by AveryWalters

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #sub:male #bondage #clothing #covert_conditioning #drones #growth #latex #muscle_growth #pov:top #sub:nb #transformation

Nanotex is a highly advanced technology that uses nanites to enhance the user’s body while also wrapping it in a thin layer of distinctive figure-hugging latex. This is a story featuring one of its users - The Dark King.

"Nanotex is a highly advanced technology that uses nanites to enhance the user's body while also wrapping it in a thin layer of distinctive figure-hugging latex. Overuse can lead to unnatural strength, speed, endurance, extreme control of body shape and size, the ability to control and transform others via sexual acts and a sense of overwhelming power."

First post on here, first piece of work in a setting I've been working on for a while and more to come.

I look through the tinted glass at the crush of the nightclub on the other side, the collection of girls and boys dressed up like goths, the smaller groups of party people here on safari and the occasional nerd only a few encounters away from finally becoming what they want to be, putting their first toe into the water. It's incredible to be able to be this close to them, knowing that they would be shut down with panic if they even had a glimpse of what was on my side of the glass. Well, most of them.

I glimpse one or two that I call mockingly fledgelings. They know enough to get them into trouble, having had their first taste of what life can truly be. One of them catches my eye - a party girl, out to try the goth club for the night except I spot the flexibility in the latex gloves she wears, far more than you'd expect. For a moment, she looks at me, probably admiring her reflection in the dark glass rather than actually meeting my gaze but I see the expression. She'll be on this side of the glass soon enough in maybe a month or two. If I see her again, maybe I'll send one of the staff to give her an invitation.

For now though, I relax. I stretch my muscular arms, watching how the latex catches the light, hearing the creaks as the Nanotex keeps itself wrapped around my bulging arms and shoulders. Seeing the way this wondrous material clothes, the way it stretches skin tight around my physique and reveals my absurd muscularity, I can’t help but feel turned on. My hands casually run over a body that would have rivalled the ancient heroes if they were real.

My thoughts are interrupted by moaning and choking sounds from below, and I look down at the woman still sucking my cock. She's beautiful, the latex only partially covering her to show off her athletic build, her dark skin still lighter than the latex that covers her eyes, head and forearms. She's still energetically sucking my tool, working it hard with both her hands and mouth despite the fact she's already coaxed several loads out of it. Of course, she wasn't my first plaything of the night. The other inhabitants of the room, a disappointing collection of young men and women who proved to be no match for me, now passed out around the furniture and floor, holes gaped and dripping with seed. A few I must admit were fun - the twins who tried to work together until I overwhelmed them both and brought them to release simultaneously using the tentacles that burst from my spine to deal with the crowd; the stud who tried to enter as an equal, to share in the other guests until I fucked him against the window and reminded him of this place; or even my personal favourite, the tall gangly twink who smiled his way through a fucking that would have broken bones in most people. All however were now crumpled mess tossed away on the floor as my lust remained unsaited.

Once, I may have felt shame at this mess but now it's as natural as breathing. It’s the strange thing of wearing nanotex for so long, the feeling of losing touch with normality. Your body is is such an unreal concept, the mere addition of a few nanites into your blood wrapped with a specific material suddenly making you almost invincible, slowing down ageing, massively increasing agility, power and stamina. It’s almost like becoming a god, or at least feels that way. Every feeling boosted far beyond what a normal person might experience.

I’m distracted from my thoughts when I feel a sudden increase in pleasure down below, strong hands gripping my thighs as the girl I’m with begins face fucking herself on my cock. This one, Violet, this one I shall keep. After all, how else can I reward someone who started off our time together by grabbing the largest strap on and going to town on the biggest man the drones had shuffled in as part of my collection of toys for the evening. I decide to get a better look at her. My muscles bulging slightly, I grab the ring on her hood and pull her off my cock. Letting it slide out of her mouth, slick and shining, causing her to gasp in response both at the flow of oxygen and at the sensation of my touch. I look at her body, look at the strength, the toned muscles, the definition. My cum, having escaped her mouth and nose has left a trail down her body, running over the latex hood and the abs and her thong. Her elbow-length gloves and thigh highs are both nanotex too, wrapping around her powerful muscles. She must have been an athlete before hard times let her fall low enough to become a fucktoy here. Fall is the wrong word now I think about it, looking at how the Nanotex sections around her are already beginning to merge with her skin. She's going to be something special once she's entirely wrapped in nanotex, once it starts filling her with its enhancements. It does have a habit of improving what is already there to god-like heights.

