Flipping The Script

by AveryWalters

Tags: #dom:male #growth #latex #m/m #pov:top #scifi #anal #blowjob #injection #muscle_growth #nanotex #tentacles

Broken promises lead to a change in the usual dynamics. More from the world of Nanotex

Been away a while but finally finished something. It's a little different from my past work (my first m/m piece) but it is at least a continuation of some of my favourite things. More stories in the Nanotex setting coming soon, with a wider mix of partners and situations than I've written about before. For now, enjoy some glorious smut.

"I'm bored."

The voice behind me drawled those two words out lazily, prompting me to pause for a moment, fingers hovering over my keyboard before I continued working, the last few lines of an email about refactoring update loops waiting to be typed and sent off to my counterpart. "Good for you, I'm working," I answered, the clicks of my typing resuming.

The voice snorted and I suddenly felt two slender arms hanging over my shoulders, dangling down to play with the zipper of my hoodie. My ear was suddenly full of breath, warmth suddenly caressing it, and as the smell of sandalwood crept into my nose, the speaker swayed for just a moment before leaning on me, speaking quietly. "We both know this isn't work, this is you procrastinating until you can log out. And besides, they wouldn't care if you took a break for a bit. You need a little entertainment from time to time." I heard the smile on his lips, the change in his voice making it clear what entertainment he had in mind.

"I'm pretty sure what you have planned is a little bit more than a break. And my boss is relaxed but not that relaxed." I countered, but made no move to escape, enjoying the closeness. Working from home had its perks, including such affection from my boyfriend even as he tried to tempt me away from an ongoing conversation with my colleague Rani, her headshot sitting in the bottom corner of the screen as she sends me IMs describing her problem while I deal with one of my own.

He hums and I felt his head tilt, pressing against mine, acting more like a cat with a few base needs than a human that understands the concept of "employment" and "core working hours" or "professional behaviour". I could feel the zip on my jacket starting to move down, one hand guiding it while the other moved in for the kill. I felt his nails on my bare skin first, then the pressure of his fingertips before his hand claimed both my pectoral and the top of my abs, small delicate movements rubbing over my skin and sending shivers up my spine as I felt my skin begin to break out in goosebumps.

"Fuck you're cold," I complain, trying not to let myself react any further, filling my brain with pointers and memory allocation and list navigation to stop me from reacting further to the caresses. To stop me from flipping the chair and diving on top of him. To stop him from winning.

"It's because I need someone to warm me up. Some adorable self-conscious nerd, perhaps one whose boss doesn't know all he's wearing to work today is a hoodie and some shorts that grip his ass on a way that's driving his poor, lonely, abandoned boyfriend mad." He smiled and a hand moved up to grip my throat, his sharp nails just pressing slightly. "Good thing this lowly office drone is at least interesting for someone like me..."

I sighed, turning slightly trying to catch a glimpse of him. "Let me finish this, and then I'll clock out, I'll make up the hours on Monday. And less of that drone talk - we can't all be born with a silver spoon in our mouths and work for our mothers telling other people to push numbers around."

The hand clutching me suddenly gripped tight enough to cause me to wince. The voice leaned closer, whispering directly into my ear, taking a breath before explaining. "Trust me, if you had to deal with that harpy every day, you'd be demanding the wages I earn." The flash of pain vanished as he let go, before laying a kiss on my cheek, following it up with another on my shoulder as his hands retracted. "Don't be too long, lover boy." He purred, and I felt him stand, the sound of his bare feet padding across the wooden floor to the doorway, pausing just for a moment at the entrance to my office.

I turned to look after him, finally drinking in Sasha. The menace, the rich kid turned super-rich adult who one day moved into the apartment next to mine. That was 18 months ago, and now I'm in his new (much larger) apartment, working from the desk he gave me as a gift, coding away for all hours of the day while he does something in finance when he feels like it and leaves the details about it at that. Oh, and cooking - it's hard to understate how good a cook he is. He's rich enough to bring in a maid though to tidy up, a situation I'm still not comfortable with (especially after she entered the apartment on one of my few days off to find us trying out romantic positions on the sofa in a state of undress).

