Deep Clean Mind

by BSunshine

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #sub:female #brainwashing #scifi

An experimental mind-machine interface is at the center of a rivalry between an experienced scientist and a young researcher.

In the flickering fluorescent light of the surgical lab, four scientists bustled about their workstations. Dr. Joanna Kemper, a middle-aged brunette with stern features and a sharp gaze, carefully adjusted the electrodes connected to her patient's head. Junior Researcher Gabriella DiSilva, a young blonde with generous curves and a friendly smile was wrapped in a surgical robe, and lying on the table. She was trying to keep her nerves under control. Her arms and legs were loosely restrained with padded cuffs.

"Are those really necessary?" the patient asked.

"We are in uncharted territory here, Gabby. We're not sure exactly how your body will react when we begin the procedure, and we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself."

Gabby was nervous and looking for any excuse to make conversation.

"Where are you going to be during the procedure? Will you be monitoring my vitals?

"Dr. Parker will be in the observation room watching the monitors. I will be here with you the whole time, running the algorithm. If anything looks out of bounds, he will let me know, and I will abort the test immediately."

"And Dr. Patel? Is Priya going to be in here too?"

"She will also be in the observation room. She will be collecting data while the interface is linked with your mind."

"It seems so cold when you say it like that. Okay, I trust you, Jo."

Joanna gave her a strained smile. She hated when she called her that. Gabby was young, attractive, and charismatic. Her friendly demeanor endeared her to her colleagues, but Joanna found it obnoxious. She had worked a long time to get where she was in her career and this pretty, young researcher would never understand real sacrifice. While Joanna would admit that Gabby was intelligent, and very brave for volunteering to be their first human test subject, Joanna still felt resentment that someone with Gabby's physical gifts would always have an easy life.

There were a dozen electrodes attached to Gabby's head and Joanna checked each one, with the thoroughness of an experienced scientist. She moved her fingers over the contours of Gabby's head, feeling a thrill knowing that in a few minutes her workstation would have complete access to Gabby's mind. The power to get a detailed reading of a human brain in real time as it linked with a powerful neural processor, was going to make them all famous and finally get Joanna some well-deserved recognition in the scientific community.

She moved over to her workstation to begin running diagnostics. As the electrodes were enabled one by one, Gabby reacted by jerking her arms against the restraints which held her in place.

"Oh! I felt that. Has it started already?"

"I'm only testing the connections. Try and relax." Joanna verified everything was in order and ran a script to prime the containers and databases that would be required during the procedure.

The door to the lab opened and a middle-aged man with receding brown hair entered with a case of surgical instruments. He laid them out on a tray and began filling a hypodermic needle.

"I'm going to give you something that will make you feel calm, Miss DiSilva. You'll feel a little pinch, but only for a second."

"Ow! I hate shots, Stan!"

"I know, but you'll feel better soon. You're going to be famous after this."

He finished his work and returned to the observation room, while Gabby's face went slack as the sedative started to take effect. Joanna observed the exchange from her desk in the corner of the lab.

As Dr. Parker left the room she resumed typing on her workstation. The procedure was expected to map out a patient's neural pathways and give them a detailed look at the inner workings of a person's brain. This was the culmination of years of research, their first human trial. Joanna was nervous, but she ran through her pre-game checklist precisely to the letter. If the test failed, there might never be a second chance.

"Gabby, we will begin in two minutes," said a female voice with an Indian accent over the intercom.

"Priiiiya... I'm ready... so glad you're heeeere..."

"Of course I am. We're all here for you, and we'll take good care of you."

Seconds ticked by slowly until it was time to begin. Joanna felt a twinge of guilt at what they were about to do, what she specifically was about to do. The test script was locked in however, and all she could do was wait and observe. She told herself that every great advancement often requires unconventional thinking, and she would never have a better opportunity to test out her theories.

"We are ready to begin." Joanna's voice betrayed none of her unease.

Dr. Parker responded, "We can proceed."

"Just relax now, Gabby, and let the machine do its work." Gabby was too far gone to respond though.

Joanna pressed a button on her terminal and the machines hummed to life. Gabby's sedated body showed no outward indication. After a short moment, the display registered a data transfer beginning. As expected, a stream of data from Gabby's mind began to download into the database. A mapping began to form that detailed the inner workings of her brain. Gabby's mind was connected directly to the mainframe and she would never feel a thing. Preliminary tests indicated that she was expected to wake up feeling refreshed like she had taken a nice long nap.

