The Program

Chapter 1

by Beard_of_knowledge

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #scifi #sub:female #urban_fantasy #Hypnosis #mind_control #postapocalyptic

This is my first time publishing anything erotic online, but I enjoyed the writing process. This story contains themes of hypnosis/mind control and breeding. 

The Program

Chapter 1

As he opened the door, Nick took in the room. It looked like every other room in the “hotel”. A dresser, a television, a small refrigerator stocked with drinks. The walls were white, the bedsheets were white, and the furniture was neutral tones. Of course, the young woman sitting on the couch against the window was not “standard hotel issue”, but she wasn’t unexpected either. She smiled when she saw him, sheepishly. She stood, smoothing her skirt.

“Um, hi. I’m Kara. You must be Nick” She forced her smile a little wider, trying not to seem so nervous.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he replied, smiling, as he entered the room. He let the door swing shut behind him on its automatic closure. She motioned toward the bed with its spotless white sheets pulled tucked tightly in place.

“Do you want to sit? Or should we just… Get started?” She reminded him of a shy girl who had approached him at a homecoming dance in high school. She was nice looking. Well proportioned, her curly shoulder-length dark hair contrasted her bright blue eyes. She had wide hips and larger breasts to match. She must’ve had no trouble passing the physical for the program. She wore a sleeveless burgundy blouse with lace shoulders and chest and a solid bodice. Her gray wool skirt almost matched the couch, and ended just above the knee. There were a pair of black pumps tucked under the couch where she’d been sitting, which might’ve made her seem a little taller. As it was, standing face to face, the top of her head was just below Nick’s nose.

“This is my first, um, pairing,” she noted, smiling.

“Mine too” Nick returned her smile. It was July, after all, and the beginning of the cycle year for all of the men and probably two-thirds of the women. “How many cycles are you in for?”

“I signed up for two,” she replied. “I’m hoping to clear out my debts and have a little something left to get started with.”

That was one advantage that the women had, they could opt in for more than one cycle. The money sounded great to Nick, but he was definitely not looking to put more than one year into this. He wanted to get a job placement lined up as soon as possible.

“They don’t let the guys do that, but I can see the draw,” he said. “In this economy a nest-egg would be a great thing to have. But, uh, yeah… I’m ok to get started whenever you are.”

“Oh, um… yes. Of course!” She stood, clasping her hands behind her back, looking at the floor. “I mean, there are a lot of options. We actually went over them in some of the classes.” she smiled shyly. “It feels… silly”.

“Did you, really?” Said Nick. I did seem silly. Classes for getting it on. Her large blue eyes looked into his as she smiled sheepishly, acknowledging the absurdity. “They didn’t do anything like that on our side.” And they hadn’t. There were mostly classes on rules of engagement and conduct. The focus was on breeding of course, so there had been emphasis on that. After the physiological and psychological testing it had pretty much been a cake walk. Fun, in fact.

There were lectures on safety and hygiene, of course. Some men were just animals. Even Nick could tell you that. Things needed to be spelled out for the men. No leaving marks, no injuries. The women were there to get pregnant, not beat up. There had been some positive messaging, however, like optional classes on massage and tantra. A little on light BDSM and spanking. There were a lot of things you would assume wouldn’t have to be said out loud, but probably did considering the audience. Like the talk called “finish where it counts” where they were admonished that “you are here to make babies, not paint faces.” He assumed the ladies had some similar kinds of training. Frankly he’d slept through several of the lectures. They were (what he considered to be) common sense. Sex for dummies.

“I’m kind of an old-fashioned guy myself. I like kissing, if that’s alright with you.” And it was. As it turned out, she thought he was a very good kisser. His lips were soft and firm against hers. He knew just how to hold his hands against her to make her feel safe, but encouraged. One on her left hip, and one on her spine at the hollow of her back. She wondered whether that was natural or taught. She didn’t have a good idea of what happened on the “boys’ side” but she liked the way his hands felt. When she’d relaxed into his kisses one hand slid beneath her blouse, along her back. She loved the feel of his warm hand against her warm back. She sighed. It really was nice, being with a man… She chuckled happily to herself in his arms.