But I am comfortable with how beautiful he looks. A dancer's body with icy eyes, and at that moment, he is standing dressed in little more than a robe and squared-off glasses perched at the end of his nose. I recognize the sheen on his underwear though, see the way the shape seems to be reforming from something practical to something more risque, the outer layer forming a hard bulge around his front. He looks at me like a jester, a tease and yet I know he has me wrapped around his finger.

I tried to forget the jester and return to my refactoring.

It's my own fault when I'm late. Lost too deep in the details of an ongoing project, I had just finished an emergency three-way phone call with a client out in Hong Kong and my office buddy Rani when I felt a hand appear on my shoulder.

I started to speak, started to explain, to come up with an excuse but it's all for naught. When Sasha is angry, and he was quietly angry, the Russian accent returns to his speaking, curling up the ends of his words. "I thought I made it clear, любовник (lover), that I expected you quickly. It's been over an hour…"

"I know but my boss…" I tried again to plead my case but I was cut off.

"Ah, ah. No excuses. The only boss you should be worried about is me. Seeing as I own you, body and soul." His hand moved to my neck and squeezed, taking control of me, thumb up behind my jaw to hold me in place. "Don't speak. Just obey."

I wanted to turn, wanted to glare at him, to try to remind him about the difference between employment and our game. But his hand held me in place. And worse, a small part of me agreed with him. I had spent longer than I had planned, I had promised him and failed. In fact, today was just the latest in long days and delayed evening plans. Luckily we hadn’t had anything booked, but I’d still disappointed him more often than I’d like.

What I did not expect at that moment was the cold feeling of an injector sliding into my neck, the touch of metal on my skin and the hiss as it fired its payload into my blood. Instinctively I tried to pull away, but the hand around my neck made me unable to, strength far beyond normal as he held me in place and finished his work. He shushed me, laying a few kisses into my hair before pulling it away.

I snarled as I fought against his grasp. "What the fuck…"

"You can guess what it is, don't try and play dumb" Sasha responded, before moving his hand to drag me upright. "You can complain all you want, but we both know you only have limited time before that injection starts to take effect, before your other side wakes up, before you’re going to be a very different man. Time to prioritise, work or clothes. I'll let you decide but hurry." He turned my head to look up at him, seeing the deep blue eyes and the white blonde hair framing his face, a few strands of shiny white material already curving up his neck and cupping his chin. The smile is chilling as he lets go of me, before walking away. He waves, waves like this is a normal thing couples do as he calls out to find him in the lounge. "Tick, tock, tick, tock."

I chose work. Obviously. Well, technically I chose both - frantically setting systems to show me as busy or clocking out, hammering out a few final updates for the day, praying that no one is trying to grab me before I leave. At the same time, I work quickly to unzip my hoodie and throw it behind me, not wanting to shred the black and red jacket I've had since university. My jogging trousers, though, I accept their demise while also silently happy I went commando today, already feeling my tool start to erect as I know what's about to happen. I can already see the black sheen spreading across my body, gripping my form and looking almost painted on. It reaches my fingertips quickly, and the sensation of it reaching my neck is like a gentle caress, a familiar lover's touch, almost a whisper in my brain as the semi-biological material matches with the nanites in my blood and begins its work.

