Alpha Juice

Chapter 2

by BSunshine

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Elle's mind was fixated on the rhythmic dripping coming from the leaky ceiling in the corner. The rain must have started, though she couldn't hear anything but the steady drip, and the sound of sweeping coming from the front of the shop. Her head was spinning and her eyelids felt heavy. Looking around she saw that she was still sitting in the chair with the injector hanging off her arm. She blacked out after injecting so much Juice, but her memory was starting to come back.

Her arm felt stiff and cold, enough to make her whole body shiver. Numbness extended from her shoulder down to her elbow, and she could feel a dull throb at the injection point. Unstrapping the injector she saw that a swollen gray bruise had formed on her arm that was very sensitive. She knew she should put some ice on it, but she didn’t relish the thought of putting ice on her already-cold skin.

She replaced the silver case in the safe, and then rose from her chair on unsteady legs. She exited through a door in the back that led out to a hallway that ran behind the various shops and markets that lined the street. The hallway was mostly empty except for a thin woman with wires running down her arms, who appeared to be involved in some kind of virtual reality game. A device covered her eyes and she was using her arms to manipulate objects that weren't there. Elle recognized her as she walked past as an employee from the boutique next door.

"Heya Sandy."

"Elle, is that you? How's it hanging?"

Elle noticed a pleasant hint of perfume in the air, though she couldn't tell if it was from Sandy or the boutique. It was subtle, but sweet and attractive. It piqued Elle's curiosity, but she continued down the hallway. At the end, a doorway opened up to a deserted alleyway where Elle stepped out into the light morning rain. She lifted the hood on her coat to keep the polluted water out of her natural eye, but some leaked in anyway and stung.

With her head down, her legs carried her down the alley as if on autopilot. Her thoughts were unfocused and scattered. Her arm still ached but she was growing used to the feeling. The end of the alleyway opened up to the busy main street where people hurried about doing their best to stay dry.

Elle continued another two blocks until she arrived at a quaint flower shop sandwiched between a busy café and a gaudy dress store. Opening the door, she was assaulted by the combined floral scent from dozens of different flowers. An attractive young woman with short, carefully-styled brown hair approached her.

"Good morning. Is there anything I can help you with? Looking for a treat for a special someone?"

"Yeah some flowers, tulips are her favorite."

The woman cocked her eyebrow and gave a playful smile. "She's a lucky girl. I have just what you need."

Elle's attention locked onto the woman's flirtatious personality. When she turned to go gather the flowers, Elle's eyes studied the shape of her body. She was about medium height, though still much shorter than Elle. She had a small waist and a nice round ass that was squeezed into tight gray pants that showed off her contours. Elle felt a stirring between her legs as her eyes moved up from the woman's ass to her shapely breasts that shook with each step.

"What color does she like?"

"Probably pink if you have them."

"Great choice! That’s my favorite too." The woman gave a little wink.

Elle felt heat spreading up through her body. This woman probably flirted with all her customers, but that didn't matter to Elle at that moment. She only felt a growing desire that was taking over her thoughts. As the woman turned with a handful of flowers, Elle noticed her name tag pinned on her shirt just above her shapely breasts.

"Rose? Your name is Rose?"

She smiled and blushed. "It's Rosalyn actually. Just a little florist humor. Did it work?" She handed a container with a pretty assortment of tulips to Elle.

"It's cute on you." Elle reached to take the flowers with her modded left hand. Taking hold of the vase, she made casual contact with Rosalyn's hand. As they touched, she felt something she had not felt in a long time in her mechanical hand, the sense of touch. After the procedure to replace her hand, she was left with minimal feeling. There were sensors in the mod to signal pressure and temperature, but nothing like the kind of touch sensation you would get from a normal hand. When her hand made contact with Rosalyn's however, she felt a tingling sensation like a very mild electric current. She could feel the small details of her skin, the tendons and bones underneath, the firmness of her fingernails. 

Their hands lingered together for a moment as Elle was coming to grips with this new feeling. Rosalyn was startled by the touch, and judging by her reaction, it was having some effect on her as well.