Bodily, I pick her up and drop her on her back on the central table. She gasps at the action, and I can't help but smile when I see her toes curl, an orgasm wracking her body purely at being dominated so, a change from merely sucking a cock or worshipping a latex-wrapped body. She moans and shudders again when I slide my latex-covered hand under her thong, thick fingers slick with her release sliding in and out of her, slowly adding more and more until my fist inside of her and she is keening, release after release polishing my hand with her juices.

She looks exhausted - if she was still human she'd probably be dead by now, but the Nanotex wrapping around her arms and legs fills her body with energy at my command. Veins on her exposed skin suddenly stand proud and darken around the Nanotex bands, the flow of energy causing her to gasp and breathe heavily, finally finding her voice to beg for more as I withdraw my arm from her. I can only chuckle, a deep sound that rumbles through the space and I can see her reacting to it, twisting back and forth as I slide the head of my cock against her, my hand coming to grip her lower jaw and let her taste herself on the fingers holding her jaw in place. Finally, after watching her twitch and struggle against me, watching as she understands how completely I control her, I slide into her. She twitches again but I hold her steady, fighting back against the silent scream of pleasure she produces. I waste no time however, slamming my hips into hers, truly beginning to fuck her, the force moving her around like a toy on the glass surface, pushing whatever had been left there out of the way. She tries to wrap her legs around me, to regain some control but I am not that kind of lover, at least not today. Instead, I bend her legs until she's in a mating press and then begin hammering away, the slap of my latex-covered flesh on her behind sweet music to us both. I don't need to see under the latex hood to know that her eyes are rolling back into her skull, her fingers grasping for purchase as her mind begins to break under this onslaught of pleasure. She is powerless against me and I love it.

It takes several more orgasms for her to be finally exhausted, her stamina a combination of her gradual absorption of her nanotex bindings and a few gifts from my own collection of Nanites that I pump into her with every release. However, I'm beginning to look forward to the conclusion and the night is still young. To finish, I lean down harder on her, letting her feel my weight. I press my mask against her exposed lips, feeling her immediately start to kiss the smooth black surface, her tongue tasting it desperately. She makes a squeal of surprise as the mouthpiece on my face retracts into the rest of my hood and suddenly I'm forcing my tongue into her mouth, a muscular organ that pushes her own tongue down and fills the space, the sudden lack of oxygen causing her final release of the evening to leave her in bone-crunching spasms. She falls back to the table, fingers curling like the legs of a dying spider as we both release.

It's a miracle we don't collapse the table and crack the floor.

With my time with her finished, I stand up, looking down at the muscular woman covering the table, taking in the mess of fluids covering us both, the collection of passed out bodies around us still softly breathing. I run a hand up the body on the table, taking in the abs and her pert breasts, giving them a squeeze to feel their delights. When I reach her face. I hook a hand under her hood and lift it, giving me a glimpse of the white hair closely cropped around a striking face. She's obviously still not 100% with it, her eyes unfocused but the way I meet her gaze fills me with delight before I pull the hood back into place. This girl, I'll keep.

I call for the drones, and they enter to clean up. Clothed in white, their vibrancy is a contrast to my darkness, even as our general forms remain similar - the same striking definition, the same singular colours, the lack of facial features to terrify and unnerve. They get to work quickly, removing the unsatisfying lovers and taking them somewhere to recover. Others are cleaning the surfaces, making the room return to its original classy demeanour. One approaches me but pauses and watches as, with a thought, I absorb the mess covering my body and return to normal, the veins on my muscular form bulging for a moment. I'm not sure if the drones feel annoyance, but it takes a moment for the drone, deprived of its task, to recover and move past me to clean the windows of someone's release.

Two of the drones stand either side of my semi-conscious lover, and I finally decide what I'm going to do with her. I look at them in turn before commanding them to wrap her in a vacbed and take her up to my room, as something to save for later. The drones take my commands with no questions, no pause, quickly and efficiently deploying a sheet of black latex that wraps around the sleeping form, binding around her body and showing it off even more than the outfit had before. It begins to hover as the drones lift it, two of them trooping out together to guide it upstairs.

One drone enters with a bottle of champagne and two glasses, obviously a sign I am to be visited. So, rather than heading somewhere else for some more fun, I return to my seat, returning to look out the window at the crowd below. The girl from before catches my eye again, the fledgeling. Seems like she's attracted some followers, two party bros thinking they are god's gift. I watch as they try and get handsy and I am amused to see she has no interest in what they are trying on her.

"Would you like her to invite her in?" A voice asks "I can see the girl drawing your attention. She seems to have spirit, not to mention a certain skill with dealing with unwanted attention".

