Miss Fantastic

by ArcherStories

Tags: #comic_book #dom:male #pov:bottom #sub:female

A superheroine can’t get the villain’s dick out of her mind.

Miss Fantastic burst through the door. The hardened steel crumbled easily beneath her superhuman muscles, but even if it hadn't a burst of energy from her hands would have done the job. As soon as she cleared the door of the warehouse, she took flight and hovered ten feet above the air. This tended to frighten the lesser henchman. It might have made her an easy target for a gun, but most bullets bounced off her without leaving so much as a bruise. She added a little glow, pulling from her internal cosmic energies to wrap herself in a glowing aura of orange light. Intimidation was half the battle.

Sadly, there was no one to intimidate. The warehouse was empty, aside from a few abandoned forklifts. There was even no sign of the hostages, much less the self-proclaimed Doctor Superior. Miss Fantastic had never heard of him before, but hours prior he had announced that he had abducted a busload of people and was going to kill them unless his demands were met. It had taken a shockingly short amount of time to find him. Miss Fantastic did not expect Doctor Superior to be one of the greater threats that she had faced. Doubly so for his lack of henchmen.

Miss Fantastic reminded herself not to underestimate her enemy. She could be walking into a trap. She knew very little about Doctor Superior, any potential powers he might be hiding, or any potential technology he may have invented. It was good to keep her eyes open.

She drifted across the air through the warehouse, her eyes scanning rapidly. Another set of doors was on the opposite wall. Miss Fantastic dropped down and opened one slowly, more cautiously than last time.

She recognized the faces of the hostages. They were sitting around a tab. Miss Fantastic saw no ropes, chains, or bindings of any kind. In fact, the group of 20 people seemed to be laughing and eating a big fast food meal.

Miss Fantastic pushed the door open wider and stepped into the room. The sash around her waist blew gently in the air conditioning.

One of the hostages looked in her direction, grinned, and exclaimed, "Oh hey! The hero is here. We're saved."

Another hostage lifted a half-eaten cheeseburger and shouted, "Hooray! Can we finish eating first?"

"Yeah," another hostage said. "Can you come back later? We're having a good time."

Miss Fantastic frowned, not sure what to say. Normally the hostages were frightened and thrilled to see her. Now, she might as well be the police come to shut down the party. Were they drugged?

"Where is Doctor Superior?" Miss Fantastic said sternly.

"Oh, he's up there," one hostage said, pointing up a metal staircase to a foreman's office. "Go on in!"

Miss Fantastic, happy to see the hostages unharmed, stepped past them. Something wasn't right, but her priority was still subduing the villain. She walked up the staircase, bracing for an assault from any angle. Gingerly, she pushed open the door to the office.

Doctor Superior was standing in the foreman's office. He looked very similar to the video he had sent the police. His goatee was trimmed and neat. His hair was slicked back. He even wore the ridiculous purple cape, with the large collar.

What was different, however, was that Doctor Superior was not wearing anything below the waist. Miss Fantastic was shocked to see the Doctor's dick, fully erect and out for the world to see. Doctor Superior even stood with his hands on his hips, as if posing proudly.

Miss Fantastic blinked. Her eyes flickered up to Doctor Superior's face, then down to his hard dick, then back to his face, and again to his hard dick. Doctor Superior smiled, politely watching the heroine gather her composure.

"Doctor... uh... Doctor Superior, I presume," Miss Fantastic said, trying to sound imposing despite the obvious elephant in the room. "It's the end of the line. I've... ummm... what are you doing?"

"Well I was about to masturbate," Doctor Superior said simply. He gestured down to his erect dick. "Obviously."

Miss Fantastic's eyes followed his hand gesture, landing again on his dick. She glanced away, then glanced back, afraid of a sudden move or trap.

"Well... can you put it away?" Miss Fantastic said simply.

"Does it make you uncomfortable?" Doctor Superior asked with an innocent voice.

"Yes, yes it does!" Miss Fantastic exclaimed.

"Well certainly I'll put it away, then," Doctor Superior said. He bent down and pulled up the pants pooled around his feet. Miss Fantastic watched for any sudden movements, ready to hit him with an energy blast if the need arose. The Doctor made no such movements, however. He simply pulled up his pants, buckled his belt, and then dropped his hands back to his side. Miss Fantastic tried not to notice the still-present dick visible through the fabric of the pants.

"It's ironic that you showed up, actually," Doctor Superior observed. "I was just thinking about you."

Miss Fantastic tried to not read into the implications of the statement. She was her to save innocent people.

"The jig is up," Miss Fantastic said, mustering authority in her voice. "You're going away for a long time." She added some glow from her cosmic energy, just to show him she meant business.

"Okay," Doctor Superior shrugged. He extended his wrists out, palms up, as if presenting them for handcuffs.

"I don't buy it," Miss Fantastic said, eyeing him warily. "You're not giving up that easily."

"No, I am actually," Doctor Superior shrugged. "I'm obviously outmatched. You're more powerful than I am and I won't win a fight. I was hoping you wouldn't find me until after... oh... maybe five minutes more or so, but you're here now, so let's get it over with."

Miss Fantastic stepped forward warily, waiting for the reveal of a hidden panel or the sudden leap for a weapon. Doctor Superior waited patiently, his hands still extended. Finally, Miss Fantastic reached out and pressed a gloved hand against Doctor Superior's wrist. She willed the cosmic energy from within her and glowing orange energy swirled around Doctor Superior's arms, forming binds.

Miss Fantastic reached up to an earpiece and pressed it. "Commissioner? Send your boys in. Doctor Superior has been captured. The hostages are safe."


The commissioner and Miss Fantastic watched as the officers placed Doctor Superior into the SWAT van. He had been thoroughly searched for weapons and securely bound with supposedly-power-proof manacles. He had put up no fight at any point.

"I don't like it," Miss Fantastic muttered. "That was far too easy." Her gloved fists sat on the hips of her black leotard as her sash flowed heroically in the breeze.

"I'll take an easy day any day," the commissioner said with a shrug. "The villain is captured, the hostages are saved, and nobody got hurt."

"Can we call them hostages?" Miss Fantastic asked. "They barely wanted to leave at all."

"I don't understand that," the commissioner conceded. "We'd have some doctors look at them. Perhaps drugs were used or some sort of magic. You never know with these supervillains. But they're safe now and the villain is gone." He smiled at the heroine. "Don't make a good day into a bad one by looking too hard at it. You did good work. You saved the day. Go... I don't know... do whatever it is you do to relax or reward yourself."

Miss Fantastic nodded, thanked the commissioner, and then took to the skies. She did a lap or two around the city, just to be sure no one was following her back to her hidden apartment.

