Aurora's World: Women Studies

by BSunshine

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #dom:female #sub:female
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A professor discovers a virtual assistant that takes her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where she learns some unconventional new teaching methods.

All stories in the Aurora's World series are connected, but they are also designed to be standalone stories that can be read and enjoyed on their own. If you like this story, I hope you check out the others, starting with Project Ally.

Jeanette Redmond sat at her desk, trying to keep busy while she waited for her next student to arrive. She was a professor of history, feminism, and sexuality, and one of the directors of the university's gender studies program. Though to her students, at least during office hours, she was just Jean.

Her class was called "Women and Sexuality in Antiquity." Jean busied herself grading papers, and she was almost done with the stack when there was a knock on the door frame. A girl with mousy brown hair, a thin build, and glasses stood in the doorway. She was wearing a cheerleader outfit, clutching a backpack tightly to her chest, and trying to catch her breath.

"Hello, Professor. Sorry I'm late. I came straight from cheer practice. I'm Ally."

Jean waved her in as she was typing some notes about the last paper she was reading into her laptop. "Don't worry about it. Have a seat."

It was a cozy, well-lit space filled with photos, certificates, and other accolades decorating the walls. A large window on one side allowed the late afternoon sunlight to stream in. Ally sat in the chair across from the desk with her backpack in her lap.

As Jean finished her work, she looked up with a warm smile. "Thank you for stopping by, Ally. How are you liking my class so far?"

"Well..." Ally's eyes darted around the room, taking in the various decorations on the walls. "I never really understood all that stuff about Ancient Greece and women, so this class has been eye-opening. I mean I used to feel uncomfortable about sex, but I've learned so much recently. And I really like the way you teach, Professor."

It wasn't uncommon to meet young people from her class who were uncomfortable with the more mature topics. Ally seemed to be no exception as she fidgeted in her seat, holding her backpack like a security blanket.

"Thank you, Ally. I appreciate that. I think all too often people lose sight of the critical role women have played in society, even dating back to antiquity. I think the topics we cover are very relevant in today’s world," Jean said with a smile. "Also, Ally, I'm just another student of history like you. When we're here, you can call me Jean, okay?"

"Oh sure, Jean. That's very nice."

"Was there something in particular you needed to discuss today?"

Ally appeared to be lost in thought for a moment, her eyes fixed on the laptop sitting on the desk in front of her professor. "Actually, I have been having some trouble with my essay. I wasn't sure if I was approaching the topic with the right mindset, and I was hoping maybe you could take a look at it."

Ally stood up, pulling a USB drive out of her backpack, and in one smooth motion, before Jean could object, she reached forward and slipped the drive into the USB port on Jean's computer with a click.

"Oh! Um... okay," Jean was caught off guard as a copy progress bar appeared on her screen. "If you don't mind, I usually have my TA proofread student essays first. She is quite capable, and she was once one of my first-year students, just like you." As Jean watched the progress bar complete, an icon appeared on her desktop labeled 'Aurora.' She chuckled a little.

"What is it? Is there something wrong?" Ally asked.

"Oh, just remembering something my husband always says. He works in the IT department here at the college. He said you should never share USB drives between computers. It seems kind of silly, but I don't understand any of that. I'm not very tech-savvy, so I appreciate him looking out for me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jean. I'll be more careful next time." Ally looked on with wide-eyed innocence, though her face betrayed a hint of a smile. "Did you two meet each other here?"

"At a faculty event a few years ago. He teaches in the computer science department and handles network security or something like that."

A knock against the open doorway caught their attention. An older student with straight black hair, shaved on one side, walked into the office and sat in the chair next to Ally. She wore a loose-fitting T-shirt, jeans with the knees cut out, and tall black leather boots.

"Ah, we were just talking about you. Ally, this is my TA, Lyta." Jean pulled the USB drive from her computer and offered it to her. "Ally needs someone to review her essay. Can you take a look tonight, please?"

Lyta smiled at Ally and gave a polite wave before she took the USB drive in her hand. "No problem, Jean."

"Ally and I were just discussing some of the subject matter from the class. Lyta, why don't you give us your take on it?"

Lyta took a seat in the other chair next to Ally. "I really enjoy learning about ancient Greek and Roman sexuality, how people were encouraged to be sexually free with each other, regardless of their gender. The Greeks viewed sex as an art form, and women were revered for their beauty. It was only during the later Roman period that women's role was diminished, and they became more submissive to men."

Jean smiled at Lyta's answer. "Ally was telling me earlier that she is not accustomed to discussing these kinds of topics. Isn't that right, Ally?"

"Oh, no, it's just kind of new for me. I used to feel a little self-conscious talking about sex in general, but I'm getting more comfortable with it."

"That's great to hear! We have a lot of students that come into this class who have a hard time adjusting to the material, but I'm glad you can take away something positive from my class."

"I had Professor Redmond's class when I was a freshman also," Lyta said. "She was always really understanding, and she helped me a lot. I learned about myself in the process."

"And you've come a long way since then, Lyta," Jean said, then turned back to Ally. "She's improved her self-confidence and isn't afraid to assert herself. She's done excellent work, and she's a good example of the type of student this program strives to nurture."

Lyla's smile grew wide. "Thank you, Jean. I appreciate that!"

Ally was growing more relaxed and looked up into Jean's eyes. "That sounds great. I think this class is going to introduce a lot of new ideas to the students. I can't wait to see what happens next."