Moments after I finish my final update and hit send, I feel the muscles in my body start to twitch, contracting and expanding in waves as the nanites finally reach them. I resist the urge to look down but I can feel my groin rubbing against my desk, my body having grown while certain assets pushing even larger still. I hold back a moan at the sensation knowing Sasha is probably listening in in the other room and every sound is rewarding his behaviour. As the next wave of pain and pleasure hits though I can do little to stop the sounds, the sensation of my body changing and growing. I step away from my desk, making sure the privacy cap is on the webcam, just in case my fumbling might have set something off - the last thing my boss needs to see is how I spend my free time. How I'm one of those nanotex-loving freaks he likes to rant about when I'm in the office, sounding like a wound-up crank on a podcast despite being more accurate than I'm sure he’s aware. The only person who knows is Rani, and from the stream of messages I’m seeing from her, she’s well aware of what I’m up to

Looking down, I can see how much taller I am after my change, see how much tighter my body is, my physique of gangly coder boy with a crappy diet being replaced with one more at home on a champion athlete, verging more into an over the top version of a quarterback. At least I've kept my cock vaguely under control, its earlier growth restrained and reformed back into a growing bulge for the moment. A bulge whose surface is deforming as it rests on the desk, the weight of it affecting the wood before I step back and let it hang, letting my body finally relax as the changes finish for the most part.

It takes me a moment to get used to my changing body as I head to find Sasha, to get used to walking in a frame that doesn't quite match how the every day feels, both oversized and highly strung as if ready to leap into action. As I walk down the windowed corridor to the lounge, I look at my reflection as it's overlayed on the city sky, taking in the hulking muscular form, watching as the black latex takes on details and finally climbs into my hair, leaving my face on display even as I feel it pour into my eyes. A blink later, the strange sensation around my eye socket and suddenly reflected in the glass were a pair of pitch-black eyes, alien and almost terrifying to see. However, it fills me with something, almost a confidence - whatever my problems were, now I'm like this they are nothing. Now I'm something far, far superior to the guy frantically saving his work and logging off a computer mere moments ago. I flex a bit, letting the muscles move under my shiny pitch-black skin, a little burst of bulking up before I walk into the main room of the apartment.

My arrival in the lounge causes Sasha to recline further into the sofa he's resting on, his arms resting on the top of the l-shaped back as he feasts upon my appearance. He likes me like this. I never say it to him out loud but I like myself like this, the feeling of power and control, my skin entirely covered in contrast to the outfits he chooses. For the moment his setup is currently a complicated arrangement of thong, garter belt and leggings, all with the characteristic white shiny surface that hugs him perfectly yet leaves plenty of his pale but healthy-looking skin on display in the moonlight. He bites his long fingers, trying to hide his excitement, as he watches me approach, watches as I stride confidently down the steps into the slight pit his so-called “love-making sofa” sits in. The lights of the city reflect off my shoulders but he'd gladly trade all of that view for more of me. I stop when I stand over him, my hands resting at my sides as I let him admire me, the temptation to pose waiting in the wings.

"Hmm much better," he purred, leaning back as he looked up and down. Every inch of him, from his voice to his pose, is so incredibly satisfied with himself and I must admit, he has a right to be pleased. I feel the confidence flowing through, confidence which comes from having the body and strength of a god. But I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know I agree. Especially not after the stunt he pulled.

"Fuck you. I'm lucky not to be fired for pulling this shit." I growled, letting my voice fill my large voice box, the effect giving me far more power in my words than before. It's one element of the Nanotex I really enjoy - the muscles and height are one thing, but the deep voice and the sound of the material moving as I flex make even me get a little bit harder. Plus the sensation of it all, knowing it's in my grasp, it’s intoxicating.

Sasha smirked as if he could see the thoughts in my head. "Come now, we both know that firing you would be a terrible idea. All the knowledge, pooft, all gone because you had an emergency? Poor choice from your boss there." Pulling himself to the edge of the sofa, he looked up again. "As for your employment, don't worry, always a role for you. I know the owner of a certain firm..."

"I'm not sure 'professional boyfriend' is a role you want on the org chart". I grumbled again, stepping forward to tower over him. “Or Fuck Puppet.”