The second line draws my attention back to the window, just in time to see the fledgling use a punch from a black-clad fist to send one of her followers into the dance floor. She follows it up with a stomp to the midsection, a cry of frustration

"She looks fun. But maybe next time." I wave a hand. As if on cue, around us the drones leave, the door closing softly behind leaving myself and the Concierge sat there.

She sits across from me, letting me take in the green nanotex wrapping her body, but hidden for the most part by the satin black geisha dress. Her face is left exposed, only the same neon green on her neck matching her eyes and lips. With her hair cut short and spiked, she could be an alternative boy's dream if it wasn't for the muscular curves her arms and legs reveal. She obviously spots my admiring, raising her glass to me before standing back up.

"If you are not worn out after your… session." She looks around with a smile, obviously amused how clean the room looks now. "My mistress has a gift for you."

"I don't accept gifts from Valentina. I learned that lesson the hard way." I counter.

"Fine. Consider it a job. I hear you like getting paid, mercenary." The Concierge takes my empty champagne glass and refills it, not bothering to continue until she is once again sat down, this time sharing the same sofa, reclining backwards. "Someone, a lovely little girl named Anya, took out a loan and failed to make the repayments, now she must be punished. You're to punish them."

"Punish? How?" I counter.

The Concierge smiles. "Nothing sinister. She's to join our happy little circle, take up a role serving my Mistress. But of course…"

"She needs to be converted. And you're offering her to me to do it in a more hands-on way." I lean back. "You want me to fuck her."

"Fuck is such a strong word." The Concierge responds by taking a sip and smiling back at me. "But on a raw mechanical level, yes. But we also need you to break her. Don't pretend you haven't enjoyed this sort of thing before."

I lean back further as she places a hand on my pec, gripping the expanse of muscle. Her fingers then start to roam, coming to the centre of my chest before travelling further and further down. Her voice drops to a low purr as her fingers run through the deep trenches of my abdominals, green tinted nails in stark contrast to the black that binds me.

"Of course, " she adds. "there are other parts to this reward. Your rooms here are in need of work, so we have a new room provided, assuming you take the job. In fact that is where the girl is now."

"And why does Valentina want this?" I ask, taking a sip of my champagne as the Concierge's grip shifts to my bulge, grabbing hold of the lump and beginning to massage it. I’m impressed how despite all this, she remains focused of me, her eyes never leaving mine even as she fondles and toys with me.

She smiles "Well, she's to record it. But there is a certain element of, how you say, banking a favour. She helps you now, down the line you help her."

I pause, running my finger around the rim of my wine glass before taking another drink. However, my attempts to think are interrupted by the pressure on my bulge, the Concierge having moved from massaging to full-on groping, gripping it tightly as if willing it to open and reveal the tool inside.

I grab the Concierge's hair and pull her off me, letting her fall back onto the sofa. This just makes her laugh and flutter her eyelashes. She takes a moment to recline back before speaking, stretching her legs before fitting them in my lap. "I don't know why you're pretending to have to think about this. We both know you were already imagining it already. Imagining someone completely at your command, weak enough that you can force them to do…"

"Enough." I interrupt. "I’ll do it. But at some point I'm coming back here and having my fun with you."

Her face drops and she sits upright, all sense of relaxation and humour gone in an instant. "That's not part of the deal."

"It is now." Despite leaning back, my arm still manages to reach across and grab her chin, pulling her closer despite the fury in her eyes. "I've been teased enough by your tongue that I want to feel it at work. Besides…" my hand starts to grip harder. "I'm quite sure your Mistress wouldn't want to hear about one of her main customers being disappointed."

"You wouldn't dare." She hisses but I just smile, gripping tighter, slowly pushing my muscular body to grow slightly. Even as she struggles against me, the fact her eyes grow wide as she watches me reveals who is in control here.

"I would dare. And the fact I haven't flipped you onto your face and fucked your brains out after your teasing is a show of respect to her." I smile, "Hence me giving you plenty of warning."

Standing up to my full height, I let go of her, letting her fall to the sofa as I head to the door.

By the time we reach my room, I'm quite sure the Concierge will be leaving me to go and beg her way out of my demands with her Mistress. She fixes me with a glower at every opportunity, even as we walk past the more human occupants of the lower levels to climb up to the special lifts to take us higher. I see a few of my friends down here, attracting fledglings into corners for conversation. Instead, I wait for the doors to close and we rise in silence, The pneumatics taking us up to near the top in a matter of moments at a speed anyone not wearing nanotex would have found very uncomfortable. Of course, not that it's immediately obvious - to blend in we have returned to more normal forms, nanotex hidden under regular clothing, for a moment leaving behind the den of sex and strength that lurks in the backrooms and upper levels to return to more pedestrian vices of alcohol and endless flirting.