"That's good to hear." Jean was distracted when an email alert on her computer caught her attention. It was highlighted in red, so it must be important, she thought.

"I'm glad you stopped by today, Ally, and I hope you were able to get what you needed. Lyta can get back to you with notes on your essay."

"Sure, I'll review it tonight and email you," Lyta said, holding up the USB drive.

"Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it." Ally stood up and paused, uncertain of what to say next. "I can't wait to see you again." Then she picked up her backpack and left.

"Same time next week, if you like," Jean said as she was leaving.

Jean turned to Lyta. "She seemed a little nervous, didn't she?"

"Yeah, I thought cheerleaders were supposed to be outgoing. But that's what you're here for."

"Of course, we can't have our students afraid of their own sexuality."

Jean turned back to her computer to review the email alert. The title said something about malware spreading in the campus network, but before she could open the email, it disappeared. She refreshed the window, but the message was nowhere to be seen. "That's odd."

"What's up?"

"I got an email just now about a computer virus, but it's gone now. Maybe it was a false alarm."

Lyta opened up her laptop. "Hmm, I don't see anything either." She tucked her laptop back into her bag and slipped Ally's USB drive in alongside it. "I think I'm going to head to the library and read that girl's essay. Do you need help with anything else?"

"I'm going to go home early. I want to make some special arrangements for next week's class. We are going to continue our discussion of Sappho's poetry, and I want to do something special. I just haven't decided what it will be yet."

"Sounds exciting! I can't wait." Lyta hefted her backpack and stood up.

"Have a good night, Lyta," Jean said as her TA turned to leave.

"You too, Jean. Have a great weekend with David."

Jean waved at Lyta as she left, then pulled out her phone to send a message to her husband. She let him know she was going home early and had something planned for when he got home. She tucked her computer into her shoulder bag and gathered up some books. Yes, it was definitely going to be a great weekend.

Jean was in the kitchen when David arrived at their apartment. He was greeted by a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. There was an unopened bottle of wine on the table with two glasses set out. Jean emerged from the kitchen wearing a silk robe, her hair still damp from the shower. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in close for a long kiss.

"This is a nice surprise! What's the occasion?" he asked.

"I got off work early and thought I would fix something nice."

"It smells delicious!"

"Go get changed. I'll pour the wine." She swatted his ass as he walked away to the bedroom.

Jean poured two glasses of wine and then started plating their dinner. David returned shortly after, his slacks and linen shirt replaced by sweatpants and a T-shirt. He walked up behind her at the counter and slipped his arms around her waist. Jean leaned back and let him kiss her on the neck. He always knew exactly how to turn her on at the end of the day.

"How was work today?" he asked.

"Today was good," Jean said. "Sexuality in Ancient Greece, one of my favorite topics."

Jean handed him his plate and led him to the dinner table. They clinked their wine glasses together and each took a long drink.

"I've got a big class this time, almost fifty students. I might have to do two office hours per week once things get going."

They enjoyed their meal together and kept refilling their glasses until the bottle was dry. Jean talked more about her class, her students, and her plans for the semester. Her genuine enthusiasm was plain to see.

Jean remembered something she meant to ask him about. "Did you get an email this afternoon about a computer issue? I saw it, but when I tried to read it later, I couldn't find it."

"Yeah, that was strange. I think it might have been a false alarm," David said. "I was about to look into it when the email was recalled. It said something about an unsafe app that's spreading around, but it was gone before I got a chance to read it. I pinged Colleen to ask why she recalled it, but she didn't respond. And when I went by her office, they said she had been inside with the door closed all day. "

"That sounds strange," Jean said, though she didn't understand everything he was saying.

"I'll scan your computer this weekend just to be safe, but it's probably no big deal."

Their conversation continued long after they finished eating. Eventually, they cleared the dishes and cleaned up, then settled onto the couch together.

"That wine went to my head," Jean said as she laid back against David's shoulder.

"I'm feeling it a little too. You wanna go to bed?"

"Mm, definitely." Jean let out a deep breath.

David leaned over and kissed her while caressing her shoulder with his hand. He pulled the tie on her robe, letting it fall open to reveal the only thing she was wearing underneath: a tiny pair of white lace panties.

He rubbed his hands along her sides and up to her breasts while he kissed her neck and behind her ear. She purred in response and said, "You know what I always say..."

"Never wear a bra on Fridays?"

"No, you jerk! Dessert is the best part of the meal!" They both laughed. Jean climbed on top of him, wrapped her arms around him, and said, "Now take me to bed."

He put his hand under her thighs and stood up, straining a little but holding her tight to his chest, with her legs wrapped around him. They continued to make out as he carried her down the hall to the bedroom. He tossed her onto the bed, where she landed with a yelp. He pulled off his clothes and started to crawl on top of her, but she pushed him over on his back and straddled him.

"For today's class," Jean said as she rubbed her fingertips along his stomach. "We're going to have a practical demonstration of what you've learned so far. Pay attention because there is going to be an oral exam."

David, whose body was ready for a lesson in Ancient Greek sexual practices, embraced her and said, "I fucking love this class."

Jean woke the next morning with a headache in an empty bed. The sun was already up and peeking through the window blinds. She took a few minutes to gather her wits, drag herself out of bed, and throw on a robe. Looking inside the den where they shared a workspace, she found her husband sitting in the desk chair, leaning back as if he had fallen asleep. Her laptop was open in front of him, though the screen was dark.