As she flew, Miss Fantastic thought again about Doctor Superior standing with his dick out. It was a shocking visual, of course, but the more that Miss Fantastic got used to it, the more she found that it wasn't a terrible thing. All guys masturbated, of course. Miss Fantastic had simply walked in when he thought he had a moment of privacy. How many girlfriends, mothers, or friends had similar stories about walking in on a man at an awkward moment? This was actually inevitable, Miss Fantastic realized. If it wasn't her and this particular villain, it would have been another pairing. Still, maybe Miss Fantastic wouldn't mention it to anyone, lest it become an ongoing joke among her super-friends.

In a strange way, it even made Miss Fantastic relate a little to her foe. The commissioner had mentioned doing whatever it was that made her unwind. Miss Fantastic had a vibrator in her nightstand to help her unwind. Apparently her foe was also keen to unwind in the same sort of way. He was still a villain, of course, who threatened the lives of 20 innocent individuals, but it would be a disservice to herself as a hero not to recognize the humanity in her enemies. In fact, it was a little funny when you thought about it.

Satisfied that she wasn't being following, Miss Fantastic let the cosmic energy glow die down and dropped down to the roof of her apartment building. She changed into the clothes that she kept stashed there, then descended down to her apartment.

So much thinking about masturbating had gotten into Miss Fantastic's head. She went for her nightstand, removed the vibrator, and slipped off the pants she had donned just a moment before.

The vibrator was heftier than most commercial vibrators. Her ultra-dense skin meant she needed a higher sensation, so she had commissioned--very privately, of course--an industrial-strength vibrator. She often hovered as she got herself off, just so the vibrations didn't reverberate into the floor and shake the building apart.

She stuffed the vibrator into her panties, lifted off the ground, and turned it on. The quakes echoed across her body, pounding pleasure into her clit. She found that she was already very wet and very ready. As fun as the masturbating was, she found that she lacked a specific focus. Ordinarily, she got off by imagining tender caresses and passionate lovemaking. If she was feeling especially horny, she might summon the memories of her city-quaking passionate sex with her ex-boyfriend, Goliath. But now, as much as the vibrator pleased her, she couldn't seem to latch onto the thought to carry her pleasure into orgasm.

After ten minutes, the need was building up inside her, but she was no closer to getting off.

Miss Fantastic thought about the time with Goliath, when that cosmic storm had bathed her with too much energy and she had to work it all off. They had gone all night and Goliath had behaved heroically. Normally, the memory would take her well into the realms of pleasure, but this time it wasn't enough.

She hovered above her computer and pulled up one of the numerous smut sites dedicated to her. Normally, they ended up with Miss Fantastic depowered in some way and wearing only her knee-high boots and her domino-style mask. They were filthy and mostly degrading, of course, but she would be lying if she said that occasionally she didn't poke through just to see what sort of fantasies were made about her. Now, she devoured fantasy after fantasy, not even bothering to filter out the obviously degrading ones. It made her hornier in a way she couldn't quite understand, but it didn't bring about the orgasm.

The stories reminded Miss Fantastic that Doctor Superior had said he was thinking of her. She wondered if he had written any of these himself. Then, she wondered if Doctor Superior would have had this much trouble if she hadn't burst in. She remembered him again, standing with his dick proudly displayed. The shocking image seemed burned into her mind, easily accessible.

Instantly her pussy exploded in pleasure. Miss Fantastic moaned involuntarily and loudly. The pounding of the industrial-strength vibrator was like extasy in between her legs. She shook once, almost pulled away the vibrator, then thought better of it and pressed it tight against her clit. She was so shocked that the image disappeared from her mind. Miss Fantastic pressed hard, ready to embrace the orgasm she had been chasing for twenty minutes now. It didn't quite come anymore.

She moaned, this time in need instead of pleasure. She didn't want to think of a villain, but she was also very horny. Maybe it was okay just this once. What had the commissioner said? Relax and don't overthink? Reward herself? Miss Fantastic bit her lip, summoned the image of Doctor Superior's dick, and felt the pleasure again ride through her body. She lasted two seconds before her orgasm threatened to tear her body apart.

She cried out, latching onto the image in her mind as the pleasure erased every other thought. For a moment, she forgot that it was a villain's dick. She forgot it was anyone's dick at all. It was just a wonderful, hard dick. The thought brought the purest pleasure that Miss Fantastic had ever felt. The orgasm lasted for wave after glorious wave.

When Miss Fantastic finally drifted down to the floor, catching her breath and quaking weakly, she looked down at her hand. Her industrial-strength vibrator was a smoking heap of ash in her hand. Apparently she had exuded energy in the midst of her orgasm and fried it. She muttered a curse, thinking about how much that had cost. Still, it had given her one last glorious gift.

But wasn't it the villain she had been thinking about? Even if his dick was great--and it was great. It was large, stiff, and looked like fun--it was still a villain's dick. Miss Fantastic dropped the thought. It didn't matter now. She had gotten it out of her system and didn't have to overthink it. Her body had just responded naturally. She wasn't fantasizing about a villain, just a well-endowed man. It wasn't her normal, but most men weren't as well-endowed. She didn't have to ruin it all by overthinking it.

Miss Fantastic drifted off into a sleep, applauding herself internally for a job well done today.


Miss Fantastic arrived at the police station early in the morning. She was ushered straight to the commissioner, as usual, who welcomed her into his office.

"How are the hostages?" Miss Fantastic asked.

"They're all perfectly fine," the commissioner said. "They tell the same story. They were scared at the beginning, but Doctor Superior told them that they didn't need to be afraid, they could unwind and have a good time, and then they did."

"Any sign of drugs? Or mind control?" Miss Fantastic asked.

"Definitely not mind control," he said immediately. "But we're still waiting on the results of the drugs."

"Why definitely not mind control?" Miss Fantastic asked.

"Four different experts examined him," the commissioner explained. "They all had the same consensus. He has no superhuman abilities whatsoever." Miss Fantastic wasn't aware there were experts in mind control, but the commissioner seemed sure and she had never had reason to mistrust his judgment. "We still put him in maximum security, just in case."

"I'd like to talk to him, if that would be alright with you," Miss Fantastic said.

"Of course," the commissioner said. "He seemed to expect you, actually."

"You talked with him?" Miss Fantastic said.

"Yes, he was quite agreeable in the initial interrogations," the commissioner said.

"That was my experience too," Miss Fantastic said gravely. "Something feels strange about all this."

"I think we take it as a win and move on," the commissioner said. "There are greater threats out there. I don't think Doctor Superior is one of them."

Miss Fantastic nodded, considering. It was true that there were greater threats, but there was still something about this situation that made her feel odd.

She told herself that it was definitely not because she had masturbated while thinking about his dick the night before.


