Morning Bloom

Chapter 11

by BiSound

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Elizabeth once again found herself struggling to keep up with her excited affini as Aleina pulled her along. Luckily it wouldn’t be too far this time, as they weren't too far from the cinema. Elizabeth was sure Anleina was pulling her along faster this time, not by a lot, but she was definitely struggling to keep up.
“Here we are!” Aleina declared as the two of them stopped outside of a surprisingly small building. For affini standards, that is. The VR place was definitely bigger, and she honestly felt like she had seen bigger cinemas back on Terra. Still, Aleina was rustling with excitement and she couldn’t help but feel excited too. What would affini entertainment be like? Would they have movies targeted at humans already? Most Terran movies were computer generated anyway. But that really didn’t feel like their style.
“The movie we are going to be watching is called first contact, it’s a romance and based on a true story!” Elizabeth couldn’t help but laugh. Based on a true story was such a joke.
“So it has vague connections to something that actually happens but goes off in a very different direction?” Elizabeth asked, not stopping her laughing.
“Exactly!” Aleina declared excitedly, not really seeming to get why it was funny, but happy Elizabeth was happy.
The lobby to the cinema was very deep red, everything was the same deep red in fact, except for the black doors, and the food stand, where everything you would want to bring to the cinema was placed out. The trouble for Elizabeth, however, was that the stand was that the stand was sized to Affini, not terrans. It went just over her head leaving her with no other choice than to look half beggingly, half expectantly up at her affini. “Do you want some snacks, little pup?” Elizabeth nodded and Aleina ruffled her head. “Better ask for it then.”

