Magic Photoshoot

by BSunshine

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #f/m #photoshoot
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A beautiful beach, two naïve young women, a creepy older guy, and a camera with a flash that turns its subjects’ fantasies into reality.

"I think that guy is looking at us," Danielle said as she took another sip of her frozen margarita and leaned up on one elbow to adjust her bikini. "He's definitely looking, Jen."

The attractive redhead raised up and looked towards where Danielle was indicating and saw a man who looked to be in his early forties toying with a fancy camera, trying his best not to stare at the two gorgeous, young college students sunning themselves on the beach.

"Gross, he's like, older than our parents! God, I wish there were guys our own age around here," Jennifer complained as she finished the rest of her drink and thought about ordering another one. "I thought you said this island was where all the excitement was."

Danielle had already finished hers and the brunette laid back down on her beach towel, soaking in the warm rays of the sun, offering a nice view to anyone who wanted a look at her curvaceous body in her favorite red bikini. "Yeah, well, at least we're getting some nice tans, and the drinks are cheap."

Jennifer went back to reading her trashy magazine but under her sunglasses kept glancing at the man with the camera. He would casually pretend to take pictures of other people but he kept coming back to them. They were used to having guys check them out, but this one wasn't doing a very good job of hiding it. His gaze constantly moved from them to the ground, then back again. He was dressed rather nicely but on a beach full of tourists, he seemed terribly out of place.

They ignored him and just continued laying on their backs, trying to get some color to their otherwise pale, midwestern skin, when he started walking in their direction.

"Oh god, Dani. I think he's coming over here. Just fucking kill me now!"

"Ew! Maybe we can at least get some free drinks out of him or something."

The girls lay back on their towels until they heard a throat clear.

"Excuse me, ladies," his voice sounded nervous but somewhat friendly. "I couldn't help noticing you two on the beach. Are either of you models?"

Jennifer snorted and sat up, laughing. Danielle could only shake her head as she covered her mouth as if holding back laughter as well.

"Are you serious? Models?" Jennifer said as she took off her sunglasses.

The man, whose wavy brown hair was starting to grey at the temples, had a slight European accent. He held up his expensive-looking camera as an explanation. "I'm actually a photographer. I shoot a lot of models. You two are about the right age and have the sort of fresh faces that look great on camera."

Danielle sat up on her towel, still grinning. "Is that your idea of a pick-up line? That's kind of funny, Mr. Photographer."

"I'm sorry. Like I said, I shoot a lot of models. Young girls like yourself usually. My name is Sam. Do you two mind if I take a couple of shots of you for my portfolio?"

Jennifer brushed a lock of her long red hair behind her ear and tilted her head to the side as if considering his request. "A couple of photos, huh? How much do we get paid?"

Sam laughed a little uncomfortably. "Well, this would be strictly pro-bono, but you'll see the pictures and you girls can keep them if you like. Maybe you can give them to your boyfriends back home."

Jennifer laughed, "Look, I don't think this whole photographer thing is working for you. In fact, it's a little creepy that a guy your age would be perving on us while we are trying to enjoy our vacation."

"Two margaritas, that's our price," Danielle chimed in. "And don't call us girls. We're young women, thank you."

Jennifer looked at her friend as if to say 'really?' She knew Danielle loved to drink, but not usually with an old pervert with a camera.

"Three then," Sam offered. "I was just about to grab something from the bar anyway. I'll go find a waiter. He rushed off before they could change their minds.

"Do you really think he's a photographer? He doesn't look very professional."

Danielle shrugged. "I dunno, Jen. I'm thirsty and one picture in our bathing suits is harmless. There's probably locals who've been snapping our picture all day. At least this guy asked first."

"Fine. One more drink, but then we're going back to the hotel pool where it's just rich old ladies." Jennifer flipped open her magazine again and looked for where she left off.

A few moments later, they saw Sam return with a waiter carrying a tray with three giant margaritas with salt on the rim. The two co-eds each grabbed one and began to slurp on their straws, enjoying the cool drink under the hot sun.

Sam paid the man, then pulled out his camera and began fidgeting with it.

"You're very beautiful girls," he said as he worked. "These should make for some nice shots."

"Hey, we said one picture, not a whole photoshoot. Got it?" Jennifer said looking over at her friend who just rolled her eyes.

"Of course. This will only take a minute and then if you want me to leave you alone, I will." Sam was still adjusting his camera. It seemed to have more dials and switches than a typical camera, but neither Jennifer nor Danielle had ever seen a professional camera before.