My snarl brings out a wider grin from him, a licking of his lips before he continued. "Please. ‘Personal Assistant’ is a role that hides many sins. Just ask my mother." He responded before wiggling forward to be sitting directly front of me. "But not right now, I have a far better use for that mouth of yours than talking to her. Come on, kneel big boy so you can get to work."

I looked at him, looked at the way he was petting the sofa beside him, like I'm a loyal hound or an obedient lap dog. I looked down at his slender arms, thin shoulders and that perfect, perfect mouth. And with that, I make my decision as to how this evening is going to go. I took the usual routine and changed it, flipped the script, pulled his hands from the wheel and seized control.

"We had an agreement. No screwing around during work without consent." I respond simply, unmoving, standing like a statue and looking down at the figure reclining beneath me. My eyes say it all, daring him to respond, daring him to try and turn his assumptions into actions.

He hummed as if considering my answer seriously. "We did. Have an agreement, if that's what you want to call it." He asked, amused. He shuffled to the edge of the sofa before springing up and walking to stand directly in front of me, one hand resting on the expansive of my chest. "But you ignored my instructions. So I broke it."

I interrupted him by suddenly leaping into action, taking the initiative. With one latex-covered hand, I grabbed him by the hair and forced him to curl back, face looking up at me, surprise flashing through his eyes. At the same time, I leaned forward, placing my black nanotex lips over his, a strong muscular kiss dominating his mind as I forced my tongue over the top of his. I can feel him attempt to resist, feel him trying to fight back, to reclaim the position he once had, but it's too late. My other hand clamps around the bulge in his underwear and I hear the groan, feeling his nails digging into my back.

“I should Snap you like a twig.” I snarled as I pulled back for a moment, enjoying the way he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. He’s too pretty to leave alone like that, too much fun to control so I returned for another kiss, more frantic this time, moving from his lips to his neck, enjoying the sounds he makes as I set the pace.

After a moment, I let him fall backwards, let him drop to the sofa as I stand up straight. I gave him a moment to recover, to lie there as he's forced to look up at me. I strike a pose, standing still like a geek statue in a perfect double bicep flex, letting the muscles in my arms bulge even as I focus on my core. I could feel the Nanites respond to my unsaid command, the energy flowing through me, feeding my muscles that bubble and shift, expanding as he watched. Already I was larger than I had ever been before, pushing myself to the extreme.

My eyes glared down at him. "The only reason I don't break you is I'm sure you’d enjoy it." I flex again, almost hearing him whine as he tries to resist touching me. "Now come on, I thought you were in control? Touch me."

I smiled as I felt his hands rubbing across my shoulders, felt his lips kiss the expanding mass of latex-clad muscle on my back as I looked over my shoulder at him. Our eyes meet for a moment, giving me a chance to enjoy the wild look as his fingers experience my flesh, his nose pressing against me to breathe in the subtle but powerful scent of the latex. I know it’s laced with pheromones designed to target other nanotex wearers but it was incredible to see how quickly Sasha settled

"Sorry, did you say something?" He countered back, before running his tongue up my spine, his eyes fixed on mine the entire time. "I was too busy worshipping the godlike body my boyfriend has now, partially because I love it and partially because I really hope he is in the mood to just fucking destroy me with his big monster shiny nanotex do…"

I turn around and silence him with another kiss, this time letting my tongue expand and push down his throat. I'm rewarded with his eyes rolling back in pleasure, his own cock suddenly spurting his load on my muscular thighs, running down in trails and polishing it. I continue kissing him until he finishes, holding him aloft as his legs tremble

His exhausted face made me smile as I bodily lifted him and threw him back onto the sofa. For a moment he was stunned, lying on his back, post-release bliss overwhelming him, as I stepped forward and collapsed over him, a large and dominant predator over his smaller prey. My hand pressed at his collar and I saw him squirm under my weight.

"There is going to be a punishment for that." I purred. "Making such a mess. Maybe I should make you lick it up, but I have a better use for that mouth of yours."

