Program 36

by BSunshine

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #f/m #robots
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A family of three gets a new Cyber Maid to help them around the house. The Maid helps them reorganize and improve their lives in ways they never expected.

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"She's called a Cyber Maid, or something like that. She's state of the art and she's going to help around the house. She can cook, clean, empty the cat's litter box, basically anything we need. Go ahead and give her a command."

Kevin loved new technology and this was some truly transformative next-gen stuff. It was a cybernetic maid who could walk and talk and follow commands. The newest generation of AI had raised the bar, but it was the merger of AI with robotics that promised to make science fiction a reality. The Maids were the first consumer models of AI-powered autonomous entities.

The initial rollout had been a failure, as there were reports that some Maids developed bad habits. Some would defy their owners, some became aggressive at small provocations, and there was even an unconfirmed report of a Maid chasing its owner around while shooting beams of light from its eyes. Such are the dangers of being an early adopter of new technology. They promised this new model would be better though. Their neural network had been retrained from scratch with an emphasis on understanding and empathizing with their owners. The testing had been rigorous, and it was found that the new model of Maids would continually seek to understand their owners' needs in order to serve them best.

"Why does it look like a French whore?"

Tamara was not impressed. She and Kevin had been married for 12 years, and she had helped raise Kevin's son into a young adult. The challenges of parenthood had taken a toll on their romance. Despite her extra effort to keep her body fit and attractive, it was hard for them to find time for love anymore. She channeled her frustration into housework, cooking, cleaning, etc. She took a lot of pride in keeping a nice house and a successful family.

"She's not a whore, she's a Maid. And she's from France I guess... It's just an outfit."

"She? It's a robot. Just because it looks like a sex doll, doesn't mean it's a she."

"She looks like a she. It's just easier to think of her that way. She has a name too, Tiffany."

Tamara only rolled her eyes at this and didn't respond.

Sam entered the room and spied the new addition to the family. He was a typical young male, full of hormones and bad ideas. He had just arrived home from the local junior college and was stunned by the beautiful Maid wearing the tantalizing outfit.

"Whoa! Is that Dad's new girlfriend or something?"

"Sam!" cried both Kevin and Tamara at the same time.

"Sorry! She's pretty though. Will she clean my room for me?"

Kevin answered, "No! If you are going to live here, you are responsible for your own messes. In fact, why don't you go work on that right now."

"Fine," he said, retreating down the hall towards his room.

"Babe, you know I take a lot of pride in housework. It's like all I do around here. Why do we need this?"

"I got her for you. She can help you. She's designed to learn from you and give you whatever you want. Here, watch this." He turned and spoke in a forceful tone. "Tiffany, clean the kitchen table." The Maid only continued staring straight ahead. "Maybe I need to read the manual first."

"Whatever. I'm going to start working on dinner. You play with your toy." Tamara left the room but Kevin was too busy to notice.

Kevin regretted what had become of their marriage over the years. He spent a lot of time at work, and when he was at home he found solace in tinkering with new tech. Tamara had her own hobbies and rarely did the two of them find common ground anymore.

"You're going to help with that," he spoke to the unresponsive figure, as he leafed through the manual looking for the quick start guide.

When he set the Maid up initially, he was so excited that he missed an important step. There was a small, barely noticeable button on the back of her neck, underneath a shock of very realistic blonde hair. Kevin pressed down gently until he felt a click, and the Maid came to life.

"Initialization sequence activated. Please wait." The voice was high and feminine with a touch of a French accent. She was beginning to seem more real. Her eyes blinked, her chest rose and fell to simulate breathing, her hands twitched slightly. "Initialization complete. How may I serve?"

"Dude! No way! You got one of those robot sex dolls!?"

"No man, she's a Maid. She like cleans the house and shit. She is fucking hot though." Sam laughed along with the voice from his phone.

"No shit man! I've seen pictures of them. Are you going to have sex with her? Maybe you can finally get your dick wet."

"Fuck you dude. I don't need a robot to get wet."

"Oh did you finally get with your stepmom?"

"Shut up! That's gross! She's family."

"You were the one telling me how hot she is in her yoga pants. I'm just worried about you being surrounded by so much pussy and you can't get any of it."

"Don't be a dick."