Sam spoke again as he was adjusting the viewfinder, "Why don't you tell me the most fun thing you have done on your vacation so far."

Jennifer was growing impatient waiting for him to get ready, but Danielle replied, "Hmm, probably at the hotel bar when—"


The camera flash went off, catching them off guard. They were disoriented by the bright light of the flash and Danielle lost her train of thought. Both girls looked at each other wondering what had just happened.

"Did you just take our picture?" Jennifer asked with a confused look on her face. She felt a little dizzy and blinked her eyes, trying to get her vision back. "I wasn't ready."

Danielle was looking around like she was completely lost. "What was I saying? I don't remember. That was really bright."

"You were telling me how much fun you are having on your vacation," Sam said with a friendly smile and continued focusing his camera on them.

"Oh, right. We are having a lot of fun," Danielle said, accepting Sam's explanation though she still wasn't exactly sure what she had been saying.

"Now give me your best smiles, girls, and show me how much you love having your picture taken."

Danielle and Jennifer both forgot their confusion for a moment and gave Sam big smiles for the camera.


Again, the two girls shook their heads as the same sense of dizziness overcame them, but Danielle shook it away and her smile became even bigger. "Oh, this is fun!"

"Yeah, it is pretty cool," Jennifer said as Danielle put her arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a playful hug.

"Oh, that's a lovely pose, girls. Let me get one just like that," Sam said, moving closer with the camera.

Danielle said, "We're not girls. We're women!"

"Right, right. I apologize. But for the camera, you can be anything you want. Maybe you are two young models doing a photoshoot in an exotic location?"

Danielle and Jennifer giggled and Danielle said, "Okay, bro, if you say so."

Sam positioned himself in front of them and aimed the camera. "Now show me your best model poses."

They both made fake, over-dramatic, exaggerated facial expressions to look as if they were posing for a fashion magazine with their cheeks bunched up and their mouths in a pouty expression.


Jennifer was getting used to the dizzy feeling from the flash. She looked at Danielle, who was already repositioning herself for another picture.

"Wait a sec, Dani, are we really okay with this guy taking our photo? I mean, we don't even know this dude."

Danielle stopped and looked at her friend. "Jen, of course it's okay. Look, he's a professional photographer and we're used to this kind of thing. Didn't you say you wanted to be in one of those magazines at the salon?"

Jennifer wasn't sure if that's what she said, but she felt as if maybe she did. "I guess it is kind of fun to do a photoshoot. Especially with a professional photographer."

Danielle laughed, "That's what I've been trying to tell you."


Danielle and Jennifer blinked but soon regained their composure as they posed again, this time pulling a hand through their hair and flirting with the camera.

"Perfect, girls! Just like that!"


By now, the two young college students were so used to the flash, that it barely bothered them anymore. They were both in love with the idea that they were having their very own photoshoot on a beach. They both got down on their knees and faced each other, giving a close-up view of their faces with big smiles.


Danielle laughed. "I love being a model!"

"Me too! Do you think we're any good at it?" Jennifer asked, putting her arm around Danielle.

"Oh, totally! We look so hot right now. Right, Sam?"

Sam carefully aimed the camera at the two gorgeous young co-eds. "Yes, you two are absolutely beautiful, perfect models."

The girls seemed to like this idea and squeezed up together even tighter to fit in the viewfinder.


After the flash went off, they each kissed the other on the cheek and giggled. They had no reservations about posing together in public for the camera. They knew it was important for a good photoshoot to play the part, so they threw themselves into it.

"My god, you girls are so gorgeous. The world is going to fall in love with you two."

Jennifer laughed and played with her hair a little, "Do you think so?"

Sam moved in closer. "Trust me, you are going to be extremely popular."

"Wow, thank you!" Jennifer said, her head getting full of all his compliments. "I want everyone to like me."

"Why don't you lean towards one another, like you are about to kiss, but look back at the camera as if you're trying to seduce me."

They both seemed to like this idea and did as they were told. They leaned close until their lips were almost touching, but instead, they turned and batted their eyelashes at the camera.


Both of them were completely caught up in the moment. Each flash left them giddy and excited for more. They flirted with the camera and with Sam, putting their bikini-clad bodies on display.

"God, you girls are so cute. You are absolutely a couple of hotties."

Jennifer laughed, "Maybe we can do this modeling thing for a living once we graduate college."

Danielle shook her head, "I dunno, college seems so lame compared to this."