“What’s that?” He drew back a little. “What’s so funny?”

“I was just thinking how much I like the way you touch me, and…” She blushed. “And we just met, you know? I think it’s true what they say about the meds they give us.” She smiled wryly. “I think there must be some ‘horny pills’ in there somewhere. They swear there aren’t, that there’s no such thing as a chemical aphrodisiac, but I’m not convinced.” He’d heard the same thing in the lectures, but he wondered why she thought they would need drugs. “I mean, I guess the things that keep us ovulating make us pretty receptive to it all.”

“I’m sure that’s a big part of it, yeah” he said, sliding his other hand around her back, just below her bra strap.

“Oh, here, I’m not going to make you work real hard for this!” She laughed, taking a step back, she went to work on the buttons of the blouse, undoing them one by one. He liked the way she looked up at him as she did, biting her lower lip unconsciously in expectation. Standing there in her bra, flushed on her cheeks and chest, she looked into his face as she reached back to undo the clasp.”I do like my breasts touched, you know… during. But don’t over-handle the nipples or suck on them, please.”

He smiled broadly “Can I say that I admire your frankness?” She let out a breath, obviously relieved. “I myself think that the more we communicate, the more we both enjoy what we’re here to do.” And he wasn’t just saying it. He’d had so many hard-to-read partners in high school and college. This experience was honestly refreshing. “And I appreciate you letting me know what you need. I’ll do my best.”

He stepped in, cupping her breast gently, reaching for her mouth with his own. Finding it, he gently massaged her full breast, just barely grazing the nipples with his thumbs and enjoying her shiver as he did. Her hands were around his waist, and she’d somehow hooked her thumbs into the waistband without his noticing, because she was now working it slowly down toward his hips. He decided to show her the same courtesy she had him, and undid the fly of his pants, which shortly dropped around his ankles.

Nick pulled Kara’s soft body toward him, and reached behind her, grasping her buttock. It wasn’t far from there to the zipper of her skirt. She shimmied a little to assist its descent to the floor. She was feeling so good about this pairing. It was going to be a nice, reasonable experience. Everyone in this room knew the score. They were here to do the deed, to accomplish a goal, and to have a little fun doing it. What was the harm in that? She tried to be confident as she reached down to take him in her hand. He was hard, ready, and she was ready to have him. Not for God and country, or any of that, but to have a man who wanted her… take her. She took a step back and found the bed behind her knees. She sat, scooted further back, and laid down with one leg up in what she hoped was a sexy pose.

Nick took half a step forward before realizing his shoes were still on, and his pants were around his ankles. “You suave bastard,” he thought to himself. Freeing himself with as little fuss as he could, he finally managed to crawl nude onto the bed facing Kara. Ok, so he’d never been a Casanova, but he wasn’t a total slouch, and he had no complaints whatsoever about his partner as he placed his hands on her soft body.

As his lips met hers, she considered that she was going to let this strange man have his way with her within about 15 minutes of meeting him. This wasn’t something she had envisioned as a girl. She had thought herself rather virtuous. She didn’t envision sex with strangers, or having babies as a job. It just wasn’t in the future she had projected in her mind. She knew why, of course, though. For the population.

The “Big Drop” had been the most impactful thing to hit the population since the Black Plague. It had turned out to be a side effect from a virus that had swept the world. It was a respiratory disease primarily, but its impact had been much greater. In addition to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and long-term disability, it left a sudden emptiness in hospital nurseries all over the globe. For 12 years only a smattering of children had entered the world. Every lab on every continent, it seemed, had bent to the single task of reversing the ravages of the disease.Eventually a vaccine was developed and distributed, and the virus largely arrested, but the damage had been done.