A few minutes into the test, another subroutine activated, as part of the special modifications Joanna had put in place. If they were ever going to demonstrate the full capability of this technology they needed to do more than simply map a subject's mind. She needed to demonstrate that she could push data the other direction, to implant an idea. The ability to implant information directly into a person's mind would be the kind of technology to change the world, and Joanna needed to prove to herself was feasible before she could ever convince the others.

Another channel opened up in the connection, an upload channel, and a new stream of data began doing its work. It was small in comparison to the main transfer, and easy to overlook. Joanna watched her patient for signs of unease or distress, but she appeared to be resting comfortably while the feed uploaded into her docile mind. Gabby would never know anything was amiss, but Joanna would notice the changes in her behavior. More assertive and diligent, less casual and lazy, someone not afraid to take initiative and get things done. If it worked, Gabby would be a better scientist as a result, and Joanna would know that the technology can be taken further.

After fifteen minutes had passed, the machines beeped indicating that the test was concluded. Joanna took a deep breath and checked her metrics one last time. Everything appeared to be normal, and all transfers concluded successfully. Gabby began to stir on the table, and Joanna went to remove the electrodes from her head.

"How do you feel, Gabby?"

Gabby blinked her eyes a few times as if her eyes were adjusting to the light. "I feel pretty good."

"Do you feel different at all?"

"That was amazing! I feel rejuvenated. You should try this."

Joanna smiled, but all she could think about was how long it might take before she saw any sign of a behavior change.

"I'm removing the cuffs. Don't try to sit up too fast though."

"God I feel so good after that."

Dr. Patel's voice sounded over the intercom. "You did great, Gabby!"

They spent the next hour finishing up their work in the lab, monitoring Gabby's vital signs, and interviewing her about how she felt. Joanna looked for some indication that her subroutine had taken effect, but there were no conclusive signs. She told herself that it could take some time to draw a full conclusion. She went home disappointed, but determined to find out if there was something more going on in Gabby's mind.

A week later, Joanna and Priya sat in an office discussing the latest results from the data analysis. Priya had her laptop open and was pointing at a chart full of data, but Joanna could only think about her own experiment.

"Everything indicates that it was a success. We have seen these distinct patterns that we predicted from Gabby's initial tests."

"And Gabby's behavior, it hasn't changed at all has it?"

"She seems happy and very focused. She is always pleasant to work with, so I don't know if that's really different."

Joanna gave her a weak smile in response. This experiment was her brain child and she regretted that she didn't try to make a more noticeable change to Gabby, something unambiguous. It would be impossible to push this research without a more significant change that was undeniable. The procedure was expected to make the patient feel good, as had been demonstrated in their early testing. Something to do with cleaning the neural pathways led to improved ability to focus and concentrate. If Joanna's subroutine had worked though, there should have been noticeable behavior changes.

"Hey Priya, did you guys need me?"

Joanna's mind had been wandering but she snapped back to attention as Gabby entered the room and sat down.

"Yes Gabby, we wanted to ask you again how you are feeling," Priya asked.

"I feel like a new person. I've been sleeping well, and at work, it's like my concentration has improved. Imagine what this research could do for the world!"

"We're glad to hear you are feeling well. Have you noticed any behavioral changes compared to before?" Joanna asked.

"I don't think so. Like I said, I'm sleeping well. Is there something specific you are expecting?"

Gabby was looking at Joanna intently, as if she were the only person in the room. Something about the way she looked at her made her feel uneasy.

Priya spoke up, "I need to continue my analysis. I'll let you two talk." She got up and left. The room was quiet and Joanna was so deep in thought that she forgot that Gabby had asked her a question.

Gabby continued, "I think you should try it. We all know how important this research is to you and I don't think it is fair that I benefit from all your hard work. Plus imagine how productive we could be together."

Joanna shook her head. "Dr. Patel is right. We still have a lot of work ahead of us analyzing the results of your test." She was surprised at Gabby's tone as this might be the first time the girl ever spoke to her on such friendly terms. The suggestion had some appeal as well.

"Imagine the two of us together at the summit in July. Me, presenting your findings as your hard-working assistant and test subject. Then you would reveal that you've performed the same procedure on yourself."

They shared a laugh together as Joanna pictured it in her head, "I don't think we'd have to worry about grant money anymore."

Gabby sat studying Joanna's face, as she seemed to be mulling over the idea. "Well I have some work I should get back to. Let me know if you want me for anything else." She stood from the chair and headed out.

Joanna had begun the day feeling as if her dream was slipping away, yet now she felt hopeful. She deserved to benefit from the fruits of all her efforts. The procedure was clearly safe, as Gabby showed no ill effects. What more was there to learn from crunching more numbers when she could get answers to all her questions another way? Gabby's suggestion inspired an idea, which formed into a plan of action. The other scientists would never go along with it, but she didn't need them. She would write a new subroutine, just for herself. All she needed was one person to administer the procedure.