"Look at you two," Sam said. "With your sexy bodies and perfect breasts, you were practically built to be models."

Jennifer instinctively pushed out her small chest. "Yeah, we do look pretty great, huh?"

Danielle immediately reached her hands up to grab her friend's breasts. "Yeah, Jen's got very cute boobs."


Jennifer was taken aback but was delighted her friend had touched her in a place so sensitive. "Dani! Don't tell me you're a lesbian all of a sudden."

Danielle seemed a little embarrassed for a second, but Sam reassured her. "No, this is a professional photoshoot. Models have to be completely comfortable with each other. Trust me, you girls are doing a wonderful job. There's no need to feel nervous."

Jennifer took his explanation without question. "Oh, okay then."

Jennifer reached up and took Danielle's full breasts in her hands and gave them a squeeze. "You have nice tits too." Danielle leaned in and kissed her friend on her lips.


He snapped a picture of the two friends just as they pulled apart. Though their eyes were blinded by the flash, Jennifer leaned forward for another deeper and more passionate kiss.

Sam watched closely as they made out with one another, taking turns slipping their tongues into each other's mouths. "This is what I like to see. Models can't resist beauty when they see it, and neither can I."

Danielle and Jennifer briefly broke the kiss and smiled at Sam again.


Another click of the camera and another brilliant burst of light caused a brief disorientation in the model's minds. As their vision cleared, Danielle said, "Of course. Jen and I are the best of friends."

Jennifer agreed, pulling her close. "Mm-hmm, we share everything together."

A crowd was gathering to watch the two young co-eds, who had become drunk on the flashes. Jennifer looked over and saw about a dozen people watching them and taking their own pictures. She was excited knowing so many people wanted to watch her and Danielle. "Oh my God, we are so famous."

Sam nodded his approval. "The local tourists aren't used to seeing professional models work this beach. It looks like you're gathering quite an audience."

Danielle turned with her arm still around Jennifer and said, "Hey, Jen. We're becoming celebrities! Smile for your fans!"

They both raised their arms to wave at their adoring public who snapped more pics. They laughed and continued to pose for the onlookers, loving the attention.

"Maybe it's time we continue our session in a more private area," Sam said as he beckoned for the young women to follow him. "I have a room in the hotel that would be perfect."

Without a moment of hesitation, both Danielle and Jennifer jumped to their feet and gathered their things. "Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Sam."

"Don't mention it," he said. You girls are so hot. You're exactly what I'm looking for."

The college students quickly gathered their things and walked hand-in-hand ahead of Sam up the path toward their hotel. Their bikini bottoms were riding up and gave Sam a show as they strutted down the walkway. They giggled and clutched each other's bodies close.

Once inside the hotel lobby, Sam led them to the elevators. Several onlookers gawked at the bikini-clad co-eds, but neither girl paid them any mind. The three of them rode the elevator to the penthouse level.

The two girls marveled at the enormous suite. There was a lounge area, a wet bar, a private ocean-view balcony, and a fancy bedroom with a big plush bed. They immediately went to the window and peered out at the water, amazed at the view.

"This place is amazing! I never thought a photographer could afford a suite like this," Danielle said as she pressed her body against the glass, pushing her ass out as she looked out the window.

Jennifer stood with her arm around her friend's waist. "Yeah, it's not fair. Our room doesn't have a view like this."

Sam placed his camera on the table and came up to stand behind the two girls. "The hotel manager lets me stay here now whenever I'm working since I did some photoshoots with his daughter."

Danielle said, "That's so cool! Is she a model too?

"No, but she was a wonderful subject." Sam had a devilish grin on his face. "She was very accommodating. The hotel manager was extremely happy with the results."

"Modeling is so much fun. Who wouldn't want to do it?" Jennifer said. "I can't imagine a life where people weren't interested in taking pictures of me."

Sam gestured for them to follow him to the bedroom where several lights were set up and pointed at the bed. He opened up a wardrobe in the corner that was filled with all manner of sexy clothing; short dresses, lingerie, even schoolgirl uniforms and other costumes. "You girls should pick out some clothes you like and get changed while I fix us more drinks."

Danielle and Jennifer giggled as they looked at the selection. They were a little nervous looking at the revealing clothing, but then they remembered that this kind of thing was normal when doing a shoot. Besides, they were young and hot. They knew they would look amazing.