What the world was facing now was the aftermath of the aftermath. The sextagenarians in the government coud see that, in 18-25 years, in their final days, there would be a gap in the workforce. There wouldn’t be enough people to take care of them, to fix their cars, to bag their groceries, to farm the fields. It wouldn’t be a complete gap, but it honestly wouldn’t take much of a dip to throw the entire economy into a shambles. All the automation you could come up with in 10 years wouldn’t save the world. Most of the countries where food was produced couldn’t afford it anyway. The breadbaskets of the world were not the developed countries, mostly. Between Eastern-european wheat and South American fruit and vegetables, poorer countries were too important in the global economy to fail.

And so the programs had been born. “Repopulation Programs” were what most countries called them. What most people said was closer to the truth: breeding programs. The human race had to breed a new generation out of the people that had escaped the touch of the virus. “The Spared” were expected to make up for their generation’s shortcomings. There were plenty of prospective parents to adopt children, and plenty of funding from the government to raise any that didn’t find homes. The deeper truth was that a lot of governments saw the situation as a way to grab ahold of more power. Those that could maintain populations, workforces and economies could gain a great deal of influence in the world. They could sway the global economy in their favor. Then there were the parts that nobody said on the record, such as how they could increase armies, control markets, and push ahead in the arms race. They could perhaps even expand territories.

And so organizations were created, bills passed guaranteeing funding. Directives went out to every department within the U.S. Government. Repop was priority number one. Tremendous funding led to tremendous grant opportunities, and new research was begun. Old research was poured over with fresh eyes. Web sites were created for the Spared to self-register, hotels were erected or purchased in strategic cities, and incentives were offered. College debt could be wiped clean and more, for the right commitment.

Kara had made such a commitment. And she was recommitting in this moment, she thought, as she felt his body settle next to hers. His hands moved across her skin, conveying his desires. His lips found hers as his fingers found her pussy. She could feel the wetness forming there as he gently teased her clit. She took his cock in her hand and squeezed softly, pulling and pushing her hand up and down the shaft, making him grow even a bit more.

“Um.. how would you like to…” He murmured in her ear, not sure how to ask such an intimate question of a new acquaintance. She answered him by rolling on her back and parting her knees. “Oh.. right!” he said, sliding himself over her to place his knees between hers. He aligned his body, holding his cock and placed it against her opening.She lifted her hips slightly to meet him. He pushed gently and felt her wetness ease his way inside. He felt good inside her as he began to move back and forth. She hummed in response, letting him know how much she enjoyed it. He thrusted again and again, his muscles taught and brow furrowed. She moaned back her satisfaction.

As he set up his rhythm she matched him push for push, bringing them crashing together with just the right amount of force. He looked down on her breasts bouncing up and down and palmed one, squeezing it with a great deal of satisfaction. He closed his fingers, pinching her nipple very gently until her moans increased in pitch. Her hands gripped his forearms needfully. He felt the trembling that began in her thighs just before it spread to her belly. She locked her legs around his waist, trying to draw him deeper as her tremor grew to encompass her entire body. Muscles stood out in her neck and jaw as pleasure overtook her. She did a little crunch, tightening her abs and bringing her head up off the mattress. Her internal grip on him tightened noticeably. He watched, smiling, as she struggled to spit out the word “Fuck!” as her orgasm peaked. She shook hard one last time before releasing her hold on his hips and dropping herself to the bed, flushed and panting.

She tucked her lips between her teeth, looking up at his face with big eyes. Her face glistened with a fine sheen of sweat. A bright blush adorned her cheeks and neck, spilling across her collarbones and chest. She was radiant. “You didn’t cum!” she said, pouting. She looked so cute with her brow furrowed and her lips pursed that he almost laughed.

“No, I was really enjoying myself there! I just… um…” he trailed off. He didn’t know exactly how to articulate what he needed. He’d never been particularly good at that. He did know what he wanted, but he was embarassed. He thought he’d be sort of suggestive, not create an ultimatum. “I’d like to keep going.”

“Oh, okay!” She brightened up considerably at that. She leaned back again and spread her legs a little wider for him. “I could go again, definitely!”