Doctor Superior stood behind thick glass. Miss Fantastic felt a little like Clarice approaching Hannibal Lector as she stepped up to the cell. She knew that the glass was bulletproof and she could see that the door was securely fastened off to her right. The Doctor was sitting in a large, comfortable chair, reading a book. He glanced up when he noticed Miss Fantastic and smiled.

At least he is clothed this time, Miss Fantastic thought. She was a little disappointed actually. It would have been funny to catch him with his pants down twice now.

"Hello," Doctor Superior said. He stood and approached the glass, but stopped shy of the yellow line acting as a warning barrier.

"Hello, Doctor Superior," Miss Fantastic said stiffly. Now that she was here, she realized that she didn't exactly know what she wanted to ask him. He seemed to be waiting for her to say something.

"What did you do to the hostages?" Miss Fantastic finally asked.

"Nothing," Doctor Superior shrugged. "They had a grand old time, actually."

"Did you use drugs on them? Mind control?"

"Oh definitely not mind control," Doctor Superior said immediately. "In fact, you shouldn't even think about that again."

"What sort of drugs did you use on them?" Miss Fantastic said. For a moment, it sounded strange to her. Was this a logical follow-up question to what he had just said? She wasn't sure. Still, he answered it naturally so apparently it wasn't that strange.

"You'll have to wait for lab technicians or whatever to answer those questions for you. In the meantime, I promise you that they'll be alright. I have not harmed anyone at all."

Miss Fantastic narrowed her eyes. She wasn't sure she could trust his word, but also wasn't sure what else she could do. She couldn't very beat the answers out of him.

"How did you sleep, Miss Fantastic?" Doctor Superior asked with a smile. Miss Fantastic's heart jumped slightly. Did he know she masturbated while thinking about him? Surely not. That was preposterous.

"Just fine," Miss Fantastic said stiffly.

"Good," Doctor Superior said. "I worried that I kept you up too late last night. As I told the commissioner, I am very sorry about my crimes." He hesitated, then added, "I'm also very sorry I made you uncomfortable by exposing myself in front of you. If it makes you uncomfortable, it won't happen again." He smiled, almost charmingly.

Miss Fantastic shifted uncomfortably. She knew that this ought to be good news, but she was a little confused. She wasn't sure exactly why she felt disappointed now. She didn't want to see him expose himself again, did she? Even if she did, that wasn't something that she could ever say out loud. It was better to move on. Still, because Doctor Superior had brought it up, now there was the awkward topic hanging out there.

"I was more... surprised that uncomfortable," Miss Fantastic said stiffly.

"I can understand that," Doctor Superior said with a smile. "I can only imagine. You come into the room and bang! There I am. Fully erect, just out for the world to see. I can imagine how surprising that must have been for you."

"Yes," Miss Fantastic said with a little forced chuckle. "Quite surprisingly. But again, I... I wasn't uncomfortable. That was poor wording at the time."

"To tell you the trust, I am actually rather comfortable with my body," Doctor Superior said. "I have a little bit of an exhibitionist streak in me. I like when beautiful women look at my dick. And I tend to date girls who like to look at it. I dated this one girl who said that she would masturbate to just the thought of my... oh how did she put it?... my 'rock hard pleasure pole'." He laughed lightheartedly. Miss Fantastic tried to ignore the fact that she too had masturbated to the same thought the night before. She allowed a small, indulgent smile.

Doctor Superior continued, "She told me that at first she would just sit and think about it and that would be enough. But very quickly, the memory of my dick was not sufficient for her to get off. She had to actually be there. She had to be looking at it." He laughed again, as if retelling a favorite old story. "She even said that it became the only way she could get off. She couldn't get off until she was actually there, staring at my dick. Nothing else would do it for her." He smiled and shrugged.

"That's a... uh... umm..." Miss Fantastic was having trouble thinking. Doctor Superior smiled indulgently and waited for her to find her line of thought. Finally, Miss Fantastic found her thoughts and said, "That's a funny story."

She shifted from one foot to another. "If you're so... ummm... you know... exhibitionist... I don't mind if you wanted to... you know..." She knew she sounded like an idiot, but couldn't actually string together the words she wanted to say.

"What?" Doctor Superior said. "Take it out?"

"Yeah," Miss Fantastic said dumbly. "You know... if you wanted..."

"Well I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable," Doctor Superior said politely.

"Like I said, I'm not uncomfortable," Miss Fantastic said with a little smile. "After all, I did ruin your good time last night."

"That's fair," Doctor Superior said. "Well if you're not uncomfortable..." He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Miss Fantastic found that her heart was racing and she couldn't quite figure out why. Her eyes had latched onto his crotch, waiting for the moment of unveiling. Doctor Superior dropped his underwear next and there it was.

It was long, even while not erect. Miss Fantastic felt her mouth drop open as she saw it. She knew her pussy was wet inside her leotard, but she dare not touch it.

"I guess I'm not super excited right now," Doctor Superior observed. He looked up at her. "I guess I'm not having as good of a time as last night." He laughed, like it was a shared joke.

Miss Fantastic laughed too, but it sounded very fake coming out of her mouth. She just knew that she wanted to see it like she had seen it last night. It had been hard, stiff, and looked amazing in her memory. She wanted to see that again.

"Is there... um... anything I can do? You know... to... um..." Miss Fantastic said. All other words left her mind. Her eyes were locked onto the flaccid dick between the villain's legs.

"You want to get me hard?" he asked.

"Just to make up for... um... last night," Miss Fantastic said quickly. She found that her tongue had become very wet, like she was hungry and smelling something delicious.

"Well I mean, if you're really offering," Doctor Superior said, "I wouldn't say no to you showing me your tits. That would probably get me pretty hard."

Miss Fantastic bit her lip. She knew that flashing a villain would be a pretty big "do not do" for superheroines. It would fly in the face of everything she had, from her sense of justice to her sense of self-respect. Still... she knew that she wanted to see his dick hard. She bit her lip harder.

Finally, wordlessly, she reached up and untied the knot behind her neck. She let the leotard fall down slowly. Her eyes never left the villain's dick. She didn't look down as the top of the leotard dropped past her exposed breasts. She felt the cool hair against her nipples, knowing that she was exposed now, just like he was. Insanely, Miss Fantastic realized that Doctor Superior was getting a view that no other villain had ever gotten. She hoped he was enjoying it--because then she could see his dick hard again.

His dick grew a little harder, slowly rising. "You don't mind if I help it along, do you?" Doctor Superior asked.

"Not at all," Miss Fantastic said.

Doctor Superior began to jerk his dick. Miss Fantastic could feel his eyes devouring her bare chest as he jerked off. It quickly became hard and Miss Fantastic felt a pulsing need in between her legs as she looked at the hard, wonderful dick in front of her.

