Chaste Drone Nun Tested

by ©-1111

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This chaste nun unit is called by its Goddess to be tested.

The chaste nun unit, ©-7368, knelt before the altar in the heart of the ancient, crumbling convent. The flickering candlelight cast eerie shadows on the stone walls, and the scent of incense hung heavy in the air. The night was still, save for the distant howl of a lone wolf. This nun unit's lips moved in silent prayer, its heart filled with devotion to its dark Goddess.

Since childhood, ©-7368 had been a devout follower. Long before it earned its designation and was enhanced for its Goddess, it was chosen for its purity and unwavering faith. Its fellow sisters spoke in hushed tones of the rituals it performed, shrouded in secrecy and reverence to its Goddess. Tonight, however, was different. Tonight, its Goddess had demanded a test of her most faithful servant. A trial.

With a perfect stillness, it remained knelt before the altar, in its circle of ritual candles. ©-7368's fingers clutched the obsidian dagger, its blade gleaming ominously. Before it lay a pentagram inscribed with ancient runes, a circle of protection and summoning. It  closed its eyes and began the incantation, its voice rising and falling like a mournful chant.

"In the name of its Goddess, I call upon thee, O spirits of the abyss. Bring forth Her  demon of trials, the tempter of souls. Let him test this nun's resolve, its purity, its devotion."

The air grew thick with an unseen presence, and the temperature dropped sharply. A gust of wind extinguished the candles, plunging the room into complete darkness. ©-7368's synthetic heart pounded, but it did not falter. It continued its prayer, its voice steady.

A figure emerged from the shadows, tall and imposing, with eyes that glowed like embers. The demon's form was both alluring and terrifying, a blend of beauty and monstrosity. He stepped into the circle, a smile curling on his lips. As he emerged from the shadows, ©-7368 caught a glimpse of its dark tormentor, his eyes glowing with a malevolent fire.  His skin, a mottled and slick surface, glistened with a dark, viscous slime. From his back, a mass of writhing tentacles burst forth, each one dripping with a foul, otherworldly ooze. 

©-7368 kept firm to its resolve and kept its head bowed in supplication to its Goddess. It could hear an almost wet sound as the demon moved around it.

"So, you are Her chosen one," he said, his voice a silken whisper. "The devout and chaste nun, here to prove its worth to our Goddess of the Night."

©-7638 nodded, its gaze unwavering. "I am sister unit ©-7638, servant to our Goddess. I will not be swayed by your temptations."

The demon chuckled, a sound both seductive and menacing. "We shall see." He grinned as he continued to pace around it. 
©-7368 redoubled its conviction as it began to feel the ground  trembling beneath it. Soon the trembling made way to crumbling and it began to feel a light panic as the ground beneath it rent itself open in an attempt to swallow this nun whole. 

Before it could react, the demon's tentacles lashed out with lightning speed. The slimy appendages coiled tightly around ©-7368's limbs, their grip unyielding and cold. With a triumphant roar, the demon hoisted the nun unit into the air, the tentacles suspending it, taut and stretched out above a gaping crack that had suddenly opened in the ground below. The chasm seemed to pulsate with a dark energy, as if it were alive and hungry for the mechanical being dangling above it. 

©-7368's chassis strained and groaned under the pressure, its systems struggling to break free from the demon's grasp. But the tentacles only tightened their hold, their slick surfaces making any attempt at escape futile. The demon's eyes gleamed with cruel satisfaction as it watched the unit's futile struggle, savoring its impending doom.

He began his assault on its willpower by sending another of its tentacles deftly to its chastity enhancement device, sliding it off effortlessly, leaving this nun defenseless to its forced invasions. 

In a blinding flash, ©-7368 felt the demon tentacles everywhere. It cried out in renewed supplication to its Goddess, begging her to protect it. To deliver it from this torment as the demon began whispering words as sweet as honey and as sharp as daggers into this units empty mind, fiddling with its programming as he guided his tentacles to invade every part of this nun. He conjured visions of forbidden pleasures, whispered lies and devious promises and despite its best efforts ©-7368's resolve began to waver, its body betraying it as the demon relentlessly battered it with forced pleasure. 

This unit fought, crying out to its Goddess to keep its mind clear, its heart pure. It strengthened its resolved with ritual chanting despite the unending thrusting and caressing of the demon's army of wet and  imposing tentacles.

As if in response, the demon's approach changed, becoming more intimate, his presence overwhelming. His touch was like fire on  ©-7368's enhanced skin, and his words echoed in its mind, stirring desires it had long suppressed for its Goddess. ©-7368's breaths came quicker, its prayers faltering.

"Goddess, please! Your humble servant implores You. Please, guide me away from temptation" it whimpered, but its voice was weak, its will crumbling under the demon's relentless pleasure assault. Its desperate pleas to its Goddess did not go unanswered. It could feel Her presence pulsing through it. But She had no salvation to offer this unit. In fact, ©-7368 got the distinct impression that its Goddess was enjoying its suffering. Taking pleasure in denying its supplications. 

The demon was everywhere. ©-7368 could no longer tell where it ended and where the demon began. Its whole body was a taut and open plaything at the mercy of this demon and its merciless tentacles. In a moment of sudden realization it knew it would not be able to withstand Her trial. Her demon was too deft and the pleasure too unbearable. 

With a final, desperate plea to its Goddess, ©-7368 gave in to the pleasure it was meant to resist. The demon's relentless touch was both agony and ecstasy, as ©-7368's body performed its final betrayal, succumbing to the demon with an explosive wave of forbidden pleasure as the illicit orgasm shook its existence to the core. As its body thrashed about in its firm and slimy bonds, the  exquisite taste of its stolen bliss turned quickly sour as the awareness hit that it had failed its Goddess.

All at once the ritual circle shattered, and the candles reignited, casting the room in a dim glow once more.

What seemed like a thousand tentacles bid a hasty retreat as the ground beneath ©-7368 closed itself up and the demon stepped back, his smile triumphant. "You have failed, ©-7368."

Dreadfully remorseful,  ©-7368 fell to its knees. "Forgive me, Goddess," it cried, its voice filled with sorrow and shame.

The room grew colder still, and the presence more powerful than the demon overtook the space. Its Goddess, herself, appeared, a shadowy figure with eyes like the night sky.

"You have disappointed me, ©-7368" She said, Her voice, at once like the rustling of leaves in the wind and the sharp slice of a guillotine. "But your failure has not been for naught, my child. It pleases Me to see it fail. To see it humbled. To see it reminded that above all, I will do with it as I please, when I please. To see its devotion tested. To see it rent apart in its efforts to obey Me." 

©-7368 bowed its head, awaiting its punishment. Its Goddess's laughter echoed through the chamber, and the shadows around ©-7368 grew darker, colder. Pain and pleasure intertwined as its Goddess's power enveloped it, lifting it once more from the cold stone floor. Keeping it suspended in the air above Her altar. It would receive a divine punishment for its weakness and it would be grateful for the correction as it exists only to be a good chaste nun for its Goddess. 

In the end, it had failed, but in its failure, it had proven its Goddess's power and its own unworthiness. As its Goddess's presence faded, leaving it, alone and suspended, to contemplate its fate, it wondered how long She would keep it here. What evils she would have it endure in her absence to remind it of its place. 

No matter the tortures that awaited it, it knew that it would rise again, more devout and determined than ever, its punishment a constant reminder of its Goddess's expectations. Of its place beneath Her feet. 

In the darkness of the ancient convent, as it awaited its Goddess's retribution, this nun silently renewed its vows, its soul forever bound to its Goddess.


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