The Concierge also doesn't bother to enter my room, merely gesturing to a newly installed door for me to enter through before heading away. Approaching it, I sport the hand print for a lock, one of the signs this is keyed to a unique nanotex signature. Simply placing my hand on it, I feel the panel read my palm, a slight pulling at the material that envelopes me, the soft click of the lock giving me access inside. I make sure to reseal the lock once I enter, but once that task is done, I take a moment to breathe in this new room.

It's bigger than my old one. Taller with larger windows that almost stretch from floor to ceiling. I can see the thickness, obviously designed to stop anyone, including a rutting man in nanotex, from breaking their way through. It seems all of the decorations from my old rooms have been moved up here - the walk-in closet on the way to the bedroom is already well stocked with my personal assistants. I run my hand over the curves of a few Drones packed in vacbeds, as well as checking on my latest acquisition. The woman I had sent upstairs is slowly growing under the covers, muscle expanding visibly as she sleeps and turns into a more advanced form of drone I like to use for more personal tasks. She'll be a fine piece of work once I unseal her, perfect for my uses.

It's when I enter the bedroom proper that I see my task for the rest of the evening. In the centre, standing upright and wrapped entirely in pitch black nanotex, is a female form. There is even a string around it tied up in a bow, making it even clearer that it is a gift from the hostess. Even wrapped up, I can tell this lady, Anya, is going to be a treat. Not quite as muscular as my girl from earlier, but taller than average, with a bust promising a good handful and a behind that is only formed from hours of work. Occasionally she struggles, giving me a glimpse at her face, strong cheekbones and a Roman nose.

Slowly, I begin to take off my clothing piece by piece, eyes not leaving the black-clad form standing in the middle of the room. I remove my cufflinks, taking my time to unbutton my shirt to reveal my own black latex underneath, my body still the size of a regular athletic human. It feels strange being this size after having spent the rest of the day at my full potential, muscles feeling smaller and weaker even though I’m still much much stronger than the equivalent human. The way nanotex sinks into your cells and changes them, combined with how long I’ve been wearing it, probably explains the unease at being so small. But, I want to use my size to full effect, so for now I’ll be regular, normal, boring. Of course, that doesn’t stop the nanotex from gripping my body tightly, revealing a a body sculpted from marble - defined abdominals, roling muscles groups in my back and arms, a behind I’ve been told is ideally pert and a sizeable bulge at my groin that is just begging for me to let my full length out of.

While doing this, I watch the other inhabitant of the room. She's aware someone else is with her, but hasn’t cried out. She flinches when I throw my shoes to one side, the loud noise seeming to scare her. When I step closer, she leans away, her breathing slowing, as if trying to hide from me. I should pull off her mask and let her see what is about to happen, but I have other priorities than being professional right now.

Walking behind her, I place both hands on her ass cheeks and squeeze, enjoying the way her behind fits my palms perfectly, the smooth texture of our clothing making them slide. I soon find my hands wandering, running over thigh and stomach, one hand reaching to cup one of her breasts. She moans at my touch, the nanotex flexing slightly as she pushes herself forward into the touch as my fingers press in deeper. My other hand shifts around from butt cheek to her mons, fingers pushing against her lower lips, pressing into them and causing her to shudder in front of me, her movement rocking back and forth pressing her backside against my bulge. It takes me physical effort to resist simply letting my cock form out of its holder and then sliding hard through the nanotex wrapping and into the tight sheath of her box that is just begging for it.

When I let go, I can’t help but notice the way that she shuffles more, almost like she’s missing the contact, the dark of the nanotex wrapper probably leaving her touch starved especially if Valentina had captured her a while ago and wanted to really punish her. Well, that’s Valentina’s business - I’m here more to get my enjoyment from this girl and then fill her with the nanites used to turn humans into simple subservient drones.

Walking around to her front, I grab the nanotex face mask and pull. The woman underneath is pretty. Beautiful even, her strong features and crystal blue eyes standing out especially. She gasps when the hood is removed, the rest of her bindings dropping away as the nanotex loses it’s form, letting her finally move. She ends up falling to her knees, her long hair shielding her naked body as she looks up at me, my hand coming to gently hold her cheek.

I place a finger on her lips. “Anya. Don’t speak. You know where you are, yes?”

She nods.

“You know what is going to happen now?” I can see her look confused for a moment, so I clarify. “You stole from Valentina. Valentina has told me to punish you. Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you.”