They moved to opposite sides of the king-size bed and began sorting through the various outfits. They took turns holding pieces of clothing up and seeing what looked good. The two friends joked about each item and dared each other to wear the sluttier things. Jennifer settled on a sheer red babydoll nighty and matching red panties. Danielle chose a black teddy with lace trim and a black thong. Both of them picked out some tall heels to complete the look.

They went to the bathroom and helped each other remove their bikinis, something they had never done together. It seemed natural for them as professional models to be comfortable with each other’s bodies. Once naked, Danielle gave her friend's ass a playful smack, and they both laughed.

They fixed themselves up with heavy eyeliner, blush, and lots of lipstick. They rubbed lotion on each other's skin to make sure they were both soft and scented, then dabbed a little perfume behind their ears, on each nipple, and around their lower lips. After helping each other with their outfits and giving their appearances one final look of approval, they returned to the bedroom.

"Ah, excellent choices. You girls knew just what to wear." Sam had returned with their drinks and was setting up the camera on a tripod aimed at the bed. "How are you feeling?"

Danielle said, "Great! I feel amazing actually."

"Me too! This is going to be so much fun," Jennifer said, sipping her frothy margarita.

They moved to the front of the bed as Sam arranged the lights and adjusted the camera angle. "Okay, girls, why don't we start with a nice sexy pose to show off your figures? Now look straight into the camera and show me that beautiful chemistry between you, just like before."

Jennifer and Danielle instantly fell back into character as professional models who had done hundreds of photoshoots. They clung to one another and smiled seductively at the camera.


The familiar feeling of dizziness returned to them but quickly faded away.

Jennifer said, "Those new cameras make some crazy bright flashes."

Danielle said, "It makes my head spin, but at least it doesn't last long."

Sam said, "My camera has a special flash that helps me get the best pictures. If you look right into it instead of blinking, after a while you just lose yourself in your fantasy. Try to imagine that you are the sexiest, most desirable girls on this island. Can you do that for me?"

The girls nodded and posed again. Jennifer turned sideways and let her hand rest on Danielle's lower back. Danielle smiled and thrust her chest forward to show off her cleavage. They both stared right into the bright...


Jennifer found herself thinking about how much she loved being a model. She loved having her picture taken, wearing the finest clothing money could buy, and standing next to her best friend and fellow model, Danielle. It seemed strange to her that she had ever considered going to college. They were way too sexy to waste their days listening to boring professors drone on about stuff nobody cared about. No, they were desired by men and women everywhere and they couldn't get enough of it.

Danielle's thoughts drifted similarly, thinking about all the fun she and Jennifer were having. How silly they had been to think that studying was an option. A couple of months ago, they were two boring college freshmen with nothing to offer except brains, but now they were the hottest girls on a beautiful vacation island. What better life could they have imagined?

Sam enjoyed watching them pose and smile for him, and they were drinking it all in and eager for more. "Good, very good. Okay, now show me a little more. You are both so incredibly sexy and the whole world wants to see you like this, showing off your young bodies."

Danielle brushed her hair back with both hands as she gave her hips a slow shake. Her breasts strained against the thin fabric of her underwear. Jennifer kneeled beside her and ran her hands up Danielle's thigh.


Jennifer stood up and snaked an arm around Danielle's back, squeezing her breast, while resting her other hand on her belly. Danielle leaned back into her friend's embrace and let Jennifer lick slowly up her neck.


Danielle slipped her shoulder strap off and exposed one of her breasts. Jennifer happily massaged her exposed nipple. They both looked towards the camera with big seductive bedroom eyes.


"I bet these pictures would sell a lot of magazines," Jennifer said, while her dilated pupils were still partially blind.

Sam laughed. "With bodies like that, I would wager that you girls could sell anything."

"And we're not shy about it either," Danielle added as she let her teddy fall to the floor and climbed onto the bed. She got on her knees and squeezed her breasts towards the camera.

Jennifer removed her top and climbed up next to Danielle. "Everyone is going to want us when they see these pictures." She squeezed and pulled on her nipples until they were rock hard.

Sam said, "Exactly. Now look at me and imagine you are seeing someone who you desperately want. Show me your most seductive faces."

Danielle and Jennifer locked their eyes on Sam. Jennifer bit her lower lip and furrowed her brow as she concentrated her gaze on him. Danielle parted her mouth slightly and let her tongue dart across her top lip.

Flash! Flash!

As the pictures captured their image, Danielle felt her passion welling up inside her. She wanted Sam so badly. She could tell her friend did, too. Jennifer was squeezing her thighs together to hide how moist she was becoming, but Danielle could tell. All the flirting and teasing were making them both horny.

