Women's Studies

by ArcherStories

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Jenny’s college course provides lifechanging education.

A man was teaching the "Intro to Women's Studies" course and, to Jenny, that was just the definition of patriarchy. She had come to school to learn how to be the most impactful woman she could in the world. She was minoring in Women's Studies and majoring in Business, in hopes of changing the business landscape and furthering the progress of women everywhere.

But if Jenny was expected to learn how to be an impactful woman by a man, she was going to have words about that. It was her third class of Freshman year, but the one that she was looking forward to most. She had written several comments that she planned to deliver to this symbol of the patriarchy. And if he didn't step down from his position in the class, she would go to the administration. She was paying good money to learn at this school and she wasn't going to settle for second-class education, much less on one of the most important issues of Jenny's time.

When she shuffled into class, Jenny found that most of the class were women. A quick check-in with nearby girls let Jenny know that most of her classmates were fellow Women's Studies minors and they were equally dismayed to have a man be leading this course. Jenny's excitement to deliver he scathing remarks only increased.

As the clock struck 2, the door opened and a man stepped in. He wasn't much older than the students, but he marched to the front of the room and turned to address the class.

"Hello ladies," he said, immediately setting Jenny on edge. Of course he would use a classifying term in his first sentence of teaching. "I am Professor Smith and I am going to be teaching this class."

Immediately, Jenny's arm shot into the air. She readied herself for a verbal volley.

"No questions," Professor Smith said. "Please wait until the end."

Jenny's arm fell back down immediately.

"You may be wondering why a man is teaching the introductory women's studies course," Professor Smith said. "It's quite simple. Most women agree that this is a man's world. Women struggle and fight for equivalent treatment and respect. Therefore, who better to teach you how to survive in a man's world than a man himself?" Jenny hated to admit it, but that actually made some sense. Maybe she was overthinking things earlier.

"Therefore, over the course of this semester, I will be teaching you how to be successful women in a man's world. We will tear down false gender roles and expectations and ensure that your place in society is one where you are most empowered and serve the greatest good. Most important of all, you will learn that sex is not a weakness to overcome, it is an advantage to embrace." Jenny was sure that he meant sexual identity, but for a moment Jenny thought she saw Professor Smith's eyes drop down to the chest of a particularly well-endowed girl in the front row.

By the end of the class, Jenny had forgotten about her speeches and objections. She was intensely interested in what Professor Smith was teaching and she decided that she might end up liking this course after all.

"Women have long misunderstood the role of their wardrobes in their presentation," Professor Smith explained. "They have sought to echo men and camouflage their femininity by dressing in suits and pants. Essentially, these women hope to be misinterpreted as man, and therefore trick others into respecting them." Professor Smith shook his head sadly. "They lose the inherent advantage that the so-called fairer sex holds and they demonstrate a lack of confidence in their own sexual identity."

He clicked a button and the slide projected changed to show the same woman in two images. The first showed her in business attire, with a jacket and pants. The next showed her in a fitted black dress.

"This is the same woman," Professor Smith said, "but in one case she has embraced her sexual identity, that of a woman. In the other, she is pretending to be a man. If you are to succeed in the male-dominated world, you must be wiling to embrace your identity of a woman. Lean into the advantages that this role gives you. And embody that identity and the freedom that comes with it.

"It's time to stop using 'sexy' as a word to be avoided. Sexiness is an attribute that women can use to make their way in the male-dominated world." He pointed up to the two pictures on the projector screen again. "Ask any man which woman they would rather spend time with. They will pick the woman who is not afraid to be a woman."

Jenny's hand flew as she took notes. She noticed every women around her similarly enraptured by the Professor's words.

"I encourage each and every one of you," Professor Smith continued, "to perform a social experiment. First, walk around campus dressed in professional attire. Then, walk around campus dressed as a fun-loving woman. Wear the short skirt. Wear the low neckline. Show off some skin. And then ask yourself which outfit got you the more attention from men?

"If you are going to succeed in a male-dominated world, then you need to be noticeable. And the first and best way to be noticeable is to appeal to the first impression. Be sexy. Be hot. It's how women make their presence known before men."

Jenny embraced her homework enthusiastically. She wore a short skirt and a low-cut halter top and paraded around the campus. She watched as men's gazes followed her, completely enraptured. One particular group of men stopped mid-conversation as she walked past, each and every one following her with their eyes as she passed.

Then, she tried it with the professional attire. Not one man looked at her.

The lesson was clear. Jenny would get the most attention, and therefore get the farthest, by dressing fun. Already, she was learning how to be a more impactful woman.

Professor Smith observed a perfect attendance at his next class, mostly dominated by fun-loving, sexy girls, each looking for further lessons on how to best empower themselves. He smiled at them warmly as he started his lessons.

