In your Embrace


by Atlantine

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bittersweet #D/s #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #magic #pov:bottom #ritual_of_the_familiar #shortstory #solo #sub:female

The dragon roared a mighty cry. Of the party of 5, only 2 were still standing, not including any familiars. Alune stood in the back as her friend Lionheart took up the front, shield in hand.
“Buy me a minute!” Alune shouted.
Lionheart roared in response and stood his guard as the dragon laid attack after attack into his towering shield.
“Miss! I can help,” I pleaded.
Alune looked at me and then nodded, indicating to take to the skies. I did as I was instructed and flew up above the dragon. I could feel magic slowly starting to move through my veins and a minute later a binding spell erupted from the ground and me simultaneously as Alune cast her spell through two conduits. The dragon was pulled to the ground, his head now vulnerable.
“Now Lion!”
On cue, Lion’s shield transformed from a towering shield into a huge broadsword which he brought down on the creature’s neck. It embedded deeply but the first cut wasn’t enough. The creature roared as he brought it back up. Alune threw out another spell encasing his sword in magma as he brought it down for one final blow, severing the dragon’s head from its body.

“You did really well today,” Alune said as she continued to stroke my wings which she knew aroused me to no end.
“Miss, pl… please.”
“Awww, what’s the matter pet?”
I looked at her pleadingly.
“I can’t take this anymore.”
“But you will, won’t you? You’ll behave until I tell you otherwise?”
“Yes, Miss!”
“Good girl.”
I was repositioned onto a luxurious bed. Part of me remembered we were in a private suite in a tavern, but those thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind as the feelings of pleasure intensified.
“Nia. Tell me, what do you want me to do to you?”
I squirmed and attempted to vocalise my response, but I couldn’t? Mistress was toying with me! She smiled delightfully and teased me further, building the arousal as she went.
“You can speak now, go on, tell me.”
“Please make me feel good Mistress!” I practically screamed the words.
The pleasure began to peak as she started touching me in more intimate places, being gentle as she went.
“I love you, Nia.”
“I love you too Miagahjwg!”
That signalled the first of many orgasms for the night.

So my ADHD got the better of me and I decided to write another story. This was a pretty fun short story and I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did; consider checking out my other story (link below). It's not completed yet, but I'd be appreciative if you checked it out!

Misguided Rebellion


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