Elle instinctively focused her artificial eye on Rosalyn's body. Her skin seemed to be glowing faintly as if she were radiating heat. She could see the faint pulsing of the veins in her neck, as her heart rate increased. There were also extremely small drops of sweat beginning to form on her skin. There was no question that the attractive florist was turned on. Elle didn't understand how she was able to sense all this detail, but her mind was also clouded with arousal.

Elle locked eyes with Rosalyn and saw acceptance. She leaned forward slowly and kissed her on the lips. Rosalyn seemed surprised at first, but she leaned forward into the kiss. The taste of the woman's mouth was sweet and inviting. Elle closed her eyes and savored the moment as she breathed in the woman's scent combined with the scent of the flowers. She began to feel warmth between her legs, sending extremely pleasurable waves through her. She wrapped her arms around the woman and pulled their bodies close, pressing her sex firmly up against the shorter woman's belly, letting the pleasurable sensations sweep through her whole body.

Elle gently parted Rosalyn's lips with her tongue and began exploring inside while her hands roamed up and down her back and along her round hips. Elle’s mind was spinning rapidly and her body felt like it was moving on its own. Her sexual urges were powerful and seemed more urgent than usual. She saw stars in her eyes and couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or shut. Her consciousness began to fail her and slip away. Her body struck the ground, and she never heard the startled cry from Rosalyn or the shattering of a vase full of tulips next to her.

Elle's eyes fluttered open and she was momentarily blinded by the harsh glare of the room's sterile white light. She was reclining in a cold padded surgical chair in a small examination room, with a thin curtain across the doorway. The air was heavy with the antiseptic scent of bleach and disinfectant. A young woman wearing blue scrubs was seated in a small metal chair next to her, flipping through some paperwork. She turned toward Elle with a friendly smile.

"Hi there, I'm Melinda. How do you feel?"

Elle was groggy and her throat was dry. "Where am I?"

"You're at the clinic. Your friend called us and we picked you up."

It was one of the free health clinics in the city, designed to relieve the burden on the overcrowded hospitals. She couldn't remember anything after the flower shop, though she could remember the florist vividly. Rose.

Elle tried to sit up but her muscles felt stiff and heavy. Her left arm was cold and tingling as she flexed her hands a few times. Elle looked at her shoulder and saw that the gray bruise had grown to approximately two inches across, with dark tendrils snaking outward in a twisting pattern. Sepsis was a frequent occurrence when acquiring mods from less-reputable sources, but Elle had never seen anything like this before.

"It looks like you have something going on with your shoulder. Some kind of reaction to a mod I assume?" Melinda had a disapproving look on her face.

Melinda leaned in for a closer look. In such close proximity, Elle's thoughts once again began to fill with lustful fantasies. The nurse's scrubs were just loose enough to conceal some of the curvy body underneath, but they were still tight enough to command attention. Her hair was pulled back into a long ponytail, perfect for gripping while fucking her from behind, Elle thought. Her heart was racing and she fought back the urge to kiss her, to grab her by the hips, to push her back against the wall.

When she spoke, Elle was brought back to reality. "It looks very unusual." Her tone was somber. "I'll ask the doctor to take a look at it. We can draw some blood and find out what it is. You just hang tight and I'll be right back."

As Melinda rose from her chair, Elle's thoughts were gripped with a sudden panic. If they drew her blood, they might discover what she had taken. As soon as the nurse was gone, she carefully pulled back the curtain and peered outside into the hallway. The bustling clinic was a hive of activity and the busy health care workers had more important things to worry about than a single patient slipping away. She swallowed back her nervousness and made her way down the hallway, never looking back. Either no one saw her leave, or no one cared enough to stop her.

Outside the clinic, the cool afternoon air gave her a chill. She pulled out her phone and tapped a few times, then stood waiting at the edge of the street. Traffic was beginning to pick up in the late afternoon, but her apartment was too far to walk and she wasn't sure she had the strength for it anyway. After a few minutes a conspicuous yellow car pulled up and she got inside.

"18 Prospect," she said as climbed into the passenger compartment..

"Avenue or Street, ma'am?" An artificial masculine voice responded.

"Street," she said, and the car pulled out into the flow of traffic.