"Woman have a wave of stereotypes and stigmas that they face in everyday society. There is a certain expectation of a working woman that men—the men who act as a controlling class to success—automatically assume. You'll notice that words like 'frigid', 'shrill', 'nagging', or 'catty' are used exclusively to describe women. No man has ever been described as shrill. That's because there is a certain anticipation of negative social engagements with women. Women need to learn how to face this anticipation, and then overcome it.

"Women can overcome the expected negative social stigma by overcorrecting in the opposite direction. Look at the words that describe the expectation. If men expect a woman to be 'frigid', she can overcome that stigma by being warm and open. If men expect a woman to be 'shrill', 'nagging', or 'catty', she can overcome it by speaking less, and when she speaks to be supportive and warm. Men expect women to be abrasive bitches. Women can fight this stigma by being quite little mice."

Professor Smith smiled and added, "Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Men will never grow tired of hearing their praises sung. And, to be very honest and real with you, men truly do love listening to women talk about sex." He shrugged. "I guess it's just human nature."

Jenny experimented more this week. She dressed in her fun-loving garb, sat quietly and listened to men, and shared with them some sexual fantasies she had: being choked and dominated had been one of the secret desires of hers for as long as she could remember, but had never shared it with anyone. The men she spoke with were very interested to hear what she had to say.

Jenny became very popular around campus, as did the other girls in class. Men seemed to really enjoy while they dressed to reveal a lot of skin, listened to whatever they wanted to talk about, and talked about sex. Professor Smith really knew what he was talking about and Jenny could barely contain her excitement for his next class.

Jenny was not alone in her enthusiasm for Professor Smith's class. She showed up a half hour early and found that almost every seat was already filled. Most of the girls were dressed in skimpy tops, with their chests spilling out. Several had small skirts and had spread their legs towards the front of the room. Obviously Professor Smith, being a man, would be more attentive to fun-loving girls. Jenny kicked herself for not thinking of this approach. She settled into one seat that she could find and eagerly awaited the professor. Nobody spoke for the full half hour.

Professor Smith entered and every girl reached for their notebooks immediately, ready to devour whatever fresh wisdom the Professor gave them. This week's topic was on sexual harassment. As usual, the Professor's take was one that the girls had never considered before.

"Sexual harassment is one of the biggest hurtles that women will have to pass in this world. While it can come in various forms, the most common is when a man's desire to sleep with a woman somehow interferes with their professional relationship. He might ask for sexual favors in exchange for professional favors. Or he might make unwanted sexual advances. This constitutes major legal problems for a company and can propel both the man and woman into unwanted public relations territory.

"The solution, therefore, is to simply remove the desire for a man to sleep with a woman by sating it before it can impact their professional relationship. A man who has just had sex with a woman will not be motivated by sexual desire to make advances toward her or offer professional favors. Now it's a common misconception that a man who has gotten off is satisfied. This is erroneous. For example, a man who has gotten a handjob might have experienced an orgasm, but if his desire was for a blowjob or to fuck the woman's pussy or ass, his sexually-motivated desires are likely still in play. The objective is not just to fulfill a man's need for an orgasm, it's to fulfill his sexual fantasies so they can't interfere with your professional relationship.

"Sexual harassment is a common problem in the corporate world, but it truly exists anywhere. It can in your friendships, your relationships with classmates, with coaches, or even with professors. Let me give you a practical example."

He approached a girl in the front row. Her halter top's neckline was barely containing the cleavage therein. Professor Smith asked her name. "Alexis," the girl responded.

"Alexis," Professor Smith smiled warmly. "I am sexually attracted to you. I want to fuck you. Now that motivation in me could grow stronger, to the point where I am tempted to offer you better grades in exchange for sex. That would be sexual harassment. But based on this lesson, what could you do to..."

"Professor, would you like to fuck me for free?" Alexis interrupted. "That way you're not tempted anymore."

"Excellent work, Alexis," Professor said. "And yes I would."

"Great!" Alexis said. "How would you like to do it?"

The Professor winced for a moment. "Now remember, that your approach to a man is a part of his sexual fulfillment. Think about it in terms of food service. If you go to the drive-up, they may say, 'What can I getcha?'. But if you go to the nice restaurant, it's 'What may I get started for you today?'. The invitation is a part of the experience. Be creative! This is college, after all. Alexis, try again."

Alexis thought for a moment, then said in a soft, sultry voice, "What fantasy can I perform for you, sir?"

"Better," Professor grinned. "I want you to blow me. When I start to cum, I want you to jerk me off onto your tits."

Alexis hopped out of her chair and knelt in front of Professor Smith. He continued to teach as Alexis knelt in front of him and sucked on his dick. He began to thrust his hips with her, barely breaking the pace of his lecture. After a few minutes, he took a deep breath and said, "You know what, I think I'm going to focus on this for a moment." He looked down at Alexis as she blew him. Even from her seat in the back of the room, Jenny could see that Alexis was enthusiastic.

