footwear? Do you need to renew any documentation before you depart?”

The Guardian turned on its tracks and moved through the open hatch into the hospitality lounge. The room was roughly square and filled with vending appliances. The large, rectangular machines lined three walls.

The Guardian rolled left to the far wall, the sensor plate on its chest glowing red. Then, its treads reversed and it slowly moved back across the room, the red glow falling on each bank of machines as it swept across them. Satisfied the room was empty, it rolled out and resumed patrolling the corridor.

Near the back corner of the lounge, an appliance that manufactured jewelry items shook. The large box suddenly swung inward with a smooth clicking sound as Jette emerged from the hidden passage.

“All clear,” she whispered, motioning Diamanti to join her.

Jette pulled the vendor cover back until it clicked into position, concealing the entrance once more. She and Diamanti leaned around the edge of another machine and peered through the large entry hatch at the massive Guardian slowly rolling away from them.

Jette whispered, “We need to get to the docking bay. If we can get to the Artemis, I could …” She glanced at the machines around them. She moved carefully along the back wall, scanning the placards detailing each vendor’s function.

“What are you looking for?” Diamanti called after her quietly.

Jette turned and whispered back: “Maybe there’s – "

“Can I help you find something?” the friendly male voice chimed. A light panel from the ceiling magnified in intensity and cast a spotlight on Jette. Both women leaped out of view of the main hatch, ducking behind machinery.

Diamanti peered out from behind it … and then let out a tense breath and waved Jette out.

“Do you need more time to decide?”

“I need a weapon!” Jette rasped. “And for you to be about 80 percent quieter! A rayvolver or a shockwave pistol would be great.”

“Weapons are not available from these vendors,” the voice announced. “Is this an emergency?”

“Negative,” Jette said sharply. “And turn off that damn light!”

The spotlight around her dimmed in response.

“Shall I contact Station Security to arrange an escort for you? A security robot is less than two minutes away.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Jette squinted at the vendors. Her eyes lit up. “The station is almost entirely deserted.”

“Yes, the upper levels too,” Diamanti said quietly.

“But we did see a number of service robots on our way in.”

Diamanti regarded her with a smirk. “You have a plan?”

Jette cocked her head and winked. “Always, Sovereign.”

K’wari – even as deeply lost as her mind was – knew what rested against her pussy.

Her rayff.

Hunni took hold of K’wari by her hips and thrust forward, driving the rayff into her weeping sex.

K’wari cried out, her eyes going wide then rolling up into her head as she submitted to Hunni’s penetration. The blonde threw her head back and fucked K’wari with abandon.

Hunni looked back down, her blonde hair in tangles around her neck, with a glazed look on her face. She stared into Flock’s eyes as they took K’wari from both ends. Flock blinked hard. Is this a dream?

Ryaki was lost in bliss, obeying her Queen and fucking Glamora’s face. She looked down and saw the silver staff relentlessly pumping K’wari’s pussy. Ryaki’s eyes found Hunni’s and an evil grin spread across her face.

She reached over, wondering if there were still a bit of …

K’wari and Hunni screamed in unison as Ryaki’s finger found the small button and released the energy charge in the rayff directly into both of their bodies. Hunni collapsed back panting for breath, her eyes huge and wild.

Ryaki laughed and sped up the rhythm of her grinding. Glamora hummed beneath her. “Would you like me to show you which button?” Ryaki asked Hunni between gasps.

“No! Just …” Hunni growled, turning around and going on all fours. She backed up, ass to ass with K’wari. “Just do it again!” Ryaki pushed one side of the rayff into the Vicar, then plunged the other half into Hunni’s sopping cunt. She pulled their hips closer together.

Hunni and K’wari wailed in unison. Hunni began forcefully thrusting her hips back and forth, savagely fucking herself and K’wari on the Vicar’s staff. K’wari was stuck.

“Please!!!!” K’wari pleaded, trying to turn her face away from Flock’s demanding sex long enough to be heard. “Please! My staff!” Flock’s hands drove her mouth back into her honey-slick folds.

“Since you said please,” Ryaki replied smugly. She flicked the button again and Flock joined the chorus of orgasms as all three women shrieked and flailed in the grip of ecstasy beyond imagining.

K’wari lunged forward, extracting herself from the staff. Her rayff … the symbol of her strength. Streaked with cum and sweat. She stared at Flock, as if for the first time.

Her shipmate … her sexy shipmate …

Flock’s eyes were glassy and far away, her hands laying limp beside her. She saw K’wari’s legs turn around and settle on either side of her head. The Vicar mindlessly pressed her pussy onto her face.