The fluorescent lights in the surgical lab flickered overhead. Joanna didn't realize how much more annoying they were when you were lying down looking up at them. The lab was empty except for Joanna and Gabby. She had spent the last week writing new test scripts and building and testing a new behavioral subroutine. She had spent several days training Gabby on every process required to run the procedure. The machines practically ran by themselves. Additional people were only required for safety purposes, and Joanna was confident that wouldn't be necessary. Joanna felt, despite her youth and lack of professionalism, Gabby was capable of handling the procedure.

"Make sure you set all the electrodes exactly how I showed you. They have to make a good connection or it won't work."

"I did it just like you said. Then I can test them like this." She poked her keyboard and all the contacts came to life at once.

"YAAAA..." Joanna's limbs jerked and nearly threw her off the table before she caught herself.

Gabby disabled the contacts. "Oh God I'm sorry. I should have made sure you were ready."

"Please be more careful! Maybe the restraints are a good idea after all. If I fall off this table I'm going to break a rib. Mind strapping me in?"

"Of course."

Gabby helped Joanna's wrists and ankles into the padded cuffs and secured them to the table. Under other circumstances Joanna might have felt vulnerable in this position, but her trust in Gabby's ability was starting to wane and at least she would stay on the table this way. Once the restraints were in place, Gabby returned to the workstation and began typing. After a few moments of silence, other than Gabby's typing, Joanna spoke again.

"Now the sedative is in that cabinet. I know you've done this before so just be careful and don't let me bleed."

Gabby continued typing as if she was focused on something else more important. Joanna found her lack of attention irritating, as this was not a good time for inattention to detail. Joanna waited a few moments to see if Gabby would respond, then asked again.

"Gabby, the sedative takes a few minutes to work. Please do it now so we can get started."

Joanna looked over at Gabby and saw that she was still focused on her screen at the workstation. She paused typing for a moment and looked over at Joanna on the table. Joanna saw something that she hadn't recognized before. It had been weeks since the initial experiment. Joanna had watched Gabby for any of the signs of behavioral changes, and she had seen nothing but cheerfulness and a general positive attitude. When she looked at her now, there was a cold look of determination that wasn't there before. A slight smile slowly crept across Gabby's lips as she pressed the keys to activate the machine.

Joanna's body went rigid and she gasped loudly, as the machines hummed to life. The restraints held her securely in place as the electrodes sent tingling waves of pulsing electrical sensations through her entire body. Joanna's mind felt heavy, as if she were submerged in water, barely able to move or breathe. Her vision became cloudy and dark, but through this fog, shapes began to coalesce. Images and ideas were forming, as if something inside of her mind was being written into existence.

Energy coursed through her, filling her mind with light and color. There were no words and no thoughts, only pure emotion and sensation. In the middle of it all was a perfect female form, a goddess made flesh. Her blonde hair flowed over her shoulders like a mountain stream. Her blue eyes sparkled like a clear summer's day. Her breasts were full and seemed to defy gravity. Her legs were long and muscular and ended in soft rounded thighs. A delicate patch of light hair between her legs begged to be explored further. Every inch of her body begged to be worshiped, to be touched and explored.

She was entranced by the captivating beauty and she knew this was the essence of pure femininity. She felt as if she were unworthy to be in her presence. But as she gazed upon this perfect form, she felt a stirring within her, a desire to submit, to serve, to be consumed. It was as if she had been reborn, transformed into a vessel for this divine creature, ready to serve her every whim and desire.

As she gazed at the vision before her, there was a voice in her ear, distant but clear. "I know it was you. I found your program. Now I'm going to give you the same thing you gave me. I'm going to make you better."

The words echoed through Joanna's jumbled mind, but they found no purchase within the space. She was consumed by feelings of intense desire. Joanna had never felt such longing for another woman, but in the presence of this divine beauty, she was lost to all else. She wanted to feel her firm body and kiss those full lips. She wanted to feel their bodies up close to each other, the touch of her hands, the smell of her hair, the heat of her skin.

She longed to reach out to her, to worship her, to be taken by her. Every inch of her body burned with an intense craving, but the restraints held her tight, denying her the release she so desperately needed. Her every thought was consumed by desperate need for her beautiful muse. Within this orgasmic haze a new truth formed out of the fog. The beauty before her was Gabriella, and Joanna's very existence belonged to her.

