by Ari

Tags: #f/f #petplay #softcoresleepy

A soft story, short and sweet. If only it were just a bit longer. If only she could stay, just a little bit longer.

Do y'all remember that #softcoresleepy tag on Tumblr for soft fluff stories? I'm bringing it back babyyyyyyy

“Just a little forward, sweetie.”

I lazily propped myself up on shaky arms and knees and crawled forward until I felt a soft tap on my forehead to signal a stop. She whispered soft words I couldn’t quite catch, but she patted her lap and I was more than happy to lay back down to rest on her. I nuzzled her leg and made myself comfortable as she weaved her fingers through my hair, petting me gently.

“She’s very well behaved.” A voice, a different one somewhere from the right. A low, husky tone that made me want to shiver. I shifted closer into her leg, and a hand smoothed my hair.

“She is, isn’t she?” Behind and above, but most of all I felt her voice inside of me, vibrating throughout my body. Hearing the smile in her voice made me mew softly. I was good. I had been pleasing. She responded by brushing her fingers against my cheek in a soft petting motion, and I watched her dainty fingers out of the corner of my half-lidded, heavy eyes. Despite feeling sleepy and sluggish, my tongue darted out to lick them.

“Oh!” She seemed surprised. “I didn’t tell you to do that, did I?”

She hadn’t. She hadn’t, but a part of me felt like I should. Felt like that was what I was supposed to do. My thoughts came out as a soft whimper.

She cooed and pressed a finger to my slightly parted lips, as I let her in and began suckling. I was so tired, so far gone that it was soft and gentle, that I was unable to focus on her finger with the worship that she deserved. Drool began to trickle down the side of my face, but it didn’t matter.

All that mattered was her.

My world narrowed down to her fingers in my mouth, her hand smoothing my hair, and her soft, soft voice as she whispered more and more words into me, thoughts that weren’t important to remember. Thoughts that I could listen to and forget. Thoughts that were safe and warm, thoughts that made me safe and warm. I shivered as I pressed myself into her, wanting more, more of those sweet words, even if I couldn’t remember them. Wanting more of her, even though we were in a room with others. There were laughs and giggles as I squirmed, more than two, more people than I must have realized. A few of them felt light-hearted, happy. Some of them sounded different.

She must have felt my body stiffen. She asked me something, but I couldn’t remember that, either. I mewed in protest as she took her fingers out of my mouth.

“…p now, just a little farther up. Enough to hear me. Enough to feel me.” Her fingers brushed against my ear for emphasis, and she laughed softly as I yelped and shivered with sensitivity.

“Are you okay with people? Do you want to be alone again?” I turned my neck and looked up at her worried eyes, her beautiful, fascinating, entrancing eyes… I couldn’t blink, or tear my eyes away. Why would I want to? I felt a voice bubble up inside of me, I was responding to her, though I couldn’t tell what about or how.

“Back down now,” she whispered quickly as her attention was drawn elsewhere, as she began talking to someone else. I felt my head sinking back down into her lap, my eyes starting to roll, no, I wanted to keep my eyes open and keep looking at her, I wanted to… My vision went out of focus as my eyes slipped shut.

Why would she do that? I wouldn’t be able to…follow and crawl after her… My thoughts grew cloudier, more distant, hard to grasp. Hard to form. Hard to be. I felt a vague sensation of being lifted and carried, and my consciousness slipped away.



My vision came back into focus a little bit at a time, my eyes adjusting to the light. I blinked, my eyes burning with the telltale sensation of having been open too long. I saw her next to me, her eyes closed, her arm wrapped around me and pulling me close.

She looked wonderful like this. I closed my eyes and snuggled closer to her, wishing I could stay like this forever. She stirred, groaning and stretching carefully so as not to disturb me. “Are you awake, pet?”

I bit my tongue. I wanted to stay like this longer.

I felt her sigh and hug me to her chest as she whispered in my ear. “You were so good today. I’m so glad you were so comfortable and happy. I can’t wait to tell you when you wake up, how proud I am of you.”

I fought the sting of happy tears threatening to surface.

“Sorry, love…” She continued. “I know you said you were fine with the crowd, but…it turns out, I’m a little protective of you myself.”

I felt a blush rise to my cheeks, my face and ears burning.

She broke the quiet of the room and laughed loudly. “I knew you were awake, you little brat.”

“N-nuh uh! I’m not!” I whispered under my breath, only to burst into giggles along with her.

She shifted in place. “Okay, now that you’re awake, I’d like to do some aftercare – let me grab a drink for you?” She kissed me on the forehead.

I shook my head and kissed her neck. “Like this, a little longer, please.”

And so we were, just a little while longer.

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