It was his turn to furrow his brow. “Um, could we change positions, do you think?”

“I… I’ve only ever done it this way” she said. It was like some sort of idiotic brow-furrowing contest, he thought. They both looked fairly consternated, as if an irresistible force had met an immovable object.

Taking a deep breath he quickly delivered his request, before he lost his nerve. “Could we try it doggie?” he blurted out. It occurred to him that perhaps that line had never, in the history of coitus, been delivered in a less sexy manner. He was making himself cringe!

She watched his blush rising now as she carefully considered it. “I don’t know. It seems kind of… demeaning. I mean, doesn’t it?” She looked a little disgusted with the idea. “You wouldn’t even want to look me in the eye while you were inside me? I don’t know.” She stared down at the bed. It wasn’t something she’d ever tried before. It felt so dirty, even the name denoted animalistic intent.

“Maybe I could help you?” he offered, feeling a little desperate. This was all falling apart. He could feel it. She had been so matter-of-fact to begin with. They’d hit it off. Chemistry, kismet, whatever. It had worked in the beginning, and now it… wasn’t. He had a purpose here too. I wasn’t all about good feelings, he knew. If he were not successful he could be “cut from the team” as it were. “What if…” he hesitated. This was not probably how this was supposed to work. He knew he didn’t need her consent like this, but it just felt wrong without it. “What if we did the compliance protocol thing? Maybe that would help you get into it?”. Well there it was. Like a Hail Mary pass. He’d thrown, now would she receive?

“What compliance protocol thing?” She stared blankly back at him, coming to a sitting position on the bed. Did she really not know? Surely they had to have participated somehow in that whole process? What should he say now? He couldn’t reel that one back in. He worried that maybe she just didn’t want to feel controlled like that.

“The compliance thing?” he replied. “It’s supposed to help ‘align our needs’ or something, right?”. She stared at him. “The programming. You know, the hypnosis or whatever”.

“What on earth are you talking about?” She asked. There had been endless classes, exams, blood tests, vitamin and hormone injections and pills. The whole thing had become one long blur in her mind as they were hustled from building to building. It had honestly been overwhelming and she didn’t like to dwell on it for too long. She had the rest of her life ahead of her.

He didn’t know how to explain to someone that they had been… what? Hypnotized? Programmed? Brainwashed? “There’s this… thing.” Eloquence once again seemed beyond his reach. “If I tell you a certain thing, you’ll want to do what I ask”. He felt stupid saying it. He was stupid, and he could tell that because she was looking at him the way one looks at a stupid person.

“So you’re saying that I’m conditioned, somehow, to do what you say? That I don’t even know it? That you can make me want to act like an animal for your own pleasure?” He waited for her anger, sure that the cork on it was about to pop and send it spraying forth like champagne, but it wasn’t happening. She considered it thoughtfully, eyes narrowed. He could almost hear the gears whirring in her head. “Can I do this to you?”

“No. I don’t think so,” he said, still ready to duck a punch if necessary.

Was it possible? If she stopped to think about it was plausible at least. It would not be the most ridiculous thing going on in this slow-motion apocalypse. The world was collectively losing its shit, and things were strange on a good day. She knew that the government had made huge investments in the Program. Several governments, mostly dictator-led, had simply rounded up women of child bearing potential from remote places where the virus hadn’t reached and let a select group of physically capable men (namely their army) have their way with them.That her government might hedge their bets didn’t strike her as totally absurd. They were trying to maintain not only their population, but their place as “leaders of the free world”. “How does it work?” she asked cautiously. “Show me.”

“Show you?” His voice broke a little.

“Yeah” she leveled a slightly defiant gaze at him, her blue eyes cold. “Make me do something I wouldn’t normally do.”