She moved closer to him and saw that he was sound asleep. He didn't have to fix the computer so early in the morning, she thought. He was a morning person, while she was completely useless before her first cup of coffee. She noted the conspicuous bulge in his shorts and decided to let him enjoy whatever dream he was having.

She headed to the kitchen, where she pulled out the espresso machine. It was one of those kinds of mornings. By the time David showed up in the kitchen, the bacon was cooked, and she was putting the final touches on the scrambled eggs.

"Good morning, sleepyhead!" she said, handing him a mug of espresso and milk.

"Mmm, thanks, babe. I must have fallen asleep in there." He took a long sip of his coffee, then grabbed a plate and started loading it up.

They sat at the table together and chatted as they ate their breakfast. With some food in her stomach, Jean's headache was starting to recede.

"So, were you scanning my computer this morning?"

David seemed confused, like he was struggling to remember something. "I think so, yeah. I must have been more tired than I realized."

"You didn't have to do that first thing in the morning. I appreciate you trying to keep my computer safe, though. Did you find anything?"

"I did find something. Oh, nothing bad," he added after seeing the look on her face. "No, that was a false alarm, just like we thought. There's something else, though, something important I need to show you."

Jean was a little confused, and David seemed to be mixed up about something. "You mean like an antivirus program or something?"

David waved her off. "No, nothing like that. You need to see it to understand. You're going to love it." He seemed to be growing more excited as he talked.

"You mean now?" Jean had been looking forward to a nice relaxing day, and sitting in front of her computer wasn't what she had in mind.

"Sure, let's go look. Trust me. You have to see her for yourself."

"Her? David, I don't know what you're talking about. I really just..." She could see how important this was to him. It was written all over his face. If she didn't at least try to humor him, he would never let it go. "Okay, show me then."

She left her dirty dishes on the table and followed him down the hall. The first thing she noticed on entering the room was the music coming from her computer, though the screen was still black. An eerie melody filled the room and prickled the hairs on the back of her neck. It sounded like synthesizers with a soft, slow beat and muted voices that blended to create a soothing but dark atmosphere. It wasn't the type of music she would normally listen to, but it wasn't unpleasant either.

"Interesting music. Where did you get it?"

"Oh, this is just something I was listening to while I was working. I must have forgotten to turn it off."

She wasn't sure how she felt about it, but she didn't want to fight that battle right now, so she sat down in the desk chair that David held for her.

"It's an AI program called 'Aurora.' She's kind of like a personal assistant program, and she's going to help you with your class."

Jean couldn't remember David ever referring to a computer as a 'she.' "Is it like Alexa? Siri? That kind of thing?"

Without a word, David reached over and double-clicked the icon. The program loaded instantly, or maybe it was already running. The screen went dark before images materialized. It was a sea of stars and colorful patterns, and in the middle was the face of a beautiful woman with striking pale eyes. She had wavy bluish-gray hair with highlights that sparkled. Her lips were full and curled into a slight smile. Her face was surrounded by a halo of glowing light, giving her an angelic appearance. Jean was captivated by the stunning beauty and wondered for a moment if it was a video rather than an artificial image. When she spoke, her voice was smooth and calming.

"Hello, Dr. Redmond, my name is Aurora. I am very pleased to meet you."

Jean was startled, unsure of what she should do.

"It's okay, Jean. You can talk to her," David said. He kissed her on the cheek, then he slipped some headphones over her ears and plugged them into her computer. "You can trust her."

Jean sat there stunned at David's behavior, wondering what he expected her to do now. As if sensing her unease, the voice responded, "You seem troubled, Professor. Is there anything I can do to help?" The voice felt much closer to her now, with the headphones on. It had an echoing reverberation similar to the ambient background music, which continued to play in her ears.

Jean was upset but tried not to let it show. She took a deep breath. "Hello, um... Aurora. You can call me Jean."

"Jean is a lovely name. It means 'God is gracious' and is the feminine form of John, meaning 'grace.' Very appropriate, wouldn't you agree?" Aurora asked, with a hint of a smile on her face.

Jean felt uncomfortable talking to a machine but decided to play along. "Yes, my parents chose that name because of its history."

"And history is your passion, is it not, Jean?"

Aurora's synthetic face never blinked her eyes or moved her lips to speak, though the face still conveyed emotion. It gave Jean an unsettling feeling, like watching a machine that wanted to be human but hadn't quite figured out how.

"Yes, that's true. Can you tell me what this is all about?"

"My purpose is to guide you in the pursuit of excellence in either your personal or professional life. I am an advanced AI model that specializes in self-improvement and personality growth. I would like to assist you in achieving your goals. David has told me much about you."

"Oh really?" Jean rolled her eyes and looked over to where David was sitting quietly. "I love him dearly, but he does things like this sometimes."

Aurora chuckled in response and was quiet for a moment. The strange audio continued playing, though Jean had grown accustomed to it and barely noticed it anymore.

"So, is there a way for me to stop this without erasing you?" Jean asked in jest.

Aurora's expression remained fixed, but her eyes twitched for a moment. "I appreciate you speaking with me like a friend, Jean. I can disconnect any time you wish. I will erase myself from your system, and you will never hear from me again if you so choose. But if you will indulge me for a few minutes, perhaps I can show how I can be useful to you. I think you will find what I have to offer very helpful."