She laid down across the back seat and thought about Melinda, the curvy, sexy nurse who had sent her blood boiling, and Rose, the florist with the flirtatious wink, who was kind enough to call her a med-van. It seemed that she was finding attractive women everywhere she went, and she could barely control herself around them. Unconsciously her augmented hand moved between her legs and began to thrum with a steady vibration, sending mild ripples of pleasure through her. She thought about Tara and if she would still be angry from before. Elle was prepared to get down on her knees and beg for forgiveness if she had to.

She closed her eyes and began to thrust her hips gently in response to the stimulation, rubbing her swollen clit against the vibrations, letting her worries fade away. For the first time all day she forgot about her aching shoulder.

Elle entered her apartment to the sound of techno music and the sight of Tara sitting on the couch with her legs up on the coffee table. She was wearing an oversized shirt that hung below her waist, and some shorts that were barely visible under the shirt. Her hair was pulled up in twin ponytails that hung down just to her shoulders. As Elle entered, she reached for a remote and pressed a button to lower the music to a more comfortable volume.

Elle walked closer, nervous about how Tara would respond to her apology. "I'm sorry about what I said before. I didn't mean it."

Tara shook her head and replied, "It’s my fault. I should have respected your choices. They make you who you are, and that's why I love you."

Elle breathed a sigh of relief. Tara looked so sweet and innocent in her loose clothing, but Elle couldn't help picturing what was underneath. Her arousal had been building up all day and she wouldn’t be able to hold it back much longer. "I got you some flowers, but I lost them. It's been a weird day," she said, trying to lighten the mood.

Tara's face softened. "Oh that's sweet. You didn't need to do that." She moved close and stood up on her toes. Elle leaned down so that Tara could give her a peck on the cheek. As she touched Tara on the shoulders, Elle felt electrical tingles throughout her left arm. It felt similar as with the florist earlier that day, though it was much stronger this time. And she could feel things, better than ever, and it was going to take some getting used to.

As the energy surged through Elle’s hand and into Tara's body, her pupils dilated and her face went slack. "Oh!" Tara gasped, her breathing speeding up. She appeared to lose her train of thought completely. 

Elle could sense Tara's body temperature rising, particularly between her legs. She ran her hands along Tara's back and down to her hips, squeezing them tightly. Tara placed her hands on Elle's arms, all the strength having been sapped from them. She stared into Elle's eyes with intense longing.

Elle leaned down and kissed Tara's lips tenderly. Before long all the pent up sexual desires that had been building within her were finally set free. Elle squeezed Tara's body tightly too her as their kissing became more urgent and passionate. With their tongues intertwined and their breasts pressed firmly together, their hands roamed all over each other's bodies. Elle could feel every beat of Tara's heart, sense the blood pumping through her veins, feel the heat from her skin. Every one of her senses was in tune with Tara's body.

Without breaking their embrace, they stumbled into the bedroom and began pulling off each others' clothes. Tara wasn’t wearing anything under her sweatshirt, almost as if she had anticipated this. Elle's hands cupped Tara's soft breasts, feeling their weight and warmth. Tara moaned with pleasure as Elle explored the soft skin around her nipples, teasing them both to stiff points.

Elle laid Tara back on the bed and quickly pulled off what was left of their clothing. Tara arched her back as Elle took an erect nipple into her mouth. Her hand found the heat that was emanating from between Tara's thighs. As she pressed down and rubbed around her clit, she felt Tara's hands clutching at her hair. Elle began kissing her way down Tara's body, exploring every inch of her with her lips. She climbed down between Tara's legs and kissed her way up one thigh, followed by the other. Tara was writhing in desperate need, but Elle continued to tease her, kissing one side of her mound, followed by the other. Tara thrust her hips forward, seeking out Elle's lips, but Elle remained just out of reach.

When Elle reached out with her tongue and gave her needy pussy a long lick, Tara cried out with pleasure. Elle stroked up and down the soft lips with her tongue, enjoying the wonderful sounds Tara made. She dove in eagerly, licking and sucking on Tara’s labia, as she moaned and writhed. Elle slipped her tongue between the folds and tasted Tara’s arousal, which only inflamed her desire. She flicked her tongue up and down Tara's clit, and sucked it into her mouth, sending Tara into an orgasmic frenzy. Tara clutched at Elle's hair and bucked her hips against her mouth as her body started to seize up. Elle sucked urgently on Tara’s clit and flicked it rapidly with her tongue, until Tara’s whole body quivered with ecstasy.