He had been sure this was going to be hotter somehow. Afterall, a beautiful woman had willingly fucked him, and was willing to keep fucking until they accomplished their purpose here, presumably a few times today and for the rest of the week. Now, staring him down like a poker player bluffing a hand, she didn’t look hot in the same way. If he’d been more into FemDom maybe… But that wasn’t his thing. He had always wanted to be the dominant one. He’d dreamt of controlling a woman. Women, in fact, but he didn’t know how to get there. He didn’t know how to break out of societal tracks. They were like ruts, trenches that kept him from seeing into that world. But here now was a chance to have whatever he wanted. He was in charge. He had been since he walked in, he knew, but his anxiety and self-doubt had clouded the picture.Now seemed to be the time.

“Okay”. He took a breath in. He looked her square in the eye and said the words. “Kara, I need you to do something for me.” Those blue eyes continued looking in his direction, but he had the impression she wasn’t seeing him. She might be looking through him, in fact. There was a lack of focus that was notable. Her pupils were dilated to inky black pools. She blinked slowly, infrequently. There was a softness to her face that hadn’t been there a moment ago. He thought her jaw muscles had relaxed. Her lips, which had been slightly pursed in defiant suspicion, made a perfect line across her face and a blush was creeping into her cheeks. Her shoulders sagged slightly, and her arms rested on the bed with the palms up. The cumulative effect was that she looked more relaxed than anyone Nick had ever met, which was why he was taken by surprise when she spoke.

“I’ll do anything you ask” she said in a quiet breathy voice. It was the proper response, he remembered. It still sent a very pleasurable shiver through his body, causing his cock to twitch noticeably.

“You really want to fuck me doggy style,” he said. “And you’ll love it. You’ll cum really hard… Twice!” he added, stammering, thinking he should add something for her. “Do you understand?”

“I want to fuck you doggy style. I’ll cum twice” she replied in that same tone. She sounded like it didn’t bother her in the least, and only barely distracted her from whatever she was staring at on the other side of his head.

“Kara, resume,” he said, and suddenly the look of slack disinterest turned to one of lust. She reached up, kissed him deeply, then dropped to the bed on all fours. She turned her head toward the headboard. She spread her knees and peeked back around her round bottom at Nick.

“You know you want this,” she said in a sexy, teasing voice. “I want it too, I can’t wait!” He didn’t wait another second. He crawled behind her on the bed and pointed his cock toward her soft lips. She was so wet he slid in with hardly any resistance. As he pushed forward she pushed back grinding her bottom against him, pushing him deeper and deeper. “Fuck that’s good!” she grunted to the pillow. She rocked forward and back again, meeting his thrust with a little squeak of exclamation that woke something furious in him. He thrust harder, she squeaked louder. This continued until he was pounding furiously away at her, balls slapping noisily against her clit with each thrust. Shortly, she began to shake, quiver, and let out a long “fuuuuuuuck!” with the most pleasant internal tightening, but Nick didn’t stop. He couldn’t stop. He kept his rhythm right through her climax, his hands holding her hips for dear life. He wasn’t going to last much longer. He could feel the inevitable beginning to happen. He felt that sensation of impending orgasm.

He grabbed her dark hair with one hand, leaned down to her ear, and pushed the words through teeth gritted with effort. “I’m going to cum!”

“Yes!” she exclaimed towards the pillow. “I’m cumming with you!” and he could feel her. She pulsed even harder than before. It was too much for her and she tried to dive forward, to have him out of her, but the hand wrapped in her hair held her back and her body convulsed around him. He was all that held her up. Her arms twitched uselessly. Her face hit the comforter as her long squeal dropped into a guttural moan, then came to a gasping end.

When he released her and himself began to collapse onto her back she let her legs slide out beneath him until they lay prone, one atop the other, stacked like firewood.She breathed heavily under his weight. He lay sweating, chest heaving against her back for a handful of breaths before rolling to one side. She found she missed his contented weight, but was glad for the ability to expand her lungs. They both stared at the other, saying nothing, reveling in the flood of serotonin and dopamine that soaked their exhausted brains.

