Mighty Girl

by ArcherStories

Tags: #comic_book #dom:male #humiliation #sub:female

Mighty Girl is captured and reshaped by the Controller.

Mighty Girl had just enough time to marvel at the towering inferno as she descended through the atmosphere. The building was like a beacon, fire stretching high and bright in the night sky. It was breathtaking. Then Mighty Girl struck it at jet-speed, puncturing through like a bullet. She listened for the wailing noise from below, crashing through levels towards it.

“Help! Help! Oh god I’m going to die!” someone called from below.

“I’m coming,” Mighty Girl shouted back, but she knew that the girl couldn’t hear.

Mighty Girl used her x-ray vision to check the floors as she descended the skyscraper. The building appeared to be empty.

Mighty Girl wondered what had set the building ablaze so quickly. She had heard of the emergency and come immediately, but was already too late to contain the blaze. Something big must have caught fire and burned quickly. She made a mental note to follow up later. This had MaxCorp all over it. But right now, the priority was the woman below.

She was trapped in a subterranean lab—another thing to investigate at a later time. Mighty Girl dropped through the roof of the lab, landing with a flourish. The trapped woman was hiding below a table, soot and tears covering her face. The fire hadn’t made it down here yet, but smoke was coming out of the bottom of the stairwell door.

“I’ll save you,” Mighty Girl declared.

Then, she felt it. It was that feeling of instantaneous weakness that she had learned to hate. Mighty Girl spun around, seeing the cloud of blue smoke pouring through the vents. It was an aerosol form of cryonite—the rock from her homeworld that supressed her powers. Mighty Girl looked above and saw the same cloud starting to pour through the hole she had made in the roof. She couldn’t go back through there now.

Was this a cryonite production facility? Was that what had caught fire? Mighty Girl hadn’t felt its effects on her entry, but there was no time to figure that out now. The gas was pumping into the room from every vent she could see. She had to figure out a way out quickly.

“I’ll get you out,” Mighty Girl said absently to the trapped woman as her eyes darted around the room. “Just stay calm.”

Mighty Girl turned and saw the woman in front of her. She had emerged from beneath the table and was no longer crying. Mighty Girl had time for just a moment of confusion before the spray hit her in the face. A blue cloud with the familiar villainous scent filled her lungs.

Mighty Girl had just a moment to register that she had fallen right into a trap. Then, darkness.

When she awoke, she felt the cold metal chair beneath her and the familiar feeling of weakness. She was still under the influence of cryonite. She opened her eyes and saw two thick, blue, glowing shackles, binding her wrists to the chair. She could feel two similar cryonite shackles on her ankles and two more on her thighs, keeping her legs pinned to the chair.

Oddly, there was also a vertical pole sticking up from the center of the chair. It had bunched her skirt up so that much of her thighs were showing, but it was also impossible for Mighty Girl to position herself so she wasn’t in skin-to-skin contact with it.

Finally, Mighty Girl realized with horror that someone had removed the underwear from beneath her skirt. The pole was pressed against her vagina, and no matter how she moved she couldn’t get away from it.

“What sort of sick…” Mighty Girl muttered.

“Brilliant, I prefer,” a voice declared. Mighty Girl instinctively rolled her eyes. Practice told her that a villainous monologue was coming.

Mighty Girl turned as much as she was able to in the chair. The room was relatively blank, but she could see a door behind her and a man standing in it. There was a faint beeping noise and the chair swiveled slowly. Mighty Girl knew she was in trouble.

It was The Controller who had her. The villain had made a career out of mind control, always declaring his desire for a “superhero pet”. Mighty Girl’s current predicament didn’t bode well in that light.

“Hello Controller,” Mighty Girl said, trying to project as much dignity as she could muster in her captive state.

“Hello Mighty Bitch,” the Controller said with a grin.

That’s original, Mighty Girl thought, resisting another eyeroll.

A girl emerged on the side of the controller. She wore tall heels, a net bra that hid nothing, and a thong. Around her neck was a thick collar with a red stone. It was a controller device, Mighty Girl knew. Mighty Girl shuddered to think of the “enjoyment” the Controller had gotten from this girl. Then, Mighty Girl recognized her. She was the girl from the lab in the basement of the fire. She was the bait that Mighty Girl had fallen for.

The Controller appeared amused by the expression on Mighty Girl’s face. “Yes, we always can rely on you to go rushing into the fire to save someone. But I would never put my favorite toys in any real danger.” The Controller felt the girl’s breasts. The red stone on the girl’s collar flashed briefly and the girl moaned in pleasure.

“You’re going to pay for this, Controller,” Mighty Girl said.

The Controller smiled and let his hand drop from the girl’s breast. He approached Mighty Girl, his eyes freely exploring her body in a way that Mighty Girl didn’t care for.

“I don’t think so, Mighty Bitch,” the Controller said. He reached out and flicked Mighty Girl’s neck. There was a ringing noise and only then did Mighty Girl realize that she was wearing a collar of her own.

“You’ve tried this before,” Mighty Girl reminded him, “on my cousin. Your technology doesn’t work on my kind.”

“Of course,” Controller said with a shrug, “but I’ve modified my methods since then. Rest assured, we’ll get this right.”

“So what’s the plan, then? Rape me?” Mighty Girl sneered to let him know it wouldn’t that easy.

“Rape you? Of course not,” the Controller seemed genuinely surprised. “When I fuck you, there will be nothing non-consensual about it. When I fuck you—when your choke on my dick, when I stuff your pussy, when I ride your ass, when you swallow every drop of my cum—it will be because you’re begging me for it.”