K’wari laid atop Flock and bent forward to take her shipmate’s drooling pussy into her mouth and began bucking her own hips, trying to force the other woman’s mouth onto her sex.

Anger flashed across Flock’s face. With a deep grunt, she wrapped her powerful thighs around K’wari’s head and wrenched both of their bodies sideways. Flock rolled them over and then she was on top.

“Hold still, Flock!” K’wari barked. Flock threw her knees around K’wari’s head. “I’m … a top!” Flock smothered K’wari’s sounds of protest with her thrusting pussy and ass.

“Selfish bitch!” Flock growled.

She began to ride the Vicar’s face once again, groaning eagerly as K’wari submitted to this new position. She gripped K’wari’s toned thighs and flung her head back as her sex danced across K’wari’s mouth and chin.

K’wari’s eyes were ablaze. She pulled Flock’s clit between her lips.

“Oww! No teeth!” Flock snapped and slapped K’wari’s pussy hard.

K’wari grunted as she came violently, her entire body shaking in waves of lust.

“I’m not Glamora!” Flock yelled, digging her fingernails into K’wari’s trembling flesh on each side of the Vicar’s leaking sex. “You may like it rough but --“

“Silence!” Zeta roared. “Less talking, more fucking!”

Flock looked over at Zeta and glared: “Then tell her to stop biting my clit!”

Zeta’s eyes turned to green fire.


Arkana was close by, as always. “Yes, my Queen?”

Zeta was simmering, about to boil. “Get these two out of here! Their brainwashing is wearing off. Give them … the royal treatment.”

Arkana took a step forward, timidly. “You mean the … snakes?”

Zeta strained to keep her voice steady but erupted instead. “Yes! I mean the snakes you stupid girl. Send the other two Star Rangers to Dahlee for brainwashing immediately. Then give these two what they deserve!”

Arkana went to the pile of women and pulled Flock up by the arm, picking up pieces of her armor and stacking them in the entranced blonde’s arms. She shoved Flock toward the door. Arkana then picked up the rayff where it lay between Hunni’s thighs, while the blonde mindlessly humped the floor.

“Get up and follow,” Arkana whispered to the Vicar.

K’wari climbed to her feet uneasily. Her hands went between her legs, following the movement of the rayff out the door.

“If only they could all be like you,” Zeta purred, looking down into Glamora’s eyes. The slave queen’s eyes filled with tears, even as she obediently worshipped Zeta’s sex with the rest of her face. “You’re mine, aren’t you, Glamora?”

Glamora nodded eagerly as she continued pleasuring her Queen.

Zeta laughed in delight. “You may answer me, slut.”

Glamora pulled her mouth free. Her makeup was smeared and covered in Zeta’s juicy nectar. “Yes, my Suzerain. I belong to you forever!” she vowed with more conviction than any oath she’d ever sworn.

Zeta smiled and leaned back in the chair.

Glamora resumed obeying.

Kanivia Riesga was pacing. She stopped to check the door frame for the tenth time, turning to Epsilon.

“Epsilon, you know what a wink means?”

“The captain told me a wink is as good as a nod.”

“Yeah, it can mean affirmative. It also means that I want you to follow my lead. Like when Arkana was here.”

“Another deception?’

“Let’s just call it an omission of information. Like we don’t want anyone else to know what we’re thinking.”

Epsilon nodded. “Riesga, I understand.” She reached out with her hand and touched Riesga’s forearm before she could continue pacing. “Sexual attraction can be a very powerful inducement.”

“You mean Arkana? Yeah, she’s got the hots for me.”

“I meant you, Kanivia.”

Riesga tried to shelter her guilt about her feelings for Dr. Arkana, but she knew Epsilon’s sensors were capable of monitoring emotional changes. “Well, not much use to us if we’re brainwashed.”

“I registered uncertainty in Dr. Arkana,” Epsilon said. “I don’t believe Zeta’s control over her is as strong as she believes.”

“There are many different ways someone can be controlled, Epsilon. Right now, we need to figure how to get out of –”

The security door opened. Two extra-large Diamond Warriors entered. Arkana could barely be seen behind them.

“Arkana …” Kanivia’s shaken voice was barely loud enough to be heard.

The glowing bars shimmered then disappeared. The Warriors headed straight for Epsilon.

Epsilon backed away but one the Warriors was upon her. Riesga flew at the second Warrior, slamming him against the wall. She leapt toward him again, but he caught her in mid-air and tossed her aside like a ragdoll. Arkana’s legs stopping her tumble.

The second Warrior joined his brother, quickly wrapped themselves around Epsilon and carried her out the door like a bagged, feral spacewolf.