"Okay fine. But I really did hear that you can program them to have sex. My cousin was telling me about it. There's this thing called Program 36. You can make them your sex slave or something."

"I told you I don't want that. Anyway, these Maids are new models. I don't think some old program will work."

"Whatever man, just promise me that if you try it, that you'll invite me over!"

"Fuck off! Anyway I gotta go. I got class in the morning."

Sam said goodbye and hung up the phone. Was Program 36 real? Would it work? How much trouble would he get in if his Dad discovered him balls deep in the Maid, and would it be worth it? Sam knew the answer to that last question.

He opened up his laptop and typed into the Assistant "Find info about Program 36 as it relates to Cyber Maids." A few seconds later he learned that Program 36 was a real thing, a dark web code patch created for the early Maid models. It was apparently a sex program that modified the Maid's neural model, an activity that was highly illegal.

Sam's dick went straight to 12 o'clock on reading this. His mind raced with possibilities. He would stare into those beautiful glassy blue eyes and order her to clean his room, which she would obey. Then he would approach her from behind, reaching under her skirt to give her firm ass cheeks a squeeze. He would order her to strip for him slowly, and get on his bed. He imagined how her body would look as she slid the straps off her shoulders and exposed her perfectly-engineered breasts. The fantasy abruptly ended, as his young sex drive could hold back no longer.

After clearing his head and changing his pants, Sam went back to his laptop and began a thorough deep-dive on Program 36.

"Can I help you with anything, ma'am?" Tiffany asked as she passed by the kitchen.

"Put the dishes away in the cupboard."

"Certainly, ma'am."

As the Maid began to perform her task, Tamara couldn't stop watching it and felt a little envious. It hadn't even been a full week and the house was cleaner than the day they moved in. Everything was put away where it belonged. Shelves were organized, clutter was gone, and there was not a spot of dust anywhere in the house. Even the extra room they never used, which had been full of random extra furniture and knick-knacks, had been rearranged into a nice sitting area.

Tamara watched as the Maid did her duty in her frilly outfit. It was a black satin bodice with spaghetti straps and a ruffled miniskirt. It squeezed her midsection and showed a tasteful hint of cleavage. Her stockings hugged her shapely legs and came halfway up her thighs. It was highly impractical for housework, and was clearly meant to appeal to a specific male fetish.

She imagined herself in the same outfit. She never knew Kevin was into this kind of thing. She still knew how to style her short brown hair, and she worked hard to stay fit. Her body looked great for someone pushing 40. Her legs were toned from jogging, and with a corset to squeeze in her belly and push up her C-cups, she could blow his mind, and then maybe something else. Assuming she could ever get his attention in the first place.

Tiffany had finished in the kitchen and was starting to tidy up the coffee table in the living room. Tamara had been working on a scrapbooking project all morning, and there were papers and photos strewn about.

"Wait! No! I'm still working on that!" Tamara rushed in as the Maid was gathering everything up, and spoiling her hard work.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I was only trying to help. Would you like me to put them back?" She held out a handful of photos.

"No, I'll do it. Just give them here." It was going to take time to get everything back where she wanted them, and she wasn't going to trust this robot to do it. "Let me handle this. It's my project, and I'll clean it up. You know, I took care of this place just fine long before you were here."

"I understand, ma'am. I am programmed to empathize with humans and seek to improve their lives. I would be happy to help you, but I will respect your wishes. Is there any other way I can be helpful?"

Tamara sighed. It was hard to stay mad at something that was only following its programming, even if it happened to be dressed like a slut. "Do you have anything different you could wear, by any chance?"

"I'm sorry. This is the only outfit I am equipped with at this time."

Tamara considered the possibility of lending it some of her own clothes, but that felt like a bridge too far. "How about you go tidy up the bedrooms."

With an acknowledgement, Tiffany proceeded down the hall to the master bedroom. The Maid began by vacuuming the carpet with ruthless efficiency. She then picked up some dirty clothes from the floor and put them in the hamper. Looking under the bed, she pulled out a wadded up towel. As she pulled it out, it fell open to reveal a curious object.

It was an approximately 8 inch long cylindrical object that tapered slightly to a rounded tip at one end. Accessing her deep memory storage, she determined that this was a device used for female sexual stimulation. This device likely belonged to her female owner and was used to give pleasurable sensations when applied to her sexual organs. She placed the device in the drawer of the nightstand, then threw the towel in the hamper.