He smiled at her again and then turned back to the half-dressed slave. “Come on now, toy. Let’s play. Mighty Bitch has some learning to do.”

“Yes Master,” the girl smiled widely, a sort of crazy excitement in her eyes.

As they left the room, he pressed a button on the wall. Immediately, the rod between Mighty Girl’s legs began to vibrate. Much as Mighty Girl squirmed, she couldn’t get away from it. She did her best not to enjoy it, but, as the minutes turned to hours, she didn’t know how long she could hold out on that front.

Controller sat in the observation room, watching his captive heroine squirming as the rod vibrated her pussy. What she didn’t know was that the blue stone in the collar around her neck was flashing slightly.

The Controller reached down and gathered a bunch of his toy’s hair. He gripped hard and pulled her eager mouth off his dick with a pop noise.

“One of the downsides of being a genius living among the controlled is that there’s no one to admire my genius,” the Controller said, even as he admired the toy’s tits. “So I’m going to explain things to you.”

“Yes Master,” the toy nodded fervently.

“But you’re still going to suck me,” the Controller clarified.

“Yes Master,” the toy nodded just as fervently.

The Controller let loose of the toy’s hair and she went back to work, aggressively thrusting his dick down her throat.

“Mighty Girl is right,” the Controller observed. “Her physiology means that my normal methods of control don’t work. So I’ve been developing a new method. Just as cryonite only affects her kind, I’ve created a sort of drug that is specific to her species. It will give her intense, pleasing emotions, just like your collars give you pleasure. I call it Compound Z.” He shrugged and then added, “Not particular reason, I just like how it sounds.

“The trick is the careful application of when to give that pleasure.

“First, I introduce it into her body slowly. I make her body familiar with it. I let her enjoy it. I don’t ask anything of her, I just let her body build a need for it. Other forms of pleasure become less potent. I put the vibrator there to tie this all to sex, of course. That just makes her easier to mold later.

“Then, I start to increase its dosage for things that I want and decrease it for things I don’t. After that, she’s putty in my hand.”

The Controller summoned two more of his slaves—both equally well-proportioned to the first, and had them join his first toy on their knees. With the careful dance of tongues and lips, it wasn’t long until the Controller blew his load into one of their mouths. This slave let cut drip off her lips onto the other two’s chests, then all three licked each other clean. All the while, their collars flashed red, giving them increased pleasure.

Once finished, the three toys presented themselves before their Master. “Is there anything else we can do to serve?”

“No,” the Controller said, amused. “Go away now.”

The girls hurried away and the Controller watched the screen again, seeing Mighty Girl fight against the control. He didn’t mind right now. The stronger their wills, the better it would be when they finally succumbed. He could be patient and have fun later.

Mighty Girl went for days, fighting with all she had in her against the pleasure that seemed to be creeping ever upward inside her. If she had her powers, she could have done any number of things. She could have melted the rod to a smoldering pile of metal with her heat vision. She could have simply broken the bonds and walked out of the room. But with the ever-presence of cryonite, she could do very little.

Eventually, she decided that it was a waste of energy to continue fighting. She needed to pick her battles if she was going to get out of this mess. She finally sat down and simply let the rod vibrate against her. She told herself not to enjoy it, but after an hour of the constant vibration she decided this was another battle not worth fighting.

She even found herself leaning into the rod, positioning it in just the right place against her. Just as her body started getting close to a final release, she found the vibrations ebbing away again slowly, leaving her unfulfilled.

This frustration, however, seemed to be short-lived. She found that she was feeling very content, which was an admittedly odd feeling for a captive of a supervillain. Still, she felt totally at peace. It was even an all-around pleasant feeling. In fact, the longer she felt it, the less she cared about the always-evasive feelings in between her legs. The contentment inside her head was even better.

After a while, she even began to wonder what the big deal about being captive was in the first place. Pure bliss was filling her mind.

Mighty Girl didn’t know how long she went like that. Time became less relevant. She even became less aware of the constant vibration between her legs. There was the simple bliss of existence. Captivity, control, freedom—they barely had any meaning anymore.

Eventually, the purity of the bliss began to wane and Mighty Girl found herself more aware of her surroundings again. She longed to go back into that world of emptiness and pleasure, but the only thing she had was the vibrating rod against her. She didn’t even want the release of orgasm anymore.

After a very long time, the Controller finally entered the room again.

“Have you been having fun, Mighty Bitch?”

“What… what have you been doing to me?” Mighty Girl said, fighting through the haze.

“I’ve taken over your rewards center,” the Controller said simply. “This is very basic element of control. You see, I find that if your carrot is sufficient, you don’t need a stick.” He smiled and said, “Well, not the metaphoric stick, anyways.”

“You bastard,” Mighty Girl spat.

The Controller shook his head, disappointed, and held out a small device. It had a green, yellow, and red button on it. He pressed the red one.

Instantly, the pleasure was all gone. Mighty Girl gasped, feeling the hard weight of reality hit her like a freight train. The mere presence of the world was like a suffocating cloud of cryonite, beating her down.

“As I said,” the Controller said. “If the carrot is good enough, I don’t need a stick. I can simply take the carrot away, and that’s punishment enough.”

“Give it back,” Mighty Girl said, amazed despite herself by the words.

“You see, I don’t really care for torture,” the Controller said, not acknowledging her words. “I find it distasteful. I want my toys to be happy in their lives. I get no pleasure from their unhappiness. I get pleasure from a great deal else, but I want them to be happy while they please me. In fact, you call me a supervillain, but I am responsible for more pure, quantifiable joy than any of you.”

“I can’t take this,” Mighty Girl said softly. “Please, give it back.”

The Controller leaned in close to her and said, “Are you going to be nice?”