"Very nice. You girls have already come a long way in your careers." Sam reached down and rubbed the erection that had formed in his pants. He moved to get another angle and said, "Now you are looking at your dream lover, your fantasy, the person you would do anything for. Just forget about everything else, and concentrate on your deepest desires."


Jennifer moaned softly as the flash went off. Her head was swimming and her thoughts were blurred, but she felt an intense desire for Sam. She imagined him walking over to her, giving her a deep, wet, passionate kiss. She craved him now and she wanted to throw herself at his mercy.

Danielle felt similar emotions and could not tear her gaze from the handsome, older man behind the camera. She felt her nipples stiffening in her outfit and she longed for his touch. She wanted him to run his hands down her back and slide them down into her panties to massage her bare flesh.

Sam was pleased with the visible signs of arousal from his young subjects. "Excellent work, girls. You are gorgeous, bisexual girls who are completely free and open with your bodies and with each other. Show me how you express your deepest desires with each other."

The girls blushed at his suggestion but were already caught up in the moment and played along. They embraced each other and kissed deeply. Their mouths opened and their tongues swirled around together. Their hands explored each other, feeling along the smooth contours of their bodies. They turned to the camera with their tongues still entwined.


The flash reflected off their shining eyes and they turned and kissed deeper, drinking up each other's arousal. Danielle ran her hands down Jennifer's back and under her panties, slipping them down her thighs. Jennifer turned toward the camera to show off the little red curls framed by her bikini tan lines. She couldn't wait to show everyone these pictures.

Danielle slipped her panties down her thighs as well, exposing her perfectly smooth pussy. She ran a finger along her lips and teased her swollen clit. Her body burned for attention and the camera captured every hot moment.

"You're doing great, girls. Keep going," Sam said. "You can't get enough of each other. Play with those sexy bodies."


The girls finished removing their panties, unstrapped each other's heels, and then fell back together on the bed laughing and touching one another. They arranged themselves on their backs side-by-side with their legs spread wide. They wanted the camera to see everything while they rubbed each other's wet pussies.

Jennifer pushed her middle finger inside her friend and curled it back and forth while her thumb rubbed her clit. Danielle closed her eyes to savor the feeling, then let her fingers slip inside Jennifer's warmth. The girls were moaning in delight, while on full display. Their breasts rose and fell together as they sped up their fingering.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

They were so caught up in the moment they didn't notice the flashes anymore. Both girls were thrusting their hips against the other's hand in sync with each other. Jennifer was the first to cum. Her body tensed and she tried to hold her breath, but she shook and quivered and let out a deep, sensual moan. Danielle's orgasm followed soon after. She spread her legs wider apart and ground her hips against her friend's fingers. "Fuck!" she cried as her body shuddered while she rode out her orgasm.

The two gorgeous young models continued to stroke each other until the aftershocks subsided. Then they relaxed their sweat-covered bodies into each other's arms and kissed long and deep.

"That's it, girls. That was absolutely perfect," Sam said as he focused on their glowing sweat-covered bodies.

Jennifer and Danielle both looked over to Sam and smiled. They were out of breath from their exertion, but happy to have their picture taken some more. "That was fun!" Danielle said.

Sam motioned for them to sit up. "Now that you are nice and warmed up, I want you to imagine how great it would feel to get fucked by a big, thick cock right now."


As the light dissipated from their vision, both Jennifer and Danielle were struck with a sudden rush of arousal. The image of being fucked on camera was vivid in their minds and they felt their bodies crave something larger than fingers. Jennifer put her head down to cover her embarrassment as she thought about being mounted by Sam, but Danielle had no qualms about it. "Oh, that would be awesome!" she said. "I need to get fucked. Like, now!"

Sam removed his pants and his penis stood at full attention, the head glistening with precum. He removed the camera from the tripod and climbed onto the bed. Danielle spread her legs open to invite him in. The tip of Sam's erection teased along the outside of her slit getting nice and slick with her juices.

Jennifer lay beside them and watched in anticipation for her turn. She teased her nipples as she stared at the thick member driving her friend wild.

Sam held up the camera and said, "Imagine that this camera is capturing the exact moment when you lose all control and give in to your primal desires. Nothing else matters but pleasure." He pulled his hips back and sank his penis deep inside Danielle's waiting pussy.