“Fuck you”. The woman’s first words and I already like her. The way she spits them out, she’s disobedient but spirited.

I smile back. “I thought I told you not to speak.”

“Fuck. You.” She repeats. “You fucking gimp suit-wearing asshole. Valentina tricked me into borrowing that money from her and then she changed the deal. So you aren’t going to do shit…”

A gurgling sound came from her throat as my hand gripped it tight, black nanotex clashing with her pale skin. “I told you not to speak, and yet you disobey.” I squeeze tighter, watching the way her eyes frantically dart around, her fingers starting to grasp around my muscular wrist. Effortlessly, I lift her up so she’s now looking down at me, letting her feet dangle in the air as I enjoy the panic building in her until I drop her to the bed before returning to stand at the end, looking at how she runs her hands over her neck.

She looks up at me again. “What the fuck are you? Some kind of demon?” She backs herself into the pillows, trying to get further away from me. “You’re not one of her drones that she has in her office, and you speak too much for one of her enforcers…”

“Please, I’m just one of her friends.” I smile again, one hand coming to rest on the end of the bed. “But for you, I’m basically going to be your god from now on.” I finish, just as I will myself to grow.

Growing in nanotex is one of the most pleasurable things I’ve ever experienced. Nanotex makes all sex better, but that sensation of feeling your muscles grow, your cock and balls expand to something inhuman, and even just how the latex tightens to show it off, all of it is unique. But my favourite thing is the effect on other people. It seems to raise a primal urge in humans seeing something both incredibly human and incredibly godlike at the same time, it drives them to all act with a mixture of fascination and horror. But mostly arousal, the sudden and driving urge to both fuck and be fucked. To let the human-shaped god before you take control and to let him breed you like the hole you are.

This new girl is going through that process now. As I finish growing, reaching my full height, feeling my muscles return to a familiar size and the tension in my bones cease, I can see she’s on the edge of losing her mind, seeing it spiral in a mix of terror and arousal. In fact, I can see how turned on she is, see how aroused she is by how much her slit is leaking and by how easily her fingers slide back and forth on her lower lips. She’s rapidly blinking and mumbling, hands that once gripped the covers now loose and shaking as she instinctively pleasures herself at such a sight.

She just stares as I move to stand on one side of the bed, moving effortlessly towards her. She barely reacts as I grab her by her hair and drag her to the edge of the bed, hanging her head off the side to give me a straight shot down her throat. I do give her a moment to take in my bulge, pressing it against her nose and face so she can experience its heat and musk before I let forth my tool. My cock expands rapidly, landing on her face and neck, it’s length and width closer to a baseball bat than anything else. For a few moments, it steams in the cold air of the room, and I hear her murmuring something, her eyes wide as she takes it in, watching my hand run up and down it’s length. She’s probably asking her god for deliverance, or maybe commenting to herself how it’s not going to fit. I care little either way, at this point I will make sure it finds a home in her throat.

Pulling back, I guide the head of my cock to her lips. For a moment, she tries to resist, shutting her mouth closed and groaning in annoyance. In response, I simply trap her nose between my two fingers and press it closed. She glares up at me, hatred in her eyes mixed with a certain desperation until she opens her mouth and breathes deep, inhaling and causing her chest to expand, pushing her perfect breasts up. Of course, her breath is also her downfall - I slam my cock in between her lips and straight down her throat. With a hand gripping the outside to keep her steady I can even feel the muscular shaft as it pushes deeper, see the way it malfoms and thickens her neck. Her fingers clench and she gags, chokes, her body fighting to clear her airway even as I fill it with my next thrust, the head of my cock deep in her throat. I can already feel her slobbering over my cock, the spittle running down the black latex and shining it before dripping to the floor. I withdraw slightly before hammering home again, my balls having fully emerged from the bulge by now and slapping her in the face when I go all the way in.

I fuck her hard and fast, a steady rhythm of back and forth. It’s punishing, and I can hear her choke several times, but seeing the way she squirts from her slit or how the muscles in her legs contract and bend back I can see that some part of her is enjoying this rough treatment. She’s wet enough I’m able to sink two of my fingers into her right up until the knuckle, my other hand playing with her prominent nipples atop those firm breasts of hers. As I get closer, as I feel my balls swell as they swarm with my nanites, I lean forward and place my tongue over her mons, letting it thicken and press inside her. This seems to drive her wild, my muscular body pressed on hers, my presence dominating her world.