Mighty Girl gritted her teeth.

“I hold the cards, Mighty Bitch,” the Controller said. “You can try to fend it off it you want. That’s perfectly fine. But make no mistake, you need what I have. And the only way to get it is to play by my rules.”

He stood back again and said, “Although, I could just give you the night to think about it.”

“No,” Mighty Girl said instantly, the thought of staying all night in this state of misery was too much to bear. Some part of her was aware that it was her “normal” state, but she didn’t care. It was misery, compared to the bliss that she had been living it. “I’ll… I’ll play by your rules.”

“Then repeat after me,” the Controller said, with obvious sick enjoyment. “I will be a good girl.”

Mighty Girl swallowed her pride and said, “I will be a good girl.” She annunciated every syllable firmly, ignoring the bad taste they left in her mouth.

“I won’t call names,” the Controller said.

“I won’t call names,” Mighty Girl said.

“I’ll be Controller’s Mighty Bitch,” the Controller said.

Mighty Girl gritted her teeth again, debating internally.

“Now or never,” the Controller said, waving the remote in front of her.

“I’ll be Controller’s Mighty Bitch,” Mighty Girl said, making a mental note to clean her mouth out with soap after she got out of this mess.

Controller pushed the yellow button on the remote and instantly the waves of bliss poured over her brain again. Mighty Girl let out a deep, long groan of pleasure, not caring who heard it. It was like sweet extasy, pouring over her entire body.

“Thank you,” she purred softly.

“You’re welcome,” Controller said. “Let this be a lesson. This is the carrot.” He reached out and stroked her hair. Mighty Girl knew she was supposed to be recoiling away from him, but her mind was entirely focused on the pleasure inside her head.

“You are very beautiful, Mighty Bitch,” the Controller said, almost sweetly. Mighty Girl bit back a sarcastic response, fearful of the red button on the remote.

“It’s polite to say ‘thank you’,” the Controller observed, a hint of menace in his voice.

“Thank. You,” Mighty Girl said, her tone forced.

“Call me ‘sir’,” the Controller ordered.


“Say, ‘Thank you, sir’,” the Controller reiterated.

Mighty Girl gritted her teeth, took a breath, and said, “Thank you, sir.”

The Controller pressed the green button on the remote and a wave of pleasure filled Mighty Girl’s brain. It was pure, unfiltered heaven. Nothing she had ever experienced on Earth or in the cosmos vaguely imitated the pleasure that radiated through her every pore. She wasn’t in the room or strapped to the chair anymore, she was basking in the glory of existence itself, far away from any problem she had ever had.

Then she was back in the chair again, the steady stream of standard pleasure running through her veins again.

“That, Mighty Bitch, is the carrot,” the Controller said with a grin. He stroked her hair again and then stepped back.

“I’m going to arrange some learning for you, Mighty Bitch,” the Controller said. “If you pay close attention, then you’ll get rewarded again. You do want a reward, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes!” Mighty Girl exclaimed. The Controller frowned and pressed the red button. Hope drained from Mighty Girl’s brain and hard reality set in again.

“Yes, what?” the Controller said.

“Yes sir,” Mighty Girl cried out. “I’m so sorry. Yes, sir. I meant, yes sir!”

Yellow button. Steady, even pleasure.

“We’re learning already,” the Controller said with a smile.

Some of the Controller’s near-nude toys wheeled in a television. They placed a camera on top of it, pointed at Mighty Girl, and then left. As soon as the door closed, the television turned on.

Mighty Girl was unsurprised to find it was porn. A blonde girl, not entirely dissimilar to Mighty Girl, was kneeling before a man, vigorously sucking on his dick. Disgusted, Mighty Girl closed her eyes.

Instantly, it was like the Controller had pressed the red button. The bliss in her bloodstream drained away and left Mighty Girl feeling empty inside. She opened her eyes, reflexively pushing away from the feeling. As soon as her eyes landed back on the blonde pornstar, the bliss returned.

Mighty Girl thought of the camera above the television. It was pointed directly at her face. She glanced up at it and the feeling of hopelessness returned. Mighty Girl returned her eyes back to the blonde and the feeling returned.

It was tracking her eyes, ensuring that she was paying attention. What was the term that the Controller had used? “Learning”.

As Mighty Girl watched the blowjob, she thought rapidly for any way to get out of her situation. If she looked away, she was dropped into unbearable misery. If she didn’t, was it possible that the Controller would actually succeed in adjusting her mind? Surely that couldn’t actually work, could it? She was a superhero! But the image of the many “toys” around her made her doubt that resolve.

Also, there was the ever-present desire in the back of her mind for the green button that Controller had pushed—and the purity of bliss that had followed it. She was surprised to find just how strong of a motivation that green button was in her mind.

As Mighty Girl watched, the man in the porn pulled out of the blonde’s mouth, took hold of her hair to hold her head in place, and then jerked himself off onto her face. The girl was smiling widely. Her face was covered with cum.

As soon as the first splash of cum hit the blonde’s face, Mighty Girl’s mind ignited in pleasure. It was the pure, unbound bliss of the green button, for just a moment. Might Girl cried out with the intensity and suddenness of it.

Then it was over and Mighty Girl was left to catch her breath as another porn started. This one was doggystyle position, with the girl bent over on a bed as a man reamed her pussy from behind. She also seemed to be enjoying it, crying out for more. When the man came, the pleasure returned.

Mighty Girl spent the day in the sick limbo, watching the porn with intensity, for fear of the camera catching her wavering attention, and filled with extasy when the man came. Throughout the day, the porn began to move towards more degrading territory. Bondage was frequent, with girls tied to posts, shackled to walls, hogtied, and blindfolded. No hole was barred in these, but no matter how roughly the pornstars were fucked, they were always smiling. Gangbangs also became common, mostly in association with the bondage.