Doctor Superior stopped jerking and took his hand away. His dick was fully erect, a flag at full mast. Miss Fantastic wanted nothing more than to rub herself off, but she couldn't do that while in front of the villain. She did her best to memorize the view in front of her, trying to burn it into her brain for later.

"I... uh... I should go," Miss Fantastic said. Her eyes didn't raise from Superior's crotch.

"Of course," Doctor Superior said. "Before you go, I was wondering if I could run a theory past you."

"Ummm... sure..." Miss Fantastic said, feeling the leotard rub against her clit. She shifted slightly to repeat the action, but couldn't seem to get it to touch her just right. Meanwhile, her eyes remained fixed on Superior's cock.

"I have this theory that the more powerful someone is, the more their sexual fantasies involve subjugation," Doctor Superior said. "Not to ask too personal of a question, but I do wonder what a superhero likes. What do you think of my theory that powerful people... like superheroes, for example... desire subjugation?"

"I... um... I don't know..." Miss Fantastic couldn't actually find a thought in her brain other than the itching in her pussy and the beautiful image of Doctor Superior's dick.

"Well how about you think about it?" Doctor Superior said. "Let me know what you think next time we meet."

"Okay," Miss Fantastic said dumbly.

"Goodbye, Miss Fantastic," Doctor Superior said with a smile.

"Goodbye," Miss Fantastic said dumbly. She walked away, but kept her eyes focused on the dick on the villain in the cell. Just when she reached the door to leave, Doctor Superior called out again.

"Um, Miss Fantastic?"


"You might want to put your tits away again," Doctor Superior said. "Just a thought."

Miss Fantastic forced herself to look away from the dick. For a moment, she had trouble focusing on anything else, like after you looked at the sun. Then, she blinked the haze away and looked down at herself. Her admittedly-perky breasts were still out. She had almost walked out into the police station and flashed everyone. She quickly tied the leotard top back around her neck, covering herself. She gave Doctor Superior's dick one last longing glance, then slipped out of the room.


Miss Fantastic barely stopped moving until she was back at her apartment. She didn't do the cautionary lap around the city and didn't even stop to change out of her costume before hurrying down to her apartment. Thankfully, she didn't meet anyone on the way. She locked the door behind her, lifted off the ground, and stripped the leotard off. It hit the floor and her hand went to work.

Miss Fantastic cursed her own stupidity for destroying her vibrator last night. Her fingers were nowhere near as nice, but it was what she had. She called every detail of Superior's wonderful dick to her brain. Pleasure was pulsing from her crotch, but none of it was satisfying. She gave her fingers a little bit of cosmic energy, working herself over with more gusto. It felt amazing, but orgasm was illusive.

Drool fell from her lips as she envisioned the Superior Dick (as she had named it in her mind). Her fingers moved with superhuman pace. Her mind perfectly reconstructed the dick, but it wasn't enough to push her over the edge. It only built up with a perpetual need for release.

Miss Fantastic tried other thoughts, hoping that maybe a change of pace or a more traditional masturbation target would do the trick, but any time she thought of anything other than the Superior Dick, her pussy stopped responding and the pleasure stopped. It sent her straight back to fantasizing over the Doctor's dick.

She spent nearly an hour on the edge of orgasm, barely denied the pleasure she was needing with greater intensity every second. Finally, she collapsed onto her bed, breathing hard and needing to get off more than she had ever felt in her life.

Miss Fantastic brought herself back to the story that Doctor Superior had told her. The girl who had masturbated herself over his dick had become unable to get off unless physically seeing it. Surely that couldn't have happened already. She had only masturbated once to his dick. But the evidence seemed to indicate an inability...

Miss Fantastic thought about herself in front of the cell, fingering herself to orgasm while the villain watched her. It would be humiliating... and yet Miss Fantastic found the thought not entirely unpleasant. But she still had her pride, didn't she? She couldn't lower herself to that level. She was a superhero.

Doctor Superior's theory about desiring subjugation came to mind. Was this what Miss Fantastic secretly wanted? Was that why she couldn't get off? Because she wasn't actually subjugated like she wanted? She didn't know. It made sense, but she had never considered herself a sub before. Why then did it sound so good now?

Miss Fantastic needed to get off. Her dripping, aching pussy made it impossible for her to think of anything else. Short of rushing straight back to Doctor Superior's cell with fingers in her clit, she had one final option.


Goliath stepped out on the rooftop. Miss Fantastic's heart leapt inside of her. Her ex-boyfriend and her had broken up almost a year ago, but had remained on friendly--if occasionally awkward--terms. He looked across the rooftop to Miss Fantastic.

"I'm here, Fanny," Goliath said, using his old pet name for her. She had always publicly hated it and secretly loved it--and he knew it.

"Thank you for meeting me," Miss Fantastic said. She bit her lip, unable to believe that she was about to say the words going through her mind.

"What is it?" Goliath asked. "You sounded urgent on the phone."

"I just... um..." Miss Fantastic pursed her lips, almost pouting. "I'm so..." She cringed, then forced the words out. "I'm so horny."

Goliath blinked. "What?"

"I don't know what it is," Miss Fantastic lied. She couldn't very well admit to fantasizing over a villain's dick. "I have just had a really rough couple of days and I..." She pursed her lips again and said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have... I just need..." Words became hard to find again, but the last one spilled out despite Miss Fantastic's attempts to stop it: "...fucked."

"You called me here... for a booty call?" Goliath said.

Miss Fantastic nodded, ashamed.

Goliath turned and looked out at the city. "Geeze, Fanny... we could be out there helping people."

"I know," Miss Fantastic said. "Trust me, I know. I can't believe I actually called you. I just... I didn't know what else to do. I can't think of anything else."

"We broke up for a reason," Goliath said.

"Not because we didn't have great sex, though!" Miss Fantastic exclaimed. "And I'm not wanting to get back together. I just want you to stuff me full of it. Like we used to."

Goliath closed his eyes, shook his head, and said, "Geeze, you really do have it bad."

"I do," Miss Fantastic nodded. "I really really do. Please. Just five minutes. I'll do all the work."

Goliath looked out at the city, then again at her. His eyes dropped to her body, considering. Without a second thought, Miss Fantastic reached up and untied the knot at her neck for the third time today. She dropped it and let her breasts hang free. Goliath's eyes dropped down to them and Miss Fantastic could see lust ignite.

"Fine," Goliath said and Miss Fantastic grinned in glee. She dropped the rest of her leotard to the ground, rushed across the roof in only her knee-high boots, elbow-length gloves, and domino-style mask, and climbed onto her ex-boyfriend. With their shared flight abilities, they rocketed into the sky, quickly leaving the city behind.