He laughed anxiously. "Do you? You sure I couldn’t warm up with a taste of those cobblestones?"

I said nothing. Instead, I let my cock flop onto his stomach, unfurling from its restraining bulge and landing with a meaty thump, the half-hard length still beating his own sizable cock even before I’d let it fully harden. "You're working on my tempo today…" I growled, sliding my body around, letting my hardening cock run up again down his abdominals and over the top of his own tool, the frotting causing us both to harden and slide against each other as the pre-cum began to flow, shining the coating on our bodies.

Once he managed to control himself and let his brain work out the next step to let him get what he wanted, Sasha rolled off the sofa and dropped immediately to his knees, trying to hide the eagerness in his eyes as he gazed at my rod, the pre-cum shining the nanotex. I sometimes forget how much of a cock hungry slut he can be - He likes to peacock in the streets/boardroom/club, to play at being the top, but in a dark bedroom or at the back of the club or even in his office, the rich boy attitude changes to one just begging to be fucked. And I'm more than happy to oblige.

The first touch of my cock to his tongue is almost a religious feeling for me. He takes the head of it easily, letting his tongue get to work around it as I looked down at him, one hand carefully gripping around the side of his face. I stroked his hair out of the way before gently grasping it in my fist, letting my fingernails gently scratch across his forehead in a way that made him visibly purr, eyes rolling back at the sensations.

He has no gag reflex. It's beautiful to thrust inside his throat, to force him to feel it push against his neck, his free hand tenderly touching the bulge that moves back and forth. The first tear begins to roll down his cheek as he feels it stretches the flesh, his eyes fluttering slightly at the sensation, the fantasies I know he has spilt across his mind as I begin to use him like the toy he can be. Luckily for him, I'm not cruel. I’m also dealing with a week without sex, several nights where I slept next to him and felt his body against mine so I was a little closer to the edge of a quick release.

I gave it to him. I gave it all to him. I gripped his hair and held him in place as I slammed my groin into his face, face fucking his nose against my pelvic bone as I came for the first time in a week. The release is intoxicating for me, enough that I don’t realise that my lover has also come again, the nanotex on his body slowly improving his own production as he absorbs dose after dose of my overwhelming virility.

After a few moments, I pulled out - a few final spurts hitting his face and neck as strands of cum still connected us. Sasha watched for a moment, taking in deep breaths as his eyes looked up at me before taking a deep breath with his nose. I watched as he performatively swallowed, letting me see him taking every ounce of my load that had ended up in his mouth and tasting it. He even opened his mouth wide, the smile returning as he saw my reaction to it, my cock returning to full hardness as my hand spreads the mixture of spit and slime up and down it to give it the shine that makes it look its best. Throbbing veins and the shine alone would be enough to make most people feel the need to worship it, and I’m not going to stop anyone from such urges.

Sasha, in the early stages of cummed out bliss, smiled as I stroked his hair, the firm grip finished as I partially recover. It leaves me open for the brat in him to take control, one hand moving to grab my cock in his fist as he grinned up at me. “First meal all day, and I’m ready for seconds when you are.”

“We need to talk about you skipping lunch,” I growled while letting my cock drop onto his face as he let go of it. There is a moment where the sheer size of it gives him pause, the realisation of how far down his chest it reaches on this pose, before the cocky smile returns.

“Later. Now I want…” he tried to respond. “For now, I want you to fuck me.”

“What makes you think I’m here for your wishes?” I growled. “Besides, I’m still punishing you.”

“Of course, of course.” He countered with a smile, a smile that made me feel a strong urge to wipe off his face, just another layer to my desires right now. It also makes him look gorgeous though, pretty enough that I drag him to his feet purely so I can lift him into a kiss, probing his mouth with my tongue, tasting my own release mixed with the slime in his mouth, the tip feeling the throat. When I finish, he’s still grinning. “If this is punishment, I should change you more often. Get you in trouble with your bosses. Maybe send that cute friend of yours a few pictures.”