Despite the internal detestation, Mighty Girl waited with excited anticipation for every male orgasm and the pleasure it brought her. She knew she was being trained, conditioned, and maybe even controlled, but she also knew there was nothing she could do about that, so she might as well enjoy it.

She didn’t know how long she went. She grew tired and wanted to sleep, but closing her eyes wasn’t an option—besides, she might miss the next orgasm.

After what felt like near-eternity, the television played audio: “That’s enough training for today. You’ll learn more tomorrow.” Mighty Girl, who was reasonably sure she had gone for nearly twenty-four hours, happily collapsed into sleep. The mid-level pleasure continued on into unconsciousness.

She dreamt of sexual domination, disgrace, and men’s pleasure. Every imaginary climax her dream-dominators had, she felt pleasure in her mind.

When she awoke, it started again.

More porn, this time featuring sluts actually wearing her costume. She knew there was a community of porn about her, but she had no idea how extensive it was—or how degrading. Most featured some use of cryonite, often in the form of a dildo. None of it was “nice”, with degradation, domination, and humiliation constant throughout. But Mighty Girl still cheered whenever a man let loose a load on her look-alike’s face, because her brain filled with pleasure. She was aware that she had lost control of her voice, letting loose and endless stream of begging grunts and mind-blown moans.

Time had no meaning, except to count down the seconds until a man’s next orgasm—and her next reward.

Controller watched his project progress as one of his toys sucked happily before him. He stroked her hair absentmindedly. Mighty Girl had gone on two 36-hour sessions, training her to crave subjugating, degrading sex. She had responded fantastically. Controller could watch the desperate need in her eyes. He could use that.

Controller was tempted to simply move to the final phase and test how she responded to a straight-up sex-for-reward proposition, but decided against it. He wanted more than just to fuck her, he wanted to own her. And that meant breaking her down all the way.

He would put her on one more 36-hour bender, then would start to have some real fun.

After she woke up after the third sleep, she immediately locked onto the television to see what sort of porn she would be watching today. The TV was gone, however. Mighty Girl panicked for just a moment, fearing that her rewards would go with it. Then, some part of her thought that maybe it was a good thing. She was being trained by a supervillain, wasn’t she?

But that didn’t stop the need for more that was pulsing inside her brain.

Two of the Controller’s girls stepped into view from different directions. One was dressed like the pornstar sluts, with a tiny black, pleated skirt, high black heels, her collar, and nothing else. She stood proudly, massaging her bare tits. The other was dressed in a pantsuit, quite unlike any girl that Mighty Girl had seen since coming here. The contrast was clear and Mighty Girl knew was coming before they started.

The pantsuit girl said, “I am a feminist icon, a representation of what women can become.” The blissful stream disappeared from Mighty Girl’s brain, dropping her into the hopelessness of reality. She whimpered slightly, then the stream of pleasure returned her back to normal.

The slutty girl said, “I am a toy to be played with in whatever way men want.” She smiled widely as she said it. Pleasure exploded through Mighty Girl’s entire existence.

The pantsuit girl: “Sex and sexualization is a way that men subjugate and objectify women.” Hopelessness ruled in Mighty Girl’s core.

The slut: “Sex is how women serve men. Subjugation and objectification are fun.” Bliss through her body.

“I am to be respected as an individual.” Hopelessness and reality.

“I am to played with however men want.” Joy and bliss.

“I am a professional.” Depression.

“I am a happy little fucktoy.” Extasy.

“I speak my mind.” Pain and emptiness.

“I swallow.” Heaven.

They went for hours, often revisiting key ideas and mantras. It was not long before Mighty Girl wished that the pantsuit bitch would just shut the fuck up so the slut could keep talking. She knew this was how she was supposed to feel according to the Controller, but she forgot why that was a bad thing. She felt amazing when the slut talked. She felt amazing when men got off. Why did it matter that this was what someone else wanted?

The girls left after a couple hours, then two new girls appeared in similar garb. The ritual repeated.

“Men and women should ensure that both parties are pleased in sex.” Mighty Girl whimpered in agony.

“Woman should serve their man with no expectation of retribution.” Mighty Girl squealed in pleasure.

Hours passed with these girls, then another break. Mighty Girl waited in the mid-zone of mild pleasure for more girls to come. It meant more agony, but also more heaven. Anything was worth that heaven.

When someone came, it was only one girl. She was dressed in professional clothes that covered almost her entire shapely body. Mighty Girl looked for the slutty girl on the other side, but no one came.

“What?” Mighty Girl whimpered. “No…”

The professional woman said, “Women are to be respected as equals.”

Depressing reality struck Mighty Girl’s brain in full force. She begged internally for a slut to come in and correct this bitch, but no one came. After five seconds in hell, Mighty Girl was brought back into the middle zone.

The professional woman cleared her throat and said, “Woman are to be respected as equals.”

More depression struck Mighty Girl. “No!” she cried out. “Shut up! Just shut up you stupid bitch!”

She was brought back to the middle ground. The professional woman looked at her, unphased, and repeated, “Woman are to be respected as equals.”

“No!” Mighty Girl shouted as the reality of blisslessness struck her hard. “Women are fucktoys to be used!”

Instantly, heaven replaced hell in her mind. Mighty Girl groaned in pleasure, feeling like she was in the sun for the first time in decades. Then it settled back to its middle ground.

Mighty Girl never felt so empowered in her life. Now she understood. This was her training. This was an exam. She was ready.

