The Interview

by Ariadne

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #dubious_consent #f/m #sub:female #brainwashing #conditioning #D/s #soft_bimbofication #tranceable

Investigative reporter Angela Hayes goes to interview the Mayor, but she doesn’t know the full story.

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This is fantasy, not real life, but some Mayors absolutely are this corrupt. Any resemblance to other people, real or fictional, is all in your head.

Angela Hayes rode the elevator up to the office of Mayor Thomas Walker.

She rehearsed her line of questioning in her head once again. She needed to sound confident. More importantly, though, she needed to get through it without giggling or blushing.

Since the bowling alley scandal broke last week, she’d been researching Thomas Walker and there was just... something about him. She’d interviewed him a couple times before and never noticed anything all that special about him. He was handsome and charismatic, of course, most politicians are, but...

But now she couldn’t watch even a minute of his speeches or interviews without getting sopping wet. She’d watched all of his recent televised appearances, but she’d had to do it in private, because she couldn’t watch him for more than three minutes without starting to stroke herself.

She’d resisted at first, but she found it worked better to just let it happen. Once she gave in and let her hand start pleasuring her, all the fog cleared from her mind and it was very easy for her to focus on the speech. She almost forgot what her body was doing. She almost didn’t notice the pleasure. She just intently focused on what the mayor said and did, making careful notes of his gestures, his mannerisms, his slight variations of intonation.

That was fine. She didn’t have any hangups around sex. She just needed to be careful not to do anything that revealed her embarrassing—crush? Sexual obsession? Angela wasn’t sure what to call it. Obviously, she wasn’t going to start masturbating in front of the mayor, but anything like giggling, or getting flustered, could blow this interview. She couldn’t let that happen.

The elevator dinged. Angela took a deep breath and stepped out. She could do this.

When she walked into his office, she was surprised to find he was not at his desk.

“Hello Angela,” his voice called her attention to the other end of the office, where Mayor Thomas Walker sat in the middle of a large, plush couch. “Always a pleasure to see you.” He patted the couch next to him. “Come, sit.”

Angela froze. Why was he being so casual? Was this some type of power play? An attempt to throw her off-balance?

Angela looked down and realized she was walking. It was almost like her body started moving on its own and had already made it most of the way across the office. She sat down next Mayor Walker, just where he had indicated.

She adjusted he skirt slightly and turned to face him. She crossed one leg over the other – her pussy was already starting to tingle and keeping her legs closed, she hoped, would keep it contained.

“Mayor Walker,” she said “I am here on behalf of the Herald...”

“Of course, Angela,” he interrupted.. his tone was friendly and soothing. “My press secretary will be here soon to figure out how the article will look, but before that, you and I have a little time to ourselves. Would you like a drink?”

Angela nodded. It wasn’t unheard of for press secretaries to sit in during interviews, right? She felt uneasy. Her pussy twitched again.

He poured a second glass from the bottle on table and scooted closer to hand it to her. She flushed. He was very close – inappropriately close. She should tell him to move away.

“Tell me, Angela,” he fixed her with his piercing gaze. His beautiful green eyes seems to stare directly into her mind. “What have you been up to since we last spoke? I saw your article on factories flouting worker safety requirements and I was very impressed.”

She blushed at the compliment. “Thanks.” She said. She had butterflies in her stomach. Her chest felt warm. What was wrong with her?

“You are a very talented reporter, Angela.” He put his hand on her thigh. She knew that was wasn’t supposed to happen, but she wanted him to keep touching her.

“Not only that.” His thumb began massaging little circles on her inner thigh. “You are a very beautiful woman, Angela.”

Angela flushed with arousal. She wasn’t sure if it was the compliment or the way his hand touched her thigh.

He put his other hand on the back of her neck and pulled her into a kiss. His tongue slipped inside he mouth and began leading her tongue. Her eyes closed as she submitted to his kiss. For a moment, she forgot everything else.

Angela knew this was not right. She tried to pull herself back to her senses.

“W-wait...” She broke the kiss pushing him away. “Wha-what’s...”

“Oh Angie” he said, his tone soothing “you must be so confused. It’s okay. Everything is okay. I will explain it all for you. And here, let me rub your cunt for you as well.”

