Too Much

by Ari

Tags: #f/f #negotiation #sensation_play #softcoresleepy

Awkward, bumbling reassurances melt into sweet words that pour in through her mind. It’s all too much for her, and leaves her wanting more.

I took a deep breath as I surveyed the room. My room. The room that I’m in every day. Granted, it felt different in the daylight than when I’d usually crawl into bed at night, but I found myself focused on so many small things, odd details that stood out to me when I really observed them. Like the water bottle just underneath the bed, that I no doubt knocked over and lost one night. Like the missing sock I’d been looking for for the last week. Like how dusty the windowsill was. God, I should have cleaned it. I had more than enough time to prepare.

“Are you ready?” I couldn’t help but flinch as the soft voice rang out in the small confines of my room.

“Oh god, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you?” Gods, even her worried voice was cute. I turned to see Adene walking in, her hair catching the light that filtered in through my windows, her golden locks bouncing with each step, resting against her collarbone. Her smooth collarbone, just partially obscured. It looked so soft. It looked so–

“Um…” She gently started. I jerked my head upwards to meet her gaze, flustered.

“S-Sorry! I kind of got lost in…in my thoughts,” I stammered.

“These thoughts?” Her fingers brushed her left collarbone as she stifled a laugh.

I stammered half words as I covered my mouth with a hand and tried to look away, blushing.

“You know, you do that cute thing where you hide your mouth whenever your mind is wandering… ‘places’, hm?” She grinned coyly.

“I do–” I forced my hand down and tucked it in a pocket. “I do not.”

We both burst out into laughing at the silliness of the situation. I’d never tell her, but she also did that cute thing where she’d splay her fingers and subtly hide her mouth whenever she laughed, whenever she smiled.

“So…” She started as our laughter subsided. “We should probably talk a bit first before we…?”

“Um, yeah! Sure!” I laughed nervously and kicked myself mentally. Real smooth. Especially since I was the one who invited her over here in the first place. I just, hadn’t expected her to say yes. To suggest it so soon. She was so…

“You know, if you’re not up for it, we don’t have to–”

“No, no, I do!” I cut her off. “Really, I do, like–” I realized my hand hovering near my mouth and forced it down. “Like, maybe a bit too much. Or something.” I muttered.

Adene raised an eyebrow. “Too much, hm?” She walked over to my chair slowly, one foot in front of the other, an intense gaze on me. Me. “I’d say nothing that makes you reach out to me can be… ‘too much’.” Her voice lowered as she whispered those words, lightly touching a finger to my lips.

“But first!” Her voice regained its peppiness as she stood back, as I realized how far back I was leaning in my chair. “I just wanted to check in with you, make sure things were okay? And you confirmed…”

“…Oh! Uh, yes! Yes, I’m, all is good here. Yes. That.” I could feel my face burning up, reddening. I stood up to busy myself, distract myself from the embarrassment.

She giggled again, her laughs somehow warm and reassuring. Maybe it was because it meant that she was just as interested in me as I was in her. Maybe it was because it sounded so light-hearted, so pure. I just never felt like she was ever laughing at me. Never felt like she was anything but wholly supportive and understanding, not when she stayed up late texting me, making triply sure that I was still good to go through with today.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh.”

“I know! I know, it’s not like that, I know.” I smiled, a genuine smile, my nervousness somehow dissipating by the second. “I, uh, like your laugh.”

It was Adene’s turn to flush a light red as she bit her lip.

“Um, anyway! So, I just wanted to make sure…” Her fingers found their way to mine and began intertwining. “Limits, still what we discussed? Some brief up and downs, limited localized suggestions?” I nodded. “Using stop lights, and also the word no?” I nodded. “You’re still okay with nudity and touching, but no further? I don’t want it to be too much.”

I swallowed a lump in my throat. I nodded. We had meticulously set out limits beforehand. While she had experience, I was more…hesitant. I just didn’t want to do too much. Go too far. Not yet.

“You’re sure?” I felt her grip on my hands tighten. “I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I’m sure.” At least I hoped I was.

“Then…” She pulled and I followed behind her, step after step until we reached my bed. “Please.” She motioned for me to sit on my bed, and I complied.

“Now, your shirt, if you will?” She held out a hand as if waiting for me to give it to her.

“W-wait, you want it, now?” I blurted out. I had mentally prepared myself for it, but this fast?

She raised an eyebrow. Yep, yep she wanted it now. I pulled at my sleeves and tugged my shirt off, handing it to her. She looked at me expectantly and nodded at my chest. My face burned as I unhooked my bra and placed it on top of my shirt. She nodded, satisfied, and threw them across the room.