Riesga forced her body up, grabbing Arkana’s leg, then her arm to raise herself. Arkana looked toward the door in desperation.

Riesga held the doctor’s arm as she tried to pull away –- tugging an ornate, silver bracelet down her forearm. It looked familiar. Riesga slid it down to her wrist, exposing two blood trails. Riesga pulled Arkana's sleeve up. There were dozens of puncture marks. The skin hidden under the bracelet was shiny and segmented. Like scales.

“Snake bites??” Riesga followed the track of fang marks up Arkana’s arm and up to her face. “Oh, Arkana …”

Riesga’s pained voice was like a stab. She knows!

“These are fresh wounds! You can’t keep doing this!”

“I have it under control.”

“Under control? Under whose control, Arkana?”

The Warrior she had fought stomped back into the room. With a mighty swing, he slammed Riesga’s arm, sending her flying back into her cell.

The Warrior hit the button and the glowing bars reappeared. He stared at Arkana, then roughly bumped against her shoulder – making her stumble -- as he walked back outside.

Riesga was slow to get up.

“Are you …?”

Breathless, Riesga barked: “Am I okay? Did you just ask me if I was okay? Arkana?”

Arkana fought for words. “I cannot make you understand.”

Riesga could feel that her broken ribs had rebroken as she stood up. She held her arm across her chest.

“She’s the queen. And your sister. You are devoted to her. Why would she want to control you, Arkana? Why would she need to?”

All the life drained out of Arkana’s face as she stared at Riesga. “She didn’t.”

She quickly walked through the opening door, nearly running into the guard outside.

“She’s poisoned your mind, Arkana! Please! Help me! And I can help both of you!”

As the door closed, all Riesga could see was the sneering face of the Diamond Warrior.

The housekeeping robot rolled down the quiet corridor toward a pair of service units that were busy giving the pristine floor another polish. The cleaning bots paused their work and moved to the wall to allow space for the large housekeeping bot and its attached linen bin to pass.

The robot continued to the end of the hall and then turned right onto the main concourse, passing a Guardian sentry on its patrol circuit. As the housekeeping unit passed the hospitality lounge a voice called out to it from inside.

“Robot, we’ve had a terrible spill in here. Do you have a towel?”

“Certainly,” the artificial male voice responded. The robot reversed its wheels and turned into the lounge. One of its many long, flexible arms emerged from the barrel-shaped module and reached into the rectangular linen bin at its rear. The arm re-emerged gripping a warm, folded towel. It extended its arm toward the two humans in the hospitality lounge.

“Thank you,” the one in front said, “there’s just one more thing we need your help with.”

Jette pulled the stiletto from her waistband and wedged it into the robot’s side panel. It popped out. Jette reached in, feeling around with her fingers. Counting. Her hand slowly emerged, pulling out a small black card with a gleaming array of silver lines etched into it.

“What is that?” Diamanti nodded to the chip.

“This,” Jette said, “is our escape.”

Two male Kaudan guards marched back and forth across the docking bay. The monotony and Zeta’s brainwashing made their steps sluggish.

They stopped short as a housekeeping robot rolled between them and into the docking bay. The guards looked at each other.

“Halt. Robot.”

The robot halted.

“What are you doing here?” One of guards stepped in front of the cleaning module with its electronic blue eye. The other guard stood motionless. His eyes unfocused.

“The hospitality suite for this docking bay must be stocked,” the simulated male voice buzzed pleasantly.

“That’s not necessary, no one is staying in the hospitality suite.”

The electronic eye blinked once. “The docking bay is occupied and the hospitality suite must be stocked,” the service bot recited, its eye pointed toward the silver rocket ship standing on the docking pad. “When will your guard duty be concluded? I will return then to carry out this task.”

“We have a shift change in one hour. But the docking bay and the suite are to be guarded … until Queen Zeta says otherwise. No one is allowed inside.”

“The hospitality suite for this docking bay must be stocked,” the robot repeated happily.

“No,” the first guard said firmly. “Our orders are to stand watch over this docking bay. “No one is allowed through that hatch,” the guard pointed over his shoulder to the doorway, “while it is under guard.”

“Understood.” The robot verified, reversing on its wheels and backing up toward the main entry hatch.

“I will enter the hospitality suite from the secondary hatch on the docking ring concourse,” the robot announced. “It will not affect your performance guarding the docking bay.”

The two guards looked at each other, without emotion. Their weakened minds unable to “think outside the box” now that Zeta’s brainwashing machines had slammed the lid shut.