"Now," the Professor said after another minute. Alexis popped his dick out of her mouth and began to stroke it vigorously. She thrust out her chest and the Professor's cum exploded across her tits. Alexis continued to stroke him, ensuring that every drop made its way out. She even leaned forward and sucked out the last bit before spitting it down onto her chest with the rest.

"Good!" the Professor said. "My fantasies of fucking you have been fulfilled. Now I have no motivation to sexually harass you. We've cut the problem off before it even started. Do you all see?"

Every girl in the room was scribbling notes furiously and nodding along. It was a brilliant lecture.

After Professor Smith's lecture, avoiding sexual harassment became a priority for all students of his class, including Jenny. When she was dressed for fun and listening to men talk about their passions, she would suddenly become aware that they were focused on her cleavage or legs. Once she caught a man checking out her ass when she turned around quickly. Jenny was aware that unresolved sexual desire was a danger to her relationship with men, so she followed Professor Smith's advice.

Whenever Jenny saw any man ogling her or flirting with her or giving the vaguest sign that he might be turned on by her, Jenny would offer to fulfill his fantasies. She tried to be creative, but it was hard to know what was enticing. She tried, "Can I relieve your tension? I'd love to know what you like." and "I think it's been awhile since you've been treated right. Can I help?" She found that guys were hesitant the first time, perhaps fearing some sort of trap, but once Jenny proved that she was committed to their fantasies, they asked her to help relieve their tension much more frequently.

Blowjobs were common for a request, but Jenny had never sucked dick before. She found that it was easy once you got the hang of it. She even made a game of it, seeing how far into her mouth she could reach every time. Men also enjoyed a nice view, so Jenny learned to make a show about stripping off her already-skimpy clothes before kneeling and sucking a man off. Cum was salty and sometimes hit her throat with a force that she wasn't ready for, but most men's fantasies seemed to involve her swallowing it, so she got good at that too. It was also common to cover some part of her body with the cum, most commonly her face or her chest.

Once men were familiar with Jenny and the other classmates, the fantasies got wilder. Jenny was often tied to a bed and defiled in some way. There was one guy, Michael, who really liked talking about the boardgames that his friends played while Jenny listened attentively, who adored blowjobs. His fantasies got more aggressive, to the point where Jenny simply opened wide and hung on when he went to town on her throat. As Michael learned that Jenny wasn't going to turn down any requests, he often began to tie her to things while he facefucked her. Midway through, Jenny looked up and realized that Michael was filming the encounter. Jenny was alarmed at first, but realized that this must be a part of Michael's fantasies, so it was imperative to avoid sexual harassment by agreeing to it.

Jenny realized just how right Professor Smith must have been. Guys were so full of fantasies and restrained sexual desire. If Jenny wasn't relieving it for them, how could it not tempt them to use their own power to fulfill it on their own? Jenny was so glad she was there to fulfill their fantasies so they wouldn't have to resort to sexual harassment.

Jenny showed up two hours early to Professor Smith's next class. It was packed already. Jenny had to settle for sitting room in the isle. Surely all these girls couldn't be registered in the class, were they? Jenny thought about asking them, but she was too excited for class, so she and the other girls waited patiently until the Professor arrived.

Professor Smith entered the room and immediately several girls were offering to help relieve his sexual tension. The Professor looked paste the waving hands—Jenny's included—and went straight into lecture. "I've heard some reports that girls from this class are engaging in lewd behavior with men all over campus. I'm very troubled, because it sounds like the girls are inexperienced at delivering oral sex. I believe this is my mistake, because I assumed that college-aged girls would have learned how to properly suck a man to orgasm before this class, but that's no matter.

"It's very important to your future in the male-dominated world that you learn this skill. It's one of the most impactful tools that women have at their disposal to earn respect from a man. When you are on your knees with a man's cock in your mouth, you have their complete, undivided attention. You have precious few of these opportunities to prove yourself in a man's world. If you don't know how to properly do it..." Professor Smith waved his hand dismissively, apparently unable to find the words for such a grave error.

"So it's my responsibility as an educator to ensure that you know the proper method. This class will be a working session." He passed around boxes and each girl in the class took a dildo from it. Girls began to lick it, suck on it, and, in some cases, straight-up deep throat it. Professor Smith interrupted them, "Most of you are failing the first rule of giving head. It's not just about the sensation, it's about the view. A man should be able to look down and see a submissive slut sucking on his dick. Take off your tops when blowing a man. Give him a view to appreciate."

Shirts and bras were stripped immediately and girls went back to work on the blowjob methods. Professor Smith walked around, encouraging a few girls on how well they sucked and offering tips to others. To one girl he said, "Open wide! Take it deep! This is your future you're talking about." To another he said, "You're bending over too much! If he looks down, he can't even see those tits." He complimented Jenny on how she was playing with one of her tits with blowing the dildo. If Jenny's lips hadn't been glued to the dildo, she would have smiled widely.