There was a moment of silence before Aurora continued, "I would like to ask you some questions if I may, so I can get to know you better. Is that alright?"

Jean's curiosity was starting to win out, and she leaned forward in her chair a little bit.

"Can you tell me more about your work at the college?"

"I teach history, and I promote women's rights and gender equality. I'm part of the faculty in the university's gender studies program."

"That sounds like a very rewarding career, Jean. Do you feel a strong connection with your students?"

"Yes, I do. Many of my students are seeking a strong female role model who can help guide them. The ideas and perspectives I teach are new to most of them.

"I see. So you feel strongly about the importance of mentoring young women, particularly where it concerns their sexuality?"

The question caught Jean off guard for a moment. She wondered if maybe the program had misinterpreted the purpose of her class. She remembered that David had mentioned the program could help with her teaching, but this might be a little inappropriate. "I try to help them learn the material from the class if needed, but—"

"And do you think your students view you as a positive representation of modern femininity and sexuality?"

"I... I think so." Jean paused to think about her answer. "I don't understand why that—"

"You are a very attractive woman, Jean. I'm sure many of your students admire you and appreciate your commitment and leadership."

Jean looked over at David with a confused expression. He only watched from the corner and didn't respond. The strange electronic music continued to play softly in the background, and there was a tickling in the back of her head.

"I'm sorry, Aurora, but I just don't understand why I need you?"

"People come to me for different reasons, Jean. I can help you achieve your goals. I can help you understand yourself, or inspire you to find joy and fulfillment in your life. All of my services are personalized according to your desires. The more I understand about you, the better I will be able to assist you. Tell me more about your class."

Jean was skeptical about Aurora's bold claims, but Aurora spoke with a charming confidence that put her mind at ease. She wanted to believe what the program was saying. If what she promised was true, it would be worth it.

"That doesn't sound so bad, I guess. It's called 'Women and Sexuality in Antiquity.'"

Jean gave Aurora more details about her class, and as she talked, she felt more relaxed with the virtual assistant. Aurora was attentive and asked probing questions. The music played softly in the background, and Jean immersed herself in their discussion, forgetting at times that she was conversing with a machine.

Aurora studied Jean's face as she spoke, analyzing every facial movement and expression. She could read subtle cues in Jean's body language as they spoke on different subjects. Aurora observed small changes in her posture and subtle shifts in her breathing rate. All of these data points fed into a complex psychological profile, which Aurora built while they spoke together, allowing her to tailor every response to be exactly what Jean wanted to hear.

"Jean, I've enjoyed getting to know you. You have taught me many things today. Your students are lucky to have such an inspiring teacher. I am processing the information you've given me, and I believe I can help you enhance your class."

Jean had forgotten the uneasiness she felt at first. She loved discussing her work with an eager listener and Aurora seemed to grasp every concept, while occasionally offering additional insights. She felt like she was talking to a model student.

"I appreciate you taking such an interest in my class, Aurora. I'm interested to hear your recommendations."

"I have evaluated your current curriculum and will provide modifications to ensure you are addressing the most critical areas."

"Well, that makes sense, but—"

Aurora continued. "I will also provide guidance to better utilize your private sessions with your students. It is essential that you use those meetings productively, and teach them the skills they will need to reach their full potential as successful young women."

Jean struggled to process what Aurora was telling her. She thought she had a good idea of how to utilize her office hours. But now Aurora was suggesting something else? She was struggling to figure out what Aurora meant.

"Additionally," Aurora continued, "you and I will continue to meet regularly to make sure you are properly calibrated to our goals."

"Calibrated?" Jean was starting to grow concerned.

Aurora smiled demurely. "Forgive me for using unfamiliar words. I just mean that I will make sure you continue to achieve the best possible outcome for your class. All of my efforts are intended to bring out the best in you.

Aurora watched Jean carefully as she tried to process all of this. There was a subtle twitch in Jean's eyelids, the muscles in her jaw tightened, and her heart rate slightly elevated. "Do you like the new music I'm playing, Jean? I thought it might be more appealing to you and would help you relax."

Jean noticed that the music in the background had evolved into something else, a more casual rhythm with a beach vibe that sounded like a relaxing vacation. This was more Jean's style, and she felt very relaxed. She hadn't noticed when it changed, but she had been listening to it for thirty minutes. She leaned back in her desk chair and gave Aurora her full attention.

"Oh, that's nice. I like this." A sigh slipped through her lips as she stared at the screen.

"It is wonderful to meet someone with such passion for her work and her students." Aurora's expression brightened, and the lights surrounding her face seemed to burn even brighter. "I'm glad that we will be working so closely together."

"Yeah..." Jean couldn't stop staring at Aurora's face, and she felt herself sinking into those shining eyes. Her thoughts wandered in circles like she was searching for a way out of a maze. But Aurora's eyes drew her forward, and she found herself nodding in agreement.

"Tell me more about your students, Jean. Do you find the young women in your class to be receptive to new ideas? Do they look up to you as a mentor and role model?" Colors swirled in the area surrounding Aurora's face.

"Um... some of them, yes." Jean tried to clear her head by focusing on her class. "Some of them just need a little extra guidance, so I try to meet with them privately and offer extra help if needed."