“Uh, rude?” I said in a half chuckle. I’d say it was the nervousness, but… I squirmed and clenched my thighs, my jeans feeling a bit too tight. A part of me wished she’d reciprocated my undressing. She cut my joking protest off with a firm hand to my chest, pushing me onto my back with an ‘oof’ as I gripped at the blankets in anticipation. She jumped onto the bed, gratuitously looking up and down my body, straddling me with her thighs as she pinned my hands with hers. Eye contact so intense I couldn’t tear myself away. The longest seconds of my life, and I was spending them being pinned to a bed by the cutest, most aggressive blonde with the most predatory smile on her face.

And yet when I looked closer, I saw Adene bite her trembling lip, her brow furrowed, her shaky breathing. She was just as nervous as me. As worried as me.

…Or maybe I was misreading her. A tongue darted out and licked her lips. Her eyes narrowed.

She was panting in anticipation.

“Oh, I’m not scaring you, am I…?” She whispered and mock pouted, sending both a chill down my spine and a heat spreading throughout my body. She leaned closer to bite my ear lightly, my moans ripped from my throat only serving to encourage her.

“Now, here’s what’s going to happen…” She began in a low whisper.

I tried to squirm, to move, unsuccessfully as she pinned my body down with hers, as she whispered sweet, sweet words into my mind that made resistance and moving and protesting and talking and thinking and doing anything, so…much…less, desirable. Less so than her words in my ear, at least. Than her thoughts in my head. The thought– no, the concept of that made me whimper, made me groan and moan and unabashedly whine as heat began to spread, spread wider, branch out and wrap around every crevice, every crack of my body. How long had my eyes been closed? My awareness of the world around me was reduced to the whispers in my ear, the delightful emptiness in my mind, and the light tickles of her thoughts in my brain which only stoked the fire within. Reduced to barely realizing my hips bucking involuntarily, met with a sweet giggle every time. Reduced to her hands pressed against mine, pinning me down, holding them, her hot breath in my ear and on my face and against my neck as she trailed her tongue down, as her hair tickled my skin, as she left light bites and nibbles across my body.

“And here…” She kissed in between my collarbones. “These are where your thoughts are, now…so that when I do this…” She licked across them, slow and tantalizing as my thoughts grew soft, hot, wet, melting, my words caught in my throat, my voice whimpering and whining and gasping for more.

I whimpered again as she let go of my hands, as she got off of my body and sat by my side. She continued to touch my body, her fingers trailing past paths that her mouth had left, trails of saliva, memories of kisses. I squeaked as her finger drew a spiral around my nipple, aching for her to touch. My whole body jolted with sensations when she kissed it lightly, and again when she did the same for the other breast. Her fingers traced down to my belly button, to just below…and then gone altogether. Every time my eyes started to flutter, when I started to catch my breath, she’d trail a finger down my chest again and leave me hot and aching for more, eyes rolled back into my empty, melty head. Every time I’d try to move or turn my head towards her, she’d flick a nipple and I’d jerk involuntarily. Every time I shivered and jerked, she’d laugh again and whisper how well I was doing.

By the time my eyes would fully blink awake, the sun had begun to set. I groaned and sat up in bed, muscles sore from clenching and twitching and gripping the blankets in pleasure.

“Awake, cutie?” I looked around for Adene, only to see her sitting in my chair.

“Um,” I choked out. “Yes. Hi.” I blushed. “That was.”

She looked at me expectantly.

“Good! Good! That was good! Yes good yes um. Good. Yes. Please say something. Don’t let me keep. Saying good. Yes. Okay?” I stammered as I half rose from my bed, almost wanting to flee the embarrassment of the situation.


I nodded.

“Great?” She bit her lip.

I nodded furiously.

“Left you wanting more?”

My eyes widened and I nodded as fast as I could.

“Well…” She stood up from my chair and leaned in closer to me. “We’ll save that for next time.”

No! I wanted– “No! I want to– Can we talk about limits? They’ve changed.”

Adene laughed and ruffled my hair. “No, cutie, we cannot. For one, that wouldn’t be fair when I’ve still got access to your…” She trailed a finger across my collarbones, catching me as I abruptly got weak in the knees. “To that.” She laughed and set me back down on my bed.

We sat and talked, chatted until the sun had set, all the while my thoughts wandering back to her fingers on my skin and desperately wishing for more. That we had gone further. It wouldn’t be fair, for her to have access to my…to my thoughts, but damn it if the idea of it wasn’t scorchingly hot in my mind.

We had one last hug as she got up to leave. She leaned in and whispered into my ear.

“We’ll talk limits again next time.” The voice of a temptress.

I sat back down on the bed in awe, running my own fingers across my chest, tracing around my breasts. God. I couldn’t wait. I bit my lip as thoughts raced through my mind of how much further we could go.

I really liked this. Maybe a little too much.

Thank you for reading! This story and others can also be found at my blog as I slowly import them over to this new website. If you liked this story, feel free to toss me a ko-fi!


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