I glare at him. But it does nothing. He’s got an idea in his head and he's going to follow it to see the result 

He isn’t subtle about it. “I have to admit, she does nothing for me, that girl in black I see you chatting with on your lunch breaks. But imagine what she’d do if she saw you like this…” his hands squeezed my body, fingers prodding down the depths of my abdominals before reaching down to cup my balls. “I bet she’d be begging for you to take her. Pleading.”

“What are you planning Sasha?” I rumble. Although his plan is working. I can feel myself hardening to full mast, whirling ideas of dark makeup rings around my cock filling my head as he continues to talk.

“Just making it clear the boundaries in this relationship. And that frankly, I’m more than happy to watch you fuck a cute Desi girl from work.” he reached up, kissing my cheek before whispering. “I bet she makes such cute noises when she comes.”

I needed to shut him up before he planted more ideas in my head. So I flipped him to the face-down position, my larger body covering his as I pulled him to his hands and knees. It's so easy for me to keep him still, to whisper in his ear as I line myself up, running the mass of muscular flesh that is my cock over his back, letting him feel how deep I will be inside him. How easy it would be to destroy him, to destroy anyone, to leave them a mewling mess full of my seed, holes left broken open and leaking with ease. 

Times like this remind me of how much I adore what I've become, how the Nanotex took me from an anxious mess to what would be counted as a new Apex predator, something inhuman in the bedroom and able to fuck for hours. His teases about friends from work only sting because I can’t but help imagine them in his position, underneath me, begging to be fucked and filled before being discarded. Jani is cute, and funny and my mind is quick to conjure thoughts of her jewellery on her ears and nose tinkling as I slam her back and forth, her makeup running as I leave her senses overwhelmed by the back and forth, her dark eyes meeting mine just as she begun to lose control of her reality yet even then the cheeky grin still on her face.

I’m brought back to the present by Sasha’s voice below me “Leave the daydreams for another time babe, I'm so horny I could…”

I interrupted him by thrusting inside him. Hard. His breath caught in his throat, a shiver running up his spine at the sudden penetration, pre already dripping from his cock, soaking into the fabric beneath us. I’m prepared to ride him to ruin, ride him until his voice was harsh with moans, his neck covered in bruises from my kisses, marks from my teeth. He’s my plaything when I'm like this, a plaything I make sure is pleasured but not the focus of my actions.  If he wasn't like me, his body not packed full of the white shiny Nanites, then I dread to think of the mess he would be in.

In the pause, I leaned forward. “Jealousy looks poor on you Sasha. You worried I’m being pulled away from you hmm?” I nibble at his ear, the moan pushing him on. “Don’t worry, I’m focused entirely on you. On the way that body feels beneath me, the way you’re so eager to assume the position. The way I can tell I’m going to fuck you like I’m breeding you, Sasha, going to fill you with enough cum you’re going to be leaking for days.” His breath hitches when I grab him by the throat. “You’re going to be slick for days by the time I’m done with you. You’re going to be a fuckable little pet whenever I feel like it, all ready for a cock bigger than any of the toys you’ve hidden under the bed. You’re mine.”

“Big words from a big guy.” He answers breathily, still recovering from the sudden thrust of my cock inside him. His eyes meet mine with still some of that challenge to them. “Let's see if you can actually do all that…”

Those words trigger something in me. I stopped being nice and began to feel myself losing control. The Nanites change and shift and my body changes with them, every depravity I can imagine coming to pass. Strands of nanotex that flex and grab, thrust, forming up around my cock and stretching him wider and wider. Sasha moans and laughs, eyes rolling back as he feels a knot of black flesh form just inside of him moments before I release, the knot only partially holding back that wave of release. His fingers scrabble for purchase as I push him down and begin thrusting, the thick knot being held inside as I push back and forth.