For a few girls, Professor Smith got more personal. He said that he liked their method, but wanted to test it in a more real-life scenario. He buckled and the girl went down on him, looking up at him with a sultry gaze as she devoured his cock.

"Good!" Professor Smith smiled and pulled out of her mouth to sample another girl's skills.

For a few girls, Professor Smith offered to help them work on their tactics in private tutoring sessions. He scheduled them throughout the week, a couple each day. He promised the girls who weren't chosen that they too would have opportunities later. In the meantime, real-world practice was the best way to get good at this skill. It was important that girls practice as much as possible.

Students were instructed to bring along a male classmate to help them practice next class.

Jenny spent most evenings in the men's dorm buildings, asking students if they would help her practice her oral skills. Most students were kind enough to help. Jenny spent hours on her knees, topless, in various men's dorm rooms, sucking on their dicks. Of course, she always had to be wary of sexual harassment as well, so if a man wanted to fuck her in a different way, that took precedent. On more than one occasion, Jenny found herself on her back, bare tits to the ceiling, as her mouth was drilled by one man and her pussy by another. It felt amazing to be an empowered woman.

Jenny brought a man to the next class, which was another working session. She spent the time on her knees, learning how to pace her blowjob to the specifications of a man. Professor Smith instructed the girls how it was necessary to do more than just get the man off, but to give him "an experience" with their blowjobs. That meant working them up slowly before sucking them completely off.
They were instructed to listen to the non-verbal cues of their men for silent instruction on when to finish them. For example, a man leaning back, watching, with no physical contact was a man who was enjoying the show. In this instance, it was important to draw out the blowjob to maximize his pleasure. But a man who thrust his hips forward or held her head still was a man who was focused on getting off. You didn't mess with that man. You gave him what he wanted. After swallowing, Jenny rushed back to her notebook to record her new lessons.

At the end of class, Professor Smith instructed the girls to ask their partners how best they could thank them. Jenny's partner wanted her to do a lap dance for him that evening, which Jenny gleefully agreed to.

The semester was informative and even life-changing for most students in Jenny's class. They learned all about how to capture a man's attention and earn his respect. They learned about the two types of dirty talk (That which demeans the woman, such as "I'm such a filthy little whore", and that which glorifies the man, such as "Your dick is so amazing, I need it inside me") and how to identify which one a man was in the mood for. They learned about the visual appeal of lesbian activity ("It doesn't matter if you are naturally inclined to it. The visual appeal of sexual activity with another woman is a great way to partner with another woman in mutual goals of furthering progress in a man's world"). They learned that when men insulted them, it was because they were living out their sexual fantasies—It was actually a symbol of trust that the men trusted a woman to fulfill that fantasy through her own degradation. They learned proper methods for tit jobs, ass fucking, and pussy fucking. They learned how to use their bodies to maximize the pleasure of men, and therefore to get farthest in their lives as women.

Professor Smith was very helpful, always offering extra tutoring sessions or in-class demonstrations of the principles he was teaching.

At the end of the Semester, Professor Smith announced that he had been able to convince a group of important corporate professionals to consider the girls of this class for executive assistant jobs. The girls were thrilled. Most people had to wait until after graduation for jobs, but Professor Smith was trying to get them set up even now!

The girls showed up to the final class in their sluttiest, most appealing outfits. The executives perused the selection. They were encouraged to try out potential candidates if they wanted.

One executive took a liking to Jenny. He put her on her knees and tried out her blowjob skills. Jenny was thankful for Professor Smith's teachings, because she almost forgot to take her top off before sucking. How embarrassing would it have been if the important man had looked down and not seen a slut's bare titties? He would have thought she knew nothing about the man's world.

The man was sitting back, enjoying the view. Jenny took her time, teasing his dick, smiling up at him, and sucking each of his balls tenderly before gobbling down the dick again. When he was getting close, Jenny took her mouth off of him, looked up with her best sultry gaze, and said, "Sir, where would you like to finish?"

"Tits," he said.

Jenny jerked him off onto her exposed tits, while she told him how much she enjoyed being a whore and how good of a job she thought she could do for him. He finished on her.

Before Jenny had even finished swallowing all the cum—using her finger to scoop it off her chest and bring it to her lips—the important man had told Professor Smith, "I'll take her."

Jenny grinned up at her new boss. He and Professor Smith began to talk pricing—apparently Professor Smith had earned a "finder's fee" that must be paid before Jenny was allowed to begin work. While they negotiated, Jenny pondered her great luck. It was barely a semester ago that she had started this class, but already it was the most important things she had ever been taught. She wished she would thank Professor Smith for teaching her so well. Now, Jenny knew how to succeed in a man's world.

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