Elizabeth blushed, and it took her a second, but she did ask. “Can I have some cinema snacks, Miss Nu?” She said pleadingly, and Aleina couldn’t help but swoon over how cute she was. 
“Yes my little flower, just make sure you keep your appetite for dinner.” Aleina picked up a box of popcorn, and a couple bottles of soda, before guiding Elizabeth through one of the black doors.
Elizabeth found herself in a round room. It seemed about big enough for maybe 3 affini, or about 10 Terrans. But the main thing surprising her was how it was nothing like a Terran cinema hall. There was no canvas, no projector, none of the more modern projection technology used in the colonies either. There were also no seats, instead the entire floor was made out of comfy pillows. Aleina took the lead into the middle of the room and once she noticed the confused look on her petal’s face she smiled and explained.
“We do have a more traditional cinema hall, but these rooms make for a much more enjoyable experience with just the two of us.” She looked expectantly at Elizabeth as her vines coiled around the girl, and receiving no obvious sign of disapproval wrapped her petal up and moved her into the right position.
Elizabeth was a little surprised to feel herself lifted up into the air and cradled halfway inside of Aleina. Still it was an incredibly pleasant feeling, and it allowed her to rest as she stared up at the domed roof as it came to life, into a sea of stars. The title came across the screen: ‘first contact.’ 
The movie sure was something. The Terran lead obviously wasn’t an actor but she still seemed very dedicated to the role, to a somewhat creepy degree. Her lines were cheesy and delivered clumsily, but delivered with the dedication of someone who truly believes every word.
The story was about a terran scouting vessel that finds a dormant affini in a traveling pod. After taking the plant aboard. Weird things started to happen to the protagonist. She started to stumble more, giggle more, and humm to herself. “Aleina… is this supposed to be scary?” Elizabeth asked, a little perplexed.
“No silly, it's romantic! Now watch. The affini is calling out to her!” Aleina silenced her dear Eliz with some more soda and popcorn, while both of them watched the screen.
On the screen the heroine made her way into the storage room to find it overrun by vines and leaves, flowers spreading all around. Why was she not turning around and leaving? Elizabeth wondered? These were straight up horror tropes!
“This is the best part!“ Aleina exclaimed excitedly, the vines on screen slowly starting to move as the girl approached the box that Elizabeth and Aleina knew contained the formerly dormant affini. As the box opened the main character looked down at a wondrous pair of eyes, and as she was about to panic a flower engulfed her face and she blacked out. 
“Fuck… that was hot.” Elizabeth wasn’t entirely sure where that came from. But it really was, the tension, those affini eyes, and the drugs… ugh why did her first meeting with an affini have to be so mundane?
Elizabeth was awarded with full body pets as the movie continued with a bizarre scene. The affini had taken a humanoid shape, and had apparently learned english from the ship computer while the girl was knocked out. That in and of itself seemed very on brand for an affini, but the bizarre part was the framing. Everything in the scene was screaming romantic, like a candle lit dinner or that special moment when lovers meet for the first time, the camerawork, the editing, the music, the lighting. Everything screamed genuine romance. But the actual content was a scared and confused girl wrapped up in vines while an affini was flirting condescendingly at her. 
The movie went from there, and while there were still some weird additions of horror that felt a little misplaced, and a lot of room for flirting, drugs and affection most of the tense space feels were gone. The affini quickly fixed everything wrong with the ship and changed their course to a nearby affini ship. The Terran on the other hand spent her days falling head over heels for the affini and by the time they arrived she was all but domesticated.
“Awww, look how romantic!” Aleina exclaimed, squeezing the very conflicted and constricted Terran in her arms. Elizabeth wished her path had been this simple. Instead of all of these decisions she had to make. All these things she had to learn so she could do what was best for all those people the Affini wanted to help. 
The movie ended with the cotyledon, as she was learning she was called, being taken in for some operation. That's right, the implant. Elizabeth supposed the director had wanted this to feel like a wedding scene, but she got a certain feeling of finality to it and when the movie faded out on the pet drugged and asleep in her owner's arms it left Elizabeth with very conflicted feelings. The movie was a bizarre chimera of filmmaking tropes from all kinds of genres, sci fi, romance, horror, drama, mystery. It was all there, and thrown around almost haphazardly. But oddly enough she liked it, in large part because of that. 
The main character was easy to relate to, something that did worry Elizabeth quite a bit. The main affini was sorta gorgeous, especially in that first contact scene where her body was spread all throughout the ship storage in her wonderful alien glory, and while it didn’t make for the most engaging story when the hypercompetent plant lady fixed all the problems before they could become dramatic, there was still some drama in how she broke in her new pet and turned her into a… gosh.
Aleina was looking at her expectantly. “Soooo….? What do you think?” She asked, expectantly. “A great example of terran cinematic techniques and traditions, right?” Elizabeth couldn’t help but giggle. 
“I could definitely see the inspiration. I think I liked it though, everyone on screen looked like they were really enjoying themselves, I am especially impressed with the Terran. She really embodied that role.” Elizabeth smiled, leaning further into her affini, as she was fed some more of the remaining snack.
“ A dose of class Bs before filming really helps.” Aleina said. “It is a wonder how well someone will act when they truly believe in what you are doing.” Elizabeth frowned at that. Did they make that girl think the story on screen was actually really happening?
“So you made her think it was real? But what about the cameras? Isn’t that, I don’t know, unethical?” Elizabeth said, obvious worry in her words. A worry Aleina was set on extinguishing.
“Oh no! We would never! The little darling helped her Mistress write the script, and I heard she was very enthusiastic to receive her class B, look!” Aleina pointed to the screen where the message ‘No sophonts were harmed in the making of this film.’ was displayed. Elizabeth looked kinda baffled at said message. 
“So she was already a pet when the movie was filmed then.” Elizabeth pondered, and Aleina rustled confirmingly. “That… cool? Perhaps. Getting to relive The beginning of your relationship like that, or, I suppose, an idealized version of it.” Elizabeth still wasn’t entirely sure. But it did ease her feelings about the movie a little bit. Just like Terran movies it wasn’t real, and even then she couldn’t deny, it had been incredibly hot, and perhaps even romantic in a strange, affini way. “I liked it, though, I do have one more question. Can you guys really go dormant?”
Aleina laughed loudly, catching Elizabeth's eyes. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
After the movie Aleina brought Elizabeth across the street to a little pizzeria on the edge of the nearby park. The artificial day-night cycle was approaching dusk and the lights were slowly being dimmed and had their colors deepened, creating an illusion of the sun going down. Their table was lit with an artificial candle and once again Elizabeth was left with the feeling of having stepped into a picture book. The affini seemed partially very interested in creating a recognizable environment for Terrans, but at the same time couldn’t help themselves but make everything too big, and just a little alien. Take the chair she was seated on, for example. She had needed Aleina’s help to get up into it and she had to sit with legs folded on the seat to rest her back against the back of the chair. 
While Elizabeth was pondering the oddities of the Affini, Aleina took the liberty of ordering for them. Something that she supposed was kinda cute, and this was a date after all. Besides, the food was wonderful. Aleina even got them wine. It was fresh and light compared to the old, expensive bottles that were so popular on Terra, some of them artificially stored for over a hundred years. 
Then there was dinner. A simple pasta for her, and some colorful fluid for Aleina. “Are you not getting anything to eat?” Elizabeth wondered to another humorous rustle from Aleina. 
“We are plants, silly, and while some of us do have the capacity to process solid food, this is how most of us eat. That is why there are so many cafes and tea shops. It is food Affini and Floret can enjoy together.” That made sense to Elizabeth. Maybe for their next date she should ask Aleina out to one of them. Even if she wasn’t a floret it could still be a nice experience for both of them. “Now eat your pasta, little one, before I feed it to you.”
Elizabeth wasn’t sure if Aleina was teasing or not, especially considering that scene from the movie where the affini fed her new pet. For a second she did consider finding out, but decided to save herself the likely humiliation and start to dig in.
The food was delicious, simple tastes mixing well, correctly sized portions and high quality ingredients without all of that overindulgent glamor of her old life. It really left Elizabeth wondering if she missed anything at all about her life on Terra. Honestly she couldn’t say she did. She had been surrounded by so much luxury, so much power and she had hated every moment of it. Every speech she had to give. Every lie she had to tell. Every vile person she had to give her prettiest smile and had to act impressed for when they bragged about their success. Success built on the back of a tortured population. But all of that was over now. She could be here with Aleina, having a wonderful full day out and eating delicious pasta, but she didn’t have to do it, she didn’t have to do anything. 
Except, that voice in the back of her mind still disagreed. She had to respect authority. She had to value her autonomy. She had to be strong. She had to be independent. Every moment spent with Aleina it felt like that voice grew weaker. Even then, it stayed, and refused to let go entirely.
Elizabeth noticed Aleina looking at her, and smiled. She could think about what she had and didn’t have to do tomorrow. There was only a little while left of their date and Elizabeth wanted to enjoy it, she wanted to spend it together with her Affini. Elizabeth grabbed hold of Aleinas hand and looked up into those eyes, those wonderful, wonderful eyes and the galaxy contained within.
Aleina stared down at the wonderfull, wonderful terran girl. While she knew that her Terran was struggling with internal thoughts she knew she could overcome those hangups. Aleina could make everything better for her flower, and she just knew Elizabeth would see that soon enough.

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