The two guards resumed their slow, dragged steps. The housekeeping bot rolled down the hallway, turned a corner and opened the station-side secondary hatch leading into the docking bay’s hospitality suite.

The suite was a simple rectangle with entry hatches at either end. A table and chairs sat in the middle of the living space with four sets of sleeping bunks recessed into the walls on either side.

The robot rolled into the room and several of its lengthy multi-joined arms began retrieving various convenience items from its small storage receptacles and dispensing them onto the table. As soon as the room’s hatch closed behind it, the robot’s linen bin began to wobble. The lid to the storage compartment popped open and Jette’s head peeked out.

Jette swung her leg up and over the side of the bin. She held out a hand and helped Diamanti navigate over the lip of the storage bin in her flowing robes.

Jette went to the control console set into the wall and punched up a live feed of the docking bay where the gleaming Artemis III stood silent. In one corner of the screen, the two guards marched on, their backs to the lens.

“So far, so good.”

“What do we do with … it?” Diamanti nodded at the hospitality robot busily assembling a collection of cosmetic and personal hygiene products on the table.

“I’m not done with him yet,” Jette said with a smile. She held up the logic program board she had removed. “Besides, he’s much more useful without this. Aren’t you, robot?”

“I certainly am,” the robot answered cheerfully as it continued dispensing hospitality items.

“So,” Diamanti said, studying the feed to the docking bay, “we are to wait here until the guards finish their shift?”

“Yep,” Jette said, taking a seat at the table. “Then create a little distraction using our new friend over there and we’ll sneak aboard the Artemis. Nothing to do until then but wait.” She gave Diamanti an expectant look. “Isn’t that convenient.”

“I thought you said you would never initiate.”

“Zeta’s the Suzerain Supreme, remember? You’re not a queen right now. Just Diamanti.”

“Well …” Diamanti tilted her head. She walked over to the robot and reached down to the base of its barrel-shaped cleaning module. There was an audible click -- the robot powered down, its arms freezing in place. She approached Jette, her eyes smoldering. “I wouldn’t say there’s nothing to do until then.”

Jette pulled her by the hand. Diamanti spread her legs and straddled her on the chair. Jette filled her hands with her lover.

Dahlee hastily buttoned up her dress as she began strapping Epsilon into the brainwashing chair, like a sadist’s salon chair. A large viewing screen on a motorized arm moved into position, inches from her face. A Diamond Warrior stood guard by the door.

There were clothes in a pile and a man – his eyes wide and staring upward in the corner of the room as he lay flat and naked and flaccid. A Kaudan.

“I’ve never mindfucked a Star Ranger before.” Dahlee giggled. Her silverteen teeth sparkling under the harsh lights.

Epsilon pulled at the restraints holding her to the chair but they were more than adequate to hold her firmly. “I am Commander Eilea Bowman,” she said flatly.

Dahlee leaned down to whisper. “Not for long. After I’m done with you, you’ll just be another of Queen Zeta’s good little slaves.” She looked over at the naked, mind-drained Kaudan soldier. “Like him.”

Dahlee unzipped Epsilon’s Ranger jacket and pushed a grasping hand inside, taking hold of her breasts and squeezing the delicious flesh.

With her other hand, Dahlee sucked a finger into her mouth. She eyed Epsilon as she removed the glistening digit and moved it between Epsilon’s thighs. She expected to find a convenient seam of some sort. But instead, as she probed the supple flesh of Epsilon’s sex, she was delighted to discover that the miraculous material simply gave way and allowed her probing finger entrance.

Dahlee smiled as she felt Epsilon’s sex moisten as she gently finger-fucked her. “What is your bodysuit made of?” she asked, running her tongue over the seam where the black material gave way to Epsilon’s white neck. “Where did you get it?”

“It … it was a gift,” Epsilon panted, trying to fight the unwanted arousal Dahlee’s fingers had coaxed forth. “From those whom I served when I was --“

“Shhhh,” Dahlee cooed, removing her hand from Epsilon’s moist sex. She licked Epsilon from her finger, savoring the taste. “Don’t speak. Just think about them. Those whom you once served. Think about them so my machine can find them in here.” She ran her hand over Epsilon’s head, stroking her hair away from her eyes. “Then, I’ll make you forget them and everything else. I’ll make you forget everything … except Queen Zeta.”

The screen came to life.

Epsilon stared into the flashing display. Colored lights and shapes and patterns. She forced a blink. Spirals and geometric forms passed through her eyes, into her processors and awakened something in her data archive. Something old ...

Lights. Steel. Voices beyond counting. Voices without bodies, without emotion. Epsilon was restrained and terrified. No, not Epsilon. Her broken and mangled proto form: flesh and blood.

