Maid by Goddess

by Arry Loup

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:nb #m/nb #maid #sub:male #bondage #clothing #pov:bottom

The job was a simple smash and grab, but Kyle might be in for more than he was prepared for…

This had all gone so wrong, so fast.

The job was supposed to be simple. Smash and grab, just the most valuable shit. Kyle was good at this by now, and the owner of the house--mansion, really--was loaded. They had it on good authority that the group he was running with could make a few thousand easy.

So they had a time, they'd cased the joint, and they knew the lady who lived there was out of the house for the night.

It was supposed to be so easy.

Kyle and his gang had started stuffing whatever valuables in their bags as soon as they broke through a back window, when Kyle noticed something a bit off.

He kept seeing...collars, and leather cuffs scattered around.

He was about to point it out, maybe get a chuckle about how the lady was some sort of perv, when they heard a gasp from the door to what Kyle had assumed was the bedroom.

They had all tried to get out, but Kyle was tackled to the floor by more than one body, and he saw the rest of his crew, minus Mikey who had also been tackled, leap put the window, escaping.

And then shit started getting weird.

Both he and Mikey were gagged and blindfolded--all he could make out was that the person or people who had tackled him were wearing dresses--and then dumped in a pitch-black room, with the door clicking locked behind their captors. They laid there, on the floor, in silence for what seemed like forever. Or almost total silence. Kyle could swear he heard whispers, just put of his range of really hearing, but they were making him nervous, fading into the background, his body feeling more and more locked in place by those damn restraints by the minute.

Finally, he heard a door open, and he was dragged to his knees, hands still behind his back. He could hear the same being done to Mikey. Suddenly, the blindfold was ripped off, and in a wash of disorienting pink light stood the lady of the house.

She was tall, dressed in a long gothic skirt and well-cut top that showed no cleavage. Her hair was long too, and just as black. Her lips were painted black and smiling, and she was looking at Kyle like he was going to be her next snack. For a moment, Kyle entertained the thought that maybe she was a vampire.

"My servants tell me you were caught sneaking around my house and stealing," the lady said, her voice surprisingly smooth. Kyle glanced over at Mikey, but he looked out of it, almost drugged. Shit. This was so bad. They didn't seem like they were going to call the cops. "Of course I don't require an answer, I know my servants would never lie to me. However, criminals do deserve punishment. And I think I know just the thing."

The lights suddenly got more intense, and looking around Kyle realized the room was covered in screens, all showing the same slowly spinning pink spiral. What the fuck?!

The lady leaned down very close, cupping Kyle's chin in her gloved hand, and smiled, staring him down intently. "We've already softened you up a bit. Your friend over there seems even more receptive to my methods. But I'm sure you'll join him soon."

Kyle found himself lifted by what he could only describe as...maids? All with short black hair cut identically, all wearing the same maternal smile on their face, and strapped into a chair next to Mikey, who seemed to have gone catatonic. His forehead was pushed back and strapped in, and headphones placed over his ears, playing more of those whispering sounds. He realized he was facing one of those screens.

"Bye now, boys. I'll come back in a little while, once you've mellowed out a bit. And then we'll see what we can do with you." Then the door behind them shut, and it was all Kyle could do to look at Mikey out of the corner of his eyes.

Instead of catatonic, Mikey had gone limp now, staring at the screen intently. Shit. Were they brainwashing them? Why? Fuck. Kyle worked his gag until he was able to spit it out.

"Mikey! Hey Mikey! Wake up buddy, you can't look at that shit, they're trying to brainwash us!"

Mikey barely reacted. His lips parted to say something, but Kyle couldn't make it out past the headphones. And the whispering only seemed to intensify, along with a steady hum that made Kyle go a little cross-eyed.

Kyle blinked and found himself looking at the screen. He closed his eyes, desperate to avoid falling into that (pretty, pretty) spiral. And then again, his awareness returning, he found himself looking at the spiral, body relaxing involuntarily.

He almost didn't have the wherewithal to curse to himself before he started getting sucked in again. And again. And again...

Kyle was barely conscious when the lady came back, flanked by her identical maids, one of whom was carrying a bundle of cloth. Stepping in front of the screen, engulfing her face in shadow, Kyle felt his eyes lock on her, unable to look away. He felt far away, dazed, and when the maid behind him cut his restraint, he couldn't find it in himself to try to run.

He could almost hear her smile, and felt strangely disappointed when she came over to Mikey, stroking his hair looking directly into his face.

"What's your name, dear?" She asked, voice full of sweet honey. It made Kyle's brain flutter.

"Mmmmm...mmmiiii..." he couldn't get it out. He just kept looking into her eyes, dazed, half-lidded.

"It seems you're having some trouble. I could give you a new name, if you wanted." Mikey bobbed his head up and down drunkenly. "Good. What about...Mina? That sounds like a cute name."

"Mmmmmina," he said. Kyle had to think. Hadn't it always been Mina? He let the thought go, intently watching Mina and the lady work.

"And Mina, your new cute name seems like a good opportunity to make a change of occupation. Doesn't that sound so nice?" Kyle felt himself agreeing even though the question wasn't directed at him. He found himself sinking deeper into that dreamy haze. "Wouldn't you just love to be a cute little maid? One of my cute little maids? You'd just love to be one of my servant ladies, wouldn't you? Yes, you'd love to be an adorable woman who obeys my every whim, wouldn't you?" Kyle didn't even know what she was saying anymore, but Mina's face lit up, her smile growing larger.

"Yyyyyes. your maid..." Mina said. Distantly, Kyle was thinking about how wrong this was, but he just wanted to keep listening...keep his eyes on the raven-haired goddess that stood there.

He found himself wanting her to hurry up with Mina so this goddess, this Mistress, could give him a new name and a new purpose.

One of the other maids stepped forward, standing Mina up, undressing her. They started to put on the maid's uniform that had been part of that bundle of clothing. Mina looked so lovely and happy and cute.

The woman directed a few of the maids. "Set her up for conditioning," she said, and the girls took away Mina, who still looked utterly dazed, smiling and distant.

Then she looked at him. He was relieved. Inside, he was screaming.

She came over, cupping his chin and making him look up into her eyes. He was trapped there, like a fly in a spider's web, and it felt so good. Everything she did felt so good.

"I thought you were going to be a problem," she said. "Your friend Mina was receptive enough to the subliminals I was using, but you seemed to have a little bit of spark. Don't worry, I'm sure once your new personality finishes baking you'll be especially driven."

"Mmmmistress," he found himself saying. "Please..."

She smiled. "What was your name?"

"Kyyyllle..." she shushed him.

"No, darling. Nothing so ugly. Nothing so boyish. You, sweet little girl, your name is Kim, isn't it?

And Kim nodded as she found herself being remade and re-dressed for what she was now. Mistress's cute, obedient maid.


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