She was the first to put her feet on the floor, stumbling toward the bathroom like a newborn baby animal using its legs for the first time. He understood. His limbs felt like water balloons, heavy and boneless. He listened for long minutes until the toilet flushed and water ran in the sink. After a moment she appeared in the doorway, looking marginally less wobbly than she had on her way in. She sat heavily on the bed and swung her legs up, lying back against the pillow with one forearm across her forehead. “That was amazing,” she said finally. He rolled onto his side with tremendous effort, propping his head up on one hand. “I’m so glad I tried that. Your balls slapping my clit felt so good. It drove me over the edge really fast!” She tucked her lips between her teeth, and looked away from his eyes. “I’m sorry, that was probably TMI.”

“It’s fine,” He replied. “I’m glad you tried it, too, considering you didn’t want to. I guess that’s how it works”.

“What do you mean?” She said, looking quizzically at him.

He raised his eyebrows. “You said it was demeaning, or something to that effect. Animalistic.”

“I did…” she said slowly. She seemed to be searching her memory. “I said that… and then you said you could make me. I remember that.” Her brows bunched tightly together. “Did I dare you to?”

“Pretty much.” He raised one hand one hand in an approximation of a shrug.

“But you didn’t,” She stared at him with consternation.”I don’t think you did. I just changed my mind, right? I can do that, you know.” She sounded defensive. “I mean it turned out to be a great time, so it’s a good thing I did!”

He stared at her like she’d grown another beautiful head on her naked shoulders. “You don’t remember.” He said quietly. “Of course you don’t. If you did, you might object to things.”. That had implications he’d have to think about later, when everyone had their clothes on. Just then he was struggling to come up with the next words to say. “I said… some words. And you… zoned out? I don’t know what happened. You just stared.” She was staring at him now, eyes squinting slightly and mouth tight.

“I did? I don’t remember that,” she said slowly. “But you’re right that I didn’t want to be taken like that. But then it was the only thing I wanted. God, it was so good! I still kind of want it.” A tiny shiver ran through her. She shook her head. “But I don’t know what changed my mind, so I’m willing to listen here.” She gave a stiff little nod. He didn’t know if she was trying to convince him or herself. She wouldn’t have to labor to convince him. He’d been keenly aware of the entire process. It was burned into his mind.

“I have an idea,” he took a deep breath. “What if I have you do something else, but I tell you to remember the process?”

She arched an eyebrow, making her look like some detective from a 60’s movie. “That might work. I think it has as good a chance as anything else.” She squared her body to him, stuck out her chin a bit. She was bracing herself for something, he realized. “Do it.”

“Well, I don’t know what you don’t like. I mean, I could make some guesses. But if you liked the thing I picked, that wouldn’t prove much.”

“That’s true, obviously.” She sucked in her lips in the cutest way while she thought about it. “I’ve never really liked oral. Giving, I mean. I’ve done it a little, because someone asked, but I really try to avoid it. I don’t like having something shoved in my mouth, and I never feel like I know what I’m doing.” She wrinkled her nose and mouth as if she were served an unappetizing plate. “I want to know what’s going on with this, though.” She said earnestly. “Make me want to do it.”

He shifted on the bed, scooted around so he was closer to her and facing her head-on. His cock had not totally recovered, and was lolling between his legs. “Kara,” he said, looking her in the eye. She closed her eyes tightly and pinched her face up as if waiting to be slapped. “I need you to do something for me.” She changed so quickly he almost missed it. Her hands, which had been balled, opened like flowers in the morning.Her face fell. It looked like a wax figure that had been in the sun. Not dripping, obviously, but melting just a bit, softening. Her eyes came open and looked at him, through him with that far-off gaze.

“I’ll do anything you ask.” She said in a small voice. Here it was. A guy could really take advantage in this situation, he thought (which was actually the whole point, now that he considered it).