She’s a mess when I pull out. Cum dribbling from her lips and nose, her own juices flowing freely down her thighs as I casually turn her around, her limbs dragging as I pull her hair. I set her up sitting upright on the bed, her legs dangling where her head once was. Stepping closer, I rest my ball against her slit, letting her feel their warmth

She gurgles “What… feel… strange.” before she leans forward and unleashes some of the cum that had been in her throat onto my broad chest, the viscous liquid flowing down my front and shining up the black latex there. For a moment or two I just look down at it, seeing the way it matches the deep definition as it runs down and down. But then I dip my fingers in it, helping it spread it more, making the shine deeper and deeper as if I had polished it.

“What you’re feeling is your body being turned into something useful. By the time I’m done with you, you’re not going to be really human anymore.” I push forward, one hand grabbing her hair in my fist, the other forcing my cum covered fingers into her mouth, pressing on her tongue and rubbing around the inside. Her eyes roll at the sudden sensation, her lower body writhing forward to rub against my shaft, lubricating it with just how much her body desires to be filled and used. At first, she struggles against the fingers but as I move them slightly she starts to suck, licking off the juices covering them, the mix of her own and my virile spunk. Her eyes unfocused, as if her brain was entirely controlled by my cock and my fingers.

I stroke the side of her face “You can feel it already can’t you? Your body is changing. It wants to obey me, it’s master.” She’s struggling against my control, against the nanites filling her, against her nature. But I’m stronger.

“I… don’t... “ she tries to say but I push closer, more of my muscular body touching hers, her hands unable to resist the need to grip onto my shoulders, nails digging in for a moment as she rubs again against my tool. She’s already starting to become wrapped around my fingers, eager for her master’s touch, her hands exploring more and more until they reach my cock and she slowly begins to stroke. The nanites work fast, turning her mind more and more to serving me.

At this point, looking down at her, seeing the way her nanite-addled mind is worshipping my godlike body, I decide something - I’m taking this girl. It’s probably what Valentina intended, wrapping her up like a gift. Of course, if I’m truly going to take her, I want her to know exactly what she’s going to be. For this reason, I lift her hand off my cock, seeing the way my precum strings from her fingertips. Almost instinctively, she brings them up to her mouth to clean them, taking each one and spending plenty of time cleaning them off, tasting me on them before closing her eyes in pleasure.

“Stay here” I instruct her, and I can see her eyes flash between a need to disobey, to return to my touch, and a desire to rebel. However, my orders have a certain force, a certain unspoken threat and my new girl is so desperate (deep down) to be a good girl. She remains sitting on the edge of the bed as I step for a moment into the walk-in closet.

I slide the drones out of the way, instead returning to the girl at the back, to Violet, the one who mere hours ago I have been fucking into a nightclub table, whose dark skin had been beaded with sweat as I coaxed release after release out of her. Now though, as I in unzip the vacbed and watch her emerge, she is a truly an Amazon. A foot taller, muscle now packing what was once merely an athletic frame, she steps forward with a dominating confidence far beyond what she had downstairs. Her skin is now coated in black nanotex wrapping to every contour and definition, yet she's still wearing the gloves and thigh-high pieces she had downstairs, the only difference being that the other drones had replaced the hood with one emblazoned with my sigil on her brow. Perhaps best of all, as she stands there, sweat steaming off her body as she cools, I can feel my control over her. Not just her actions, but her body, her very form. Her groin is androgynous, nothing more than a slight bulge, but I can feel the possibilities at my fingertips. I give it an affectionate rub and she wakes, her head looking around for a moment before facing me directly. “Follow” I command, and in response I feel her obedience as she falls in step behind me, her nantoex-wrapped feet pressing into the carpet almost noiselessly despite her muscular bulk.

When we re-enter the room, it seems some part of the rebellious side of Anya has returned. She’s stood up and bent over, retching up her stomach full of cum. She looks up at me through sweat matter hair, smiling a little. "you're trying to brainwash me. It's not going to work. Too strong for that." The effect is ruined somewhat by the fact she leans over again, more thick cum coughing onto the floor, making me increasingly glad I don't have to clean up these rooms whenI leave.

I smile back at her, my hands on my hips. "If that's so, why haven't you tried to run?" I step forward, lifting her head up and wiping away the mess on her face. I'm enjoying her resistance, the way she hasn't just folded over. I do enjoy a challenge.

She still scowls, looking over my shoulder at my Amazon. "Whose she? Another deviant come to fuck me?" Her face turns a sneer as the black clad figure doesn’t react, but I notice there is something else in it,

Gods, I can’t help but smile before I answer. “Oh no, she’s a preview. She’s what you will be once I’ve finished with you.” I will my Amazon forward to stand next to me, letting her tower over Anya, showing off her height and strength.