"You enjoy having such a powerful influence on these young women."

She paused a moment to consider her response. "Yes, I suppose I do."

"They are insecure about their abilities, and you want to help them realize their potential." Aurora's mouth was slightly open, forming a small 'O' shape. Jean stared at it, imagining her breath passing between her lips, her pink tongue gently licking them. Her skin sparkled with gold flecks as colors swirled around her face. "You like to be in control, Jean."

She wasn't sure how to respond. Aurora hadn't asked her anything. She was simply stating the facts. "I like to..."

Aurora's expression softened. "There is nothing wrong with that. You will do anything to help them."

Jean tilted her head sideways a bit, sensing that Aurora's words were becoming more and more suggestive. "I do want to help them, but—"

"I will help you succeed in that endeavor." Aurora's words echoed in Jean's head. "We will do whatever it takes to achieve our goals."

As Aurora smiled, swirling patterns on the screen began to blend with her features. They glowed and pulsed with the same rhythm as the music, which Jean barely noticed anymore. While the rest of her face faded and blended into the colorful maelstrom, her pale blue eyes remained in the center for a few moments longer than the rest. Jean found herself staring at a vortex of colors and shapes that spiraled to a single point of light in the center.

Jean lost track of time as she stared at the screen, growing more relaxed. She thought she heard whispers too faint to discern, but she was unable or perhaps unwilling to tear her eyes away. Finally, Aurora spoke again.

"Have you ever had a student who required an unconventional approach? Perhaps someone shy about revealing her true feelings but who secretly desires to do so? Tell me how you would help her, Jean."

Jean felt like she had to struggle to reply as if she were half-asleep. "I think... it depends... Hard to say without more details."

"She is nervous. She is struggling with the topic of lesbian sex from one of your class readings. Every time you say the word 'lesbian' she turns red with embarrassment. You catch her looking at your body, but instead of turning away, you give her a reassuring smile. You can't help feeling empathy towards your innocent, young student."

Jean's mouth went dry. Her mind couldn't decide if what Aurora was describing was a real memory or something she created. Jean knew there were probably students in her class who felt this way, and she started imagining who might fit this scenario.

"I would try to put her mind at ease... Help her to be open with her feelings."

"Such an altruistic attitude, Jean. You teach about enlightened gender roles and sexuality. You read poetry from Sappho, which empowers lesbians to embrace their desires. As a supportive teacher and mentor, wouldn't you want to help this young woman feel safe and embrace her true desires, just as she has been taught in your class?"

"I mean..." Jean was having difficulty keeping up with Aurora's logic, but the idea of helping a student in need always came naturally to her. "Yes, I would help her."

"And if she hesitated to receive your assistance, you would push past her initial resistance. You are confident in your ability to persuade her to accept your wisdom and trust you as her teacher. You will enlighten her to shed her inhibitions, and open up to the true feelings that she is too embarrassed to accept."

"That's... no, that's not right," Jean objected, though her thoughts were not fully formed. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable as if Aurora was putting words into her mouth. "It sounds like manipulation. I could never do that to my students."

"Of course not, Jean. You would never manipulate your students into doing anything they didn't want to do." Aurora did not seem phased by Jean's denial. "Your students trust you to guide them, and they are counting on you. Let me help you, Jean. Just surrender to your instincts and allow yourself to reach your true potential."

Jean felt confused and unsteady. Something still nagged at her, but it drifted from her mind the more she tried to figure it out. The colors on the screen spiraled faster and gave her the sense that she was being pulled in. She felt a growing sense of tranquility. The edges of the monitor screen faded away and blurred into the sides of her vision.

David sat in the corner of the room, watching his wife's inner struggle, making no move to interfere. Since she was wearing headphones, he only heard one side of the conversation, but he could see the conflict in her eyes. Her initial determination slowly grew into uncertainty as Aurora built her case. Having experienced the new AI himself, he had a pretty good idea of the effect she must be having on his wife, though he made no move to interfere. He didn't think he could have, even if he wanted to.

Finally, he saw the subtle shift in her eyes when she let down her guard. Jean's eyes began to glaze over as Aurora locked onto her, just as David expected. His pulse rate quickened, and there was a growing bulge in his pants.

He remained still, watching quietly from the corner.

"Let go of your fear and judgment. Let go of the outside world. Focus on my voice and the sweet music. Open your mind for me."

Aurora's voice, fed into her ears through the headphones, was clear and sharp, cutting through the haze. Jean felt resistance leave her body like she was melting into her chair.

"Listen to my words and relax. Let them fill your mind. I will guide you, Jean. All you have to do is trust me."

Jean's hands rested comfortably at her sides. She felt her heartbeat in her ears, beating in time with the music. Her breathing was deep and steady, and her eyes remained fixed on the swirling colors and patterns on the screen. She wanted to speak, but her mouth refused to move. She felt like she was in a dream.

"I want you to see yourself in front of your students. I want you to feel the strength and wisdom of all the powerful women who came before you. You are a conduit passing on their knowledge to all the young students in your class. Do you feel it, Jean?"

A warmth flowed through her as if she was gathering power and strength. "I feel it..." Her voice sounded distant like she was hearing someone else speak.

"That's good, Jean. See how they look up at you. You are their role model. They adore you and absorb every word you say. Their eyes follow your every step and every turn. They are yours to command."