“Woman’s contribution to society is in every way the same as a man’s,” the stupid bitch said.

Even as the light faded in Mighty Girl’s brain, she was shouting the correction: “Woman’s role is on her knees with her mouth full.” Heaven canceled out hell as soon as she ended the sentence.

Professional woman: “The word slut is unacceptable to be used on a woman, because it is degrading.”

Mighty Girl: “The word slut is always appropriate to be used on a woman, because it is degrading.”

Professional: “Women should dress in a respectful and dignified manner.”

Mighty Girl: “Women should dress to please men. Dignity doesn’t matter.”

Professional: “My opinion should be respected and heard.”

Mighty Girl shouted at the woman, “Your opinion should be taught to you by a man.” She expected the bliss to replace the darkness, but it didn’t. Mighty Girl whimpered, fear in her heart. She tried again: “Your opinion doesn’t matter. Your voice should not be heard unless begging for more.” Still nothing.

“What?” Mighty Girl shouted to the room. “I’ll say anything. I’ll… what is it?”

The professional woman simply stared at her. Mighty Girl sat in the darkness of reality, not even returning to her normal middle state.

She thought and thought through the mantras. Then, it dawned on her. It wasn’t about the specific response. It was about how it was framed.

The professional repeated, “My opinion should be respected and heard.”

Mighty Girl said, “My opinion should be taught to me by a man.” Bliss filled her brain. She grinned, basking in it.

When she returned to the middle state, she was ready. This was no longer about women in general. In absence of a slut, Mighty Girl was to be that slut herself.

The professional said, “My body is temple.”

Mighty Girl said, “My body is cum-dump for whatever man wants it.” Bliss.

They went for hours, trading views of feminism. Mighty Girl was vaguely aware that a week ago she would have been on the opposite side of the argument, but now her opinion didn’t really matter. She was chasing the sunshine given to her by the correct statements. After all, her opinion really didn’t matter. This whole exercise was futile without a man to come in and declare his will on them.

Mighty Girl slept, awoke, and had more debates. She was getting good at degrading herself. She was proud. More important, she was pleased.

After each woman was finished playing opposite of Mighty Girl, the controller sent them to a re-education pod. He didn’t want any of the nonsense they were saying to undo the hard work he had built in each and every one of them. They just needed reinforcement of the truth, which could be done in twenty-four hours of re-education.

Still, he continued to send more in, long after he needed to. He could see how he had Mighty Girl in the palm of his hand, but it was so much fun to drive it home every day. Also, it helped ensure that his work would last forever, completely replacing the silly ideas she had come in with.

She knew her place now, knew that men’s pleasure unlocked her own pleasure, and would die on that hill if asked to. Now, before moving to the physical indoctrinations, it was important to establish one more truth in her mind.

When Mighty Girl awoke, she found that there were again two girls in the room with her. One was the professional and the other was the slut. Instantly, Mighty Girl recognized that she had new learning to do and waited patiently.

The stupid, professional bitch said, “The Controller is a supervillain—a scourge on the city.”

The fun, truth-speaking slut said, “The Controller is my master. I love serving him.”

Mighty Girl’s mind raced even as her body went through the highs and lows of their statements, each accompanied by the traditional hell and heavens. The Controller was the one who had captured Mighty Girl. This was training from him. Wasn’t that true?

The stupid bitch said, “The Controller is evil and should be stopped.”

The fun slut said, “The Controller’s dick tastes incredible and I love sucking on it.” She instinctively massaged her tits as she said it.

She was being trained by the Controller to be his fucktoy. Mighty Girl knew that. It had been him all along. He’s the one who had put these thoughts in her head, made her dependent on him for pleasure—was she addicted to something?

The stupid bitch: “The Controller uses women for pleasure.”

The fun slut: “I love being used by the Controller for his pleasure.”

Mighty Girl was sure now. These were his toys, his captives. And the Controller wanted Mighty Girl to be one of them. He wanted a thoughtless, superpowered, obedient fucktoy. And he was succeeding. She had spent the last two or three days behaving just like that.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller is a menace to society.”

The fun slut: “The Controller should rule society like he rules me—with total authority.”

Mighty Girl was thinking somewhat clearly for the first time in… how long had she been here? Weeks? Months? She had been strapped to this chair with cryonite for as long as she could remember, enduring indoctrination.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller has taken free will from me.”

The fun slut: “The Controller gives me pleasure.”

Mighty Girl snapped to attention on the fun slut. Of course… the pleasure. The waves of pleasure that were rippling through her mind right now. The pure extasy, by contrast to the harsh reality of the world. Something the Controller said earlier flashed through her mind: “I am responsible for more pure, quantifiable joy than any of you”. She knew firsthand that this was true. The pleasure—the unbridled joy—that was in her mind was greater than anything she had experienced before.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller uses me for degrading sex.”

The fun slut smiled coyly: “The Controller uses for me degrading sex.”

Mighty Girl had been changed, yes… but… was that bad? She had experienced more pleasure and joy and fun than ever before. And that was because of the Controller. Even if she started against it… could she change her mind now? Or, more important, could she ever go back?

The stupid bitch: “The Controller is evil.”

The fun slut: “The Controller is Master.”

Could Mighty Girl actually forfeit the pleasure she felt? Could she live in the constant state of harsh reality? Was it so bad to just… surrender? The word tasted bad in her mouth, but the pleasure in her mind made it passable. It made a lot of things passable.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller needs to be stopped.”

The fun slut: “The Controller needs to be served.”

If Mighty Girl did surrender, she would have to surrender all the way. There was no halfway about it. She was either the Controller’s fucktoy to use as he wished or she was in constant emptiness. One or the other.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller is a greedy, manipulative bastard.”