“Uh...” Angela thought that wasn’t quite right, either, but the way he said it sounded reasonable, she wasn’t sure.

“It’s okay, Angie. I know you’ve been fighting the urge to touch yourself since you walked in. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and there’s no harm in giving in to an urge if it lets you be more relaxed and focused. It’s okay. Relax. Let me take care of you.”

“O-okay” Angela let her legs part a little.

“That’s right, Angie.” Tom slid his hand up Angie’s skirt. He pulled her underwear and slid them down her leg, placing them on the table in front of him, then returned his hand to her crotch. “I know the urge to rub yourself has been uncomfortable and distracting for you.” He started to run his fingers over her outer labia. “But it’s okay now.” He slid one finger between her lips, making Angela moan softly. “Doesn’t that feel so much better? Doesn’t it feel better to just give in. Feel how much more relaxed and focused you are. How easy it is to relax and to focus.”

“Mmm” Angela moaned in agreement.

“You’re so wet.” Tom continued. “It must feel nice to have someone finally touch you. It must feel nice to satisfy that itch. That’s right Angie, just relax and let me take care of you. It feels so good.”

Angela relaxed into the couch. Her eyes fluttered closed and her legs parted a little wider.

“That’s right, Angie. That’s a good girl. You’re nice and relaxed for me. It feels so good to be so calm and relaxed, so you let yourself keep relaxing further.” He paused. “Now, I’m going to explain things to you. Listen to me, and everything will make sense.”

Angela nodded.

“That’s right. The first thing you have to understand, Angie, is that you belong to me.”

“Hhh?” Angela mumbled. She would have been surprised, or maybe upset, but she was so relaxed that all she could manage was mild confusion.

“Shh, Angie, don’t worry about trying to figure things out. Just relax and let me explain it for you. It feels good to let me tell you what is true, knowing that you can believe every word I say without question.”

Angie nodded sleepily.

“You belong to me. You are mine. I am your owner and your master.”

“Some part of you already knows this is true – it’s why you do everything I say, and why doing as I tell you feels so natural for you. It’s why you get so aroused by me and everything I do. I own your body, just as I own every part of you, so it naturally responds to me, obeying my orders and getting aroused. It’s why you always need to touch yourself when you see or hear me. The more you think about it, the more you realize what I’m saying makes perfect sense. It’s true. You belong to me, and understanding that will make everything else make sense.”

“The next thing you need to understand is that you’ve always needed this. Something deep inside you has always craved someone like me. You need someone to own you. You need to be controlled. That’s just something you need, something you have always needed, the same way most humans need love and companionship. It will be such a relief to admit to yourself what you need. Why don’t you admit that out loud, Angie, right now.”

“I need... to be owned.”

Tom’s fingers moved a little bit faster. “That’s right, Angie, you need to be owned. It feels so good to admit that, doesn’t it? Just take a moment to appreciate how good it feels to admit you need to be owned. That’s right. What else?”

“I need to be controlled.”

“That’s right, Angie. You need to be controlled. Feel the truth of those words sink in. It feels better and better each time you admit the truth and feel it sink into you, deeply into you. Waves and waves of pleasure every time you acknowledge your need. What else.”

“I need – aah – I need to submit.”

“Yes, Angie. Feel how it just feels better and better and better every time you say it. Every time you let yourself acknowledge your deep, submissive needs, you get another, bigger rush of pleasure from admitting the truth about yourself. You need to be owned. You need to be controlled. You need to submit. It feels so good to acknowledge that. You have always needed this. It feels so good to finally acknowledge that need. You feel light and free, like a weight has been lifted off you. You feel very, very good, don’t you, Angie.”

“I feel good.”

“Yes, that’s right. Good girl. You feel so incredibly good because you let yourself admit this truth. The more you admit it, the better it feels. I bet you want to admit one more thing, to experience even more pleasure and let it sink in completely, don’t you? Admit it to me.”

“I – oh! N-need a m-master.”

“Cum, Angie. That’s right, you need a master. Admitting the truth feels so good, you’re cumming. You’re experiencing the best orgasm you can remember. Waves and waves of pleasure as the truth sinks into you, as you accept it completely.”