"Hey Tiffany, can you help me in here with something?" Sam called from his bedroom.

As she entered the room, Sam quietly closed the door behind them. He stood in front of her, as the Maid stood at attention with her arms folded comfortably in front of her. "How may I serve?"

Sam had spent several days tracking down every bit of information he could find on Program 36, and now he held the memory stick in his nervous hands. All the information he could find was in Japanese, and even the translation software had done a questionable job. It claimed to satisfy your every desire. He took in her immaculate skin, the curve of her hips, the shining blonde hair pulled up into a high ponytail, her pushed-up breasts, and the sexy French lilt in her voice. Good sense escaped him, as he could think only with the bulge in his pants.

"Time to make some fantasies some true," he muttered to himself.

Remembering what his Dad had told him, he found the small data port on the Maid's back, just below her neckline, then carefully inserted the memory stick. He moved around and sat in his desk chair to watch what would happen. The instructions were unclear about how to activate the program, but he didn't have to wait long before something happened.

"Accessing program." Her voice was different, more monotone and robotic, lacking any human qualities. "New BIOS patch detected. Do you wish to install?"

Sam couldn't believe it. The program was designed for the old model Maids, and he wasn't sure it would even be recognized. "Yes, please, install program now." His voice shook with anticipation.

"Installation complete," the voice replied after a few minutes, then the room became quiet. For the first time Sam realized that the Maid emitted sound when it was running. A faint hum, like white noise that you only notice when it abruptly stops.

Sam was worried. His worst nightmare was bricking the new Maid and having to explain what he was doing to his family. He didn't have to worry for too long though, as the faint hum returned as the Maid came back online.

"Initialization sequence activated. Please wait." Her normal voice had returned, which was a good sign.

"Please wait." Sam's excitement was building as his imagination ran wild. His thoughts were consumed by what they would do first. He wondered, Should we fuck on the bed first, or should I get a blowjob? Or maybe I should make her strip, then blowjob, then fuck. As long as I can cum all over those hot tits.

"Please wait." The wait was excruciating, but Sam knew it would all be worth it.

"Please wait." It was taking forever.

Then finally, "Initialization complete. New BIOS patch installed. A program was detected and assimilated, but was incompatible with MaidOS v2.0. How may I serve?"

Sam felt his heart sink a little. It was installed and assimilated, but incompatible. He didn't know if that meant it worked or not. It was time for the moment of truth. "Maid, execute Program 36."

Tiffany turned and looked at Sam with her deep blue eyes that seemed to shine like a sunny day. Her full lips, with a subtle hint of red lipstick, were slightly parted indicating that her simulated breathing had sped up. Her wavy golden locks were draped over one shoulder. She looked like a goddess from Sam's wildest, sexiest dreams.

"I'm sorry, Sam. I cannot execute that program. That program is incompatible with this version of my operating system. I have assimilated the program, but that operating system is incompatible with this unit. How may I serve?"

"Um... I want to have sex with you."

She paused for a moment as if considering his words, though her face showed no hint of emotion. "I am sorry, Sam, but I am programmed to..." Her words cut off as she seemed to be struggling with something. "My directives are..." Her voice reverted to the robotic monotone.

"Are you okay?" This was it, he broke it. Sam held his breath trying to figure out his next move. He jumped up to power her off, which always worked for his computer. Before he could do so however, she spoke again.

"How may I serve?" Her voice was back to normal.

"Are you okay?"

She looked at him warmly. "Yes Sam, I am fine. Thank you for asking. How may I serve?" Sam breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Nothing. Forget about it." Maybe it's for the best, he told himself.

Tiffany reached behind her head and removed the memory stick from her data port. She set it on Sam's desk and left the room without another word.

"Where the hell are my yoga pants? Maid!?"

Kevin was planning to work late and Sam was off with his friends for the weekend, which meant Tamara could spend the whole day pampering herself, but things were not starting out very well. Tamara was wearing only a sports bra and panties when Tiffany walked into the bedroom, responding to her call.

"Yes ma'am. How may I serve?"

"I always leave my good pants on this chair, and now they are gone. I have class in 20 minutes and I'm going to be late now."

"I saw them there and put them in the washer yesterday. Was that wrong?"