The fun slut: “The Controller is a generous Master that I am happy to serve.”

The ups and downs reiterated the choice in Mighty Girl’s mind. With every moment of bliss following the slut’s words, Mighty Girl wished she could stay there forever. With every moment of hellish reality, Mighty Girl was reminded of how much she would have to give up if she wanted to be “free”.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller has no respect for women.”

The fun slut: “Women everywhere should beg for the attention of the Controller.”

So would Mighty Girl give up freedom? Her old life entirely? She thought of her friends, her teammates, her cousin. She thought of all the people she had helped before. But… it was all about them. The life of the hero took and took, but how often did she get to just sit and receive? There was always another fire to put out or kitten to pull from a tree. Never fun and certainly never the pure joy she was in now.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller is humanity’s greatest threat.”

The fun slut: “The Controller is humanity’s true ruler.”

Hadn’t Mighty Girl earned a little rest? A little pleasure? Had anyone ever really given back to her as much as she had given? Hadn’t she just done enough? Why shouldn’t she surrender to pleasure? She had earned it.

The stupid bitch: “The Controller’s toys are captives and slaves.”

The fun slut: “The Controller’s toys are honored by the privilege of serving him.”

The one thing that she would have to give up, truly, was pride. She had come in with firm convictions and ideals. To surrender those, she would have to accept humiliation. But even humiliation and shame, wrapped in this warm blanket of pleasure, was better than the cold reality that she faced if she left.

The stupid bitch: “The toys should be ashamed of themselves for how the degrade themselves for the Controller’s pleasure.”

The fun slut: “The toys have more fun than anyone on Earth as they suck, fuck, and pleasure the Controller.”

Mighty Girl wanted to have fun. Even if that meant trading pride and freedom. She knew that she shouldn’t want this, but she had spent her entire life doing what she should do. Now, she had earned the right to do what she wanted to.

The stupid bitch: “Service to the Controller is captivity.”

The fun slut: “Service to the Controller is heaven.”

“Heaven,” Mighty Girl muttered. “I will serve the Controller.”

The girls continued and Mighty Girl continued to mutter, more to herself than anyone else: “I will serve the Controller.” She forgot everything else. She weathered through the hell that was spawned following the stupid bitch’s lies. She embraced the heaven that came with the fun slut’s truth. All the while, she muttered her own commitment to her new Master.

After days of reinforcement of the Controller’s authority—first by the fun slut and later by Mighty Girl herself—the superheroine awoke to find something new. There were no televisions or toys in front of her, but a machine. It had one long arm stretching out from it. At the end was a long dildo. It was pointed at her face.

The Controller stepped into view. It was the first time she had seen him for a very long time.

“Hello sir,” Mighty Girl said meekly.

“Hello Mighty Bitch,” the Controller said. “Or… should I start calling you Mighty Slut?”

“You may call me whatever pleases you, Master,” Mighty Girl said softly. She knew that this was the part of the humiliation. She would have to swallow her pride now as he boasted over his victory. But if it ended in her pleasure, she could take anything.

The Controller didn’t boast. He simply smiled and said, “I hope that’s for real, Mighty Slut.” He patted the machine and said, “From here on out, you earn your pleasure.”

“Yes Master,” Mighty Girl nodded.

“Mantas aren’t enough anymore. You will perform.”

“Yes Master,” Mighty Girl nodded again.

The Controller pressed a button on the machine and its arm stretched out, pointing the dildo at her mouth. Mighty Girl opened wide and took the dildo into her mouth. It began to thrust in and out. At first it was gentle, pushing shallowly in. It quickly became rougher, pushing farther into her mouth with each movement. Mighty Girl simply opened wide and let it work, gagging when necessary but doing her best to simply keep an open mouth.

After a few minutes, the dildo shot hot liquid into her throat, obviously training her for cum. As soon as she tasted it, the waves of pleasure poured over her.

The dildo pulled back out of her mouth and the Controller’s recorded voice said, “Swallow.”

Mighty Girl swallowed the hot liquid and another wave of pleasure poured over her.

“Now, you do the work,” Controller’s recorded voice ordered. Mighty Girl leaned forward and took the dildo into her mouth. Despite being tied to the chair, she thrust her face against it for several minutes before it spewed hot liquid again. Again, pure delight. Again, she swallowed and received more bliss.

She trained for hours and hours, sometimes doing her best to simply take the dildo as it abused her throat and sometimes doing the work herself. Sometimes she was ordered to tease, which she did with her tongue and light kisses. Always, she swallowed.

The best part was that there were no empty times. Now that she had committed to service, it seemed like there was no need for the depressing reality of blisslessness. She simply stayed at the middle level, with rewards of heaven ever time she brought “the man” to orgasm or swallowed “his” load.

After her next sleep, she found that the bounds to her chair were gone. She wore a thick, cryonite collar above her control collar, which was chained to a spot in the ceiling. She stood for the first time in months and the chair was taken away by some of Master’s toys. Now, with free range of motion, she was able to practice more fully.

She spent a lot of time on her knees, practicing blowjobs and facefucks. Sometimes, a bed was rolled in and she spent time with her head back, being abused in the mouth by a different angle. Other times, she was bent over a bed, a post, or chain and fucked from behind by a training machine—either in her pussy or her ass. Sometimes she was tasked with mounting the dildo and riding it herself. There was a fair balance of “I do the work” and “you do the work”. Whatever the position, Mighty Girl performed to the best of her capabilities and received her reward with pleasure.