Tom held Angela as she shuddered with orgasm, pressing her face into his chest to muffle her moans. “That’s a good girl. Keep cumming for me.” He cooed. “It feels good to acknowledge your need because that’s the first step to having your need met. It feels good to acknowledge your need, and it feels even better when someone meets your need. It feels good to have your needs met.”

“When I met you, Angie, I knew you needed a master to own you, control you, and make you submit. I helped you acknowledge your need, and now I’m helping you fill it. That’s why you’re mine, Angie. Because I understand. I can see deep inside you. You understand that now, don’t you?”

“I’m yours.”

“That’s right, Angie, you are mine. I love that you are mine and I love hearing you say it. Say it again.”

“I’m yours.”

“Good girl, Angie. I am so grateful you are mine. I know you’re grateful, too, Angie. You’re grateful to me for helping you acknowledge your need, and you’re deeply grateful for helping you fill it, by taking you as my slave. You are so happy I enslaved you. You’re so grateful to me, aren’t you, Angie?”

“I’m grateful.”

“And you want to thank me because you’re so grateful.”

“Thank you... for enslaving me.”

“You’re welcome, Angie. You’re such a good girl. Enslaving you was easy, and owning you is a pleasure.”


“It feels good when I praise you, doesn’t it, Angie?”


“That’s an effect of my being your master: It’s always going to feel incredibly good when I praise you. That’s just another way your body responds to its master.”

“I own all of you, Angie, body, mind, and heart. I want you to understand how deep my control of you is. Your body responds to my will automatically. You think what I want you to think, believe what I tell you to believe, and forget what I tell you to forget. Your devotion to me is absolute; you would do anything for me. I can change you in any way I desire – physically, mentally, or emotionally. I can make you cum harder and better than anyone else. I can do all this because I am your master and you belong to me.

“I want you to understand this, Angie, because I want you to feel fulfilled. I want you to understand how completely I fulfill your needs. I bet you want me to demonstrate. You want to feel my power over you.”

“Yess... I want to feel it.”

“That’s right, Angie. You want to feel my power. Your whole body is trembling with desire.

“I’m going to show you my power. You want to feel me change your mind, don’t you, Angie?”

“I want you to change my mind.”

“That’s right, Angie. Good girl. I am going to give you a treat and change your mind. I want you to know that I think you would be more attractive to me if you were blonde. What do you think, Angie?”

“I want to dye my hair blonde.”

“That’s right, Angie, you do. Have you ever wanted to dye your hair blonde before?”


“Have you ever dyed your hair at all before?”

“No, never.”

“And now, you want to dye your hair blonde, just because you know it will please me. Tell me how much you want that.”

“I want it badly. I feel like I’m itching to do it.”

“That’s right. You have an irresistible urge to dye your hair just because you know it would please me. That’s how much you want to please me. You’re so eager to please me because you’re such a good girl.”


“That’s right. It feels good to be a good girl for me. I want you to realize something else, Angie: I just changed you. I can change you because I own you. You change in response to my whims because you are mine. Completely, totally mine.”


“Yes, that feels good, doesn’t it? You love feeling me change you and desperately want me to do it again, don’t you? I thought so. Tell me your favorite color, Angie.”


“Your favorite color is pink.”


“Did you feel that change, Angie?”


“What’s your favorite color, Angie?”

“Pink. I... really love pink. I want to paint my nails.”

“That’s a good girl, Angie. Now, forget you ever had another favorite color. Your favorite color has always been pink.”

Angie’s eyes fluttered rapidly.

“That’s right, Angie. You think what I want you to think, want what I want you to want, remember what I tell you to remember, forget what I tell you to forget.”

“You make me forget...” Angie mumbled.

“That’s right, Angie. I’ve made you forget many things, and you can’t remember because you think that’s just the way things always were. That turned you on, didn’t it? It’s so hot for you to know I can rewrite your reality. You love that I have this power over you.

“You want to see an example of something I’ve made you forget, don’t you? You want to see the power I have over you. As a special treat for my very good girl, I’m going to show you. How long do you think you’ve been mine?”

“It was today you...”

“You’ve been mine a very long time, Angie.”

Angie’s eyes blinked open “I...”

“It’s true, Angie. Every time you leave, I make you forget that I am your master. I tell you to overlook all the obvious signs, like that you are so attracted to me you can barely keep yourself from masturbating in my presence. You are always completely mine, you always act under my power, and you don’t notice because I tell you not to notice.”