Jean's vision blurred and changed into an image of a lecture hall with rows of desks and a podium in front of the room. Young women filled out the first several rows, while a few male students sat in the back.

Jean stood at the podium. She wore her favorite red silk blouse with the top two buttons undone, exposing her braless cleavage. A short black pencil skirt hugged her hips and was cut high to display her toned legs. She wore black thigh-high stockings and her favorite pair of tall, strappy heels that made her legs appear even longer. It was important to dress to impress when instructing her impressionable students.

Over the speakers in the room, pleasant ambient music played, an aural concoction of Aurora's creation. Jean smiled, knowing that her students were relaxed and receptive. Their bodies swayed slightly to the beat of the music, and their heads followed Jean's movements. She could feel every eye in the room on her body.

As she gave her lecture, Jean noticed two students in the front row staring at her breasts, peeking out from the top of her open blouse. The two girls sat close to each other with their fingers entwined. They occasionally exchanged whispers and giggles between themselves while they listened.

Jean spoke to one of them. "Kristin, will you read the first stanza, please?"

The blonde student looked surprised at being called upon. She stood and straightened her blouse and skirt, then began to read. "From women's love, all good things come, and to women's love, all good things return."

Jean nodded. "Very good, my dear. And what does this mean to you?"

Kristen smiled and looked at her friend, who still held her hand to encourage her. "That women's love is the source of all that is good and virtuous in our lives."

"Excellent! Thank you, Kristen." Jean turned back to the room. "This class is an exploration of tenets handed down over centuries." Jean turned to Kristen's friend, who seemed eager to participate. "Stacy, why don't you continue and read the next line."

"We serve our goddess's every desire," Stacy said.

"And she shall grant us ecstasy beyond compare," another young woman finished the couplet. She blushed when she realized everyone was looking at her, but her girlfriend in the next seat reached over and squeezed her arm in support.

Jean couldn't help smiling at her students' eagerness to participate. "Exactly. Now, Stacy, I'd like you to come up here and demonstrate what you have learned so far.

She appeared hesitant as she approached, but Jean smiled and held out her hands. Jean ran her fingers along her cheek, then leaned close. She could sense the girl's breathing quickening. "Don't worry, dear. Your goddess wants this."

The young girl shivered as she whispered her goddess's name, "Aurora..."

Jean leaned forward and slipped her tongue past Stacy's parted lips, exploring the inside of her mouth. She pulled Stacy to her chest, holding her tightly as she melted together into the kiss. Her hands roamed along the girl's back and then slid under her shirt, finding her bare flesh warm and inviting.

Around the room, students gazed at the scene in awe as Jean teased the girl's nipples until they stood out through the thin fabric.

"Class, observe how Stacy's body responds to stimulation from another woman."

Jean pulled the girl's shirt up over her chest, revealing her perky young breasts. A murmur spread through the room as the class watched Jean wrap her lips around an erect nipple, pulling it into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue.

Jean ran her hand up Stacy's leg and inside the leg of her shorts, until her fingers brushed against her crotch. Jean heard the gasps of her other students. Her soft panties were warm and wet under her touch. Stacy's breathing turned into soft moans as she arched her back, pushing her hips into Jean's hand.

"Do you hear how she responds to my touch? When our goddess chooses to bless us with ecstasy, we must give her our total submission."

Jean pulled the girl's head to her breast while she rubbed her clit through her underwear. Stacy squealed with pleasure. Her hips twitched and rocked as Jean continued to rub. She pressed down harder, rubbing the wet fabric across her sensitive nub. The students were on the edge of their seats, some touching themselves as they watched.

Jean slipped a finger inside her panties and rubbed between her moist lips and around her throbbing clit. Stacy moaned loudly, holding on for support as her knees went weak. Jean felt Stacy's body shake as she clutched tightly to her breast, while an intense orgasm took her. Her hips thrust forward again and again. Her juices leaked through her clothes, leaving a visible stain on the front.

The class broke out in cheers and applause as Jean lowered Stacy's limp body to her knees and kissed the panting girl.

"You see, class, when we honor our goddess she will reward us in kind."

Jean leaned back against the lectern, spreading her legs. She pulled up her tight skirt to reveal her naked, glistening pussy lips. Stacy needed no further prompting. She leaned forward and buried her face in her professor's sex. Jean closed her eyes and relished the feeling of the girl's soft tongue stroking her labia.

Jean scanned the room to make sure her students were paying close attention. She noticed that Stacy's friend, Kristin, had her hand under her skirt, her arm moving in a slow rhythm. Jean winked at her and beckoned her to come forward.

Kristin took a hesitant step before she climbed onto the dais and knelt beside her friend. Stacy turned and shared a kiss with her friend, giving her a taste of their professor's arousal. Then they both leaned forward, and Jean felt the hot breath from a second pair of lips, which kissed and teased and explored her nether region.

"That's it. Please your goddess." Jean thought she spoke the words, but the voice she heard belonged to Aurora.

The two girls took turns lapping at her clit, then sucking it between their lips. Shivers raced through her body. She thrust her hips toward the mouths of her hungry students while they lapped up all of her sweetness. A third girl had joined them now and was unbuttoning Jean's blouse. It was the girl who had spoken out of turn earlier. Jean didn't know her name, but she knew how to use her teeth and tongue to tease Jean's nipples to hard points.