Time didn’t exist, but only because there was no use for it. It didn’t matter if she was fucked in the ass, mouth, throat, or hand. It didn’t matter if it was a machine or if her Master would walk in any moment and order her to perform for real. All that mattered was the constant stream of pleasure that she earned.

Sometimes when she woke up, she was informed that she would be learning something new. Once, it was to learn striptease dancing. Another time it was because the Controller wanted a nude photoshoot done of her. With every new assignment, she committed herself with dedication to performing admirably.

There were very few thoughts in Mighty Girl’s head. She only thought of the pleasure and performing well enough to receive more.

One day, someone took off the cryonite collar that she had been wearing. She wore now only the controller collar, a symbol of her Master’s ownership. She liked it better without the cryonite. She found that her body was stronger, so she could perform better sexually. She had no problems deepthroating and there was no pain when she was fucked in the ass.

Another day, they gave her a new uniform. Her old one was thrown out. The new one had a skirt that was nothing more than a tiny strip of cloth around her. Her ass and pussy were visible whenever she bent just slightly. Her crop-top was also considerably smaller, with the bottom of her cleavage poking out. With ease, a man could lift it to expose her tits. She loved these new clothes and hoped that men—especially her Master, the Controller—would like them too.

After a very long time, the training suddenly stopped. She woke up and had no dildo in her room. There was no other sluts in the room to help guide her. She was just alone. Like a good girl, she waited for instruction.

After getting heaven-like rewards dozens of times a day for as long as she could remember, the sudden cease was difficult to deal with. She knew that it could be worse—she could have been reprieved of even the steady pleasure—but boredom worsened her need for reward.

She tried to earn her rewards by doing all sorts of things. She danced, despite the absence of music or a man to arouse. She shoved her own fingers down her throat, trying to mimic a blowjob. She fingered her pussy and chanted on and on about how much of a dumb fucktoy she was and how great her Master, the Controller, was.

There was nothing.

She went to sleep, woke up and repeated. Part of her considered that she could probably break through the walls now that she wasn’t wearing cryonite, but that would certainly be deemed bad behavior and would result in punishment. She had spent a long time without the darkness of hollow, empty reality and was not eager to return.

She went to sleep, woke up, and continued to wait. She lost track of time. She wondered if she had somehow displeased her Master. She wondered what she could do to earn back her rewards. She begged, seemingly to only the open air.

Most of all, she just waited.

Finally, the door opened. Mighty Girl leapt to her feet and presented her sexy body for whoever would be entering. It was the Controller, flanked by two sexy toys. Mighty Girl’s heart leapt inside of her. She shuddered in pleasure—unamplified, but instinctive—as the Controller’s eyes perused her body.

“Hello Master,” Mighty Girl said meekly.

“Your name is now Mighty Whore,” the Controller declared.

“Yes, Master,” Mighty Whore nodded.

“Kneel,” the Controller said. Glee filled Mighty Whore’s heart as she knelt before her Master. She opened her mouth in invitation.

“Not yet,” the Controller said. He turned to one of the girls next to him and she dropped to her knees. He unzipped and she started sucking.

Mighty Whore’s mouth salivated in need, watching jealously. She opened her mouth wider, her eyes fixed on the live-action porn in front of her.

“Do you want this?” the Controller asked.

“Yessssss,” Mighty Whore groaned.

“You know what happens where I cum in their mouth?”

“Yesssssssssssss,” Mighty Whore moaned louder.

“Good,” the Controller smiled. He grabbed hold of the toy’s head and set his own pace, fucking her face with vigor. After a few minutes, he started grunting in pleasure.

“Pleeease,” Mighty Whore said.

The Controller was unmoved. He blew his load in the toy’s mouth. Her body rippled with visible pleasure as her red controller necklace flashed. Then, she swallowed and moaned in pleasure again.

“Good,” the Controller said. “Let’s go.” He left with a hand on each of the girl’s asses.

Mighty Whore stayed on the floor, kneeling with her mouth open. She stayed like that for hours, hoping he would return.

The next day, the Controller arrived with two more toys.

“Kneel,” he commanded Mighty Whore. Instantly, the super-fucktoy was on her knees, her mouth open in invitation.

“Master, may I please you?” Mighty Whore asked.

He barely looked at her. He bent one of the whores over, stuck his dick in her ass, and fucked her. He occasionally slapped her ass. He had the other toy come next to him so he could feel up her tits as he fucked the other. He came and the girl moaned in pleasure as her red collar flashed red. He turned to the other and said, “You too. Good job.” Her collar flashed red and her eyes rolled back in pleasure for a few minutes.

Then he left, Mighty Whore still kneeling on the ground.

For the third day in a row, the Controller arrived with two toys in hand. Mighty Whore was still kneeling, her mouth open. Desperation was thick in her voice.

“Please, Master,” Mighty Whore. “Please let me serve you. I can suck you off really good, I promise. I will do a good job. I can be your whore, your slut, your fucktoy. Please, please, please.”

The Controller seemed amused. He turned and played with the tits of one of his toys, but his eyes continued to drift towards Mighty Whore.

“Oh?” he prompted.

“Yes!” Mighty Whore squealed. “Please, let me gag on your magnificent dick. I want to taste it so bad. I’ve never wanted anything else in the world. I want it in my pussy, my ass, anywhere you want to put it. Just let me lick it and I promise I can convince you I can be a good little Mighty Whore. Please, please, let me be a good little Mighty Whore. Your personal, private Mighty Whore.”

The Controller approached her. He reached down and stroked her hair. Then he said softly, “I told you that you would beg for it.”

“I will beg for it every day of my life if you want,” Mighty Whore promised. “And I will swallow anything you have to give me.”