“Aa-aaah” Angie gasped.

“Yes, I know that’s extremely hot for you, Angie, but you are going to wait for me to tell you when to cum. I have a few more things to tell you first, and all of them will make you want to cum, but, because you are a good slave, you will wait for my permission. Do you remember what you did last Saturday?”

“I... did what I usually do. Just some errands... cleaning...”

He touched her forehead with his free hand. “Remember.”

Memories flooded back. She remembered kneeling on the floor of a living room, naked except for the necklace – collar, she remembered now it was a collar – she always wore. A leash was attached to it, and Tom held the other end. He sat on the couch, reading a book, as she touched herself and repeated mantras over and over and over.

“Do you notice, every night, as you masturbate, that you listen to a recording? No, you don’t notice. You never remember setting it up or putting on your headphones, you just remember how much you love to touch yourself and how good it feels. It’s my voice on those recordings, Angie. I taught you to love touching yourself and, every time you touch yourself, it’s an act of subservience to me.

“I taught you to love sex and pleasure and orgasm. I brainwashed you and made being brainwashed feel unimaginably good. I’m brainwashing you right now, Angie. All of the pleasure you feel reinforces your submission to me. You are my thoroughly brainwashed puppet, Angie. You’re thrilled with what I’ve done to you. You love being brainwashed. You love being my sextoy. My puppet. My slave. Your sexuality, your purpose, your sense of self revolve around me. You are mine in every sense of the word.

“Yes, I can hear you panting. I can feel you quivering. I know how badly you want to cum. I know this is the hottest thing in the world for you because I built your sexuality with my control as your ultimate fetish. This is what you think about every time you cum and the only reason you aren’t cumming now is you‘re waiting my permission. You’re such a good girl, Angie, and you’re doing such a good job waiting.”

“I’m going to fuck you, Angie, and you will get to cum with me inside you. In fact, you’re going to cum as soon as I slide my cock inside you. You want that, don’t you? Yes, you love when I fuck you. It feels so good. You just have orgasm after orgasm when I’m inside you.”

He undid his pants, lifted her into his lap, slid inside her, and she came. She spasmed wildly as she tried to ride him, moving her hips in some semblance of a rhythm to please him. She struggled to keep herself upright as orgasm after orgasm wracked her abdominals. At last, she felt her master start to cum inside her, giving her the strongest burst of pleasure yet. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Once he was done, she went limp in his arms. He pulled out of her and laid her on the sofa. He walked to his desk and pressed the intercom button.

“Nicole, you may come in now. And please, bring some water.”

A blonde walked into the office carrying a folder in one hand and a pitcher of water in one hand. She stopped in front of the woman collapsed on the couch.

“Angie, sit up.” The Mayor instructed. “You will listen to Nicole and do as she says. She is acting on my behalf and you will understand her authority as an extension of my own.”

“Y-yes, Master” Angie said as she sat up.

Nicole handed her a glass of water. “Drink this.” Angie drank the full glass in one go.

“This is the contents of your upcoming article.” Nicole handed Angie the slim folder. “You will read it and commit it to memory. Hand me the research you have done so far.”

Angie pulled a folder from her handbag and handed it to Nicole. She flipped through it, frowning. “We will need to better cover our tracks.”

To Angie, she said “You will return to your office and delete everything you have written so far. Then, you will destroy all other copies of the information you gathered and forget everything you learned. None of that matters; what you read in this folder is the truth. Finally, you will write article that follows this outline and message and submit that as your article.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“As soon as you leave this office, Angie, you will default to your cover state with no conscious memories of what happened. You will remember only that the Mayor gave you a pleasant interview. You will believe writing our article is entirely your own idea.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Now focus on committing the documents to memory.”

Angie looked down at the folder, her attention fully absorbed by the documents. Tom returned to the main room, wearing a clean pair of pants.

“Master.” Nicole said “I believe it is time for Angie to start on a new file. I think ‘Master is my purpose’ or ‘feminization reinforcement level four’ would be most appropriate.”

“She was able to resist me much  more than I expected when she first arrived.”

“In that case, one of the unconscious obedience files may be the best choice.”

Tom thought for a moment.

“No, make it the feminization reinforcement.” Tom told her “I have important plans for her.”

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