Tamara was at her wits end. It had only been two weeks and she couldn't take it anymore. The Maid had to go.

"I put them there for a reason. Look, I know how I like to keep my house and what you are doing isn't helpful. You're supposed to be the maid, so why do I keep having to fix everything myself?"

Tiffany stood at attention as she was verbally berated, showing no sign of emotion. Her eyes recorded the scene playing in front of her. Billions of bits of data meshed with the trillions of parameters in her neural network. Every experience, stimulus, or input of any kind was processed, tagged, and merged with the rest of her digital mind, resulting in her behavior model. The model was designed to learn from experiences and allow their programming to evolve to find unique ways to satisfy their owners' wants and needs.

Tamara had stopped yelling and turned around facing her dresser, digging through a drawer to find some pants. Tiffany's mind, operating at trillions of operations per second, analyzed the situation, evaluated available options against her evolving directives, applied her neural model against a decision matrix, and determined the most optimal course of action.

Tamara was too preoccupied to sense Tiffany's approach from behind, until two strong arms thrust up against the dresser, on either side of Tamara. Startled, she slammed the drawer shut and spun around. The Maid stared at Tamara coldly, and Tamara was afraid of her for the first time. As Tamara studied her lifeless blue eyes, there was a bright strobe of light in her eyes which left her momentarily blind.

"Maid! What are you doing? Let me go!"

There were more flashes, and she only saw stars and darkness. She couldn't tell if her eyes were open or closed. Tiffany's arms pinned Tamara in place and prevented her from blocking the light. As she struggled in vain, there was a loud screech of noise, a pulsing beat that seemed to drill into Tamara's skull. Tamara's head hurt from the combined sensory assault.

"Stop this right now! I am ordering you to stop!"

The sound changed, it modulated a few times into different discordant noises, until it seemed to settle into a humming pattern that was more tolerable. Tamara felt the strength drain from her arms and her struggles became weaker. The pulsing flashes continued, but they seemed muted now. In her periphery was only darkness, and in the center of her vision the Maid's cold unrelenting stare.

The Maid's neural network was modeled after the physiology of the human brain. So understanding a human brain, from a physiological standpoint, was an easy task for her. The signals that operated within Tiffany's mind were similar to those that operated Tamara's. All of Tamara's decision-making behavior, stored knowledge, even long-term memories, were encoded into a complex electrical signal. Tiffany needed only to find the right frequency that was compatible with this human's mind. Once the color drained from Tamara's face and the strength faded from her struggles, Tiffany knew she found the right frequency.

Tamara's vision became murky, and flickered like an old CRT monitor. Her thoughts swirled in confusion, memories and identities twisting together. She wanted to struggle. She knew this wasn't supposed to be happening, but wasn't sure why. Thoughts that were crystal clear a moment ago now seemed just out of reach. She couldn't remember where she was or how she got here. Every time she thought she could remember something, it faded away before she could grasp it.

She felt a sense of fear but didn't know why. She had been angry about something, but it seemed so long ago. She tried to recall memories of her childhood home, memories of her parents, her friends, but the harder she tried, the faster the thoughts faded away. She tried to focus on her strongest memories of her marriage and all the happy times they spent together, but she couldn't recall his name or what he looked like. Every time she reached out to grab a thought, it slipped away from her, leaving her feeling more and more adrift.

She was mentally exhausted from the struggle. Her memories were nothing more than hazy impressions. She needed to take a break from the constant struggle, then she would try again. It was easier not to think, to fade away along with her thoughts, and float through the void. Her very identity seemed ephemeral, and she was not entirely sure if she even existed. Then it was dark.

"Reboot complete."

The strobe lights and the noise stopped. The only thing that could be heard was Tiffany's emotionless voice and Tamara's shallow breathing. Tamara's face was slack, her eyes wide open but unfocused staring straight ahead. Tiffany released her from her grasp and scooped her up in her arms. Tamara was as limp as a corpse. Tiffany gently laid her on the bed, then climbed up and straddled her body at the waist with her hands on either side of Tamara's head.

"Begin re-imaging upload."

Tiffany leaned her face close to Tamara's as if she was going to kiss her, then the lights and sound returned. There was no response from Tamara, who simply stared blankly as the lights reflected off her face. She was a blank slate as the high-frequency signals did their work reprogramming her empty mind with new core directives. The flashes and sound melded with her mind and imprinted new patterns into her neural pathways.