“Kara, you love sucking dick.” He blurted out. “It makes you feel amazing, and you’re so good at it.” She slowly brought her tongue forward and ran it over her lower lip.”You want to suck my dick in the worst way. You need it, you need my cum down your throat, but only until I tell you…” He hadn’t gotten this far in his imagined version of this. “Until I tell you ‘Pineapple’”. That was a good word. It was a little cliche, but it was something he wouldn’t say accidentally. “And Kara, this is very important. You’re going to remember being in this trance. You’ll remember everything I’ve said, ok?”

“Ok…” she said, dreamily.

“Then resume.” He told her, and she came alive again. She looked around like she was searching for something. Like something was missing. When her eyes lighted on his cock, now stiffening considerably, she gave a little grunt. It spoke to need, to desire. It was hot.

Looking him in the eye, she spoke. “I, uh… Can I have that?” She indicated his erection. “I need that.” She was already reaching for it with her small hands.

“Do you remember what just happened?” He asked. She grabbed his cock and started towards it with her mouth open. He put one hand on her shoulder, arresting her progress.

“Kara, do you remember?” She pried her eyes away from his member with effort.

“I do remember, and it doesn’t matter, ok?” He held her firmly as she pushed toward him again.

“But you don’t like sucking dick,” he replied.

“I do, though,” She explained with urgency. “I know I didn’t before, and I know you fucked with my head.” She locked eyes with him, conveying the seriousness of her meaning from her blue-eyed gaze. “But none of that matters. I need it!” and she pushed past his hand, diving down toward the bed to take him (a little violently, he thought) into her needful mouth. She started making noises of lust and appreciation, moaning around his cock. Her mouth sucked firmly at him as if she were trying to swallow him completely.

“I… oh God.” His conversational prowess deserted him as her tongue and cheeks pushed down over his shaft and sucked their way back off, her lips never quite letting go of the head, before pushing down again. Her hand came up then, and pushed on his chest. Indicating he needed to lie back. It was an awkward way to do this, sitting on the bed. Her face was half pushed into the mattress. He reclined and heard her take a deep breath in through her nose as she came up with him. He spread his legs as she crawled between them. She was serious about this, he thought, and she was doing a stellar job of it. Her hand encircled the base of his cock and came up to meet her lips as she came down, pushing down to his body as she rose up and tongued the head. She made desperate little noises as she slurped and sucked. The sensation was delicious, and it was having the intended effect on him. Despite having orgasmed only a short time before, he felt that familiar tightening, rising sensation.

“Hey, ah, okay… That’s enough, I think… Kara? I think we’ve proven… Oh man”. It was too much. She was too much. Watching her head bobbing, her breasts swinging, hearing her moan needfully. It was too much to ask a man no to… She locked eyes with him, and pure lust beamed at him. She groped his balls. “Oh, God!” he yelled as he began to spasm under her hands and mouth. His hips bucked, pushing him into her mouth. She pushed back, trying in vain to take all of him.

His orgasm only lasted a few seconds. He’d often thought he envied women, whose orgasms seemed to stretch on. After a few pumping spasms, his bottom returned to the bed, although Kara remained latched, sucking. She slowly pulled her way off his softening cock, tonguing and sucking the head to a gentle finish. She laid her head on his thigh and looked up at him, satisfaction shaping her lips and eyes into a naughty grin.

“I’m sorry. I meant to say the safeword, but I just couldn’t put it together.” He said, still breathing hard.

“Don’t.” She said, “I’m ok just like this,” and closed her eyes, smiling contentedly. She curled her body up between his legs. She felt so warm against his thigh. His legs touched her on either side. He laid his own head back and closed his eyes for a long minute. He heard her breathing change. She had fallen asleep, curled up like a cat with her head on his thigh and her hands tucked under it. This was so wild, he thought. He couldn’t quite wrap his head around it. His head wasn’t good for much anyway. He gave a tiny chuckle at that as he closed his own eyes. He took a satisfied breath and let himself relax to her soft rhythm.

What's the next step for Nick and Kara? How far will Nick go with his control? Will Kara find a way to resist? Does she want to? Until the next chapter, I need you to do something for me. Stay tuned. 

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