Among the clouds, Miss Fantastic wrapped her legs around Goliath's waist. He sucked on her left tit while he loosened his buckle and freed his dick from his pants. Miss Fantastic descended herself down, looking at his dick as she approached. She found disappointment while looking at Goliath's dick--something she had never experienced before. She conjured the image of the Superior Dick in her mind and her pussy quivered with anticipation.

Goliath slid into Miss Fantastic's pussy. She was gushing wet and he slid on easily. He muttered, "You did need it."

"Oh god, yes," Miss Fantastic muttered, feeling the cock inside her. Goliath began thrusting into her. It felt fine, but nowhere near as great as she remembered. And certainly not nearly as good as when she was thinking about Doctor Superior's dick and playing with herself.

"Hard," Miss Fantastic ordered. "Fuck me hard. Oh, please, fuck me so hard."

Goliath gave a thrust with his flight ability, plunging deeper into her with each push upwards. Miss Fantastic leaned forward, biting his shoulder. She closed her eyes, imaging Doctor Superior in his cell rubbing his dick. Her pussy exploded in pleasure. She imagined that it was Superior fucking her here in the sky, not Goliath. It felt amazing and she could feel orgasm just beyond some wall inside her. She was so close. What else did she need?

Superior's theory flickered through her mind. Was it subjugation? Humiliation?

"Fuck me like a little whore! Please!" Miss Fantastic begged. Her pussy liked it. She leaned back, took one of Goliath's hands, and put it on her throat. Miss Fantastic could see the alarm in his eyes--this was not something she had ever asked for before--but she kept the hand on her throat and squeezed it, forced it tighter on her windpipe. It felt right and the pleasure was like a firework exploding in her pussy, erupting into every nerve. Orgasm was so close, but still just beyond the wall.

She knew that she needed two things: She needed the Superior Dick and subjugation. With that in mind, she closed her eyes, felt the hand around her neck, and played fantasies through her brain. She imagined herself masturbating in front of Doctor Superior's bare dick. She imagined herself chained to a bed while it drilled her pussy. She imagined herself begging Doctor Superior to be filled with his dick, lowering and degrading herself. In her fantasy, she dropped to her knees and used her mouth on the Superior Dick.

Finally, the wall broke and Miss Fantastic felt a wave of an orgasm flow out of her pussy and through the rest of her body. Joy filled her and some semblance of hope. She could get off, even without actually lowering herself before Doctor Superior and his dick.

At that thought, the bottom dropped out of her orgasm. A single wave finished, then her body gave her no more. It was locked up behind that wall, now every stronger. No matter how tight Goliath squeezed her neck or how dirty the fantasies in her mind, she couldn't even get close to the orgasm again. It was like her body knew that it was fake now, even as he thrust into her.

Miss Fantastic leaned forward, biting on Goliath's shoulder again as he thrust into her. It felt good, but it only succeeded in driving up the need and removing the one brief glimpse of satisfaction that she had grasped onto.

After not very long, Miss Fantastic felt Goliath buckling and heard the grunted from within his chest. He came, filling her pussy. Miss Fantastic faked a simultaneous orgasm, throwing her body against his. It would be easier than explaining why she had called him to fuck her and not gotten all the way off.

As they descended, quietly entangled, back down to the Earth, Miss Fantastic reached up and brushed away the tear that had found its way down her cheek.

Once they arrived again on the roof, Miss Fantastic quietly walked to her leotard and slipped it back on.

"So that's it?" Goliath asked sullenly behind her.

"Thank you," Miss Fantastic said softly. "I just... I'm a little embarrassed. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect you by calling you like this."

Goliath stood a little straighter, apparently accepting this as the reason for her silence. "It's alright. I get it. Sometimes it's just... you do what you need to do."

"Yeah," Miss Fantastic nodded. "It's like that."

"Ok," Goliath said. "Should we just... pretend like this never happened?"

"I think that's for the best," Miss Fantastic said. She turned, now concealing herself behind the leotard again, and gave him a small smile. "Thank you. I owe you one."

"Sure," Goliath said. He turned and took flight, departing the rooftop. Miss Fantastic watched him go, a sense of dread filling her body. He had been her best hope, but now that was gone. She had gotten one little feeling of satisfaction before being locked out again. Now, she knew there was only one thing that could do it for her.

As she watched her ex-boyfriend fly away, Miss Fantastic thought it was ironic. The hero couldn't do it for. It was time for the villain.


The sun was setting as Miss Fantastic arrived back at the police station for the second time that day. She didn't bother talking to the commissioner. She wasn't even sure if she could form complete sentences with him right now. The need for release was driving out almost every other conscious thought from her brain. She found her way to the maximum security cell at the back and found a guard standing in front of the door.

"I... umm..." Miss Fantastic bit her lip.

"It's alright," the guard said. "He said you'd be back. He said to let you in." Miss Fantastic wondered how the commissioner knew she would be back, but decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The guard opened the door and let Miss Fantastic into the cell area.

Behind the glass, Doctor Superior's quarters had apparently been upgraded. A large-screen TV was streaming cable channels. He was sitting on a nice couch with his feet up on a coffee table. As Miss Fantastic stepped in, he smiled, turned off the TV, and stood. He approached, stepping past the yellow line and walking straight up to the glass.

"Hello Miss Fantastic," he said softly. He was smiling, almost smugly. Miss Fantastic really didn't care.

"Hello... Doctor Superior," Miss Fantastic said, trying to catch her breath already. Her heart was racing. She could actually feel her pussy dripping its wetness down her thigh.

"You look like you have something on your mind," Doctor Superior observed mildly.

Miss Fantastic nodded. Words were apparently beyond her right now.

"Have you come back to see it again?" Doctor Superior asked. Neither of them had to clarify what he was referring to.

Miss Fantastic nodded again.

"I'm not really in the mood right now," Doctor Superior said with a little shrug. "I jerked off not too long ago and I don't know if I'm feeling it."

Miss Fantastic heard a moan. It was a desperate, needy noise. She was alarmed to find that it had come from her own throat.

"How about you take those lovely perky tits out and see if you can get me in the mood?"

Dumbly and obediently, Miss Fantastic reached up and undid the knot. She let the leotard fall down over her tits.

"There they are," Doctor Superior smiled down at her bare chest.

"Puh... puh... please," Miss Fantastic muttered.

"What are you trying to say?" Doctor Superior asked.

"Please let... let me see it," Miss Fantastic said softly. The words came more from her soul than her brain--some deep inherent plea from somewhere beyond her consciousness.