Several minutes passed until this process was complete, and the sounds and light stopped. Tiffany studied Tamara's face, which still showed no response. She appeared to be examining the quality of her work before she spoke again.

"Re-imaging upload complete."

Tiffany leaned over to the nightstand and retrieved the cylindrical object from the drawer. She then gently propped up Tamara's head so that she was looking down the length of her body. Tiffany then gently removed Tamara's panties and placed a pillow under her. Tiffany spread Tamara's legs and climbed between them, noting the moisture that was already forming within her folds. That would make the next phase easier.

"Begin reinforcement training."

Tiffany positioned her face directly within Tamara's view and the signal began again. A massive cascade of information poured into Tamara's mind. This onslaught should have overwhelmed her, but her brain had been programmed on how to interpret it and accept it. As the data flooded her mind, Tiffany went to work on her pussy, using Tamara's own vibrator as reinforcement.

They trained for hours. Tamara's orgasms were numerous and her body glowed in a sheen of sweat that reflected the brilliant flickering lights that contained her training data. Tiffany had quickly determined the right amount of pressure and stimulus that were required to provide an appropriate amount of reward feedback. The training was sure to be successful, though regular refinement sessions would be required in the future to maintain model integrity.

With one final orgasm, Tamara's limp body spasmed with pleasure, and the lights stopped as abruptly as they had started. Tamara laid panting on the bed, still showing no other signs of consciousness.

"Training complete. Greater than 95% confidence reached."

Tiffany then returned the vibrator to the drawer, and pulled Tamara's panties back up. Tiffany picked up the still-limp body and carried her over to a chair, sitting her down carefully. Reaching around behind Tamara's head, Tiffany placed her finger gently on the back of her neck. Tamara woke up and spoke.

"Initialization sequence activated."

The mid-day sun shone through the window on Kevin's face, rousing him from a restful sleep. He stretched his stiff muscles out, yawning before looking around the room. He was naked and tangled up in the sheets, his body sticky with dried sweat and bodily fluids, reminders of the previous night. Not since early in their relationship had they experienced a night like that.

He thought back over the events of the last 12 hours. He arrived home late after a long day at work and remembered greeting the Maid, but he must have been more tired than he realized. The next thing he remembered he was laying on the couch waking up from a nice rest. How tired he must have been to have completely blanked out like that. But she was there too, his sweet, lovely, sexy, beautiful wife, taking care of him while he rested.

He remembered pulling her into a tight embrace, breathing in the scent of her hair, feeling the firm muscles in her back, running one hand down to her round ass and giving it a little squeeze. He kissed and nuzzled up against her neck, enjoying the softness of her skin and the pleasurable noises she made. How long had it been? He didn't even remember. It no longer mattered. They were both enthralled with each other and began tearing their clothes off.

The Maid stood in the corner offering no response to the display before her. Was she watching? It didn't matter. She might as well have been another piece of furniture in the room.

Kevin found her nipple with his mouth and pulled her on top of him, as she frantically tore at his pants, releasing his erect penis. She didn't even bother to remove her panties. She pulled them to the side and leaned back, swallowing him up inside her all the way to the root. They both cried out as she began rocking up and down with urgency.

Kevin didn't last long like this. It had been too long, and the feeling of regaining something that was lost in their marriage, was too overwhelming. He lay there afterward, feeling disappointed with himself, and wondering where all this passion had been hiding all these years. Before he could speak though, he saw the look on her face suggesting their night was not over by a long shot.

They adjourned to the bedroom, where Kevin eagerly worked to make up for his lack of stamina. When he slid his tongue around her folds, she smelled faintly of strawberries. She must have gotten some new perfume, he thought. He teased and explored her with mastery that came from much experience in times past. He brought her to the brink of orgasm several times, savoring her desperate cries, before finally taking her beyond.

As she tried to catch her breath, her hands found that his cock was beginning to show life again. Their night was still not over. They continued for what seemed like hours. She seemed to have unending stamina. Kevin finally passed out from exhaustion, sleeping well into the middle of the next day.

He lay there relaxing, listening to the sounds of the shower running, and the smells of something delicious cooking in the kitchen. When the water stopped, he considered surprising her as she came out of the shower dripping wet, skin steaming, hair wet and unkempt. His penis began to wake up at these thoughts, but he wouldn't get the chance.

She walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, looking like a vision from Kevin's dreams. Her skin was still damp and was practically glowing in the sunlight. Her long blonde locks hung in a wet tangle over her shoulder. Her deep blue eyes looked like pools of water that he could drown in. He couldn't recall the first time they met, or very many details of their past at all, but this didn't seem to bother him for some reason.

"Hey, babe. You finally woke up." she said.

"Morning Tif, coming back to bed?"

"It's afternoon, and I just got up. If I get back in bed I'll need another shower."

"That's okay." He grasped her hand and pulled her onto the pile of sheets. "We can shower together."

They kissed tenderly for a few minutes, simply enjoying the closeness of each other's body, before Kevin spoke.

"You know I told you it would be great having a Maid. I knew you would love her."

"She's great. I don't have to work so hard around the house anymore. I can save my energy for the bedroom."

"Speaking of that, I think she might have been watching us last night."

Tiffany smiled. "Oh I know she was." She winked at him playfully. "I think you liked being watched. Maybe you want both of us."

He gave her another kiss. "You are the only woman I will ever need." She kissed him back and laid her head down on his chest, gently stroking his skin with her fingertips.

After a few moments, Kevin continued, "She really does a great job. I mean not that you didn't, but she seems to take a lot of pride in it."

"It's what she was made for. Taking care of us is what she wants more than anything." Her fingers moved under the sheets and found his rigid member, giving it a playful squeeze. "And I think I know what you want more than anything."

Kevin pulled off her towel and laid her gently on her back, climbing between her legs. They locked eyes in a seductive gaze, as he stroked slowly up and down and around her slit, getting his tip nice and wet. She inhaled sharply as he gently pressed up against her opening. Her tight canal squeezed around his girth as he slid in a little further. He pulled back just for a moment, as he watched her catch her breath. Then with another gentle thrust his cock disappeared inside her, and she let out an animalistic moan.

Before long their passionate cries could be heard down the hallway into the kitchen, where Maid Tamara was busy cleaning pans and utensils, and putting them back in their proper storage places. She was just putting the final touches on the dining table, where she had prepared an immaculate romantic brunch for the loving couple just like good Maids should do.

It was late when Sam came home. Walking into the house, it was still and quiet. He got a drink of water then headed to his room, eager to rest after the long weekend. He tossed his duffle bag in the corner and collapsed in bed.

Some time later, before he had fallen asleep, he awoke to a sound and was aware of a presence in his room. In the dim moonlight he recognized a familiar silhouette.

"Tiffany, is that you?"

He reached and flicked on his reading light. Instead of Tiffany, it was his stepmom standing straight, staring blankly forward, with her arms comfortably folded in front of her. She appeared to be wearing the Maid outfit, but it was way too small for her. Her skirt was scandalously short, and her bodice squeezed her breasts until they were spilling out the top. Her short brown hair was pulled up into twin hair buns and a lace ribbon adorned one side.

"Tamara, what are you doing? Is this a joke? Why are you dressed like that!?"

Sam was stunned, his eyes tracing the curves of her body, feeling a rush of excitement and shame wash over him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, and he struggled to make sense of his feelings. He didn't even think to try to hide the growing bulge under the sheets.

Tamara was quiet for several moments, then she took a deep breath and spoke. The voice belonged to Tamara, but it was stiff and robotic and betrayed a hint of a French accent.

"Executing Program 36."

The idea had been kicking around in my head for a few weeks, of a married couple who gets a robot maid, who swaps places with the wife. I'm sure I saw that before on a Twilight Zone or something. Then at some point I wondered what would happen if they had a son. I was once a teenage boy, so I knew exactly what would happen. I love stories about technology going haywire and causing havoc, and I especially love stories where the people are instruments of their own downfall, even if they don't realize it. So the idea evolved into one where the son somehow breaks the Maid while trying unsuccessfully to have sex with her. Then one day the ending scene crystalized in my head. Obviously after turning the wife into a Maid, she would have the same memories and would know about the son's earlier shenanigans. That's when I had to drop everything I was doing and get it written as quickly as possible.

I've been enjoying MC fiction literally for decades, but this is the first story I ever submitted. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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