Danielle moaned as Sam’s thick shaft penetrated her. "Oh fuck! I'm still so sensitive! Ohhh!" She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him close. She needed to be filled up. She had been craving it for too long. His thrusts started slowly, but soon he was pumping into her faster. The room filled with sounds of their skin slapping together and her cries of ecstasy.

Jennifer leaned over and took hold of Danielle's bouncing breasts. She started sucking and nipping on the hard nipples. Danielle was in heaven with her friend's mouth on her breasts and a dick thrusting inside of her at the same time.

"You love when my cock is inside you, don't you, baby? Tell me how good this feels. Beg for it." Sam said as he held up the camera again.

"God, yes! I want to be fucked so hard!" Danielle said as she thrashed her head from side to side. "Please give it to me, Sam!"


Danielle's mind was consumed with lust. She felt her muscles tighten as Sam drove his shaft in and out of her. Her juices were running freely down her ass cheeks and soaking the sheets beneath her. Jennifer continued to tease her friend's breasts, and it was all she could take. Danielle grabbed the back of Jennifer's head and pulled her close to bury her face between her breasts as she came. She screamed in pleasure and her pussy squeezed Sam's manhood while she rode the waves of her second orgasm.

After her shaking subsided, Sam let his cock slip out of her juicy, used pussy. Danielle collapsed back into the crumpled sheets and a puddle of her own making. Jennifer raised up on all fours and shook her ass, inviting him to mount her. Sam slapped his hand firmly on Jennifer's firm butt and gripped it.

Danielle's eyes popped open again at the sound of her friend's yelp, and she saw the excitement on Jennifer's face as Sam positioned himself behind her.

He plunged his shaft into the redhead's pussy, burying it to the hilt in one stroke. Jennifer grunted and dropped her face down to the mattress. Sam began slamming into her in rapid strokes and she matched them with thrusts of her own. He pumped with a frenzy that could only be achieved by fucking two hot college students who were now his pet nymphomaniacs.

"Look at me, baby. Show the camera what a dirty slut you are," Sam said as he aimed the camera down at Jennifer.

Her blue eyes flashed a look up at the lens and her lips curled back in a naughty grin, never once losing the rhythm of the pounding she was receiving. "Oh, God! I love to be fucked! Fuck me harder, Sam! Use me!" she said, egging him on.

Sam slapped his hand on her ass again and pushed her down onto the bed with his weight. Jennifer reached her arm around to try to pull him in tighter. "Make me your slut," she pleaded.


The camera caught the perfect picture of Sam's cock buried inside Jennifer's soaked pussy and the lustful expression on her face. The flash left Jennifer's mind swimming with euphoria. Her nails dug into the mattress, clawing at the fabric in desperation to be fucked senseless. Her brain was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of chemicals that flooded every corner of her body.

At the same moment, Sam erupted inside her, sending jets of warm semen deep into her womb. They both cried out simultaneously as their climaxes consumed them. He thrust into her again and again until he felt drained, and her pussy milked him for every drop. Finally, he pulled out of her used cunt and wiped his dick off against her backside. He climbed off the bed and she flopped down beside her friend. Both girls lay panting and sweating in the glow of their shared pleasure.

Danielle was excited to see her slutty best friend get her insides painted white with cum, and her fingers stroked her clit lazily as she took in the scene. When their eyes met, Danielle smiled mischievously.

"Good job, you sexy little whore," she purred.

Jennifer's mouth curled into a smile and she laughed, "Aw, you're just jealous that you didn't get any cum."

"Oh really? I think I see some here," Danielle said as she scooped up some of the runny mess from her friend's leaking snatch, then licked the gooey liquid off her fingers.

"So girls, how about a couple more shots like this, naked and well-fucked?" Sam stood above the two of them with the camera and they were both struck by how stunning he looked. "How about you both assume the position for me? This will be great for your portfolio."

The girls knew exactly what position would show their best angle. They were professionals and knew how to present themselves to a camera. Danielle laid back with her legs spread wide. With one hand she squeezed her breast and with the other, she separated her lower lips with two fingers. Jennifer lay close beside her and pulled her labia open with both hands to show off her wet opening. She winked and stuck out her tongue lasciviously.

"That's perfect. Show me a couple of empty-headed nymphos who only think about sex. Give me nice big smiles like a couple of mindless fucktoys."

Jennifer and Danielle obeyed without hesitation.


This is the first story I have written in a long time, but the concept was fun to play around with. I hope you like it. Maybe I'll continue it. I'd love to see what happened to the hotel manager's daughter.


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