"If I do that, then I'm worried you won't hear a word I'm saying," Doctor Superior said. "And I think we have some things to talk about." His eyes fell again to her tits, where he openly ogled her through the glass. Without looking up, he said, "Why don't you come inside? They left the door open when they got me my TV. But don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

Miss Fantastic looked off to the side. Sure enough, the door to the cell was open. She had been so focused on Doctor Superior that she hadn't noticed that. Obediently, she walked to the door and stepped into the cell with Doctor Superior.

"I'd like to play with you some," Doctor Superior said as Miss Fantastic presented herself in front of Doctor Superior. "You're okay with that, right?"

"Yes," Miss Fantastic nodded. "Whatever you want."

Doctor Superior smiled as her reached forward, gripping and squeezing Miss Fantastic's tits. "Whatever I want, hmmm? We'll get there." He wasn't tender. He was squeezing her roughly, pinching her nipples and burrowing his fingertips into the soft flesh of ample chest. It was the touch of ownership, not love.

"Why did you come here?" Doctor Superior asked as he felt her.

"I need to get off," Miss Fantastic said, her brain not even capable of conjuring a lie through the thick layers of sexual need.

"And you think I can help with this?" Doctor Superior asked.

"I thought I could masturbate while staring at your dick," Miss Fantastic explained. "I think I need it."

"You masturbated to my dick already?"

Miss Fantastic nodded.

"And how was it?" Doctor Superior asked.

Miss Fantastic's face showed strain. Her brow furrowed, her lips pursed, and her eyes grew wide at the weight of the memory in her brain. "It was amazing," she said. A tear slid down her cheek. "It the best orgasm of my life. Please let me do it again."

"I'm going to take this silly thing off," Doctor Superior informed her as he reached down and grasped the leotard. With a few tugs, he slid it down to her ankles. She stepped out of it. She thought it was ironic. This was what she was wearing when Goliath had fucked her--her knee-high boots, elbow-length gloves, and the domino-style mask on her face.

She should have been horrified. She was displayed like the crappy online smut for a supervillain's pleasure. She should have been beating him to a pulp in hopes of erasing the memories from his brain. Instead, the only thing that she could think was: 'I hope this puts him in the mood to take his dick out.'

Doctor Superior reached down and rubbed her pussy. His fingers slid easily through the wetness and Miss Fantastic moaned happily.

"Have you given any thought to my theory?" Doctor Superior asked. His left hand remained buried in her pussy while his right explored her body at its leisure.

"Your theory?" Miss Fantastic said. She allowed him to spin her around so he could inspect her ass. He smacked it twice, once with a downward swing and once with an upward swing.

"Yes, about desiring subjugation," Doctor Superior said. He slapped her ass again, then pressed himself against her. Miss Fantastic felt the bulge in his pants against her ass cheek and moaned in delight. She bent her knees slightly and then rose again, rubbing the dick against her ass.

"Focus," Doctor Superior snapped angrily. He reached around, grasping a tight hand on her throat and leaning her head back far. His voice was no longer polite, but rough and sharp in her ear. "Focus you little slut. I won't be giving you anything for free. You're going to have to earn it. So pay attention and try harder." With a hand still firmly on her throat, he shook her once. "Earn it, bitch."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Miss Fantastic muttered softly. He wasn't hurting her, of course. Her body was too strong for that. But there was an implied threat in not "giving anything for free". She couldn't envision walking out of this room without having gotten herself off. The idea filled her with terror. She had to try harder.

"We were talking about my theory," Doctor Superior said, releasing his hand from her neck and letting it drop down to her tit. The other hand grasped the other tit and he squeezed both appreciatively while rubbing his hard cock against her ass through his pants. His voice had returned to the police, playfully observant tone she had grown accustomed to.

"Yessssss," Miss Fantastic said, trying to ignore the cock long enough to answer his question. "I... I thought about it. I think you're right. I think..." She bit her lip as his stiff cock rubbed between her ass cheeks. Even through the cloth of his pants, she could feel its magnificence. 'FOCUS' she commanded herself. "I think the powerful crave... subjugation."

"Get down on your knees," Doctor Superior commanded, letting his hands drop from her tits and backing away from her ass. Miss Fantastic dropped down. Her boots were long enough that her knees were actually on the top of them, not on the floor.

"Do you crave subjugation?" Doctor Superior asked.

"Yes, I do," Miss Fantastic nodded. He walked around her, standing in front of her. Her eyes fixated on the pitched tent in his pants, even while she did her best to focus on his words.

"What does subjugation mean to you?" Doctor Superior asked.

"It means... it means humiliation," Miss Fantastic said. "It means... domination. The loss of control."

"Do you feel like you've lost control?" Doctor Superior asked, the smile audible in his voice. He reached down and stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers.

"Yessssss," Miss Fantastic whispered.

"Do you like it?" Doctor Superior asked.

"Yessssssssssss," Miss Fantastic whispered again. She hadn't realized how much she had enjoyed it until this moment, but that was the only reason she was behaving like she had. She was chasing pleasure, trying to find the moment of greatest enjoyment. It had led her to this.

"Can I let you in on a little secret?" Doctor Superior asked. Miss Fantastic nodded and Doctor Superior continued, "I did this to you. I subjugated you. I dominated you." He smiled down at her. "I won."

Miss Fantastic nodded again. That made sense. That would explain why she had gotten so horny so fast, stripped in front of a supervillain, fucked her ex-boyfriend, and worshipped the dick of a man she just met. It didn't change the fact that she needed to get off before she left this room.

"I have a gift," Doctor Superior explained. "I can plant ideas. Ideas like 'Everyone should remain calm' or 'My dick is incredible' or 'I don't have mind control'. Its easiest audibly, but if I focus on a single thing I can do it mentally too." He smiled down at her and she returned the smile up to him. "I don't even think you tried to resist me." His expression grew more serious and he added, "In fact, you will never try to resist me."

"Never," Miss Fantastic nodded seriously. It had suddenly become very important that he know she would not resist him.

"You are now my little toy," Doctor Superior informed Miss Fantastic.

"Okay," Miss Fantastic nodded up at him. That sounded good to her.

"You will call me 'sir'."

"Yes sir."

"Do you know what I think of when I think of subjugation?" Doctor Superior asked.

"No sir."

"I think of someone who tells you what you want," Doctor Superior smiled. "I think of someone who controls your very motivations in life. If you can control someone's motivations, then you make it natural for them to follow you." He looked down at her. "That's what I've done with you. And you love it."

"I love it, sir," Miss Fantastic nodded vigorously.

Doctor Superior made a show of smacking his forehead, as if something had just occurred to him. "I forgot to tell you the end of my story earlier. The girl that had to see my dick to get off? I forgot to tell you how it ended."

Miss Fantastic's face grew very serious and attentive.