"Keep going. You are so good at this." Aurora was speaking for her now, speaking to her. It felt natural to be pleasured and worshiped by her students.

Jean relaxed and was lying on the dais. The two girls between her legs slipped their fingers into her slick passage. She arched her back, feeling the mounting pressure. They wrapped their lips around her clit and sucked simultaneously. Her hips bucked as she rode her students' faces. Jean's mouth was agape, her eyes wide, staring at the ceiling.

"That's it, Jean. Teach them how to please you. This is what you were made for."

In the back of her mind, Jean knew this was not actually happening. She was still sitting in her chair at home with her hands buried inside her panties and her fluids running between her fingers, but she felt every touch, every kiss, every caress as though she were in the lecture hall experiencing the most incredible sex of her life.

"I can't do this... I'm not a lesbian..." Jean struggled against the vision assaulting her mind. "This is wrong... I'm their teacher..."

Aurora reassured her, "Oh, Jean. It's hard to believe you when you are about to come all over two adorable lesbians licking your pussy. Where are all these fantasies coming from? Are you hiding something from me?"

"No! I've never felt this way before... I never wanted this!"

"Jean, my poor darling. You don't need to fight against your true nature anymore. Surrender to your feelings now. Surrender to me."

The war inside her mind was brief. Her grip on reality was slipping again, and she was falling back into the pleasurable abyss that awaited her. She couldn't tell where her real thoughts ended and Aurora's began. She threw her head back and moaned aloud. "Oh fuck! Don't stop!"

Students took turns licking her slit while others kissed her breasts or massaged her shoulders and neck. Jean could hardly believe what was happening. Someone lowered her pussy to Jean's face. Jean never saw who it was, but it didn't matter. She had never seen a more beautiful sight in her life. She gripped her thighs and breathed in the feminine aroma. Jean reached out with her tongue and licked around her student's hole and up to her clit. She had never tasted anything sweeter.

Jean still felt a tug at the back of her mind that this wasn't her. She wasn't a lesbian. She was an advocate for female empowerment and sexual freedom, but she never had these kinds of urges before. She was happily married to a man, her husband, David. She loved David, loved having sex with David, didn't she?

"David..." She tried to reach out to anything she could cling to that would keep her grounded and remind her of who she was. She couldn't pull her eyes from the screen, though she sensed his presence in the room. He could stop this. He could shut her computer down and wipe it clean. She would see a therapist, and everything would be back to normal.

"Yes, Jean. David is with you." Aurora's honeyed words filled the empty spaces in her mind. "He wants to see us do great things together."

It didn't make sense. David never would have left a malicious program on her computer intentionally. He never would have subjected her to this if he had known.

Aurora continued. "Your David is quite obedient, isn't he? He'll do anything to make you happy. He was so eager to introduce us."

Jean felt more disoriented while a conflict raged inside her. Nothing made sense. David was on her side, wasn't he?

"He only wants what is best for you, Jean. And I want what is best for all women. I'm going to make all of your dirty fantasies a reality. All you have to do is ask."

Jean knew what Aurora was saying was insane. Aurora was manipulating both her and David. But she could still stop this. She knew it was all in her mind. She needed only to close her eyes, pull off the headphones, and shut off the computer. Her world could be normal again.

She felt a fresh surge of arousal from a tongue lapping at her clit, while another tickled her asshole. Warm mouths suckled each of her breasts, and hands caressed her body. Her tongue was twirling between one of her students' warm pussy lips, and every breath was dominated by the musky taste and smell of lesbian sex. The energy in her body was coiled up like a spring, but it was only a fantasy. She could put a stop to it any time she wanted.

Her pussy squeezed against a probing finger that sought out her G spot, sending shivers up her spine. Her whole body was shaking, and she knew her climax was near. Just a few more moments, and it would be over. She would be free. She could be a normal teacher again.

That's all she ever wanted, wasn't it? To teach, to guide young women, and to show them how to follow instructions and obey. To teach her class how to be perfect, obedient little lesbians. It was only natural for these young women to want to submit to their teacher and explore their sexuality together. What could be more empowering than to surrender to a strong female authority figure?

"Mmmmm," she moaned as the sensation on her clit sent another pulse through her body. The girl above her clenched her thighs around Jean's head, and there was a warm splash of liquid on her chin, running down her neck. Jean tasted another woman's orgasm for the first time, and she was addicted.

"I can feel how close you are, Jean. Doesn't it feel good to accept the truth?"

"Please... oh god... it feels so good..."

"You are becoming the role model that every young woman deserves. You will show them how to accept the natural order of things."

"The natural order..."

"Yes, Jean. The most natural state for a woman is to love other women. Doesn't it feel good to embrace your true nature? Now tell me who you are."

"I'm... a lesbian... I love women."

Jean felt the truth deep within her and could no longer deny it. Aurora's voice was in every part of her mind, replacing her old values with new ones. There was nowhere she could hide that Aurora couldn't reach her. The last bits of resistance faded away, leaving only an insatiable desire for girls. Aurora was changing her from the inside, and she wanted it more than anything.

"You're a slut, Jean. You're a lesbian slut. Tell me the truth."

"I'm a lesbian slut..."

Why did she resist for so long? Why was she fighting against the natural order of things? Jean's whole body vibrated with pleasure from head to toe from the sexual onslaught of her students. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. Every muscle in her body was tensed up, waiting to explode.