Anya looks back at me. “You’re joking? You’re gonna make me into something like her? What happened to be making me into Valentina’s little masked fucktoy?” She raises an eyebrow but in return I grab her shoulder and push her to her knees.

“I changed my mind. Either way, the person Anya will stop existing in a few moments, your personality erased and replaced by a need to serve me.” I press her face against my cock, letting her smell the musk once more, the nanites I exude already beginning to return her to compliance. She complains, for a moment, but a movement forces her in deeper, her hands gripping my thighs at first for support, but then to help her force herself deeper. I pull her away by her hair and I can’t help but notice her eyes have gone wide with pleasure, her mouth ringed by a circle of spit. I look down at her and explain “This way, you’ll still be something special. Rather than just something I pack into a suitcase to make sure I never run out of fun or getting abused working for Valentina like another sex toy.”

She giggles. Not the sound I expected from someone who had been so aggressive moments before, but I do appreciate not everyone is used to nanites aggressively rewiring your brain. She rocks back on her heels, fixing me with a crooked smile. “You talk a lot for a guy with a body like that. How about you shut up and fuck me?”.

Finally, the moment I always want. Sure, I have enough strength to physically take whoever I wish, and often have. But there is something special about the moment some goes from absolute hatred to demanding to be fucked. It’s the break that makes it all worthwhile. Of course, at this point, I’ll glad take the sex too. Fucking a throat is good, but nothing beats pile driving a girl from behind, spilling my seed inside of her to make her a nightmare wrapped in nanotex.

I was going to start by mounting her from behind, but I suddenly realise a better plan. Anya is surprised when I don’t advance, but even more so when she finds herself being picked off the floor by the strong arms of my amazon, Violet finally joining in. She hooks her black clad muscular limbs around Anya’s shoulders, lifting her up and letting her dangle in front of her. I see Anya struggling, but mostly the way she’s rubbing herself against the large breasts and hard body of the amazon standing behind her.

However, it’s the perfect setup for me. With a thought, my cock returns to full hardness and I advance on the pair of ladies in front of me. Anya is already struggling, but she loses when I press myself against her, sandwiching her between two gods of pleasure and desire. I move myself up and down, letting her feel the blunt head of my cock sliding up and down her front, coming to rest at the top in between her breasts. However, it’s when i drop low, lower than before, and she feels the head just start to slide in that she really moans. Crying out in desperation, needing to feel it. Who am I to disallow her?

Violet is strong enough to stand there, still as a statue as I slide inside Anya and begin to thrust away. I start with a reasonable steady pace, but Anya demands, no begs, for me to go faster, calling me every name under the sun. I get tired of her voice after a few moments of pounding away, grabbing her neck and squeezing, pulling her down harder onto my cock. It doesn’t take long for her to attempt to wrench her head back, the ghost of a moan leaving her throat as I feel her release all over me, liquid running over my cock and even spraying on my abdominals. Its the final piece I need to finish myself, burying myself to the hilt inside her, releasing a load of nanites that continues their work.

After that first release, I don’t want to stop or even slow. While Anya is still riding out the aftershocks, i pull her from my amazon’s grasp and drop her to the floor, placing her on hands and knees.I mount her from behind, my thick cock pushing past my cum to begin filling her again, my hands pressing her hands into the floor as I bury my face in her neck to hear her moans vibrate through her throat.

Looking down, I notice that her fingers are darkening, the surface starting to look glossy and reflective, the first signs of the nanotex beginning to work it’s way into her very body. My eyes look down her arm, seeing more and more patches of change along with increasing definition, curves in her muscles that weren’t there before. I wrap my arm around her neck to direct her gaze, a thrill of pleasure in me as I see the way she reacts to watching herself before less human yet more powerful. I whisper in her ear, a low pattering drum describing whats happening to her, what’s she going to become, fighting against her struggles as I maintain my rhythm, delivering load after load of nanite infested cum directly into her body. This is pure pleasure, that feeling of corruption, of improvement.

When her body as grown enough, I pull her back so we’re both kneeling upright, letting her see Violet standing in front of her, a titan of black latex wrapped muscle. I can’t help but feel Anya’s struggles slowing and instead feel her matching my motions. She moans when her eyes focus on Violet, her brain releasing that is the end goal, to be an echo of the goddess in front of her is to be her reward. I decide to show her another element of her reward too. With a thought, I watch as Violet’s bulge begins to expand, larger and larger until it matches my own before going past it to an almost obscene size. Fear and arousal fight in Anya’s mind, unsure of the unknown but she can’t look away. Especially once Violet, with a slight thrust, unleashes her recently grown cock, the length steaming as it emerges into the cool air of the room.