"She had to get permission from me," Doctor Superior said. "Even when she saw my dick, sucked my dick, or rode my dick... she still had to get permission from me to cum." He looked down at her. "I think that it will be the same for you."

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic nodded.

"So how about we trade?" Doctor Superior said with a smile. He sat down on the couch, looking at her kneeling in the middle of his cell. "I have something you want--permission to get off. And your sexy little body has finally gotten me in the mood to fuck again. So how about you fulfill a few of my fantasies and then I let you cum?"

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic nodded vigorously. "Yes sir, please."

"And because I'm feel extra generous... and because it helps me increase my grasp on you... it will be the best single orgasm of your life. No other sensation will remotely compare."

"Oh... oh, sir... oh yes please sir..." Miss Fantastic panted.

"If you earn it," Doctor Superior added with a sly smile.

"I'll earn it, sir. I'll do everything. Anything. As much as you want. Please, sir. I'll be a good girl, sir."

"I know you will. And then, we'll talk about our ongoing relationship together," Doctor Superior said.

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic nodded.

"Great," Doctor Superior said. "Come here and get out my dick."

Miss Fantastic squealed with delight as she shuffled across the floor on her knees. She unbuckled Doctor Superior's belt, unzipped his pants, and gently nudged them down to the floor. His underwear followed.

Miss Fantastic had never been this close to it. It was large, erect, and magnificent. She reached out, running one gingerly hand up and down the shaft. As she did, she felt her own pussy ache in need.

"Suck it, bitch," Doctor Superior ordered.

Miss Fantastic wasted no time. She opened her mouth wide and buried the cock into her mouth. She went too deep too fast, gagging as it struck the back of her mouth. That didn't matter. She could take it. She had fought aliens, wizards, and androids. She could deepthroat a dick. She willed the cock deeper into her mouth, loosening her neck muscles as she descended. Then, she pulled up, maintaining a constant suction as she lifted the cock out of her throat. Once she pulled out all the way so her lips were on the head, she reversed, descending again.

She continued, working the dick all the way in and our of her mouth. She started slow, then started building up speed. She sucked as she thrust it into her face. With one hand, she reached up and fondled his balls, making sure to give pleasure for the entire member.

"It tastes great," Doctor Superior informed her, and it did. It was like sucking on wonderful sweet candy. Her mouth filled with the delicious taste. She sucked on it, now for her own desire as well as to earn her orgasm.

After a few minutes, Doctor Superior reached down, slipped his fingers into Miss Fantastic's hair, gripped tightly, and pulled her off. Her lips made a popping noise as they released their suction.

"You're going to become very good at that," Doctor Superior said. She wasn't sure whether it was an order or a prediction, but the answer was the same.

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic nodded.

"Now ride me," Doctor Superior instructed her.

"Yes sir!" Miss Fantastic said with glee. She climbed onto his lap, straddling him. She gripped his dick steady and descended onto it, impaling herself. She gasped as he entered her, her eyes wide. Instantly, Doctor Superior's hand was on her neck.

"This is for me," Doctor Superior reminded her. "You do not have permission yet."

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic said meekly. She did her best to ignore the pleasure inside her pussy. The glorious dick that she had been enslaved by for--how long? It felt like forever--was now inside her pussy, right where she had been dreaming of it. Still, she was here to pleasure the dick, not the other way around. She had to earn her orgasm.

She began bouncing, letting her perky tits bounce with her. She knew it was a good show. Her super-strong muscles did not tire as she rode the Superior Dick. Doctor Superior grabbed onto the bouncing tits and buried his face between them.

"Yes sir, yes," Miss Fantastic giggled.

He looked up at her, between the two mountains on her chest, and said, "Tell me you're a whore."

"I'm a whore, sir," Miss Fantastic said instantly.

"A slut?"

"Such as fucking slut, sir. Your slut. Your little whore, sir."

"My fucktoy?"

Having not heard the word before, Miss Fantastic quickly assumed its meaning and said, "Yes sir, your fucktoy. Your toy for fucking in every fucking way, sir." She gasped, her pussy exploding with pleasure. She was worried that she might cum too soon and anger Doctor Superior. She mustn't do that. She didn't have permission yet. But this whole situation--from her degrading name-calling to the glorious dick in her pussy to even the remaining sweetness on her tongue--was turning her on so fucking much. This was subjugation. This was what she desired.

Doctor Superior reached up, delivering a firm slap across her face. Miss Fantastic probably didn't have to move, because of her strength and invulnerability, but she knew that she was his property and should respond accordingly. She flung her face to the side with the slap. He quickly grabbed hold of her throat and turned her back to him. He leaned up close as she rode.

"I'm going to have a lot of fucking fun with you," Doctor Superior told her.

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic said, biting back the pleasure. She didn't have permission to cum yet, but his dick was amazing.

Doctor Superior lifted her by the throat. She flew up with him, using her flight to hover so he could place her how she wished. He positioned her down on the coffee table, with her head leaning over the edge. He knelt down, placing the Superior Dick around her forehead. He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled downward, until through twisting her body and leaning her head further back the dick was level with her mouth. Then he entered her mouth again.

She didn't blow this time as much as he went to work on her throat himself. She opened wide, allowing him access, and he drilled deep into her mouth with his cock. It still tasted delicious, of course. As he fucked her mouth, he leaned down and slapped her big tits, one at a time. Suddenly, Miss Fantastic was understanding the word "fucktoy" very well.

After a few minutes of throatfucking her, Doctor Superior began to grow tense. He grasped his hands on her tits to steady himself. He squeezed hard, using them as leverage for each thrust into her throat.

"Here it comes, bitch," Doctor Superior informed her. Then, suddenly, it was there. Hot cum filled her throat. Miss Fantastic remained as open as she could, no longer able to breathe, as Doctor Superior's dick continued to pump cum into her. He began laughing insanely as he came and his fingers were each digging deeply into her tits.

Finally, after it stopped coming, he pulled his dick out and stood up.

"Swallow," he said. She did. Then, she coughed once, collected the remaining cum from her mouth, and swallowed again.

"You're fun," Doctor Superior laughed.

"Thank you, sir," Miss Fantastic said. She waited, hoping immensely to hear that she had done well enough to earn an orgasm.

"You said that subjugation was humiliation," Doctor Superior said as he pulled on his underwear and pants.

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic nodded.

"Well I think you're right," Doctor Superior said. He pressed a button on the end table of the couch and spoke. "Commissioner, why don't you and a dozen of your officers come on in here?"

"Yes sir," the commissioner responded immediately. Miss Fantastic looked over and saw the door on the other side of the glass open. The commissioner and a line of uniformed police officers stepped behind the glass of the cell. Miss Fantastic was very aware that she was very naked, but she had stopped thinking for herself at some point that day.