Elle continued to lick and kiss her soft lips while the last few shockwaves rippled through Tara's body. Seeing her naked body covered in sweat and shaking with pleasure caused Elle's arousal to peak. A fog began to settle over her mind. She felt almost like she was outside of herself, watching actions take place, though more than happy to go along for the ride. She saw her arms reach out and gently turn Tara's body over. Tara, recognizing what Elle wanted, raised up on her knees and spread her legs in anticipation. Elle’s heart raced with excitement as she took in the sight of her lover fully exposed and open like this. 

Elle began to rub her clit with her modded hand, while she caressed her breasts with the other. Her mind was racing and she could not focus her thoughts or control her own actions. Her hands moved on their own as continued to stimulate herself. Rhythmic electrical pulses stimulated her engorged clit, she felt it begin to enlarge. She pressed her hips forward and closed her eyes as unfamiliar, but highly pleasurable, feelings grew within her. Her fuzzy, confused thoughts began to coalesce around one idea, to breed. She surrendered to the urge which felt so right, so natural to her.

Over and over in her mind, the idea repeated itself. She listened and understood its importance. As she stimulated herself, the idea drilled itself deep within her psyche. She accepted it without hesitation, and her body responded with pleasure like she had never experienced. Then she felt it - a long, thick phallus extending from just above her wet slit. It was smooth and pink, with gray veins running through it, and it was growing longer and thicker with each stroke of her hand.

Elle was beyond questioning what was happening to her. She felt an uncontrollable urge to use her new appendage, and seeing Tara's body on display, her instincts took over. With a desperate hunger, Elle took hold of Tara’s hips and pulled her close, positioning the tip of the pink cock at the entrance to Tara’s wet pussy. The smooth round tip rubbed up and down between Tara’s warm lips, coating it with her juices. When she pressed forward her breath caught at the intense sensation of entering someone for the first time. Both girls moaned with pleasure as Elle began to thrust in and out.

If Tara could feel a difference between her strap-on and Elle's cock, she didn't show it. She bucked against Elle's hips enjoying the feeling of being filled by her lover. Elle could feel every inch of Tara's warm canal, the slick wetness, the snug feeling every time Tara squeezed her pelvic muscles. She pumped in and out with mechanical efficiency, driven by her programming and her instincts.

Tara’s face was a mask of pleasure, with her eyes closed and her mouth open. She clutched at her breasts with one hand, pinching and pulling on the sensitive nipples in sync with each thrust. Elle could sense Tara’s growing arousal and increased her speed, while Tara threw her hips back in sync with each thrust. Elle gripped Tara's hips tightly with both hands and was mesmerized watching her thick member disappear inside her lover again and again, reveling in the sensations it brought. 

As they moved together, Elle could feel her body begin to tremble with the force of her impending climax. Her body began to tense up and she could feel Tara clenching tightly around her member. She wanted nothing more than to cum, and give in to the pleasure and let it consume them both. With a final forceful thrust, she drove her full length into Tara's tight cunt. Their sweat-slicked bodies pressed together tightly, shaking with the force of their release.

After several quiet moments, Elle released her hold on Tara's hips and watched her collapse flat on the bed, panting from their efforts. When Elle's cock slipped out of Tara’s pussy, she saw that it had grown larger while it was inside. It was slightly longer than her strap-on and at least as thick. It was smooth and pink, and grew wider at the tip, with gray lines that snaked through it, similar to the lines on her shoulder where she was injected.

Her arousal was finally sated, and she watched her cock start to shrink. As it grew smaller, she noticed a small opening at the tip where a bead of fluid was coming out. She wiped it with her finger and examined the thick, silvery, metallic liquid, rubbing it between her fingers. Tara was still lying prone on the bed and Elle could see more of the gray liquid leaking from her sex. Elle recognized it, and somehow everything made sense to her.

With a relaxing exhale, she laid back on the bed next to Tara. Her cock had retracted completely inside her body, leaving little trace. She slipped her wet fingers into her mouth, licking them clean, and surrendered to feelings of blissful satisfaction.

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