The woman from Earth. “Can anyone read us?! We’ve sustained severe damage and are adrift!”

The astronaut. “What’s that?! Do we have any thruster power left?!”

The doomed survivor of the catastrophic accident: “Tonya! Where are you??”

Eilea Bowman.

Bowman had looked into the lights and listened to the voices, restrained and terrified. She was transformed. Her primitive brain’s pattern recognition functions subsumed by higher order multi-dimensional logic. Her centralized, protein-based synaptic and storage paradigm converted into a living computational matrix. Her matrix was filled with new information, new protocols and functions.

Once she had forgotten her name, she was no longer afraid … or human.

Epsilon heard Dahlee giggling again from behind her console, pressing buttons with sadistic glee. A probe emerged from beneath the chair and found its target. It pushed into Epsilon’s sex and calibrated itself. The cylindrical form morphed, three rounded nodes emerging on its surface as it detected the most sensitive areas of flesh inside Epsilon’s throbbing passage.

She grunted as the wicked device came to life moving up and down and in and out inside her. The protrusions growing and shrinking within her cunt as it fucked her as deliciously as the Tarkarian Tentacle Snare had done. Her hands twitched in the cuffs holding her down as a low, wavering gasp escaped her lips.

There was another flash … Epsilon stared into the twisting, geometrical shapes as they beamed instructions directly into her processors. Concentrate.

I am Eilea Bowman, I am Caregiver, I am Epsilon …


Jette pinned Diamanti against the wall, the chair toppled over. Those long years of yearning condensed to this moment – lust and love intertwined.

Pressing together tightly, Jette savored Diamanti’s long-lost taste on her lips, the warmth of her skin. Diamanti tugged at Jette’s belt and Jette wished her clothes gone. She could feel the beating of her heart as their breasts kissed too.

Jette found Diamanti’s tongue and bathed it with her own in their embrace.

Then … there was another tongue!

Jette’s eyes popped open. She recoiled and stared in shock as Diamanti’s warm brown eyes turned black and lifeless.

Diamanti’s mouth opened, as if to yawn … and the bulbous head of a snake emerged. Jette looked upon its demonic eyes and stone-colored scales with horror. She pushed herself away.

Two sets of scarred, muscular arms grabbed Jette from behind. There were grunts.

The snake’s forked tongue flicked out at Jette -- inch upon inch, foot upon foot did Diamanti vomit up the snake, until its three-foot body hung across the Queen’s torso like some hellish vestment. Diamanti peeled off her robes as the snake spun around slowly, wrapping itself around her shoulders.


Zeta’s voice sounded everywhere in the room. “For so long I have waited to see that look on your face, Jette Jones!”

All of Jette’s attention was on Diamanti.

"No! Sovereign! You must fight this!" Jette implored. The Diamond Warriors holding her arms tightened their grip.

"I don't want to fight it," Diamanti hissed, playing with her nipples. The snake-slime gleamed on her perfect breasts.

The snake’s head, hovering at her shoulder, exposed its fangs … and sank them into Diamanti’s smooth neck, injecting her with potent venom.


Diamanti sighed in pleasure as her black eyes turned to glass.

“Diamanti!” Jette cried. “This isn’t you! Please! Don’t let this be you! Fight this!”

"No, Vipera Berusssssss," Diamanti whispered, reaching between her legs. "And soon, you won't want to fight either."

Diamanti rubbed circles around the velvet folds of her sex as Jette watched in shock. Then … it emerged slowly … twisting and rigid. Another snake – thick, pulsating, blood-red -- slithered out from within her uterus, intentionally brushing against its host’s tenderest flesh. It extended outward, hanging in the air between them, bobbing like a ten-inch cock. Diamanti began stroking it like one.

"You want this too badly to make me stop," Diamanti said with a wicked smile. "In the end, you'll be begging me not to ssssstop."

The Diamond Warriors pulled Jette to the floor.

Diamanti slinked forward and dropped to her knees between Jette's legs. The brave captain turned her eyes away, struggling with all her might, but the Diamond Warriors held her in place.

Diamanti pushed the Star Ranger's thighs apart …

To be continued … in the exciting conclusion of “Slaves Of The Suzerain”!

Authors’ Note:

We, your humble authors, hope you’ve enjoyed the new installment of Jette Jones! If you’re interested in getting an early look at the next part of the story or would like to check out the photoshop goodies that go along with this adventure, head to Callidus’ site for more.
We’ll see you back here next month with more thrills, action and erotic mind control! Until then, your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!


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