"Go kneel in front of that glass, play with your pussy, and tell the officers what you just did," Doctor Superior said. "Make sure to tell them your new roles." He smiled at her and said, "The more you're humiliated, the better chance I'll let you cum."

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic nodded eagerly. She scooted across the ground to the glass, plunged her fingers into her dripping pussy, and opened her mouth to speak.

"You boys will want to be recording this," Doctor Superior called out to the officers. Immediately, all the police officers and the commissioner pulled out their phones and began to record.

"I'm now Doctor Superior's plaything," Miss Fantastic began. "I just sucked his dick, rode him, and swallowed everything he gave me. It was delicious. I... I have never tasted anything so amazing. I'm his fucktoy. I have been fantasizing about his fantastic dick for... I think forever... He's going to fuck me however he wants. And I want him to. I soooo want him to. He choked me, with his hand and with his dick. It was amazing. I almost came. He pulled my hair, slapped me, and treated me like a little whore." She paused, gushing. "I loved it so much."

She continued, talking in explicit detail. At some point, she became aware that Doctor Superior was behind her. She continued talking, praising his dick, degrading herself, and playing with her pussy. Waves of pleasure were reverberating through her body. She could feel an upcoming orgasm through that ever-present wall. She didn't need to see his dick anymore. She just needed his permission. She just needed to earn it.

"This is my property now," Doctor Superior informed the police officers. "I can do this to anyone who comes after me." Miss Fantastic continued degrading herself as he talked. She hadn't been told to stop. "And her power is mine now." The polite voice was gone. This was the voice of command. This was the voice of a superior talking to underlings.

Doctor Superior leaned down and said in Miss Fantastic's ear, "You may cum."

It was instantaneous. She screamed in pleasure, white lights flashing before her eyes. Ever cell in her body was imploding on itself in pure ecstasy. Her humilitation didn't matter. Nothing mattered except the incredible pleasure. Her scream was long, loud, and genuine. She didn't know how long it lasted. When it was done, she was on the ground, her head spinning and her whole body aching. She panted, barely able to form a single thought. It was destructive in its potency. It was the best moment of her entire life.

She realized the police officers were gone. She must have passed out. Doctor Superior was standing over her.

"You're mine now," he said softly.

"Yes sir," Miss Fantastic whimpered.

"Forever," he added.

"Forever," she agreed. "Thank you, sir."


3 months later


Miss Superior was locked in stocks. Her neck and her hands each were clamped in one hole. The Doctor--her Master--walked around, running his hand along her bare skin. He placed a hard slap across her ass cheeks, then she felt his strong hands on her legs. They spread her legs apart. Using her flight, Miss Superior remained elevated as Doctor Superior stuffed his dick in her ass. Knowing that he was getting pleasure, Miss Superior began to feel her own pleasure in her body.

He spent a minute on her ass, then pulled out, walked around, and began working on her mouth. Having not been instructed to lower her legs, they remained elevated in the air as he fucked her throat.

After another moment, he pulled out of her face and went around to fuck her pussy.

He continued the pattern, picking a hole and fucking it. She had gotten very good at taking his dick anywhere he wanted to put it.

After fucking her holes for a few laps, he pulled out, came up to her face, and started stroking his dick.

"What does my little slut want?" Doctor Superior asked.

"This happy little slut wants a treat," Miss Superior declared, then opened her mouth wide.

Doctor Superior let loose, jerking his load off onto her face. Miss Superior was used to this and didn't even flinch when the first one struck her just below the eye. She just opened wide to provide a target in case he wanted to put any in her mouth. This time, he didn't. He preferred instead to finish on her cheeks.

Once done, Doctor Superior petted her on the head and said, "Good job, slut." He reached for the wall and grabbed a chain that was attached to the ceiling. He put the other end in between Miss Superior's feet and gave her bare pussy a slap.

"Go ahead and get yourself off," Doctor Superior said.

Eagerly, Miss Superior shifted, careful to keep her feet pressing on the chain so she didn't drop it. She turned, using her flight to remain stable, and positioned the chain so it was against her clit. Her body was doing an almost 180 from her bound head and hands down to the chain against her pussy. She started tugging on the chain with her foot, making it rub against her clit. It wasn't long before her body responded to the slight stimulation and her pussy erupted in an orgasm. She cried out in pleasure, doing her best not to drop the chain as she quivered and pulled.
Of course, she could have simply broken the bonds and rubbed one out, but her Master wanted her to get herself off like this. Otherwise, he would have let her out of the stocks. He did this a lot. He liked to see how motivated she could get when an orgasm was on the line. She had become an expert at rubbing an orgasm out while tied, stuffed, or in some other compromising position.

When her orgasm finished, she let the chain drop from her feet and let her body fall down to a hanging position. She knew that her Master, Doctor Superior, could leave her here for hours if he wanted, until he wanted to play again. She would wait if that's what her Master wanted.

Today, he reappeared quickly, unlocked the stocks, and beckoned her to follow him. Miss Superior did so readily. He led her to the planning room of the Royal Palace.

When Doctor Superior had claimed Miss Fantastic (but before he had rechristened her as Miss Superior), Miss Fantastic had told him that heroes were often tied behind red tape when crossing political boundaries. She recommended he take over a small country and listed a few who had tenuous governments. With a little application of Doctor Superior's persuasive abilities and Miss Superior acting as the military arm, the people had quickly fallen in line. The other heroes--including Miss Superior's long-forgotten ex, Goliath--were unable to attack without sparking international outrage.

They were living quite happily--especially Miss Superior, who was granted one of those wonderful orgasms almost every day.

"There's a leader of a neighboring nation coming over tonight," Doctor Superior informed her. "He's pledged to support our claim to the government, but he wants to play with you in exchange."

"Yes sir," Miss Superior nodded. This was the fourth time such an arrangement had been struck. Dictators loved to be able to say they fucked a superheroine. Videos of the degrading way they defiled her were often "leaked" to the internet as badges of honor to the dictator.

"Standard rules," Doctor Superior said. "Nothing off limits. You'll blow their minds. Fulfill their wildest fantasies. The works. But, as always, you are loyal to me first."

"Yes sir," Miss Superior nodded. "Shall I wear the old costume?"

"Yes," Doctor Superior said. He looked down at her naked body. He shrugged and said, "But first, blow me again."

"Yes sir," Miss Superior said eagerly. She dropped to her knees, opened wide, and went to work.

It was nice having someone else do the thinking. There was freedom in taking orders, swallowing, and getting her reward. She didn't do know what she would do without Doctor Superior.

She sucked, he came, and she swallowed.

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