As the machines continued their work, the only sound in the room was Joanna's shallow breathing, her soft moans of pleasure, and the occasional whispered word, "yes". The subroutine Gabby had designed was more advanced than the crude implementation that Joanna had written, and since they were the only ones in the lab, she didn't need to hide the upload in a back channel. Her subroutine downloaded large parcels of memory from Joanna's mind, processed them with new directives, then uploaded them back. New ideas were mixed into Joanna's brain as if they had always been there. The subroutine was thorough and sophisticated, and the process continued for more than an hour.

When the machines finally stopped, Joanna was covered in sweat and her body was shaking from exhaustion. She felt hands removing the electrodes from her head and the restraints from her hands and feet. She tentatively bent her arms and legs to exercise her stiff joints.

"Wake up, Jo."

She blinked her eyes a few times and saw Gabby leaning over her with a concerned look on her face.

"Gabby? What happened? How did it go?"

"It went really well. You did great. How do you feel?"

"Tired, but I feel amazing actually! I think I was dreaming."

"That's wonderful! Let's get you off this table."

Gabby helped Joanna sit up and ease herself off the table onto her wobbly legs. Joanna took a couple small careful steps forward, then slowly dropped down to one knee. Gabby held her to keep her from falling over in her weakened state. She looked up into Gabby's eyes and felt the world spinning around them.

"I feel strange. Something's not right."

Gabby gave her shoulders a reassuring squeeze and gave her a small kiss on her forehead. This gesture made Joanna feel warm and comfortable, and her concerns seemed to fade away. Her body was weak, but her mind was racing and felt more alive than ever before. As she looked into Gabby's deep blue eyes her heart began to pound. Feelings that she didn't recognize began to wash over her.

"You did so well, Jo-Jo." Gabby stood up in front of her and unbuttoned her lab coat. The details of Joanna's hazy dream started to come back to her. Gabby pulled down her scrubs and slowly removed her black lace panties to reveal the delicate patch of light hair that was familiar to Joanna now. Desire was consuming her every thought. Gabby stood with her legs slightly apart and her sex directly in front of Joanna's face, and said, "You deserve your reward now."

Without any hesitation, Joanna leaned forward, pressing her face to the soft hair. The scent of arousal overwhelmed her and she extended her tongue to take the first taste of her new obsession. With every lick of Gabby's warm, moist slit, what was left of Joanna's identity melted away. Gabby ran her fingers through her hair and gently guided her face to all the right spots. Joanna's tongue explored every inch of Gabby's wet pussy, and every lustful moan of satisfaction sent orgasmic shivers through her. As Gabby ground her hips against her face, she knew deep in her mind that this is what she was made for.

Joanna woke up in bed. She was in a fetal position snuggled up against Gabriella's sleeping body, using her full, round breast as a pillow. She laid still, listening to her heartbeat, watching her chest slowly rise and fall. The room smelled of sweat and sex, and brought back pleasant memories of the previous night's activities.

Her experiment was wildly successful. She would never have imagined it possible for a program to make a person feel this way. She had taken the first step through the door, but Gabriella kicked it wide open. Her mind was swimming with the possibilities of how they would work together to perfect the technology, and present it to others. They would need to share this with the other scientists. They had conclusive proof of Joanna's theories, that it was possible to inject data, ideas, maybe even memories into a person's mind. This technology was going to change the world.

Priya would be the perfect candidate. They only had to convince her to undergo the procedure. She smiled as she imagined both her and Priya together, worshiping Gabriella's body the way she deserved. Gabriella had even suggested getting back in the machine herself for another treatment. A warmth stirred between Joanna's legs as she imagined her mistress strapped into the machine, her mind helpless and vulnerable. Joanna could make her more confident, more commanding, more seductive, a perfectly irresistible goddess without inhibitions, someone people would willingly surrender to.

Gabriella began to stir from her sleep and Joanna knew it was time to resume her duties. She crawled down between her mistress's legs and began licking up and down the warm slit until it was nice and wet from her saliva. Then she carefully parted her lips and inserted her tongue into the warm canal. Before long she felt fingers gripping her hair again and heard passionate cries. Her own orgasm was building in response, and she felt free.

Special thanks goes out to TheSandGoose for helping me clean this up and get it released. The moral of this story is that you shouldn't covet what your young, attractive coworker has. You might think they have it easy, but you never know. If you allow your jealousy to consume you, you might end up a helpless little submissive love slave, forced to service them sexually, night and day. Thinking about things like that is wildly inappropriate for the workplace. So you should stop thinking about it right now. I mean it would be ridiculous anyway. You on your knees, and them standing over you, commanding you to obey, like a good little pet.


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