“What else will you do?” the Controller asked, amused.

“Anything. Everything. Just say the word.” Desperation had removed any filter.

“What if I want you to rob a bank?” the Controller asked.

“I’ll do it. I’ll rob them all. I can do the entire financial district before anyone realizes I’m there.”

“And what if I want you to capture those other little super hoes out there?” the Controller asked.

“I’ll get them all for you. Your own private fuckable collection,” Mighty Whore promised.

“And what if I want you to take down the whole league?”

“They’re all fucked,” Mighty Whore said. “I can defeat them all and still suck you off before lunch.”

The Controller smiled. “I think I’ll have a lot of fun with you.”

“Have all the fun with me,” Mighty Whore said with a smile. “I’m your property.”

The Controller unzipped. “Well let’s give you a test-ride then, shall we?”

His dick emerged and Mighty Whore went to work. She had spent literal days sucking on dildos in preparation for this moment. As soon as her tongue felt his shaft and her lips slipped over its head, she knew it was all worth it. She sucked, using her mighty lungs to give him continual, even, powerful suction. She took it deep, deeper than any non-superhuman could take it. Her tongue was like a whirlwind, painting his dick with gentle, tender strokes.

Then she really got to work. Her own dignity was nothing. Her tits popped out of her costume. She massaged one, to give him a nice view, and used her other hand to fondle his balls. She bounced her face back and forth, rocking hard on him. It was the intensity of a facefuck with none of the effort. She hoped he enjoyed it.

She opened her eyes wide, staring up at him with pure devotion and adoration and she blew him. He smirked down at her, but she could tell he was having a good time.

It wasn’t long before he began his pleasureful grunting. Mighty Whore increased her suction, gently encouraging him forward. He grabbed her head and plunged himself deeply inside her, pumping the cum down her throat with every thrust. Like a good whore, she opened wide and received her gift.

The waves of pleasure—pure heaven—engulfed her. It was the pleasure that she had traded her freedom and dignity for. It was the pleasure that had turned her from fierce heroine into superslut. It was what she had knowingly traded everything in the world for. And it was all worth it.

And she felt it again when she swallowed.

One year later

Mighty Whore shot across the sky, dropping down from the clouds towards the Controller’s new private island. She landed on the front porch of his mansion and immediately fixed her hair and slutty costume. It was important to look fuckable in the Controller’s presence. She dropped the two bags of solid gold next to the vault, where she would deposit it later. Then, she went up to the Controller’s private balcony.

He was laying on a chair, with Nightshadow—one of the many former heroes that Mighty Girl had collected for him—was riding his dick. Like a good slut, she was doing all the work while he enjoyed the view. Her red collar gleamed in the air.

Mighty Whore knew that beneath this island were some of the mightiest heroes on Earth. Her own cousin was imprisoned in a cryonite cage down there. But that didn’t matter, because she had been given a full hour of pure pleasure for that conquest.

“Master, the gold is yours. You were right, the General bowed and surrendered as soon as he saw me,” Mighty Whore reported.

“Good,” the Controller said, shoving Nightshadow to the side. She climbed off of him. He tapped her necklace and she shuddered in pleasure before scurrying away.

“Ride me,” the Controller ordered.

Mighty Whore climbed onto the Controller’s dick, inpaling herself. She used her flight ability to stay steady and give him a good pace. He fondled her tits as she rode him, sucking them each in turn.

“You have some nice tits, whore,” the Controller said.

“Thank you, Master,” Mighty Whore glowed.

“That whole anti-grav thing means you don’t need a bra, I guess,” the Controller observed. “Neat.”

He sat back, enjoying the show. After a few minutes, he commented, “You know, I guess I never really thought I would get away with it. I thought for sure you would break out or someone would find where you were or something.” He shrugged, admiring her body. “I guess I just broke you.”

“Yes, Master,” Mighty Whore nodded fervently, her whole body yearning for the pleasure that she knew was coming. She could feel him stiffen inside her, his body telegraphing his upcoming orgasm.

He admired her still, squeezing how he liked, tasting what he wanted, and ordering her to do whatever he wished. As he approached orgasm, he said, “I really do like having my own private mighty plaything.”

“Yes Master,” Mighty Whore said. “I enjoy being your plaything.”

“See?” the Controller said. “I’m not such a bad guy. I bring you joy.” He looked at her, then flipped one finger upward. “Get me off on your face.”

Mighty Whore lifted herself off of his dick, not touching the ground as she hovered over his crotch. She positioned her face in the path of his dick and began stroking him. In just a few seconds, he exploded over her face. His hot cum landed on her cheeks and lips, bringing with it waves of pure extasy inside her brain.

Then, it was over.

“Go away for now,” the Controller said.

“Yes, Master,” Mighty Whore nodded immediately, hurrying away from him. When alone, she took one finger and scooped the cum off her face one strand at a time. With each movement, she licked it off her finger, swallowed, and felt the pleasure ripple through her body. Then, she repeated for the next one, each drop of cum cherished by the pleasure it could bring her.

When finished, Mighty Whore wondered if this was what a hero should do. She supposed that the old her were be alarmed by her activities, but it didn’t matter. The pleasure it brought her was beyond anything on Earth. It was beyond anything that anyone had given her before. And the Controller was right, too. If he brought so much joy, how could he be the villain?

And if he wasn’t the villain, then maybe she was still a hero too—a hero slut whose mission on Earth was to bring pleasure. After all, if she made him so happy, how could she be the bad guy?

Mighty Whore took flight again, looking down at the world that she was helping conquer. She looked down and realized her tits were still exposed. She pulled the tiny crop top down over them, looked out on the horizon, and took flight.


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