Despite being full of a cock that could best be described as inhumanly large, Sasha could still talk. He slammed the sofa with his hand, his words starting to slur. “Fuck, I love it when you do this! Just give up the control, become the fucking monster we both know you really are. Please baby, just fucking destroy me, fuck!” I answer him by moving a hand to his head and shoving it into the sofa, his moans muffled by the surface as I keep fucking him.

All control goes when I released, my body ignoring its original form and becoming increasingly less human. Claws burst through my fingertips, the texture of my body shifting from smooth expanse to something more varied, bumps and crevices covering my muscles. Nubs of black flesh sprout on my spine before bursting open, revealing tentacles formed from the excessive nanites being produced inside me, surging from my back to hold him in place. They wrapped around his ankles and wrists, waiting for me to pull his head back up before one filled his mouth with a thick shaft of pulsing black muscle. They help to hold him steady as the first release fills him, a moan just making it out around the tentacle in his mouth.

I rode through my first release, never stopping my thrusts even as my knot became slick with my release almost leaking past it. I’m so backed up that I manage a second and a third release in short succession. When I'm done, and I mean truly done, almost every inch of arousal pouring out of me, it's dark outside. I feel myself finally break free of the ring of muscle I had been thrusting into, the sudden release allowing my seed to dribble out. I collapsed backwards onto the sofa, landing on my back and looking over at Sasha, tendrils just unwrapping themselves, his raised behind only just starting to close up thanks to the white nanotex around it.

Sasha moved very carefully, as if unsure if the outright assault on him was over. “Hmmm, that was…” he starts, his hand moving to carefully touch his abused hole, feeling the release dripping out of him and yet not seeing the need to stop it. 

“You’re a mess” I state, looking him up and down. His body is slick with sweat and release, the sofa underneath him a mess.

“I’m your mess.” he laughs, rolling over and smiling up at me. “Now I’m going to say you’re feeling a lot happier now you just used me like your fucktoy for a few hours. Almost like your perfect boyfriend knows that you really need to let it all out from time to time. Perhaps another intervention like this is needed if you do it again, hmm?” He finished as he turned over, raising an eyebrow as he reclined back.

I glared at him, taking full advantage of us being face-to-face. “Don’t get any ideas about doing it again. People might get suspicious if I’m constantly out.”

He stretches, one hand moving down to massage his stomach. “I think if they saw what you were doing, they” he regarded me for a moment before smiling again. “Love it when my favourite dom comes out to play.”

“You just like the tentacles, reminds you of all that hentai you grew up with” I grumbled as Sasha gingerly pulled himself on top of me, his lips pressing against my chest and neck as he worked his way up, enjoying the smooth black texture of my god-like nanotex-wrapped body.

“Hmmm, they are fun. But be careful who you pass judgment on - don’t think I forgot about that knot. You kinky bastard.” he smiled, his nose touching mine, proving himself even adorable even with the state he was in. “Although I'm not saying no to it again.”

I glared at him as I felt a hand go lower, gripping the bulge my cock had returned to. “You can’t still be horny Sasha.”

He hummed again, his fingers massaging harder, thumb pressing against it to tease and touch. “Maybe. But also maybe I’d you to fuck me face to face this time.” He smiled, gripping tighter. “It’s always good to get multiple perspectives on the same events. I could feel his thumb running over the surface, the same rush of endorphins returning as suddenly I had to fight to keep myself under control. My eyes met his as he leaned in. “This time, I want to watch as you get bigger to fuck me. I want to see how you look when the tentacles burst from your spine, or when you lose control and make yourself even more buff because you know it turns me on.” He leaned up further to whisper. “Hurry up любовник, otherwise I have other injectors we can play with.”

My only answer was a snarl as I leaned forward to bite his lip, his hand having to spread wider as suddenly my bulge was replaced with something larger and far harder to control. The grin on his face at the twin sensations told me everything I needed to know about our evening plans.

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