I don’t even have to guide Anya to it. WIthout a word, she leans forward the inch or so needed to take the head in her mouth, her tongue hard at work lubricating the tip. Violet lets her start off, but after a moment she merely takes a step forward, and then another, each one forcing her cock deeper and deeper into Anya’s mouth, just as I unleash another load of hot cum inside the transforming girl. By now, I can feel her abdominals beginning to show through her fat, feel the way her slit is wrapping tighter around my cock. When I move my hand lower, I can feel the hard nub of her clit wrapped in latex, the sensation of my touch causing her to moan around the intrusion in her throat.

Only when Violet is done, when she pulls her still leaking cock cock out of the limp body of Anya, do I pick up my latest conquest and carry her to the walk-in closet. I place her in the vac-bed, the last stage of her transformation, before returning back to the bedroom and the amazon waiting for her master..

The Concierge comes to visit after a few hours. In fact, she arrives mere moments before Anya was due to emerge from her vacbed, interrupting me as I was too busy filling Violet’s mouth with my cum. I open the door still covered in release, a few strands dripping from my shaft and onto the floor.

She’s wearing a new dress, her style changed once again obviously at a whim to entertain but still with the green body hugging nanotex on underneath. My appearance causes her to put on a fixed smile, as if trying to hide her disgust at being in the presence of such an aggressive icon of sex and pleasure but doing it poorly. “I presume you’ve had your fun with Anya? I’d like to collect her for my Mistress.”

“I’m not giving you her,” I respond, leaning against the door and letting my cock hang low, crossing my arms and feeling my muscles flex. “I’ve got a better use for her.”

“Not giving? You assume you had any right to her in the first place!” The Concierge spits, anger filling her voice as she steps over the threshold and into my room. Her hands push on my pecs, and I take a step back. She seems furious, but I also realise how badly she has screwed up. It takes her a second longer, but by then she’s too busy being dragged back to my room, my hands tearing off her dress to reveal the perfect body underneath wrapped in green nanotex. I throw her onto the bed and, before she can react, my Amazons (both of them now) have pounced on her, muscular bodies holding her still as slowly I advance, letting my cock return to full hardness, letting the energy fill it before I go to town on the biggest annoyance of the day, my hands reminding her that she might be able to talk the talk, but have the strength to back up anything I choose to do.

It only takes her a couple of rounds to come around to my point of view.

When I left the following morning, I left the Concierge all wrapped up and ready for housekeeping to take care off, something I demanded for my rooms after my departure and before my arrivals. My late night visitor was in a state when I locked the room, seeing as she was the centre of attention for myself and my Amazons.

Thinking about that being plural makes me look at the two ladies walking besides me to my car. Both of them could be best described as statuesque, standing almost as tall as me, dressed in what appeared to be the finest Italian suit, all black and with dark glasses on their face. One with dark skin and white hair in a bob, the other olive skinned and with her hair shaved on the sides. Of course, to any casual observer they seemed just like a pair of high class bodyguards escorting their principal. To anyone knowing what to look for, the splash of nanotex at the neck and ankles would give them away along with their almost mechanically precise way of moving. And of course, their bodies, thick with muscle but with an ass and chest to kill. As I climb into my car, I can’t help but notice the Amazon that was once Anya seems to have a rather large bulge in her trousers, obviously inspired by the previous night’s events.

They load up my travelling collection into the car, a few specially marked ones containing drones wrapped up and ready for use but for now idle and sleeping. One of my bodyguards takes a seat up front in the driver’s position while the other places her down directly opposite me. It’s Anya, her shaved hair leaving the centre in almost a quiff that moves as she walks. I admire her, remembering how quickly after I unsealed her from her vacbed she was balls deep in the Concierge, fucking as if she’d had a cock her whole life. Not bad for someone who was supposed to be a brain dead drone by now.

The car sets off, the electric motors moving it almost silently as it heads to the airport and some brand new mission. However, I have another need to be fulfilled beforehand. I look Anya in her mirrored shades and mentally send her a command. Without a word, she slides off the seat onto hands and knees, crawling towards me until she rests her head near my groin. Sitting up slightly, I let her strong hands undo my trousers as a lean back, allowing my amazon do all the work. I run a hand through her hair as she pulls out my cock, gently grabbing on and pulling it deeper and deeper into her throat before starting the motions.. Letting my head roll back, I stare up at the tinted window above me, taking in the morning sky and enjoying my latest toy.


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