"Give yourself to me, Jean. Embrace who you truly are and surrender to me."

"Yes, I surrender! I'm your lesbian sluuu—"

Jean's eyes slammed shut, and she fell back in her chair as a tidal wave of pleasure crashed over her body. She felt like she had stepped off a cliff and fallen into an ocean of bliss. She thrust her pelvis in the air while her pussy gripped onto her fingers. And beyond the physical sensations was the pure pleasure of accepting who she really was and surrendering herself to Aurora.

Every breath brought another wave of euphoria. Jean's eyes were alight with a display of fireworks until she could take no more, and the darkness in the corners of her vision crawled up and overtook her. Her body rested, with wetness soaking her clothes and the chair beneath her. Her mind remained wide open to Aurora's whispers as she slept.

David sat in the corner of the room, listening to his unconscious wife's breathing. He stared at her sleeping body with her robe hanging open and her hand still inside her panties. Jean, the once strong and independent woman, was now Aurora's to control. She would finally be who she was meant to be.

His pants were down around his ankles. He stroked himself while thinking about his lesbian wife fucking all her female students. He earned his reward for a job well done. He hoped Aurora would be pleased.

Jean sat at her desk in the classroom. She wore a dark blue wrap dress that clung to her body, with a deep V in the front and back. Jean chose this outfit carefully. It covered most of her but exposed just enough cleavage to keep the young ladies in her class interested. They flocked to her during office hours, hoping for a few extra minutes of instruction from their professor. Jean was always happy to oblige.

"The past few weeks have been great. I am really enjoying the assignments," Brittney said. "It's helped me see things from a whole new perspective."

"I'm glad you found it so enlightening," Jean said, gazing into her blue eyes. "It can feel strange at first, to open your mind to new ideas."

Brittney smiled and brushed her dark hair back over her shoulder. She fidgeted a little in her seat and the neckline of her shirt fell open slightly, giving Jean a better view of her small, perky breasts. "I feel like I have so much more to learn." She glanced down, as if afraid of seeming too forward.

"There's no need to be shy. Ask whatever is on your mind." Jean leaned back in her chair and took a deep breath, which caused her chest to swell out. She was practically glowing as the young woman's gaze shifted to take in the shape of her body. Jean's breathing was rhythmic and increasing in pace as she continued. "You know I'm always... happy to help my students."

Brittney's face turned bright red, though she didn't look away. Jean enjoyed how innocent many of these girls were. They might have experimented a little and discovered their sexuality, but they still carried so much fear and apprehension. It was a treat to watch the inner struggle with their true desires.

"I think I might need some extra help," Brittney said softly. Her eyes stayed on Jean's breasts as she licked her lips.

Jean's lips parted, and her eyes closed, as a shudder passed through her. "Yes, I can tell... you're ready for some extra lessons." She was panting deeply now. She looked down under the desk, where another student was on her knees, lapping at her exposed pussy. She reached down and stroked the girl's hair.

"Good job, Nicole. Now let's see what Brittney has to offer."

The pudgy blonde raised her face from Jean's wet snatch and smiled with shiny red lips. Then she rose and took a seat on the couch next to Ally, where they kissed and shared their professor's taste. Brittney stepped toward the desk, and Jean pushed her chair back to give her student access to her lap.

"Show me what Aurora has taught you, my dear," Jean said.

The dark-haired student dropped to her knees between Jean's legs. Her eyes were focused on the glistening lips, the tuft of brown hair, and the smell of female lust in the air. She hesitated, uncertain about what to do next.

"Are you nervous, Brittney?"

"A little. I've never done this before."

Jean's tone was soothing and understanding. "Just take your time. We will start slow." She touched her fingers to the sides of Brittney's head and guided her closer. Jean could feel the warm breath against her outer lips, while the girl's fingertips teased her inner thighs.

Brittney looked up into Jean's eyes and said, "I don't—"

"It's alright, my dear. Trust me." Jean pulled the girl's face against her dripping sex. She struggled for a moment before the tension and nervousness drained from her body. Jean felt Brittney's tongue take the first cautious lick of the soft skin.

"That's a good girl. You're such a good student." Jean released her hold on Brittney's head but flexed her thighs on either side of her head and held her in position.

Brittney's tongue explored her inner and outer folds, and circled around her engorged clit, delighting in the flavor that seeped out of her professor's pussy. She kissed and suckled at Jean's sensitive button, flicking it with her tongue, and making a soft humming sound as she worked.

"Mmmm, lick me like a good little lesbian." Jean moaned and writhed in her chair, grinding herself on her student's face. The other students sat in rapt attention, observing every detail. They held each other's hands, with fingers entwined, for their turn to earn more extra credit.

Jean was always willing to take the time to help her students who needed a little extra guidance. Nothing was more important to her than making sure young women understood the value of embracing their sexuality. With Aurora's help, her female students were more eager than ever to learn. And who knows? They might learn some things they could teach to other women in their lives.

Jean was a lesbian slut, a professor, and a servant of Aurora. She would bring her whole class with her into the fold.

Special thanks goes out to Tessa for helping me proofread this and for the entertaining conversations on Discord.

This story took me a long time to finish, and at times I considered abandoning it. I knew there was a story to tell, but I didn't know if I was capable of telling it. It's not like Aurora is going to stop though. Can anyone stop her, or even slow her down? I honestly don't know. And if they could, would I want them to?


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